Kumkum Bhagya 31st March 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 31st March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Tanu telling Pragya that she knows her truth now and says you are using Ronnie against me. She says I thought Ronnie is scaring me being ghost and I would have get mad. She says but you made Ronnie scare me. Pragya asks her to shut up and asks if she has any proofs. Tanu says she will take her to court and shows the proof in which Pragya and Rachna come to her room and tell their plan. Tanu says what you will tell now, if you are old pragya, selfless and not money minded. She says I want to show this video to Abhi, but will not show. She says I won’t let you win and will get Abhi. Pragya says I was a fool to leave Abhi and went away. She says you want to give Abhi’s name to your illegitimate child and claiming to love Abhi. She says when I comes to know about your truth,

I want to confront you and tell everyone about your doings, but I stayed silent to clear the termites in the house. She says I am not old Pragya who have sacrificed her love for you. She says my husband is only mine. She says I brought Raj and Aaliya’s truth infront of everyone. She suggests her to move back. She asks her to pack her bags and leave, and says I will not tell anyone about your secret. She says I will give much love to Abhi, that he will forget about you. She says few stories start with hatredness and end with love, and my story started with our marriage and will end with our togetherness, and if you try to bring any twist, then I will write your ‘the end’, just remember. She starts leaving.

Tanu goes angrily and slaps Pragya hard. She says just look inside you. You have betrayed Abhi big. She says I trusted you when you offered your help before concert. She says you want to separate two lovers, and says you stopped us from marrying. She says you couldn’t let me marry my Abhi. She tries to slap her again, but Pragya holds her hand. She asks how can you call your relation sacred when you have someone’s else baby, and want to marry Abhi with that baby. She says you are using your baby for your selfish moves. She says you are saying that we both don’t have any difference. She says there is a difference between your and my love. She says my love is selfless and says I used to cry all night in my room. I have bear all my loved ones hatredness. She says I have made him my enemy to protect him, as my love and marriage is sacred. She asks her to tell about the sacrifices which she has done for Abhi. She says you are using your baby for your selfish motives and says today you are lying to Abhi, and will lie to your baby all life. She asks her to look in the mirror and asks her not to call Abhi as her husband. She says how can you say that he is your husband. She says a married woman applies sindoor and wear mangalsutra and says Abhi didn’t give this right to you, but me. She says I will wear kumkum and mangalsutra now, and says you are just his enemy.

Tanu says what do you think that you will get Abhi back by wearing mangalsutra. She says you might love Abhi, but Abhi loves me. You can tell him many stories, but I won’t let you succeed. She says my confidence have increased now, and says I know your strategy now. I will end your game. Pragya says I will show proofs to Abhi and says you have told your story uncensored. She says the video will have much impact on Abhi, and says you are surrounded..check and mate.

Nikhil comes to enquire about Ronnie and gives money to his room mate. The guy calls his friends and tells Nikhil that they will not tell him about Ronnie. Nikhil gets angry and says you have taken money from him. He refuses to tell him anything. Nikhil says okay, I will leave. Dadi and Abhi are sitting on a public chair somewhere. Dadi massages his head while Abhi keeps his head on her lap. Abhi tells her that Pragya is torturing her very much and is not letting me breath. Dadi asks him not to worry and says she will make Sarla beat Pragya. Abhi says Sarla is unwell. Dadi asks him not to worry and says she will make Pragya beaten by Sarla. She thinks you both will unite in sometime.

Pragya holds Tanu’s hand and takes her to temple. She asks Tanu to tell infront of God. Tanu says I don’t get scared of you and your God. Pragya says but you gets scared of ghost. Tanu says you have to change and became negative inorder to bring my truth. She says you have ended love in Abhi’s heart for you. Pragya says I know that he used to hate me when we got married, but it changed into love that too infront of love. She says my love is true and it will not take time to rebuild the love in his heart.

Pragya tells Tanu that only her baby will get right to be called as Abhi’s baby. She says she will give baby to Abhi and that baby will be of Abhi’s.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


    • razia

      Hey ridhi super news from beginning or from where they left in polmer? Pls tel da .. I’m dying to know .. I was praying tat they shud telecast in EE nu jus now I was discussing wit my frenz .. Thank God bt pls b sure abt the news .. Ru sure cuz man yemara virumbaka bayama iruku timing?

      • Nithi

        Really..wao tats gud news…:). Actually I didnt first few episodes in tamil as well as in hindhi…so I can enjoy to watch frm tge beginning:)

    • Priya

      are u sure ma ? Coz am gladly waitin’ for that but beginning lei nu poduvangala or current track poduvangala ? ?

  1. Asmitha

    nice epi I think it will be last fight bwn pragya tanu precap is very nice if it will become real very soon in abhigyas life very nice all kkb fans r waiting fr it

  2. karthika

    superb episode.pragya’s dialogue delivery was superb.this tanu is really dare devil.how dare she slapped pragya?she is realy disgusting.i felt like slapping tanu.progressing whatever i will not anticipate anything.pragya’s dialogues were awesome.precap was really superb if they expose tanu it will be nice.after a long time i thoroughly enjoyed the full episode of kkb.

  3. razia

    Hi nivethitha sheetha shobana gowtham reji n al others .. Wt I guess is they re not ending irumalargal for the never ending tanu track actually as far as I knoe ..the ppl al I knoe .. My frenz my family my relatives even boys watch irumalargal n only irumalargal from polimer TV .. So they re not stopping this fa tanu track .. My guess is .. Rights problem or contract pblm like .. May b after kkb being stil top in trp zee might ve asked for Tamil la yae solren illa na zee TV enna banned comment nu soliduvan .. May b trp ka top la irukuradhunala adhigama amount for the further episodes ketrupanga so polimer adha kuduka othutruka matanga adhunala Dan stop pantanga nu nenakren yena idhu varaikum endha serial um ipdi nirthunadhae illa .. So this is my guess .. Contract la problem vandhurukum

    • shobana

      The promo is out for new program en valzhai en payanam
      The show is to start by 4 April 7:30 pm
      And Riddhi is telling that iru malargal is goin to telecast on zee Tamil from 11 April 7:30 pm

    • currectu razia ………….but polimerliye telecast panni irundhaal …innum nalla irundhirukkum ….ippo polimer trp down la poidum……so paakalam……….and i don’t know wat’s going on hindi track ….yaaravuthu sollungalen??…..and really iru malargal is going to telecast in zee tamizh???….

