Kumkum Bhagya 3rd May 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 3rd May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Tanu telling Aaliya that her mind is not working and asks what she is looking at in books. She asks her to order something to eat. Aaliya says we got it. Tanu asks what? Aaliya says I got a magical lamp. She says we will buy Abhi’s company accountant, and says he will transfer Abhi’s company money in Pragya’s fake company. He says Abhi will get angry and kick her out of his life without divorce. Tanu says you are getting clever with age. She gets a call. Aaliya asks him who is he? He says I am Neil Thakur, your friend. Aaliya says corporator. Neil says yes. Aaliya says why did you call me. Neil says I was worried about you, and says I have some proof against you. Aaliya asks what do you want? Neil asks her to give 10 Lakhs rupees and gets proof. Aaliya refuses to give her

any money. Neil threatens to give proofs to Abhi, and says he will send her to vanvas. Aaliya asks him not to come near her house. Neil says I shall teach her a lesson. Tanu says I got an idea, and says she will take money from Pragya for thr divorce papers, and shift to sweden. Aaliya says shut up and asks her not to waste her mind. Tanu asks her to think about herself.

Abhi is in his room sleeping with his head down, and smiling. Pragya thinks he is looking good. She thinks if I talk to him nicely then he will think that I love her. Abhi closes his eyes again and holds her hand. Pragya thinks he is awake and thinks to take out romance from him. Pragya dips his finger in coffee. Abhi shouts and says you was about to burn my finger. He says you was staring at me when I was sleeping. Pragya says I brought coffee for you, just drink it. Abhi says you are boss, why did you bring coffee for me. He says I should ask who brought it for me, fuggi or mogambo? He says a wife brought it for her husband. Pragya feels shy. Abhi says he can see love in his wife’s eyes and asks her to make him drink coffee. Pragya asks him to keep distance and says she is boss. She asks him to drink coffee and says she don’t like to waste food items. Abhi thinks to make her confess love and thinks about Tanu. He asks him to understand his heart. Tanu asks Aaliya to come and have coffee.

Just then Neil comes there and greets Aaliya. She asks what are you doing here? Neil says you called me here. Aaliya thinks if Pragya or Abhi see him, and asks him to go. Neil refuses. Aaliya asks her to come to point. Neil says you called me and asked to send a goon to kill Pragya. Neil says I have a man Vijay. Aaliya asks him to contact Raj and Tanu. Neil says when you was in need, I supported you, but when I am in need of money, you have refused. He says you tried to kill Pragya many times and even forced Bulbul to commit suicide as her face was ruined because of you. Pragya calls Robin and is coming there. Aaliya asks Tanu to handle Pragya and asks Neil to come to side. Tanu goes to Pragya and says I have decided. She says I will kick you out of house. Pragya says this thing you said yesterday. Tanu says I will not leave my right. Pragya says I don’t have time to hear your nonsense. Neil asks Aaliya to give him 10 Lakhs rupees and gives a day’s time. Tanu asks Aaliya from where to get the money. Aaliya says I should think something. Tanu says if Aaliya is exposed then I will be alone again.

Abhi comes to meet Purab and looks upset. Purab makes him sit and asks what happened? Abhi asks him to hear him and says when I stood infront of mirror, I have taken a decision. She says fuggi is hidden behind Pragya. He says Pragya is wearing mogambo’s mask. Purab thinks if he knows the truth. Abhi says I have to move her mask and bring my fuggi back. Purab asks are you sure? I am little confused. Abhi says my doubts were cleared, when we were alone in the room. He says when I was sleeping in the room, she was staring me. Purab asks him to tell…Abhi says I can see love in her eyes. Purab says I am not getting romance feelings. Abhi says I have seen love in her eyes. He asks him to give some idea to bring fuggi back. Purab thinks Pragya will be happy knowing that Abhi wants to come closer to her. He thinks to help Abhi and says I have an idea. He shares his plan. Abhi gets happy and hugs him.

