Kumkum Bhagya 4th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 4th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pragya thinking about Dadi’s decision while going to concert in the car. She thinks she can’t tell Abhi to talk to Dadi. Abhi thinks why did Pragya not come till now? He calls her, but the call remains unanswered. Aaliya thinks Abhi is tensed about Pragya, and thinks to disturb him. She sends message to him from private number that Pragya met with an accident. Abhi thinks someone might have joke with him, and thinks Pragya will come soon. Abhi is called for the performance. Abhi sings Tujhe Hai Toh Main Hun…………..He is tensed and thinks if that message is genuine. He thinks if he shall continue with the concert or go and see Pragya. The goon along with others tell that the show is a waste of time and asks to return money. They throw big stones on him hurting


Abhi sits down on the stage, taking all the stones on him.. Aaliya and Raj smirks. Pragya reaches there and sees people bombarding the things on him. She tries to stop the crowd, but when they didn’t stop she rushes to him. Aaliya throws a big stone on him, hitting on his chest. Pragya asks the guard to let her go as she is his wife. She goes on the stage and covers Abhi with a hug. The dupatta falls on his head, and they have an eye lock. Saiyyara Re plays………….Later Pragya makes him sit and asks the organizer to enquire who brought the stones in the concert. The Organizer tells that Abhi stopped singing in the middle, and the crowd got hysterical. Pragya is surprised and says how can you be so careless? You could have gone to back stage.

Abhi tells that he got her message and couldn’t perform on the stage. He thought that there is nothing left in his life, but now as she came back……..Kaisa Yeh Ishq plays………….Abhi says you know what I am talking about? Pragya reminds him that she will go from his life soon. Abhi promises to confess to him today in his heart. He puts her hand on his heart and asks her to feel. He says I love you in heart. Pragya looks at him emotionally while the song continues to play. The Organizer tells that some of them are goons who were given money, and others are still angry.

Dadi watches the news that the crowd threw stones on Abhi at the concert and Pragya protecting him. Dadi tells Dasi that she is hopeful to see them together, and feels they love each other. Abhi comes on the stage and tells the crowd that he made them fools before. He says he never believed in love and thought that he will fool his fans with the romantic songs, but he never felt the love in the singing. He says he has a confession to made, and says he is a loser. He says this evening is for the losers who wants to ruin this evening like me. He sings Main Tenu Samjhawa Ji…………….and confesses love in his song. Pragya gets emotional and looks on with teary eyes. He goes to her, hold her hand and takes on stage. He bends on his knees and proposes her while singing. All the fans enjoy the performance. They hold hands and dances. The fans get happy.

Precap: Abhi tells Pragya that she can’t force him to stop loving her, and says he can’t stay without her now. Pragya looks on emotionally.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. chithu

    Nikki.. actually am also scared about Leena’s bridal look yaarrr 😀 😀 .. as u told, the remaining 10%..am afraid if the writers
    thought of showing something different and end up in this marriage and then exposing the truth after the marriage so that they can drag some more time 🙁 🙁

    I wish this should not happen… as the name of the show suggests it is Kumkum bhagya..so one for one relation…but..if they wanted to show something different and end up…
    GODDDDD…i can’t see that 🙁 🙂

    • Priya $

      Rit chithu I too scared. If so it ll happen soon I think next promo ll b tat ah. If truth revealed means happyyyyyyy if not oh nooo tabhi marriage ll happen ah tat too Ekta’s serial so there is possibilities for everything beyond prediction.

      • Priya we saw only a pic of tanu in wedding attire which she has posted on instagram but it is not giving us any result of track. We have no official segment about this yet so don’t worry and wait for the new segment on news channels. I m sure they will show it and tell us to the climax of the track like they told us during purab and Bulbul”s wedding climax. I will also try my best to catch up updates time to time and will share with u all.

    • Chithu now I m 100%sure that abhigya will not separate becoz like dadi said they r made for eaother but they only needs to understand it. Cvs r giving us hints by showing some of these little scenes like abhi’s love confession in public, news channels promote their love and dadi saying to dasi that abhi pragya r made for each other and destined to b together. By showing these scenes cvs r giving us hints that abhigya will not separate and their fate will bring them together at last in every circumstances. Abhi is pragya’s kumkumbhagya that’s why they got married even after hatred for each other and every time they came together after facing and crossing all the hurdles becoz it’s their fate.

      • chithu

        Nikki..but onething am sure yaar 🙂 🙂 .. even if Tanu’s marriage stop also..Abhi is going to be angry with Pragya for atleast some days.due to her mad compulsion on him and Dadi which leads into this complex situation…

      • Chithu I don’t mind if abhi will b angry with pragya for some days but it is for only some days na not forever so let it b. But abhi too can’t angry with pragya beciz he loves her so much and he should understand that pragya was doing all this for saving an innocent unborn baby’s life and future who belongs to him according to everybody and pragya is not on a mistake becoz how she could doubt on tanu when she saw her with only abhi always. Best thing will b tanu will b finally out from abhi’s life and he will free to live with pragya a happy life which will b full of love forever. And I think like us, abhi will also forget about pragya’s foolishness in front of this happiness. Did u noticed in confession segment, how he was desperate to live a love life with pragya.Chithu I can wait for their consummation but don’t want tanu in their life anymore.

