Kumkum Bhagya 3rd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 3rd February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pragya seeing Abhi sleeping peacefully. Tanu brings flowers for Abhi and thinks it will cheer his mood. Pragya asks her not to disturb Abhi. Tanu insults her and says thorns are in your destiny. She stands beside his bed side. Pragya asks her to sit. Tanu gives her bouquet and tries to sit. Abhi wakes up and sees Pragya holding bouquet. He asks what she is doing with bouquet? Tanu says she brought it for him. She says she has planned romantic dinner for them. Abhi says all the arrangements should be perfect. Tanu says ofcourse. Pragya asks her not to be happy and says you have to come to me for money. Tanu says she doesn’t need money from her. Dadi tells Sarla that she doesn’t have any option than to take Pragya’s help. Sarla thanks Dadi for supporting Pragya and giving

her all the love. Janki comes and says she heard everything. Sarla asks her not to make noise. Janki says I would have cursed her and gets angry at Sarla for not informing her. Sarla says I came to know yesterday. Janki says I will leave from here and then you will value me. Sarla asks her to take her stuff and go. Janki says I will get my money and will leave.

Mitali tries talking to Raj, but he ignores her. She asks him to talk to her else she will die. Raj says I am already dead and asks her not to be friendly with him. He says you will not get wifey rights now. Mitali apologizes to her and says I have changed a lot. She sits down and touches his feet. Rachna comes and requests Raj to forgive Mitali once. Raj says he has forgiven her many times, but her habits never changes. Rachna insists. Raj asks if you will forgive Akash again if he does any mistake. Rachna is silent. Raj goes. Mitali cries. Rachna asks her not to worry and says Raj will forgive you. Mitali says what I shall do.

Pragya, Dadi, Purab and Sarla meet in Sarla’s house. Pragya says I don’t think Tanu will come. Dadi says she is very cunning. Sarla says she wants truth to come out soon. Pragya seeks her blessings. Purab tells Pragya that he will go there as a blackmailer. Pragya says but. Purab says I don’t want to take risk with your life, and says her boyfriend might be dangerous. She can come with goons also. Pragya says I have to go. I can’t take risk. She says Bulbul have given her life to save me, and says can I take a small risk. Dadi says Purab is right? She says Pragya will be blackmailer and Purab will go with you. She makes a plan. Pragya says she will take Ronnie’s help.

Abhi thinks about Pragya. Mitali thinks she will instigate Abhi against Pragya. She comes to Abhi and asks what is the matter? She asks if he is still upset with Raj? Abhi says no. Mitali asks what is the problem then? Abhi says he is feeling something is amiss and strange. Mitali says you are missing a life partner in your life and gives Raj’s example. She asks him to marry Tanu and praises her. Abhi says I will marry Tanu as she is going to be my baby’s mum. Rachna hears them. Mitali says this is right time for marriage and says Pragya will not return your money. I heard her talking to someone. Abhi says he doesn’t have money. Mitali asks him to marry in court and says she has a lawyer friend who will not take fees. Rachna wonder why Mitali is doing this. Mitali says Dadi will be happy as well. Abhi says this idea is good and asks her to talk to her friend. Mitali says I will talk to my friend. Abhi thinks it is right and he will marry soon.

Purab brings Pragya and Ronnie to the stadium, and makes a plan. He asks her to call them if she senses any danger. Pragya says you have chosen a good place. Purab says they will record everything in camera and will show it to Abhi. Pragya asks Ronnie not to tell anything to anyone. Ronnie says you are my namesake sister, and says I will not break your trust. Rachna thinks Mitali is taking revenge from Pragya and that’s why forcing Abhi to marry tanu. She says Abhi went to talk to lawyer. Ronnie sets the camera. Pragya gets Rachna’s call. Rachna tells her that Mitali is walking on wrong way and convinced Abhi to marry Tanu. She says she took Abhi to court to get his marriage done. Pragya is shocked.

Pragya calls Tanu as a watchman and asks her to come in two hours. Tanu wonders what to do? Abhi informs Mitali that Tanu is coming and he will marry her today itself. Pragya tells Purab that Tanu will come and Abhi’s marriage will not happen with her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Pls expose stupid tanu soon and nice epi pls continue this don’t draggg it yaar

  2. nice episode and kumum bhagya ending and vishakanya is coming in few days so truthwill be revealed soon and also expecting bulbul at the end

    1. This s not true .. Don create rumours like this .. From where did u hear this ? there is no need to end kkb nw …

      1. Guys Wat vishakanya is that a new soap opera but with ur comments I can say that it should not occupy kumkum bhagya and may be I think satrangi sasural or any other series can end for wat they have to end kkb if they end kkb means I will miss u all telly updates commenters sorry my dear friends but it’s not yet confirmed know guys so anyone pls solve my confusion??!!