    • Reji

      Ya razia. ..irukkalam. ..but aana iru malaragal avanga channela telecast panniru thaanga naa trp topla irundhiruppanga ..and athula irundhu vara profita vacchu innum offord panna ..try pannirukkalam…but no worries we will watch it in zee tamizh…my doubt is they will start from first or continue from this track???..firstula irundhu pottaangana intha trackukku vara pala varsham aagum…paapom..

    • sheetha

      s razia u r correct… but is that news correct zee tv la podrangala… ini polimer tv flop agum.

    • razia

      Bt if zee Tamil is surely going to start irumalargal hereafter then its sure polimer mela thappae illa .. Zee group cornered polimer to stop it by any means .. Yen indha zee TV ivlo kevlama panran .. Anyways v al gonna watch it BT oru madhri uruthum la if the dubbing artists changes also starting la irundhu pota namma lam papom bt others won .. Generally TN la yarumae podhuva zee TV paka matanga la so it vl affect irumalargals trp Dan .. Yedho pongappa .. They ruined it

      • sheetha

        zee tv dont deserve IM.. avanga yetha dubb serial um olunga potathae illa.. atleast itha achum fulla poduvangala therila… we cant trust zee

  4. razia

    Im getn on my nerves .. Tomorrow is the last episode of irumalargal .. Bt I’m damn sure with this polimer TV down Ku poidum yena enaku therinju yarumae polimer oda other serials pakradhu illa .. Only some watch uravey uyire adhu kuda konjam per Dan pantanga .. Mouna ragam en kanmani moonru mudichutaan Kalyana kanavugal lam yarumae pakradhu illa .. Only irumalargal Dan everybody watches in polimer channel so once they stop irumalargal I’m sure polimer trp la romba down Ku poidum .. Athoda andha channel out aydum .. I vl neva ever swittch on to polimer from tomo after 8 bye bye polimer .. Ul ve to suffer n ul close yua channel itself .. I wish u my frenz too. Not to watch polimer anymore

    • Priya

      Ya ua right Razia ! It could b possible, maybe as u said some contract problems i think ? but nereya viewers miss panuvanga pa

  5. razia

    I vl unsubscribe polimer from my Airtel digital TV :@ n the serial is mainly about abhigya how cud they stop without abhi pragya realising their love? At least andha propose scene avadhu kamchirklam 🙁

    • shobana

      I feel its not polimer TV mistake because the original show belongs to Zee TV and aft this much dragging also the show is no.1 so Zee Tamil might have thought to telecast it and gain high trp as a result zee TV might have pressurized polimer TV to withdraw the show by increasing the money for the show or by some other ways. So at the end polimer TV has no option other than to stop the show in midway

      • razia

        Actually wen I came to knoe first tat polimer gonna stop irumalargal felt like y can’t polimer afford wateva the amount zee TV asks for cuz as far as I knoe the serial tat tops in Tamil too is irumalargal may b iyll b in top 5 bt after coming to knoe tat zee Tamil is going to telecast then only I realised zee group is playing games here m. Zee might ve forced polimer to stop by saying v vk not give u the remaining episodes contract ah mudichukalam nu .. So if this s the case polimer pavum .. Ena Dan zee Tamil la poymtalum namma la madhri true fans Dan vl start either if it is from the beginning or from the left over .. Other ppls like namma amma chithi avanga lam avlo menaketu paka matanga let’s c .. Bt they re ruining irumalargal paklam adhae name Dan vekrana adhae dubbing voices dhana nu .. Mostly starting la irundhu Dan poduvan .. Adhae madhri dubbing artists in maaruradhuku chances r there

  6. kim

    seriously get a life! such a expansion of this one situation makes me wanna change channel LOL !!!!! un-necessary drama and unwanted turns please try to be realistic than being LAME

  7. The whole conversation between pragya and tanu was gud. Specially the way pragya gave tanu back by each words like one by one slap on her face, it was so gud. Tanu slapped pragya once but pragya slapped her by her words many times. Thank god ronnie still out from nikhil’s hands. But until when it is left to see. Pragya’s replies to tanu were gud and correct and specially when she drags tanu in mandir in front of durga maa idol and in precap, she was fabulous. She showed not even tanu the truth and reality in fact she has shown many sweet dreams for future of abhigya, in her words. Surely she will win at the end but don’t know what u peoples r thinking but I have a gutt feeling that before it something bad will happen with pragya which will take tanu till the end as somehow she will succeeded in saving herself, for now. After today’s episode, I m scared for what will happen next. Becoz if exposure happens next just after pragya and tanu’s conversation then they shows an official promo for it, which we didn’t get yet. So now definetly tanu will try her every possible way to save herself with the help of nikhil as they got aware from pragya’s plan but pragya didn’t know what they r upto and what they will do to stop her. So more chances r that situation will go in tanu’s favour for now. They r searching for ronnie. If they will find ronnie or not then also they will not let pragya exposed them after knowing her truth and plan. They will do definetly something which will go against pragya. So let’s see what will happen next but seriously I m feeling scared to watch further episodes, until I will see Tanu’s exposure finally and punishment by abhi.