Aaliya thinks Neil is serious and wonders from where to get the money. She peeps in Sarla’s room and thinks Pragya is with her, and there is a good chance. Pragya tries to make Sarla walk and asks her to try walking. Sarla couldn’t walk and cry. Pragya says everything will be fine and asks her not to worry. Dadi consoles Pragya and says Sarla will be fine soon. Aaliya comes to Abhi’s room and opens locker. She takes the money bundles and thinks very soon she will take all money. Pragya comes to her room and looks for the keys. She comes to the changing room and sees Aaliya taking money from the locker. She is shocked.

Dadi asks Abhi why there is a flowers in his room. Rachna says his face is blushing. Abhi says it is for freshness. Aaliya asks Pragya to pack her bags and leave.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Silent reader

    Draaaaaaaaggggggggggggg!!! Again to level 1! Haa! Abhi now wants to get closer to pragya???? Then abhi bhai wat about tanu?? U r gonna leave her juat lyk that???? OMG the writers of this show plz listen! WE R FANS NOT FOOLs! DONT TAKE OUR PATIENCE FOR GRANTED COZ ONE DAY IT MAY CHANGE TO HATRED!! wats the need for bringing back corporatir again??? Instead y dobt u bring bulbul??!!! Always bringing negative roles! SO ANNOYIng!! U r just airing this show for trp nd nothing else!?!! WORST STORY AWESOME ACTORS HORRIBLE WRITERS?!!! Go to hell if u can please! Let us rest in peace!

  2. Dolly

    Story is repeating again now aliya try to bribe accountant. Ending is not looking near. By the way aliya got married to her bf in real life congrates aliya


  4. Anisha

    Pratiksha, do you have the link to the video where Sriti and Shabir are signing autographs for fans on abp news?

  5. Priyanka

    Congrats to Aaliya aka Shikha Singh for her marriage!!
    Back to the show, oh my goddd…same thing over and over again! I don’t know is Aaliya is supporting Pragya or not…it’s very confusing. But they need to end this chapter soon. Its been a year. The story line is going way to slow.

    • Nithi

      Priyanka Aaliya never ever help Pragya.
      she is thnking tat purab gone frm her becos of her n she went to jail also becos of pragya..so there wont b any chance like tat..now her main aim is to take all d property frm Abhi..

      wat kind of blood relation…oooops

  6. shobana

    Its a fun filled episode. I was waiting for a long time to see abhi like this. Finally our rock star is back to form and its great that he has decided to listen to his heart. And its good to see that abhi has found that pragya still loves him.
    One of my doubt has been cleared now that alia is not helping pragya. After seeing todays episode only I conclude that alia didn’t support pragya. If she was pragya side she would not come there to steal money and would’ve not spoke to pragya like that in precap.
    Neil, the corportor, he is blackmailing alia which is also a good thing. I thought alia will fill his ears by telling that pragya is responsible for bulbul’s death. But he knows that its because of alia. That’s good . So I think corporator is going to act against alia if she fails to give him money. I wonder that Vijay was his man. And alia contacted corportor before she was goin to jail. Which means corporator has been released from jail long back. But y now he is contacting alia for money?? The CVs always creating illogical stories.
    Yesterday sahithi was right. We shouldn’t think about logic in this story.
    Sarla ma is trying to walk which is a good sign. Since corportor has entered, tanu’s exposure is going to be delayed. We have to still wait for tanu’s exposure.

    • Sahithi

      So Abhi is back to where he was an year ago, before Pragya left MM. He used to say we will find a solution for this problem and didn’t want Pragya to leave him.

      What will he do by making Pragya confess her feelings n love. What will happen of Tanu n her premature baby. Why doesn’t Pragya speed up things to expose Tanu to end all this confusion between her n Abhi.

      Anyways I got this doubt if Neel by any chance is brought by Pragya to trouble Alia to make them commit some mistake and hence expose. Let us see.

