Kumkum Bhagya 3rd March 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 3rd March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pragya waiting for Abhi at the dining table. Dadi asks where is Abhi and asks her to call him. Pragya says are you asking me? Dadi says no and asks Tanu to go and call him. Tanu says okay. Abhi waits for Pragya and thinks to convince her anyhow with his sweets talk. Tanu comes there. Abhi doesn’t see her Tanu and thinks she is Pragya. Tanu asks if he got any call. Abhi says he got same old call. He asks what happened? Tanu asks why you was waiting for Pragya? Abhi says I was waiting for her so that I can talk to her about divorce. He says he will drop the idea? Tanu asks him to talk and apologizes to him. Abhi says okay, and asks her to go. Tanu says Pragya is having dinner with everyone and will not come now. Abhi says okay and says he will talk to her after dinner.

Pragya thinks this is the right time to take a step, and messages Dadi and Purab. She leaves. Abhi and Tanu comes.

Abhi asks where is Pragya? Just then Nikhil comes. Tanu gets tensed seeing him. Nikhil says I came to ask about Sarla’s recovery. Abhi says it will take time for her to recover. Nikhil says okay, and says he will leave now. Abhi and Purab ask him to have food with them. Just then Pragya calls Abhi in watchman’s voice.Tanu is about to fall hearing watchman, but then Mitali holds her. Nikhil gets shocked too. Pragya says someone is betraying you. Tanu takes the call and asks how dare you to trouble Abhi. Watchman/Pragya apologizes to her and says I thought to get money from Abhi. Abhi takes the call and warns him not to call again. Pragya disconnects the call. Abhi asks Tanu to relax, and says lets have dinner. Nikhil asks if there is any problem? Abhi says no.

Later he waits for Pragya and thinks to convince her with love, as if he is convincing her for marriage. He sprays perfume in the room, just then Pragya comes and he sprays on her mouth accidently. Pragya coughs and asks why he is spraying in room. Abhi apologizes and says I have sprayed mosquito repellent. Pragya says it is freshener. Abhi says room is looking fresh, Jannat. Pragya says what did you say? Jannat. She says mosquito will not be killed, but I will get killed. Abhi says I will give my breath to you. Pragya thinks he might be thinking to talk about divorce. Abhi asks which smell she likes? Pragya says she likes sand smell. She goes to sleep. Abhi thinks what to do? Pragya opens her eyes and asks him to sleep. Abhi says I am not getting sleep and asks her to sleep. Abhi says what to do, so that she wakes up. Pragya opens her eyes and asks him to switch off the lights. Abhi switches off the lights. Pragya asks him not to sit and says she is scared of his shadow, asks him to sleep.

Abhi asks her to get up and talk to him. Pragya refuses. Abhi asks her to say yes and sleep. He says dadi talked to you about it. Pragya says anger, no burning. Abhi says okay and asks her to sleep. He says I thought to go on a walk in my garden and asks if she will come. Pragya pretends to sleep. Abhi goes. Pragya thinks she can’t get late and have to bring Tanu’s reality infront of everyone. Tanu thinks it was good that she was with abhi at that time, else truth would have come out. She thinks to call Nikhil and enquire with him. Pragya comes to her room. Tanu asks what you are doing here and asks her to leave. Pragya says I came here for your betterment. I am thinking what to do, whether to enquire about the thing which I came to know about you, and asks her to see her attitude then. Tanu says I didn’t mean that, my mood was bad since morning. Pragya says it seems to be very important thing and that’s why you are apologizing to me. Tanu says what you are saying?

Pragya says I got a call from an unknown number who told me that he knows her secret, and wanted to tell her. She says I am thinking to deal with him. Tanu gets scared. Pragya says I am joking? She says I will not do this deal of 20 Lakhs rupees as I am not interested knowing about you. Tanu asks her to sit, and says nobody know about it. Pragya says I am not interested to hear about your ex boyfriend and all. Tanu gives her water and says someone is blackmailing me. I want to know about him, but not getting any clue. Pragya asks her to file police complaint. Tanu says I didn’t know what proof he has against me, may be he have my morphed pics. Pragya is shocked at her lie. Tanu says Abhi will be worried, and asks her to help her. She says blackmailer will do deal with others, if she refuses. Pragya says I want Abhi to give 2-3 hits before marriage and says I want just profit. If I suffer losses because of you both then I will not let you marry him. She asks her to end all this. Tanu requests her to help her. Pragya agrees and says he was Abhi’s fan. Tanu thinks watchman have done deal with someone. Pragya agrees and says she will not give any money though. Tanu thanks her. Pragya says she can back off if think it to be loss.