    • Nithi

      Prathiksha….u r rite…tanu will do anything now to manipulate abhi against pragya after knowing her truth.
      pragya given back by words to tanu today…but she is very week to take steps against tanu infront of abhi…

      hope she will b do better job this time..n should not leave single evidence go against her…

      finger crossed……

    • Ani

      I too feel the same pratiksha. Fingers crossed. Lets see how tough cvs makes the situation for pragya as that would be her final huddle to succeed.

  8. cuteepiee?

    I knw the truth is gonna extend till Monday!!
    Ekta kapoor’s lifelong strategy..always reveal truth in beginning of the week…
    begging_plz expose tanu infront of socalled ‘Rockstar’ by end of week n start abhigya’s luvstory frm new week.

  9. Ooh god…
    There is no necessary for pragya to tell the all proofs to tanu know..
    Tanu will think more n manipulate Abhi by fake drama
    When vl this dragging come to an end??????

  10. Sahithi

    Pragya was rocking in precap, what I always wanted to see from Pragya. Stand up for what is her right,as Abhi’s wife, she realised it a bit late though.

    So writers extending track to show this face off. Well, they could have shown this sort of discussion after Tanu exposure also, but then Tanu won’t have chance to show her attitude. And if no masala n frama then how ratings…

    I feel Tanu will get so boiled up n kill herself if Pragya wears kumkum n mangalsutr now. It will be so exciting to see if Pragya comes wearing them to show video to Abhi. Doesn’t even show video for a moment, but goes in front of Abhi n Tanu in Fuggy avatar, Tanu will die on spot.

    Abhi runs away from Mogambo but still has feelings only for, which is so sweet.

  11. shobana

    I think tanu is goin to do something big and still pragya needs to cross one more hurdle to expose tanu
    As we all knw definitely pragya will win in the end
    Thank god Ronnie didn’t get into Nikhil’s hand
    Purab y he is not back yet
    This face to face fighting is going to be interesting and this will lead to tanu exposure
    Today pragya was so good aft many days. Today only her brain started to work. The conversation between tanu and pragya was so nice

    • Shobhna purab aka arijit is on vacation to his trip of goa with madhurima and charu. I saw his pics from goa tour with them. They were doing hangouts and relaxation there. May b he came from his vacations but when he will start shooting, I have no idea.

      • shobana

        Thank you prathiksha
        I think purab will give at the last minute when pragya try to expose tanu

      • Sahithi

        He is back and posted pic from the set yday, I felt the person in background is Sarla. So some scenes involving Purab n Sarla can be expected.

      • shobana

        That’s a great news sahithi
        I want sarla ma to get well soon because if she stands with pragya then tanu can’t do anything

      • Sahithi

        If Sarla gets well, there is no need for proofs. She is herself a living proof of what extent Tanu n Nikhil can go to ‘secure their futures’.

        Abhi will blindly trust Sarla’s words. And if she gets well, she will definitely not be dumb like Daadi or Pragya to wait to gather proofs. She will tell it on the face.

      • shobana

        Ya sahithi sarla ma won’t be dumb like pragya and co
        For that only I want her to be cured soon

    • razia

      Actually the gang is sriti arjit charu n madhurima .. Bt cuz if the shooting pblm sriti aaka po mudila I think cha they re killing sriti .. Even in sritis bday they had shooting .. Pavum la .. Tats y .. Cuz of no to.e nowadays sriti looks swollen n tired always .. I feel very bad fa her

  12. gowtham

    hi guys… thanks for the news that zee tamil will telecast it…. me and my mom juz were discussing about iru malargal…. my mom told me that contract problem will be there…. zee la top la irukura serial so zee tamil vaanga plan panirukum nu pasitu itunthom…. correcta you guys are giving as a superb news…. thanks alot…. wowwwwwwww super… and like razia said all my frds are iru malargal fans… naanga gang ah discuss panuvom about this serial…. only serial i am watching is iru malargal… and this is the best one though it drags i love the portrayal and touch…. so happy to hear it ll telecast in zee tamil…. my mom would be happy that her guess is right though she wont watch iru malargal….
    and one more doubt?? will it be telecasted frm starting or from the episode aftr polimers last episode…. and another important thing is dubbing artist…. seriously if new dubbing artists are used means it ll take much time jell with them…. because in polimer abhi and pragyas voice over is awesome…. so i want the same iru malargal with same voice over… athan nala irukum….. but really romba happy…. eneme zee tamil top la vara pothu…..

    and polimer la iru malargal ilana vera entha serial um nala irukathu… sasural simar ka ethuku oduthu nu yarukum therila… kalayana kanavugal athuku mela …. ullam kolai poguthada was a hit in polimer… so by retelecasting they are co-op the trp…. eneme polimer ah kaapatha mudiathu…. irukura oru nala serial ah vitu kudukuranga… paavam….

    • sheetha

      ahma gowtham… dubbing artist ah change panama erutha nala erukum… especially abi voice chancea illa…

      • gowtham

        exactly sheetha… abhi voice best… u knw mahabharath telecastd in vijay tv…. in that serial for karna the same voice is used…. i like this voice since that….

    • shobana

      Do u people think that the show going to telecast in zee Tamil tv will get the same trp as that of polimer TV iru malargal ?????
      I think no because most of the people who are watching polimer tv don’t know abt the show to be telecast in zee TV
      If they come to knw also I don’t think people will start to see from the beginning because people knw abt
      each and every twist in the show and they know pretty well where they will drag
      And the current track will come only after a year long so it is difficult to retain the same trp and the people to watch the show
      And I don’t think that they will telecast the show till the end because most of the dubbed show in zee TV has been stopped in midway

      • gowtham

        correct point shobana… if they start from the beginning for reaching current stage it ll take two years… like u said zee tamil wont telecast any dubbed serial like that… y polimer done like this nu i dnt knw… but they have done huge mistake by giving away kkb…

        and one more thing i wannna mention…. u said all knw the twist so they wont see the episode… even ig it is telecastd in polimer people like us knw the twist and turns.. but we are ready to c that… so if zee ramil telecast it from beginning itself also people will be ready to watch… tnose who are very big fans ll watch…. anf another advantage will be… new people also ll come to knw about kkb.. zee tamil is slightly famous than polimer… so new people ll come to knw too… only drawback ll be we cant trust zee tamil…. they ll end if they want to…. so like u said its not a good thing… it shuld have been in polimer itself….

