Kumkum Bhagya 3rd September 2018 Written Episode Update: Abhi meets with Pragya

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Abhi and Pragya are both covered in wheat, they stare into each other’s eyes, and Pragya says that he should change clothes, Abhi disagrees but Pragya says that he is looking like a ghost and so must listen to her, he says that she also must change clothes, Pragya says that she will show him the guest room.
Tanu comes to Nikhil’s house, he asks why is she so happy, she says that they must both go outside and have some fresh air, she says that he must drop her home but he says that he cannot go as she told him to remain underground, when she insists he gives in and says that he will bring the keys.
Kings Chachi comes with the drier, he drops the vegetables, and she starts to scold him saying that she could do a lot of more work than him.
Pragya and Abhi have both changed clothes,

he stands seeing her from a distance and cannot keep his eyes of her, he comes in and ask her how is he looking, she is left speechless, he then looks himself in the mirror and starts to praise himself, she starts to laugh saying that he is acting ridicules, Chachi is at the door saying that the people do not know that real flavor only comes from real products , Abhi ask her to remain quiet but she does not stop then he forces her.
Chachi comes in the house and wonders where Pragya is, she goes to check on her, at the room of King she sees Pragya and Abhi together, she does not k now what to do and the towel also slips from her hands.
Kiara and Sonny both come out of the house, Sonny says that he did not inform his driver and now must wait, Kiara says that she can drop him, he also agrees she then asks him about the cake he says that he ate all of his share, she then hands him her half, he also take sit with happiness when she says that no matter who eats it it’s the same.
Chachi comes into the room, Abhi says that he only came close to her because e here was something on her face, she also says the same, Chachi nods in agreement, she then say that she will prepare tea for her, Abhi take his leave, at the door he says buy and leaves.
Chachi enters her room in nervousness and says that what she saw was unbelievable, she say that Pragya is not like this and she is just overthinking.
Abhi is at the door and very angry that he was not able to say it, he is driving the car when gets a call from Purab, who asks why is he happy, Abhi ask him the reason if he can tell it, he then says that he had a meeting with Pragya, Abhi gets serious as how can his voice reflect his feelings, he says that he will come back and meet with her.
Tanu and Nikhil are in the car and both are having a fight regarding the shortcut, Tanu gets adamant and this almost lead to their accident which was nearly prevented. Tanu gets happy hearing Abhi name, Nikhil asks the reason, she says that he said that he only loves her, he says that this means that he is meeting Pragya and was just using this word to tease her, Tanu gets angry, Nikhil says that she must niot yell and remain quiet.
Sonny says to the driver that he knows the shortcut, Kiara says that her driver knows every way, she asks the driver he says that it is a very difficult way and they will be very slow there, Kiara and sonny starts to talk about friendship and how to help someone, she say that she must go to the police but her mother donot want her to go, the driver also says that Pragya is right, Kiara makes her come on her team saying that she must also help her by not telling anything to her mother, kiara and sunny spot Nikhil he says that he was the one who killed the poor man, the driver does not agree but she says that he must follow Nikhil as nothing will happen and he also agrees.
King is in a meeting and thinking of what happened with Pragya, the manager asks him about what he feels, King asks for some time for himself.

Precap: Tanu says bad things to Abhi about Pragya, he immediately defends her

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. HI DannyComments.
    My friends and i have to agree with you on a recent comment you posted.
    Its disturbing when you log in to read updates and find yourself reading essays and essays of what one can only gather is hate mail.
    it is only a soap opera.
    On one side one advocates that women are are oppressed and abused and then with the other breath one calls female actors and produces whores!!!
    To imply that these women have slept around in order to further their careers is just plain shameful.
    Does anyone that places comments know these women personally, i do not think so.
    What is further disturbing is when one becomes an online bully, picking away at someones looks, dress and god help me even their skin tone.
    What goes around comes around and when you put out that much hate and negativity it will only come back and bite you on the ass.
    I hope none of these women that call other women whores will ever have to listen to someone call the same thing out to them or their daughters or sisters because the only recourse left would be to silently skulk off.
    KKB has some good actors, and we need to remember it is only acting, all good soap operas come with villains and Tanu and Alyia play the roles really well.
    Etka Kappoor may not be the best producer out there but she has helped a lot of actors propel themselves to stardom.
    So please Trolls out there before making nasty, hateful , evil comments about these women please look at your own reflection in the mirror.
    If you really feel strongly about abused, oppressed women then try to be a part of the solution by volunteering in a abused women’s center as we do , this will really open your eyes. Men that abuse women physically, mentally and s*xually will call their partners whores, they will also pick apart everything from dress, body weight, skin tone…Hmmmm
    Leave the actors to their jobs of entertaining.

