Kumkum Bhagya 4th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 4th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Purab telling Nikhil that this girl was not in the house when I came here. Nikhil says she is a working lady and went for work in the morning. Purab asks how can her name be Tanu. Nikhil says why can’t anyone can have same name and says even I would have been confused. He says you would have thought before ruining Tanu’s image. He asks if you have any enmity with me, Tanu or Abhi. Fake Tanu requests them not to tell anyone that she is staying with Nikhil in live in else they will kill her. Abhi gets angry on Purab. Purab says they are lying. Abhi asks why a girl will take a big blame on her head. He apologizes to fake Tanu. Tanu smiles. Nikhil says its okay and says it happens in big cities. I hope our friendship will not be affected by this. Everyone leave. Nikhil smiles.

Tanu and Aaliya are still staying at Nikhil’s house. Nikhil thanks Nikita for the help and says your acting is mind blowing. I have become your fan. Nikita asks him to make her get a project. Nikhil promises her and thanks her. She says I will wait for your call and goes.

At Mehra house, Abhi tells Purab that he couldn’t see Nikhil after he was proved wrong. He says wrong thing happened with me because of you and says I don’t hope this from you. Tanu thanks Nikhil for saving her and making counter plan. Nikhil asks her to thank Aaliya and says she called me at the right time. Tanu asks when did you call him. Aaliya says I am Aaliya Mehra and do what you can’t think of. A fb is shown, Mitali informs Aaliya to come and see how Tanu is ruined. Aaliya thinks to do something and calls Nikhil. Nikhil picks the call and asks why did you call me. Aaliya says I called to help you and tells that Bhai came to know about Tanu’s truth and tells everything. Nikhil is shocked and thinks what to do. He says my life will be ruined if Tanu and Abhi don’t marry.

Aaliya asks him to do as she says and asks him to bring any girl and be prepared. Nikhil asks then what? Aaliya says Purab and Pragya will bring Abhi home and asks him to introduce the girl as Tanushree. She says she will call him before leaving and says they are coming to catch you, and asks him to be prepared. Nikhil says okay. Tanu thanks Aaliya and says you are really a genius and says I am so happy and lucky to get friend like you. She then apologizes to her. Nikhil says that’s why God has given you friend like Aaliya. Tanu hugs her. Aaliya holds her ears and asks her not to do anything without asking her. Tanu says okay and thanks her for making Pragya defeat. Aaliya says Pragya will be ruined when Abhi marry you. They laugh.

Dadi tells Purab that she knows that he is upset as Abhi scolded him. Purab tells that may be there is 4th person who is supporting them. Aaliya and Tanu come there. Aaliya asks Pragya not to force her mind. Tanu says mind don’t get specs. Aaliya says you have a big lost Purab and says I heard that Bhai shouted on you and got angry. I felt bad and I am sure that you felt bad too. He don’t trust you and says I told you that bad will happen if you support bad. She asks him to change his loyalty and side. Purab asks if you are done. Aaliya says she had informed Nikhil and says you might be thinking when did I call him as my phone was taken away by Dasi. She tells that just as she got to know about the report, she called Nikhil and made that plan. She tells that she has kept fake witness in his home and says I have cut your kite…Kai Po Che.

She says everything happened as per my plan. She tells Pragya if Abhi comes to know everything. Pragya is about to tell. Aaliya stops her and says once he gets back his memory, we will be caught. She says you are forgetting that they are marrying in a day and says we will not care if he gets back his memory after his marriage with Tanu. She asks them to forget everything and get busy in the marriage arrangements. She says we will meet for dinner. Purab apologizes to Pragya and says once again we have to see defeat. He says I got over confident and thought Aaliya and Tanu couldn’t do anything and didn’t keep eye on Nikhil. He apologizes.

Aaliya asks Pragya to supervise the arrangements as Tanu’s parents are coming. Abhi asks why Pragya will do servant’s work.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. This is the same tried story just repeated over, and over again. Watch Abhi will only get his memory back on the day of his wedding to Tanu.

  2. Pravya to do work to get fool one more time…. This Creatives r there just to show how one person gets failed repeatedly when support truth and be honest…. That’s all….

  3. Nothing new marriage won’t happen saw promo abhi proposes pragya bt bad guys won’t get caught even after a millinum

  4. Bewakuf serial
    Idiot direction
    Flop story
    Worst episode

  5. OMG ! This looks like a vicious cycle…

  6. f**king ekta kapoor with her f**king story line. she should just die

  7. hate it no abhigya scenes

  8. Worst serial routine no change always pragya defeating and making negative shades highlight which are going to affect in real life. At the conclusion pragya wins Aliya tanu will be fired but as a humanity pragya convinces abhi and leave them. For their TRP ratings serial is going lengthy and dirty.

  9. Directors please don’t create new criminal activities in the serial which tanu Aliya nikhil doing which affects in real life. Stop that stupid story line and make good.

  10. mujhe lagta ha promo main jo kuch bhi dikhaya gya ha wesa kuch b nahi hoga may be abhi is making aprilfool to pragya

  11. Lol,does the whole crew as a whole even think at all.What kind of a crap is this story,Bullshit,Waste of time once again.

