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The Episode starts with Inspector arresting Pragya. Purab comes and asks Inspector where he is taking her. Inspector tells that she has done fraud. Purab tries to stop her arrest, but in vain. Purab is shocked and asks Abhi how can he believe that his secretary can betray him, when she is honest. He asks why can’t you read in her eyes and know. Aaliya says unbelievable, Purab is taking her side now, and says even he doesn’t know about her game plan. She says Nikita has trapped Abhi and Purab both with her innocence, and says don’t know she had trapped how many guys before. Purab raises her hand on her asking how dare she? Abhi stops him and asks if he is gone mad. He says you are raising your hand on Aaliya because of her. Purab says she is not your secretary, but your ……then says true

fan. Abhi says I don’t want to talk about her and goes.

Pragya is in police lock up, and recalls Abhi applying kumkum in her maang accidently. Abhi looks at his clothes in the mirror and thinks about Pragya buying it online for him. He recalls trying shirts and asking how he is looking? Pragya says you are looking as johny lever. Abhi asks if you want to see Tom Cruise, and is about to take his shirt off. Pragya says no and runs. Abhi laughs. Fb ends. Pragya thinks why did her maang was filled with kumkum when she was about to separate from him. She thinks Abhi can’t doubt on her and thinks he will come and free her. Abhi puts wine in the glass. A fb is shown, Abhi recalls Pragya stopping him from drinking, and threatening to inform Dadi. She says she wants his betterment and is secretary of everyone who think about his betterment. Fb ends. Abhi breaks the glass and thinks don’t know who is saying truth and who is lying? He says Aaliya can’t lie and Nikita can’t do this. He is confused.

Sarla thinks to call Pragya and asks her when she is coming. Beeji says I don’t want her to come home today and says she got abhi’s mehendi and kumkum on her hand and maang respectively. Sarla calls her, but she doesn’t pick the call. Door bell rings. Beeji asks her to open door. Sarla opens the door and finds Purab standing. Purab walks inside sadly and tells about Aaliya trapping Pragya in a fraud case and got her arrested. Sarla is shocked. Beeji says when Abhi was there, how could he let her arrested? Purab says he is sure Aaliya made concrete plan against her. Tanu tells Aaliya that they shall not take Pragya lightly and tells that she was staring Abhi and her. Aaliya asks her to enjoy the drink and says she can’t do anything. They cheers. Aaliya says I have seen her teary eyes face and says we shall go to jail and sees her once. Tanu asks who is Pragya and laughs. Aaliya says good one. Dadi and Dasi hear them and get sad.

Abhi recalls Pragya’s good deeds, and thinks what is happening with him. He thinks why didn’t I stop her. He thinks to talk to her. Pragya is in the police station. Constable informs her that someone came to meet her. Pragya sees Abhi coming there, and gets emotional….zindagi ke safar me….plays…..Pragya and Abhi come towards each other. Pragya looks at him with tears in her eyes, and holds his hand. Abhi takes his hand back, and asks why did you do this with me. I have made you my personal secretary and kept you with me, trusted you and treated you as family. He says he got very much sad when she left, and that he is more sad thinking she has broken his trust.

Pragya asks him to look in her eyes and tell. He says do you think that I am a betrayal, thief, liar…She says I can’t tell anything to prove my innocence. She says you are sad as you know somewhere that we are destined to stay each and are made for each other. She says I can’t betray you and can’t lie you as I love you. Allah Wariyan plays…….She cries. Abhi is shocked. Pragya says I can’t stay away from me, as I love you. Abhi asks what you are saying? Pragya says you might be thinking that I am talking strange, or lying to protect myself. She says I don’t want you to free me from here. She says I just spoke my heart out and want to hear your heart. She asks him to trust his heart and tell her. She says a person who loves someone can’t betray him. Abhi says I am going to marry Tanu….Pragya says no problem, I love you and it is my decision to be with you. Abhi looks on emotionally.

Sarla and Purab come to police station to bail Pragya. Sarla tells Pragya that Abhi didn’t bother to come and bail her out, rather he is sitting at home peacefully. Pragya is sad too.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Today episode somewhat confusion pragya proposed abhi it’s dream or real ???

