Kumkum Bhagya 3rd May 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Nikhil telling Aaliya that bride is here. Aaliya sees unconscious Pragya in bridal wear and is shocked. Nikhil says Pragya is wearing Tanu’s clothes. Aaliya asks why she is wearing Tanu’s clothes. Nikhil tells that she was going towards the mandap, I saw her and caught her. He tells everything and how he made her unconscious. Aaliya is shocked. He says if I have not been here, then she would have married Abhi by now. Aaliya says I can’t imagine that she can do this. Nikhil says she is 21st century woman and asks her to search Tanu. Goons come there. Damru says we are here. Aaliya asks Nikhil to take Pragya from here, and says once Abhi and Tanu marries, she will see Pragya’s team. She goes. Taya ji asks Dadi everyone was asking about you. Pragya says I was helping Abhi’s

bride get ready. Tai ji asks Tanu? Dasi takes Dadi. Purab, Dadi and Dasi look at Abhi who is sitting in the mandap. Abhi looks at Pragya’s handkerchief. Dasi says she is feeling relieved now. Dadi says even I am feeling peace. Purab asks Dadi where is Pragya? Dasi says Mitali is here, then where is Pragya?

Aaliya searches for Tanu in Dadi’s room and checks under the bed. She thinks Mitali saw her last with Dadi and Dasi and thinks she must be Pragya. She checks in Abhi’s room and thinks to check Tanu’s bathroom. She knocks on the bathroom and asks if you are inside. She sees the door locked and thinks to open it with spare key. She opens the bathroom door and finds her unconscious. Meanwhile goons see Pragya unconscious. Nikhil asks what they are doing and asks them to take her outside. Damru says we shall hide her here itself as she is unconscious.

Nikhil says I don’t want her and her reflection here till marriage happens. Damru says we shall throw her out of window. Nikhil slaps him and says security guard is there. They plan to kill her. Damru says we will make her stand and walk with us, everything will think she is a family member. Nikhil gets angry. Damru says shall we take her outside wrapping her with carpet. Nikhil says your idea is good nd asks them to wrap her in the carpet. They wrap her in the carpet. Aaliya asks Tanu to get up, but she is still unconscious. Aaliya thinks how to make her get up and sprinkles water on her face. Aaliya thinks how marriage will happen now.

Dasi asks Mitali did you see Pragya? Dadi says no, and asks about Tanu. Mitali says she left her on upstairs. Dadi says how marriage will happen if Tanu don’t come here. Mitali says Aaliya went t bring her. Dadi and Dasi are worried. Mitali asks why you are worried. Dadi and Dasi talk to a guest lady. Nikhil sees the way clear and asks Damru and his goons to bring Pragya out. He asks them not to do any mistake and asks to take her to his place. Damru asks him not to take tension. Nikhil asks him not to take her lightly and meet at the place.

Aaliya asks Tanu to get up. Nikhil comes and asks where are you? Aaliya says don’t know. They lift her and take her to bed. Aaliya and Nikhil try to gain consciousness. Nikhil slaps her hard. Tanu is still unconscious. Aaliya scolds him. Tanu gains consciousness and asks how dare you to make him unconscious Purab. Aaliya asks her to get up and says pandit ji is waiting. Sarla and Janki come to Mehra house. Damru collides with Sarla. Sarla apologizes. Janki scolds him.

Sarla gets doubtful and asks what is in the carpet. Damru says they are taking extra decoration stuff for other wedding. Sarla asks which marriage happen at this time. Janki asks Sarla to come. Sarla feels something is wrong and prays to God. Damru and his goon makes carpet falls. Pragya hand come out. They put her hand inside.

Sarla sees goons taking Pragya inside the truck and shouts Pragya. Abhi is sitting on the mandap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Sree1603

    Again and again they are kidnapping Pragya.
    Completely crapping serial
    I am waiting to see abhigya together.

    Just make them together

  2. Karthu

    Really its getting too boreeee. I always see kkb if its sad happy whether win of aliya or tanu. All episode I watch but. Now its really worst show.. Today I didn’t Watch this show.. The writer making the viewers fool.. The serial drag all plot. Never we can see abhigya together if they together only for 1 episode their is no dragging.. When evil wining plot mein dragging wins.. Really hate the serial love u abhigya

  3. I can’t take this please unite abhigya together
    We can’t bare anymore

  4. I really don’t know how this bakwas drama gaining top 5 in TRP chart. Better end this than testing viewers patience

  5. stupid series ever.what’s wrong with d writers? Pooh gosh such a stupid series to waste tym

  6. fed up of with this crap

  7. Hiw much pragya has to suffer to get her husband bac????i m fed up of this…if i get a gun i will shoot that aliya nikhil n tanu………

    1. I think she should forget Abhi and move on. Aliyah and Tanu will always win !

      1. nazillah abdool gaffoor

        well said

    2. I stopped watching this show…very disgusting…Every time pragya has to suffer…Writer repeats his story over and over again…It seems that writer is suffering from mental trauma..Bakwas show…

  8. Very stupid…. can this come to an end

  9. Please end up this show. It’s a request from all the viewers

  10. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Aim should be at ekta kapoor…story writers directors producers..!!!!.poor abhiPrag..seem have no other job offers. .sticking out this shitty nonsense. ..

