Kumkum Bhagya 3rd June 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Sarla calling Pragya and says she is very happy today as Tanu has left from their lives. Janki takes the call and says they will come to her house. Sarla asks Pragya to visit temple and make mata rani wear chunari. Pragya says she will visit temple but she is more happy as her mum is cleared from the accusations. Sarla blesses her and says it is your good works that you are seeing this day. Pragya says this is your values which you have given me. Sarla blesses her.

Tanu is stepping down the stairs and thinks about Abhi. Tai ji asks Mitali to give money as she is leaving. Mitali says she don’t have money right now. Tanu hears them..Mitali thinks she is inauspicious to make me lose. Tanu thinks about Aaliya and misses her. Abhi sees her and calls her. Just then Tanu

looks at him and falls down the stairs. Abhi and Pragya rush to her. Pragya asks Raj to call ambulance. Abhi asks Tanu to open her eyes, and gives water. Dadi asks Abhi not to worry.

Nikhil thinks he has to do something to break Abhi and pragya’s relation. He thinks what to do? Shall I kidnap her…then think whereever she is in trouble, Abhi saves her like a hero. He thinks to give her injection to make her fall in coma. He thinks if he has lost from Pragya, and thinks about her. He gets Pragya’s call. Pragya informs her that Tanu has fallen down the stairs while stepping down. Nikhil says someone might have pushed her. Pragya says nobody has done anything and asks him to think about his responsibility towards his baby. He says you are baby’s father and that’s why I am informing you. Nikhil thinks if something happens to baby then Tanu can’t marry Abhi and my dream to become CEO will fail.

Pragya tells Dadi that Tanu has fallen down in our home and that’s why she is responsible. They rush her to hospital. Abhi tells Doctor to save Tanu and her baby. Doctor says he will do the needful. Nurse asks Abhi to fill the form and asks about baby’s dad name. Abhi tells his name. He thinks baby is mine, and nothing should happen to him. Nikhil comes to hospital and thinks if this is Pragya’s trick to frame him. He thinks I will not go inside, and then her plan will fail and then she will come to know what I am. Then thinks he thinks to check out Pragya’s plan. Mitali thinks if Tanu is acting or doing drama. She thinks she has won the bet and tells Tai ji. Tai ji says I will never bet with you. Dasi asks about the bet. Mitali tells she has won. Dasi scolds them.

Purab tells Raj and Akash that Abhi might be feeling guilty. Akash says Abhi is emotional for the child. Rachna is sad and says don’t know why this has happened. She says everything has changed. Purab asks him to say clearly. Rachna says if Tanu acted like Dadi, so that she couldn’t stop at home. Raj says she is a mum and will not harm her baby intentionally. Akash says knowing that Abhi will marry her only for the baby. Pragya thinks Abhi couldn’t see Tanu’s pain. She sits beside him. Abhi says you said that you will support me like a friend in every situation, and says I need you. He says my baby’s life is in danger because of me. May be Tanu got shocked when I call her, and slipped. He says my baby didn’t get my name and may be life also. He feels guilty. Pragya tells Abhi that nothing will happen to baby.

Pragya says you have taken good care of baby when he is not ……just then doctor comes and scolds Abhi holding him responsible for Tanu’s condition. He says they would have done premature delivery, but it is risky for both mother and baby. He says Tanu was crying badly when I asked her how she fell down..He asks him to take care of his wife. Abhi looks on. Pragya hears him. Nikhil also hears doctor’s advice and scolding. Doctor says we have shifted her to private room and asks him to consult psychiatrist for her. Pragya thinks she was about to tell him about her truth. Nikhil thinks he shall hide before Abhi sees him. Purab asks what happened? Nikhil hides. Abhi tells Purab that Tanu got consciousness and he is going to meet her. Purab doubts on Tanu. Pragya thinks Tanu might trap Abhi and thinks to go. Nikhil comes infront of her and says you called me here to trap me.