      • shobana

        Yes sahithi abhi is back to his form. To my knowledge i think pragya might not brought Neil because pragya doesn’t knw that alia and Neil joined hands in their kidnapping track. So there is no possibility for her to think that with the help of alia, Neil has kidnapped her. Who knows that the CVs will say some illogical storyline for that too like they showed alia called Neil to send someone to kill pragya.

  7. ninaricci

    Quit watching this stupid and draggy drama!

    The writers should learn something from the South Korean drama Descendants of the Sun.

    Go watch it with english subtitles. Its so much more worth your time!

    Its fast, straight to the point, full of action, comedy and romance.

    It made me realise that Zee TV dramas have a long way to go. Always beating around the bush!

    Kumkum Bhagya sucks.

    • The Truth

      I am with YOU. Do you people REALLY want to see Yet ANOTHER Murder Plot against Pragya? Because that’s what’s coming up. What is this murder plot number “5”?!? This is truly ludicrous. I don’t know how you put yourselves through this. It is NOT at all entertaining. She has been kidnapped 2 or 3 times and almost murdered FOUR other times. REALLY…. The writers do NOT have ONE Creative thought….they keep writing the VERY SAME plot over and over and over. Shut them down. Find something else to do with your time. Life is too short.

  8. Seriously soooo funny episode..????
    Abhi n purab scenes are highlights?
    Laughed like anything??? Abhi aka shabir always rocks in his style???? vth his naughty antics?
    Finally Abhi wants his fuggy instead of thinking abt tanu?
    One thing is conformed..i.e; Alia is not pragya’s side
    Precap seems to be romantic again???

    • shobana

      Yes kutty
      I was also laughing like anything at that scene. Yesterday mom too watched the episode even she was laughing on seeing abhi’s acting with purab.
      Ya its good that abhi has decided not to think about tanu. Yesterday full 30 minutes I enjoyed the show.

      • Yeah shobana.. Just remember when Abhi comes closer to purab.. Then purab tries to far from abhi
        Such a funny scene???

  9. Mkc

    Dragggggg……….draaagggggg………………..it is really getting boring to watch this drama…yesterday the only good episode was Abhi playing his main role….standing up as the main hero….

  10. narmatha

    I really like yesterday epi… and the part of purab and abhi talk i njoyed that….. lovely frnds forever..

  11. The makers of this serial have gone crazy. ..They don’t know how to bring a good end to it which they started with a fantastic start receive great applause. ..They have become helpless …almost being criticized badly by the viewers who have watched with so much love for it…. Unfortunately now dragging it more and more make it unfit to watch and enjoy ….very sad .

  12. Are yaar …khatam kar do ye serial …. and start something new , fresh and inspiring to watch and give the viewers some moments to cheer !

  13. Brintha

    oh my god… today is worth to watch episode… for only abhi and purab romance.. lol….. what a chemistry, biology, history snd mystery… . ????… i cud not control my laugh.. thank god purab had mush tag and beards.. other wise abhi wud hv raped him… ???… papam abhi avlo kanchi poyirukan….

      • Brintha

        ??… my motive is i hv to be happy.. and the ppl around me also to be happy for ever… so be happy shobana… i am such fun loving person…

  14. arpitha

    arre yaar ab phir se same old stuff…..nahiiii….crazy…
    the other shows on d chanel r mch better kala teeka n saasu maa no drag straight 2 point wht a stupid show….the same dialogues chalenges n bla bla

  15. Neha

    Really love the Abhigaya scene. They r lovely always together. .. but when will the problem solve! ? Already tired of seeing that Tanu’s story. We extremely love Abhigaya??????