Abhi waits for Pragya and thinks if Pragya went. He thinks Pragya was doing drama as she knew that I was talking about divorce. He thinks to show her anger and thinks where did she go in night. He thinks to wait for her in the room itself. Abhi thinks to pass the time and play guitar. He plays the guitar and recalls his fuggi.

Pragya comes to Purab and says plan is successful. Dadi asks what happened? Pragya says Tanu got tensed and asked for my help. Purab says what we shall do now? Pragya thinks to call her at some place. Purab says I will search a place. Ronnie also says the same. Pragya asks him to search the place. Tanu wonders why did Pragya agreed to help me, and thinks she is more clever than Aaliya. She thinks she is not doing this for me, and needs to find out about that reason.

Pragya asks Abhi not to force him. Abhi says I don’t want to force you. He asks her to give divorce else…Pragya asks what will happen? If you will go to court and file case.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. riya

    today’s episode was nice….
    It was good to c tanu tensed this much…
    only thn she will make some mistake and pragya can catch her easily…
    the scene whr abhi played guitar and was thinking abt his fuggy was soooo niceeee….
    wish they reunite soonnnn….

  2. anne

    come on fans hw to stop watching it is getting interesting just support n give some comments to our kkb team not 4 anything also just 4 our abhighya’s reunion thy r great its not easy to act like tht. hve a nice day.tq

  3. Sona

    Why the director don’t understand become the blackmailer or blackmailing is not right way to collect the proof against the enemy. Proof is thing that shown as evidence. To entertain the show the director n writer must made pragya to collect the proof against tanu in such a way that are shown in movie like tracing the phone calls, hire a person who chasing the tanu whenever she goes out, put cctv camera in tanu room n collect the video evidence, gps tracker etc. If the director n writer make pragya to collect the proof against tanu from any one of above these way then the show doesn’t look like dragging n boring.

    • shobana

      Hi sona ur ideas r gud
      Bt if our writters use these ideas then tanu track will end soon
      If it ends soon they can’t drag and I think they dont have stories other this tanu pregnancy story

    • Brintha

      Yes…writer is living in 70’s era…tanu has got only 2 helping hands ..that too one is outhouse and another one is out of house…i neant nikhil and alia…but pragya has got bug team purab,Ronnie,rachana,dadi,…but no one cud track tanu whom she is meeting and having conversation over phone…heights of stupidity..

      • Yeah Brintha.. There are so many chances to find out about Tanu… She is roaming like freebird to outhouse n to meet Nikhil n calls etc.. But no one is trying to spy on her… It’s annoying yaar

  4. shobana

    I think pragya will b caught by Nikhil and tanu
    Cuz they have doubts in her and y she herself told tanu that she got a Cal etc etc ????
    There are more chances for pragya to get exposed infront of tanu n Nikhil than tanu and Nikhil to exposed in front of abhi

  5. Guys don’t you guys feel this is just a repetation of the kidnapping track where bulbul tried exposing aaliya I feel its the same here pragya will try to expose tanu but get exposed herself. …………

  6. love

    I think Abi might be mad in real life …. He should be out of KKB cause he na serve none porpose in there He alway looks sick and he always in fuggi way …I think tanu act a better role in KKB than abi Abi always a talk and talk madness How come Writters put u as a rock star I’m KKB I guess u will never learn the truth u don’t deserve to be with Beautiful pragya anymore u deserve tanu

  7. karthika

    this is really sick.whatever the show is somewhat progressing.they r always giving wrong hopes for us.i read somewhere that pragya will expose tanu before diwali but see what’s happening.it’s goinggggggggggggg on.the writers r really heartless people.how long they will test our patience? expose tanu quickly.this is most dragging show taht i have seen.actually in real life we don’t need any evidence to prove anything.simply we accuse them that’s enough.now a days other shows r rocking unlike kkb.tashn e ishq is just awesome.we don’ want kkb to bore us.make it rocking .expose the witch tanu idiot.i think should haven’t take this risk of changing her roop.if she ad been fuggi then it had become easy to expose tanu.now abhi ill not believe her.she made everything complicated.

