Kumkum Bhagya 3rd April 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Aaliya telling Abhi that reports are fake. Abhi says Purab brought it and it can’t be fake. Purab asks her to tell her friend to show the proofs and prove him wrong. Aaliya says there is a misunderstanding and says she will not let him marry a girl who had a bad past and asks him to trust her. Abhi says I can’t believe on Tanu now and says Purab have shown the reports, now Tanu have to tell what is true? Purab says they shall meet Nikhil now to know the truth. Aaliya says this is a family matter and we shall not involve any outsider. Purab says this Tanu was pregnant with Nikhil’s baby and says we shall talk to him. Abhi says we shall know his point of view and asks Purab to call him. Purab says we shall go to his house and question him. He will not get time to think of

an answer. Abhi says lets go. Tanu comes and asks Abhi not to go there, and says if you go there, what will happen to my respect. Abhi asks what about my family respect. I need to know the truth and more than that, my family needs to know. He asks Purab to come.

Tanu thinks to call and alert him. Dasi takes phone from Aaliya while Pragya takes phone from Tanu’s hand. Tanu says she was calling someone. Pragya says we are going to Nikhil’s house. Abhi says he don’t know what is truth and what is not? Purab says he told truth only and asks him to be strict with Nikhil. Tanu, Aaliya, Dadi, Dasi are in the car. Tanu asks Driver to stop the car as she wants to drink water. Dasi asks driver to give water. Tanu asks him again to stop car and says she wants to go to loo. Dasi says you can go in Nikhil’s house. Tanu hopes Nikhil shall not be at home. They reach Nikhil’s house and ring his bell. Purab thinks if Tanu called him and made him eloped. Nikhil opens the door and says he was having shower and asks them to wait. Abhi goes inside and says we will not see you changing.

Dasi, Dadi, Aaliya and Tanu come to Nikhil’s house. Tanu thinks if he tell truth then she will go to jail. Mitali takes her inside. Nikhil comes after changing clothes and sees all Mehra family with Tanu. He asks if there is any surprise for me and asks about the ad deal. Purab says we didn’t come here to finalize the deal, but came to expose illegitimate relation. Nikhil is shocked and asks if he is joking? Purab says you are joking with us. Abhi asks what is your relation with Tanu. Nikhil says my relation….with Tanu..and says nothing. We are just friends and nothing else. Abhi asks if more than friends. Nikhil says nothing, you are thinking me wrong. Purab says you don’t need to hide now as we have prove against you.

Nikhil asks what is the proof. Abhi says I was doubtful when I saw you and Tanu in the room, and my doubt was confirmed after seeing this report. Nikhil asks which report. Abhi shows Tanu’s pregnancy report and says it was written that you are her baby’s father. Nikhil says my baby and says I have no baby with Tanu or anyone. He tells that the reports are fake and says he is getting trapped, someone is ruining his professional relation with him. Abhi says this report is brought by my friend Purab and he wants my betterment. Nikhil tells Purab that he has a misunderstanding and it is all fake. He says may be someone gave you this report for money and says this is fake. Purab says this is not fake as I got this report in your house. Nikhil is shocked.

Purab says now you might be thinking how do I know about it. She says you did fraud in the last project and I came here to search the proofs. He says I got it here. He says why anyone will keep pregnancy report which is terminated. He says you have illegitimate relation with Tanu. Tanu thinks stupid man, kept my reports till now. Nikhil is shocked. Purab asks him to tell truth and says it will be better for you, else we have to take legal actions against Tanu. It is better for you to accept for her. Nikhil says I am thinking.

Purab asks him to do right thing and support truth. Everyone see a woman comes down the stairs from his room. The woman asks who are these people. Nikhil says these are my friends and asks woman to come. He introduces the woman as Tanushree. Everyone is shocked. Nikhil tells that he is in live in relation with this Tanushree and she got pregnant last year. Tanu smiles and looks angry. Nikhil says I don’t want this baby as we are not married. We fought for not keeping the baby. He says we are together now.

Aaliya tells Purab that he lost as he supported Pragya. She says Abhi shouted on you for giving wrong info. She says if you support wrong people, then bad thing will happen with you.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Mishka

    Ohhh god not again ….we all sick of all this

  2. Nicole griffith

    Time to change the story. Is time for some peace and harmony with abhi and prag

  3. stupidity overflows…. what a drama again and again… boriiiiiiiiiiiiing yr…

  4. Lopez

    I really had a very bad headache after Reding this trash…..and she i s sooo fortunate as today has the highest comment ever so there is no doubt if she could telecast same scene again and again.

  5. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    What the f**k..bullshit back n forth..disgusting. .this is ektas style..belittling women n loves verbal abuse n physical abuse. .wonder if she is happy in her own life…no positively…hogwash drama.

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