Kumkum Bhagya 3rd April 2015 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Pragya telling Bulbul how she and Abhi escaped from corporator’s clutch. She contin ues that corporator shot Abhi and he stopped breathing, then she remembered someone giving CRP and gave him oxygen (mouth to mouth breathing. Bulbul asks how did she give oxygen. Pragya gets nervous and says she cannot tell. Bulbul asks where did she gex oxygen cylinder. Pragya signals mouth to mouth. Bulbul asks if she kissed jiju. Pragya hides he face in shy. Bulbul hugs her and says she kissed jiju and even proposed her. She sees Tanu standing at door and listening to their conversation, goes out and asks Tanu if she is not ashamed to listened to other’s thought and says didi was telling how she kissed jiju and their romance. Tanu gets irked. Bulbul asks her to go from

there. Mitali hears their conversation and thinks she got a chance to make Sundari (tanu) jealous and will tell about this in whole party.

Bulbul goes back to Pragya and says she should know what is in Abhi’s mind. Pragya asks how can she. Bulbul says she should go and look in Abhi’s eyes. Pragya says how can she when Abhi is surrounded by many girls. Bulbul says there was a time when Abhi considered Tanu as her friend and companion and she as outsider, but he considers her as friend and wife and and tanu outsider, so he shies seeing her. Pragya says she will not and leaves. Bulbul says she has to try something else to convince her.

Ugly minded Aaliya calls corporator Neil and asks him to listen to her. He says because of her, Abhi has send police behind him and he is hiding. Aaliya says why did he try to kill Abhi and says if he does not listen to her, she will get him arrested, etc. Abhi comes there and listand ens to her conversation. She sees him and gets tensed. He takes phone and speaks to Neil, but Neil cuts call. He asks Aaliya if everything is alright. She stands silently. He calls back. Neil gives phone to his goon and asks to speak. Goon says he has to give 3 months’ fish money and has to give 5000 rs. Abhi says it is a wrong number. Goon continues if he does not give money, he will send call police. Aaliya says he was arguing even with her. Neil cuts call and scolds his goon for overacting. Abhi asks Aaliya to block this wrong number. Aaliya relaxes.

Bulbul continues pestering Aaliya to go and ask Abhi. Pragya nervously says she will not. Bulbul says she proposed Purab easily and nothing will get wrong. Pragya says she will go and starts panicking and murmuring herself. Biji sees Pragya murmuring and asks what is she talking. Sarla calls her and asks what is she murmuring. Pragya says her room’s AC is not working, so she is getting sweats and says servant Robin knows that. Daasi says she is behaving as if she is standing in witness box.

Tanu takes Abhi to a corner and asks how can he kiss Pragya and says few days ago, she was important to him, but she is cornered and he is committed to Pragya. He says he did not kiss Pragya. She says she feels cheated now and continues yelling that she thought he loves only her and would accept her, what will she tell to her parents. Abhi again says there is nothing like this. She says then why is Pragya boasting about her first kiss. He asks if she is sure. She says Pragya is proud that she kissed a rockstar and not her husband. He angrily walks to confront her, but girls catch him and ask about his first kiss. He gets more irked and angrily looks at Pragya who is busy talking to guests smilingly.

Precap: Bulbul gathers guests and tells she wants to question Abhi. Pragya gets shy.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I hope Abhi heard enough of the conversation to realized Aliyah was behind the kipnapping and that he exposes her to her family. I also hope he learns that Tanu and Mitali was involved. Sarla and her family should then beg Purvi for forgiveness and be ashamed of their actions

  2. Wat d hell…nw he will scold her…i thought abhi would know dat she kissed him nd would get shy

    1. f**k that dumb Abhi….

  3. Again becoming a typical ekta kapoor show with misunderstanding between abhi and pragya

  4. Wat d hell…y abhi angry with pragya…im waiting to watch the romantic dance….

  5. Omg tanu pragga is his wife u’re not get over it geesh

  6. Irritating wth im not gonna watch this crap!

  7. What is this crap shit show? Were Abhi and Pragya not married? Why this melodrama every time and why this nonsense each and every time? Come on mindless writer and producer, finish the crap show today!

  8. Yar its iritating! Is abhi has lost his mind.

  9. When I think the show is going to a better place, I continuously get disappointed.

  10. I do not even know what to write today.Too much melodrama and nothing to back it up.Abhi is not telling the truth and by doing this ,he is leading Tanu on and he knows damn well what took place in the jungle.Writers do something with the script ,it is starting to loose jt;s backbone and cannot stand alone now,Add some flesh to the script–too mellow now.

  11. Hey guyss…….it seems next week there will be a romantic dance of pragya and abhi

  12. Oh no here we go again… what utter bullshit being portrayed… how stupid of the script writer to portray cpr as a first kiss… wtf man. She was trying to save his life damit not get down his throat. For God sake….and now abhi is mad at prayga cos f**king retard tanu is jeolous…… f**k ay this serial

  13. I hope things will be right btn abhi and pragya n tanu should go to hell

  14. I hatebthis drama npw

  15. This drama is now a bit booooooring withball its typical story

  16. What is dis abhi….pragya has saved ur life…atleast for tat u should be grateful to her….ur character is not framed well ….so u don’t deserve pragya….

  17. Honestly I love the suspense, because it’s not realistic to suddenly make abhi be totally in love with Pragya. Obviously he has feelings for her, but they shouldnt be developed so fast. So I really love tall the romance scenes and beside we already know that Abhi is going to fall in love with her evetually, so we might as well enjoy these moments of angst and suspense!

  18. It’s been long n abhi n pragya didn’t fall in love they dragging the serial fall long now, it’s gettin bored, am sick n tired of aliyah n tanu games, why do always evil wins, all serial weather qabool hai,yeh mohabat, jamai raja, all serial are same,i hope they change it soon for batter!!

  19. Adamu Alhaji Adamu

    Please j try to say something reasonable I am completely impatient about the whole game I am also tired of tanu and aliya pls let’s move ahead

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