Kumkum Bhagya 31st October 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Tanu scolding Pragya for making the kumkum and mehendi plate fall on herself. Pragya says she didn’t do it deliberately. Tanu asks her to be secretary and don’t try to become his wife. She says your kumkum etc is worthless. Pragya asks her why she is becoming insecure and says I am silent just for Abhi’s sake, else I would not have let my husband marry girl like you. Tanu asks what do you mean? She calls her ugly and mindless, and asks her to get out from there. Pragya asks her to leave her hand. Abhi comes calling Nikita and asks Tanu what she is doing? Tanu says she has spoiled my mehendi, and is jealous of me. Abhi says she has not done anything, it was my mistake then why you are punishing her. Tanu says she will punish her now and drags Pragya out. Pragya frees

her hand.

Tanu raises her hand to slap Pragya and asks how dare you. Abhi asks how dare you and says Pragya is more than a secretary to him, and asks her not to dare slap her. He says whatever Nikita does is for his betterment, and she even helped your mom, and says he can’t see anything wrong happening with her, and says you haven’t insulted her but me…He says the troubles which will fall on her will be mine, and have to face me. Tanu says you are insulting your to be wife for her. She says I won’t leave her for spoiling my mehendi. Abhi asks I don’t want to do mehendi and calls it off. He says I don’t want to do any mehendi ritual done. Tanu is shocked and goes. Pragya recalls Abhi’s protective words for her….She recalls Abhi saying that his mehendi is applied on her hand. Sanam Re plays……………………

Dadi, Sarla and others are happy. Sarla says you did right by bringing Pragya here. Janki says Sita will protect Ram in this kalyug. Purab brings Dadi’s medicine and asks if he missed something. Dasi says she will tell him everything with climax and title. A fb is shown, Abhi fills Pragya’s maang by mistake. Fb ends. Purab says he is happy now, and says Abhi’s feelings is applied on her hand now. Sarla says she was very happy. Purab says if Aaliya and Tanu see Pragya happy daily then they will leave for sure. Sarla says once Abhi and Pragya get together then they will light the diyas. Purab asks what will happen to Tanu’s mum if she gets real heart attack. They laugh. Tanu’s mum comes to Dadi and asks if you have cracked some joke. Purab asks her not to take tension.

Tanu comes to Aaliya and tells that she scolded Pragya, but then Abhi came and scolded her. She tells that Abhi has called off mehendi function. Aaliya asks what was the need to scold her, and says it was your function and says you have reacted the way Pragya wanted. She asks her to control her emotions. Tanu says her blood boils up seeing Pragya. Aaliya says you have done wrong. Tanu apologizes to her, and says mehendi function is cancelled now. She asks her to do something and make her marry Abhi, else she will become joke. Aaliya says Dadi and others will laugh on me and says it is a competition for her, and she can’t lose this challenge. She asks her if you are in my team or theirs. Tanu says I haven’t done anything intentionally and says this marriage is really important for me. Aaliya asks her to apologize to Abhi. Tanu refuses, but Aaliya insists her to get forgiveness from Abhi. She says go there and give your best shot, and keep that in mind that you can’t afford to make Pragya win. Tanu agrees and goes to apologize to Abhi. Aaliya hopes Abhi forgives her. She thinks Pragya is flying high and thinks she has under estimated her kumkum and bhagya, and thinks she will write her kumkum bhagya now.

Tanu comes to Abhi and apologizes to him. She asks him not to cancel their first function and says she is ready to hold ears and do sits ups, but she will not look nice doing this. Abhi asks her to apologize to his friend. Tanu asks whom? Purab. Abhi says no, Nikita. Tanu agrees to apologize to Nikita/Pragya. Sarla tells Pragya that nothing will happen until Abhi’s name kumkum and mehendi is on her forehead and hand respectively. Pragya asks her to pray that Abhi’s memory gets back soon. Dadi tells Sarla that they have to do something to help abhi get back his memory and jokes. Tanu’s mum asks Tanu, shall we start the mehendi. Abhi asks her to stand there itself else something else can happen. Tanu’s mum asks what he means? Tanu says she will tell her later. Abhi asks Doctor to handle her. He calls Nikita …Pragya comes and asks what happened?

