Kumkum Bhagya 31st July 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 31st July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhi requesting Dadi not to ask him to leave, and says he loves her a lot. He says he did this mistake unknowingly and it was his past affair. He touches her feet asking for forgiveness. DD is silent though. Abhi talks to Pragya and wonders what would be dadi’s decision. Pragya tells him that Dadi let him stay at home, and her anger will go. She says Dadi can’t leave without you. Abhi says Dadi said that she can stay without me, but not without Pragya. Pragya stares him. Abhi asks her to unpack his things and keeps inside. He starts teasing Pragya and calls her fuggi. Pragya is irked. Abhi takes out Pragya’s blouse from his suitcase. Pragya asks why did you take my blouse with you. Abhi says you might have kept it in my things. They argue. Abhi asks

her to unpack the stuff.

The servant informs Tanu that Abhi left from home early in the morning. Tanu calls Abhi and asks him to come to watch comedy movie. Abhi asks her to go alone and says he is at his house. Tanu asks how can you forget what they have done? Abhi tells her that Dadi needs him as she is unwell. Tanu thinks what to do now. She calls Aaliya for getting solution for her problem. She asks for help. Aaliya asks her to solve herself. Tanu says I really need you. Aaliya says you didn’t tell me that you are going to be mother of Abhi’s baby. She disconnects the call.

Taya ji and Tai ji are happy with Abhi’s return. Mitali tells that it is looking as if today is Diwali. Just then Aaliya and Raj come there. Aaliya tells her that Diwali is celebrated with arrival of elder brother. Mitali gets teary eyed seeing him. Taya ji and Tai ji are happy. Aaliya tells them that she freed him with the help of her lawyer friends. Taya ji says they are grateful to her. Raj angrily looks at Abhi. Abhi forwards his hand to shake with his hand, but Raj makes an excuse and goes past by him.

Abhi shares with Pragya that Raj seems to be behaving differently. Pragya says may be because he is still troubled living in jail. Akash comes there and reminds about the concert. Abhi refuses to do the concert. Pragya asks him to go as he has committed. Abhi says he don’t want to. Pragya asks him to do for his friend. Abhi agrees for his friend Pragya. Akash tells the date.

Tanu thinks what to do now? With whom to ask for help? She thinks Pragya can help her, and make impossible task get possible. Pragya asks Abhi to get ready for concert. Tanu messages Pragya and thanks for her help. She indirectly messages her that she is going to abort her child. Abhi asks Pragya to come with her. Pragya tells him that she has some important work to do, and promises to reach at the concert. She reaches Tanu’s home and gets tensed when she couldn’t find there. Tanu is hiding there and looks at Pragya. She thinks Pragya shall the letter left by her. Pragya tries calling her number and then sees the letter. She is shocked to read letter left by Tanu for her parents. It reads that she is going to kill herself for solving Abhi’s problems. Tanu smirks seeing Pragya getting tensed. Pragya thinks she has to find Tanu. Tanu goes from there.

Pragya tries to enquire about Tanu from the watchman. Her servant informs Pragya that Tanu dismiss him from the job and is on the terrace. Pragya gets shocked and rushes to there. Tanu starts acting and stands on the railing to jump. She thinks it is so scary, don’t know how the people suicide. She thinks Pragya please come here, tell Abhi that I love him very much. She stumbles while Pragya tries to hold her.

Pragya asks Dadi to agree for Abhi and Tanu’s marriage for baby’s sake. Dadi asks Pragya and Abhi to say together that their decision is mutual.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


    • Priya and celin, pragya was saying and requesting to dadi in precap that plz give permission for tanu and abhi’s marriage for their baby’s sake becoz if u will not allow this marriage, abhi will not do this marriage with tanu. Then dadi tells on her request that if she and abhi both will together say that they are ready for this marriage and they have no objection then only I will give permission for this marriage.

  1. sruthika

    They display someother text for somvar
    Tht means they ar tellycasting serial tmrw also anyone say please. ?

  2. rahul

    I am still adamant about my prediction of the promo because by seeing today’s preview I think it’s a dream sequence seen by someone

  3. Chithu

    Nikki…seems Dadi is accepting for their marriage …. God as I thought they shouldn’t show the confession part as Abhi thinks that as the last day for Pragya’s relation…
    Atleast at this point they should involve Nikki and reveal the truth… But truth revealing after Abhi’s confession will be boring ….

  4. rahul

    Most probably it will be seen by pragya when she attends the concert after talking to daadi about tabhi marriage this part is just a prediction

    • Ya chithu it could b possible that abhi will confess his love in concert but Chithu after watching the precap. I m disappointed and my hope has also become less becoz in this situation, when pragya is supporting tanu and requesting dadi to give permission for tabhi’s marriage, I have don’t on promo scene that how will it possible in these circumstances and if promo scene will happen for real then I doubt if pragya will refuse abhi’s confession or proposal whatever it is and push him towards tanu to accept her and forget about this love. Becoz tanu’s truth is still behind the curtain and if in this situation abhi will confess his love fie her then it will end up on pragya’s extraordinary greatness so I now I wish it will b better if it will b a dream or will b better if truth will come before this confession otherwise it will b waste.

