Kumkum Bhagya 31st May 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 31st May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Tanu giving money to Abhi and asking him to get Dadi admitted in hospital. Abhi asks from where did you get money? Tanu says my mummy gave this money for wedding shopping, but wedding is still far. Abhi thanks Tanu and says he will never forget her big favor. Tanu tells Pragya that Abhi will be burdened by her always, under her favors. Abhi comes to Dadi and says ambulance is coming. Dadi asks from where did money came from? Abhi says Tanu gave the money. Dadi says she has done good, but it will be bad for her. She asks Akash to check the notes and see if it is stolen money. Abhi is clueless. Mitali hears her and asks Tai ji if she told Dadi. Tai ji says she drank digene thrice since morning. Mitali thinks who told her then. Pragya asks Dadi to rest. Dadi gets up and says she

was acting. She starts walking. Pragya says I saw you falling down the stairs and writhles in pain.

Dadi says I knew that money was in the house only, but doesn’t know about the thief. She says she staged the drama to get to the real thief. Pragya says how we will know that the money is same stolen money. Dadi tells about Purab and Akash’s childhood habit, and says they used to write serial numbers of the notes. Tanu comes there and says ambulance is here. She sees Dadi sitting on bed and all fine. Akash comes and says these notes are stolen ones. Tanu is shocked and says her mum gave her money for wedding shopping. Pragya says how can serial numbers be same. Tanu says she is trapping me and says Sarla had confessed to the theft.

Abhi says Sarla lied to protect Pragya. Tanu says Akash is with Pragya. Abhi says I know he is not lying and it is his childhood habit to note down serial numbers. She blames Pragya. Pragya asks how can serial numbers matches. Dadi asks her to accept her crime and not to argue. Tanu says I gave money to save your life and you are talking like this. Akash comes to Tanu’s room and searches for more stolen money. He thinks she is very and have hidden money somewhere. Just then he opens make up suitcase and finds money in it. He says you are gone forever Tanu….

Tanu asks Abhi to take her side and says that she can’t steal. Abhi says I know just that Sarla can’t steal and says he can’t ignore the fact that serial numbers are matching. Akash comes back and asks Abhi to come to Tanu’s room. Tanu gets shocked. Pragya laughs and sits with Dadi. Mitali tells Tai ji if Akash saw money in Tanu’s make up kit. Tai ji says it is good, and my stomach ache will go now. Tanu thinks to reach there and hide the money. Mitali tells Tanu that there is no place for her in the room. Akash takes Abhi to Tanu’s room and asks him to see inside the trunk. Abhi asks what is in it. Akash opens it and shows the money. Abhi is very much shocked. Akash says I have that seller’s number who sold this trunk to tanu.

Mitali thinks Tanu will be caught now. Abhi asks Tanu to say. Tanu says this trunk was brought by me but I don’t know from where did the money come from. Akash throws the money bundles on the floor, and says I haven’t touched inside the trunk. We shall call the police and get the finger prints tested. Mitali thinks Police might find her finger prints on the trunk and tells Abhi that she saw money with Tanu. Abhi recalls Tanu blaming, accusing and taunting Sarla badly, insulting her to the core. He feels disgusted with her behavior.

Pragya asks Dadi, how did this happen? Dadi asks her not to think and says this is done now. Pragya asks her to say? Dadi says when I came back home after meeting Sarla, Robin came to give me water. I asked him if everything is alright at home. He said that Mitali is unwell so I thought to see her and goes to her room. She says I heard Mitali talking to Pammi and telling her that Tanu had stolen the money. She called Dr. Murti and asked him to help her with the plan and lie to Abhi. Dr. Murti agrees. Dadi says it is revealed now. Pragya hugs her.

Abhi asks Tanu to leave the house and breaks his relation with her. Tanu cries.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Vaishali

    Awesome episode I can’t see the episode as I am in 12th but update is awesome waiting to see what happens next thanks bro… And guys I am new here fr commenting as I hvnt commented before will u all accept me as ur friend or sis????…

    • Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

      Hi vaishali.. Thnx for commenting on my masala cafe!! Ff tmr I will post next epi..

    • Aishwarya

      Hiii vaishali ur most welcome n i m also 12th std which grp did u took?n in today epi dadi rocked now onlly she is behaving like rockstar’s dadi she has stole d whole episode n but our happiness is not permanent coz tomorrow or day after tomorrow abhi will sympathyze n care for tanu what a serial in a single day a man is taking for of his wife n girlfriend wow

    • Anjhana

      Hi vaishali
      U r most welcome in this group
      Keep commenting
      And where r u from vaishali????

