Kumkum Bhagya 31st July 2018 Written Episode Update: Pragya and King come to Mehra Mansion

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The Episode starts with Suwarni Dasi coming to her room and tells that Robin didn’t keep the bucket closer to bed. Tanu is hiding there and thinks she shall hear her scream soon. Pragya asks Sunny, how is he? Sunny says fine. Pragya says he has become taller. Sunny says yes. Pragya asks Kiara not to have icecream. Kira lies to her. Sunny says chucks can handle any kid. Pragya asks he is in which police station. Just then King comes there and gives compliment to Pragya. Maasi ji teases King. Kiara says it is a big thing, I never saw him giving her compliment. Sunny says he always see his parents complimenting each other. Suwarni Dadi keeps her foot in the water and screams in pain. Mitali thinks Tanu was hiding behind the door. Mitali and Dasi go to bring the medicine. Tanu tells Dadi that she is forgiving

her first mistake, and will give punishment next time. She asks her to tell her if she needs to say anything, and not to talk to Abhi. Mitali and Dasi bring medicine. Tanu asks her to remember what she said. Aaliya hears her and thinks Tanu is crossing her limit. She goes behind Tanu and says I saw everything. Tanu says I would have told you if met. Aaliya says you have done wrong with family. Tanu says you have also done wrong with them. Aaliya says she will reply later. Tanu says lets end the matter now. Aaliya warns her not to hurt anyone and says they are your family too. She says Suwarni Dadi is old. Tai ji comes and says saas shall be afraid of bahus. Aaliya and Tanu get tensed. Tai ji shows the newspaper news. Aaliya asks her to remember her words. Tanu thinks I didn’t agree to my parents’ saying then why will I listen to you. She thinks to show her value in the house.

Abhi thinks what to wear and throws clothes on bed. Pragya comes. His clothes fall on her. Abhi is surprised and says don’t know how it fell. Pragya says even now you couldn’t choose your clothes and tells that she felt good to see Purab and his relation same. Abhi says yes and says he is not best at relations. Pragya says you are best with every relation, but couldn’t handle their relationship. She says it was our mistake. She suggests clothes for him. Abhi holds her hand and takes her closer. She asks him to leave her hand. Song plays. Abhi says I shouldn’t have left your hand. He says it is late, but…He says Dadi wants to see us together and brought us together all the time. She wanted to see us united, and says she is not in this world, but her wish is still there and that’s why we are meeting again and again. He tells that Suwarni Dadi asked him to forgive her and tells everything. Tanu comes there. Abhi says I am busy and asks her to go. Just then he sees Pragya not there, as she is his imagination. He tells that he is wearing these clothes. Tanu says this is old style and asks him to wear jacket.

Mitali asks guest lady about her jewellery and laughs. Taya ji also attends gift. Suwarni Dadi comes downstairs. Dasi asks her to sit in room and says I will call you when Disha and Purab cut the cake. Roy tells Aaliya that Wick wants to meet her. Aaliya gets jealous seeing Purab and Disha wishing each other happy anniversary. Abhi comes and wishes them. Dasi tells Mitali that she is missing Pragya and wishes she comes there. Mitali sees Pragya and tells Dasi that her wish is fulfilled. Pragya and King come and wish Disha and Purab. Pragya meets Dasi and hugs her. Dasi gets emotional. Pragya asks Disha about her son. Purab says he is with her friend. She blesses Purab and Disha and says she is happy to see them together, and asks them to celebrate golden jubilee etc. Disha says you made our Jodi. Pragya says it is you who has handled and asks them to handle everything. Aaliya sees Pragya and says it is so good to see you. Pragya excuses herself. Disha asks her not to go anywhere. Aaliya stops Prragya and says you are looking young and beautiful. She signs Tanu to come there. Pragya recalls Tanu’s threat.

Aaliya asks Pragya if she is reminded of her past love and blushing. King asks Abhi what did Pragya tell him that he wanted to leave the contract.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. the most irrelevant character and one who needs acting classes calling viewers sadist, hear what leena jumani no one wants to see you in the show, the only shit you do is hurting children and old ppl and you cannot even act that correctly, take a hike, you bring down the quality of the show big time, and get the big fat ego out of your head,.

  2. So Tanu Toy is experimenting to look like a alien space goddess from shoulders up and wears shiny space material to make a shiny mu mu dress…. like very heavy overweight older women wear holidaying on tropical islands. A snakes head slipping out of it’s shiny bag. Is she putting on the pounds again. We know she like to be skinny for a few weeks but then starts the weight gain pretty quickly. Lucky Aliyah. They finally used her hair to try and soften her features. A little less visual pain for the viewers. They are getting her ready for attack mode. A quick dream sequence. This producer fills up space with far too many FB’s and dream sequences. That’s called cheating. Lazy work. Nothing else. Absolutely nothing else. Tanu Toy’s snake head and her purposefully hurting an old woman who speaks truth… again marks the low-level barbaric behaviour of the creators of this show. Is this really India? Maybe the westerners are right. The only good thing about India is that it is a vast place to exploit, because the people are so….. Thank-you, to the shameful crew and their leader, Ekta Kapoor for showing India to be barbaric, stupid and only concerned about how well dressed her criminals appear. They don’t even do that well. Nothing to see here. Just the ‘work’ of a low quality barbarian dressed in pricey clothes and needing an orgasm produced by other peoples pain (versus a healthy relationship) while she pretends to be a producer. Ekta, a productive and successful social engineer and marketing princess. Does Ekta abuse children when she meets with her social engineering friends? Her friends are being exposed all over the world. That’s what they do when they get together. They abuse children and the weak. It’s fun for them. And Ekta wants you to learn that this is good.

  3. Just read Leena Jumani’s letter to her ‘Haters’. Gotta’ disagree. It has not improved her acting skills, at all. This actress was chosen because she has similar qualities to the character. Just like the actress who plays Aliyah was chosen specifically for her role. Their acting skills were not in question at all… obvious to anyone who’s been watching for some time. The actress playing Pragya was chosen for her natural sanskari look and presence. etc. etc. Sriti Jha is a wonderful, professional actress. And… it is not true that just because they are hated that the actor is doing a good job as antagonist. This actress continues to accept this job regardless of the monster that she has been paid to ‘play’. Want to play a barbaric monster ? She deserves the reality that comes with it… along with all of her new wealth, parties and s*xual encounters. When an assassin is paid to kill, he is still a killer regardless of the fact that it is his job. It’s a package deal. Get over your self, little girl. Face reality. Quit the show or continue to be a monster BARBARIAN in the eyes of viewers. At least the Aliyah actress negotiated a little less evil role with your boss/friend, Ekta. You are happily selling your image aren’t you?? I think it is too late to run out and do charity work (for abused children and the elderly) with a camera man to pretend to be what you are not. You have been successfully used by Ekta Kapoor.

    All that hate you are feeling? It is a justified reply to the barbaric hatred you send out to millions, daily. Get a new job. Maybe if you and aliyah actress quit the show then Ekta and her writers will actually have to WORK… instead of using the two of you…. while ruining your karma… so they don’t have to actually, you know…work/create. Direct your anger and pain to the ones who deserve it. That’s the Ekta and her crew of writers.

  4. Now abhi will find out kiara mom is pragya

    1. Not yet, until another 100 épisodes !! 😂😂

    2. I would like to know is, how do family accept Tanu even after knowing all her evil plots and when the hell is she going to be kicked out. As for Pragya, how the hell is it possible for pragya not be recognise when she was married to a Rock star and King has not got a single clue and with present day everything is out on line.

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