Kumkum Bhagya 4th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Kumkum Bhagya 4th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Purab telling Abhi that thief knows that there is something interesting in the video, and that’s why thief have stolen it. Abhi says I will catch this thief anyhow. Nikhil is hidden there and thinks what to do. Tanu thinks Nikhil might have eloped by now. Tayi ji and Mitali think video is interesting to watch. Mitali scares Tanu, asks her to pack her bags and leave. Tanu asks what do you mean? Mitali says I think you have accepted your sin in that video. Tanu asks have you gone mad, and asks her to go. Mitali asks her not to shout on her, says I am bahu of the house, but you are still in waiting list. Pragya tells Dadi that her hopes will be ruined if the thief is not caught. Dadi asks her not to worry or take tension. She jokes with her and says you are after Abhi naa…Pragya

says I am tensed. Dadi asks her not to be tensed. Tanu comes and asks Dadi why you asked her not to take tension. Dadi says Pragya said that her phone is stolen and she will cut from everyone’s money. She asks Tanu to say the same. Pragya tells Dadi that she don’t want Tanu’s fake sympathy.

Purab and Abhi catch Nikhil. Purab asks him to beat the goons so that he don’t tell others that he has managed to steal things from Abhi’s house. Abhi beats him. Purab says we shall take him inside house, without seeing his face. Ronnie gets the fuse and switches on the light. Dadi says thank god, light came. Abhi and Purab bring Nikhil..Tanu gets shocked. Pragya asks if your stuff is packed and says nobody can stop your secret from exposing. Purab removes the cloth from his face. They see Nikhil there. Abhi says you came to steal in the house.

Pragya says so you have sent him to help you. She says if he is your last back up, your game is ended. Abhi asks why do you want to steal a mobile phone. Nikhil says I came to give this CD to Purab. Akash says you have some connection with this secret and says why Pragya’s phone is with you. Nikhil says I have no connection and cooks up a fake story that he had catched thief, and took away the phone from his hand. Pragya thinks he is lying. She asks him to give phone. Nikhil gives phone in her hand. Tanu says it is my phone and takes phone from her hand. Dadi takes phone from Tanu’s hand and says we will see what is in this video.

Abhi says I am curious to see the video. Dadi asks Purab to play the video. Purab plays the video. Everyone is shocked to see Tanu praying to God, and asking him to get her married to Abhi, else she will get mad. Tanu smirks. Pragya says this is not that video. She tells Dadi that this is not my phone. Tanu asks her to decide, and says you will get mad. She asks her not to touch her phone again. Abhi apologizes to Nikhil. Nikhil says I will take a leave. Abhi says we will watch video in the morning. Tanu asks Pragya to stop counting her days, else counts her days. Pragya wonders how can my phone vanish?

Dadi asks Abhi to go and sleep in his room. Abhi says I don’t want to go. Dadi asks him to listen to his heart. He says my heart is like them, Pragya and tanu, or say Rahu or Ketu….He says he can’t handle them. He says hats off to the Rajas and Maharajas to had kept many wives under one palace. She asks him to hear his music and get happy when they were fighting. Abhi says superb idea. Once Abhi goes, Dadi thinks how can that phone was stolen? Pragya asks Purab, if you have seen Nikhil there. Purab says yes, but he cooked up a story. Akash says I swear I would have beaten me even more. Akash says it was just a plan for us, but life for Pragya.

Nikhil calls Tanu and says he was beaten up badly by Purab, Abhi etc. Nikhil asks how did that phone change? Tanu says I had stolen the phone when you had switched off the lights. Nikhil gets happy. Tanu argues with him and says I am saved because of myself. Nikhil says we are safe, but not for long, we have to be alert from that wounded Pragya.

