Kumkum Bhagya 3rd November 2014 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Abhi happily getting money won in card game and peeps into changing room. He is shocked to see Pragya changing her dress, she shouts and asks him to get out. He asks why did not she lock changing room. She asks why did not he knock. He says he wanted to keep money in locker and asks why is she changing dresses today. she says daadi asked me to change sari before pooja. He says he will get keys from daadi. Pragya shows him keys. He asks why did she steal them. She says Daadi herself gave her.

Suresh asks Pragya if she forgave him and apologizes for rejecting her marriage offer. Aaliya hears their conversation and realizes that Pragya wanted to marry Suresh before. Pragya says Suresh she has forgiven him long ago and walks out saying she has a lot of work.

Aaliya thinks of tarnishing Pragya’s image by alleging her to have relationship with Suresh, but then thinks she will wait for the right opportunity. She sees Pragya running towards Daadi’s room and asks where is she going. Pragya she is going to call Daadi for pooja. Aaliya says she will call daadi and asks her to rest. Pragya thinks what has happened to her so suddenly. Aaliya thinks Daadi herself will kick Pragya out.

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Abhi comes to ask daadi why did she give locker keys to Pragya. Daadi and her cousins instead praise Pragya, Daasi says he got a precious gem in Pragya and he is lucky to have her. He thinks he wanted to complain about Pragya, but she has taken over everyone’s brain and is controlling them. He gets a call from event organizer and worriedly talks. Daadis get worried and asks him what happened. He says he got an offer for biggest event ever. Akash asks if he got the offer which he was waiting for. He says yes. Daadis say he should be happy then and say it is all because of Pragya’s luck and asks Pragya to be with Abhi always. Abhi gets irked hearing that.

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Aaliya sees Tanu trying to act as religious and asks how did she change so suddenly. Tanu says she is doing this to get into good books of Daadi. Daasi calls everyone for pooja. Pragya, Daadi and all guests perform pooja. Daadi asks Tanu to show aarti to everyone. Daasi stops her and says only bahu can perform aarti. She gives thali to pragya who draps pallu and shows aarti to everyone. Daasi says that is called culture and she will show her culture today. Pragya says she wants Abhi to get aarti. Daadi says he will not. Pragya then goes to Abhi and asks him to get aarti. He says he will not. She tells the importance of aarti lamp. He says he will accept aarti and will show that she does not have any place in his life. Daadi and whole family watch Abhi taking aarti and get happy. Abhi after taking aarti says Pragya that he will see till when her philosophy will work. Pragya sadly stands there while he walks out.

Aaliya, Daadis and everyone enjoys crackers. Pragya sees Abhi enjoying and asks him not to burn money like this. He says he does not need her lecture. Pragya takes 500 rs note from Daadi and asks Abhi to burn it. Daasi says Pragya is telling right. Abhi says he will burn 500 rs and she will have to give cracker sound effect. She says she cannot laugh on his joke. He says he wants to laugh on her poor joke. Tanu gets irked seeing them together. Pragya slips and falls on Abhi. Daasi says their diwali is complete now.

Police reaches Abhi’s house. Abhi greets inspector happy diwali and asks why did he come. Inspector says he heard a lot about you from his colleague. Abhi asks he would have come tomorrow. Inspector says he came on duty and gives him search warrant papers. Abhi says he should have a motive for search warrant. Inspector says he just needs search warrant and says if he interferes, he will be behind bars again.

Precap: Abhi tries to stop inspector from searching his house, but Pragya asks Abhi to let inspector do his work.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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