Kumkum Bhagya 3rd August 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 3rd August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Purab searching Abhi. Pragya are in the car with the lady who is helping her and taking her where Abhi had fallen. Pragya says he shouldn’t have gone and cries. She recalls his letter and tells herself that nothing will happen to hm. Lady sees smoke coming out and tells Pragya. Pragya asks her to stop the car and gets down. She goes with the lady inside the jungle insearch of Abhi and says I am coming….She comes near the car. Lady says I can’t let you go near the car as it can burst. Pragya pleads with her to let her go, as Abhi is alone…and folds her hands. Lady also cries and asks her to understand. Pragya says I can’t leave him in this condition, let me go. Lady says I won’t let you go alone, I will also come with you. They go near the car. Pragya opens the window

and don’t find him. She shouts where are you? Tell me….and cries. Ek Baar Milade Saiyya…..plays………….Pragya cries reminiscing their happy moments just before the accident. She tells lady that her husband is not in the car.

Lady says if he is not here, then it means he must have fallen before this car fell her. We will search him together, he might be stuck somewhere on the tree branches. Pragya calls him and sees Abhi unconsciously lying. She gets shocked. Purab comes to the accident spot. A man informs her that car fell in the valley, and a man was driving the car, then later on his wife came and tried to jumped but was saved. Purab shows the pics. Man confirms. Purab thinks this means Abhi was driving the car and that’s why he asked me to take care of Dadi and Pragya. He thinks why I couldn’t hear your sign. Purab asks where did that girl go? Man says near there. Purab says okay.

Pragya turns Abhi towards her and asks him to open eyes. She says I have come….talk to me, and cries. She calls aunty. Woman says I am coming. Pragya says he is my husband..She checks her nerves and says he is alive. Lady says we will take him to hospital. Purab thinks nothing shall happen to him. He gets Dadi’s call. Dadi asks if Pragya is fine…Purab says I went to Lonavala house and came to know that Abhi might be with Pragya. He says I think I came late. Dadi asks what happened? Purab tells her that someone failed Pragya’s car brakes and Abhi sat on that car, it fell down in the valley. Dadi is shell shocked. Rachna takes the call and asks what happened? Purab tells about Abhi’s accident and says he is going to search him. Dadi cries badly. Rachna asks her not to worry. Pragya keeps him in the car and asks Abhi to speak to her. She says you wanted to celebrate all the birthdays and occasions with me. A fb is show, Abhi telling her that he will celebrate all occasions with her again. Pragya says you told na that you want a cute daughter, Abhigya….She says I like it, and asks him to open eyes. She cries and says nothing will happen to you.

Lady thinks this girl loves her husband very much, and asks God to unite them. Rachna asks Dadi to get up and says may be Pragya took Abhi to hospital. Dadi cries badly and prays to God to protect Abhi and Pragya. Rachna says nothing will happen to him. Dadi says yes. Pragya brings Abhi to hospital and asks someone to bring stretcher immediately. They take Abhi on stretcher. Lady tells Pragya that now she has to leave and says nothing will happen to your husband. Pragya thanks her. She asks Abhi not to worry and asks Doctor to treat him, says she will complete all the formalities. Doctor says he is very critical and asks to shift him to ICU. Pragya is tensed.

While Abhi is treated in the ICU/OT, Doctor tries to revive him. He comes out and tells Pragya “I am sorry…Abhi is no more”. He says he died before coming here. Pragya is shocked. Hamari Adhuri plays………….while she looks on stunned.

Aaliya tells Tanu that we shall go to hospital. Tanu asks have you gone mad and says Abhi will not leave us once he gains consciousness, and will get us arrested.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. hi

    No yaar…….. stop it here.. dont telecast this memory loss..
    these Dramatic sequences of like accident and facial surgery change hero…
    or else memory loss.. with a storke on head again all will get back.. keep on hitting viewers….

  2. Ketki

    ohhhh god… why ekta kapoor always do this .. soo sad epi. i am still crying can’t see abhi pragya in this condition..

  3. Ketki

    But sriti rocked today .. waaw she’s really best actor. i cried during the whole epi. sriti is awesome..