  12. Nonsense , irritating story……..

  13. Cathy


  14. What is also pathetic is the stories they tell about upcoming twist. Those promos should stop telling “fake updates”. I hope the serial comes to an end. Maybe the writers and producets are so caught up with the good rating they are getting inspite of the terrible masala they churning out each week; they don’t want to end it. We the viewers must join gorces and make the rating drop. Switch to some other serial and don’t watch this….?

    1. AA No Longer A Fan

      I do not watch it. I only read the updates and the viewers constant complaining. Do as you say, STOP watching it and TRP will decrease. As long as you keep watching it, why should the directors/writers change the script?

  15. This is shit…these directors should be ashamed. .do they see this as bein creative. Smh

  16. Sad to say but this is a cycle writters need to change things up . I have watched this show since it start to now and basically the show is repeating its self . Pragya always have to be defeated trying to win abhis love and expose tanu and aaliya . When she finally does and reunites with abhi he has memory lost and we are bk to square one where pragya is trying to help abhi get back his memory and also once again expose tanu and aaliya. Boring writters plz come up with something diff

  17. Aliya is so cheap…how can she make her brother marry a girl like tanu…??evnthough she hates pragya n is doin this coz she doesnt like her …she is actually betraying her own brother

  18. You know guys you shouldn’t be so upset. I watched today’s episode and I laughed so hard….. today’s episode so funny. I couldn’t relate to the story cause these things don’t just happen. Even if they are fictional you make your storyline even if out of this world as realistic as possible. This plot didn’t make sense to me it is just so funny. I watched today to see how they spun this magic trick and I just kept on laughing. I don’t even look forward to Abhi and Pragya moments. These writers won’t kill me, I had a good ? laugh!!!!!

  19. the story is being boring day by day….same story is being repeated everytime..nonsense

  20. lettisha singh

    It’s such a flop scene I mean everytime aaliya and tanu n nikkil gets their ass saved.Why ….?Ridiculous mann

  21. well I have show on other channels from starting it already even if the story was similar to
    this stupid show why writers waste time and energy on boring story line this show goes from bad to worse waste of time”””””””””””””

  22. Naz i never knew you ask persons to boycott this serial for a week well let me tell you i will not comment for a week i am boycotting this frikkin serial as of now I WILL NOT COMMENT ON THIS SERIAL ANY LONGER GOOD BYE SHITTY SERIAL

  23. Thank you for written update as without it I will not be able to understand the drama.

    Pragya deserves someone much better than Abhi, as he appears to be the dumbest person ever. No brain to think and no heart to feel. Script writers have created a real dumb Rock star.
    He keeps doubting everyone who is closest to him. However, like watching them togeher.

  24. I just hate this serial ,same story is being repeated

  25. Pragya and Purab should marry and end this nonsense.

  26. The show makers want us to think Abhi and Pragya are Gods. In spite of everything going Tanu’s way until the very last minute, the great Lord Abhi will choose Goddess Pragya on his wedding day to be his consort. People are fools for letting this irritating show continue for the past year. I have started hating Abhi and Pragya for actually doing nothing smart but just acting foolishly in love with each other. Eye locks and brains permanently locked.

  27. Carol from Trini

    Yawn. Didn’t I say yesterday that this would happen? Abhi is dumb beyond words plus doesn’t Tanu have a LAST NAME? On no medical report that I kno of do they put the person’s first name only. What kind of hospital does that? Why didn’t Abhi ask the woman for id? Why does Pragya and Purab even bother with this dumb-as-sh!t Abhi anyway? If after telling him everything that happened if he doesn’t want to see the truth then leave his dumb a$$ and see about yourselves. I still can’t understand how telling him he’s married can trigger a near death experience cuz you’d think he’d WANT to kno wat happened during the time he lost. Glad I just read the updates and not waste 30 minutes of my life watching this anymore.

    1. I was thinking the same way on all your points.

  28. Dumb hero stupid story watch it like a comedy show laugh at the funny antics of all characters or even better don’t watch catch up once a week week on live updates u won’t miss much

    1. Shrilatha

      I even we should join Tanu’s team..already its not a sinking boat…actually Minna Abbi is the most stupid person ever…and pragya she is a teacher but doesn’t have 1%brain

      1. i agree ur comment shrilatha…pragya is a fooler always.she is not bold

  29. Those serial story writers must having very good time laughing at us thinking that ” whatever crap we write they watch and we make good money out of it”.

  30. f**king ekta kapoor should die with her f**king nonsense stupid dumbass story n script in a chullu bhr pani

  31. Really this is an idiotic serial….i dont see ever serial like this…we have a some limit…surely am telling this serial TRB rate goes down..

  32. PRAGYA a fool again – why does she not let her morals slip and move on in life (not htink tha she is married to ABHI) And marry someone else . ABHI’S loss our happiness fo PRAGYA and her family. Feel sorry for DADI in all this

  33. i dont know…when will patch up abhi and pragya(either patch up or serate anything)but dont do patch up aliya and purab pls till the end

  34. you are right everyone, this show is just the worst, I mean seriously what kind of no sense is this?

  35. praveena lakshmanan

    now a days i hate this show, same thing happen in this serial.

  36. I think the story going forward should be that prays has fallen in love with another handsome dude and get married to him then thru that Abhi’s memory will be restored already and let dis annoying serial end MR DIRECTOR!!!

  37. The whole episode is rubbish..! The kkb writers and team should think right and write right cause we are going to no longer in the dumb Era. People are now exposed and think smart. So they should make the actors to think smart….. Pls, if not interest is going down

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