      • shobana

        Ya gowtham we will wait and see
        And I feel the mistake is with zee TV they have pressurized polimer TV to withdraw that’s for sure
        I don’t think there will any other reason for polimer to give away iru malargal
        This is first time a show in polimer TV has been stopped in midway that too a high rated trp show has been stopped airing. So I feel definitely its Zee Tv mistake
        And most of Ekta show has been telecast in polimer only
        Lets wait and see what happens

  13. Asmitha

    if abhi knows that pragya is not changed she is her old pragya only then how it will be guys what r ur views abt this guys I think it will be very interesting bt in today’s epi tanu is really waste how could she say that abhi loves her even she knows that he could not love her and also she knows that abhi has feelings for pragya till now what u say guys

    • Sahithi

      Tanu wants to put up a brave face in front of Pragya n still wants to speak to her like she would do in old times n do some emotional blackmailing. Tanu thinks that her baby is her weapon to manipulate ppl be it Abhi or Nikhil.

      When Abhi knows Pragya has been acting and didnt really change, that itself will end Tanu story half. Tanu is trying her last chance at luck when she very well knows Pragya knows her truth.

      Nikhil kind of realized the moment Tanu said that Pragya didnt change that Tanu’s chances of success are less. Nikhil realized that at this point Pragya wont give up on her husband. Of course he is also still trying to catch Ronnie. Tanu is still living in her stupidity because she had been successful so far, so over confidence may be.

      They had all this heated argument, but Tanu still didnt try to think how did Pragya get property n if the divorce is true or not. If it was Aaliya, she would have figured it out by now. Also, Tanu is not thinking how she can marry Abhi if Pragya knows whole truth and why would she agree divorce. Tanu can still try n manipulate Abhi to hate Pragya, but cant marry unless this divorce thing is cleared.

  14. karthika

    riddhi what r u saying?irumlargal is going to be telecasted in zee tamil.if it happens it will be nice but in zee tamil they telecasted jamai raja as mapillai but now they r not telecasting.if this happens to irumalargal then it will not be nice.this news consoles me.

    • riddhi

      yes karthika, zee tamil never played complete series of episodes, suddenly stopped. already kkb never ending track irritating us, if in case zee tamil telecast these episodes its a big question mark?????

  15. Khyati soni

    Boring…very boring…..
    They are making public fool….
    N always David wins..not good one..

  16. Naveen

    I think it will be till 2years of tanu will not expose it is eubbhish serial in xee Telugu that wise I am not watching zee Telugu also now when the tanu chapter close

  17. Vins

    Instead of all this nonsense, pragya can give the footage to media…. before that b*t*h tanu manipulates it…. it will b useless to show it to abhi… because he won’t believe it soon as tanu will do something… slapping of pragya is totally unbearable…. All the dialogues of pragya were totally useless as they won’t show a mere effect on that stupid idiotic tanu…

  18. Aishwarya

    Guyzz inniku pragya voda ovvoru dialogues awesome real wife voda feelings ava kondu vandutta real power of kumkum ada avaloda ovoru words layum sonna precap was awesome love u pragya as soon as possible plzz reunite abhigya n zee tamila nejamave im podrana ethana maniku sollunga guyzzz plzzz n plzzz inda vishyathula plzzz april fool pannadinga pa i request u dear frns

  19. Madhu

    Ha ha….same old twist…how ever foolprrof plan it is made by lead actor in ‘k’ serial… Obviously it will be exposed by villain faster….go on. ….drag onnnnn…..same dialogue baziiiii….

  20. Jasbir

    Unnecessary dragging the drama….. I fail to understand that why Prague is not able to show the video. Illogical scenes are shown sometimes. And why no back up of the video? Mere saying that it is long video is not the right answer. It can be downloaded on computer and transfered easily. I hope that in next episode tanu doesn’t break pragya phone and destroy the video….

  21. Rabgay

    I too m really waiting for pragya n abhi to unite but extension of same problem makes me so hopeless to watch kumkum. It has been more than one n half year m still abhi n pragya are not united. Offo it sometime really irritates me

  22. Divi

    atleast some progress..Pragya dialogue was good..but again Tanu is evil so it will not have any effect on her.. I am soo tired of this tanu drama.. good thing they dont plan to murder ronnie as of now or it would have been dragged for another 3 weeks…. I stopped watching this one long time back….just reading the written updates hoping that some miracle will happen soon enough to unite abhigya..hope they should bring out Tanu drama now..fingers crossed..

  23. AFKHAN


  24. shabana.

    OMG the damn serial in polimer tv at 7:30 pm wht the hell !!!!!!!!! irritating serial(en vaalkai en payanam) OMG shit…..irumalargal in zee tamil oh shit razia is right dont watch polimer tv for your good only frnds such an ediate channel (polimer) ok then tommrowo is the last episode means then wht about the advatisement?????