  4. kumkum bhagya

    if he is no more than kumkum bhagya you are no more…………
    yeh wo insan ha jis ki waja abi tk tm chaly……………..

  5. shaz

    Ohhh just stop copying other serials. What is dz nonsense memory loss? Utter nonsense. I think u are making serial salad like fruit salad by copying other serial’s parts. Don’t u have any ideas instead of accidents, re-entry in new makeover, pregnancy, memory loss, kidnapping, triangle love, etc…

  6. Divya

    Good joke, writers. Please don’t kill Abhi. He has to be alive, because abhigya’s love will never die. I can’t watch the show anymore if Abhi the rockstar has memory loss or is dead!

  7. Divya

    Good joke, writers. Please don’t kill Abhi. He has to be alive, because abhigya’s love will never die. I can’t watch the show anymore if Abhi the rockstar has memory loss or is dead! Abhigya’s love has to go on.

  8. Priya

    Please Ekta dnt do so.isse pehle bhi mihir virani ko mar k viewers se mat kha chuki ho.dnt spoil the serial.

  9. Leila

    I don’t think abhi will die he went into shock n I also think wen he see tanu he will come back to normal

  10. Vaishnavi Gandhere

    Bullshit…now stop all this nonsense…writer has gone mad…..and if the lead actor abhi is going to die or if you are replacing other actor..than…just stop your serial

  11. kb

    finally memory loss.. wtf motherf**ker story.. now this memory loss will continue for few months then again somone will be kidnapped thn again this boring story will continue..

  12. alwin

    Please don’t kill abhi and also remove memory loss.after this accident he will fight with tanu and love should continue with pragya.

  13. srija

    [email protected]

  14. jiaa

    now, again writer trying to prove strength of love, that how pragya’s love brings abhi back,,,,, , if love has strngth like this then why writer shows problem in their love again and again,,,,,, , , what nonesense,,,,,,,, ,,,firstly pragya was died and dadi ask her to wake up for abhi…….. now abhi deid, , again he will wake up for pragya,,,,, then why there are prblems in their life ,if love can return life, then why not a happy life???????????

    • Kathy

      Hey guys …I heard that memory loss was abhis plan of trapping tanu and aliya …
      And ya…tanu gone now pragya has become pregnant..I don’t think her pregnancy will last long as tanu s

  15. sharmi

    I already predicted memory loss yesterday. Writers can’t come up with anything else to keep this show on that’s why they have to go this route so that they can keep the villians, Tanu, Nikil and Aliya alive

  16. Aisha cute

    Koi bat nhi pragya usy thora hilaye gi or wo jaag jaye ga 😄 ye nonsense to har indiam dramy me hota hy 😄 bakwas

  17. dua

    kia abhi ki jaga koi aur a raha hai plzzz ans my qusestion agar shabir ko replace kar diya gaya then i never watch kkb today episode was awsum my eyes fill up with tears plzzz abhi ko mat maro it is a humble request writers dont create this ml drama

  18. bisu

    Its true now abhi will lose his memory like “ek that raja ek this rani” and again tanu will come.

  19. namita

    what is happening…?bullshit is going on…and when that serial will come to an end that time allbwill reunite… common show somebthing nice…infact showing again and again the same masala…

  20. Lexy


  21. Geeta

    Does anyone know what happened with prathiksa.is everything OK with you Pratiksha .we miss your comments.

  22. nisha

    what is this nonsense how could abhi die its not possible if abhi dies i will stop seeing this serial😢😢😢😢

  23. Pavithra

    I think as pragya fought for their love as Mogambo..abhi will also act like memory loss to know the true colour of Tanu Aliya Nikhil and punish them.

  24. Ketki

    yes geeta i am also waiting for her comments.. pratiksha i know you r fed up with this show.. but plzzz keep commenting here. for us.

  25. Nupur

    I don’t know guys is series ke sath kia writer ki dusmani hea kiu kahani begarta rehta hea..Abigya alag hue toh i am not interest on this series..and not me i thing u all agree with me guys?

