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The Episode starts with Pragya calling Robin and asks him to keep an eye on the room, also don’t let anyone come out and go. She runs to her room and asks Abhi to wake up. Abhi asks her to sleep in his embrace. Pragya asks him to wake up and tells that decorator’s life is in danger and someone has locked the room from inside. Abhi asks what you was doing there? Pragya says I don’t love him. Abhi says you have to do something. Pragya says okay and asks him to come. Abhi says I shall wear jacket and look presentable. Pragya drags him to the room. Aaliya tells Raj that Pragya is not outside and sees Robin standing. She says we have to get out from here. Raj opens the door and is about to hit on Robin’s head, just then Pragya comes and Raj stops himself. He closes the door again. Tanu gets worried

about her baby and marriage. Raj says I will be trapped again. Aaliya says they will kick my out. Pragya asks Robin, did anyone come out. Robin says no. Pragya says door is locked and someone have closed the door from inside. Abhi says may be the lock is junked, we will get it repaired in the morning.

Pragya says if anything happens to decorator then you will be framed. Abhi gets tensed and asks Robin to bring spanner and screw driver etc. Raj asks Tanu and Aaliya to hide behind the bed and cuts the electricity wire. Abhi tries to open the door and asks Pragya to pull the door. Nurse comes and says she has keys. Pragya asks her to open the door. She opens the door and finds electricity off. Abhi says no one is here. Pragya says let me switch on the light. She feels electric current. Nurse tells her that she have to give injection to the patient. Raj is lying on the bed instead of Vijay.

Pragya asks the nurse to pull the blanket. Abhi says what is the need and asks her to inject on his hand. She gives injection and goes. Abhi takes Pragya from there forcibly and asks what is going on? He asks what is the name of her lover. Pragya says she didn’t know, but he needs to wake up. Abhi asks if he is more handsome than me. Pragya says I can’t tell you anything now. Abhi thinks he shall not fight with her until she signs on the papers. He asks her to read his mind and know about her thoughts. He says you don’t need to tell anything. He says come, you need to do my work. Pragya says I will do your work in the morning and refuses to go with him. Abhi says you have to do it and lifts her. Tanu and Aaliya come out from bed and call Raj. They see Raj lying unconscious on bed and wakes him up. Raj says did they go, and says they gave injection to him. Tanu says that nurse injected you injection. Tanu says problem has started. Aaliya goes to see out and asks Raj to come. They take Vijay out wrapped up in the carpet.

Abhi takes her to room and throws on bed. Pragya gets tensed and says you can’t force me, you will get sin Abhi asks her to sleep silently else he will kiss her. He asks her to sleep and keeps hand on her head. Tanu, Aaliya and Raj are taking Vijay out. Suddenly Raj faints and falls down. Tanu says we shall run from here. Aaliya wakes up Raj and asks him to go to room and rest. Tanu says she is having stomach ache and says she needs to rest. She says we shall go from here. Aaliya says everyone will doubt on us if we leave him here. Tanu says I am pregnant and can’t lift him. Aaliya says leave the carpet, we will take him without it.

Pragya sleeps peacefully whie he cares for her and moves his finger on her hairs. Allah Wariyan plays………..Abhi sleeps staring her. Later Pragya wakes up and caress his face. Agar Tum Saath Ho song plays………..She stares him lovingly.

Abhi says I am hungry and wants to eat food which you used to make before. He says but you cares for decorator, and says he will ask Robin to make food.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. On a lighter note, a lot of problems in MM will be resolved if it is not a mansion and rather is a 1BHK 😉

  2. Abi and pragya are going to unite .. i ve seen them in recent pics… hurrah

    1. Never friend.. Never they do it.. It is just abhi makes pragya sleep..

    2. Give me the link plz.

  3. go to hell tis such a stupid track
    hz long they r cheating us to show abhigya’s romance nd without touchin d track line??????
    CVS stop tis stupidity nd make fast
    CVS u r totally waste nd making us fool
    y im tellin is CVS knws wel tat v r fanz for abhigya
    so they r showin thier romance nd not concentrating their track
    really fed up with story track
    CVS better u go to hell

    1. Nivi that’s why I have left to care about revelations becoz it doesn’t matter for CVS that how much we have done with this track but they will end it only on their wish. That’s why I have started watching the show only for seeing abhigya’s romance. Becoz I just love the chemistry between them and shabbir and sriti r doing fabulous job as abhigya. So what’s their fault? It’s CVS responsibility, poor babies r doing their jobs only. That’s why I sees the show only for them, nothing else.

  4. Friends please don’t miss tomorrow episode.. Abhi makes Fuggi sleep sooo cute song between them.. Literally very very cute.. That stupid writers know how to make die hard fans happy.. Please don’t miss it..