      2. when i used to see online episode there is a veio saying vishakanya after kumkum bhagya

    2. Where did u get this news from?
      Is it a similar rumor like Pragya will lose memory, Pragya will b raped, like all such imaginatory news?

      1. there only i saw the vedio of pragya following thanu but i didnt mean to hurt anyone but say that tanu will be exposed soon u guys can see it when u open any online zee show zee tv and i am not feeling sad if i am wrong since i dont mean to hurt any one

    3. Maggi u haven’t been commenting here for sometime, do u have any inside news?

      1. Sorry but my is not working with kkb team for now as for Ekta madam not clearing dues of last 6months
        My hubby left this project
        But they have ready storyline till 800 episodes but had to change little first for aaliya down with dengue then bulbul leaving show

      2. Maggie, good to see you commenting here n thanks for providing ur inputs promptly 🙂

        So I am hoping since it is reaching 500 epi soon, we can expect atleast run for one more yr 🙂 🙂

      3. This time I think Pragya will succeed as Abhi is busy at court n not thinking about fuggie
        As in previous attempts he was knowingly or unknowingly interfere her plan n she failed
        It’s golden chance now for Pragya to prove herself

    4. Where did you get this news sudha…?!!!

    5. Kkb vl not end .. It tops the trp consistently .. N they vl neva change the timings too .. The top show of zee TV vl b on prime time .. So don get confused guys ..

  3. Well done Mithali u have done what Tanu cudnt in so many months.

    Even if they fail in catching Nikhil, hope his face is captured in those cameras, as he had his face uncovered when trying to stab Pragya.

  4. oh no.. nothing special.. creating confusion with abhi awkward behaviour.. he not even inform dadi abt marriage.. rachna done a good job.. hope abhi wont marry tanu.. if it happen according to abhigya’s divorce this marriage is legally valid.. then everything will be flop.. more awaiting for real (not dream as shown in previous episodes) abhigya’s romance on valentines day.. still one week only left.. writers pls wake up.. dont make a flop of abhigya’s valentines day…

    1. Abhi went to court along with Mithali to speak to the lawyer and check details, may be after reaching there Mithali will further manipulate him n hurry him for marriage. We will see those scenes today. As per segment, after deciding to get married, Abhi calls Daadi n tells her he had to take an urgent decision.

  5. So finally mitali has played her first evil move by helping tabhi in their marriage. But as we were thinking and news peoples were also saying that due to pragya’s drama, abhi’s marriage will postponed. And yes it will becoz we have seen in segment that tanu reached to meet blackmailer on that place where pragya called her so it means she will not reach to the court and as she was talking with herself that abhi has called HDR for meeting, I think tanu doesn’t know that abhi is calling her for court marriage. Becoz if she knows then she goes to court first as she thinks from day one that if once her marriage will happen with abhi then no one could do anything. So as pragya was saying that this is their last chance to trap tanu so let’s see if she will b succeed or not? If it will b really last chance then we can hope for something positive as purab has fitted cameras and microphones all over there. So hope they will capture something definetly. Not nikhil but may b tanu and her truth. Let’s see. Thank god rachna has listened abhi and mitali’s conversation on time. Now I m expecting from pragya to b alert from mitali after knowing her intentions of revenge. Abhi have lost his mind totally in this track. He has become totally useless like he is feeling himself. Only depends on other people’s thoughts but not using his own mind. Like I said yesterday also that his mind only works in pragya’s matters and only as negative but for tanu and other peoples, he becomes dumb and manipulated. After mrunal’s exit, purab has become hero of the show and abhi has become poor heroine of the show. Purab is stealing the show with each passing days during this track. Abhigya is my favourite couple but personally I likes purab’s character very much. Abhi’s character is so much complicated but full of entertainment. And abhigya is the charm of the show. I hope CVS keep maintain their charms and soon they shows their growing romance in their love story.

