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The Episode starts with Tanu coming to Abhi and Pragya and says her parents want to talk to Pragya. Abhi asks her to take them to room and they will come. Aaliya announces Sarla and Beeji’s performance. They perform on the song VIP……everyone applaud for their dance act. Abhi and Pragya go to Tanu’s room to talk to her parents. Tanu’s parents ask Abhi and Pragya to tell the truth. She asks Abhi to tell her parents that Abhi wants to marry her, and Pragya is helping her get place in Abhi’s life and home. She asks Pragya to tell that she will not come between them. Abhi and Pragya are silent. Tanu asks them to say the truth. Tanu’s mum asks Abhi to say it. Abhi says Tanu is saying right. Tanu’s dad asks how can you do this, you should be shameful to make my daughter pregnant. Tanu’s mum

says you have spoiled her life and we will never forgive you. Tanu’s dad says we will inform his family. Pragya says both of them are equally guilty and Abhi is trying to give her rights. Tanu’s dad asks what is the proof that Abhi will marry my daughter. He asks Abhi to get engage to Tanu.

Nikhil fumes and thinks what they are doing? Tanu’s dada says this is the only way to correct your mistake. If Abhi wants to marry you then what is the problem. Tanu says Dad is right, we shall get engaged. If we get engaged then my parents will be unburdened. Tanu’s dad says we are just asking you to make Tanu wear the ring, and we will be assured that you will marry her. Nikhil thinks what to do as his plan back fired. Abhi is silent. Tanu’s dad asks shall we think your silence as your agreement. Dasi comes there and tells Dadi is calling them. She asks what you are doing here. Pragya says she came to get pregnancy tips from Tanu. Dasi says Tanu isn’t married, so why you are taking tips from her. Pragya says she was getting tips from Tanu’s mum. Abhi says he told Pragya that he will give her safety pin. Dasi asks them to come. Nikhil wonders what to do. Aaliya invites Purab and Bulbul on the stage to perform. Purab and Bulbul dance on the song Bol Halke Halke…………….

Abhi and Pragya look at their romantic dance and looks at each other with helplessness. Everyone claps for their performance. Nikhil asks Tanu, how can you do this? Tanu asks him to understand her helplessness. Nikhil says I love you and you will marry Abhi, why? He says I called your parents here thinking they will give you a piece of mind, but they didn’t do that. He threatens her and asks her to inform everyone that the baby is his, else her dream to marry Abhi will remain as a dream only. Bulbul tells everyone that their dance was the best and tells Sarla’s dance was boring. Beeji praises Dadi and Dasi’s dance. Mitali starts coughing. Dadi asks her to stop coughing and says you also danced well. Mitali thanks them. Tanu’s mum asks Tanu to come inside the room as they are waiting for her. Tanu nods. She thinks Nikhil is following her and wonders what to do? Nikhil comes and holds her hand stopping her.

Tanu asks him to leave her hand. Nikhil says your parents are forcing Abhi to do the engagement right now. I won’t let this happen. I have right on you and our family. He threatens to tell her secret to everyone as DNA result is going to come soon. He says once I prove that the baby is mine, it will not take time to have relation with me. Pragya comes and hears them. Nikhil and Tanu are shocked.

Tanu’s mum asks Abhi to make Tanu wear the ring. Pragya stops him and tells this engagement can’t happen.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I guess pragya f course wud stop d engment bt she wl try to find d reasn why nikhil nd tanu wr 2gthr… She wl gt a doubt n deir behvr also… So she may say tat dis engment wl hpn bt nly nfrnt f dadi.. Nd slwly (may b aftr 15 days) she wl hit upn d truth nd finaly reveal t…

  2. I wonder y abhi is so inert. He was so sure n even arguing with pragya that tanu is cheating. Y shouldnt he investigate about the truth.he should do some thing.always pragya is struggling alone. They say pragya is a practical women , but show her as an emotional fool charector. A practical mind will think logically right. ? ?

    1. yeah.Pragya’s character is practical 🙂 :)..thatz y she thinks Tanu ll be pregnant with Abhi’s child ..as Abhi kept on telling he loves Tanu for past 10 months to Pragya…

  3. Pragya loves abhi so much. She takes care of him vry well. And knows tanu cannot look after him as well. How can she decide to leave abhi and his family in tanu ‘s hand . how can she leave her loved one just like that.its painful .hmm. .. let’s see..