      • chithu

        yes Nikki..thatz true… seeing Tanu make me feel irritated..i mean how much guts one should have to play with these many people with a fake reason and blackmailing them also… i think Aaliya is far better than her… and hope they will end this track by next week..this week they should end with this Tanu’s marriage sequence beginning i think as it seems they already have started shooting… and one more thing is Nikki..i think Aaliya will try to insult Abhi through this marriage ..because ,as now Abhi has confessed his feeling for Pragya in public..Aaliya could easily prove Abhi as fake in public by spreading this marriage news..so i think they should stop the marriage otherwise it ll become tooooooo much dragging 🙂

  2. No chittu thy wont separate if thy did their show will go down. They are making obstacles to them so we will be waiting for their union mainly to drag and for trp

  3. sandhya

    Wow so cute episode… This serial plays with my feelings… Hope tanu wont make any stupid things

  4. lakshi

    Don’t ruin abhi’s repetition. Make him to know the truth about tanu fast without damaging his name. Proove Honesty and innocence never fails. Let pragya and abhi’s love win.

  5. gomathinaveen

    Hi I am new to this website
    Recently I have started to read , today just awesome episode at last the confession of love delivered properly and waiting for abhigya love live long …. Thanks for the update s

  6. Priya $

    Nice episode waiting for tomorrow. Anyway tanu going to disturb them. Otherwise aliyah r someone else ll disturb them. Surely ll happen. But tomo they ll show the new promo na. Nikki do u think tomo they ll show new promo va????

    • Not sure PRIYA may b or not. They could show new promo tomorrow becoz they have crossed their last promo date and they could not show new promo tomorrow becoz they still didn’t show promo scene properly which they will show tomorrow. So can’t say anything surely.

    • chithu

      Priya..even if Tanu and Aaliya are not disturbing then also they ll not show any consummation part..because it ll make Pragya’s character less respectful per show and second point is, CVS will surely want to hold that part for having TRP for some other days…Now for sure TRP is going to be high because of this Tanu’s drama part..so they ll not pull all the important scenes into it…

    • Racha

      Now…That’s what I am talking about!!! Thanks for the link…. This is what we want from Abhi and Pragya let them stay together and fight off their demons.

  7. Please don’t ruin abhi’s repetition.this episode play with my feelings.don’t separate them plssss.take tanu away from them.she don’t deserve to be with abhi.she needs a goon hihihi

  8. sharmi

    What happened to Nikil. I thought he was here to claim his right on the baby. Why doesn’t he be a man and step up.

  9. Yes today’s episode was gud and tomorrow will b fab. Two days r enjoyments then back to tanu’s crap and evil plannings torchers, abhigya’s sacrifice and dadi and family’s helplessness which take us to the tabhi’s marriage sequence and finally we will finished with this 3 months pregnancy track, moreover a crap.

  10. chinni

    Today’s episode was very good.tanu is nowhere today
    And I hate aliya what does she think of herself

  11. today episode was nice abhi pregeya was realy loveable couple abhi such a cute performences aliya&raj plan flop abhi preageya reunit tomorrow episodeka i am waiting tanu was blackmail was pregeya abhi &pregeya no divorce ple abigeya reunit

  12. sana

    How long tat rachna pregnant?please make her delivery soon and I think pragya sister make new avatar to stop aaliya


  13. Kourtney

    Finally Abhi has confessed. Pragya’s part needs to be changed and she needs to be strict with Tanu. Pragya is stupid to help Tanu in the first place. Pragya does not look nice in those glasses. I love her facial expressions. She is cute when she is drunk.

  14. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Tanu aaliya raj pls all go to pagal khana
    wer is nikkil?
    Wen is kkb ending????
    Only wishing AbPr together ssap.

  15. heidi

    Plz Pragya stop your nonsense and tell Abhi that you also love him. Dadi and family don t wanna tanu in their life Can t you see that !!!! Nikill expose Tanu s pregnancy NOW. Its long enough this drama

  16. LJ

    One of the loveliest episodes… Aaliya is dissssgusting, we already know this . Looks like throwing a stone is bad but her brother was almost killed because of her twisted sick plans. Ekta writes really mean family characters…
    Abhi will NOT agree to marry Tanu, he can’t stand her anymore now that he knows what a good woman is…
    I had to move from desitvbox coz of crazy ads… I wish my friends from there would come here…. Samira, Dvlakshmi….

