Kumkum Bhagya 3rd June 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 3rd June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Sarla walking on the road thinking why Pragya is insulting Daadi. She thinks why did Pragya hide the truth that she got Akash and Rachna married, she must be up to something.

Daadi calls Abhi and asks where is he. He says he is busy. Daadi says producer had come and gave her 1 crore suitcase, so she gave it to Pragya. He asks her to tell Akash to deposit half the money in bank. Daadi agrees. She calls Pragya and asks her to bring the money back which she gave. Pragya asks when did she give he money. Daadi says she sent suitcase via Daasi. Pragya asks her to call daasi. Daasi comes and Pragya asks if she gave her suitcase. Daasi says she did not find Pragya, so she kept it in daadi’s cupboard. Daadi asks her to bring suitcase. Daasi goes to bring suitcase

but does not find it.

Abhi while driving thinks why did Pragya seek his help, which she usually does not. He reminisces Tanu telling Pragya that she should allege Daasi as thief, then she will enter and allege her instead and prove it. Pragya says if that is the only way to get Tanu into daadi’s good books, she is ready.

Pragya alleges Daasi that she stole money. Daasi asks if she is in her senses. Pragya says she has gone greedy and stole it. Tanu enters and says Pragya stole it and she has been stealing since she married Abhi. Daadi asks her to mind her tongue as Pragya is very sanskaari/cultured. Tanu continues that Pragya married Abhi for his wealth and she even respects daadi for money. She stole money in lakhs earlier and now in crore. Daadi asks her shut up, else she will cut her tongue. She says she did not see innocent like Pragya and she wakes up seeing her face. Pragya sacrifices her life for other and cannot be so cunning and selfish. She was deterred seeing Akash and Rachna’s marriage, but she later knew the reason behind it and felt ashamed of herself. Pragya says Daadi’s belief is undeterred. Daadi continues praising Pragya and says she took her blame on herself and saved her instead. Tanu says she does not know Pragya well at all and she has a proof. Daadi asks what proof she has. Tanu says she caught Pragya read-handed stealing some days ago. She is worried about Abhi as he is Aaliya’s brother. She asks Pragya to tell if she steal or not. Daasi asks Pragya to speak. Rachana alsos insists. Pragya gets tensed thinking what to tell.

Daadi asks Pragya to speak. Pragya says Tanu is lying and asks if she has any proof. Tanu says she has. Pragya asks her to show it then. Tanu asks Daadi to come along with her. Pragya asks her not to believe her. Tanu insists Daadi to come with her. Pragya says she should not go. Tanu asks everyone to come along. Daasi says Pragya let her show what proof she has. Tanu insists daaadi and daadi walks along with her to Pragya’s room.

Precap: Pragya tells Tanu that she brought her in this house, but she is hell bent to kick her from this house. Tanu says she does not deserve to stay in this house and will be kicked out once proof comes. Pragya says she cannot prove anything.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


    • DeeDee

      These Writers have absolutely NO Creativity or Common Sense!! This show is going to lose Ratings and wound up going OFF!!! Fans are TIRED of this round and round Bull Shit.

    • Priya

      He won’t do anything yaar. Nowadays Abhi too not having brain to think. Y he is not opposing them

  1. Gayathri

    Getting irritated. ..wat the hell is this…y pragya doing like dis?? Plz plz plz change the story line??? such a bad story line???

  2. kowsi

    No comments simply waste…im waiting for abhi and pragya unite…also new entry..this plan definitely flop…aftr tat pregnancy report will coming they r celebrating the gud news..today tanu overacting …hey ne romba peasura tanu..

    • Priya

      Don’t think like tat Priya she ll start like this only but atlast she won’t do anything against tanu. She ll tel taT it’s Abhi child so she ll b in here only. I only want to go out nu. Stupid pragya

  3. diya

    The main problem with kkb is that they r always dragging the storyline so much…first it was with the kidnapping drama and now with the pregnancy ….what r the writers thinking of??? I think they r aiming to get the trp ratings high with all these twists and turns…bt i’m sure kkb is sure to get much better trp ratings if abhi and pragya unites…their union is the very reason most people watch this show…but still cant help watching this show even though its becoming too stupid nowadays…

  4. kavin

    challenge to writers “oru maaso orey oru maaso veetla ukanthu serial suspense odu paarunga apa theriyu naanga evalavu kashta padro theriyu unga serial paathu “yenna irunthu paakringala”

      • kavin

        writers y you are not understand the feeling of fans we wanted to unite abhi and pragya but you are dragging.we know that you are dragging for trp ratings but note it writers if there were no fans there won’t be trp ratings at all and the serial will get the last position so give the story line according to fan’s wish

      • kavin

        yellathu ku oru limit iruku writers neenga antha kidnapp story ya illutheenga but i did not say anything about it but you are doing the same for this what is this mean?