    1. exactly pratiksha then wat about the 7 days time for abhi to forget pragya i think now it has decreased and becum 2 days and thank god tanu didn’t reach the court and according to SBS segment they have shown that nikhil is going to kill pragya but i don’t know who rescued her purab or ronnie ?????? pls tell me and it will be gud that if everything recorded on camera and spying items but to make abhi believe is not these evidence as u said if sarla maa dadi purab akash rachna ronnie if they hold hand for pragya and tell the truth means abhi will believe am i right ?????

      1. Reji ronnie will rescue pragya by coming in police constable look. He comes between and threatens nikhil and his goons becoz of which they runs away from there. And reji after seeing evidences abhi will definetly believe on everything but the pain which he tolerated in past days due to pragya’s missions, it is difficult for him to forget easily. In MMS track, abhi also did everything hidingly from pragya and pragya suffered a lot in that time. But at last when abhi soughted out everything, she forgot everything and forgave him so easily so I think abhi should also forgive pragya becoz like him, she was also forced to do all this for his well. But as we knows abhi’s character and as we r seeing him from past days, it doesn’t look like that she will forgive pragya so easily but ya as I said that if purab, dadi and other pragya’s supporters will make abhi understand her situations then he will definetly forgive pragya becoz now he is in also so much love with pragya like pragya was in MMS track and as we knows that how much he desperate for getting his love in his life but neciz of tanu’s baby he has become helpless. Marriage with tanu is just a compromise for him and he is still want his love pragya in his life in somewhere in his heart but this baby’s responsibility fact is stopping him to go back to pragya. Otherwise he was in this believe that his love can change pragya in old and he can get his fuggy back but the realization of responsibility towards tanu and her baby has stopped him from doing this.

      2. And as I said he has become totally dumb so his mind is not working in any other thing except pragya. Now while burden is on pragya to expose tanu soon becoz only this can stop tabhi’s marriage and make tanu out of abhi’s house and life and it can bring abhi out from every pain and dilemma.

    2. and one more thing wat will happen if nikhil and tanu came to know about the cameras and microphones and will they get alert this time also will they escaped ????

    3. Hi pratiksha
      I ve just a question
      is vishakanya show is going replace kumkum bhagya ??????
      I meant is kkb is going to end ?????

    4. Nikhil is supporting Tanu so I think he knows or has a feeling that Pragya is behind all this (recalling the scenes where Tanu tells him about the blackmailer and security guard). He might (again) help Tanu escape.

    5. Very good observation Pratiksha. Purab is indeed is the hero in the past many episodes. His love is steadfast and firm. He has no doubts. From the very beginning of his character has always been constant firm and courageous. N he has really grown in KKB. Love him. He cares for the Arora women truly n deeply. N really looks out for his Di Pragya.
      All your thoughts on the epidode today Pratiksha is spot on. Abhi is muddled up like a packet of maggie noodles. A Rockstar but not Rocking at all in intelligence.
      He has gone LOONEY…He needs to join Mickey mouse n frnds n go n live in Smurf land n be Blue n Clueless for the remaining of KKB.

    6. No guys vishkanya is the new upcoming show on zee TV. It will not replaced kumkumbhagya. It will come as new show. They didn’t mention about any replacement of the show. Kumkumbhagya is number-1 show of zee TV and second number show among all the show. It is going very well. So no chances of it’s ending soon. I have read the artical. It doesn’t says that it will replace any of show. In fact it says after getting sucess ofkumkumbhagya, jamai raja and ek that raja ek this rani like show’s, zee TV is going to come with another interesting show vishkanya it is also a romance based show with a romantic love story like these shows. So guys they r only comparing this show with kumkumbhagya and another show to promoting it. It does not mean that it will replace one of these shows becoz these shows r most popular shows of zee TV and top rated in trps. May b some other low rated show can b replaced but not these three shows, it is 100% confirmed. So don’t worry.

      1. May be Laajwanthi, heard it was finite time show n will end soon.

    7. Abhi cant go along with Pragya as he did to trap Vijay. Pragya cant reveal where n why she is going, so this option of both of them solving this is ruled out.

      Like Abhi used to chase Pragya n found that Tanu was pregnant n was meeting Pragya, he cant go after Pragya now. One reason he is not sure what Pragya is upto, last time her behavior changed towards Daadi, getting Rachna married n all such stuff. This time, her behavior has changed from so many months. Second reason last time he went to meet Pragya on KKHH3 promotions, he did more damage than actually help her in catching Nikhil. The moment Tanu sees him anywhere around she will escape. So writers already showed us a failed attempt because of Abhi.