  5. Nothing progress in this serial. Abhi/pragya gave up your plan or surrender u cant do anything to exposed them as they r 1000 times smarter than u all

  6. Today’s episode is superb ………….
    Abhigya rockzzzzzz.. …………… . ….
    But plz stop the nonsence track….
    Plz give back our old abhigya……..
    And end villains story….. ……….
    Then show will rockzzzz…………….
    Pls put another track….. ….. …..

  7. Today loveble scene and nice.

  8. Where you seen latest pictures abigaya ??

    Where are you nikki ??

  9. All is going gud in abhigya’s scenes, except one thing, which is, taking pragya’s signature thing going in abhi’s mind in between their romance. This spoils all the charm of their romantic scene’s. Whenever we gets starts to enjoy their romance, abhi’s this thought interrupts in our enjoyment and spoils all the charm. Hope this thought gets out from abhi’s mind soon and remain only one thing which is, to bring his fuggy back by changing pragya’s mind through his love and in this process he gets to know pragya’s reality too. Looks like CVS have fulfilled my wish of seeing jealous abhi more. We were waiting to see it in the show since long. This vijay is doing one thing gud unknowingly. If this jealousy thing will remain in abhi for sometimes more then he will leave the property idea behind and will start to give his full attention to getting pragya back. Becoz his only his mind is doing difference between pragya and fuggy but his heart knows that pragya was his fuggy, whom he will never want to lose with another person.

  10. Abhi ask ur director to give u a better role

    1. I agree with u

    2. lol he does need to do that

  11. I thought tdy thy will find the truth of taaliya and raj . my every thoughts had gone.wat a draggggging

  12. Kitna boring h yeh serial

  13. guys..why do u have to frustrate..serial means like this only…be positive yaar..Any how one fine day taliraj will be exposed.. till then let us enjoy abhigya scenes.. abhi may or may not get a chance to make romance with pragya this much frequently if story twists in tragedic way like earlier..so let abhigya overload with love whenever they get a space..let us have fun bcoz they are always superb…

  14. Since long time Today i really like that epi. Abhi jealous decorator with pragya and sleepy moment both of them care so much.abhi asks her to pragya that he is more than handsome me that scence are superb. Precape so good.

  15. Guys am not sure that the writers are reading the comment ,just wasting and playing with our emotions that’s all .

  16. The writers didn’t know that not how far but how well .

  17. Heights if boringness. This serial has become like children’s playing kitchen. Abhi and pragya always playing around with no reason. How many years is pragya going to take to avenge aliya and tanu???
    Its night time to expose them and the serial should have some family reunion . it has become really boreing.

  18. Abhi is too much n how come tanu stomach still flat

  19. Abigaya can you give me the link where you saw recents pictures ..

    Waiting for your reply ..

  20. Madam Ekta is very good at writing very boring long stories. I never watched pavitra rishta to the end for the same reasons. We are tired of you portraying Abhi and Pragya as fools pls change the thread. U r fast loosing fans

  21. Stupid series.. Same crap everyday

  22. Abhigya rockz………Abhigya scenes are lovable………

  23. Abhi loves his fuggi very much…..

  24. Guys I have just seen a pic on leena’s and shikha’s instagram account. In which, they r doing outdoor shoot with raaj and nikhil. Raaj have some injury on his head and his forehead was folded with a bandage, as I told before that may b he got injured in killer’s vijay room becoz I have seen a pic of killer vijay, abhi, pragya and raaj, on instagram, where abhi was holding raaj’s head and was worried. This is what I assumed through pics, now waiting for rest of exact update in new segment.

  25. There are new pics posted by Leena(Tanu) on insta, there is night shoot going on where Nikhil, Raaj, Tanu, Aaliya and Purab were in shoot. Raaj had a white bandage on fore head, for some injury may be.

    Nikhil is in the sequence without any festival or celebration, so that is interesting. May be we will get some clue in next segment.

  26. aab meri sar dukh rai hai…baaad dimag director ….

  27. This serial is not having progress at all.i like it so much bt now its somewhat boring…

  28. Kya yaar same storyline chalti hai
    Saw E24 that vijay will blame abhi for trying to kill pragya
    Ha Ha Ha no change