    • Reji

      Hi vaishu !!..i think i know u !!..be coz u commented in mine and surbhi’s ff ..sorry if i am wrong ..anyways welcome ……all the best for ur 12th std …and keep commenting my friend!!..??????

  2. MONA

    what a esspisode….dammmm nice nd precap is just awesommeee……tanu will be out now nd dadi u rock u r super dadi….v

  3. Rose

    Omg really awesome epi …….I’m in travel so I can’t see this epi…I really miss this epi….but this tanu again will do a drama and live in mm further ……..??

  4. This is a Start

    Yaaaahhhh…..Yippeeee…… BUT Abhi still does NOT know that the baby is NOT His!!! So what is Tanu’s next move.

  5. loli

    Atlast In kkb writers showed something positive…….After 1 year of struggle , dadi exposes tanu….. Eagerly waiting for ABHIGYA UNION ……Bt I lost my hope , it will take another 1 year to expose tanu ….????

  6. Honey

    Waiting fr next epi just awesome I think he gets to know the truth or it may even be a dream of tanu

  7. Sona

    This is not the awesome episode because tanu theft truth is revealed not the pregnancy secret . Director make theft story n reveal the theft truth only to increase the trp of the show n to bring back their fan . Tanu will never leave house as she fall from the stair n hurt badly to stay in the house.

  8. Aarthi

    so finally something good happened….everytime tanu used to cheat him or convince him with emotional drama but not this time…..
    really nice to hear those words against tanu from abhi…this was something which we are expecting for….even though pregnancy truth is no out…something good happened……
    thank you writers…..

    • abhigya

      yeah i’m also happy with today’s update i’m jumping on airs that tanu is caught somehow in money matters…jollyyyyy

  9. Maddy

    Now there is some intelligence shown from the “good” characters Dadi I mean….it becomes interesting only if there is momentum in the story. I am sure the much needed fillip has been injected into the serial! It remains to be seen if a similar web is woven to trap Nikhil. Keep going!!

  10. iswarya

    she is not leaving the house becasue i saw in instagram that tanu makees a plan to live in same abhi house by falling from steps which affect sher baby badly in which abhi also forgives eher fo rthe sake of baby.

  11. Divya chandru

    Dadi after long time rocked the episode , by simple plan, akash hero of the show to find the balance money , tanu caught red handed , super …..


  13. priya

    Nearly one and half years we are waitng for tis episode…such a draging story…how much i lik tis serial tat much i hate tis serial

  14. lavanya bai

    hi frns ..i am new to this site…finally..best episode in kkb..I just want to share my happiness with you…all..abhi…believed at last..and akash u rocked today..

  15. LJ

    Some truth of her evilness exposed to Abhi… We all have to know this is not the conclusion to this track completely but it’s a good strart hopefully to Tanu’s downfall

  16. shana Mark

    But if it again some crap like always that Tanu will do some emtional baby drana bd all that.?????

  17. So it is all dadi’s plan to expose tanu’s theft with doctor’s and akaash’s help. First time dadi actually did a big favour for pragya by doing something mindblowing first time instead of leaving all the responsibilties only on pragya by giving her lectures. Dadi stole today’s show. But now next turn is tanu’s to use same drama and trick to again stay back in abhi’s life, house and mind. I was also wishing that tanu should not get out with easy punishment but after this stairs fall’s drama, the sympathy and concern she will get from abhi, which she never desreves, it will b irritating and annoying. I want abhi let her stay and tanu stay in abhi’s house for now as i want to see her as facing worst punishment ever. But i want it too that he should not forgive tanu what she did with sarla maa. I want abhi let her stay in the house for baby’s sake as he doesn’t know baby’s truth yet but he should keep distance from tanu and should snatch every right on him, through which everytime she stops abhigya from coming close with each other. I mean abhi should say to tanu that from now he will just take her and her baby’s all responsibilty but he will not keep any close relationship with her. He will only take care of baby but she will not matter for him for now. She can live in the house only becoz of baby.I think this punishment will enough until her big truths revelation and it will also enough for what she did with sarla maa by trapping her in theft. But except all this what other thing i m thinking is that tanu is now taking steps in rush of remain in abhi’s life anyhow. Whatever she did with this fake stairs fall drama, what if it will backfire on her? Becoz of this drama she could trap in another thing which could open the way of her baby’s truth’s revelation? Just like her thinking of becoming great in abhi’s eyes by giving him money for dadi’s treatment ended up on exposing her theft’s truth infront of abhi and everyone. Whenever she takes steps and decisions alone, she always gets trapped but it is aaliya and nikhil who comes everytime as her saviour. If they doesn’t help her, she already gets exposed very before. Aaliya is still out and if pragya and team somehow manages to keep nikhil also far from tanu then tanu will easily get exposed completely. Anyways when dadi tells pragya that she took her family doctor’s help to trap tanu then i was thinking why she doesn’t take his help for exposing tanu’s baby’s truth also that abhi is not her baby’s father, by using medical ways. Just like this she made this paln to trap tanu, now they should take tanu’s this stairs fall drama’s advanatage to prove it that abhi is not her baby’s father. It will help abhi to bring out himself from his long time confusions and dilemma between pragya and tanu. And if this truth will get expose infront of abhi that tanu is not carrying his baby then rest he will handle it by ownself and he will easily find out about baby’s real boilogical father that is nikhil. Well this is all possibilities which could happen and which should happen according to me. Rest depends on cvs so let’s see now where they will take away the story?