      • Now dadi also give permission for this marriage on a possible condition becoz pragya is always ready for sacrifice and abhi is helpless too so they havno option except of agree for this marriage. So truth revelation is very needed in this situation before confession otherwise all will b waste and then cvs will definetly take this pregnancy matter until tabhi’s marriage.

      • Chithu

        Yes Nikki……if Abhi proposed before the truth is revealed then it no expectation for truth revealation… Because then by default they ll unite after it is revealed..as they both already know they r loving each other….it would be better if they show this confession after revealing the truth….

        But I have one more thought in my mind, for Pragya accepting the proposal Nikki … Can’t share the reason here… πŸ™‚

    • Ya chithu it could b possible that abhi will confess his love in concert but Chithu after watching the precap. I m disappointed and my hope has also become less becoz in this situation, when pragya is supporting tanu and requesting dadi to give permission for tabhi’s marriage, I have don’t on promo scene that how will it possible in these circumstances and if promo scene will happen for real then I doubt if pragya will refuse abhi’s confession or proposal whatever it is and push him towards tanu to accept her and forget about this love. Becoz tanu’s truth is still behind the curtain and if in this situation abhi will confess his love fie her then it will end up on pragya’s extraordinary greatness so I now I wish it will b better if it will b a dream or will b better if truth will come before this confession.

      • Chithu

        Nikki..just now I watched the episode online..now am sure that even if this confession is not a dream, Pragya is going to reject it πŸ™‚ she is going to say we can be frnz forever , so they have some link mentioning it as friendship day concert i think….i hope she will not do anything bad to make Abhi hate her atleast.. becoz she can do anything in the name of sacrifice…

        Only one possible chance for Pragya to accept it temporarily πŸ™‚ but that is very difficult to happen…:) v ll see….

        I think Nikhil will come only on the day of Abhi-Tanu marriage if it goes like this..

  5. Lala

    By now you all should know Ekta’s series , the lead role must spilt for years. In India it is okay for a man to marry two sisters, marry cousins as shown in pavitra rishta. Divorce and marriage is a complete joke. Stopping marriages at the last minute is a trend. No morals or values for the marriage institute in Ekta’s series! Kumkum bhagya should be below the chart and not top chart.she plays with your mind with exciting promos to keep you all glued and for ratings!

    • katangel

      Omgomgogm u stole my words
      I mean yes stopping marriage in b/w is definitely a trend in ektas show n yes I’m surprised how’s it on top of chart? She brings beautiful promos n they all turn out to be a beautiful dream LOL AND YES she keeps lovers apart I think she’s deprived oflove in real life n take out frustration by separating them

      • Lala

        The sad part is that people won’t quit watching the show. I don’t understand how she is called super producer for crappy series! She kicks off well and her writers goes brain dead.when Vilians are about to do evil they think of all possibilities and plan well but the good people in the series are always dumb! They are never seen as thinking outside the box!

  6. Aki

    I guess they ll drag this till 1yr completion…its almost 341 nw…only during 1yr celebration abigya confession…i took think the new confession promo is dream..

  7. kowsi

    abhi teasing pragya..its nice to see…also writters forgot it ..while he packing him stuff he taken pragya foto but today thy r shown her blouse…waiting for aug 4 th episode..its real or dream…watever its abhi dream na super or its pragya dream means definitely come in future episode within a week or couple of a days

  8. Actually abhi doesnt agree to marry tanu…so their decision will not be mutual…and very soon tanu’s real side will be revealed and there is gona be a great abhigyas romance???? honeymoon

  9. sharmi

    Ok, we all know that Abhi is not the father of Tanu’s baby and as usual the writers will prolong this story for as long as they like whether the audience like it or not.

    In the event, if he was actually the baby’s father, in what century are these people living in. Who said you have to divorce (and ruin a good relationship) to marry someone in your past who you think is pregnant for you…

  10. sanam

    am both irritated and excited. when this tanu gonna stop her dramas.ekta really chooses girls with beauty but they lack brains

  11. sanam

    raj easily turned from good man to villain but why tanu is not turning from vamp to good human being

    • Jo

      I think Raj turning villain is also a drama… because he just wants to find who is behind all these and he needs the help from someone who can do all the bad things and that’s why he must have chosen Aaliya’s side… He knew that Pragya knows the criminal behind his case but she was not able to say in front of Mithali.. So he would have definitely eliminated Abhi and Pragya from his suspect list… so he will slowly find out who did what with the help of Aaliya and he will get Aaliya’s secrets also out..