      Now there is one more option for Abhi – follow Tanu, but for that he needs to first get suspicious on her. Writers will create such a scenario if they wish, but I dont see them doing that anytime soon. Let us see if atleast after Tanu misses coming to court for marriage, will Abhi get some doubt or not. He is only getting angry or disappointed, but comes to terms just for sake of baby. So this time, the baby is Abhi’s weakness which is not allowing him to think beyond what he is seeing.

      But how will this chase of Pragya, Tanu, Nikhil n Purab end, we have to see. Purab was saying something on no. of entries n exists n some secret way for this place. As we saw in segment, Pragya n team were running in some underground way. And Purab was saying they can still catch the guy in burqa. So what is his confidence we have to see. Also, Pragya n Ronnie r in disguise, but if Nikhil comes face to face, he will see Purab with them.
      If they see Purab, Nikhil will get confirmation on the blackmailer, Pragya’s team is at risk of exposure even in that way.

      Next segment may give some clue.

      1. Sahithi in segment pragya, purab and ronnie runs behind nikhil and his goons but when they doesn’t find them then pragya calls tanu for meeting. So if pragya will meet with tanu as blackmailer watchman then she will not take purab or ronnie in front if her, they will remain hide from tanu. In segment they shows it too that after running form there, nikhil meets with tanu who comes also there to meet blackmailer and then tanu and nikhil have some arguments. Let’s see if tanu will go to meet with blackmailer or not or nikhil will allow tanu to meet with blackmiler? But as pragya has given her ultimatum, tanu will definetly go to meet with blackmailer.

  6. Abhi plz marry tanu.unaku pragya Mari nalavala venam.kojum kasta padananum ne tanuva marriage pani oru oru nalum ne pragyava miss pannanum.

  7. OMG… please don’t let that marriage happen

  8. Pls put an end to tanu character..and make abhigya united…

  9. Is this show ending???

  10. get the truth revealed before valentines day

  11. Omg again again same track story..wat is this…now new member in pgagya planning group (mother)…i think atlast sarla aunty is going to reveals this tanu…really lose interest watching this drama now days…

  12. When tanu truth will be out I’m so tired of waiting

  13. Like ek tha raja ek thi rani tanu and abhi will get married . Not feel like watching all these crap.

  14. It is just stupid how Mitali is taking revenge on Pragya when it was MITALI’S fault in the first place lol. She is just mad that she got exposed and her husband hates her. Why wouldn’t he? Because of her, he was in jail. Never once did she tell him the truth.
    Anyway, HOPEFULLY Tanu gets exposed soon now that Abhi is ready to marry her. If she doesn’t, I will be done with this show! Tanu’s character needs to leave!

  15. This plan will also get flop

  16. I hope sarla n dadi convince abhi not to marry tanu now wait a liitle more time until she is caught in front of him

  17. Mitali dont do tht to pragya pity her wht she did was right but she was good didnt get your husband arrested n even wen your husband was u were in the mistake u didnt do anything or even sacrifice by telling the truth so let abhi n pragya b united day by day i m just waiting wen it wil happen.

  18. Tanu’s gone now pratiksha…. And what’s that news im hearing is it true that kkb is going to be replaced…..i mean there are still some gaping holes to be filled in the past right…like purvi should come out and just the beginning of mithali’s revenge. And aaliya cant get ended up in jail she hv to come out and along with mithali she should some conspiracy against Pragya right what do u say?

  19. Nowadays i could only read the written update…therefore will you please answer my question; Is Janki really angry and went out?

    Mitalis doing speed up the process…finally….i hope they close tanus drama….I can’t see/ hear/ read her lies. I don’t understand Abhi: why is he so blind???? Pragya is giving alots of hints but his is really dense. I like Ronni and Purab, they are like knights who want to protect 🙂

    1. Janaki is not really angry. She also got to know yesterday that Pragya was acting all the while.

  20. Leapsandbpund

    KB TRP is in the top 5. It’s not ending. MATH is possibly ending as their TRP is low

    Also there is a rumor that ETRETR might end in March as their TRP is low.

    These writers don’t u destined when they keep their main characters apArt and don’t have interesting stories, people stop watching.
    Lawjwanti is a finite show and is ending possibly this week or next week.

    Vishkaniya is replacing Lajwanti.

  21. Rubbish kkb won’t go off air to replace the new one…… come on zeetv are not fools to remove the top rated tv serial to replace with a brand new one probably qubool hain will get replaced…….