  16. Yesterday episode was so funny especially abhi and purab scenes i just laughing:-D and buy the way gowtham and shobana yesterday i reply both me u i think neenga pakala right so that’s y ill inform uboth here

    • shobana

      That’s nice swetha
      And I didn’t expect that ur pati will be ur villi.
      Ya I agree she has put a full stop to ur dream but whatever they do is for ur betterment only so don’t think like that. The way now ur going will definitely be the best and best things will happen in your life so don’t worry swetha.

      • Ya your right but you don’t know about her shobana finally i do B.sc maths only i finished my studies now am 22 i want to work but she said no ethana nalla pedikurenu solituerundha yippo velaiku poganumnu solriya oznga veetu velaiya kathuko nu solitu iruku now her one and only dream is my marriage only yepiyavathu enna marriage panni veeta vitu thorathanum adhukaga plan panitu iruku u know shobana we are chi family but separate 4 house i have 3 akka ennoda 1st akka 12th result varadhuku munnadiye avanga marriage date fix pannitanga adutha 2 akka vum degree mudunjadum marriage pannitanga yippo nanum ennoda 2nd anna vum than irukom he working in maldives yippo am escaped anna matikitan:-P

    • Wellwisher

      Revealing ur personala here doesnt make u a better person. So can u please stop cursing old people. I mean u dont even know who we r but still u r talking bad about ur own family. To be frank i seriously hate ur behaviour here. Idk wat u r going through but dont share all ur personals here. Sorry if i hurted u but try to change.

      • The Truth

        MODERATORS….I thought you are supposed to be monitoring these messages to Keep people from writing about things other than the show. These are PERSONAL COMMENTS. Obviously you are NOT doing your job. START Reading these comments against and STOP letting these Personal comments through!!!

      • Hi guys u both are exactlly correct i write too much but when ever i talk about her i gets angery so that’s y i write tooooo much i realize after i posted;-(

  17. sutha

    Because of the actress only it comes 1st place in trb rate not story very very worst story howlong the writer gives importance to negative characters

  18. Hi guys everybody enjoying kkb! Should b becoz story is going like this which makes peoples exited. As we r seeing that abhi finally got to know that pragya loves her but she is hiding her feelings and her fuggy image behind of the mask of mogambo. So he wants to remove it. Again he wants his fuggy back. And this time he decided that not to think about tanu and only to think his heart. He is taking purab’s help in it. And purab also got ready to help him. But as we knows pragya will never lose her control u til she gets succeeded in her missions. So abhi’s every efforts will b failed and if somewhere he gets succeed then also he have to remove tanu from his way first to live a happy married love life with pragya forever. Abhi is thinking for now that he will not think about tanu but when he will think about tanu’s baby which is according to belongs to him then he will again get forced to take his step back or if somewhere pragya hurts him to get rid of his efforts for confess her feelings for him then also abhi’s heart could b break.So in both conditions, abbi will suffer. That’s why instead of leaving abhi in his dreamland, purab and pragya should do something fast to completing their missions of exposure of tanu and aaliya. So abhi’s heart couldn’t break again. Purab should help abhi not to bring confession out from pragya’s mouth. Purab should help abhi to make him understand the situation of pragya by sating that he also feels that pragya is still fuggy or slowly-slowly turning into fuggy and he thinks that she is staying far from abhi becoz of some big reasons. So abhi should wait for her by keeping faith on their love. Through this, a hope will remain in abhi’s heart and he will not get confused again. Between this time period purab and pragya both should do full strength work on taaliya’s exposure before abhi’s patience finish and he get force to go on wrong path again. Episodes r going exiting by abhi’s efforts and romance with pragya and corporator’s re- entry to trouble taaliya to taste their own medicine. But sahithi is right. Episodes r more than a wonderland. Everything is happening like a sweet, nice dream, in which we r taming like abhi. But we all knows that this excitement and happiness is temporary until taaliya is in picture, specially tanu. So instead of finishing their game, it’s stupidity of pragya to wait for their next move to expose them. She is wasting time or I can say CVS r wasting time for stretching the story by nonsense way. CVS r showing us sweet dreams of our much likable track and things in the story through present episodes but god knows when they will get mad and strike us on the back to square one again by fully torcher track.

