Kumkum Bhagya 3rd October 2017 Written Episode Update: Pragya is in dilemma to save either Abhi’s wealth or Munni’s kids

Kumkum Bhagya 3rd October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhi coming to his room and talking to her. Pragya complains to him that she is having headache. Abhi makes her sit and says he will massage her and will get chance to torture her. Pragya says torture. Abhi massages her head. Allah Wariyan plays…Disha thinks about Aaliya’s words. Purab asks her to get ready for office. Disha tells that there is something wrong with Pragya di, and tells whatever Aaliya did to her, and says she was rude to Pragya. She tells that you told me that Aaliya is here because of her, and it seems like Pragya was scared of her. Purab says why Pragya will get scared of her. He says she would have told us if there is something. Disha says may be she is helpless. Purab says she can handle herself and tells her that he is sensitive about Pragya.

Disha says sorry. Purab says you can doubt me once, but not Pragya. Tanu calls Aaliya and thinks where did she go?

She sees Abhi massaging pragya’s head and thinks Munni is crossing her limits. Abhi asks Pragya to tell if she feels relaxed and asks the percentage. He finds her sleeping and thinks she is baby no. 1. He lifts her and takes her to bed and makes her sleep. He says I love you fuggi, you gives me happiness by staying with me. Tanu thinks she is silent because of Aaliya else wouldn’t have let Munni go close to Abhi. Mitali asks her to say loudly. They argue. Aaliya comes and asks Tanu to come inside. She tells Tanu that she shall not fight with Mitali. Tanu says Munni is taking head massage from Abhi and was enjoying as if she is his wife. She tells that one day she will take Pragya’s avatar and kick us out of house. Aaliya says she don’t want to talk about dead woman. She shows her papers and says once she announces that she is the owner of the house, then you can take head massage from Munni. Tanu smiles.

Pragya thinks to thank Abhi for head massage. Aaliya meets her on the way and takes her to room asking her to get Abhi’s signatures on the papers. Pragya says Abhi is not here. Aaliya says he is sitting downstairs with Dadi and Dasi and asks her to go. Pragya asks her to think again and says he is your brother and good. Aaliya says if Tanu was right that you are trying to be like Pragya.

She asks if she forgot about her chutka and chutki. Pragya says she is Munni. Aaliya scolds her and asks her to find some excuse to do her work. Pragya says she needs a day’s time. Aaliya says if you will make excuse. She tells her that Abhi is sitting in the hall, once he drinks coffee, you can take his signs. She tells that you have to give these papers to her saying Rishabh sent contract papers. Pragya goes. Aaliya thinks she has to keep eye on Munni.

Aaliya tells Tanu that she will keep an eye on Munni and asks her to organize her name plate. Pragya thinks what to do, and thinks about Munni’s chutka and chutki. She thinks to talk to her and says if Munni got them then I can do something.

Pragya calls Munni and asks her not to cry. Mitali hears Pragya taking Munni’s name. Pragya is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. So now kumkum bhagya is back to irritate us by dragging abhigya sr and punishment of taliya.
    I don’t know why these directors are doing like this
    What is the need of bringing pragya’s look alike and now pragya is thinking to save her husband or look alike
    I thought atleast from now everything will get well and soon abhigya will be united but now i feel even after 10 years also they won’t do that
    I am fed up guys and these directors are using our waiting of abhigya union which should be a permanent one as a key to continue their show

    1. Boring, Boring, Boring

      This is the slowest, most boring story on TV…How in the world do you guys tolerate it????

    2. True really irritating

  2. I think mitalli will help pragya

    1. Mitali doesn’t know munni but if she tells to aliya about munni then what wil happen i think so pragya identify will come out this week

  3. Torture serial, bubble gum. Drop one
    Scene for weeks. Can’t believe why the trps are high. I hate but I still watch. ?

  4. Yep, almost like deja vu. Story is like the beginning of time with Aliya and Tanu ruling the roost. I think the best roles in these shows are given to the vamps. Seriously, in every show so far, they have the most stories written for them, the longest scenes to the point of irritation to the audience. The main lead are stuck with being dumb throughout the show until conclusion. Villains are always 10 steps ahead of the main actors lol

  5. Bakwaas show. Iss serial ka kuch nahi ho saktha. Everytime evil won over good. Cant they go to police. Use ur blo*dy brains.

  6. I like the show please pragya save your family

  7. They have nothing to do. Watch instead Paramavtar Krishna

  8. Ebeshi Esther

    Pragya if only u can get purub,dadi,dasi and disha 2 ur side everytyn wil work out 4 sure and even Abhi

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