Kumkum Bhagya 3rd November 2017 Written Episode Update: Aaliya threatens Pragya to accept Munni’s identity

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The Episode starts with Dadi telling that whenever something good happens, they try to ruin everything. Dasi says they have ruined everything. Dadi says she is our Pragya and says she can’t see the happenings. Tanu thinks this is her life’s best moment, Munni will be far from Abhi now. Mitali comes to Tanu and says you have won lottery and says if you gets successful to prove Pragya as Munni then you will get Abhi. She asks did you know this since before and asks if she planned this. Tanu asks her to be thankful to her as she saved them from Munni’s betrayal. Pragya thinks she can’t risk Munni or kids’ life. Disha asks Pragya why she is silent and says I have seen you fighting for family and Abhi and says your love for him can never be wrong. Pragya says she is helpless right now and can’t

break the promise made to someone. Disha asks her not to risk her life for someone else. Pragya says sometimes we have to think about someone who helps us and says this person supported me in my bad times and says she trusts her kumkum. Pragya asks her not to tell anything. Tanu comes there and says Munni might be trying to convince you and asks her to be far from her and never trust her. Disha gets angry, but Pragya stops her. Tanu asks pragya to see house for last time and says just as Aaliya shows proofs then your game is over.

Pragya says she can tell that they have brought her here as Pragya. Tanu says nobody will believe her as this world works on proofs. Aaliya brings the proof and says everything will be clear after this. She says everything will be cleared that she is Munni and not Pragya. She show her Adhhar card, ration card as Munni Shiv Kumar. She shows the newspaper in which Munni’s tamasha news is published. Abhi says these can be fake too and asks what do you want that I shall call her munni. Aaliya says if you think that these papers are fabricated then I have another idea too. She tells that munni knows a doctor and she is her dear friend. She says she will call her on video call and says lets see what she calls her.

Mitali thinks if Doctor gives statement then….Pragya thinks who is this doctor. Disha is tensed. She calls Dr. Sheela. Dr. Sheela calls Munni to Pragya and asks if she is fine and asks about Chutka and Chutki. Mitali sees newspaper and says she is like Pragya. Pragya thinks she is feeling helpless today. Aaliya coughs and says your last drama is over, now you must have understood that I can kick you out and threatens her taking kids name. Pragya asks her not to look at the kids. Aaliya shows that the kids are gone. She threatens Pragya and says if you don’t tell that you are Munno then you can’t meet them permanently. Tanu takes kids outside. Kids ask where you are taking us. Tanu asks them to sit in car and threatens to light the car on fire. Kids gets afraid. She then threatens to kill Munni and asks kids to sit silently.

Aaliya asks her to tell what is more important Abhi or her sister’s kids. Dadi says she doesn’t know whom to believe. Abhi says he also don’t know. Mitali tells that she heard Pragya talking to someone and said don’t cry Munni. Aaliya emotionally blackmails her and says what you will tell to your dead sister. She says she made Abhi doubted on her. Pragya thinks what to do, whom to save. Munni’s family or her family.

Dadi asks Pragya what is happening and says I have seen you going through lot. She says Aaliya and Tanu have said much and you are silent. She asks her to tell if she is truthful and says truth can be weak and small, but it raises his voice. She says your silent is saying that you have accepted that you are not Pragya. Aaliya smirks. Pragya is tensed.

Abhi tells Pragya that she has no right to stand infront of him, be with him and asks her to leave before he hates her face. Munni gains consciousness in hospital.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Talia the woorrssteet character chi st ever pragya plz the abhi the truth enaku unmele da kovama varudu IPA abhi. Ita avaladan really States crying swing tdy episode y abhi and pragya are made limeybsi

    1. Pragya enna pannuvaa this is not abhigya’s mistake this is the director’s mistake. Ektha Kapoor is the worst director in the world. We should learn from her how to drag a serial by irritating the fans

  2. This is one of the worst serial .

  3. Really abhi is zero…in this hero role..his love is not real..how can abhi again and again trust both of aliya and tanu’s words.. Why don’t you take own decision from ur heart..u r waste in hero role.. How could u agree this type of senseless hero concept?..

    1. Accepted abhi do not have his own brain. The dumb pragya cannot explain him any thing

  4. Hero can be zero! In this serial there is a big Zero

  5. Done with this program. Can’t see pragya suffer anymore.

  6. Please get Abhi married to Tanu and kill Pragya as this serial has to end, the creative are so dumb. this serial is like a rubberband which is just stretching and stretching. I hope ZEE cancels this serial.

    1. It’s not rubber band ; when we are stretching the rubber band, at least at one point the rubber band will be torn. But this serial is a elastic……………. At least they can change new villains by diverting this story into another way how long we also can see that alia and tanu’s face……..

