Kumkum Bhagya 3rd August 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 3rd August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pragya stopping Tanu from falling off the terrace. Tanu tells her that she will die as she can’t see any solution for her problem. She says I wanted to become Abhi’s wife, but became second woman in his life. Pragya tells her that suicide is not the right option. Tanu tells that she has seen other pregnant women happy, but she is always in stress thinking about her child’s future. Pragya promises to give father’s love and rights to her baby. Tanu thanks her and says she is giving her last chance.

Dadi thinks no sound is coming out from Abhi and Pragya’s room, and thinks they might have left. She sees Dasi coming out and asks what you was doing. Dasi says she just went inside and checked. There is no one inside. Akash comes there. Dadi asks

where is everyone. Akash tells that they are at home and tells about all the family members. Dadi indirectly asks about Abhi. Akash asks what you were doing here? And tells that Abhi and Pragya went to concert. Dadi acts as uninterested. Pragya comes home and thinks how to convince Dadi to accept Tanu and her baby. She thinks if Tanu commits suicide then she will hold herself responsible. She decides to talk to Dadi right now.

Dadi tries to watch Abhi’s concert on TV. Just then Pragya comes there. Dadi asks why you didn’t go to concert. Pragya says she will go later and says she needs to talk something important. She asks if you have medicines. Dadi says she forgot. Pragya brings it and makes her take it. Dadi asks what is the matter? Pragya asks did you drink soup? Dadi says yes. She asks if you came for this thing. Pragya thinks no, and speaks up finally. She asks Dadi to get Abhi and Tanu married. Dadi gets up and asks what have you said? Pragya repeats asking her to get Abhi and Tanu marry. Dadi asks have you gone mad? She says lucky are the women, who dies being married. She says relations are made by elders and youngsters don’t have the right to raise a question on our decision. She says she will decide only, and refuses her demand.

Pragya says you have to take this decision not as Dadi’s point of view, but from a woman’s point of view. She says there is a reason behind my decision. Dadi says your words are useless. Pragya tells her that she loves Abhi and she won’t be happy snatching someone’s happiness. Dadi tells that Tanu has snatched her happiness. She says Abhi did a mistake, but Tanu did a sin. She says how can you get your husband marry some other woman? Pragya says she wants to get Abhi marry Tanu, as she is bearing his child. She asks why you are forgetting that the baby is of Abhi. Dasi comes and says this relation is wrong. Pragya talks for the baby’s right and says what is his mistake? She tells that Abhi could stay with her all his life, but he will never forget his love and baby. She asks Dadi to get them married. Dasi asks her to stop it. Pragya requests Dadi again.

Dadi asks what I will reply to your mum. I promised to keep you happy in this house. Pragya says she will handle her mum, and she will be proud of her decision. She says she is thinking about the baby only, and can’t see anything wrong happening to the baby. Dadi says you think about everyone, did you think about me. Pragya says she will be in the same city and will meet her whenever she wants. She asks her to agree for baby’s sake and says this marriage can’t happen without your permission. Dadi says I agree on your sayings, but you both have to say that it is your mutual decision infront of me, and then only I will agree. Dasi cries. Pragya looks on sadly.

Abhi sings in the concert……Pass Aaye…..Ek Adhuri Si Hamari Kahani………He reminiscences Pragya and her love for him. Aaliya is present on the concert. Raj comes there with goon. Aaliya pays him money. The goon tells that Abhi can get hurt. Aaliya says okay. Raj says don’t hurt him as we don’t want him to get publicity.

Precap: Abhi continues singing in the concert and the goon along with the crowd throw egg and rotten tomato on him saying beggars sing better than him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


    • The Viewers

      boring, Boring, BORING, BORING, BORING!!! We really don’t care if Tanu commits suicide or not…. STOP this tired story line.