  12. Chithu

    But how can Dadi accept for this marriage though Pragya is ready to sacrifice… I mean she is the one who put Pragya in this place …. So before accepting to this marriage, she should think about Pragya’s life… I mean atleast an alternative way she should ask for…like Pragya also needs to settle with someone else before Abhi’s marriage with Tanu…even if Pragya is not going to accept for tat..but it proves Dadi to be having justified thought…

  13. katangel

    Omg the only good part of ep finally writer memory gained n they remembered that oh we forgot to get raj out of jail
    Did anyone notice after 1 yr raj is out party kkb team lol.
    My expectations from kkb has been lowered to a great extent
    Tang track has made this serial crappy
    Gosh when tanu truth will b out pls writers do something I wish ur trip goes down n den u become sensible with the plot
    And make pragya more sensible n not just trying to always doing everything just for abhi. N family’s sake

  14. Shaanoo

    Plz nikhil com backkk plz or tanu ka suchhh plx smny laaye….or aliaaaa ka to such tanu k sth e khooly plzzzz director nikhil cm back n do something ffor abhigya

  15. heidi

    Unbelievable !!! Pragya stop you re stupidy Fight for your LOVE. Abhi plz tell Pragya that you really love her and never marry Tanu And nikkil where are you??? End this tanu drama she doesn t belong in the serial anymore she has no principals

  16. Priya $

    I think pragya ll tell to abhi to marry tanu in concert only. He ll tell I can’t for tat only pragya ll say u only told na I don’t deserve ur love. I think tat time only he confess his luv. At tat time pragya ll forgot everything. Always they writer ll do na after hugging they ll get conscious pragya ll tell him to marry tanu. They ll stare at each other. Surely pragya ll make abhi to accept it. Next promo surely nikkil ll enter then tanu abhi marriage happens last moment DNA report they ll stop marriage. Before tat sarla ma scenes ll b there to dragg. It’s my assumption only guys. May b it can happen.

  17. Friends I alrady thought this tanu marriage will happen. Because they are making asusual before how pragya felt. Becuase pragya too agreed for suresh marriage and they stopped it on pheras to reveal truth. I think so this time in this marriage pragya will stop the pheras on abhi marriage. Because writers are clear how pragya feeled abhi too should feel like that afterall they are not playing with their characters they are playing with out emotions. In tanu marriage then with help of nikhil they will reveal tanu truth. Because when this pregnancy drama started they said truth will reveal in tanu andabhi marriage thats what the promo too symbolise tanu in bridal get up.

    I think so they will make abhi pragya divorce or not. If that too happens then this chapter will extend for a month now but in trp it will be first because showing pragya emotions. If that marriage happens in next week then the truth will bre revealed we can expect tht promo scenes. We want abhigya unite until I wont see the serial only updates.

    • TINA

      U r right priya… pragya will stop the mrg at the end only… in kkb they can stop all the mrg at the end only…. actualy in kkb only 2 mrg will done crtly one is abhigya mrg.(in starting it is a fake mrg). Another akash and rachaana mrg ( this mrg not infront of the family)… also frnds rachana baby is not deliver appadi patta abhi and pragya ku mrg agi 10 months kuda agalainu artham.. may be tanu truth end in there one year anniversary

      • Chithu

        ha ha..yes Tina..i thnk Rachana was pregnant even before Abhi-Pragya’s marriage πŸ™‚ if their union is going to be only on one year anniversary..then we need to tolerate this pregnancy drama for more time still πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ i hope that should not be the case… 3 months for this stupid track is more than enough….

      • Maggie

        But in kkb it is shown 7 months r over of abhigya marriage
        In episode where dadi tell them after 7 months of marriage still no good news from you to pragya

  18. ragavi nehru

    s nikki and celin…after the tanu pregnancy truth reveald…thn d serial gets over ah????tel me guys

  19. No dear. After that aliya problem will start to defame rockstar then how they are tackling it and also purab and bulbul marriage is there. Still now they din show about purvi. Thn this tanu too will take revenge from abhi. So it will mainly focus on abhigya how they are going to handle it

  20. Ya guys, this is exactly what I m thinking. I think abhi’s confession promo would b another waste like pragya’s proposal becoz after watching the precap what I felt that pragya is now hell bent to leave abhi and wants tabhi’s marriage, So she will definetly not accept abhi’s proposal or confession. As we saw in monday’s precap that she is going to convince dadi for tabhi’s marriage and dadi is ready to give permission for this marriage on a possible condition which is, she wants abhi and pragya together say this that they wants this marriage. And we know that pragya is ready for sacrifice and abhi is helpless too so obviously they have to agree for this. So as this result, I think pragya will refuse or reject abhi’s proposal or confession and push him to marry with tanu and forget his love for her. So my hopes becomes zero from the promo.