  2. Abhi accepts it ll b nce .But pragya must not been proposed abhi this z a erong to propose a stupid girl

  3. Confirm dream. I’m damn sure they gonna unite atleast after 3 to 4 months. But they’re looking cute na.

    1. NO

  4. have some shame now u shameless people
    pragya was being framed everybody knew ds still stood still
    shameless. n purab!he has nothing on ds show!
    Abhi pragya is d dumbest ever!Aliya is a criminal but nobody is bothered
    such a poor storyline
    m frustrated
    u guys should die??

    1. Lmao. I feel u.

  5. I think Pragya’s declaration of love to Abhi will be a dream as usual. she is too chicken to admit anything to his face.

  6. Perfectly it is a Dream no doubt in it

  7. Same worst track running as evilness wins always…..hate the writers

  8. Is it true pragya propose abhi

  9. Kya abhi useless fellow bullshit….

  10. hate u abhi hate this serial abhi deserves tanu pragya deserve an loving and caring husband not like abhi always depend on taaliya uska apna koi decesion ya koi opinion hi nahi hai.

    nonsense serial watcing this serial is waste of time.
    hi pratiksha api my name is jaweria i read ur comments and updates can u plzz give me ur fb id i want to talk to u and see u plzzz dont forbade me plzz api

  11. let sarla and purab bail pragya out…pragya shd go out of abhi’s life and house…she shd not get back to her work at abhi’s house….bcoz abhi doesn’t deserve a true love like pragya….purab can help her search a different job….Abhi should run and search for her realizing pragya’s true love, whereas pragya shd ignore him….only then he will know the pain pragya had….And writers pls dont drag the story too much….pls try to keep the viewers happy…..

    1. I also agree with ur comments and feels it will happen, then only this serial will be good

      1. yes deepi…it will be good if writers think different like this….it will be much more intresting….

  12. this is the worst show of this world and the veiwers of this show are totally mental i think they all live in a mental asylem and those who lives in houses soon gonna b mental like me because i m really severelly effected by this serial…..so i m saying this so plzzz dont b angry but you all veiwers have to b becoz u r brainless like writers and ekta kapoor i dont know people have time to watch this serial i left it bcoz i think it is longer then a tensile strain even and its elasticity becomes above 100 times to its maximum capacity….so i really appriciate viewers of this show if they stop veiwing this show and demand abhigya in an other show which is not of ekta kapoor and we really experience abighya romance and restfulll love…anyhow i still SALUTE u all veiwers of this show which have paased every test of patience in life after veiwing kkb

    1. you may be right… love Abhi, Pragya, Dadi, Purab and Pragya’s family but the storyline is truly crazzzzzzzy…. why do we watch this torturous affair?

  13. I think the writter lost his brain… come on guys.. we will search his brain and give it to him… so many confusion… irritating dream also… please don’t drag… unite abhi and pragya quickly…

  14. indera sanichara

    Viewers Pragya gone to jail can you guess what will come next? Just think back what happened the last time because the writer is going round and round with this stupied story that has no end. It’s a laughing stock in my area.So sad for Abhi and Pragya.

    1. Very true. He just going round wit de story……pragya gets kidnapped twice, proposes twice, gets framed up millions of times, somes keeps visiting jail and back…… wats all this nonsense?

  15. Abhi is the most pathetic and most dumbest rockstar I had ever known..how long is this confusing episode gonna go on for..even Pragya is annoying with the crying and giving him how many chances..the only real man here is Puran..Shem should marry him instead..Ahliya should marry Tanu lol..they made for each other..Lol

  16. Riyanti Kadarini

    why abhi can’t find any of memories from newspapers, media etc that he has been maried before.. he just lost his memories 2 yeas a go.. he is a famous celebrity, right? it’s very easy to track anything from the past… ?

    1. so so true!

  17. Same story for over 2years dey are just wasting our time…I don t realy think this series make any sense dey should just stop it and start another one.Eviil always will.bad series hv ever washed.

  18. Is this how stupid Indian stories. Stupid how you do not bring justice?

  19. Poor pragya. I pray no one in this world ever go thru half of what she’s going thru. Dumb as f**k. They are all dumb anyways. Writers pls stop dragging this shit and end it . We sick and tired. In fact I’m beginning to regret subscribing to Asian Chanel. All the serials are negative. No happy couples. No happy ending. Like seriously ?? Are u f**king kidding me?? Are u all sad in India? Cos u got me wondering……… Can’t believe I’ve been watching dis shit for 2 f**king years. U guys should do more positive things.