  1. Chithu

    Nikki..now am very much sure yaar… the confession is going to be his singing only πŸ™‚ they can not so much apart from that by tomororw … and as usual that pregnancy drama going to continue…

    watever we have thought is waste yarr.. again same dragging.. this writers have distracted as…as we kept on saying this pregnancy track is dragging..for a change , they diverted us temporarily from that, by showing this confession promo… nothing apart from that i feel…

    • rahul

      Hey chithu according to me abhi after confesses his love for pragya ,pragya accept it but asks him to marry tanu for her sake “aap ko meri kasam” so he accepts it hesitantly agrees to marry tanu

      • chithu

        hmm.. that is bad actually πŸ™ πŸ™ this dragging is unneccessary… dragging this track till marriage is too much yaar…

        i hope Pragya can successfully convince Abhi for this marriage..but atleast before talking to Dadi she should come to know the truth or atleast get some doubt on this…so that they can stop it before marriage … holding the proof in hand and dragging this much is too much yaar… the purpose of introducing Nikhil’s character only am not sure..

      • Chithu may b what u r expected, something like this happen but I still have not any hope to something different or something gud. From the day one of this pregnancy track we r just listening that pragya will get to know tanu’s truth and then she will expose her in front of everyone. But nothing like that happened still even after 3 months of this pregnancy track, we r still stuck like abhi,between tanu and pragya’s friendship and social work of pragya for tanu.

    • U r right chithu. I feel same like u. Becoz of an indirect confession from abhi through a song, she will not understand that abhi is actually confessing his love for her and she will understand it just a song so confession will b end here with no results. Cvs again misleaded us. Today’s half episode was worst except abhi’s part. Today I was very angry, disappointed and irritated after see pragya’s part like dadi.Today pragya has crossed all the limits of foolishnessful extraordinary greatness. What a speech she was giving to dadi like not an ordinary girl but a holy spirit r speaking like saint. O god! Give me a break. I m just fed up from all these nonstop crap. She should b a philosopher or a saint instead of teacher. Cvs have improved abhi’s character with the time passing but they have spoiled pragya’s character totally. What was pragya in starting like a simple, practical, an intelligent girl who can’t tolerate wrong but today what she has been become? Like dumb, stupid, emotional fool etc. Now becoz of her stupidity, she will again forced abhi to marry with tanu and our abhi will b heart broken once again and finally we will see again, another wedding and divorce track. So get ready guys to tolerate these rubbish things once again. Becoz I think tanu didn’t send nikhil to Delhi but I think she kidnapped him that’s why he is still missing. See how much cvs r making us fool by showing illogical things. But like always at the end, on wedding sequence, he will come and will burst abhii cracker of tanu’s truth in front of everyone with his so called DNA reports which I don’t know coming from which planet so still awaited.

      • And may b rahul also right.If she will understand his confession then also she will forced abhi to accept tanu by marry with her becoz now she is hell bent for tabhi’s marriage.So from both way, we will get nothing but a big disappointment.

      • chithu

        Nikki..but am still expecting for something different yaar… Pragya convincing Abhi for this marriage is a usual thing…CVS may have something different… i think they may show like Abhi getting convinced..but before going to Dadi.. Pragya will get some clue about this drama..and there infront of Dadai, Abhi will agree for this marriage upon Pragya;s convincing part..but Pragya will reject it making all shock…..

        ha ha..even if writers are cheating us …not able to stop our expectations from them and the twists πŸ™‚

      • Chithu what I feel that now pragya is misusing dadi’s and abhi’s love for her. Becoz abhi and dadi both loves pragya so much equally and never refuses her for anything and she knows it very well somewhere so she is taking advantage of this to bring tanu in abhi’s wife by make her abhi’s wife.

  2. Rubbini

    Why are you guys dragging the pregnancy matter… again and again.. where is nikhil??? When would nikil appear??? The drama seems very boring day by day.. I really hope that there are twist in the story… I want to see Tanu get caught…

  3. Ya friends then in the promo they mentioned august 4 that singing is their confession. I think so from tht promo v expected a lot. This all tactics they are using to maintain the trp because we know the upcoming track is very boring so to change our views they mentioned like this so we will watch it but again we are fooled. I think so at tabhi marriage only truth will come out but before tht pragya divorce will occur I think so.

