Kumkum Bhagya 3rd July 2017 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 3rd July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sridevi meeting Sarla and asks about Pragya and Bulbul. Sarla tells her that Bulbul is no more and Pragya is married to rockstar. She cries and tells that her strength is broken since Bulbul left and she can’t afford to lose Pragya. Sridevi says she will be alright with your blessings and promotes her film MOM which is releasing on 7th July. Abhi asks Pragya what he had forgotten? Pragya says you had forgotten me and all the things which happened since 2.5 years. Abhi asks then how come you are with me. Pragya says you had forgotten me and our love, but remembered only your family. She says I went far from you, and one day we met in a office. You made me your secretary and took me home. Then you fell in love with me, but you said that you can’t marry me as you had promised

marriage with Tanu. When I was kidnapped, you came to rescue me and since then we have been running from goons and got married in a temple. We have united again. She hugs him and cries. Main Phir Bhi song plays..

Abhi says I forgotten you, but you didn’t lose strength and got me again. He says how can anyone love me so much and says if I can’t lower your favors. He says now he knows what is meant by 7th births and says I got this second birth because of you. He says we are together and I have no complaints even if I die. Pragya keeps her hand on his mouth. He says we are lucky to stay together. He feels pain. Pragya asks what happened? He says nothing and says his luck is good to get him, but what happened to her destiny. Pragya smiles.

Mitali asks kids to have food fast. Dadi prays to God and says nothing shall happen to Abhi and Pragya. Just then photo frame falls from her hand. Dasi comes and says although frame fell down, but mirror is not broken. She says they will return safely. Janki says they are safe. Beeji says until they are together, no trouble can touch them. Pragya makes coffee for Abhi. She says I made coffee for you many times as your secretary. Abhi says he remembered to romance with him. Allah Wariyan plays. Raghuveer ji comes and says it is good that you got consciousness. Abhi doesn’t identify him. Pragya asks Raghuveer ji to come, and takes him to other room. She says she said that she can’t marry Abhi as she is already married to him. She tells him about his accident and memory loss. She says we got married again. Raghuveer says he is surprised to get a married woman marry her husband, and blesses her. He asks her to take care of Abhi.

Commando says where they have gone and says they can’t go far. Nikhil comes and says you were not in army, but in some group, betrayed them and were kicked out from there. He asks him not to betray him. Command says you enquired about me, it is good, but you would have got full info about me. He says I never betray my client and says when I told that I will kill them then I will kill them. Nikhil says if you don’t complete my work then you will be same as other goons to me.

Abhi asks Pragya to come near him and says we are newly married and the newly weds have suhaag raat. Pragya says you are unwell and wants to have suhaagraat. Abhi says we will have it later, but comes closer to me. Pragya says she will bring blanket if he is feeling cold. She gets the blanket and finds an old pic. She gets shocked.

Pragya questions Raghuveer ji and says she had forgotten about her father, but seeing his photo today with her mum and beeji, she is asking. Raghuveer ji is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. KAINA

    hi guys does any1 watch aarambh here

  2. SRSL

    When will this serial get over???????

    1. Bianca Murphy

      I’m asking the same question, like repeatedly.

  3. Don’t know what to say
    Seeing this I only feel that nothing will happen to abhigya and they will be together but don’t know what is going to happen

  4. WhatwillAhbidotoTanu,Aliaya andNikil When he get hismemoryback

  5. Finally old Abhi again 🙂
    Poor couple Abhigya.
    Ekta Kapoor :
    very bad story line enough and Kundali Bhagya?
    Bad writers same story..

  6. Bewakuf…. Ideot…. Disgusting…serial

  7. every india drama ppl always suffer frm memory loss, i want to know if indians has water brain…. u they cn’t even make a good story line… always gping round like brailess ppl. comeon india show us what you got and stop copying and producing crap.

    1. ???????? I have been saying that, any small thing=memory loss. Wth?!

      1. All Indians series av watched, there must be a memory loss. ??? Don’t insult the Indians tho, I don’t know what the heck is wrong with the producers. I now actually think that there are a lot of memory losses in India cos it’s always portrayed in their movies. ??

  8. finally something good is happening 😂
    GO abhigya !!!🙌hope nothing bad happen

  9. Shrilatha

    Now Prague will fall.of cliff..according to the spoilers

    1. Nymisha281

      really?……if then ;p :p

  10. Lopez

    wat the wack,,,,do u even know wat u typed? omg,,hw can u be soooo insensitive, talking about Indians is a general word,and bashing producer crew and cast is also a different thing altogether,, so hw can you generalise a nation and speak this much ill about them,,plzzzzzzz I know this is a sight to share views about the series, and not a place for ignorant and low minded fellow like u..though am not an Indian,that doesn’t mean i should talk ill about them without any fault of theirs and u ve to oblige with this as well???????????

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