    1. As someone who has worked professionally with abused people and abusers…both men and women I would suggest that individuals commenting on this series are sincerely concerned with abuse being so clearly normalised on this program. Rather than react to one comment, it would be worthwhile to read ALL and THE FULL comments written by the writer. Just like when you are listening to the WHOLE story of either a victim or a victimiser. Having a desire to defend Dannycomments is very fair. What you are dealing with are different types of viewers each at varying levels of understanding of the human condition. The more experienced viewer is likely to see the normalisation of abuse. Just as a good versus a better abuse counsellor will know that one must gaze at the WHOLE situation before making a decision on who is actually being abusive. Since you are obviously experienced… you are advocating to go help the victims after the damage is done. Whereas the concern here by ‘certain’ commentators seems to be more about addressing the issue of “Stop setting up the conditions for continued abuse”. “Stop celebrating abuse as a normal activity”. If you study the language used by every commentator you should easily be able to detect where they stand on the issue of abuse as well their level of comprehension of the issues they are bringing to light. On a personal note… the comment was regarding the quality of make-up application and the lack of continuity on the production end. Not on the actresses actual skin colour. (Wow, what an abusive response! You are seeing hate where there was none!) When someone is being reactive it is a moment when the reader should be easily able to train themselves to become more alert and to review the relevant facts as well as search for more facts. To make assumptions based on one’s own feelings is just fine, especially as this is a forum especially for that. Perhaps some commentators are simply trying to insure that the abuse is not nomalised.
      I thank-you for your profoundly sincere comments and will know that your obvious wisdom will insure that you as well become capable of reading and understanding rather more deeply. After all, you are supportive of abuse victims and know clearly that there are layers and layers of witnessing and understanding required before you truly understand that the abuser and the victim serve each other. All abusers were abused themselves, first. And their first line of defense? “Well, it is only a game/soap opera….”. It is wonderful that you volunteer at a shelter! Perhaps while you are there, you can actually get to the know the victims well. Really well. Perhaps your understanding of abuse will also grow.

      1. I agree with this comment Akituster… You hit the nail on its head when you referenced to those of us who are concerned about addressing the issue of continued abuse to the point of it being a normal situation…we shouldn’t accept it as being glorified in KKB’s storyline, we should speak out about it and condemn it, even men are abused in society but it’s such a shame to speak about it so that’s why we don’t see it highlighted. The first season of the recently concluded Woh Apna Sa had dealt with this problem but the forum quickly devolved into a toxic site, viewers agreed with the antagonistic wife of the protagonist because she was the wife, never mind she was giving her husband hell, just because she was the lawfully wedded wife, it gave her the right to abuse him and viewers defended her. So you see, no matter what, there are those who accept these kind of scripts as being normal and accept that it’s “just a serial “, why do we complain … I don’t and when viewers speak out, the first thing we hear is that it’s only a serial…

    2. Perhaps coming from a culture where abuse is a daily occurrence for the majority (India) it may be worthwhile to reflect on one’s understanding of abuse. I find it sad that people concerned about abuse will do the usual middle-class/elite thing of volunteering so they can feel good about themselves but will not find the courage to address the abuse in front of them in their daily lives. BTW all the voices are not female. Men suffer from abuse as well. Talk to any domestic worker…pardon me….servant, in India. Best part is that they have been trained so well to belittle themselves that they do not even recognise that they are being abused. They believe that they deserve this treatment! You being experts, of course, understand this, abusive situation. Right? Look in the mirror you recommended. I would add that one must open one’s eyes into new ways of ‘looking’, observing and hopefully understanding… eventually. Thus diminishing some of the false beliefs you have already entrained n your own assessment skills.

