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The episode starts with Sarla helping Bulbul getting ready for her engagement and arguing with her how to wear the dress. Pragya comes there and says she will help now. Sarla leaves. Bulbul asks if she proposed jiju. She says no and nervously tells what happened in restaurant and how old couple tried to help them, etc. She says she held Abhi’s hand. Bulbul acts as getting excited and then asks she is very primitive and think like a new generation woman and propose Abhi soon.

Corporator shows Pragya and Bulbul’s pic and asks his henchman to kidnap the most beautiful girl. Henchman says both are beautiful. He points at Bulbul and asks him not to make any mistake.


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Abhi is with Tanu. She starts her emotional atyachar and says her parents are questioning her a lot and wants their marriage happened soon. She asks him to meet her parents at least today.

Corporator’s goons reach outside Pragya’s house and wait near the car. Pragya on the other side hurriedly takes Bulbul out, but Sarla stops them and asks Bulbul to wear black thread first to protect from evil eyes. She asks Purbi to bring thread soon. Purbi says they don’t have. Pragya says she has brought and it is in car.

Aaliya and her puppets are tensed thinking if they will succeed in their plan or not. She calls Sarla and asks if Bulbul left house. Sarla says she is about to leave. Aaliya informs corporator who in turn informs his henchmen. Pragya comes out of house and is walks near car. Henchmen take out chloroform to make her unconscious and are about to succeed, when constables come there and they stop. Bulbul and Sarla come out of house and leave in car. Henchmen inform corporator who in turn informs Aaliya. Aaliya yells at him that he made a mistake of believing him. Corporator asks her not to yell at her and tells his plan.

Purab comes to Abhi’s room and sees him tensed. He asks why is he tensed. Abhi says it is because of his ill fate. Purab asks from when he started believing fate and says his solution is always with him and points at Pragya.

Bulbul reaches Abhi’s house with Pragya for engagement and meets Daadi. Bulbul tells Pragya that they made her drink daadi’s cough syrup/alcohol during antakshari game and she was acting weird after that. Pragya nervously (overacting) asks what did she do. Bulbul says she proposed Abhi, so he let her hold his hand. Daadi calls Bulbul and she leaves. Aaliya and her puppet look at Bulbul and get jealous.

Pragya nervously in her room reminisces Abhi asking her to meet in restaurant and Abhi holding her hand. She thinks Bulbul should not have told about this at this time, how will she face Abhi now. Abhi enters just then calling her Fuggi. She hides behind sofa. He searches her and thinks why is she hiding there. He sits on sofa and calls Fuggi. She responds. He asks if he is hiding from her. She says no and says she called Fuggi, then why will Pragya reply. He asks her to sit and says he wants to talk to her. She says she has to attend daadi and will come back. He asks her to sit.

Corporator calls Aaliya and asks her to send Bulbul out soon. She asks him to wait for sometime. She sees Bulbul smiling and thinks she will snatch it. Purab takes Bulbul to a room and asks if she knows Tanu asked Abhi to marry her. She asks him not to worry as she has done something. He asks what. She says she told didi what she did after getting inebriated. He asks what about Abhi. He says didi does not know if Abhi proposed her or not and will propose him again. He asks if her plan will work. She says yes.

Abhi asks Pragya to speak. She nervously blubbers. He asks her to stop and says he is tensed with his problem and asks her to listen first. He asks her to remember lohri night and after pheras, she came to hall and met 2 clients, they are not clients but Tanu’s… Just then, Daadi comes there and takes her from there.

Purab gets romantic with Bulbul and asks her to give him a kiss. She says no. He says now their mission is working well and Pragya and Abhi uniting. She asks him to wait and walks out smiling. Pragya catches her and nervously tells she doe snot know what Abhi told after she proposed her. Bulbul says jiju was also inebriated and did not tell anything. She asks why is she doing this, people move ahead after marriage, but she is way behind and asks what will she tell about their kids to Sarla and Daadi. She says if she is happy like this, she will not push her, she will have to sacrifice Abhi if she does not move ahead. She asks her to propose Abhi before it is too late. Pragya says there is only one solution for that. Bulbul asks what?

Precap: Pragya walks towards Abhi smiling and stands in front of him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Hurry with the updates!!

  2. What nonsense is this??
    Is this a serial??
    How can the leads be such dumb people???

    1. Astha ur correct

  3. Plz pragya propose abhi soon otherwise a hi will marry tanu

  4. Am I the only person getting annoyed with the word “proposal”…..this is dragging so much geez!!!!

  5. This serial still has good trp…. O don’t get it… This show is something with no values for women… Dumbo pragya… How insane she is… She is.accepting his husbands all sins.. .

  6. What a pathetic storyline realy sriti jha from ganga to pragya my my thats from bad to worse

  7. Dadi would never Agee for Abhi to be with Tanu. He married Pragya and that’s final. Bulbul may be married with kids and Pragya will still be trying to propose at the rate this show is going.

  8. I never thought I will comment but this serial is crap. Pragya is dumb and dont know what the hell she is doing. Writer please get a life may be you are in the wrong fields.

  9. This show is getting ridiculous. I enjoyed it when things started to go well between Pragya and abhi and now back to the same drama as before. Come on this proposal is dragging for over a week. Time for a change. It’s getting boring :/ I guess i’ll just have to continue reading the updates till I see a change and decide to start back watching the serial.


    wt the hell is going on…..How main charecters vl b so dump or loosers…hw thry vl b so puppets infront of enemies.

  11. From the beginning of KKB nothing in the story.it revolve around dumb aaliya pragya tanu and sense less abhi.


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