  18. koki

    Pakka episode.. after long time back good to see this serial.. and tomo precap also pakka???

  19. ann

    good episode…the precap is good…but the sbs shown today where tanu throws herself down the steps and abhi comes running…is not good…if this really happens then we will be back to the stupid tanu nastiness and the episode will be back to the same nonsense

  20. Sara

    Hi hency,shobana sis,reji and all of you guys?
    Hency, I replied you in yesterday’s update.
    But again I reply here..
    I and Vadhu don’t have leave.
    We have to attend school for these 10 months even on Sundays as we are in 12th std..
    Our school won’t give leave as other schools do…
    Here after I and Vadhu can’t comment frequently…
    But we try to keep in touch with you all guys….

    • Hi Sara. …surely I am gonna miss u…yes u must concentrate on your studies. ..all the best??? dear Sara and vadhu…keep in touch .

    • Reji

      Hi Sara ..how r u ??….so gonna miss u and vadhu ..but 12th std is very imp …so all the best guys ..keep commenting..whenever u get time to comment!!..

  21. shobana

    The most awaited episode. At least tanu has caught for stealing money. I know pretty well that she will not leave the house. Aakash has rocked today.
    In precap purab was there. From where he came suddenly. He is entering the show suddenly and goes invisible for days
    First time dadi has done a good work after pragya’s makeover. I thought it could be pragya and dadi’s plan but it was not like that. Dadi alone did a fabulous job. Dadi and Aakash has stolen today’s episode.
    If tanu’s truth is also exposed in the same way it will be nice. But I know that the CVs won’t give that much happiness to us.

    • Shivanya

      Hi shobana Akka hw r u ?? Intha time aachu tanuku punishment kadaikuma akka . I didn’t read yesterday’s comments so anybody pls tell me what is tanus new drama . Whether she will thrown out of the house are stay with abhi .

      • shobana

        Hi Im gud shivanya. Hope u r also doing good
        Tanu won’t be thrown out of MM.
        She is going to do a drama like falling from stairs to gets abhi’s concern.
        Don’t know whether abhi will forgive her or not but for tanu’s baby sake he will let her in MM.
        One positive thing in it is hereafter abhi wont believe her words if she blames someone. But she will continue her emotional blackmail with abhi.

  22. Pri

    But do t get happy guys..according new spoiler tanu will act as falling from stairs.. and make drama to stay in home…

  23. Vadhu

    Hi shoba akka! Eppdi erukinga?
    And how are you hency, my little sister reji and other members of this family?

    • Reji

      Hi vadhu ..i am very fine …how r u ??….study well ya ..and rule the results ..all the best !!..???☺

    • shobana

      Hi ? vadhu and Sara
      Im gud. Concentrate on ur studies guys since u r entering into 12th u guys need a special attention towards studies. My best wishes to you both vadha and sara

  24. karthika

    hi guys…how r u all??i’m fine……I missed u all sooooooo much..soorrrrrrryyyyy for not commenting past few days…actually i was busy in getting 11th admission…i hav got admission….i’m really feeling distraught…becoz i’m going to new school where i don’t know anyone….actually i have studied from 2nd to 10th in my previous school nearly 9 yrs…but in this new school i just feel afraid that i vl get isolated from others..i feel distraught for another one thing guys…i’m going to 11th…if my school get starts i can’t able to chat with u guys regularly..i feel so sad for it…i’m crying now.u guys have become part of my life..even if i didn’t come to this page i vl be desperate to chat with u all..but guys i promise i vl surely come to this page in weekend chat with everyone…u guys also promise me that u frndzzz vl chat with me in weekend…really i vl miss u guys so much…what to do??that much i luv u all….lots of love fr all my frndsss…really i kept thinking abut this only.i feel so sad…