    1. Everyone wants to pretend that this is such a big sacrifice BUT actually she is acting like a brainless idiot. She is not protecting Abhi and his family she is doing wrong to them!! Very stupid behavior,

  4. Hi frnds…very gud mrng to everyone…

    1. Gud mrng kowsi

  5. Nothing going to happen new today.. They ll simply dragg dragg and drag

  6. Pragya wil stop da engagement coz she heard wat tanu en nikhil was twakn so abhi wil be shock wat hs gf did to hm

    1. How u r telling pa.

  7. Hai Kulsum

    1. Mashi wht z ur fll nme.

  8. Me too from Kerala Zoya

  9. Hai mashi wich dist

  10. I lost all interest friends. I thought at least today they will reveal this vamp tanu’s truth . Aana intha pragya enna Panna poralo…. Ithila Vera abhigya love confess pana innum neriya time edukum evalavu thairiyamma solraanga… Ennaku vara kovathuku….. Rhomba drag panaatheenga pa mudiyala…

    1. Hi ? zoya how are you? ??

  11. Hai priya di how is ur work

  12. Hey guys just check the pic of bulbul with aaliya from purbul wedding posted by shikha Singh (aaliya) on her twitter account. Bulbul have some injuries on her face and she raise her finger on aaliya with rondoo (she is pretending to cry) expressions. It’s their off screen pic. But I think this pic is the sign of upcoming twist in purbul wedding to stop it.

    1. Acho i twitter ah nikki. I want to c tat pic can u send d link.I don’t have acc in twitter if u send I can c without log in.

      1. PRIYA u can see it on Facebook or India forum sites too.

      2. K I ll check

      3. Thx nikki

  13. farida uttan

    since when has this forum become a platfom to meet friends as though it is a chat line.
    I thought this was an update on tv serials and peoples views

    1. That’s what I thought. It has gotten to be ridiculous. Go to Facebook to make a new friend,

  14. Kumkum Bhagya:

    Pragya makes Bulbul gets ready for her marriage and brings Bulbul to the marriage altar. She then makes her sit with Purab in the marriage altar. Bulbul and Purab exchange garlands and is all set to marry each other hopefully. Bulbul looks beautiful in elegant red lehenga, looking like a perfect bride and puts garland on her groom’s neck. Purab and Bulbul have been united after overcoming many hurdles. Abhi looks confused as he is trapped by Tanu. He is happy that Bulbul is getting married to Purab. There will be a big drama in the marriage and it will not be less than a bomb to shock everyone. Pragya and Abhi are confused about their feelings for each other and couldn’t confess because of the present circumstances. In next track, Pragya will try to expose Tanu infront of family members and will try to save her marriage with Abhi.

  15. Now I have little confidence that pragya know the truth but she din tell abhi I think so. Hope aft purab and bulbul mrg they will unite. But in forum they mentioned aliya can do like this in which when purab went for meeting outside I exactly din remember which place that time bulbul has accident and this aliya was with purab she even make her friend behave so that she can near cloase to purab. In forum they predicted that aliya will make this a video and will tell that she is pregnant and will marry purab. This is their prediction.

    1. Ya PRIYA even many spoilers are still saying this that pragya knows tanu’s truth becoz she has been heard takhil conversation. That’s why she stops tabhi’s engagement. But don’t worry it is true or not , this we will get to know after today’s episode or this weeks episodes. If not directly then by hints.

    2. Ha ha..Aliya will also tel she is pregnant 🙂 amazing story line.. I hope writers wil not do it as it ll be too much 🙂

  16. Our abhi (shabbir) is going toranto for a stage performance in toranto mahotsav. It will be on 11 July.But there is no confirmation of telecast. If it will be or not. But shabbir’s programme is fixed and he has confirmed this news on his twitter account.

  17. What is toranto nikki?

    1. Sorry PRIYA, my mistake. It’s Toronto, capital of Canada.

  18. DAMN KKV is in the air and ZEE TV is unclear due to RAIN …. **** annoying

  19. nice performance by Abhi and praghya

  20. nice serial i ever watched .tis is ma favourite one .

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