Abhi asks Tanu to apologize from her heart. Tanu apologizes to Pragya and says it was my mistake. Pragya forgives her. Tanu says you said that if Nikita forgives me then….Abhi says okay and asks Tanu to come. Aaliya comes and tells Tanu that she will bring mehendi fast. Tanu asks her bring fast before Abhi’s mood changes. Pragya looks on tensedly. Aaliya goes to bring mehendi. Purab asks Pragya, why did she forgive her. Pragya says I didn’t know her plan and says she was happy when Tanu apologized to her. Purab says if this mehendi happening then its okay, and says Abhi was about to cancel mehendi for you, and it shows he has respect for you.

Abhi asks Pragya to show her hand, and says he wants to see the color of her mehendi. Pragya refuses. Abhi says you are afraid that I will see your boyfriend’s initial. Pragya looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. same story.. its really boring nw

  2. same story… its really boring nw

  3. Today episode some what good. I feel good when abhi speaks in favor of pragya. But drama is dragging a lot. Change the story line please.

  4. SavitaVidya

    I was happy f mehendi cancel…then e

  5. Wen will he regain his memory it is too much with stupid aaliya n tanu drama

    1. Memory loss will be longer than Tanu’s pregnancy…….this must be Ekta’s goal.

    2. I hope with this feedback of how boring & dragging this story has become, the memory loss will end soon to delight the viewers frustration. We have to hope and dream for the best outcome – best of luck!!!

  6. Serial is dragging to much its going boring. Plss change story line

  7. The spoiler is too good to be true.
    I hope it is not Pragya’s dream only

  8. He will get flashbacks of his memory the day he gets married to Tanu walking around the holy fire and it will be a 3 episode wedding.

    1. But what will be the point of Abhi regaining his memory when he would already have married Tanu?

      This soap is about how Tanu and Abhi got married, the whole issue of romancing with Pragya in the process was just to pass time and lengthen the story. There is no love but rather how an innocent girl is being tortured for sins she did not commit.

      The writer is just playing with the viewers’ minds.

  9. Abhi needs to bounce his head to remember.

  10. Same all same all. Pragya and Abhi can never come together as a couple. Tanu and Aaliya are always keeping them apart. End the show!

  11. Plz change the story….and tank ko jald hata o…..abhi nd pragya ko mila o

  12. very slow pls fast story move

  13. I read some where that abhi is going to admit to pragya that he had been acting as having memory loss to protect her from her enemies and settle scores with them. It going to be either memory loss or partial memory loss

  14. kumkum bhagya

    ye tannu ki mehendi ka drama aur kitne din chalegi plz story ko aage badayiye and iss poori serial mein abhigya ke scence ke alava kuch bhi acha nahi hai kuch naya and intresting laayiye serial mein


    It’s Tanu’s Mehendi.

    Abhi is searching his name in Tanu’s mehendi.
    PRAGYA is also with them and she is sad.
    She leaves upset as Tanu smirks.

    Meanwhile Pragy gets sign in papers from ABHI. They turned out to be bogus cheques and Pragya is being blamed for creating fake accounts and taking money on her name.

    Alia tells Abhi about Pragya but he doesn’t believe it. She involves Abhi’s accountant and says he is involved with Pragya. The man tries to escape. Abhi catches him and hits him. He says it’s all Pragya’s plan to get ABHI’S property.
    ABHI is confused as Pragya is shocked.

    Leena’s interview –

    She says she is very happy as it’s her mehendi and she is getting Abhi while Pragya is losing him.
    She says it’s not easy to make Abhi believe that Pragya is bad as they have connection.

    Reporters says Alia will not leave this and even she will call cops who will come and take Pragya away.

    Mrunal visited the sets and she is shown hugging Shabir, Shikha, Sriti.

  16. this serial is going around in circles and is beyond boring now… this serial should end soon

  17. Omg .. same crap , writers don’t u guys have brain , how many times this rubbish …

  18. Good one. .. let her go to jail…irritating serial…..manner less serial ever seen…

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