Precap:Abhi stares Pragya while she is sleeping and says you are sleeping like fuggi. He makes her wear specs, and says you are looking like fuggi now.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. How bakwas episode never ended drama.. Please expose Tanu now it is a limit

  2. Most probably abhi may end did drama.writers torturing us with series of flop plans,just to create doubt in abhis so called brain.hope soon abhi understand writers intention n start investigating.hope now they decided to give little role to play even for abhi.dadi is say same repeated dialogue dill se socho.so may be abhi is d person who solves dis long dragging pregnancy problem.poor abhi.writers making him so dumb

  3. Full of negative feedback :p Add one to it

  4. I don’t understand why pragya didn’t told him everything when he was waiting for her. When she had accident, she could have gone to him after recovering and he would have believed her.that way she would have easily entered house as his wife and could have exposed remaining lot afterwards. Just dragging the show.

  5. Pragya told to everyone including her mother, rock concert is last attempt to expose tanu.
    if she couldn’t get success then she will leave mehra house..why she is till here..
    she didn’t get success right or she forgot her own words….
    every time she is committing herself, this is her last plan .. but it’s never end and always fail.
    director, u guys made main leads as dumb, mindless characters….and one more added is
    main leads will never stand on their words and commitment ..
    i think sarala is the one person who will tell the truth at the time of abhi and tanu marriage..
    then abhi put all kumkum process in front of tanu..because at that situation all items will be there….
    in year for kumkumbhagya team , can get
    twice karavachavt, holi, valentines day, pongal, …etc..
    but leads ll never get a chance to celebrate anniversary, and tanu will not delivery baby
    wow what stupid direction …no logic at all..

    1. Ha ha ha…………..
      Your absolutely right

  6. Oh god how long they will take more time to expose stupid Tanu ? They are making stupid mistakes and taking forever

  7. No wonder tomorrow Nikil and Tanu Kidnap Sarala again infront of Pragya and all of her group. Still they do not understand anything. Its good i stop watching

  8. Wat a stupidity.. Nowadays if v get a fun video in watsup like to share with others.. But this much important video she doesn’t have backup she can send to purab dadi akash even to abhi.. Wat a logic.. Super cvs team.. V r fools for them..

  9. Seriously friends stop watching serial because unlogical scene are added in this show pragya sacrifices all time, abhi love fuggy but he can’t identify in love what kind of story line idiot

  10. actually everyone should stop watching it whats going cant undersatand and pragya is really stupid

  11. Guys we are coming to the same scenario see in mms track cd was stolen and destroyed here mobile is stolen and going to be destroyed ……whatever then mms dadi in bed and now sarala in bed ……….now leftover is finding sim card , marriage, suicide attempt, divorce crap now at the end of all this nonsense we will come to the end of tanu’s track

  12. There will be one segment today, saw segment pics. While Abhi n Tanu r out having ice cream, Aaliya also comes there. I think Tanu n Aaliya r planning drama to show Pragya as bad to Abhi. Aaliya had a injury mark on forehead and Abhi was taking care of her. May be they will manipulate Abhi n get Aaliya to MM. Mostly Aaliya n Tanu will blame Pragya reason for Aaliya’s injury.

    Aaliya’s mission to steal the CD will happen n Tanu’s plan to push Pragya out as she will have Aaliya support now. Full details we will get after watching segment.

    1. In all these on-location pics, Pragya was not there. I am hoping badly that she will be back in Fuggy getup now. Let us see.

      Else this will be more boring to see Aaliya also joined Tanu.

    2. if she comes in fuggy getup, then it will be like wowwwww…. hope your words should be right in upcoming events sahithi .. and if aaliya is in the scene ot ll be good to watch rather than seeing irritating tanu always…. so lets c

    3. Gowtham, I hate Aaliya character for main reason, that she is own sister of Abhi but how she is trying to pull him down. This mockery of blood relations, I just cant tolerate. Tanu n Nikhil being after Abhi’s property is a diff thing. But a sister doing this to her brother, that too when other than Aaliya everyone else in Mehra family are such nice ppl.

      I know a lot of ppl, esp those who comment here, prefer watching Aaliya instead of Tanu but I personally just dont like to see Aaliya’s face. Atleast at one point Tanu was a model n had some glamor n money for herself. In that way, what is Aaliya. Unlike Akash or Purab she never ever helped her brother career wise or any other way. Aaliya just lived on her brother’s fame n money and ate out of his hard work.