    • Anjhana

      Ah ha karthika I will miss u sooooooo muchhhhh. …
      But don’t worry 11th and 12th is very important in ur life
      And as ur aim is too become a doctor u should work very hard
      I no I’m not supposed to advise u because I’m younger than u
      And keep up ur promise seriaa!!
      All the best karthika
      I will miss u so much
      And 10th la give me some tips to concentrate

    • Hi karthika. ..don’t worry. U will surely get adapt to that school…I too gonna miss you.all the best dear and congrats for ur results dear☺

    • Shivanya

      Me too karthika missed u a lot. Don’t feel like that karthika u will definitely get good friend . But we r really going to miss u?? . All the best for your studies pls ???comment in weekend

    • Reji

      Hi karthi… How r u ??…really missed ur comments ..don’t worry ya ..soon u will get good friends …and be comfortable ….and happy that u got admission ..all the best.. And i am younger than u ya ..i can’t advice u …but don’t take it as an advice… Just my point …and keep in touch in weekend ya…i will be missing ur comments !???but study well …all the best !!✌???

  25. Kivi

    today’s epi was awesome .can’t wait for tanu’s exposure.really liked moment when abhi asked tannu,she was looking blank

  26. karthika

    i feel astonished that even CVs hear to the fans…i have never anticipated that they vl do this…but whatever happened is good…atleast tanu got redhanded….atlast dadi done something for abhi…i cud hardly believe my eyes…really feeling happy…akash u really rocked…i wish that tanu shud go away from mm forever..but atpresent it won’t happen..in the fear of getting low trps,the cvs had brought this drastic change in track..not bad…but tanu with the help of her unborn child vl make abhi emotional fool and vl not go out of mm…frnds i think if abhi asked what’s the reason for stealing money ??then there’s chances to reach to the core of truth and tanu’s exposure…..but i don’t know whether abhi vl go to the core to the situation or not….now a days kkb is becoming illogical..so probably abhi vl not ask the reason and go to it’s core..if dadi instigates him then this might happen….really feel happy for us becoz after waiting centuries we hav got to see some positivity in kkb….

  27. thinker

    I think abhi will not forgive tanu.if he accepts his baby(by her fake drama) but not tanu and getting more closer with pragya.this is a wake up call for him. but writers not let together abhi pragya I think. they. make any tragedy that somehow tanu deid leaving her baby and secret with responsbility of abhi.lets see what happen?

  28. Ramya

    U know wat guys tis tanu pregnancy drama started when I was studying 12th.. Now i hav completed my 12th n abt to join a college.. Still its the same story…. Hope the entire crew has lost its creative sense

  29. Kya bakkvas serial hai 6 months sa same story chalra pehla aliya,uska baad raj . Dadi jaka Abhi bola tho khissa khatham Hojatha khali time pass kartha

  30. razia

    First tym in kkb history tanu was caught fa her deeds .. Well let’s c atleast afta dis there vl b a sign fa tanus baby truth out .. Pragya must plot soon sumtng n defeat tanu asap

    • shobana

      I think since tanu has been exposed for one of her wrong doing, now the CVs will drag to some extent before showing a positive sign of tanu’s pregnancy exposure

      • razia

        Sure they’ll shobi .. Bt atleast sarla ma s proved innocent la .. Also tanu vl not ve the upper hand on abhi n also tanu cant manipulate abhi like bfor . . tar is better nu I feel ra

  31. Sorry its 12th not 120th and hi aastha ?I too stopped watching ssk serial both in tamil and hindi.it’s so so irritating serial right

    • Aastha

      yes its boring…. all the best for ur studies. when is ur clg open? today my clg reopen im excited to see my frnds again after sem leave.

  32. Shivanya

    Reji shobana Akka Gowtham anna brintha Akka pratiksha Akka hency karthika hw r u?? New serial is going to telecast in polimer tv . anybody saw that . In hindi it is kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi . In Tamil ini ellam vasantham i think so

  33. Mittenzz

    The money is marked as I have guessed because that was the only way to prove that Tanu had stolen the Money. I was off on the fact that Pragya and Abhi had come up with the plan of Dadi’s fall to get the thief to produce money, but this was all Dadi’s plan…good work.
    Now, the question is, will they also use this marked money tactic to prove that Tanu had use same money to pay Nikhil’s hospital bill? Or will this track ends here?
    Tanu’s drama of falling down the stairs also will not end good for her as more of her truths will come out. Until that happens, we will once again have to suffer through her tirades and “nails on chalkboard” screeches, and evil ways. This is the beginning of Tanu’s end. Her desperation will have her continue to make mistakes and fall in her own traps.