  26. Teenu

    New OLV 4th August: Pragya gives Abhi an injection, brings him to life! ;.
    . . .
    Pragya is angry with the doctors on why they gave up and not administered any of the CPR or shock techniques. In a scene, she asks the nurse for the injection that the doctor mentioned earlier, the nurse shows her the injection and says its of no use now. Pragya grabs the injection and runs to Abhi and injects his heart;.
    . . .
    She holds his shoulders, caresses his cheek, rests on his chest and cries telling him she can’t live w/o him and can’t go on w/o him. She hears heartbeats as she has placed her ears on his chest while crying and runs to the nurse asking her to check. The nurse says its not possible but Pragya insists. The nurse checks and hears and goes to call the doctor. Pragya has tears of joy and kisses his hand. The doctor comes and checks Abhi’s breath and asks the nurse about if she cancelled the OT(Operation Theatre), nurse says no, doctor says good, shift the patient to the OT immediately


    Where are you Prathiksha dear. Many good hearted persons are waiting for your comments. Pls what happened to you?

  28. shambhavi

    write some nice yaar always crying epi. otherwise writers give it up. nice things also happens yaar. last he epi mei story end kar dena tha issey achcha hota.

  29. Ramya

    Guys i think prathiksha is busy with some personal work for this entire week. She mentioned it in her comments last week.Hope she will be back from monday.

  30. Pratiksha

    Hi guys sorry for being unable to commenting or posting any update as i m very disturbed and depressed since many days. Becoz my mom is not well and there r some personal issues too going on in my life and family so I m not in condition to think or do anything else. Today I thought to check my phone then I saw that u guys r missing me and my comments then I thought to inform u guys. Guys I need sometime to come out from my depression. So till then I can’t comment or post any update as my family and personal matters r most important for me than anything else. This is just a drama based show but my life is real. So I m sure u guys will understand that what should b prefer first. Again sorry guys but I promise that I will soon try to finish all my problems and come back with my comments and updates but for now I can’t. Hope u guys will understand my situation. And I felt gud to see that u guys r missing me. Thanks for such a sweet concern. Hope I will come back soon and I will try my best for u guys.

    • Sahithi

      Oops! So sorry to hear Pratiksha! Wish and Pray that things will be fine soon, They will, dont worry.. Take care..

    • Amu

      Take care of yourself and your mom. My best wishes and prayers that all is well for you as soon as possible. THis forum is just for fun and about a show that is nothing like reality so as you have already said -family and health first. Take care!

  31. Mittenzz

    Guys, colour me crazy, but my mind has been rocking around the memory loss track. What if what they are calling memory loss is actually not. What if instead Abhi has gone into a coma, considering how these doctors took long in administering revival techniques. So he’s in this coma and what we thought to be Abhi forgetting Pragya, is Abhi’s subconscious has gone back three years, while in coma. His brain is doing a “fill in the blanks”. He’s reliving his life of three years, starting from his concert, meeting Pragya, marrying Pragya, etc leading up to him sitting in the trap made for Pragya. So he sees everything that happened. All the things Pragyas been through trying to save him from Niktalyias conspiracies.
    The thing is, we also have to go back through these flashbacks with him as he puts his life in perspective.
    Later when he reaches the part where reality catches up with him and he crashes, he will wake from his coma hearing Pragya crying for him to come back to her, he will decide then and there that he will get back at all who hurts her and her family. So he’s going to come back with an agenda.
    Hope I’m right with this possibility. What say you guys, wouldn’t this be a better option than him really not remembering Pragya?

  32. Mittenzz

    Only CVS will be doing this like it is real and have us believing it is real when in actuality we are living in Abhi’s subconscious while it plays out. Because trust me, we DO NOT want to go through Tanu pregnancy drama again. They can muffle through that part in the flashback and spare us that torture. This would be a nicer concept than memory loss, a bit more palatable.

  33. sandy

    Hi prathiksha… Please take care of your family and ur life. Don’t worry about this dramatic serial stuffs.. Let god gives u all courage to solve ur problems. We all miss u. See u soon over here.

  34. Grace

    yes Mittenzz, I love what you are thinking very much. You should be a writer. I hope it is something in that form. I love Abigya!!!!

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