  21. Another thing which is annoying me that CVS always show us an interesting promo but in actual episode, they spoils it by some other things. Like they showed dadi’s punishment promo to abhi as a huge twist like dadi will never forgive him and will never allow tabhi’s marriage but now what we r seeing, abhi is not only back in the house even dadi is going to allow tabhi’s marriage also!? By this, promo has became waste and now next in the line is abhi’s confession promo, which I feel will b also a waste? becoz of pragya’s extraordinary greatness and sacrifice? Only a miracle could b convert abhi’s confession in magical moment.? But overall I feel till now that the promo will b waste and CVS will take this pregnancy track until tabhi’s marriage sequence.??

    • Chithu

      yes Nikki..it for sure is going to be till marriage… but onething we should appreciate about CVS is that they are not letting us judge the story line… they are just pulling in all the possible things into it so that viewers will not be able to judge it…

      I think Pragya will even ask for divorce from Abhi during this confession… but still i have small hope on this promo.. we will see…

      • Whatever chithu but my curiosity has become less now to show promo scene.? I m just irritated from tanu’s manipulation on pragya and pragya’s idiotic sympathy for tanu?Andthat nikhil,? i just don’t want to see his face again in show.? Tanu’s parents r here so what is this idiot doing in delhi yet.He is just a useless creature.?Only hope is abhi.? I hope he will continue his antics to postpone his marriage with tanu till then truth revealed. What a beautiful confession from both sides of pragya and abhi but CVS has wasted it from another things or twists.

      • Chithu

        Nikki..i read the comments on Entertainment Tadka..but not sure how much true it will be ..based on that Pragya will accept Abhi’s confession…

        May be as we used to discuss, Pragya is doing this sacrifice only for Abhi and Dadi thinking that Abhi still loves Tanu and his happiness is with Tanu and also she may not able to give heir to this house as Abhi does not love her… but upon knowing that Abhi does not really want to be with Tanu and he loves her only..she might be confused and will think bit apart from this usual sacrifice thing…

        i hope atleast at this point, Abhi can tell that he did this wrongthing when he was disturbed with this Pragya’MMS thing and when Pragya threw him out of the room…
        May be at that point , atleast Pragya would be able to think this pregnancy is not the possible one … πŸ™‚ as that MMS thing happened on December (before New year celeb) and per report one half months pregnancy after this kidnapping is not believable…

      • Maggie

        I think dadi n dasi know that Tanu is just faking it or there is some other truth to it. I was just seeing older episode when abhi announce pragya pregnancy just before that both dadi had gone to same hospital so there may b possibility they know all b4 all this pregnancy drama n I’m sure dadi must have done DNA test too but don’t know Nikhil is father but knows abhi is not father n she wanted abhi to give punishment that he believe Tanu drama n dadi thought
        In solving this whole problem both abhi n pragya may also come close
        Because otherwise after abhi telling her that he is father of tanus baby she would have had heart attack but she is so cool n ready for Tanu n abhi marriage

  22. Guys today is mrunal’s (bulbul) birthday. Happy birthday mrunal. ????Wish u a very happy and successful life and ur all wishes comes true.?

  23. Maggie

    I think dadi n dasi know that Tanu is just faking it or there is some other truth to it. I was just seeing older episode when abhi announce pragya pregnancy just before that both dadi had gone to same hospital so there may b possibility they know all b4 all this pregnancy drama n I’m sure dadi must have done DNA test too but don’t know Nikhil is father but knows abhi is not father n she wanted abhi to give punishment that he believe Tanu drama n dadi thought
    In solving this whole problem both abhi n pragya may also come close
    Because otherwise after abhi telling her that he is father of tanus baby she would have had heart attack but she is so cool n ready for Tanu n abhi marriage
    She wants to clear all misunderstanding between abhigya n wants them to listen their heart

    • Chithu

      yeah Maggie… Dasi is clever actually….she knows about Tanu’s character better than anyone..so as Abhi has told them that he was not conscious on that day..who knows, Dasi may already have some doubts about it … and also, Dasi has always felt the feelings of Abhi and Pragya for each other from the beginning..though they both themself don’t know that… so we will see…

      But my only doubt is, even if they show like Pragya accepting Abhi’s confession.. will the CVS prefer to show Abhi-Pragya completing their marriage relation in this clumsy situation…

  24. Chithu, I have already discussed it in my previous comments that pragya may accept abhi’s proposal or confession. She was doing sacrifice of her love becoz she was thinking that abhi loves tanu and his happiness is only with tanu so abhi will never love her and will never give a right to being mother of his baby but now when she will get to know that abhi loves her not tanu then she will think again on her decision. And chithu it will b best if abhi tell her that from how long he had feelings for pragya and it is also that he never crossed his limits after marriage. Even about that night also, when he was with tanu in drunken state. Abhi should tell her that he was devastated on that night becoz of thinking her betrayal and wish of giving him divorce, he was feeling lonely so he had gone to tanu to share his sorrow as a friend and he was drunk heavily on that night so he was unable to move becoz of unconsciousness. So he don’t know how it can happen or how it happened? Then may b pragya doubt on tanu and will rethink on her decision.