  17. This pregnancy track is so much like pragya’s MMS track where our breath had stopped till the last minute of pragya and suresh’s wedding cancellation. Till last minute we were not sure that if this wedding will happen or not and sometimes it was like this wedding will happen now but on the last moment abhi came and stopped this wedding. I think same thing will happen in this track also. Cvs will create breath taking situations and at last moment, finally the revelation will take place and this tabhi’s wedding will also cancelled or stopped and abhigya will b once again together. I feel that Like MMS track we had also a doubt and a hope that abhi is up to something and he will stop this marriage and here we have hope from nikhil that he will come with DNA proof and will stop this wedding by exposing tanu at the last moment. So keeps fingers crossed guys and get ready for a rollercoaster ride to meet the climax of this pregnancy track. Becoz this track is going to end now so before it we have to tolerate many more torchers in it’s fullest before it’s end.

    • chithu

      yes Nikki..but in MMS track, we didn’t had any hope for proof … it was a suspense till the end about the proof..so v were more on negative side like the marriage would most probably will happen…finally they ended up with no marriage…but here… we all know that we have proof in hand from beginning…so we r thinking marriage will not happen..but like MMS thing..if it ended up surprisingly… i have 99% hope that marriage will not happen..but still that 1% remains ,becoz this CVS will do something unexpectedly..so scared 🙂

      waiting eagerly for some worthy update on this marriage part 🙂

      • Ya chithu I understand what r u saying. I know we have proof in this track which we had not in MMS track but in this track we have also suspence from beginning to still. First we thought nikhil will come and expose tanu then we thought pragya will expose tanu and then we thought abhi will expose tanu and middle of it we thought dadi and dasi will expose tanu and once again we r again in this confusion who will b expose tanu. Becoz nikhil is entered in the show but he never revealed truth now he is absent in the show yet so a sort of suspence is still here that if tanu will expose or not? Or who will expose tanu, nikhil himself or through abhi and pragya? If this marriage will happen or not? And one thing which I want to remind u chithu that we have many proofs in MMS track also. Like CCTV footage, bunty’s toy car etc and we were hoping that it will help to prove pragya innocent but all were waste in proving. At last fate played it’s game and abhi found bunty’s toycar’s video footage from which pragya had proved innocent. So I think same think will happen here where we have many questions, proves and doubts but at last abhigya’s fate will play a game and situation will b turn totally. That’s what cvs shows us in every track which is related to abhigya from starting of the show and yet.

  18. Anu dhakal

    When the truth about tanu n nikhil will be published???? Please make the show more interesting ????

  19. One thing which I wants to share with u guys that we r still in a doubt if tanu will expose or not or this marriage will happen or not? But I m saying tanu will definetly expose and this marriage will not happen becoz if cvs wants abhi’s marriage with tanu and divorce pragya then they doesn’t reveal about tanu’s pregnancy truth before it in front of us. I know it is not reveal in front of everybody in the show but only in front of us. So I mean if they want to tabhi’s marriage happen then they doesn’t take nikhil in the show before I this marriage and even they doesn’t reveal this fact that the baby is not abhi’s. They reveals it after tabhi’s marriage do if they revealed tanu’s truth in front of us so it means they wants to make tanu out from abhigya’s life for starting their beautiful love journey not for give tanu an important place in abhi’s life and as we knows that tanu is biggest hurdle in abhigya’s love story so she needs to b out now when abhigya r clearly and fully in love with each other and the has been confessed it also. We knows and according to tanu’s character, if tanu will get married with abhi once then she will never ever leave him at any cost. And then show’s story and theme of kumkumbhagya will also become waste and worst. And many times and starting of this pregnancy track sriti herself had given a hint in her interview that abhigya r destined to b together but now due to tanu’s pregnancy matter, they wants to seperate from each other so let’s see how they can seperate from each other by fight from their fate. Her means was clear that this is their fate to live together foerver so they can’t seperate, no matter how much circumstances and they themselves against.So that’s why I m very sure that this marriage will not take place and abhigya will b together at last by their fate.

    • Cvs wants to show us in this story of kkb that our fate decides our soul mate. No matter how far he/she is, no matter what we wants and no matter how much circumstances r against but at last we meet them according to our fate. Abhigya r destined to b together by their fate so they can’t separate in any situation. Other side I don’t know what in purbul’s fate but from starting, when they wants to unite then something make them separate from each other every time. So seeing this I feels like it’s their fate that they can’t unite becoz may b according to their fate they r not made for each other but for someone else. So overall cvs wants to show us that this is all the game of fate that those who made for each other only they ends up being together and no one can separate them and those who r not made for each other, they can’t unite.

      • Priya $

        Well said nikki. It’s true from day one they r saying tat only. Surely they won’t separate Abhigya.

  20. Chithu

    Good Nikki 🙂 per sense and sensibility also, Elder sister will be happy with her husband in the end… And younger one will be married to the aged person who loved her(in this story it might be Suresh) and not the one she loves….
    Nikki..if this Tabhi’s marriage sequence ends up in truth revealing as u told , then super yaar :). 🙂

  21. Shelly

    Nikhil is jst a waste on d show… Dumb. Hw cn he not b here n trst tanu lyk anythng. Seriously sooo much dragng dats it. Nearly 3 mnths hv passd wid same track. Cvs don’t hv any other thing in dere mind so dey draging it as far as dey can. Gosh!!! So irritating…. 🙁

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