    • shobana

      Yes mittenzz ur guess is right.
      First they should count the money. If they count only they will come to know that 20L is missing and only 80L is here. After knowing that 20L is missing, they can question tanu that what she has done with it. But I feel its difficult to see the money which she has paid for Nikhil since now the money belongs to hospital and they might have deposited in bank or might have done something with it.

      • Mittenzz

        You know what I think they should do. They should send the police to the hospital to investigate and have them disclose that they suspect that stolen money was used to pay a patients’ bill and call the patients’ name. I want the nurse that Nikhil pay-off to get scared, but I want her to only go to Pragya and Abhi and tell them that both (Nikhil and Tanu) threatened her life and why, so she took money. but Cvs don’t have that stretch of imagination so I don’t think they will continue the money part after this,
        I hope they use what little grey matter they have left to use the fall down the stairs as another exposure for Tanu. She believes that this will make her stay in MM, yes, but this will also lead to something going wrong with her pregnancy and possibly to other truths coming out.

  34. Priyanka

    I don’t know, after a whole year of dragging, it seems very hard to believe she will be exposed lol. I am sure something will happen where Tanu will be allowed back in the house again

  35. karthika

    i’m gud shivanya…acrually i also watched it..it’s sony tv’s kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi…i’ll not watch it regularly but kabhi…kabhi…i think this serial in polimer going to take place of en kanmani becoz guys do u all noticed first they stopped telecasting im.,then ,kalyana kanavugal(doli armanon ki) ,i think now they might stop en kanmani(ek mutthi aasmaan) also.but i’m not sure..the polimer channel stop telecasting all zee tv dubbed serial..i juz guess this ini ellam ponvasandam gonna take place of ek…but whatever i watched polimer only for ek…now if they stop it i won’t even switch on to the channel…

    • shobana

      How r u ??
      Don’t worry that you are going to new school. In the beginning it will be little difficult to get friends but after a week everything will be set. If u take my case from lkg to 12 I studied in one when I entered into college I thought that I have came to some other world but after a week everything was okay. I got my frds too. So u too don’t worry. First it will be like we are going to some other world but after a week or two everything will become alright. My best wishes to you karthi study well to achieve ur aim.

      And mouna ragam (7 o’ clock) program is going to end not en kanmani

      • You are wright shobana Akka they are going to end mouna ragam.and ek mutthi aasmaan(en kanmani) is well reached among Tamil people.so they will not end the serial soon. and also it will end October or Novemberonly.

  36. karthika

    hi frnds..how r u all??actually why i’m asking it once again means my mobile juz views frm comment no.60…so only i can’t able to see previous 1to 50comments… i’m asking once again..even if u guys replied there i can’t see it…so only..i’m sure u won’t mind….

  37. raven

    at last Tanu is caught i only want to know how will Abhi react to all this at least he should know that the baby is not his i wanted Sarlaji and her daughter to beat her but they cant for she is with child she needs to be thrown out of the house no need for second thought and what really Tanu is carryimg she is taking so long to have her baby and i am betting my last dollar Tanu will not be leaving that house they will feel sorry for her and she will once again destroy their lives they are all so crazy but lets wait and see cant wait for tomorrow

  38. Simmi Dasgupta

    I think that the next track should include the abagya reunion and about abhi’s parents return so they can at least get 2-3 months out of that

  39. gowtham

    hi good morning… episode was good… poor tanu is getting insulted by all.. so sad la??
    and m waiting fr tdays episode coz fisrt time she is gonna get punished fr her wrong deeds… so eager… but my mind is not ready to praise abhi… he needs prrof… doesn’t find people by the face wat kind of rockstar he is…. i can say cvs hear about thuts of saying about daadi?? so only some good intelligent scenes given to her… she becomes briany fr the past two days i thnk must have eaten lot of ladies finger i guess? and yeah aakash also s mentionable too… and yes waiting fr tdays episode lets see….