  5. Priya

    The future episode of Kumkum Bhagya will show that Dadi gets dismayed to understand that Pragya stole Abhi’s money.

    Dadi’s doubts that Pragya should be hiding one thing massive from her and she threatens Pragya to inform everything to Sarla

    Pragya agrees to inform the reality and simply then the courier guy comes.

    Dadi asks Abhi regarding what’s in courier and Abhi says Pragya report as she is pregnant.

    Dadi was waiting this good news from long days and she hug Pragya for completed her last wish.

    Dadi dances in happiness and shouts she goes to be great granny.

    Mitali accuses Pragya for theft and Dadi tells her that Pragya took her husband’s money.

    Dadi says to Pragya she can pay what quantity ever money she needs and warns everybody that nobody ought to dare to hassle pragya.

  6. chandniy

    Gussa aajati h Yarr itna dragg kar rahe hai band karo or yeh pragya an kuch zada hi kar rahi hi

      • Britney

        Exactly. It was only the other day abhi found out he loved his wife (how ironic). And on the same day she told him he does not love her so how the **** is that possible. Usually abhi comes home drunk so he doesn’t know what is going but at least pragya is never drunk (tho she never has the rite sense).
        I am 100% sure she’s FAKING the pregnancy news.
        Because I sure the writers know how eager Kumkum Bhagya fans are to see Abhi and Pragya’s love story. And that’s not possible with her being pregnant already. Unless they’re planning to drop the ratings of the series and end it.
        But I still love this show

  7. Hey it’s really irritating pa polamba vidurathukum oru alavu irruku . OMG naa ippadilam polambunathey illa enna poi ippadi polamba vituteengalae ….. Plz don’t drag too much . Ennaku vara kovathuku naa ungala…… Seekirama oru mudivuku vaanga illana naa enna panuvenu ennakae theriyaathu …..

  8. kowsi

    We r really appreciate the writters …ne koodu potta nan road poduvenu solra mathiri…small pregnant matter but they r dragging toooooooooo much..ella matterum one month illupanga ithum athe mathiri tan…may month la tanu pregnancy mater vandhuchu now june month ipavum continue agum epa tan ithuku full stop..

  9. kavin

    itheymarey pochuna writers kettunga kaththi style la sollura”neenga trp ratings ah paakka poyutinga engaluku theriyu athey side poit irutheenga na”yella fans intha serial comments ah niratha solluva -just trp ratings koriyu ‘illa yella fans yu unga serial oda update cancel panna solluva-serial just last position vanthudu’illa naanga fans yella senthu intha serial pakarathu stop panuvo-serial will end(stop), yoshchikonga!

  10. Vidhya

    I really don’t understand one thing. Do they think all are fools to accept these ? How can Pragya be so foolish ? She already knew about Tanu. She could have read-handedly got Tanu for all the bakvaas. Also, atleast Pragya should believe Abhi. Is this all love for Abhi ? These ppl play with all life and make us go mad.

    For heavensake throw away Tanu and aliya or make them marry someone else. All stupids will happen only to Pragya ?? Pragya should be super women in terms of brain not like these

    • Betsy

      Just STOP Watching until they CHANGE the Storyline. This is TOO Stupid to enjoy. I bet you that many viewers have stopped watching this shit.

      • santya

        i dont think so.. i do read the comments and people were complaining alot about this drama…yet they are still here to read and get to knw whats going on next afterall..doesnt it sounds like abit strange…people start to hate this drama yet still watching it @try to get updates at least-why??? g

  11. krbee

    what is this bullshit… Just go to hell kumkum bhagya.. The script writter is damn dumb and rubbish.. blo*dy brain !!

  12. aji

    ada ponga pa cinema bore adikuthunu serial pakkam vantha ithu atha vida kodumada saami.ithu eppadi theriyuma irukku”kodumayae kodumayaenu koyilukku pona, anga oru koduma bayangarama dance aaduchan”appadi irukku.