    Where is that nikhil idiot? Stupid character in the show. Cant we know that tanu parents are here what with whom he is helping there?

    Then one more thing in every serial heroin should suffer. But in this too pragya suffered bcs of abhi. But now the current situation is happening mainly because of her. She din respect abhi or what to say she din trust abhi thn wht is the love between them. In the first they showed abhi reacted that baby is not hus. Now how he is accepting, if he cant accept make pragya too believe his trurh. Why he is behaving madly like pragya too. Foe their dragging they are making like this stories we too watching.

    what to do we love the main couples especially abhi and pragya because of them this show is running bcs of long dragging too. Soon finish this all dramas and make them happy in the serial.

    • chithu

      yes priya..that is true..they want to hold the viewers for TRP..so they are dragging this Abhi-Pragya union part this much…

  4. chithu

    if it goes like this , they will surely hit 100 Episodes with this track… while talking to Dadi only Pragya told, if she really loves her then accept for this marriage ..hope she ll not use the same for Abhi’s case also…

  5. sandhya

    Ya this is soo much dragging … Either that confession by abhi which was shown in promo will b thru singing or it might b a dream scene.. Gosh!! Enough of this… I think they wil take atleast 6 months to get the lead pairs together.. Till dat v have 2 build up lots & lots of patience & wait … Oh no when they will know d viewers interest???

  6. Pragya is a dumb,crazy,emotinal,stupid fool.I hate her character.she lost it.I’m very very very disappointin on her.how is this possible that a wife forced her husband to marry his ex girlfriend.pragya get lost.I hate from now.

  7. sukanya

    NEW SPOILER: Abhi confesses to his feelings to Pragya like a true rockstar. He sings Main Tenu Samjhanwa ji…..at the concert. Abhi and Pragya’s love story have started and he confesses love in a rockstar style. Pragya enjoys the attention and blushes happily. He takes her on stage and continues singing the song. Pragya gets emotional after hearing romantic song from him. They have announced to the world that they are in love. Aaliya has conspired against Abhi and made the audience throw tomatoes and eggs on him. Pragya comes to his rescue and hugs him saving him from the people. Abhi tells Pragya that he would be lucky to get her love and kisses her. Aaliya’s plan fails as Pragya and Abhi get more close by the incident.

  8. omg! abhi was divores pregeya and marry tanu wht a stupid idea. nikel and tanu was mad. se was arangent aliya. this episode was irretacting & vry poor. the nxt episode for good.abhi &tanu marriage idea stupid.abhi &pregeya reunit. abhi pregeya romences the nxt episode.

    • Gigi

      Guys…If they Divorce Abhi and Pragya – everyone should BOYCOTT. Show your disappointment and Do NOT watch the show for weeks. I know I will lose ALL interest if the two of them Divorce. I will stop watching all together.

  9. rock

    Pragya should be given award for her foolishness.She Should be “STUPID IDOL 2015″…Her once cuteand strong character is now disgrace to WOMEN’s Self Respect.Tanu’s character has crossed all limits of shamelessness

  10. priyaa

    Y dis kolaveri…..v came 2 know any d rest of d part den y r u just dragging dis……such a meaningless one…..if it goes on like dis……surely ur trb ll bcom 00000……pls let abhigya join

  11. heidi

    Omg How irritating KKB become more and more. First Pragya. So sacrificing her love for that dumb Tanu Second ALya. She don t work does she really think she can get Abhi s money? Third. Tanu and nikkil Let the truth come out now. It s enough !