  7. How can it be… Tanu took the children’s n no one see it n hw the kids dnt shout. Its just a waste n stupid serial??

  8. I jus started hating this I never saw such a dumb hero yeah u ppl better kill pragya character n make tanu Alia as malkins of the house n end the blo*dy serial u would have stopped the serial when it is good like short n sweet serial rather than making it worst hero is such a dumb he is only useful to make romance n comedy in this serial good for nothing n pragya is another dumb chaecter never had trust on her true love n hide all truth n go In search of proof bakwas

  9. how stupid is this abhi? he is not worth fighting for. he ‘recognizes’ munni as pragya and doubts ‘pragya’ as munni. really?

    1. Please improve this episode. Why Pragya is so silent when she has the chance to speak the truth?! Or will we have to wait until Munii recovers to come and tell the truth?

  10. Abhi is sitting on his brain and letting those two witches spoil his marriage. Lets hope that Munni saves Pragya and speaks the truth to Abhi and he toss those scoundrels out of the house.
    Am getting irritated with this nonsense where evil is triumphing over good. This show better end on good note

  11. The story is absolutely frustrating

  12. Wow i have just startesd watching this i am on episode 14 now … I am watching every day bt i read that bulbul was gonna be replaced by some other actress i cant accept this so i will stop watching when bulbul leaves ( i mean the actress who plays her because i have somehow become such a big fan of her i dont know why btw i am from turkey andthere is a channel which jruns indian show 24/7. 😀 is purab also gonna be replaced ? You see i just love the relationship between bulbul amd purav i hope they end up ❤ together.

  13. Let’s face it – we all know it will eventually work out in the end. But the problem is HOW LONG they will drag it all out. We will now have to wait until Munni recovers and can come and help Pragya save her love. Whoopi! God only knows how much other crap we will have to watch before that happens. I just feel that the writers are treating their viewers like they are stupid. Nobody would ever put up with the things that they expect us to go along with. They have spent the past few weeks making us believe that Abhi loves Pragya without condition – so now they want us to believe that on the single accusation of Aaliya & Tannu he is suddenly going to change? What kind of trust is that? How does Abhi explain that “Munni” would know about the dolls that he just brought back for Pragya. There is NO WAY anyone but Pragya would know about that. It is like the family have no memory of all the past scams and accusations that Aaliya and Tannu have done in the past – and were always found out to be false. The writers want us to remember some things and then forget other things just to make the story line work. I think fans of the show would have liked to see Pragya get pissed off and finally stand up for herself [for once] instead of standing there mute like she has done something wrong! Even if what Aaliya and Tanu were telling the truth – there is no way they would have done anything to help Pragya and Abhi and Dadi/Dasi know that. The writers need to start writing which is more realistic and believable. Let’s see what would happen if Pragya were to pull up her top – show them the bullet wound – then tell them all off and leave!!! Let’s see what Abhi would do to win her back. It is always one sided – let us see what HE does to fight for “their love”!

    1. You are so right, these writers think we r all dumb and stupid, i cant believe what they r writing is possible anywhere. Why would Abhi believe anything that comes out of Tanu and Aliya’s mouth, with all the crimes they have committed, why were they allowed to speak, now they are even accusing Pragya Unbelievable, just waiting patiently for the maha episodes to know what’s going to happen next.

  14. All these Indian serial r the same especially the ones from zee, same storylines

  15. I’m not interested in kkb anymore for a long time now but heard that abhi is about to throw pragya out of his house. I’m very happy with that!!!
    I’ve loved them together and adore pragya but she’s been stupid. She stood there with her mouth closed, not saying a word!!! Who is more important in her life. Her husband or stupid munni??
    She had a chance to save those children right there and then by telling the truth and obviously abhi would have helped her.
    Stupid writers and directors!! Morons!!
    Stupid story! It was beautiful in the beginning then they had to make tanu the main actress! Yes, she is now because she’s been getting the screen space while abhi wanted nothing to do with her anymore. And she’s bossing the supposed lead actress around. Why the hell is she still here??
    Ekta Kapoor….. shame on you for allowing this shit to continue. You can’t be classy if you’re in charge of this shit.
    I don’t think there is one person who is not angry with the way this story has turned out. kkb will be forced to eff off because people are not Interested anymore and are boycotting it so trp’s are down.
    Just popped in to say this.

  16. I think pragah should have stayed dead. Her coming back have done nothing. Just dumb brainless writers so how can they write anything with sense
    So people dont hate the actors if the writers dont have pride in their work

  17. YES Abhi throw Pragya out of the house…PRAGYA find your lady balls and move on with your life, find your independence and go live your life.

  18. Ohoh very bad serial ever saw, in before episode Abhishek says if pragya gets surgery also he’ll identify her. But now not identifyinh her lies of words, that she herself saying munni..

  19. Even pragya can tell the truth, everyone trusts her. Truth express in eyes. Once before Abhishek’s accident he told, he don’t need any proof, he see the truth in her eyes. Then why idiot pragya waiting for proof. Even though she had a proof of that property documents, she can blame aliya & thanu. Later even childern in car also Safe. Is director is such a stupid.

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