  29. New on location update- killer’s vijay’s truth comes in front of everyone but he puts all the blame on abhi. Full update- Everybody in mehra mension along with abhi, pragya and purab confronting killer vijay. As I told u guys that killer vijay fakes memory lose drama after gaining consciousness. After sometimes, he tries to run away from the mehra house and in this process, he hits on raaj’s for head. Guys it is not clear that why he hits raaj? On raaj’s idea or by own wish? But anyways, he doesn’t succeed in run away from there. Somehow he catches by someone in the house. Don’t know by whom? Guards holds that killer vijay so he couldn’t run away. Pragya was questioning with taaliya. Pragya taunts tanu and tanu shouts on her. Aaliya interrupts and says to pragya to not play blame game with each other. Then she goes to that killer and shouts on him to harm raaj. She pushes him to send him out from the house. She goes to near him and warns him by whispering in his ears to not to take their names. She suggests him to get out from here silently. Then she again pushes him towards the exit door. But abhi stops her and says firstly all should have get them answer of this question, which is going on in their minds. Then he asks to pragya that what relation she is having with this person? Why she was taking so much care of him? Then pragya goes to that killer vijay and asks from him that do u know me? That killer gives no answer then she slaps hard on his face and says now u get it who I m? Then sshe turns to everyone and says all of u wants to know that what relation I have with him? Then she stands in front of abhi and says u want to know that why I was taking so much care of him becoz he is not an ordinary decorator, he is a professional killer who came to kill me on dushehra. She says all of u remember that what happened at that day. This is the person who tied me in ravan’s effigy so that she gets burn and dead. Abhi goes to killer vijay and beats him badly and asks him why he tries to kill pragya. Purab, aaliya, and raaj tries to stops abhi but abhi doesn’t ready to listen anything and tries to beat him again and again. Somehow they manages to control him. Aaliya says to abhi why r u beating this killer when it is not yet confirm that pragya is telling right or not, becoz we all knows that how much she told lies and how she has cheated us. she says may b she wants to trap this person or trap u. Then abhi says I know pragya is saying right. I can feel it. He asks aaliya that why she is defending that killer? He says we knows pragya, it doesn’t matter how is she? But do u know that killer? Aaliya gets nervous and says that i m not defending that killer, i m just saying that u shoyld not take the law in ur hand. Let the police ccome and let them handle this person according to their law. Abhi shouts that do whatever and then he moves from there. Aaliya calls police. Pragya says to killer to twll the name of that person, who hired him for killing her. She says if u tell that person’s name, i will let u go and i promise, noone will stop u. Killer vijay doesn’t take any names. Police comes. Police asks aaliya what us the master? Then aaliya says that this person tries to run away from here and tries to harm raaj and as well as he tried to kill pragya on dushehra. She says that he is very dangerous person so take him away from here. At the end, he traps abhi and says abhi hired him to kill pragya. Police takes abhi with them. Reporter asks from vijay why u put all the blame on abhi? Then he says that pragya is now his enemy and he thinks that abhu and pragya could not live without each other so if abhi will go far from her then she will have to suffer from this pain and this will b her punishment to behave badly with him.

    1. nikki 1 link please

      1. Sana go to on India forum site or kumkumbhagta instagram site, there u can see full video update of all the segments and on location video’s.

    2. Watched it from Bollywood Life…..Nikki-1 see todays spoiler..in dt it is mentioned that killer took aaliya name and aaliya was saying he is lying…But abhi did not believe her….he was continuously questioning her…..soo I Guess something Good is gonna happen…Fingers crossed 🙂

      1. Sana I have seen full video with carefully. Killer vijay doesn’t take aaliya’s name but aaliya was defending that killer by saying this to abhi that we should not believe on pragya, may b she is trying to trap this killer or u. Aaliya was scared that what will happen if becoz of abhi’s beating, that killer will b take her name. Then she will b finished. But abhi doesn’t listen her and says he have full faith on pragya. After seeing aaliya’s dependence for that killer, abhi questions her for defending that killer but aaliya smartly turns the talk and says she is not defending him, she is just saying that u should not take law in ur hands. Sana abhi knows that killer is telling lie by taking his name and he is hiding that person’s name, who is actually behind this so when abhi will come out from the police custody, he will definetly investigate about this in his style and becoz taaliya have strong reason to hire that killer to kill pragya so his direct doubt will go on taaliya and becoz aaliya was defending that killer so abhi’s first doubt will go on aaliya. News reporters were also saying that abhi will find out aaliya’s involvement and he will punish her. Now the thing is that what will aaliya do to save herself from this matter. As we know she could do anything to save herself. So if she will prove as culprit then she will trap someone else to escape from this matter, like she was trapped purvi, in kidnapping track. She could not trap raaj becoz he is her strong secret partner in her evil plans, whom she can use against abhi and pragya later. So now only person is left which is tanu. I wish she will trap tanu in this matter and even becoz of this tanu’s pregnancy truth gets reveal somehow. If not then at least this time I want tanu to b trapped becoz she never gets trapped, before.

      2. Ok….Aaliya is very smart…she will come out of each problem soo easily…hope so atleast this time abhi uses his brain against dt aaliya

    3. Guys SBS people said that pragya will save abhi by taking the case back. They have mentioned it also that abhi has doubt on aaliya’s involving with vijay so after coming out of jail, abhi will find out about it and then he will punish aaliya himself.

    4. Vijay is caught by purab

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