  40. Shaanu

    Hiii guys this is shanu…am new to commentry….am having a dout..abhi dnt know that tanu is carriyng some one else baby bt nt his ryt…so even though he send her out of mehras house..she will come back by saying abt baby….before she strt any drama by saying abt baby…pragnya n team shout prove tanu’s baby is not abhi’s baby..

  41. karthika

    thanq so much shobana sis…yeah.i’m fine…love u so much..oops no thank u to sister..vl miss u all during school days…

  42. karthika

    thanq so much shobana sis…yeah.i’m fine…love u so much..oops no thank u to sister..vl miss u all during school days…u know what whenever i see ur reply for my comment,,,i’ll be very happy…i know surely that u’ll reply to me…..

    • Anjhana

      Ah ha karthika I will miss u sooooooo muchhhhh. …
      But don’t worry 11th and 12th is very important in ur life
      And as ur aim is too become a doctor u should work very hard
      I no I’m not supposed to advise u because I’m younger than u
      And keep up ur promise seriaa!!
      All the best karthika
      I will miss u so much
      And 10th la give me some tips to concentrate

  43. Today I am going to land on the first step of my bright future.I am entering 9 the std todaytoday .these four years will decide my future.I think here after I should concentrate more on studies than before. I wish I could become a doctor.

  44. Brintha

    hi guys gud morning.. where is rachana missing yesterday.. akash character justified… dadi atleast helped this much ok.. but family doctor sudden entry nearly 600 episodes was illogicak… but its ok.. but frankly telling i was watching the episide hw i wstched last 200 episodes.. because after so much of dragging tanu caught.. it was not interested for me.. my worry is whn abhigya reunion happens also will i lose interest.. thn my far long waiting will go waste..

  45. karthika

    today’s episode vl be interesting..but i can’t bear tanu’s melo-drama..she’ll pretend of feeling giddy…really feel disgusting of tanu…now abhi vl get emotional becoz of the baby and leave tanu to stay in mm….we can’t xpect more than that also from cvs….if the trps gets down lyk this,then cvs team vl bring sudde twists lyk this….

  46. thinker

    excited to read todays episode.I cannot watch this because my tv connection is not available.very excited to know. what happen next ………….

  47. thinker

    Good Mornning.
    excited to read todays episode.I cannot watch this because my tv connection is not available.very excited to know. what happen next ………….

  48. karthika

    sure anjhana..it’s my pleasure to give tips…keep faith in urself and think that ur short term goal is to get 500/500…and work for it…u’ll be the achiever..if possible make a chart of ur goal and paste it in the such a place where u can often see it and become passionate…..which motivates u more….and yeah frnds have all ryts to advice.. thanq so much….

    • Anjhana

      Haha karthika I’m studying in cbse
      I took second language as hindi
      Hindi essay writing is very tough for me as I’m a tamilian Settled in hyderabad
      The other language options are sanskrit and telugu
      I don’t no any of them
      As friend or a sis I’m asking u can u give me some tips for each subject
      And I agree wid u friend has all rights to advise
      Thank u karthika

  49. abhishek

    I think tanu will fall from the staircase by herself and will have a miscarriage by this she can gain abhi symapthy back and there will be no proof against tanu that she is cheating abhi because the baby was the only one proof by which tanu could be caught so for sure tanu will not be kicked out of the house after that pragya will tell truth to abhi but he wont belive pragya words and decides to marry tanu at wedding day tanu truth will be out this is the future story of kkb for sure

  50. karthika

    shobana sis…
    actually in my previous school there is only classes upto 10th….so only for 11th and 12th i’m going to another school…i miss all my frnds..u know what …..some of my frndzz have got 11th admission in same school….but unfortunately i have got admission in other school….but whatever we vl keep in touch by call or visiting their home.. whatever i can’t forget my previous school..such a gr8 teachers…we vl do lot of mischievous things nd often get scolded by our teachers…especially we vl do our maths homework by copying our frnds..one vl wryt maths homework nd pass it to whole class…we vl really take a short nap during english class especially when our mam narrates poem or story of lesson….sry i’m boring u….actually sry for replying here..i don’t know due to some technical issues i can’t able to reply in ur comment…..

  51. Fowziya

    Hellooow Guuyz ??
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    Also looks like writers want to reduce the negativity audience are feeling for Daadi’s character and ppl like Akash being mute spectators. So this time chance was given to both these characters.

    Hope we will now get a scene in coming episodes of Abhi going to Sarla to apologize or even better call her to MM without revealing the reason, but once she is here call all family members and apologize to her in front of everyone. Actually ppl apologizing should include Tanu, Mithali n Tai ji also in that order.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.