  8. karthika

    ‘this episode i saw abhi’s concern for pragya.i’m little happy with that.please abhi keep loving ur fuggi always.please try to understand ur fuggi’s truth.

  9. diya

    today’s epi was good.abhi’s guitar scene and concern for Pragya was much better.now it is going little interesting.

  10. gowtham

    why ivolo mokaya iruku…. i want old kkb… this is irritating totally…. reunite quickly.. and do different track..

  11. JOHN

    Seriously its too awkward.. cz for months v r posting its dragging still i don’t understand y thy r dragging…. I hv never seen such a stone hearted person s the director of KKb…………….

  12. This serial seems to be interesting right now….Enjoy the way how Tanu was tensed up and she asked Pragya fr help…I think Tanu tRuth will reveal infront of Abhi soon..Hope the plan work out..
    Please guys don’t back out from watching this serial…Please keep on watching and keep kkb rating high than the rest of zeetv serials…Please.. It is getting interesting right now…I’m definitely sure that there will be a lot of positive changes.
    My gosh, Shabbir ( Abhi) is so cute! I so enjoyed watching him with the guitar in his hands and so romantic and literally sad how he remembers his old fuggy..Hope takhil truth is out as soon as possible..Hopefully it will be reveal before HOLi..
    I want the romance to keep flowing between AbhiGya as always….But we want to see some more spicy moves with the romancing…AbhiGya romance is the best onscreen..

  13. kowsi

    guys today sbas segment pic abhi & pragya so clz pragya look at abhi lovingly…anthr pic pragya has tears in her eyes ..third pic pragya wipes her tears in her saree pallu….i think its a emotional moment between abhigya …

  14. Brintha

    I think pragya’s team mission will end up with flop because of takhilia team..as pragya was telling her mom she will give the papers to abhi and tell they hv already divorced.. she may move out of from sarla from MM..thn abhi will start thinking y pragya was stubborn to leave before though she was agree to marry tanu and herself hot divorced…whn she goes out of the house he will come to know about pragya was not behind on money…so what is behind this…then he may try to find out takhil secret and reveal on marriage day….

  15. Sahithi

    Last week ratings also, KKB is at No. 1 position among weekly shows. But Saathiya is very close this time at second place, as the no. of viewers for KKB dropped very much from the previous week. If this dragging continues, it may slip ratings in coming weeks.

    Writers should either take the plan forward or atleast flop it. Instead they r dragging very badly. Yesterday episode convo between Pragya n Tanu was like, they were repeating same dialogues again n again. Looked like filling time.

    As we have seen before, the same concept, same scenes are always repeated. Abhi is again repeating his previous behavior when he was trying to get sign on property papers. As someone was saying, if Pragya denies divorce he shud confront her, as she gave her consent sometime back before this makeover.

    Purab needs 2 days to find the place, so this will definitely go on till next week because 1 day in our life is 6 episodes in this show.

  16. razia

    Pragya seems to b lill angry .. She’s starting at abhi n was crying .. Cant see her crying in front of him

  17. karthika

    kkb is at no1 position at trp.please writers don’t do injustice for kkb if u drag like this then the trp will slow down.after many days i come to see abhi’s charm.keep it up rockstar.writers please make abhi smart.we want knok jhok of abhigya back with love.abhi is a rockstar so he have to be charmy and zealous.now a days our old abhi is coming back.please abhi keep rocking like this.writers please don’t make abhi dull.

  18. shavi

    very much fed up to comment about same dragging.. its very easy for them to drag as d show is in top position in trp.. nowadays i feel like pragya was little bit fat comparing fuggi.. her face and neck looks like swollen.. is it so friends ??? take care of your health sriti..

  19. neha

    i am getting bored to see kumkum. how many days the tanu story will continue.this is bullshit.

  20. Sahithi

    As per the new segment, we will finally see a concert from the Rockstar after like ages. And this will bring some interesting twists in the story.