    • Chithu

      NIkki..but I have a doubt yaar… Tanu also said that it happened when he came after Pragya decided for divorce… but..is it really after that?? because i remember he went to Tanu’s house on the day when Pragya threw him out of the room, that too not by himself..upon Aaliya’s play,he went… later next day,Pragya told him that she is preferring for divorce.. yes..that day also he met Tanu , but Aaliya was also there with them and they all drunk together…then that day they showed like he came back to his home (they ll show both Aaliya and Abhi coming together.. they ll show 2 cars ) tat night… we will have some funny scenes of Abhi-Pragya also that time…not sure..why they are showing it as after divorce thing…

      • It’s tanu’s trick of trapping abhi in her talk so he do believe on her or it may b another thing like always, CVS makes fool us. Becoz abhi was drunken heavily on that night so he don’t remember anything but ya chithu u r right. one thing he should remember that he had gone to tanu before divorce thing but he didn’t assumed it or remember it even a once. If he could, then he could definetly catch tanu’s lie.

      • Chithu

        but i think Nikki..story writers can’t make mistake in such a point..so there should be some reason for this… may be in truth revealing it may have a role… as u told, Abhi did not think only when Tanu told, he was in a mere shock..and after that he always thought about how to handle this situation rather than analyzing the truth… may be if he gives it a single thought in the upcoming episodes.. then the truth will start coming out….

      • Ya chithu, I also mean that it could b a trick of tanu for abhi to make believe on her talk or it may b another thing which is created by CVS for fooling us or for using this fact in later in truth revealing.

    • Chithu

      and yes Nikki…it will be verrryyyyyyyyyy good if Abhi goes on to say since when he has this feelings for Praya πŸ™‚ i guess he has to say before marriage only πŸ™‚ may be he realized it veryyyy late …. πŸ™‚ but since day 1, though Aaliya and Tanu kept on trying to prove Pragya wrong ,though he didn’t stop them or neither supported Pragya explicitly ..but he ll end up in helping or taking care of Pragya in one or other way..then he ll tell himself that he is doing this for his Dadi or Pragya’s mother πŸ™‚

      Even after that MMS thing, he was not able to ask her leave his home directly or not able to hurt her and even divorce also, Pragya only initiated… i mean if he has that much hate towards her ..once Dadi knew about MMS, he would have asked for divorce immediately πŸ™‚

  25. Now we have 50-50% chances on promo. 50%chances of pragya will accept his proposal and 50%chances of pragya will refuse his proposal. Let’s see what will happen exactly.

  26. Maggie

    Zee TV’s Kumkum bhagya will bring lots of twists and turns for Abhi and Pragya in the upcoming episode.

    As per the current track Abhi (Shabir Ahluwalia) came back to house knowing Dadi is unwell and that Abhi also says to Tanu (Leena Jumani) he doesn’t love her and does not wish to be with her.

    On the other hand, Tanu pretends of sucide to win Pragya’s trust and inform Pragya as Abhi left Tanu.

    Pragya makes Tanu believes that Abhi will return to her surely.

    Pragya asks Abhi about the reason behind leaving Tanu while she loves him so much.

    Abhi refuses to go away from Pragya and Pragya tells him that she is never and ever suitable for him.

    Abhi states that she is perfect for him only because he loves only her truly and not Tanu.

    Abhi also once again confess his love to Pragya .

  27. Chithu

    Guys…in some other latest update they have mentioned that after this concert Pragya will succeed in convincing Abhi for divorce with her and marrying Tanu…

    This promo has created a lot of dilemma than previous promos I think πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Writers have done their job perfectly by confusing the viewers or by just making them always think what is going to happen actually πŸ™‚ Credits to them…till Tuesday I think v can not judge anything πŸ™‚

  28. Priya $

    Nikki having one doubt if Raj going to b villain with aliyah means then y Nikil entered into the show. No use of him na.

    • Chithu

      Priya..i don’t think they ll show Raj as villain..there should be some trick in that… who knows Aaliya might be exposed by Raj himself… we will see…

    • Priya if raaj is going to give company to aaliya in taking revenge from abhi then nikhil’s entry should b for exposing tanu but till now he is totally useless.

  29. Ya guys I read telly gossip and focus news arrival, both. They both r opposite from each other. Telly gossip says that abhi and pragya r going to complete their marriage life after abhi’s confession becoz pragya will b melt from his confession and they gets intimate after that pragya will find out tanu’s truth and expose her. But focus news arrival says, that abhi give divorce to pragya after tanu’s suicide drama becoz pragya will convince him by giving her kasam to marry tanu and then abhi will b helplessly ready to marry with tanu. These articles r also confused and having mixed feelings like us about the promo or upcoming episode. So it means now we have 50-50% chances of both the articals. Let’s see what will exactly happen?