  11. I am sick of this…..

  12. Really I love that serial a lot but today episode is very boring nd repeated

  13. We are upset with what’s happening but we keep watching it in a hope that Na he Pragya’s love will win but it seems like God is with Aliyah and Tanu—evil — and all pragya, dadi, dassi and Sarla’s prayers are ignored! Tell me what’s left now that Nikhil has kidnapped pragya, Tanu is saved by Aliyah while Abhi is sitting in manado! By the time purab team will find out that it’s Tanu behind the bridal dress and pragya is no where the PHEERAS and all be done! What’s left to watch after that???!!

  14. what kind of writer is she? in fact I keep asking myself that, is this how Indians behave? the writer is making fun of Indians. bad always win

  15. This is tooo much , to much drama , sorry all fans will stop watching this , we all no longer of fans of this show , so tried of Tanu and Aliyah , this worst show ever , all fans are not fans of this no more

  16. Over a year ago I started watching this show in Canada. The Canadian channel stop the show after about 500 episodes – Pragya return to Abhi’s home as a changed woman in control of all that he had. When the show stopped I was disappointed because I thought it was a fun story and I had learn a few things about traditions and festivals!
    For a while I would read the updates everyday and when I could I would watch pieces on youtube, although I couldn’t understand what they were saying ( I only speak English and Portuguese), I would discuss the show with my friends from India and Pakistan and it was fun to follow. I gave up on it a few months back, I only read the updates from time to time to see if anything has changed. To bad they are destroying a fun show by repeating the same plot over and over again. See you in a few months!

  17. Why is it that they always getting pragya kidnapped? I’m done watching this syapa

  18. The show gets terrible everyday. I used to love watching KKB but now I wish the show Will end.


  19. How many times will one person get kidnap. This is nonsense please make some kind of common sense with this show, I am sure collage kid in drama class could do better. Please make some sense.

  20. disgusting, disgusting and more disgusting… never saw one person get kidnapped so many times…

  21. sandra sardarsingh

    Completely agree! Pragya marry Purab and have a couple of lovely kids and torture Abhi and Aliyah.

  22. kumkum bhagya should be renamed as Kidnapping bhagya … Dragging and dragging and dragging

  23. We are very dissapointed in this serial because the mainleads now the evil ones, aaliya, tanu and nykhill. Because they always win. And the dumbest ones are pragya and team. Miss ekta is promoting: how to abuse women in kkb. Therefore guys don’t expect nothing good

  24. few months ago i stopped watching this serial n only reading these written episodes, now from past one month i am reading only precap n the same plot again n again , no change. I feel that reading precap also waste of time.these days serials are dragging like hell.

  25. Really it’s too much.
    I also did not see yesterday episode

  26. Hadibah ahmad

    Getting fed up with d seriel. Abhi n pragya wil end up at d last minute of d seriel nfor d time being d writer will drag d story to no ending. Huh, tired of waiting n d rest of actirs n actress in this seriel are very dumb not to smell someth` fishy go`on, but always post aliya, nikil n tanu as d most cunning. Hoq boringggg

  27. Hadibah ahmad

    Huh… Not hoq

  28. How many times will pragya get kidnapped in this serial???…beautiful casting stupid storyline..villains always win barring in some not so important occasions ..serials are artificial..but can’t be this bad…omg..

  29. Please.. I can’t please finish thiso marriage hmm eh ???

  30. Most stupid serial
    I wish writer of this story meet please the story writer of WAARIS
    such a beautiful n planned story
    Reveal the bad characters soon and take story ahead with wonderful acting story and characters
    Writer of KKB has become mental by showing kidnap marriage kidnap marriage

    I hope if there is any problem in thier maarige life it sorted soon so they can write good story for KKB

  31. Kkb no 1 in trp for this week

  32. Now pragya got kidnapped, of course mother saw the incident, today for sure mother will be some situation. After her purab will follow. Finally stupid hero will give the entry again in the picture. Gosh! Mistake is not with them, it’s with us, beCause we still watching this meaningless story.

  33. Ok so she is kidnapped again, i am guessing this time that Champak will rescue Pragya and marry her while Tanu marries Abhi (he deserves her anyway) and they all live happily ever after. Writers please can we then move on ?

  34. Beatrice Ndungu

    Ekta change the name kumkum bhagya to Kidnapping or Evil triumphs over good because that’s what u have been writing so far

  35. Why cant you end this

  36. nazillah abdool gaffoor

    it boring a wedding take almost tree weeks

    1. nazillah abdool gaffoor

      oops sorry three weeks ufff

  37. Once upon a time i loved d serial, now i hate it. Its too boring, writer do not have other thoughts except prangyan kidnapped by same nikhil….. Man to karta he writer ka gardan murgi ki gardan ki tarah marod dun. Well, i stopped watching, good luck viewer ……

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