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The Episode starts with Mitali thinking where did Raj go early in the morning. She sees Ronnie fallen on floor and sleeping. She calls Dadi. Dadi and everyone come. Aaliya says he might be drunk and fainted. Dadi says he is unconscious and asks her to bring water. Pragya comes and sees Ronnie unconscious. They wake him up. Ronnie says no one can go inside…..He says I was outside the room, drank water and then I don’t remember. Pragya asks who gave you water…..Ronnie says Robin gave me water. Pragya asks everyone to take care of Ronnie and says she will be back. She comes to room and sees decorator in the room. She thinks thank god he is fine, but still unconscious. Abhi says she is wasting money on him. Tanu says she has postponed my marriage for money and wasting money on his treatment. She

tells dadi that Pragya might be having affair with him. Pragya asks her to mind her language and tells it is her money and her house.

Abhi thinks she becomes tigress when money matters come, thinks to snatch money from her to control her. He asks her to come with him and takes her with him. Dadi thinks what to do, and goes to help Pragya. Pragya says what they might think that you are my boss. Why did you bring me here. Abhi says I am very much hungry and thought to eat food which you used to make it before. He says but…..I will ask Robin to make it. He emotionally blackmails her and says he needs someone to love and care him. Pragya agrees to make breakfast for him. Abhi tells about his liking. Pragya goes to make food. He thinks I have engaged her in work and thinks to make decorator go. He calls the doctor.

Aaliya and Tanu argue. Aaliya asks her to pray that he don’t get unconscious. Tanu says God will listen to me and asks what to do next. She asks what did you do yesterday and says if we had left him there then Pragya might have doubted us. They wait for Raj to come. Just then Vijay wakes up and tells poetry. He sees them and asks you both…..Where I am? Aaliya says you are in heaven and says there is a hell behind the door. Vijay asks how did you come here in this heaven and asks if you are here for entertainment. He tries to open the bandage, Tanu says you are a patient. He says wound is a man’s ornament and tells that he will press her neck.

Aaliya tells him that Abhi did his accident, and tells that Pragya wants to question him about the attack on her. Vijay says I will kill her now. Aaliya says all the family members are here and you will be caught. Vijay tells that he will leave through washroom window. Tanu says you can’t as I tried once. Vijay picks the vase. Aaliya says guards are outside. Pragya makes breakfast and thinks where did Abhi go. Purab and Bulbul come there. They ask about Vijay. Pragya says something had happened yesterday and tells everything. Purab says how can door be locked when Vijay was unconscious. Bulbul says Ronnie was seated outside….Pragya says Ronnie was unconscious and woken up in the morning. She says we shall go and check him.

Pragya, Bulbul and Purab come there. She asks did he gain consciousness? Aaliya says no. Tanu says we shall shift him to hospital and reminds her that Abhi did his accident. Pragya asks them to go and says she don’t need her suggestion. Aaliya asks why you are letting Purab and Bulbul stay here. Pragya says she don’t want manipulative people like them around when Vijay gains consciousness. They leave angrily. Bulbul asks him to wake up once and tell the name of the person who hired him, and says she don’t care if he gets unconscious again. Vijay thinks who is this girl who is saying this about me. Aaliya informs Raj about Mitali seeing Ronnie unconscious and calling everyone. She says she brought back Vijay in the room. She says there is one disappointing news and says he has gained consciousness and tried to run, but we stopped him somehow. Abhi asks Doctor to shift him to hospital and says he can’t spend more money on him.

Abhi asks Purab why did he come in the morning? Purab says he came to see the decorator. Abhi asks doctor to check him. Tanu says we shall shift him to hospital. Doctor checks him and says he is fine, but don’t know why he is not waking up. Abhi asks him to show degree and asks if he is trainee doctor. Doctor says we have to get his xray done. Purab sees Vijay moving and gets an idea. He tells Abhi that if they hit on his legs then he will gain consciousness.. Vijay gets shocked.

Abhi asks Vijay to wake up and is about to give electric shock to him, just then he gets up. Tanu and Aaliya get shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. When they are increasing the runtime by 1 more day, writers should plan to accomodate track for Purab and Bulbul also. They are such wonderful actors and their characterization is also so good, sometimes, they both sound more mature and sensible than Abhi and Pragya. Recent example being the scene between them and Nikhil, Tanu in a cafe.

  2. hey guys did u check kumkum bhagya wikipedia .. in tat i saw lyk leena jumani/tanu is been in the list of former cast .. watsup .. n if the update is true .. tehn it means its the end of her character ? if so tanus truth vl b out soon itseems

    1. no razia it’s not true before itself i saw it they didnt include tanu and aliya name suddenly again they will change first they put for tanu as tanu nikhil sood and for aliya as aliya nikhil sood again they changed again they vanished their names

  3. Ya nikki-1 have you seen the pics of Abhigya in Guyana performance they are just adorable!! Shabir wored Rockstar’s formal and sriti wored a pink blouse which she use to wore in kumkumbhagya and bottomed with white skirt and their performance was asusual lovely and damn cute!!!??

    1. ya srimathi pragya was so cute and abhi is a real rockstar

  4. Priya razia I saw it in zee tv’s twitter page
    and razia ya u r ryt tanu’s name is in former cast and aakash rachana’s name also listed in former cast which means here after they won’t appear on screen uhh?

    1. Ya may b even purvi/charu mehra suresh/Faisal wer in former cast list months ago but recently I mean very recently they ve updated tanu on former cast .. If so I think they ve planned the scenes fa revealing the truth it seems let’s wait n watch ..

    2. razia and srimathi maybe this may happen anyway i wish to taaliya get exposed soon and you guys

  5. Just some days back when there was news of Nikhil and Aaliya marriage proposal, the same wiki page was updated with both Tanu and Aaliya having Nikhil name, Tanu Nikhil and Aaliya Nikhil. But nothing of that sort happened. I feel since Wiki is open for editing anyone can go and update it, that is not an official site so we may have to wait and see.

    1. ya sahithi i also said this only in my comment they are changing again and again

  6. Friends see the news sriti is dating with kunal karan kapoor.is it true.such a flop hero.as viewers can’t imagine sriti without shabir.I love only abhigya.

  7. Sriti and Shabbir performance in ZRA 2015 was really amazing…….

    What a love…………..

  8. Pls don talk abt their personals. Especially dating lyk things here .. Please I request u guys .. I love her much more .. Even u al ppls lyk him .. N don tel he’s a flop hero I’m a tamilian .. I’ve seen kunal in nenjam pesuthey .. The first male lead I liked was him .. So .. Don talk lyk this .. Even I’ve seen this news sterday in twitter BT din wnt to talk abt it pls

    1. ya razia i am also tamilian i also saw him nenjam pesuthey he is a nice hero it is their personal and again we are going to see him in kalyana kanavugal i mean in hindi doli armaano ki in tamil his name is surya and hindi his name is shaurya

      am i right?????????????

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