      • PRIYA I m scared? more than curious becoz I don’t want to see abhi’s confession another waste like pragya’s proposal. So it will b better if it will b a dream otherwise I wish CVS make our day by converting abhi’s confession successful by pragya’s acceptance.

      • Priya $

        But I think nikki it won’t b dream. But don’t know whether pragya ll make this proposal as waste. I think they won’t show so many dream sequences I think so

      • Chithu

        Yeah..so much confusion yaarrr πŸ™‚ can’t wait to see what will happen… do we have any SBS segment or something…when we all were thinking that this week will be Tanu’s truth exposure..in the mid they showed this confession promo and made our expectations to infinite…. really can’t wait and can’t stop thinking ….

      • Chithu

        yes Priya..i also think it won’t be a dream..the only point here is whether Pragya going to accept it or not…

      • Chithu and PRIYA, I m not saying that it will b a dream, I said, it will b better if it will b a dream becoz I don’t want to see abhi’s proposal as a waste by pragya’s refusal or rejection. I just want that if it’s going to happen in real then I just want to see his proposal accept by pragya.

      • Chithu

        i feel if it is not dream then 80% chances for REJECTION… because if she accepts it now and even this marriage’s completion takes place at this point of time… then no difference between Tanu and Pragya (considering Tanu’s baby as Abhi’s), in taking another girl’s life …so either Pragya should be aware of the truth to accept it..or she will reject it…

  30. kowsi

    ohhh god…abhi proposal promo confusing …..some website told abhi confesses him love for pragya .pragya accept the love.at the same website told tanu suicide drama makes abhi divorce pragya finally..first abhi refuses to marry tanu..but our sacrifice devi makes abhi agree for this …im reallly fed up of this drama…total ektha serial too much drama..the pregnancy matter start with april last week ..now august month…dei evlo nal tan intha story ah vachu ottu venga…sathyama solren mudila podhum..

  31. all are twists .. tanu dont have bumps since feb 14 na.. already 5 months gone.. acid attempt, trying to kill bulbul at pool, who is responsible for kidnapping not yet revealed.. entering so many characters. . leaving where they leave dont know. . raj is very much sincere.. for his lifetime he never do anything wrong.. how come vengeance? ??.. so confusing story line.. why abhi believes tanus statement if she is not his love??

  32. Priya $

    Surely ll get some videos tomo I mean location shoot. If so surely v can judge something. Fingers crossed

  33. Guys I was thinking that tanu is pregnant but we have not seen any pregnancy symptoms in her. I mean starting months of pregnancy, there r a lots of changes in a pregnant lady. Like her taste, her likes dislikes, her health and figure, many things goes through some changes but none of these, we saw in tanu yet. What cvs wants to show, if they r doing mistake by forgetting to show it in the show or they have planned something else. I know it has been proved in the show that tanu is pregnant and in all the serials, they shows all things, from which a pregnant lady goes through or suffers. So why not here? That’s why this question arrised in my mind.?

    • Priya $

      I had tat.doubt before itself yaar. Like rachna’s pregnancy she may also have some spl powers. πŸ˜›

      • Ya i think u r right priya. ? Tanu have some special powers to tolerate all the pregnancy symptoms and sufferings so she could busy in her evil plannings and could concentrate fully on these.? I must say PRIYA, her baby is so supportive?

      • What i was thinking that the baby’s r very supportive for their mothers in kkb. First is rachna, whise baby is calmly resting in her tummy yet and waiting for her mother’s or cvs orders to come out?? and second is tanu whose baby is so gentle who does not bother her mother even a once so she could concentrate only on her evil plans.??

      • Priya $

        Rit.nikki c Rachna baby still in tummy. U remember in rachna’s pregnancy they showed her tummy big very soon. But c tanu still tummy is normal I think 5 months her pregnancy. But no symptoms

  34. Another question which is arising in my mind, that is, guys as we know aaliya is going to defame abhi with the help of raaj. So guys what will her weapon for it? I think guys for defaming abhi, aaliya’s best weapon is tanu’s pregnancy news, by which she could spoil not only his image in public but all reputation too and obviously by this abhi’s carrier will b totally destroyed. So what u think guy? When it will happen? I think it should happen before tabhi’s marriage sequence or during this time when tanu’s pregnancy’s track is continue becoz if once tanu will b exposed and out from abhi’s life then it will b impossible for aaliya to defaming abhi. But one thing also could happen if tanu want to take revenge from abhi by showing some proof her and abhi’s affair after exposing. So guys what u think? Which track will come first? Tanu’s exposure or abhi’s defaming by aaliya?