  22. Dragging…………….Pls exposed tanu ya

  23. Reading the comments is always interesting. I now realise this circles of kkb will never come to an end. Everything is at such a slow pace , that even the writers fall asleep trying to figure out what concoction to cook up again. Maybe it will be a good idea to end this never ending storyline

  24. 350 th episode abhigya has been separated…its nearing 500 episodes..150 episodes…got wasted…shows they don’t hv any more story to potrate …

  25. Akshata Chowhan

    Why isn’t Raj exposing tanu’s truth???

    1. This make me to doubt on Raj .. Is he stil din turn gud?

  26. Wateva v r fed up wid this separation… V watch kkb only fa abhigya bt stil the show tops the trp .. Tats so funny .. The CVS don unit them cuz thr trp ratings .. Anyways looking forward to the valentines day .. Hoping tanu vl get exposed bfor the valentines day .. N truly saying nowadays kkb is gud comparing the November month .. It was so dragging those days .. Like everyone jus use to talk wit others n roam .. N abhi use to taunt pragya .. Bt now it has totally changed almost 80% of the family members including purab n Ronnie knows the truth n helps pragya .. It’s a gud sign na .. Widout gud plottings n plans pragya exposed both aaliah n Raj .. Now pragya n purab seems to b determined n very serious abt tanu since abhi had decided to do court marriage .. V r almost sure tat the marriage vl b cancelled .. Bt wat if the plan end up knowing nikhil the baby’s father ? Anytng may happen it’s al upto the CVS .. Wishing gud to happen .. Only 8 episodes left fa valentines day .. Thr s no new promo too regardn tanus exposure .. Waitn fa the segment .. Vl there b any SBS today ?

  27. Kb top in daily shows and 2 in daily and weekly shows 😉

    1. Yup and the viewership has also marginally increased from previous weeks. Hope it continues.

  28. Highlights of today’s episode’s-
    Rachna informs pragya about mitali’s move and abhi’s decision of wedding with tanu in court. Pragya says she will do something and says her not to inform dadi.
    Abhi talks with lawyer. Lawyer says that he has arranged all things, marriage will get happen in just an hour. Abhi decides to marry tanu today in witnessing of mitali.
    Abhi thinks to inform dadi but mitali stops him and says dadi will b happy as she wants this too.
    Abhi calls tanu and says her to come and meet with him as he is going to biggest surprise of her life. Tanu thinks what surprise it would b.
    Pragya calls tanu as watchman and says to come with money in just 2 hrs otherwise he will deal with abhi sir. Precap scene happens. Tanu thinks where to go. She thinks choose a way in which she could do both task. Pragya says to ronnie and purab that tanu will not reach to the court for marriage as she will come here.
    Tanu calls nikhil and tells him about blackmailer’s call and about abhi’s meeting with her. Nikhil ways her to choose between abhi and him as who is more important for meeting. Tanu goes to meet nikhil.
    Pragya comes back to home and searches for abhi. Robin tells that abhi left home sometimes before and tanu too. Pragya gets tensed. Dadi sees it and asks pragya what happened? Pragya tells about what ravhna said to her and tells that she is struggling to save abhi from his enemies but he is going to marry with tanu now. Dadi calls abhi. Abhi tells that he have to do it today so he is going to marry with tanutanu. Pragya gets shattered and heartbroken and falls on the couch brokenly.Dadi consoles pragya and says her to call tanu in less time so she could not reach to the court.
    Sarla comes outside in market area and talks with someone. Then nikhil and tanu too comes there and talks with each other. Sarla sees tanu but she sees nikhil from the back. Sarla thinks to follow them as he could b baby’s father.
    Nikhil and tanu have some arguments that where should tanu go. Tanu decides to go to meet with abhi and says nikhil to meet with blackmailer. Nikhil says he could b caught like this, if he will go. Pragya calls tanu as watchman. Tanu puts phone on speaker. Pragya tells her the place and time to meet in 2 hours.
    Nikhil says to tanu to go and meet with this blackmailer as he looks professional. He says to tanu to go and meet and he will come with his goons and will finish that blackmailer there. Sarla listens all this from behind and gets tensed. She doesn’t see nikhil from his face.
    Pragya comes in sarla maa’s home in watchman’s getup. Purab and dadi praises her look as sarla maa too doesn’t identified her as pragya.
    Sarla maa tells to pragya what she heard and says her not to go as her life is in danger and she doesn’t want to loose her like bulbul.
    Pragya says that she have to take this risk as bulbul has given his life for this mission. Purab too consoles sarla maa that he is going with pragya and he will not let anything happen with her.