  21. New segments update-
    The upcoming twist in the show is that Abhi will be doing a concert. This concert will lead to a lot of revelations being made on the show.

    This concert is Pragya’s plan to expose Tanu and the real father of her baby. Sarla will also be aiding Pragya in all this.

    In the scenes shown in segment – Abhi is currently trying to please Pragya because he wants divorce and Pragya has put forward the concert proposal in front of him.

    Abhi says to Pragya what should he do to make her happy? Become a hen? Hold his ears and do sit ups? Abhi wants Pragya to help him decide songs for the concert. Hearing all the love talk Pragya gets emotional and tears fill her eyes.

    Pragya wants to leave but Abhi stops her & wants to dance rehearse for the concert. Abhi Pragya end up being close & intimate with each other before they realise it is not right and back out.

    Offscreen Moment: They show how Shabir and Sriti are laughing while delivering dialogues, behind the scenes.

    Offscreen INT, Shabir: Shabir shares that their are preparing for a concert and how the team is setting up stage and lighting and that’s the real hard work. They (as actors) just have to come and perform. Shabir also shares that this concert will be an important turning point in the track as a lot of revelations will be made. He also mentions that whether there will be revelations or not that is also to be seen Shabir also shares how AbhiGya come close & realise they shouldn’t be doing it.

    • Guys I think in this upcoming concert of abhi, not tanu but nikhil will get exposed in front of pragya that he is the father of tanu’s baby and mate of every crime of tanu. Becoz reporter said that pragya is arranging abhi’s concert and she will take sarla maa’s help to find out tanu’s baby’s father. So I think takhil’s truth will get revealed in front of pragya but not in front of abhi. We have to wait more for complete exposure of tanu and nikhil infront of abhi and everyone.

  22. Priya $

    Pratiksha any new updates… Nowadays u r not commenting… U too fed up wit this track. How long they ll dragg this track. I stopped watching this.. Once trp comes down then only they’ll finish this.. They knew it nowadays its very boring so they’re making abhigya’s scenes.. To attract the viewers..

  23. Megha

    Hi guys the new segment is about concert that Abhi going to do. It’s Pragya’s idea to reveal Tanu. It’s going to happen for another one week I think so…

  24. Crazylette

    Now I feel like stop worrying about this serial! Let evils win and let director die ? Of low TRP enough of this shit.

  25. Highlights of 4th Feb-
    * Episode starts with Tanu thinkin why Pragya is helping her and she has to find out. She thinks of taking Aliya’s help but backsoff.. She thinks that now even Raj is on their side. Tanu fears weather Pragya will go and tell Abhi .

    *Abhi is playing his guitar. Same as sterdays scene. He remembers his moments with Pragya in the past. and he stops suddenly. he thinks whats happening to me. Why am i seeing Fuggy while playing the guitar. he again starts playing the guitar and has FB of fuggy (Jungle moments, Dance, eye lock moments, when hez leavng MM and Pragya hugging him frm the back , Abhi sleeping on Pragyas lap before she left etc.) Tanu just them comes to Abhi.

    *Abhi stops playing when he sees Tanu. Tanu asks him to continue as shez seing him play after a long time. Abhi says hez seeing something else . Tanu asks wat and Abhi says Old memories are tied with this guitar. he picks up the air freshener and says which i dont want to remember .

    *Tanu thinks how do i ask him weather he talked with Pragya or not. Abhi asks any work and Tanu says she came here listening to his music. Tanu says she talked with Pragya and shez saying that shez at loss. Abhi asks wat does it mean. Tanu says if Pragya is at loss then she wont be in good mood and wont give u divorce. Tanu asks did u talk to Pragya. Abhi says he couldnt as shez still angry with the Fight with Daadi.

    * Tanu thinks so Abhi is not the reason Pragya is helping me , then wat could be the reason. Abhi starts playing his guitar and Tanu leaves.

    *In the morning Pragya gets up and sees Abhi sleeping. She think to escape before Abhi wakes up and goes to the closet. Abhi wakes up and thinks wer she is. and he wont let her escape today and goes out of the room.

    *Pragya comes out dressed from the closet and looks over the room and thinks of escaping as she cant see Abhi. Abhi comes in the room and they clash. Abhi asks are u trying to escape and Pragya denines. Abhi says its mrng and shall we talk. Pragya says i said morning bt i didnt say which mrng..