  12. the thing that irritates me the most is that these directors always mislead us and we eagerly wait for something good to happen. I read in the spoilers that abhi confesses his love to pragya and pragya tells abhi that tanu’s child is not his but it’s Nikhil’s and abhi gets shocked hearing that so pragya and abhi get a fake divorce and promise to each other to reveal tanu’s true colors in front of he family and pragya has a condition with the divorce papers she tells abhi and his family that she will stay with their family until tanu and abhi get married but this is actually a plan of abhi and pragya to reveal tanu’s true colors.

    • Gigi

      You can’t believe half the shit that they write because it is just to trick you into keep watching their BORING Storyline.

  13. This pragya is mad… She has become god. 1st when she came to know about tanu’s pregnancy & tanu wanted to abort the child she stopped her saying she would get tanu & abhi married. No ordinary girl would that. Knowing that her husband is father of another woman’s child. Its the worst thing ever shown.And Ekta Kapoor OMG. All her show consists of 5-6 marriages. The main leads are never together. There is always a second, third, fourth, fifth…. God knows how many women in the hero’s life. And lots of pregnancies with uncountable without the knowledge of exact parents. Is she crazyyy??? Can she not think anything normal?? Why always spoil the storyline and end it on a bad note!!! Ridiculous.. And if I would have been in Pragya’s place I would have pushed tanu off the terrace myself. Sickening character. And aaliyah as ugly as ur face is so ugly is your character. Suits you perfect.. Witch…

  14. TINA

    Ennala mudiyalaga…. endha tanu truth eppadan releave agum… andha nikil enna dan pandran.. andha character introduce pannade waste…
    Enakku onnu matum puriyala aliya oda truth mattum evaloo fast update agudu tanu side oru inch kuda move aga mattegudu.. aliya abhi ya revenge pandra stage vara 2 or 3 episode la kondu vandutaga .. raj jail erundu vanda odane revenge start pannitan.. but endha tanu pregnany still its is in starting stage .. dragging draggin dragging.. plz update soon

  15. I think CVS have created these circumstances fully against for abhigya becoz they wants to show us the game of fate in the show. I mean like, according to their show abhigya r destined b together and abhi is pragya’s kumkumbhagya. So I think they want to show us that this is abhigya’s fate to destined to b together so they can’t seperate. No matter how much they wants to go far away and separate from each other and circumstances r against of them. But it is their fate’s decision that they will live together forever becoz they r made for each other. So overall I mean CVS wants to show us that No matter how much circumstances r against for them, but at last their fate will play a game and bring them again together. And we know very well guys that how much CVS will bring twist against abhigya but at last they will end up by bring them together.

    • chithu

      Nikki..i was thinking like when Tanu was ready for abortion y still Pragya is stopping her… it is only becoz , she may not be able to give the same happiness to Mehra’s family as Abhi does not love her..she told the same to Dadi as well..like even if Dadi is forcing Abhi to live with Pragya , he ll accept but he may not able to forget his love for Tanu throughout his life…so there might be some difference in her thought if Abhi really make her understand that how madly he is in love with her now… but one thing clear now is that Abhi to some extent has understood that Pragya too loves him but she is hiding it…

    • chithu

      Nikki… do you think Pragya will do something bad/rejecting Abhi’s confession in public..so that when it comes to Tanu’s marriage, people will think it is decision from Pragya’s side and not Abhi’s…

      • O god chithu, don’t say like this yaar. U r scaring me. But I don’t think so something like this could happen. Abhi is indirectly confessing to her so most of possibility of she will not understand. Then there will b no chance for rejection or acceptance. And if she will understand it then also she will not tell about her decision publicaly. Becoz abhi is performing in front of public so if she will reject his proposal in front of everyone then it will b bad effective for his reputation becoz then public will think that his own wife doesn’t like him and it will b bad impression for abhi infont of his fans and now when she have been seen public hitting on abhi for his bad singing already. So she won’t take this risk.