      1. What do you do with the abused person who finally finds the courage to either run (to the centre where you volunteer) or to fight. You know the fight/flight reactive mechanism. Because you have walked in to the scenario watching this victim finally shout and scream in their own defence, how good are your assessment skills, by calling the actual victim an abuser? Believe me, I could point out even more fallacies in your defence of Dannycomments but this is not the place. This is enough for the topic of abuse, which is one of the main themes of this serial’s programming. btw do you volunteer also at a centre for abused men? You know, like Abhi… and possibly Sunny in the future?

    3. DannyComments

      I don’t know who you are but thank you so much for this. Now I know I’m not the only one out there who doesn’t find the insults and hate comments from Akituster funny. And don’t get me started on those long in dept written crap of her trying to explain why she is such a troll! Thank you again

      1. DannyComments…why do i suspect that you probably have 2 accounts and your more then likely talking to yourself..if you don’t like what Akituster has to say then don’t read it, no one here is holding a gun to your head and forcing you to read any of her criticisms, thoughts, or her analysis of characters that are portrayed in KKB she is not the first or will be that last to scratch her head in frustration with the written direction of this show, i think we all here see the great potential this show has/had and we mourn what could have been. The are also other viewers here that have pointed out the parallel story lines from other shows which is plagiarism at it’s worst especially self plagiarism ..i mean how screwed up is that? <<< oh and that was a rhetorical question.

    4. You call what they are doing entertainment? It’s brainwashing – this is why India will remain a cesspool of inequality and torture why women in India will defend the violation of little girls – this is what your media teaches you. You too are complacent in this regard, everyone should turn their eyes away from the kind of disgusting values this show is propagating and just help abused women? Women should not be abused to begin with.

      For every female who is abused people like you should be held responsible along with the perpetrators.

      The material of ALL of these indian serials are the same be it Chakor being beat until she miscarried in Udaan or a little child marrying a grown woman or a woman being murdered so she doesn’t taint her newborn son with her mulim br*ast milk? THIS is the kind of idiocy your wonderful producers propagate and some of us are forced to watch because it’s like a drug for our mothers. Getting rid of everything linked to Indian serials is the first thing I did in my home. But the damage is done, my mother says the most senseless things at times.

      You should read this article, http://www.indiantelevision.com/special/y2k2/cfarspe_24.htm, educate yourself and maybe just maybe you will be a good human being. I don’t watch these shows but I have been studying the affects of television on the human psyche for the past 3 or so years, I just need to read this updates to get the gist of the kind of damage and psychological imbalances these shows cause. This is almost as mind altering as MK Ultra itself

    5. Very well said!

    6. DannyComments

      @Cathyc I’m not like you! I have got better things to do than come online and create two profiles. I’m not Akitusar who actually has a lot of multiple accounts because she wants to feel relevant.