    • shobana

      Each and every word you said about abhi is true. Pragya should do something fast else if abhi starts to think abt tanu and her baby then he may step back and get into confused state. If so again from the beginning we have to start the story.?

    • Brintha

      nowadays ur daily highlights at 2.30 we are missing prathiksha.. whatever busy i will be searching ur comments at everyday 3.00pm

  19. reji

    guys new happy news for kumkum bhagya…and today we have a saas bahu aur suspense segment abt this…..

    NEWS – Abhi has found out that the root cause of problems in Mehra house is Aliya, after knowing the truth Abhi is heart broken and worried …Pragya tries to console him and trying to give hope to him……How will Pragya give hope to a broken Abhi..???

    so guys…i think aliya is exposed…or pragya said to abhi that alia tried to steal the money….we have to wait for the segment….this news i got from twitter and instagram….

    and i have a photo – http://www.instagram.com/p/BE-dc40LOz3/?taken-by=teamshabira

    see this link …and tell ur views…

    • I too saw it reji. Gud that he again found aaliya’s true face but this is not so gud news. It happened again and again that aaliya traps and then exposed even after being so clever than tanu but tanu who does so mistakes, she is safe still. So reji happy news will b that when tanu will b exposed.

      • Reji

        ryt…pratiksha…….but if tanu gone selfish…and doesn’t help aliya means …aliya will blurt out the truth too….chances r there….but we have to wait and watch…

    • Brintha

      hw many times alia will be exposed and abhi will be sad… whn will they expose tanu reji..

      • Sahithi

        Same feeling, why is the story not at all moving forward. It is rewind, play, repeat of same sequences.

        I will not be surprised if Alia still continues to stay in MM because Tanu insists or even if she is out, she will try to manipulate Abhi’s accountant to show Pragya is wrong.

        I mean seriously, why is everyone allowing Alia to roam like that, she shouldnt be sent to jail, instead she needs doctor’s help. Please writers get some life, and give some sense to Alia. You cant keep characters like that without any purpose, be a bit realistic. Agreed this is fiction but few more days this show goes like this, I will start doubting if these are alien characters instead of human characters.

        In which country or society will u see a daadi standing with sad face and lets the marriage happen, when grandson is getting married and she knows her would be bahu is carrying someone’s child.
        And that shows the creativity of the writers to let audience believe these out-of-the-world characters are supposed to be alive n existing in current times.

    • The Truth

      Are you kidding…He is surprised and hurt about Alyia??? SHE has caused soooooooo many problems in the past. He should be well over it. She is NOT even supposed to be living there because she is Nothing BUT TROUBLE.

  20. shabana.

    finally our rockstar is back..its little dragging which means the scences of taaliya and neil..sure we r waiting for neils entry through last time we saw in jungle wht happen in them sure like this time also he will create romance between abhigya in the name of torture.. coming to yesterdays episode its very nice which i meant to say abhigyas seen..abhis yoga pose was vry nice..precap also good but one thing also favour that purab also helping abhi..and this segments of neil he is good while torturing taaliya..but pls close the drama of tanu stoping the marriage is not enough but we also want the exposure of tanu..

  21. Sugan

    hi.. guys i am silent reader. u all ppl comment read on daily.really enjoy it ur chatting and discussion..yesterday abhi slept for like kid.abhigya and pruabhi scene is super.sriti is beauty of these saree….decorte room awesome in precap…

  22. Reji

    and tamil guys all watched IM…..superb episode…semma…Abhi proposed pragya awesome ….super…love it ….waiting for this episode ..long time….today pragya will propose abhi …but tanu calls them …and Abhigya’s romance will be vanished…and tamil guys …in telly updates ….eternal love writer tisha…na in twitter page she contacted zee tamil to select better songs….zee tamil replied her that thanks for the feed back we conveyed this to our team…i also said this….so hope now zee tamil will select better songs for back ground…!!