      • Priya $

        Right nikki she won’t do like tat. Already goons tried to insult abhi in this situation pragya too won’t insult

      • chithu

        ha ha Nikki… i also didn’t want it to happen like that πŸ™‚ but..i doesn’t mean like Pragya insulting/rejecting Abhi’s confession..i meant, if she does something badly in the stage so that public will think that she is not suitable for Abhi….

  16. chithu

    Guys..the song which Abhi is singing while getting Pragya to the stage..which film does it belong to??

  17. chithu

    This song part in the show is really good ..i mean both Shabbir and Sriti has shown the emotions on their face very clearly/really as Abhi and Pragya..

  18. Ela

    Nothing moving fast except the episodes. The story doesn’t mean anything. Nowadays, its too boring. Tanu’s drama and aaliya’s evil action disgusting. What happened to Nikhil? Too much of confusions…

  19. Friends interesting news. Whatever they mentioned in promo it really happened today I saw a video in news channel wow fantastic and romantic. Cant able to wait to see that scenes in telecasting.

    First is abhi wearing formals light blue shirt and white pant or color I din note down for pant. And pragya a nice red saree how in promo white in this red. Without chasma.

    First scene is pragya eyes were tied by a black cloth and abhi is bringing her to one place. Then leaving her and he is going somewhere. Pragya then taking cloth and looking everywhere to see abhi. Then abhi came and make her wearing chasma.

    Then next scene is abhi is carrying pragya in his arms and bringing to a table. Their he is talking with her. But sorry friends what they are talking they din say anything.

    Next is abhi is pinning in the wall that too they din show properly. Then abhi is hugging pragya (tight hug) he is leaning towards her to hug but pragya is saying something she too hugs him then abhi is rotating her from the floor.

    Both were awesome and the background song is sun sathiya from abcd2. Waiting for that scenes really so romantic. I din expect from them it is awesome yaar. Do no whether they know truth or not but waiting to see this scene and today too.

  20. I like Abi and Pragiya in this serial. From the beginning of the serial Abi not at all have any thinking power (what is real) when pragiya was intelligent, it is accepted by Abi also. But days passed, pragiya’s intelligent, and talent’s disappeared how?. She is a teacher how she lost all the things. Dno’t make too……………foolish for viewers.

  21. Guys just saw a new segment of kkb on SBB and SBS. And guess what guys? Abhi is actually proposing pragya and confessing her love for her on a date. After concert abhi is arranging a romantic date surprise for pragya in a romantic setup in his house. Pragya was wearing red chicken net gorgeous saree which I think is gifted by abhi. Abhi was in white shirt and blue jeans. Pragyacwas looking gorgeous and abhi was looking hot. Abhi made pragya’s eyes blind folded with a black piece type hankie. Then abhi brings pragya t by picked her up in his arms to the date venue. Then abhi wears pragya her glasses. And take it to the candle light dinner table. Then I think abhi proposes pragya and confesses his love for her. By listening this pragya gets emotional and happy by listening it and runs towards abhi and they hug tightly. They didn’t show their talks but after seeing segment, anybody can guess what they r up to and reporters was also telling about the scene. There was also shriti and shabbir cute and funny interview. Reported says at last that abhi and pragya both had confessed their love for each other but they will unite or not, it will b seen forward becoz tanu have played her plan again. Guys just watch this segment. It is more romantic and fabulous than the promo. So guysfinally abhi and pragya has confessed their love from each other and they r enjoying their romantic date.