    • Priya $

      I think Tanu’s exposure since it’s so long they r dragging. I think so 1st they ll stop Tanu’s track.then only aliyah I think so

  35. Chithu

    Nikki..if Aaliya is using this as her key…Aaliya may try to defame Abhi through Tanu’s pregnancy thing, but Pragya will be proving it wrong… but before that only Pragya might get some doubt in Tanu’s pregnancy through one or other way((i mean quite soon, by either Abhi telling all the truth about their relation or through Nikhil) ,so Abhi-Pragya might be together while officially proving it wrong… i also feel, writers may not make the situation clumsy by having all the villains together in this pregnancy track..i mean they can not drag it much as this pregnancy track already so long, so they would know viewers may get irritated if they do so…so if Aaliya pick this way, then Abhi-Pragya will come to know that Aaliya is upto something and she is against Abhi… so , writers may pick some other way also, so that they can drag that new track somemore time πŸ™‚

    • I think u r right chithu. If aaliya will use tanu’s pregnancy news for defaming abhi then it means more dragging of pregnancy track. Becoz that’s true tanu is greedy but she is carrier conscious too so she can never take that risk to loosing her carrier forever. Even I m 100% sure that she will never give birth to this baby becoz she knows very well that if she will b a mother then her carrier will b finished and as we know she is trapping abhi for giving her carrieand future heights. That’s why she is doing hurry to marry with abhi becoz she wants to marry abhi in the time period of abortion. It’s her plan.Once she will get married with abhi, she will abort this baby and pretend as miscarriage and after that she will b busy in making her carrier successful by using abhi mehra’s wife tag. So if aaliya will use will use tanu’s pregnancy’s news then tanu herself will b back out for her gud and tanu’s truth will b in curtain forever. Then this pregnancy matter will b waste. So I think CVS will expose tanu first then aaliya’s revenge track.

  36. Chithu one thing is more yaar which I want to discuss with u all. According to precap pragya is requesting dadi to agree for tabhi’s marriage and dadi too is ready to give permission on a condition which is if abhi and pragya both will say together that they wants this marriage then she will allow for it. So what u think guys, what will b abhi’s answer this time? Will he again hide his feelings and wish from dadi like he had hidden on the time of his marriage with pragya? Or this time he will tell to dadi his true feelings and wish that he loves only pragya and wants to spend his whole life with only her forever?

    • Chithu

      Nikki..i feel 4 possible ways.. πŸ™‚ :):) Not sure whether any one of these will happen or different
      1) Either Pragya convince/compel Abhi for this marriage during concert and both together say yes this is common thing most of us would expect now…but if writers have something different..then.. 2) if Abhi is not getting convinced, then Pragya will do something to gain Abhi;s hate..in this case, it should happen during his confession only…and Abhi in anger may accept for this marriage.this hateness track non of us would want again atleast now πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
      3) If Abhi tells when this thing happened with Tanu during his confession..then Pragya herself may get a doubt and will start against Tanu..which could be a surprise to Abhi himself or both of them together will be against her

      One thing i feel which could be more interesting is:

      4) If Abhi tells the entire thing to Pragya during confession and Pragya gets some doubt ..they both ll act as if they are ok for this marriage , but in the back end they will try to expose this truth by collecting proof…

      what do you think Nikki?

      • Priya $

        Super chithu but writer ll think beyond tat. Wat to do yaar. But I m having a doubt chithu whether they took this promo as a part of the concert. I mean once abhi confesses his love in shooting (pragya in add shooting) u remember tat like tat Becoz of concert some situation he used the chance to confess ah.

      • Chithu

        Ha Ha..Priya..that is also possible πŸ™‚ but the location which they showed for confession, seems to be a private place ..i mean some room or house… and also some decoration was there…that could be for promo only or Abhi’s plan for confession πŸ™‚ ..i expect it as most possibly a real confession πŸ™‚

      • Chithu I wants ur 4th possible way to comes true but as PRIYA said CVS does something beyond our predictions so anything could b possible.

      • Chithu

        yeah Nikki and Priya πŸ™‚ we will see if we get some clue by atleast tomorrow πŸ™‚ but i hope it will be good if CVS does not get it till marriage…because we already have seen many such marriage arrangements in this serial and also it will be the most common way like many other serials do πŸ™‚ and most important thing is we could notttt bear it till then πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  37. Guys what if whatever we r thinking, actually will not happen? I mean CVS have created confusion in us by promo and after that precap. So we will think that promo will b a dream or promo will b for real but end up on rejection. Most of us r thinking it becoz this is obvious thinking which every person could have after seeing promo and precap and CVS r very well familiar with this fact so 50% chances they will do something beyond from it like always.Suppose guys if pragya will accept abhi’s proposal so what u think, they will consummate also?

    • Priya $

      May b nikki it can happen. But onething is sure after that also pragya ll support tanu only in name of sacrifice. Supp pragya too pregnant tat time too she ll support tanu only. They r showing tat much dumb.

