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The episode starts with coporator waving hands to Abhi in a traffic signal. Abhi taunts him and moves his car. Corporator starts following Aaliya’s car. Abhi stops at a local tea stall and reminisces having tea with Tanu once. He sips tea with Pragya. His childhood friend meets him and asks Pragya who is she. Pragya introduces herself as Abhi wife.

Mitali tells Aaliya that they escaped because of Abhi today. Aaliya asks where was Abhi. She says he was in traffic signal between her and corporator’s car. Just then corporator’s car overtakes them and stops. Aaliya gets irked. Corporator comes out, drags Aaliya out and asks how dare she is to try to burn Bulbul’s face with acid and says he will get them arrested right now. He calls inspector and asks him to

come right now. Aaliya says she does not have any grudge on him and asks him to spare them.

Abhi’s friend tells that he is a classical singer and is not successful like Abhi. Pragya says she and many people like classical music and says she needs his mobile number. He walks to get her mobile. Abhi says friend that Pragya always blubbers and bores everyone. Friend says he is lucky instead to have a wife like Pragya.

Bulbul comes home. Purbi says Sarla now knows that she went to Pragya’s house. Bulbul asks who told her. Purbi says Pragya. Bulbul says she could not propose jiju, but complained about her. She reminisces corporator trying to harm her, calls Pragya and tells her about the incident. Pragya asks her not to worry, Abhi will take care of corporator.

Aaliya tries to frighten corporator by telling he is doing a mistake by confronting Abhi Mehra’s sister, her brother will not spare her. He asks her repeat the name. She repeats and asks if he is afraid now. Corporator reminisces Abhi beating him and says he got a jackpot now, he can take revenge from both Abhi and Pragya now.

Abhi comes to his room and reminisces his friend praising Pragya, thinks Pragya does magic on everyone.

Corporate brings Aaliya and puppets to his hideout and asks how dare she to try to splash acid on his Bulbul. Aaliya says he is a fool as usual and says Bulbul is marrying Purab and he cannot do anything. Corporator is shocked to hear that and asks if it is true. Aaliya says Bulbul is snatching her Purab and she will kill Bulbul. Corporator says he will kill Purab instead for coming his way. Aaliya asks him dare not to touch her Purab. Corporator says she and her brother Abhi are cowards and know just to bark, he will send his henchmen to finish Purab. Tanu asks them to stop fighting and says both of them should think of stopping engagement. Corporator asks what if his men go and stop this engagement. Aaliya says her brother is very intelligent and will evict his goons easily. Tanu suggests they should kidnap Bulbul. Corporator says he will hatch a plan. They all 4 shake hands.

Abhi looks at Pragya and gets lured. Pragya is also nervous and looks at mirror, thinking why is he looking at her. He thinks he loves Tanu, so he should not think about Pragya. He asks her to tell what she wanted to. She asks him to tell first. They both start you first, you first game again. Abhi walks out angrily.

Corporator tells Aaliya that his henchmen will kidnap Bulbul as soon as she gets out of house. Aaliya asks him not to worry, she will take care of rest.

Pragya thinks she should have proposed Abhi before he walked out and gets more nervous. Purab calls her and asks if she spoke to Bulbul as she is not picking his call. She says she will personally go to her mom’s house and will check and asks him not to worry.

Abhi is busy with his servants and is guiding them in arrangements. He sees Pragya, calls her Fuggi. She gets irked hearing that. He asks where is she going. She says she is going to temple on Daadi’s insistence and if he does not believe her, he can talk to Daadi. He says it is okay and permits her to leave.

Bulbul waits for Pragya’s call and gets nervous. Purbi asks her to select her jewelry and get ready. Bulbul yells at her. Purbi gets angry and walks out asking her to get ready herself. Sarla comes there and gives some family gyan how to be a good bahu and beti after marriage, etc.

Aaliya and her puppets come and think they should send their car and pick Bulbul before Pragya picks her up. Aaliya says she will check with Abhi and asks if Pragya went to pick Bulbul. He says she has gone to temple. She says she will pick Bulbul then. He says driver has gone to pick bulbul and asks her to stay at home, else daadi will get angry seeing both beti and bahu missing. She asks which car and driver he sent to pick Bulbul. He says Satish with white car. Aaliya asks him to call her if there is any need and walks from there, she informs corporator about car’s number. Corporator asks her not to worry, his henchman will kidnap Bulbul.

Precap: Bulbul asks Pragya why did not she propose Abhi. Pragya gets nervous.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. cheap work of Ekta to unite all antagonists of KKB..
    why dont you spare Rabul & Abhigya for longer time!!!!?

    1. Actually…this is just STUPID!!! Once they kidnap them the would have no other choice but to kill them……BUT..they say they are doing this in the name of love. Oh yah..kdnapping someone is a sure fire way to their heart.

  2. Pragya plz propose abhi

  3. Pragya is going to be kidnapped I saw in sbb

  4. bulbul bachpana chhodo aur concentrate on purab
    dee ke bharose tumhari shaadi hone se rahi

    1. I totally agree wid u sushil..bulbul shud sometime think abt purab..not abhigya always..

  5. Its good if Pragya is kidnapped, Abji needs to miss her, let her stay out of show for at least 3 – 4 episodes, let him have all the time in the world to see Tanu at his full’s heart content, and then little by little let him feel lost and alone even after all that time with her

    1. you r right. kuch din fuggi se dur rahega to uske ehmiyat pata chal jayega use.

  6. why dont they send these pupets to mars… always disturbing Rabul and Abhigya.

  7. oh cmon a new drama uhhhh

  8. why is a married woman having to propose to her husband???
    Ekta Kappor obviously has no respect for women and that is why she portrays such weak women who fawn over men who are cheating on them. shame!

  9. thanx for today drama updates


    plz pragya go & propose abhi…we want some romantic scenses between both couples ..abhipragya…purabbulul

  11. Story is so weak. …….No substance / plot what ever. Almost made this serial with mentally disturbed characters. Brains not functioning normally like normal human beings. Wasted gorgeous talented actors like Sriti. Hope they can change the plot to something productive not a waste of time.

  12. why does it feel like pragya will get kidnap

    1. So that story will be more interesting.. And also to bring abhi and pragya together.. I wish abhi could find out the reality of alliya and tanu

  13. Proposals are made before marriage not after. No words to describe storyline.

  14. Bulbul just stop…stop concentrating on your no good to use Pragya di…concentrate on Purab and your marriage….want rabul scenes cvs….so much overdose of Abhigya and talliyah..

  15. This is the stupidist ekta show. The evil keep on planning acid kidnap accident nothing happens . Characters are almost all without character pragya is dumb abhi an ass tanu aaliya r both plain stupid for them there is nothing more imp than trapping a man who doesnt care a whit for u and the serial goes nowhere didnt watch read abt it today its still where it was ten days ago it is utter crap

  16. My God is this SHIT still on?

  17. plez pragya propose abhi….plezzzzz

  18. I don’t understand y people r thinking pragya shud propose abhi.what’s the use when he don’t at all think to accept her proposal.its waste yaar.he would definitely reject her

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