    • shuvi

      yaa Nikki u r right .. i was also about to right thus only… but u wrote …..bcoz I also saw it … OMG!!!! really it was soooooooo romantic … unhe dekhkar my heartbeats got high … really the scene was soooo amazing … firse dekhne ka Mann kar raha… and pragya… she toh ek dam jhakaas lag rahi thi.. so pretty so gorgeous so beautiful so slim and every words for complement….she was looking like a pari in that red net saree …really loved that segment .. u guys shud also watch it…

      • shuvi

        and that tight huggggggggggggg awwwww so soooooooo romantic … we could not imagine that hug but they were hugging each other … jaise after that they will not get time to hugg… soo awasome hug… when pragya jumps on him for hug, he takes one round with her in his arms and then they hug sooooooo tight …

  22. shuvi

    but I have doubt whether it is in real coz in SBS shabbir and shriti were telling “haan dream hi lag raha hai .. aapko kya lag raha hai” … so I’m worried…. may be they were joking …

  23. shuvi

    but I have doubt whether it is in real coz in SBS shabbir and shriti were telling “haan dream hi lag raha hai .. aapko kya lag raha hai” … so I’m worried…. may be they were joking … … what u guys think??

  24. chithu

    but Nikki..not sure whether u people noticed ..at some scenes.. Pragya seems to be hesitating..i mean she is removing her hands from Abhi’s .when Abhi hugs, she is not holding her hand…

    • Ta chithu I have noticed it also. She was hesitate becoz she was shocked from this sudden unexpected surprise from abhi bbut when abhi confessed his feelings and love for her clearly then she have started respond of every bit of feelings which was expressing by abhi and at last she has also confessed that she also loves him a lot.

      • Even in a scene, abhi was trying to get intimate with pragya but pragya hesitantly moves back. But in next scene, when abhi tells something by seeing moon then pragya runs towards him and hugs him tightly and they both lost in each other. Then again pragya says something to abhi and they again hugs each other happily and emotionally with full of passion.

  25. No guys it is for real. Shabbir was saying it looks like dream but it is not. I saw segments scenes many time and it lwas so real. So guys abhi and pragya both r on a romantic date and they both has confessed their love from each other. Guys scene is so romantic and breath taking. Like most romantic date ever had in the show. Abhi and pragya both were in full of passion. Pragya was looking very gorgeous. In a moment abhi was almost kissing pragya but they end up in hugging each other tightly. Whole set up and creation of scene was fan and looks like they will end up on consummation becoz they were in so lost in each other but consummation will happen or not, it is not confirmed. Abhi was confessing his love to pragya then pragya also confessed her love to abhi then they both gets happy and hugs each other tightly. O god there were many romantic scenes between them. I don’t know how to describe and how much describe for all of u. U Gus see own self and enjoy.

    • Priya $

      It won’t happen Nikki. Tanu ll disturb them means surely it won’t. Y they showed Nikil in this story line no use of him. Don’t know till he is helping Tanu’s parents. DNA report also didn’t came till now.

  26. But one thing is going to bad that tanu’s drama will continue like this and she puts hurdles in abhi pragya’s love story. Reporter was saying that after this “Milan” abhi and pragya will face “judai” becoz of tanu once again.

    • In SBS segment reporter was telling that during this romantic date, tanu will call abhi and then pragya will realize that abhi will never being of her and she will tell abhi that he will go to tanu.This tanu?. Now I wish I kill her.

      • Guys if this tanu’s call doesn’t intrupt abhigya then they definetly ends up on consummation but this tanu is always kabab mein haddi. Abhi plz do something of this tanu otherwise she will never let pargya of urs. And guys when now abhi knows that pragya also loves him then I think he will not let her go easily and will do something but if he can’t do anything then I m sure this tanu will b going to exposed by Nikhil definetly. That’s why he is still missing from the show becoz I think CVS keep him safe for ending this track.

      • Same thing I too told baby. Hope it happens in this week. Waiting fr a excited episode. Then background song s too nice.

  27. farida uttan

    All the comments – easy soloution, writers bring in NIKKHIL with proof that th chlld is his and then remove TANU from this who equasion. Next get rid of AALIYAH and her jealousy on everyone. She id nothing but a pain. HATE HER

  28. Priya $

    I think pragya ll tell abt Dadi’s decision to abhi. I think for tat only abhi asks pragya for a date. Last time like tat in their life.