  23. New segment update-
    Abhi got to know about aaliya’s truth to neel that aaliya was behind all the plans against pragya and responsible for Bulbul’s death. Abhi gets broken and shattered after it. Neel argues with purab and pragya and blames them to responsible for bulbul’s death too. Abhi comes in his decorated room which he was arranged for pragya. Pragya follows him and comes in the room from behind. Abhi sits on the bed and gets lost in his thoughts. That’s why he doesn’t recognize pragya’s presence in the room. Pragya sits on the couch and cries after seeing abhi in this condition. She stands and moves for otherside. Abhi feels pragya’s presence and looks for her around the room. In other scene, Abhi is in other room, sits on the bed, lost in thinking. Pragya comes with coffee. But tanu enters in the room before her and tries to make abhi’s mood fine. But later pragya enters and gives abhi the coffee. Abhi says to pragya if she came to give him taunts. Pragya says i came to give u coffee not taunt. takes coffee from oragya. After seeing it tanu gets fumes and goes from there. Pragya sits near abhi and try to console him. Reporter asks from sriti and shabbir that was it the dream of abhi, when pragya comes in decorated room behind him. They says nno, it’s not a dream but becoz abhi recognize pragya’s presence after coming in consiousness from his thoughts but till then pragya moves from there. That’s why all of u think it’s a dream but it is not. Pragya was actually there. Reporter asks from them when they will confess their love with each other. They says that when baby’s father will find then confession will get happen but it will take sometime.
    Another news is as I told u guys that emraan hasmi is promoting his upcoming movie in kkb and he did a shoot for it. So guys SBB peoples has shown that shoot clip. In which, a party or a concert was happening and emraan hashmi is promoting his movie with his two heroines nargis fakri and prachi Desai. They trio was promoting there movie with abhi and pragya on party’s or concert’s stage. They were all looking so happy.

    • Shaz

      Innum ethuna murai expose pannuvaangalam????? How many times they expose aaliya?? OMG. This serial is running by exposing aaliya again and again. But at last the summary of dz serial is nothing. There is no any improvement in dz serial for a long time. What r they doing without trying something differently??? Are they thinking that we are fools and buffoons. If they don’t want to expose tanu let her marry abhi and put a fullstop to this serial. (558-273)*25 min = 7125 minutes. Is it not enough for u to expose taaliya???????????

  24. Full update of all the segments with it’s link:
    Abhi gets to know that Alia has been behind most of the troubles in Mehra house and also Bulbul’s death. He gets upset about all this.

    Scene 1: Abhi is sitting alone in a room. Pragya brings him coffee and is standing at the door when Tanu comes there too and bypasses Pragya to go talk to Abhi. Tanu tells him to not be upset and Alia has paid for her wrong deeds. Abhi tells Tanu to leave him alone and he doesn’t want to talk at the moment. Pragya comes up to Abhi and tells him she is not there to console him but has brought coffee for him. Abhi takes the coffee and says that’s what he wanted. Tanu gets irritated seeing all this and leaves in anger. Pragya sits with Abhi and explains him how he needs to be happy to keep people around him happy too. Abhi is listening to Pragya and talks to her.

    Scene 2: Abhi Pragya come to their room which is decorated with flowers and candles. Abhi is still sad and upset and goes sits on the bed & closes his eyes. Pragya sits on the couch and is upset seeing Abhi sad. Pragya gets up and goes to the opposite corner of the room. When Abhi opens his eyes & doesn’t find Pragya on the couch, he sits up and looks around for her. Abhi is shown getting up and walking in the direction Pragya is shown going.

    Scene 3: Pragya, Neel and Purab are in the hall (Mehra House). Neel is blaming Pragya & Alia’s fight for Bulbul’s death & says he cannot forgive Pragya for it as she is responsible for it too.