  25. waiting for the episode of 1st April….hope takhil and alia get fooled and something good will happen…..but how dare the vamp tanu slapped pragya
    …disgusting…..arugadaye illadava ava epidi ivala slap panna…..this was bad

  26. Aqua

    where is this baby coming from hehehe??? I mean tanu’s elephant baby isn’t here yet after one yr and where is this Pragya’s baby coming from?? has the KKB writer brining in the concept of parthenogenesis (as*xual reproduction in which the offspring develops from unfertilized egg) hehehehhe

  27. Priya

    Still DRAGGING DRAGGING as usual but one thing is good about today’s episode is Pragya’s words towards that b*t*h Tanu, it was really awesome ? Dadi was alone with Abhi today, she could really make him understand the situation n tell him the truth, am sure he will trust Dadi but Ekta Kapoor had already decided to drag this crap so obviously she will ! ?

  28. biplabini

    pls stop this nonsensense & get the truth sooon its my humble request to ekta..boring hi rahe he ham

  29. Leila

    I think dadi will end up telling abhi the truth because pragya is dragging tanu story too much

  30. karan

    irumalargal my favourite serial is gonna end in polimer!!!!!!!this is reli such a sad news…i jus cant live without watching it..naa atha mattumthaa paakave seiven..but antha serial a stop pannita..oh shit!!thery cld atlst hv shown abhi’s proposal to pragya..that scene after concert..and ended with that!!!!!!omg!!!!!!!bit anyways today’s hindi episode was spicy..it had sumthin instead of usual fooishness..but still dragging much..onli if it cums to an end within this week!!!!then i’ll not be soo sad that it no longer comes in tamil!!!i’ll miss abhi calling gundachii in tamil!!!!his n pragyas voice..superb..gonna miss u irumalargal…my luv!!

  31. priyanka

    Zee tamizh la entha hindhi serialayum fulla telecast panna mattanga..for example qubool hai(kathalukku salam)..illaina mrng time la telecast pannuvanka…oh!!no ….???

  32. riddhi

    Yes friends, i too felt sad once saw the promo flash in b/w the game show. Zee Tamil never telecasted dubbed serials till the end for ex jamai raja, jodha akbar, jansi rani etc… Really waiting for next promo in zee Tamil regarding irumalargal. Bcaz they didn’t change the title and initial still of pragya and bulbul. Whether they start from first episode or where polimer tv stopped ??? Really i don’t know abt this.

    And priyanka this s not April fool news. We all like this serial very much def i wont play. Yesterday so many friends felt bad and commented on this.

    i saw that advertisement, next second updated here.

    this s not fake news, hope zee Tamil ll continue this serial…. Good luck zee Tamil

    • razia

      Oh thank god yaar .. U saw the promo atleat .. Bt I checked in zlzee Tamil website for promos .. Bt last updated was mahamayi nu oru show .. So is tat they dint upload the promo of irumalargal or .. Therila MA namba vum bayama iruku .. Yena nambi yemandhutta romba mosamaidum ..

  33. sheetha

    ho confusing … entha channel la potaum paravala but we want irumalargal back… that to full ah telecast pananum…

  34. karthika

    hi all my tamil frnds.i wish they should not change the dubbing voices for abhigya.did u all see kasam in colors it’s just awesome.i too hate polimer tv irumalargal is just gem serial how could they stop telecasting it.

  35. karthika

    in this page we (tamilians) r commenting more right. because this serial very special and fav serial which is followed across india.am i right frnds.

  36. Mkc

    Wow…at least Tanu is smarter than Pragya using her Technology skills…CCTV recordings!!…come on Pragya learn something from Tanu…..

  37. karthika

    i want to see irumalargal in polimer becoz i don’t like zee tamizh channel.but what to do i luv irumalargal more.if they telecast irumalargal from first it will be nice becoz i didn’t some early episodes of irumalargal.

  38. karthika

    this polimer channel is going to telecast en vazhkai en payanam.it’s really disgusting.i didn’t like the promo.it looks like old and boring serial.how could they give the place irumalargal to that so called damn serial?

  39. karthika

    guys just now i watched the promo .irumalargal in zee tamizh it is named as iniya irumalargal.in the promo couple is watching tv and the wife asked his hubbe it is 7.30 i want to watch what happened to abhigya.she asked his hubbe to hange the channel. her husband told that inime idhulathan.he repeats it constantly and said watch iniya irumlargal in zee tamizh 11 th april 2016.

  40. Guys ronnie and purab has came back on shooting. Ronnie’s aka raj told that he will come from today in kkb. On shooting or in episode, he didn’t mentioned it. And I saw purab’s pic on his instagram account from kkb’s set. He told that he is back on shooting. So let’s see what twist r waiting for us.

  41. Asha

    Yes its confirmed… They said Ur fav abhi n pragya ll be in zee tamil now… I’m in cloud nine…

    • Aishwarya

      Asha first la irundu podrangala illa continue va n doubbing voice change pannidave koodadu plzzx

  42. fuggy

    End this tannu pregnancy drama soon we are big fan of abhigya we want to see abhigya reunion and purani pragya ko

  43. karthika

    yes shobana my exams were over.i hav done it well.i finished my last exam on19.03.2016.now i am in summer holidays.i am anticipating 10/10 in my exams.thank u for asking me shobana.it really means a lot.can i call u sister.i finished 10th.what r u doing?u r elder than or older than me.

  44. Asha

    Yes its confirmed… They said ur fav Abhi and Pragya ll be in zee tamil now… They shows the scene of Abhi n Pragya’s hug after rabul marriage stopped… Continuation of yesterday’s episode which they showed in polimer

  45. karthika

    yes shobana i hav finished my exams well.thanq so much shobana sister.do u watch the new promo of iniya irumlargal in zee tamizh.check it out.