      Remember the sequence where Mithali takes Aaliya n Tanu to a tarot reader, who predicts about Aaliya. That is what she is, cant earn a penny herself, but trying to destruct those who r reason for what she is today.

      1. sahithi one more thing….. mostly if u consider aaliya and tanu, if they both together thn the success rate of their plan is less… ciz in the starting , u could have seen wat ever both tried, it ended up in favour of pragya….. tgeir plan was getting successful only after their separation…. so again both gonna be in same place, so definitely they ll plan in a high rate, bt since both r together, i have a thought that their plan will also fail bcoz of very normal reasons…. following episodes will be a good time for prgaya…. we may say that prgaya will get a lucky chance of expose tanu in taliyas plan itself…

      2. But guys u have to remember that in pragya’s past situation dadi and all family are always with her directly. Pragya is an innocent character earlier but now she is acting like a negative character. And now dadi is with her indirectly so dadi can’t help her directly. She will be forced to support tanu according to present situation. Aaliya will never let pragya after she gets to know about pragya’s truth. And guys abhi loves fuggy but not dz make over pragya so sometime he may think pragya is wrong. So guys wt will happen next??? Wt do u think???

      3. Yeah Gowtham, thats why it was good in the beginning because even unintentionally Pragya would be saved. But now even with so much efforts she is not able to succeed, it has become one sided. That is the problem. And the same characters r seen daily, there used be some variety in the scenes. Past couple of weeks, it is like repeated scenes, repeated dialogues n same characters talking among themselves.

        If they want to drag this track, they should atleast show some balance between who is having upper hand n definitely not underestimate audience intelligence.

  13. ananthalakshmi sarma

    Madam ekta kapoor why are you dragging the serial because u likes tanu who is a dyan means boothamn spoiling everybodys life please throw out of the serial the dyan tanu make abhi n pragjyas life happy ((whole worlds wish)

  14. This is the most boring serial ever. How can the same topic on Abhi, Pragya, Tanu and Nikhil be dragged for over a year…….. Didnt the writers have some of kind of new year’s resolution. This is so boring yaar.

  15. Guys guys chill chill all these happened because of Pragya stupidity. I thought she is smart but tanu is more smarter than her. CVS always make Pragya fooled nonsence….I wasted my time to watch this serial for shabir & sriti only but now my interest is decreasing day by day.

  16. Oh my God!!!! This is a never ending story. Probably next year around this time also the show will still be going on with this stupid tanu/nikhil track with tanu still pregnant…..it’s soooooo frustrating. This show started off with a wonderful story and now it has become a total waste of time. Very disappointing 🙁


    bullshit story
    please removed series from ZEE
    Writer is hopeless

  18. Ya before ending tanu track definitely divorce truth will come out.n we need to bear all dis.

  19. except Abhi everyone know about tanu’s truth but the person whom need to know, Abhi always remain as being unaware, only on this script the story is moving on more than one year. So we audience are also being fool like director giving comment to it’s bakwass serial.

  20. New segment update-
    Guys b ready for another crap and dragging. Tanu brings abhi out for eating ice cream at roadside corner. She says to abhi that she is feeling uneasy so and suffocation that’s why abhi takes our her to eating ice cream. It is all tanu and aaliya’s together plan. They plans fake accident drama of tanu. Tanu on ice cream shop waiting for aaliya and eating ice cream. Abhi goes from there to having change of 1000 rs. At that time, tanu calls aaliya. Tanu comes in between the road according the plan. A car comes and about go hit tanu but aaliya comes on time and pushes tanu aside and gets hit by car. All this plan of tanu and aaliya to bring aaliya back in mehra house. They planned this fake accident dram so aaliya get sympathy from abhi as she saved tanu and her baby so abbi bring her back go home. Leena says I interview that it us all planned for bring aaliya back in the house. Shikha said in interview that this is aaliya’s master plan so she could enter back in mehra house to take revenge from abhi. Reporter says Abhi is most wanted munda. He has all qualities of a perfect guy which every girl wants like pragya and tanu but he is fool too in same time. That’s why tanu and aaliya easily makes him fool through their tri ks and he becomes fool even after getting so much cheating from them and then he messes wigh pragya and fights with her. He says lets see if taaliya’s plan will get succeed or not?