    Offscreen INT, Shabir Sriti: Shabir says that they enjoy doing such subtle scene as they have a lot of balance & don’t end in a giffy like their cat and mouse scenes. Sriti agrees. Shabir clarifies that AbhiGya’s room scene was not a dream and Pragya was actually there sitting on the couch & she even left her impression on it. Sriti says to him, how fat does he think she is that she left an impression . Shabir shares that Pragya gets up from the couch and goes to the cupboard to take out clothes Sriti shares that AbhiGya’s emotions are conflicting/confused; Shabir adds ‘mast emotions hain’ . Sriti says they both love each other but there’s time to confess love. Shabir says when they find the ‘bachche ka baap’ then they will confess love & ‘bacche ke baap ne tang kar rakha hai’


    VIDEO: https://youtu.be/26wkO9-xnNA


    VIDEO: https://youtu.be/qa5v-eAHwhs


    VIDEO: https://youtu.be/zAwEVR6GIb0

    U ME AUR TV – E24 Bollywood

    VIDEO: https://youtu.be/949qsU4x5fg

    • Guys it seems this sequence of aaliya’s one more truth revelation is to covering shikha’s absence becoz of her wedding vacations. So I think through this, we will not see aaliya in mehra house amd in yhe show for some days and tanu will b all alone without nikhil and aaliya. She can’t do anything alone. So I think to add spice in track, they brought corporator neel back. Let’s see when we will see aaliya back but till then I think they will just do time pass by showing little twist and turns, changes and ups and downs in the story. Sriti and shabbir said that tanu’s exposure will take more time so that means nothing will happen important in the show for sometimes.

  25. Hency

    Hai reji, gowtham, shobana, swetha and kkb fans.i am hency heavana from Tamil nadu.can I join u all?

  26. gowtham

    hi guys…. sorry fr the late comment… i enjoyed the epiosode… i dnt lnw now its becoming adults only show?? juz joking.. but the way purab and shabbir reacts was awesome… this is not the frst time… many times this reaction happens…. it was kind of making fun…. i loved their combo… and why poor aaliya is getting exposed always…?? why tanu is in safer side always?? how many times aaliya needs to be exposed?? and yeah actually i had doubt on aaliya that she s helping prgya… but now its confrmd that she is not giving a support hand to her…. though the storyline is streched and dragged, it kind of feel good to watch i dnt knw why….

    and tamil guys if u miss IM yesterday… thn u must be very unlucky….. it was awesome…. wat a performance la…. i literally fall fr it… i wanna propose a gal like this…. awesome to d core.. anyone disagree??? reply guys

    • Fowziya

      Hi Gowtham.. yes you are right ahahaa i completly agree with you ?? !
      U should b happy na that ur TANU is still not exposed ? yep pitiable Aliya !
      And Ya IM was juz amazing ? finally that scene was shown, we were waiting fo dis since long time!

  27. KBfollower

    hello all… i think Pragya finds Aliya stealing money, Pragya may allow Aliya to take the money in lieu of Aliya giving proof against Tanu.

  28. Fowziya

    Today’s episode was very funny ahaha, i was Rofl, Abhi was so cunning when he was posing while sleeping, mainly his Smile ? And coming too Purab n Abhi’s scene it was comical alsooo ?
    So after seeing the precap nd the segment it is crystal clear that Aliya is not helping Pragya n co, but still we can’t conform anything coz this CVS always shows us some ILLOGICAL stuffs ?

  29. gowtham

    guys plzz one help i need to download one tune from kumkum-bhagya…. thay chorus tune when shocking news are coming?? i hope u all get wat i mean?? plz send me the link of the chorus tune….. female chorus…. hope u all get wat m expecting?? i need thay tune desperately… reply guys

  30. Sckr

    Why type of dragging serial is this? If there s no proper script why cant u people end this serial and finish it simply dragging and dragging which follows a life cycle!

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