    1. As always they leave atleast one point open – Sarla doesnt see Nikhil face.

      Tanu has to meet Abhi but he doesnt tell her the place to meet is it, if he mentions court by any chance, Tanu wont even care of blackmailer. She will get the required clue 🙂

      1. Ya sahithi abhi doesn’t tell about the marriage and about the court to tanu. He just calls her on a particular place and says that he is going to give her biggest surprise of her life. I too said this before that if she knows that abhi is calling her for court marriage, she leaves every work for it. And nikhil’s escaping again and again is indicating that tanu truth may reveal but his identity as tanu’s baby’s father will not reveal so soon.

  29. Thnx prathiksha
    So basically there is no tanu meeting pragya ka cap today rite????!!!!

  30. Guys I heard tat sarla maa ll c tanu with some man.. I think it was Nikil but she can’t c his face.. And she try to follow them whether it’s true???

    1. Yes priya it is true. Even she hears their plannings and trying to recognize nikhil’s voice as she thinks that she heard this voice before. But unfortinately she couldn’t see his face.

  31. Guys what I think that what if tanu’s dream comes true as court scene is happening in real and otherwise pragya and her team doing setup for her exposure in front of abhi and abhi was also calling tanu for giving her life’s biggest surprise today so i feels surely some connection between her dream and reality as everything is going as what tanu sees in her dream but only situations and things r different so i feels that this time pragya will get succeed in exposing tanu’s truth but I have a doubt if nikhil will also b exposed as her baby’s father or not becoz from the day one, he is escaping every time. Today also he will escape from sarla maa luckily. And as we have seen in segment that he will go in burkha in front of pragya to killing her so it is doubtful that his identity will get revealed as tanu’s baby’s father with tanu’s truth. But tanu’s truth will get revealed in front of abhi through that cameras, I have a strong feeling. Becoz as things r going in which tanu gets trap in everything, it looks like she will get exposed. As pragya was also said that this is her last chance to trap tanu and today she says to dadi that if marriage will not happen today then tanu will tell to abhi about their divorce, then everything will get revealed and abhi will get hell bent to marry with tanu and getting divorce from her. So as she was saying all this, it looks like something positive will definetly happen which will changed abhi’s decision to marry with tanu. Hope whatever I m feeling comes true. Let’s see.

    1. Pratiksha wat my actual fear is will the boomerang come and hit pragya……she is trying to bring tanu’s truth infront of everyone she better not expose her and her team. ….cause tanu is very cheap person and she can do anything I think cvs is dragging so first pragya’s exposure will definitely be there. ……..I don’t know I just got a gut feeling something very bad is going to happen to pragya. …..I hope atleast abhi doesn’t marry tanu. …….fingers crossed

    2. If tanu or nikil get catched then its good.. But if not then wat will be the result of this failed mission.. ???.. I cant even guess.. Totally confused.. Wat do u think..

    3. Pratiksha, in segment it is shown that while lifting knife on Pragya Nikhil had his face uncovered, he didnt have burqa then. Thats why we could recognize the person inside that right.
      So even if worst case he n goons escape, I am hoping his face will be captured in the cameras being setup. But I think there may be more twists. As till Tanu comes n meets her, Pragya might keep threatening her.

      Or if this attempt fails, like when Raaj got exposed, Pragya might call Abhi also in false voice n ask him to come to some place to know some truth. She may want him to see for himself. Assume Tanu misses going to court n Pragya also missed catching them, next day Pragya can call as watchman n tell Abhi that Tanu is upto something fishy n didnt come to meet u n if he want to know her truth, he shud come to some place.

      All this we r predicting but let us see what will happen.

  32. I cant understant u le thought prathiksha plz share it clearly…. wt similarities in dream nd this pragya plan

  33. Thanks pratiksha for today episode. Know any new segment pratiksha and other guy’s

  34. Btw Abhi’s tee in yday episode was quite quirky but Shabir carried it very very well. Not everyone will be able to carry such huge prints with flowers, but it was actually looking quite FRESH as written. A departure from the general blacks n blues we see on guys.

  35. Abhi was looking in that t-shirt like chalta firta garden… 😛

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