    1. Obviously it will get successful guys otherwise how they will drag the show. Tanu is helping aaliya for Ber own benefit and aaliya is using tanu for her own. Both r enemies of pragya so guys get ready for more predicament of pragya and offcource our’s becoz we r tolerating this bullshit every day for one and only hope of exposure and more bullshits on the way.

      1. Hahahah Abhi is the most foolish in kkb…ha ha he thought he is rockstar but he was just tanu’s puppet……I am getting irritated that CVS make abhi fooled. 🙁 🙁
        He didn’t doubt about video which he saw that tanu was crying in video…..such foolish role CVS make to main hero.

      2. actually pratiksha…. lik sahithi said in this whole segmnt there is nothing about prgaya…. so if these two villains plan something like this, lik entering in MM house again…… prgaya will also come up wd measures….. lik bringing the fuggi back….. if that happened, it ll be good for the track too… bcoz other than this prgaya has no other option…. or she may use the help of sarla next….. lets c…. taliya is back in MM… actually its good only….. we always seeing irritating tanu so far….. so for a change lets c taliya together in MM… i am sure pragya ll come up with good idea next time…. (fuggy avatr ll be the best option)

      3. Guys aaliya is smarter than tanu. We knows it. She is no one’s except herself. Tanu thinks to established her future but aaliya don’t care anything except her revenge. She doesn’t have any care of anybody. So if tanu is thinking that she will take aaliya’s help for own benefit then she is wrong. Aaliya will just use her to find her ways to take her revenge from abhi. For which, if she will have to ditch tanu then also she will have no problem at all. Aaliya will surely help tanu at some points but until she will see her own benefit in it. Aaliya is going to enter in the house by tanu’s help as she knows that tanu and her baby r important for abhi until tanu’s truth will revealed. But after entering in the house, aaliya will mostly focus on her aim, this is sure. So what will b her priorities after entering in the house, track’s end will depend on it. Becoz mehra house belongs to pragya and aaliya is not at all trustworthy for her and abhi too. So aaliya needs to win pragya’s trust back as only separation with abhi of pragya, will not help aaliya to destroy abhi until everything will b in pragya’s hands. Aaliya can’t use same old tricks using by tanu for completion of her aim always as she knows that it will not work until she will remain in suspicion of pragya. So let’s see who will b affect more from her entry? Pragya? Or Tanu? But it is sure that we will not get break after finishing tanu’s track too. Becoz aaliya us there already for further torchers. Aaliya’s conspiracies will b tolerable if abhigya will b unite. But let’s see what is stored for us but everybody will not watch kkb daily from now, it looks sure after getting updates.

    2. The one day Aaliya had property in her hands, she ordered around everyone like servants n slaves, Tanu included. Let Aaliya again do that to tanu, plsss.

      And I was thinking at one point that may be Pragya will leave MM with her mom, but since now it is open challenge, there is no way Pragya will back out. So this drama will continue, we shud only pray for Sarla to be fine.
      Why doesnt Aaliya also goes now to Sarla’s room n try to say some good words, like Nikhil did last time. Sarla will get better n may sit up. Where medicines don’t work such torture works.

      After today’s segment I am thinking by the time Pragya gets to push Tanu out, Aaliya will turn the story in her favor. Pragya may not be left with the happiness of showing Tanu’s truth to the world. Aaliya will be ready with her plan. I get that feeling writers will never allow Abhi n Pragya be happy, together or individually, till ‘The END’ will roll.