Nikhil tells Pragya that Abhi will never throw Tanu out of the house after this accident happened. Pragya looks shocked. /strong>

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. laura

    Same thing i said she would fall down step and blackmail ahby to marry her for baby sake

  2. Aqua

    Jokes on team pragya! This is what you get for not telling the truth to Abhi when the situation was just perfect. Now miss tanu will be a permanent resident of the MM. What a awesome extended family!
    Lol ??????

  3. Pri

    This drama will never end ..thy not going to expose tanu as CV doesnot have any track further. .

  4. ar

    chewing gum….chewing from 1 year….still premature baby itseems…happy m reading just updates in 5min than wasting half n hr fr this crap…

  5. Priya

    One more weird thing is Tsnu is pregnant from 10 months or more. My friend who was watching this serial and she and Tanu in the serial got the news of pregnancy same week, she already delivered a baby 2 months ago. Tanu still carrying a baby???

  6. anusha

    hi everyone..I am really fed up of this .again same story.. I am watching this only sake of abi and pragya.. I like prathiksha comments .I am from bangalore.

  7. I love this story of kumkumbhagya but. its quit bore making foolish reasons to didn’t show the truth in front of the Abi

  8. Wow what a great script writing and creativity in today’s episode. Tanu falls so much badly from stairs but shockingly nothing happened with her and her baby!! and surprisingly it is all drama!! Our Great pragya informs nikhil as she thinks it’s her responsibity!! Wow! She never told truth to abhi but in this condition she was about to tell!! How simply and easily!! Now she do not need proofs? Finally she tried to blurt but tanu madam’s saviour doctor came and saved tanu like her angle not only from accident even from revealation of her truth!! Again wow!! But what happens if pragya tells abhi about the truth in this situation? Does he believes on it in this condition? I think it could b harmful for pragya if she blurts the trurth to abhi in this situation. So it’s better she couldn’t told it. It could b right if she tells about this truth when abhi says to her that tanu did all this as she is going to become mother of his child. If at that time she tells him baby’s truth and whol story behind it then it puts effect on abhi becoz at that time he was upset from tanu and tanu had been lost his trust. But again pragya have lost this chance and ball again has came in tanu’s cort. Pragya was less in greatness now abhi has too joined her in it!! He always blames ownself for every wrong happenings and feels guilty for it. With tanu doctor was also adding flavour in tanu’s drama!! so abhi could completely believe that he is responsible for all this. Which doctor interacts with it’s patient and relatives with this much concern? Doctor seems relative of tanu more than a doctor. And last, nikhil arrived and almost mehra family is in hospital but nobody will see him except pragya and noone will listen his talk with tanu except pragya. What an amazing script writing? What a mind blowing episode it was? Really hatts off to those who saw it. Feeling very pitty for them. Thank god i had saved myself from watching such a ridiculous and pathetic crap.

    • shaanu

      hii prathiksha..this is shaanu..neven i stay in chennai…..n am following your comments forom many days really its nyc…..n how come u collect this much infrmation of this show..???

    • Sahithi

      I was glad at least now Pragya was opening her mouth, after the infinite failed search for gathering proofs. When her mother was being blamed for the theft, she turned to Abhi to speak out though she had equal right n opportunity to shut up Tanu. Similarly now when Abhi was blaming himself n feeling guilty, it makes sense for her to finally reveal truth. Anyways that doc stopped the convo, but atlast she made that attempt, thou not complete.

      She knows that she is partially responsible for all the pain Abhi had to go thru, so better late than never. Also I don’t think there is ever a right time, it is already too late, as per them 7 months. Similarly, it is foolish of Pragya to go n cry in Daadi’s room, as there is no reason for her to be helpless. Tanu is at her mercy not the other way round.

      The ball is never in Tanu’s court, it will never be, it’s only Pragya’s dumbness. It is just a matter of making Abhi sit n tell the truth, let him decide for himself.

  9. Hi everyone this serial was getting boring so only decided to read the updates, after tanu got exposed I thought great il start to watch again! Well back to square one now tanu falling down the stairs and nothing happen to the baby well that’s amazes me. Bcoz my friend fell from two steps and she had problem.