  2. plz some can xplain me full precap in eng

  3. Well, we are back to the more normal episode. Lot’s of possible plot set-ups. The tension rides high! Which set-ups will be discarded? Which will be twisted? ‘Romance’ wasn’t quite as neat and tidy as Friday. Today felt more like the moments that occur after romance. (We received a thrill on Friday) But I’m sure… ‘enough’ for those viewers looking for that ‘taste’ of ‘love’. ‘Cooking’ in a kitchen together but not ever producing any food…just like their relationship. Lots of noisy effects but it goes no where. After shower, romance for Abhi/Pragya, just like husband and wife or lovers but it goes no where. This time, Chachi is the family reminder stopping the two. Usually it’s one of the show’s monsters but today it is Chachi reminding them that their ‘relationship’ is taboo. Gee…maybe giving us a shower scene would have been more convincing about the love.
    Was that a health plug for olive oil? Fabulous! If you’ve purchased actual olive oil. Most olive oil on the market isn’t real olive oil. Watch some HONEST documentaries from a health professional…. not a huge industry marketer, who’s only in it for profit. Remember those who do things ONLY for profit, just make everything pretty. They have no real nutrition or substance. Like this show. Take the time to learn more before spending your money. Olive oil is an oil which cannot be overheated because it will turn to trans-fat and slowly deteriorate your health. Real olive oil is fabulous to pour on things. Best thing for your health and taste buds. Just don’t fry with it. High heat cooking oil is the answer there (coconut, mustard, avocado and a few others are good for high heat cooking and won’t deposit dangerous trans fats into your body) Looks like the viewers are being set up to be sold some olive oil product. Don’t fall for it. Research and Learn! You do not cook with olive oil unless the temperature is kept very low! Smarter, to add REAL olive oil (Yes, it is expensive to purchase) onto the already cooked food after, for flavour. That way, no trans-fats and no waste of expensive oil.
    The very bright Kiara and Sunny were cute in their conversations which set up the possibility for a number of future directions. And Tanu the toy? Her b*t*hiness was a little more subdued. But then she is with a fellow-murderer who has the ability to hurt her…but won’t because he ‘loves’ her. Usually in nature we expect those that are alike to be attracted to each other. So the two murderers are together. The two ‘star-crossed lovers’… people are together. The two smart kids are together. Let’s see, will it be Driver Uncle, Chachi or King who serves as catalyst to the next drama. Yes, King smouldering in his sensuality adding a possible adult dimension to the series. Let it roll! Ladies young and old will love it! When do YOU think the next drama will occur? Friday? or Monday? Maybe we will all be surprised and actually see something sooner. Lot’s of teasing and tickling today, like a lover hoping to keep your interest. Can Ekta’s team keep up the love-making leading to a climax? Or will it be the usual, disappointing ….what do we call those individuals who tease and tease and it goes nowhere? I don’t think I’m allowed to use that word.

    1. @Akituster…I didnt know that about olive oil…oh my word

  4. Not a bad episode.. I always enjoy seeing Kiara and Sunny, they brighten up the entire episode. Mikhail is correct when he points out that Abhi had to have been with Pragya when he used those endearing words because he wouldn’t ever say that to Tanu. It seems that Tanu and King were conveniently forgotten in the moments spent between Abhi and Pragya…and Chachi is right when she’s wondering what is happening between Abhi and Pragya, even we are concerned because Abhi has his wife and Pragya has an alleged husband but they are busy romancing each other. I guess stealing moments to spend time with the object of one’s fascination heightens ones pleasure… What is forbidden is always exciting,!!!!? Minus Tanu and Nikhil, the episode was tolerable.

  5. It is sort of sad that Kiara and Sunny are being set up to be like Pragya and Abhi. The female smart, strong and decisive and the male, sweet (for now) but always waiting for directions on what to do next. Typical abuse set up. The poor male will become sick and tired of being told what to do and may even become abusive later in life, if he isn’t offered the chance to find his own sense of self. Gee… by the logic being floated today I guess that means that anyone who is smart, strong and decisive (male or female) is likely an abuser. Are you hearing the several unspoken ironies? If not, learn more about abuse

  6. I have had this thought…more like a question…”what is the moral behind this series?”

    Then I have a deduction…. more like a conclusion, (my apologies to all India’s on this platform), “Indians generally hate themselves, and this is domicile in the family circle. And from the look of things (especially from most India series) it doesn’t get any better”.

    Still on my thoughts….

    1. There are no morals it is pure and simple brainwashing.

  7. My reply to you is, I volunteer at women’s shelter because I am a surviving victim.
    My one daughter councils men in prison that have been put there for abuse against their partners, my other daughter works and councils children.
    So shut the f…up.
    You seriously have a problem with those f**ked up nonsense essays you write.

    1. Concerned: For someone who claims to work with abuse victims and claim to be a survivor you sure know how to spew abuse. Shame on you.

      1. My goodness Cathy… What was that I read above your comment? Clearly this viewer needs anger management sessions, I’m appalled by the vitriolic language on this public forum by “Concerned “…pardon the pun…but now I’m concerned that some feathers were ruffled and the inner beast is unleashed, maybe our comments offended… and you are also right, if a viewer doesn’t like to read our comments, being essays, then they don’t need to read the damn contributions, it wasn’t addressed to either of them. Since you and I and our other friends love reading, long contributions are a treat…

    2. Lies – do we look like small children to believe the fables you are weaving to create some kind of credibility for yourself. As a student of psychology I can call a lie when I see it. You obviously have been sucked into the system – I have seen it many times. These shows damage psyche’s and fractures mentality to the point where people fabricate background stories and situations. Get help!!! Before you end up driving everyone else around you nuts.