  46. Asha

    Yes its confirmed… They said ur fav Abhi and Pragya ll be in zee tamil now… They shows the scene of Abhi n Pragya’s hug after rabul marriage stopped… Continuation of yesterday’s episode which they showed in polimer tv

  47. amu**###**

    Now I hate D’s drama… Kkb mean dragging in any way…. Polimer TV took a correct decision… But zee Tamil going to telecast… So sad… Pls don’t do that… We can’t watch it anymore…

  48. Swetha

    Hi to all my tamil friends what u all said is right but u all forget 1thing endha serials ellam avanga padhilaye stop pannagalo antha ella serialum low trp serials but irumalargal it’s not like that it’s highi trp serial adhu mattum illa nama endha alavu support pandromo athavachuthan avanga telecast continue pannu vanga so keep supporting and any one have zee tamil contact number

    • karthika

      swetha u r point sounds valid.perhaps u r right.i wish they should telecast irumalargal fully in zee tamizh.

  49. gowtham

    since i was thnking about itu malargal, i could not comment about yesterdays episode…. actually episode was good… hot talk between two girls…. and how on earth tanu is still confident…. bvoz she knew that pragya comes to know all… thn hw tanu can say that she ll marry abhi… no one ll be ready to give away their husband for third rated girl like tanu… but tanu os still confident… sure she ll use the threatening style i knw…. and if she uses ronnie against that ll not help bcoz thid is the finale so even if ronnie is not with pragya… surly pragya will say the truth to abhi…. and sarala ma is recovering… everything is in pragys favout only… though tanu ll threaten storyline ll be lik prgya will fight for it…. she ll not bend down… this is mu guess…. but on seeing tanus confidence level, slight fear is coming…. but using ronnie definitely not gonna sace or help tanu… she may thnk something else.. maybe with the video against prgya she ll do somethng….

    but again is more sensible in her talks… bcoz she is saying to expose all pragya came in new avatar and juz lost abhis love…. she has a very good point in this…. she talks cleverer than pragya for sure…
    thats y till now she is not been exposed unlik aaliya and raj….
    and about dadi and abhis discussion…. whn abhi is saying to dadi mogambo is the cause for his situation… i feel like scolding dadi… she was the cause fr all these and abhi is now in her lap and complaing prgaya… otherwise episode is good… eagerly waiting fr the out come… of the finale….

    • Sahithi

      No Gowtham, it will be Tanu’s loss if she will tell Pragya’s truth in front of Abhi or Abhi’s family. Already Pragya was saying I will wear kumkum n mangalsutr. Just imagine if Pragya comes in her avatar.. on holi day when he was drunk, Abhi was still speaking of Fuggy only.

      Definitely there will be more twists n drama before Pragya shows that video to Abhi or even tried to show it.

      Pragya was unhappy about her disguise n losing Abhi’s love, but she is confident the day she will know baby’s father and can expose Tanu, she will get her love back. As she was saying her story with Abhi had a diff destiny, Abhi’s hate transformed slowly after their marriage and once Tanu’s truth is out, it will all be fine again.

      • shobana

        Ya sahithi is right
        Abhi hates mogambo but loves fuggi that’s the great plus point to pragya and definitely tanu is going to be exposed soon there is no doubt in it but before that there will be lot of drama specifically tanu will do something unexpected from all
        So lets wait and watch the drama

      • gowtham

        sahithi if that also desnt wrk for tanu means, we dnt have to fear for anything right… that was her only proof against prgaya…. if she s nt using that, she juz cant do anything and its a one side favour…. and u guys are saying like… she ll threaten pragya by saying sarla or some others name…. i thnk that too is not gonna wrk… pragya, by seeing her confidence, she ll nt fell fr that…. if she threatens, will pragya stops everything?? of course not….
        this ll also not in tanus favour… now wat tanu ll do…. everything is against her only…. but she is very confidnt… dnt knw wat she is upto???? thats why i told she may use video as a proof against prgaya…. bt its juz a guess… like sahithi said if uses that that may end in tragedy for tanu…. dnt knw wat the writers are upto….

  50. Swetha

    Sorry soothu am very sorry last 2 days polimer la irumalargal stop panna poranga zee tamil la continue pandranganu therijadhula irundu athe niyabagathula mathi reply pannitan sorry and u asking irumalargal in hindi right it’s telecast zee tv in 9pm and repeat 9am,12:30pm,3pmand 5:30pm once again sorry

  51. nasima

    Na polimerla parkura orey serial irumalargal matum dhan..enaku oru doubt zee tvla telecast panna marupadium firstlendhu irumlargal start pannavangala ila indha epi continue pannuvangla..?..now hindhi kkbla epa dhan tanu epi mudipanga..innum evolo nal dhan ipadi pogum.i cant see it..

  52. razia

    I don think so guys even my mom was assuring illa first la irundhu la poda matan .. Paadhi la irundhu Dan nu solranga so I guess apdi Dan irukun

  53. Reji

    Guys I went to write my exam innum exam mudiya konjam naal thaan irukku …becoz 6th April my exams r getting over and after that my mom said exam mudinja piragu. ..unnaiye booka edunnu kooda solla maatten…and today my friends were discussing abt this only …they said en vazhkai en payanam is an old serial which they telecasted before in jaya tv ….and iru malargal in zee tamizh they said they will put from first…but I felt is…iru malargal in polimer first when they r telecasting oru sarla voda promo pottaanga …but in zee tamizh antha couples sonaanga …abhikkum pragyavukkum enna aachunne theriyala …channela maathu ..so this means they r going to continue this from where they stopped….and swetha u asked contact no na??…we can’t contact them…because zee is a big process to contact zee entertainment enterprises only telecasting zee tamizh zee tv and all…for more info u go to this website…


    But we can give feedbacks to them for that we can go to this website..


    And guys avanga firstula irundhu podu raangalo illa continue pandrangalo..I am ok with both …my friends said firstula irundhu pottalum..jollya thaan irukkum abhigya comedy supera irukkum…ungalukkum rendume ok va guys??..