  10. thinker

    I think. this is the end of tanu.when nikhil listen doctors he may go to talk to tanu there pragya catch him redhanded. I think doctor is with pragya she planned all that reveal tanu. that’s why she called nikhil.anyway lets see what happen next.diameter not watching this only reading.g updates.thanks H HASSAN for updating.

  11. thinker

    keeping tanu in private room may pragyas plan to expose tanu.i think writes will not dragg it more.

  12. sweety

    I am tired of watching g kumkum bhagya. Pragya cannot expose tanu and tanu keep doing drama.this serial is getting worst by worst everyday.

  13. vignesh

    this serial is total waste now… already itz trp is low.. guyzzz please stop watching this idiotic drama and pave way for itz fall.. thenn only writers may realize their ignorance

  14. vignesh

    now this serial is total waste. already itzz trp is low.. guyzz plss stop watching this idiotic drama and pave way for itz fall.. then only writers may realize their ignorance.. completee nonsense

  15. vignesh

    thinker, what you said may happen … then after sometime they will show it as someone’s dream and will make us fool againn

  16. "Revelation "

    The script does seem shallow. Praktisha you do have a point the ball seems to be in Tanus court. But personally i feel something is brewing…

    “thinker’s” observation on yesterday’s episode makes some sense. Reading the past 2 days episodes was so indigestible & irked me. So watching it was a NO NO 4 mua…

    Personally I feel Tanu or Takhil may set their own trap. And pragya will take advantage of it either consciously or
    subconsciously . But then again only God knows what these script writers & Ekta & team are up to as they seem so madly in louve with Tanu n her pregnancy track.

    The scripts/dialogues have so many loop holes & seem so disconnected. Its like forcing a round jig saw piece into a square space. And cvs are just shoving it onto the audience face.

  17. Murtaza

    585 episodes… uske baad bhi tanu ghar me hi hai… 7 mahine hi hue hai abhi tak 1 saal se…2 mahine bhi 6 mahine tk khich lenge…bacha hone k baad DNA report fake hojaegi… fir Alia wapes aaegi….pragya kamzor padegi…ki ussi waqt bulbul ki entry hogi… aise hi 2 3 saal tak pakane wale h… kumkum bhagya ka pura majak hi bana dala h…. 🙁

  18. gowtham

    very happy Saturday morning to all of u….. how are u all?? everything s going well??

  19. F***ing plzzz jus end dis shw…!!!! Its gonna drag more nw as evil tanu planned fallng dwn d stairs…!! Premature baby??..i cnt control ma laughter!!!!

  20. Babu

    Why doesn’t Abhi marry Tanu or Pragya and conclude this serial. Tired of this merry go round with dumb jokers like Abhi

  21. Reji

    Hello everyone! !…hi pratiksha gowtham bro shobana hency vadhu sara sahithi fowziya brintha fathima karthika sheetha surbhi madhu !!…Actually i don’t know wat to say abt the episode !!…but yesterday’s episode in stairs scene we can easily say that tanu’s dupe only did the shot !!..as while she is rolling we can’t see tanu’s face and when the rolling stops I can see the difference well for the dupe and real tanu !!…I think u guys also noticed it ..and next week pragya’s birthday so abhi is gonna propose her but tanu will not let that happen I think so !!..????

  22. Priya$

    Just got escaped … Today episode it ll b awesome for Tanu followers.. Super script… Next week they ll show some abhigya scenes to increase their trp.. This week they came to 4th position so…

  23. moni

    bulshit serial….from today i wil stop watching this nonsense serial….its just a wastage of time.