      1. Kalila, I agree with your comment 100%…..some people are delusional in real life so they come up on forums like these to defend but they end up fabricating stories and situations…and call sl*tty behavior as being normal and entertaining…

      2. DannyComments

        Oh just shut it! You know nothing. Y’all think because we don’t know who you are you can just get away with spewing crap and you think I’m just gonna let you get away with being b*t*hy but if you want me to come down to your shitty level and call you both out on it then I Will! My God! What is wrong with people these days!

  8. Stupid serial ..what will king do when he finds out the truth

  9. The viewer calling herself “Concerned”….if as you say you were a victim of abuse, shouldn’t you be the first person to denounce this serial and lead the march for this serial to either end or change direction…full 180%? Have you become so immune to this treatment of women that you are desensitized to those who are speaking out on this forum? How the heck can you call this entertainment? Women like Pragya with her enslaved mind who comes back again to be romanced by her abuser husband, is that normal to you? Clearly something is wrong with you.

  10. Dear Kalika.
    You are just a young girl, student.
    No it is not a lie.
    You live in a generation where you have options and the ability to forward think. You also have the option of education and picking your own life partner, whereas women of my generation did not.
    When you live in a generation where marriage is arranged before you have even matured mentally, before you have the chance of education, it is difficult.
    When you are not allowed to step foot outside of your fathers home unless it is to go to your husbands home, it allows no room for life experience.
    How does one defend themselves from a cruel environment they find themselves in after they are married when they do not have the coping mechanism or family support.
    Believe me when i tell you being physically abused everyday for the first 15 years or so of ones marriage is not easy.
    One day you wake up and say enough is enough, and you find the strength and courage to take charge of your life.
    I would never want anyone to endure this kind of hardship.
    Soap operas are not to blame, the old Indian mentality is to blame. It is still today the same as it was years ago.
    Soap operas just show the reality of hardship many women still face. KKB is a reflection of this that the producer Ekta is trying to portray. But still it is only fiction being played out. The reality is only when you see the world and start to live life. No matter how hard you try, how many essays you write it will not change anything unless you go out there and make your presence known.
    I have not been sucked in to the system, i have lived and endured the system.
    I’m happy to see young students like yourself pushing their education forward. My girls put themselves through university and are thriving, useful products of society, they make a difference everyday. They will tell you soap operas such as KKB are not blame.
    Hopefully once your education is finished you will also start to make a difference and choose a great path in life and career. This will help you make your voice heard in the world instead of
    comments on a soap opera. i have never been to India but hope to one day.
    I have hired so many young girls from India coming here for education and their perspective on life makes me wonder. They have the freedom at the moment but are still at the same time expected to finish their education, marry and have children. I try to tell them live life first, enjoy.
    They laugh at KKB and soap operas in general, they take it all in stride and humour.
    Good luck on your studies.

    1. DannyComments

      @concerned I think I love You! We should be friends! Lovely clapback right there!

    2. It is very obvious that Danny is running around here tooting his own horn as Concerned. KKB and other shows like it are PROPAGATING this deluded mentality. You obviously did not read the link I provided because you want to feel sorry for yourself, you obviously have some sort of sick sad masochist fetish and you want shows like this to continue mocking you. If you really went through what you have depicted you would be the first to raise your voice.

      @Danny, it’s pretty obvious you have no life. The true troll is the one you see every time you look in the mirror. People like you are the problem with the world today. Afraid if they change the content the women in your life might rise up against you perhaps?

  11. When will Kum Kum Bhagyia end I live in SA and it’s losing viewers big time
    There is no excitement or story in this soapie

    1. Sori tere is no aj2s fr tis realy
      Go and ask the great producer.disgvsting worst cultureless serial ever seen in tv.

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