    • reji

      guys en friends sonaanga voice mattum maatha kudaathu..but change panna chances irukku..paapom..i want my old abhigya voices in tamil…

      • gowtham

        no reji… voice maathuma really mokaya aaidym… i really like abhis voice…. atleast abhigya voice aathu maathama iruntha nala irukum… moreover its officially confrmed that polimer la vitathu la irunthu than telecast pana poranga…. bt both ways i will watch… exam ku all the best….

  54. karthika

    reji best of luck for ur remaining exams.do well.reji,avanga firstla irundhu potta nalla irukum continue panna adha vida nalla irukum.any way every cloud has a silver lining.kadavul ella kadhava moodinaalum oru jannala thurandhu vachutaru.atleast zee tamizha telecast panragala.first i felt hard to believe but when i watched the promo i was so happy.

  55. aarushi

    Frnds I think that irumalargal serial time gonna change becoz mouna raagan is a short serial this is going to end instead of mouna raagam that new serial.will be included….but I’m not sure abt this its my guess only

  56. Swetha

    Hey guys dont warry voice change panna matanga because all dubbed serials are dubbing from kurralagam studio only befor u all remember gowtham said vijay mahabharatham karnan voice and abhi voice are same reason is kuralagam because mahabharatham also dubbing series na that’s y i told u voices dont changed and reji best of luck u r remaining exams innum 5 days thane dont watch tv and dont use mobile read well and do well after exams plz continue u r ff waiting for u r ff

  57. razia

    I’m sure guys .. They won telecast from first .. Left over la irundhu fan so don worry anyways epdi potalum namma ellarumae paka Dan porom 😉 I hope they won change the voices too ..

  58. razia

    Thank u riddhi for sharing the news cuz yesterday evng la nan sema tension la irundhaen afta getn a reply from polimer office .. En kita andha aal sonnan enaku sema tension ayduchu .. Bt afta seeing yua comment I felt very very happy .. Apram Dan enaku thookama vandhichu u know ..

    • riddhi

      U r welcome razia. All are worried abt this news. Actually im a silent reader since last year. Once got to know the news immediately updated here.

  59. karthika

    no aarushi,it’s officially confirmed that irumalargal is not going to be telecasted in polimer due to some contract issues.it will be telecasted in zee tamizh as iniya irumalargal starts from 11 april 7.30pm.

    • Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Then polimer will not telecaste irumalargal?????In zee they will continue it or what?? Then new show in polimer I think ek tha raja ek thi rani will be dubbed or tashan-e-ishq…. Both are superb and not etretr becoz they are dragging now a days so much

  60. shabana.

    good going KKB and irritating channel polimer the waste channel i had ever watch now i glad that irumalargal is in zee tamil and polimer has no chance to cut the scense of irumalargal

  61. Mansi

    God… seriously fade up wid this drama now….. just dragging nthing else…. tanu’s secret shd get revel now yaar. …

  62. reha

    hey guys y thy cut irumalargal so much thy didn’t show thr proposal also i just wait for tht anyway am sure thy are not going to opens tanu story i don’t no wht ztamil will do for us?

  63. sana

    Hey I am more happy today kkb end in Tamil.if it telecast continue it will spoil it image.abhi won’t know tanu truth for 1 to 2 years,it is good. Tamil people don’t have that much waiting capacity like Hindi serial dragging same plot.

  64. iris

    Please somebody tell me where can i find wrtten update of kkb for 1st april episode. I dont find it here. Why is that? Where is the kkb wrtten episode for 1st of april 2016? 🙁

  65. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Heeyyy zee Tamil gonna continue iru malargal from purbul marriage scene I am happy and guys then which show gonna start in polimer?? In 7.30slot?? And mouna ragam will end soon then one more new show?? I think they should stop en kanmani becoz after Raghav and pakhi marriage that show will get bored!!!

  66. sheetha

    Written update credit : IG – Kumkumbhagyaofficial

    Pragya challenges Tanu that their love is real, and it will make them one once again. It’s their Kumkum Bhagya, and it will never let their get separated in life ever. Tanu mocks her that she didn’t know even know her boyfriend’s name. Pragya decides that it is best if she doesn’t tell Tanu she knows her boyfriends name. Pragya mocks her that she is ghar wali, and Tanu is a bhar wali. Tanu challenges her that her child would be the owner of Mehra’s house. Pragya counterparts that she will make her go out the house and will return to the home And Abhi will fill Kumkum in her maang that day.Tanu challenges her and put a condition that nothing will be revealed to Abhi. Pragya accepts the challenge but tells she will leave her promise if Tanu uses any wrong trick.Dadi tells Abhi that she will let Sarla beat Pragya. Pragya calls her and informs that the conditions are not right, and they are going to meet in the house today.Nikhil secretly comes inside the Rony’s room to kidnap him. As Nikhil was trying to capture him, his phone starts ringing. Rony runs from there and hides behind the door; Nikhil got his nose injured from the door and put anesthesia on his face by mistake and fainted down on the floor.Nikhil falls on the floor informing Tanu that he is in Abhi’s servant quarters and has locked there.Pragya and Abhi had an argument where she tried to flirt with him, and he keeps on going to the point that she destroyed his life. Pragya tells that his wax statue would build in Madame Tussauds. Abhi goes to meet Dadi and Tanu comes and argue with her.Dadi tells Sarla that she has to act as she is also angry on Pragya. Abhi comes, and Dadi started showing her anger, Sarla also supports. He gets emotional and tells that Pragya will learn herself there is no need to slap her.

  67. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    If ek tha raja ek thi rani telecasted in Tamil then it I’ll be huge hit becoz first 100epi was superb…. Zee TV has some problem with polimer becoz polimer tops beating zee Tamil in trp so they have fought and bought iru malargal to their TV.. Polimer TV shows… Mouna ragam-nice show…. En kanmani-???after Raghav and pakhi marriage… Meri aashiqui tum se hi-superb hit…. Kalayana kanavugal-ok… Moondru muduchu-worst show I had ever seen bought naagin,ghosts,black magic and all backwas and there is nothing to bring…. Ullam kollai poguthada-hit hit hit.. Show.. Now tell me guys what if they stop iru malargal????in polimer sure… Polimer will not cut any scenes.. Zee TV has forced them to end there and they will start here.. Zee Tamil is running behind money… Nonsense…..