  38. Guys today I saw kumkumbhagya segment in SBB and SBS. They were showing that abhi has confess his love to pragya during his concert in front of everyone. Full update- Abhi was singing in his friendship day concert and was singing a long “tu Jo hai to mein hoon”. During of singing this song aaliya and raaj have involved their goons in audience according to their plan. Goons have started criticizing abhi’s song and they have started to throw stones on abhi for his bad singing. Abhi sits down to save himself from the stones then pragya runs and comes to him and hide abhi by hugging in her tightly. Reporters says this is all aaliya’s planning to defame abhi. Then they were showing abhi singing a song “mein tenu samjhawan ki” for pragya. Pragya was standing between the audience and was looking him emotionally and surprisingly. Then abhi comes down and takes pragya along with him on stage. Abhi sings this song and roaming around her. Then abhi sits on his knees in front of pragya and proposes her through this song in front of audience.

    • Priya $

      Wat is this yaar y they r doing like this. I told na sumtimes in concert abhi use the chance to confess his luv. This promo won’t Bring anything gud. After concert pragya ll ask abhi to marry tanu.

      • Ya priya. U r right. Exactly what I m saying too that pragya will not understand that abhi is not just singing a song but actually proposing her and confessing his feelings to her. So what i feel that after it pragya will tell to abhi that dadi is agree for his marriage with tanu and now get ready to marry with tanu then abhi will b heart broken. That’s it. Once again a fabulous promo and confession is going to waste.

    • Priya $

      I too saw tat nikki. I think surely they ll make tabhi marriage sequence. Nikki I m having doubt sumtimes after this concert scene abhi ll propose pragya va. R do u think this the exact scene which was in promo.

      • No idea PRIYA becoz in segment they showed nothing like it. Becoz in segment, they just told that abhi is confessing his love through a song but they haven’t told that pragya will understand his confession or not? Or abhi will b later confess his love to her directly or not? Things r not clear still.

  39. Abhi is proposing pragya through his song. Now I have a doubt will pragya understand that abhi is actually proposing her? Abhi should tell her to clearly that he loves her, like he is saying in promo. Otherwise pragya could understand it just his song. What u think guys pragya will understand his proposal? Or abhi will propose her directly and clearly after concert so she can understand?

  40. Guys I think CVS r going to give us lollipop instead of chocolate. I mean they r definetly showing us abhi’s proposal but through song which pragya will not understand that abi is actually proposing her. I m saying it becoz when I was seeing segment, I felt , pragya was like, she is happy for abhi’s performance not for abhi’s proposal. I mean I think she didn’t understood that abhi is proposing her. So no rejection and no acceptance we could see after this. Ya if abhi will propose her clearly and directly then we could see it.

  41. Chithu

    it is bad if they show like that yaar…but in promo they showed like, Pragya actually understood his proposal and was reacting to that… i hope Abhi will explain his feelings again… and for that they should not go back to home after this concert where again this Tanu’s drama will start πŸ™‚ they should have some time alone so that they can share their feeling for each other πŸ™‚

    But Nikki… per promo if it is tomorrow then no possibility for above thing..the proposal might be thro this song only as u guys saw …

  42. Chithu

    and one more thing is… even if they show proper confession, chances for consummation is very low Nikki.. because.. CVS would definitely keep it for someother time.. now we have all the negative things together in the show which can hold the TRP..so this consummation part they may have for later TRP thing…

  43. meetu

    KumKum Bhagya:
    Abhi confesses to his feelings to Pragya like a true rockstar. He sings Main Tenu Samjhanwa ji…..at the concert. Abhi and Pragya’s love story have started and he confesses love in a rockstar style. Pragya enjoys the attention and blushes happily. He takes her on stage and continues singing the song. Pragya gets emotional after hearing romantic song from him. They have announced to the world that they are in love. Aaliya has conspired against Abhi and made the audience throw tomatoes and eggs on him. Pragya comes to his rescue and hugs him saving him from the people. Abhi tells Pragya that he would be lucky to get her love and kisses her. Aaliya’s plan fails as Pragya and Abhi get more close by the incident.

  44. Chithu

    Per promo.. Pragya understood that Abhi is actually confessing his love for her and she showed her happiness to Abhi also for that confession… so if it goes ideally, in story also it should be the same… but we will see… what they going to show really πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  45. Chithu

    Nikki…one more thing …i think after this, Abhi would become more famous because of Pragya’s response to the attacj…i feel after this incident Aaliya will surely come to know tat till Abhi-Pragya r together, it ll be difficult for her to do anything…so she would go ahead with that by joining with Tanu again temporarily…she may not be true to Tanu now because she knows Tanu also may not accept to defame Abhi as she loves only tat from Abhi..so she may only use Tanu…

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.