    1. Lolzzzz. Easy now. Easy.lol

  20. Nafisa above says – shameless people – I SO AGREE – why is even dadi just standing there, Purab too – tell the truth to Abhi NOW – give some happiness to Pragya and Abhi – AND END THE SHOW – USELESS – TOTALLY USELESS!

  21. don’t think Abhi’s visit to Pragya was Pragya’s dream… maybe Abhi’s if dream sequence…. his tailor made shirt worn at the Mehendi was off…. if Pragya’s dream, he’d still be wearing it. Disappointed that Purab didn’t say the truth…
    so I’m thinking Pragya’s family won’t tolerate this anymore and will tell Abhi…. I mean really, how much more should the Arora family suffer? Sarla is going to become tough mama and cut through the cover up… well this is my hope… don’t think this track will go on for months only because everything is happening faster since the Memory loss…. something good better happen cause unless we are truly mental this story has to show some justice!!!

  22. WHY CANT ALIYA AND TANU DIE?????????????

  23. Btw this episode was ?????????????

  24. Every series on Zee depicts the brutality faced by women and children.KKB in particular has given us a story of a young girl in love with her husband but is shot, kidnapped,thrown off cliff,hit by a car,poisoned and brutalized in every possible way by her in laws. Kind of makes you wonder ,is this the culture of India? Must be …….. since such is repeated in many series. No family ever seems happy and honestly hats off to the actors. It is difficult playing such negative role for so long. Since Pragya is in jail now, she soon come out and I think they will either try to kidnap her or yet better still poison her ……..no run her down with a car…….no introduce another Champak!!! No limit to the writers imagination..???
    Please keep us guessing on what repeat storyline you are going to use. As for Abhi, it’s unfair depicting men as idiots…..clueless.

    1. I think they’ll probably dig a hole n bury her in it this time….. since they’ve tried everything else and not dis one…..lol

  25. What the heck is this??why evil win every time?Abhi is the dumbest and pathetic character I have ever seen?What the hell was that?How can they arrest Nikita arora…that person doesn’t even exist.Kkb writers have lost their mind…They are showing all stupid things.In this damn serial the main character is Aliya.Everytime her plans work out so well.Guys just think about her previous plans.All the plans were successful.From Pragya’s mms to yesterday fraud episode.I will go and hit Abhi on his head so that he will get his memory back or he will die.lol.

  26. If documents are meant to be named after Nikitha police doesn’t even check whats her name?what a story line!!!!!

  27. Guys u noticed while abhi thinking about Pragya he ll tell her as pragya not Nikita ?.prathiksha how are u? Anyone tell me really it’s a dream ?

  28. I have a logical doubt. She is Pragya. In the Document, the name is Nikitha. Even police will believe that she is Nikitha? how it possible to get the document in fake name?

  29. Stop complaining everyone, its only a serial not real life. Actors will do whatever the story is.
    If you guys don’t like the serial stop watching. And stop saying bad words

  30. You people can’t you see that it was all just Pragya’s imagination and not real? How can it be real when her mother is telling her that “Abhi didn’t even bother to go bail her out but is sitting at home peacefully”??

    1. Nancy,i too feel the same…it shd be pragya’s imagination….

  31. Pls writers, don’t you realise that you are torturing the viewers with these non-stop stupid mistreatments of pragya??

    We know, its just acting but we take it as real that why we watch and it hurts. I think the writer must to be sued for all the raising blood pressures.

  32. kumkum bhagya

    abhigya scene is dream or true

  33. Oh no not again.Not another proposal. Ahbi just doesnt deserve her. Pragya should just leave ahbi n fall in love wit purab instead. How can one person endure so much pain. Just not fair

  34. really pathetic…who r all watching ds serial,they r god to my eyes…omg In Siye ke ram,mahadev said ram give lot of test to taught dharm to world…same here …viewers are give lot of tests to taught pathetic to Ekta kapoor…only serial in ds world ever…600 episode lead pair r try to unite…….omg…pls give oscar to Director n writer..shabbir should leave ds show try to concentrate his future..otherwise long last rotating in serial to the end..pity is never unite with pragya…

  35. I love you guys you just make my day with your outrage, thanks for making me laugh

  36. Someone needs to go over Abhi place and tell him everything and hope he gets knock out and maybe he will wake up to be a real Man..not someone who pretends to have amnesia,,he just likes having two women to kick back with. Isn’t that usually the case there..lol

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