    *Abhi closes the door and makes her sit on the couch. Abhi tells that he will say wat he wants to say today. Pragya thinks that she caught and he will definitely say wat he wants to. Abhi says he dosent want to take any decision which would effect him or her but he has to as Tanu is pregnant. he knws that this is not the right time as Sarla aunty is not well but he has to coz he has responsibilities. I can compromise with every one but not with my child as its my blood. Pragya thinks this is the problem. ur feeling guilty for thae baby which is not urs.

    *Abhi says i have to marry Tanu. Pragya says but and Abhi cuts her off saying but i cant marry her till you give me divorce. Pragya gets up from there. Pragya says i cant let u marry her soo soon. Abhi says ur thinking abt money naa.. I’ll work hard day and night. will make 4 new songs every day so that u wont be at loss. Then u wont have a problem naa. Pragya says i need time to think. Abhi says coz of u the wedding is getting delayed. Otherwise my Fuggy wanted me to marry Tanu. wen there is no relation b/w us then wats the problem.

    • *Pragya thinks how will i tell u that we are divorced. Abhi thinks y shez not giving divorce. Does she still have feelings for me in her heart? or shez just doing it to irritate me. Abhi pleads Pragya for the divorce. Pragya says she needs time. Abhi gets angry makes her sit and tells her strongly ur the one who bre the relation with me. now i want to move away from u then wats wrong. M trying to request with love but dont make me do Zabardasti.

      *PRecap scene.

      *Abhi says i wont go to court. Ur my legal wife naa.. Its been long since we got married. I didnt get the emotional love or physical. we are husband and wife so i can do everything that happens b/w a Husband and wife. I can life u in my arms . he lifts her and keeps her on the bed. Sanam re starts playing and he keeps saying i can do this and that.

      *Pragya suddenly gets conscious and pushes him and gets up and leaves. Abhi runs his hands in his hair and thinks wat m i doing. I just wanted to scare her but ..

      * Pragya comes to Sarla maas rom and closes the door and cires. She thinks of wat Abhi said and did. Falls to her knees crying. Abhi is also thinking what happened. and splashes water on his face. He thinks wat he did.. he wanted to scare her using her emotions but he became emotional..

      • *Abhi looks at Fuggy n RS dolls in the closet and thinks y dont i understand that i cant love her. She just looks like Fuggy but not fuggy. Pragya is crying thinking why is this happening. I wanted to be with him but cant. Why cant i just tell him the truth.. wat will happen he’ll stay away from me and get angry with me. Atleast i’ll be able to tell him that m his fuggy who loves him even today.

        *Abhi thinks i say i dnt love her but it does show on my face and she can see it . May be thats y she dosent want to give me divorce . But we cant do want we want. he thinks this is wrong and breaks the glass in his hand.

        *Pragya is crying in Maas room. Sarla wakes up hearing the cries and looks at her. Sarla says come to me Pragya and tries to move her hand and throws a medicine bottle which is near her hand. Pragya sees this and goes running to maa. Pragya says dont cry seeing me m fine. My tears are my doing naa.. no one is responsible for it. m tired. I cant lie to him. how do i tell him i love him and want to stay with him . hez again asking for divorce. how do i tell him that we ar divorced .. Pragya keeps crying..

        Episode Ends

  26. karthika

    yes shavi i also that had put on weight.but whatever if she gain or looses her weight she will be always my favourite for ever.i luv u sriti.u r inspiration of other women.i am a die hard fan of urs.the show is getting somewhat progressing.thank u guys for new segments and giving some hope.i hope this time tanu witch is being revealed.