      1. Even watever happen pragya never tell d truth to abhi..and she will cry…this is wat she will do.

        and abhi, he will b having soft corner fr everyone even he knows abt aliya too.but he always have dbt on pragya words n never believe her….better she should tell d truth to him n with fuggy getup she should leave mm with her mom…witjout expecting abhi positive words…then only he should think wat us goingon around him…

  21. a same character being pregnant play two year’s Holli, valentine day e.t.c but her belly always same even by stating Pregnant, and the whole story just moving on the search of secrecy about pregnant, so fantus, tooo fantus, just dumb type serial. इस सिरियल मे कोही दम नही हे ।

  22. Guys complete update of today’s segment of all channels with it’s video link:-
    Tanu has brought Abhi outside as she is craving for ice cream (it’s all a plan). Abhi fulfills the demand but before that there is a funny scene where Abhi is seen taunting Tanu and her moods & demands surrounded by a few onlookers.
    Tanu and Alia have a new plan underway. They want to pave way for Alia to get back into Mehra mansion. For this, they plan a fake accident in which Tanu will about to be hit by a car and Alia comes to her rescue and ends up hurting herself. Abhi comes rushing to the scene too and the ‘brother’ in him comes out seeing Alia injured.

    Only good thing about the segment – Shabir looks HOT in blue & those new shades

    Offscreen INT, Shikha and Leena: Shikha says that twists and turns will be a part of the show as long as the show is running and tells how all this is a plan of Alia’s evil mind & lets see how much she is able to fool Abhi. Leena summarizes the whole scene and how it is to get Alia back into the house by trying to soften Abhi’s heart.


    VIDEO: https://youtu.be/x4Wurn5C7EM


    VIDEO: https://youtu.be/ptj18_6b4GY


    VIDEO: https://youtu.be/k5KRf6x4Xko

  23. First i thought this serial good serial.now i thought kkb is worst.i don’t expect abhigya reunion.but pls finish tanu track.

  24. hi swetha.actually i have updated epi 5 of my ff.i will soon update my epi-6 as soon as possible.

  25. From now onwards I am planning to quit reading updates as well

  26. They are DRAAAAAAGGUNNNNNG this bullshit to the core, really Ekta Kapoor u are having fun with our patience ?? brak this crap immediatly ! Really fed up with this noncense !!? u know what Pragya, leave this house with ur maa after telling all the truth to Abhi ! CVS are dissapointing us day by day , even the kidnapp nd mms cral was not this much boring !


    2. fowsiya epadium watever we are saying… they ll still drag…. nama iru malargal kaga wait panalam… simple atleast athu knjam paka nala irukum…. that track was good….

  27. Shabir n Sriti’s character got destructed ! ?

  28. Abhi is a fool and not a rockstar… pragya aother big time fool who cant even handel a phone..
    Rubish…i have stopped watching this serial for almost two weeks but still the story remains where i have left… hahahhahaha only foolish people like the wrtters will be watchng this serial. Hehehehehe

    1. Hahahahahaha sam exactly u said we were watching foolish serial only. In this serial the main lead role were the most foolish and the villian were smartness. Abhi is tanu’s puppet and Pragya always fail her plan cos of her stupidity…

  29. CVS plssssss don’t spoil shabir & sriti character by making them fool in this serial….. 🙁 🙁

  30. all rubbish if u guys keep on dragging tanu’s secret she’ll end up delivering a child n pragya will ve to sit n cry n abhi will marry tanu n start his life…. aliya n raj truth came out well but y dragging for tanu’s portion….

  31. Guys a new idea to stop dragging. If he don’t want to expose tanu and aliya then kill those characters. I know the writer will definitely get mad after their exit. Because he can’t write a story without those characters. But we also don’t have any solution. By dz we all will be safe from the draggggggging, isn’t it???

  32. Bullshit drama just draaggggggggging all the time …

  33. Plzzz jldiii se tanu ki sachaii samne lao ab interest khtm hone lga hai serial se plzzz jldiii abhi pragya ko milvao

  34. What do you think Mr.writer and ekta the public are fools .

  35. totally fadeup bus kro yaar ab is drama ko channel walo ko offair kr dena chahue time waste drama

  36. waste of time…why cant u people move the story..ts loosing everyone`s interest

  37. Wat da hl is wrong wid da writer
    If it goes on lik dis they vl nevr b caught
    M sick of da Sam thng
    pragya cnt catch them 4 smal mistsk or carlesnes

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