  13. Che

    Dis is the worst tv series ever……
    Why will a tv series last for 2,3- 4 years that so ridiculous (boring, meaningless.dumb, babyish, stupid , unreasonable, story line…..as if we viewer are dumb). Talking of doli armano ki dat one shuld be ban, it only in dis tv series that bad things happen in the family, is it every day a family encounter disaster..Argh writers please be realistic , if you dont have anyting to write stop dis series…… We viewers are not dumb or kids

  14. Eish dragging frustrating everyone now suddenly pregs wen n by who???Pragya dodo tanu n aaliya shameless. Abhi is in oblivion…writters pack up tis bakwas
    Thanl god for written updates dnt hv tym to waste…

  15. santya

    lemme stop watching this drama for two weeks,and continue later on…with a hope of changes in storyline! isit a good thing or bad thing?!

  16. tas

    I think its high time they focus on pragyas n abhis luv life 2gether dey r moving away from the topic n its becuming monotonous n nonsense involving tanus prregnancy.crap

  17. Smirfy

    Can we all just write a petition to Zeetv and end this bakwaas show? God! im tired of this dumb show!

  18. Priya

    Really boring yaar every week I m watching when they unite Abhi and pragya. But still dragging. Now I m having doubt one the report came Wat Abhi ll do he ll b happy ah R he ll get angry ah. Or else pragya ll tel the truth ah. But in add pragya ku yelam therinju than nadakura maathiri react pandra. She not getting nervous shock anything. Wat is happening yaar.

  19. jenny

    I use to love this show, what the hell is going on. Why everyone is getting on so dumb, why is Prag helping that idiot Tanu .Emagine Prag have tanu embarrassing her in front of everyone . Tanu want a good Trinidadian slap .

  20. Nethu nadantha episode patha vudanae unmaiya oru comment sollanumna chandramugi Rajini style la thaan sollanum “Enna kodumai saravana !” Episode eppadi illuthaanga nethu . Oh plz abhiyum pragyavum pirivhidatheenga plz……

  21. selian

    stop dragging plz atleast rachu 2 deliver the baby. this is truly unreasonable story lines.

  22. Gayathri

    Kidnapping episode kuda paravala avanga thappichu poga kastam so one month iluthaga…aana pregnancy concept vechum one month drag pannagana over pa…”pudichu jail la poduga sir”….koduma paduthadhiga pa…

  23. kb fan

    guys don’t you think that it is non other than abhi the rockstar ias the person who send that pregnancy report of pragya as he don’t want to let pragya leave him and his house as he loves her so much.and also in today’s episode he said while driving the woh pragya ko ghar chode kar jaane nahi dega toh isliye muje yeh lagta hai ki woh report abhi ka plan ho.iam just guessing it .guys aapko bhi aisa lagtha hai.

      • Kavin I think this is all abhi’s plan to save pragya. I think this pregnancy report of pragya itself is a fake one and this fake report should have been created by abhi to keep pragya with him. I am guessing like this only. I hope that they will soon unite. WANT ABHI AND PRAGYA TOGETHER. I am watching the show only for them only pa . Plz……. Drag pannatheenga aluthuduvaen !!!!!

  24. I don’t think abhi is the lead character … I’ve seej lead characters doing all heroism and here he is just like a puppet …. Pragya u lost ur brain to someone else .. PLZ first go find it and then do anything …
    Then if abhi and pragya r lead how they totally forgot about kidnap drama and did not find who was behind it … Disgusting ….

  25. farida uttan

    Writers easy way to end this serial, let rachna have a baby,, let bulbul and purab get married,, let daadi and all the oldies get to know about pragya’s crimes to help tanu,, get rid of useless aaliya and then let abhi and pragrya get married Finally the story will be over. Hopefully something more interesting will replace this nonsense

    • Don’t pay attention to himorelse he will come here everyday and trouble u all he makes fake account of anyone among this pg and will comment wrong or will say I love u etc I this cuz he did the same wid me and my sis

  26. jeeva

    i stopped watching this serial but i wanna to read updates like me many of the viewers going to stop watching this serial. hellooooooooo serial peoples r u reading these comments pls do some thing interesting. really yaar we are getting toooooooo boring really this story line is not interesting. on reading all these comments dont u think that the serial is for the veiwers ???????????????????????????? y dont u set some other interesting story line.

  27. Ekta Bhandari

    I ? KB bt I want this track to end soon n c them both together?.
    Sriti Jha n Shabbir u both rockzzz…….

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