    • chithu

      yes Priya ..i also think so..Abhi might have told Pragya that he want to have some quality time with her before they separate…

      Nikki..definitely, even if Tanu does not call.. they will not show consummation part now yarr…. they wil take some time..i mean now we have all the critical tracks lined up to hold the TRP..in the mid, they will not show this consummation part,through which they can hold the TRP separately for someother days ..

  29. Guys just look leena’s instagram pic. ?She is in bridal wear on kkb set. We r going to watch tabhi’s marriage sequence soon. It looks like CVS have decided to end this track now. But guys I m scared to see tanu’s pics in bridal wear.? Hope CVS will end this on tanu’s exposure.

    • Guys our guess was right. We r going to see tabhi’s marriage sequence.After a so much romantic confession, I think pragya will tell abhi to accept tanu by marry with her for their love’s sake. And becoz of her kasam, abhi will b helplessly agree for this and we will see next tabhi’s marriage sequence. CVS broke our hearts with abhigya.? Hope now cvs brings nikhil during tabhi’s marriage so he will expose tanu in front of everyone.

    • chithu

      Y scared Nikki…. u think any other possibility of ending this sequence ..i mean some tragic ending which we will not expect at all …

      • No chithu it is just an sudden obvious feeling of fear which i think every fan of abhigya will have after seeing this pic. But I m sure cvs will use nikhil for exposing tanu in wedding sequence. That’s why they still keep nikhil absent becoz cvs wants to use nikhil on for the time of tanu’s exposure. I think as we predicted that nikhil will come during wedding sequence with dna test proof and will expose tanu and this track will end finally. Becoz pragya,abhi,dadi everybody r helpless and unable to stop this. So now nikhil is one and only hope and medium for cvs to expose tanu and one thing is more chithu that cvs haven’t showed about DNA test which nikhil have. So I think cvs will use nikhil with this DNA report on tabhi’s marriage sequence to end this track and tanu’s crap. I m90% sure this marriage will not complete.

      • chithu

        Nikki..actually am also scared yarr πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ ..the remaining 10%..am afraid if the writers thought of showing something different and end up in this marriage and then exposing the truth so that they can drag for some more time πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™

        I wish this shoulddddddddddd not happen…as the name of the show suggests it is Kumkum bhagya..so one for one relation … but..if they wanted to show something different and end up…….GODDDDDDDD..i can’t see that πŸ™‚

    • Priya $

      Nikki u noticed it clearly when she posted her pic. Before some days they showed tanu in some bridal wear. I think u remember in promo. May b she post tat one na. I checked it pa but it’s on may month I think so. But I don’t know which u saw. But in tat she wore bridal wear which was in promo. So only asked

  30. chithu

    Sriti is soo cute yaaaarrrr πŸ™‚ i mean in real life also when we see her in interviews , she seems to be really cute…. πŸ™‚ her expressions and everything…

  31. chithu

    i just now saw Leena’s post Nikki πŸ™ :(….Again , a marriage arrangement in this show yaar… God..these writers will have how many such marriage arragements yarr….
    but this Abhi-Pragya’s confession is before or after that.. ???

    • Chithu ekta have lots of money to spend on the waste wedding sequences in her shows but not for herself.? Why she doesn’t spend money on own marriage and settle with someone then I think she will definetly could see the actual reality of world and relationship so she could show it in her show and make them logical instead of showing crap, nonsense and illogical things.

  32. Sreemathi

    Yo pongaiya neengalum unga serialum…. Meri aashiqui is better than this I guess. I was a dead fan of kumkum bhagya now I’ve been a gr8 hater becoz of this idiotic tanu and aliya. Then dumb pragya don’t have any sense. I know she’s intelligent but what hppnd to her?????? Very disappointing!!!!!! ?????

    • wellwisher

      vena matsh paakindeenga…..ethavida mosam…..vazkaiye veruthitan….kkb paravalenu solla maten….matsha pakadeenganu solran…..verupethuranga my lord….ethukellam karnam antha ekta….

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.