  24. Mittenzz

    Short of bringing Bulbul back, I think the only saving grace left for this show is Aliya coming back as a positive character. I feel she’s going to realise that Pragya wasn’t keeping her from her inheritance but was actually saving her from herself and her bad decision of trying to steal from Abhi and to break her relation with her family.
    She’s the only one who can save Abhi from any decision he might guiltily take towards Tanu and her baby. She knows and can tell Abhi everything as she is all the evidence Abhi needs.
    If Tanu tries to refute the charges, Aliya can lay it all out. She was once fighting for Tanu and Abhi to get together to push Pragya out of the house but now she’s back to push Tanu out. Abhi must wonder about this change, after all she’s Tanu best friend and if she can turn witness against Tanu there must be truth to what she’s saying because she knows Tanu and even help her with her plans.
    If this happens and Abhi still fail to believe Aliya…then, there’s no hope left for the show.

  25. Mittenzz

    Also there’s no doubt that as soon as Aliya gets back that Tanu is going to fill her in on the plan to kill Pragya and Sarla saved her. The money stealing where she’d blame Sarla ma and the fall down the stairs, which she intent to use to blackmail Abhi into marrying her.
    This change in Aliya would be a change Tanu and Nikhil, Pragya and her team would not see coming.
    Fingers cross the CVS have the brain capacity to see and use this as an angle.

  26. Sab bakawas dikha rahe hai…….jab srala coma thi to hame laga ki ,sarala coma se bahar aa gayi to tanu ki asaliyat samane aa jaagi ….magar vaisa nahi hua …..abhi lagata hai ki tanu ka bacha aaega to paternity test se pata lagata hai…..kya asa ho sakata hai?….

  27. Exactly sahithi i agree it is all becoz of pragya’s wrong plans and dumbness that she has been lost the time of telling the truth to abhi. If she shows gutts to tell the truth to abhi then this track gets end very before but whenever she makes her mood to tell him the truth then always somebody or something stops her to tell it. Track was so simple but cvs made it complicated just for stretching the storyline. Ball could never b in tanu’s cort but it is cvs who turns it in her cort again and again just for more and more stretching. That’s why how much we try to find out the reason of keeping abhi away from the truth from day one of the track, on the show’s bases it could b pragya’s dumbness, dadi’s lack of trust on abhi or purab and other peoples helplessness becoz of lack of proofs but at last these all reasons r just becoz of cvs. Becoz they wants to stretch the track as much they can,That’s why they turns the ball into tanu’s cort and sometimes on pragya’s. And like this, it keeps continue of the draagging of the track. Story doesn’t matter much for them, how much it’s flavour does, after adding which, they gets their trps. That’s it.

  28. karthika

    now a day kkb is getting into peak of stupidity and worseness….it had reached to 4th place.i guess no..no..i’m sure nxt week it’ll slide down and go to 5 or 6th position….i juz can’t bear abhi’s concern for tanu…i don’t think so cvs is going to change the track or xpose tanu…if this continues then surely no one vl stick into the show…i have never seen such an dragging track lyk this…guys i realy feeling bad to say..but it’s true…our old kkb was died for before….there’s no interest in watching kkb now…our kkb have become boring …..once upon a time i watched all repeat telecast of every single episode of kkb..now i feel bored to watch it even one time….eventhough we hoped that soon they’ll xpose tanu..but now is realy feel that nothing gonna change….they messed up everything..but still now we r sticked with the show only for the casts….especially starcast…sriti and shabbir…but i miss abhi the rockstar so much….

  29. Harithraa

    i seriously felt tat the story might takes its sweet turn again tis tym …… but it has just become more boring!!!! gosh…. wen will tis tanu gt caught and wen will tis story become interesting????? At a point the story is becoming more irritating than boring!!!!!

  30. taniya

    Shit yaaar…….its turning worst day by day……chummma dragging it like anything……….bugged up…..huh…..

  31. ar

    after i stoped cing this serial and reading just updates m feeling better and contoled my frustration…and saved lil time and mental torture

  32. sonu

    Director please pragiya pavam.tanu pathe true ha soon ha abhi ku theyreya paduthunga. Illana serial pakurathey waste

  33. sonu

    Epdiye evlo nal serial pogum. Epo than tanu pathe abhi ku theyreya varum. Romba irreating ha eruku serial paka.

  34. Mercedez

    OMG! This is too much…
    What’s wrong with the directors?
    I’m getting bored already

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