  27. Guys pragya is upset from abhi’s behavior what he did with her in today’s episode. She is upset that she can’t let abhi close to her and can’t tell him that she loves him still becoz of hiding truth from him. And abhi is also feeling guilty for it that he did wrong by trying to intimate with her physically and knows that he have to convince her and makes her ready for divorce that’s why he decides to make oragya’s mood fine from his sorry and by the talk of his upcoming concert and dance rehersals with pragya. Today’s segment was the glimpse of all this which we will see in upcoming episodes. Most probably on tomorrow’s or Monday’s episode. With this we will see pragya’s music concert plan to find out tanu’s baby’s father through sarla maa as she can’t arrange a party for it becoz of sarla maa’s condition. So guys pragya will find out about nikhil through sarla maa in abhi’s concert and then she will start to find a way to expose them, for which we have to wait more. Shabbir said in his interview that revelations will take place in this concert so most probably it will b takhil’s truth which will reveal in front of pragya. All this will happen in upcoming episodes. So guys tied up ownself with ur seats, just wait for upcoming drama and keep guessing. Guys I m going for a family tour in this upcoming week. So I can’t keep in touch with u guys for sometimes. I will try to catch up episodes by written updates given by hasan but can’t give u any latest news or updates. I will remain busy for next whole week. I will come back to my place on Sunday. So guys till then bye for u all. ?

    • Sahithi

      Aww Pratiksha u will miss a lot of drama in coming episodes then. Anyways, enjoy ur trip. U never know u may see Tanu out of Pragya’s life by the time u r back 😀 😀

      Hope the revelation happens in front of Abhi himself, dont want this to happen in so many phases-like, first Pragya knows about Nikhil and then again start of drama to expose him in front of Abhi.

      And I am glad the event is not marriage related, but a concert, that is a relief to some extent. But if Abhi doesnt know truth in this concert, how will Pragya again postpone divorce topic.

      As we have seen before, Abhi’s feelings always happen like hatred and then love or love and then hatred. So if now they show him trying to be nice with Pragya n flirting to get divorce and at the end of concert only Pragya knows the truth, then we have to bear Abhi’s hatred.

      He might get into his angry mode and will torture Pragya for divorce, and she has to come up with new plan.

    • Rahul

      I am a silent reader of the site and of the comment section for a pretty long time , If you want I’ll take care of the updates and highlights for a week till you get back Pratiksha

    • Thanks rahul and it will b gud if some one will take care for the updates and highlights and if u wants then plz go for it. Through ur efforts even i will b updated that what’s going on in the show and what will happen next. I can’t comment and give updates but I will definetly read ur updates and highlights. So plz rahul take care of the updates and highlights atleast till then I will come back. I will b glad. And sahithi ya I know I m going to miss watching the show but I will remain updated through rahul and later i will watch worth watching episodes on YouTube after coming back from my tour. I hope what u said comes true. When I come back then I see abhigya together and tanu nowhere becoz I m really fedup from her face and don’t want to see her anymore. For this if I have to miss episodes then I m ready for it and haven’t any problem. Now I want to see romantic abhigya full episodes. Ta I was wishing that I see tanu’s grand exposure in front of abhi and then his treatment or punishment for her for which we waited since long and tolerated lots of torchers but anyways it will b more gud to see abhigya together than irritated tanu. I will watch her exposure episode by uploaded episodes on the sites if she will really get exposed but I have still doubt that she will completely expose in abhi’s concert and her chapter will finish there. I feels from reprters words that it will take more time. Becoz whatever they said, it gave only one indication that pragya will get to know about takhil. That’s it. Well let’s see. OK this is my last comment for this week guys. See u for next of next week. ?

  28. Swetha

    Hai pratiksha thank you for updating i thitnk this time also tanu will be escape again they creat new plan same again and again the writers are do all this sooooo………boringggg………please end this track soon

  29. Swetha

    Hai my tamil friends kkb in tamil it’s so emotional and i started to watch in hindi in this time upcomig episods in tamil it’s so romantic any one dont miss this episode in tamil;-)

  30. Swetha

    Hey hai to all my tamil friends am very busy in last 3-4 days how are you karthika ,megha,razia and all

    • Megha

      Hi I’m fine…happy that you are back Swetha…really bored on dragging of kkb and don’t like to comment…it’s good that we have possibility to watch in tamil…but eagerly waiting for Tanu’s exposure…;-)

  31. Swetha

    Hai megha happy to see you,may be tanu’s exposure in atleast within 1month and megha you know hindi

    • Megha

      No ya..I don’t know I just watch the episode and read written updates..because we love kkb na…romba pidicha vishayathukaga ithu kuda panna mattoma aevlavo pandrom…;-)

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