Kumkum Bhagya 31st May 2016 Written Episode Update


Kumkum Bhagya 31st May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Tanu giving money to Abhi and asking him to get Dadi admitted in hospital. Abhi asks from where did you get money? Tanu says my mummy gave this money for wedding shopping, but wedding is still far. Abhi thanks Tanu and says he will never forget her big favor. Tanu tells Pragya that Abhi will be burdened by her always, under her favors. Abhi comes to Dadi and says ambulance is coming. Dadi asks from where did money came from? Abhi says Tanu gave the money. Dadi says she has done good, but it will be bad for her. She asks Akash to check the notes and see if it is stolen money. Abhi is clueless. Mitali hears her and asks Tai ji if she told Dadi. Tai ji says she drank digene thrice since morning. Mitali thinks who told her then. Pragya asks Dadi to rest. Dadi gets up and says she

was acting. She starts walking. Pragya says I saw you falling down the stairs and writhles in pain.

Dadi says I knew that money was in the house only, but doesn’t know about the thief. She says she staged the drama to get to the real thief. Pragya says how we will know that the money is same stolen money. Dadi tells about Purab and Akash’s childhood habit, and says they used to write serial numbers of the notes. Tanu comes there and says ambulance is here. She sees Dadi sitting on bed and all fine. Akash comes and says these notes are stolen ones. Tanu is shocked and says her mum gave her money for wedding shopping. Pragya says how can serial numbers be same. Tanu says she is trapping me and says Sarla had confessed to the theft.

Abhi says Sarla lied to protect Pragya. Tanu says Akash is with Pragya. Abhi says I know he is not lying and it is his childhood habit to note down serial numbers. She blames Pragya. Pragya asks how can serial numbers matches. Dadi asks her to accept her crime and not to argue. Tanu says I gave money to save your life and you are talking like this. Akash comes to Tanu’s room and searches for more stolen money. He thinks she is very and have hidden money somewhere. Just then he opens make up suitcase and finds money in it. He says you are gone forever Tanu….

Tanu asks Abhi to take her side and says that she can’t steal. Abhi says I know just that Sarla can’t steal and says he can’t ignore the fact that serial numbers are matching. Akash comes back and asks Abhi to come to Tanu’s room. Tanu gets shocked. Pragya laughs and sits with Dadi. Mitali tells Tai ji if Akash saw money in Tanu’s make up kit. Tai ji says it is good, and my stomach ache will go now. Tanu thinks to reach there and hide the money. Mitali tells Tanu that there is no place for her in the room. Akash takes Abhi to Tanu’s room and asks him to see inside the trunk. Abhi asks what is in it. Akash opens it and shows the money. Abhi is very much shocked. Akash says I have that seller’s number who sold this trunk to tanu.

Mitali thinks Tanu will be caught now. Abhi asks Tanu to say. Tanu says this trunk was brought by me but I don’t know from where did the money come from. Akash throws the money bundles on the floor, and says I haven’t touched inside the trunk. We shall call the police and get the finger prints tested. Mitali thinks Police might find her finger prints on the trunk and tells Abhi that she saw money with Tanu. Abhi recalls Tanu blaming, accusing and taunting Sarla badly, insulting her to the core. He feels disgusted with her behavior.

Pragya asks Dadi, how did this happen? Dadi asks her not to think and says this is done now. Pragya asks her to say? Dadi says when I came back home after meeting Sarla, Robin came to give me water. I asked him if everything is alright at home. He said that Mitali is unwell so I thought to see her and goes to her room. She says I heard Mitali talking to Pammi and telling her that Tanu had stolen the money. She called Dr. Murti and asked him to help her with the plan and lie to Abhi. Dr. Murti agrees. Dadi says it is revealed now. Pragya hugs her.

Abhi asks Tanu to leave the house and breaks his relation with her. Tanu cries.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. REJI….
    thanq for the link dear..eppidi iruka??romba naalla namma rendu perum chat pannave illa…
    kodaikanal trip eppidi irudhudu…enjoy panniya..i’m sure enjoy pannirupa..unnoda school reopen eppa?u know what?en 10th result vandhuruchu…nah 10/10 vaangiruken..

    1. hello akka !!………i already congratulated u in one comment…..as i was in trip so that time i can’t comment more….and during shivanya’s b’day also i was in trip so only can’t wish her properly …but i commented she didn’t notice it !!……anyways naa romba nalla irukken !!…….neenga eppadi irukeenga ??…….and ooty kodaikanal trip super ah irundhuchu…..and we planned only for 3 days trip …but suddenly my daddy changed that plan…that we have to visit pollachi and coimbatore too ….becoz some relatives called us ….and i have to stay there for 2 days ..eppadiyo chennai reach panniten …and unga romba naala pesave mudiyala !!..anyways …i am so happy that u got 10/10 in resuts ….all the best for ur studies akka !!…..

    2. best thing ever thank god tanu is leaving for good yeah. she should reveal the truth about the babys father hope to see pragya and abhi together soon

  2. Why anybody need to prove that Tanu is not carrying Abi’s baby. His Dadi know very well about this and she can disclose and tell that Tanu is trapping him for his money. He hear everything from Dadi why not this time.

    1. Because Abhi won’t believe anything without PROOFS, what he need is PROOF ! Thats why CVS is dragging this serial since one year for collecting proof to expose Tanu ??

  3. 10/10 very good

  4. Epi was nt bad. After a long time Cvs have decided to show us one good episode so hppy to see TANU in this state ???

  5. Okayy Dadi did a great job, its appreciable but why she ever try to expose Tanu’s Baby truth like this from da begenning.. ?
    She could very well do it like this na..

  6. And Karthika and guys actually my school should reopened on june 3 rd but becoz of some construction work in school they postponed the reopening date to june 13th ….so having 10 days holidays !!……….

  7. reji…njoy ur xtra 10 days holiday..i’m good…coimbatore dhan ennoda native place…

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  8. ana reji ippo naan dindigul lah iruken….

    1. marupadiyum eppo coimbatore varuveenga ??…becoz when i visit coimbatore i have to see u !!……

  9. Mogambo chapter pidikkallatiyum Tamil language la ( own language la) keta everything special than… Very nice IIM but can’t watch after July. I will definitely miss KKB & IIM. It is my first & last serial. And also my one & only favourite serial.

  10. Hey karthika and reji I am also from Coimbatore may I know what u guys r studying if u don’t mind. I am doing my BE completed first yr


  12. I was so waiting for this moment to come and its here…..wala wala wala….boom

  13. love this show abhi please go back to pragya and get tanu out off your life. hope to see you guys together soon love the cast of kumkum bhagya.bye

  14. It’s good that tunu has exposed but you I think that the truth of tunu’s baby will also come out.

  15. do you guys think abhi will listen to his dadi if she tells him tanu baby is not his hell no he only believes in the great tanu he claims to love his fuggi so much and yet he doubts her come on man enough of this nonsense if dadi had wanted to tell him anything she would have done so already cause she knows its not his baby why not tell him now or she will do so when its too late boring and dragging too much i am 21 and by the time i reach my 23 birthday then everything might come to light and i am not being sarcastic here i am in training to become a doctor so time is hardly on my side dont know when i will get to read comments again stay good guys

  16. Adamu Alhaji Adamu

    I am so happy that u started injecting new ideas and good thinking towards this story. Pls keep it up. Thanks

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