  68. 1st April written update-
    Episode starts with oragya and tanu’s conversation. Pragya says to tanu that their wedding had started from hatred but now slowly- slowly it turned into love in front of u. Becoz love gets increased if it is true, which is mine. Pragya says u and whoever it boyfriend will b. Tanu cuts her between and smirks on pragya and says that what u don’t know about my
    boyfriend. Without knowing whole truth, u r going to expose me. Pragya thinks to let her b in this misunderstanding that she don’t know about her boyfriend. Pragya says that
    she don’t want to know as she only wants to expose her truth in front of abhi. Tanu says that I will give u chancechance to play fair game and says I accepts that this child is not abhi’s but someone else’s. But it will get abhi’s name and everything of abhi which u wants. Pragya says that i will defame u so that u will not b even able to stand with him. Tanu challenges pragya that she will make her throw from abhi’s life and will live as his wife. She says go and expose me. I will make my baby scion of mehra family.
    She puts a condition to pragya that
    abhi should not know about this challenge. Pragya accepts challenge and says that she will not tell about it to abhi but if she will try to cheat then she will forget the every condition. Pragya takes oath in front of tanu and durga maa’s idol that she will remove
    the thought of this baby from abhi and his family and only my baby will get abhi’s name, who will b the sign of our love and that will b the scion of mehra family. Pragya moves from there and
    tanu looks on.
    Nikhil in servant quarter, searches for ronnie. He sees ronnie. Ronnie was sleeping in a room. Nikhil enters in the room and tries to make him unconscious through the chloroform
    handkerchief. But his phone starts
    ringing and ronnie gets alert. He runs
    from there by pushing him. Nikhil
    follows him to catch him but gets fail
    as ronnie closes him in a room. Ronnie
    shuts door on nikhil’s face. Nikhil gets harm and mistakenly puts that chloroform handkerchief on his face and starts fainting. Tanu calls nikhil to take his help but nikhil tells about his
    condition and whereabouts and gets
    faint. Tanu gets angry and thinks that nikhil is drunk and thinks to go to him as she can’t do anything without his help.
    Abhi asks dadi that if she really give scoldings and beating to pragya through sarla aunty? Dadi says yes. Dadi gets call from pragya. Dadi talks with pragya from little distance from abhi and says to abhi that call is came from home. Pragya says to dadi that she is not coming gurudwara and says
    to dadi to come back with abhi at home. She says that she has called purab too there and she will tell everything at home. Dadi says abhi to leave for home. Abhi asks why? He
    have stared feeling peace here. Dadi says u will feel more gud when I will give sclodings to pragya through sarla ji. Abhi says ok let’s go and thinks now mogambo will know that someone is upper on her too who can control on her.
    Pragya in mehra house walking here and there in hall and thinks that purab is also coming. Dadi and abhi comes home. Pragya sees them and gets happy. Dadi gives pragya tough look. Pragya wonders why? Dadi indicates pragya through wink her left eye that it is fake and says that she is going to meet sarla ji.
    Abhi gets surprised and wonders why dadi didn’t say anything to pragya. Then they have talks. Pragya tells abhi that the biggest problem of this house will b finished and everything will get fine tonight. Abhi asks what will happen? Pragya says that someone is going to separate and someone is going to unite. Abhi wonders why she is talking like this. Tanu comes and gets worried and feels jealous after seeing them together. Abhi thinks to go from there as pragya can trap him.

    Tanu comes to pragya. Pragya asks why she is swetting? Is she feeling scared? Tanu says that u don’t know what I m going to do with u. Pragya says that u don’t know what I m going to do with u which will throw u out from this house. Tanu says that u have so much proud on ur kumkum and mangalsutra? This will make u away. Pragya says that as people finishes evil thorugh burning of ravan, meghnath and kumbhkaran’s statue, I will banish ur boyfriend, ur baby and u from thus house and abhi’s life forever.
    Dadi says sarla maa that she will act as fake anger on pragya and u will also do same when abhi will come. Abhi comes. Dadi starts acting and says to sarla maa that pragya made my son’s condition so poor, u will take her class. I m informing u as u will blame me later. Dadi says to sarla maa that she takes pragya here and then she will raise her hand to give two slap to her. Abhi gets worried and says no need do this and gives excuse that a child can understand through scoldings also. If scolding will not enough then how will slap effect? Abhi says to sarla maa that she only show hand from distance. That’s it. Dadi smiles hidely. Episode ends on abhi’s worried face.
    Precap: Pragya informs ronnie and purab that she is going to expose tanu tonight.

  69. karthika

    iris ,me too couldn’t find 1st april written update.i think they didn’t update he epispode.en kanmani is really rocking now but after some months it will be bore because ragna will meet accident and raghav will be shown only in last 2 episodes.if polimer dub tashn e ishq it will be nice.because it is awesome serial.

  70. Hai guys I am raji from Tamilnadu .i didn’t see the yesterday episode. So anyone update the written episode of yesterday’s kum kum bhagya

  71. lakshmi

    Hi can anyone tell when iniya iru margal will retelecast as polimer channel….coz if we missed the episode also we can watch full on sunday from 11.30 to 1.30pm..like that wil zee tamil wil telecast full week story on sunday…waiting for good reply

  72. Remya radhakrishnan aerath

    Guys ul hav a made a very good serial.dont make us leav watchin it with a boredome.It is gettin to heights like.My friends hav stoped watchin yr serial.its high time to reveal the truth.or may b ul would end up without a comment later or views from anybody

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.