Kumkum Bhagya 31st December 2015 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Pragya crying and tells Dadi that at one side, Bulbul is in hospital and at the other, Abhi is hating her and thinks her wrong. She tells Dadi that she also don’t understand her pain. Dadi wipes her tears and says who told you that I couldn’t understand your pain, and says Abhi doesn’t hate you, but your new avatar. She says time has not come to reveal the truth and says Abhi will be trapped in the whirl if she reveals the truth now before their motive gets successful. She says your Abhi will love you immensely once he comes to know about the truth. Pragya promises to come to her, and says I fell weak. Dadi asks her not to leave her love strength and says Abhi is yours and will always be yours. Pragya says she want to meet Bulbul and see her once. She says Sarla would

be there, and feel bad seeing her. Dadi says she will do something to make her meet Bulbul.

Abhi thinks Tanu pressurizing him for marriage. He recalls promising her to marry once Bulbul gets fine. Manzilein song plays. Pragya sees him holding fuggi’s specs and hides before he could see her. Hamari Adhuri Kahani plays………..Pragya is still sad, but thinks to be emotionally strong. Pragya comes to room. Abhi sees her in fuggi’s dress and is surprised. Purab is with Bulbul in the hospital. He calls Dadi and tells her that Bulbul might gain consciousness in sometime, and asks if she talked to Pragya. Dadi says she wanted to tell truth to abhi, but he told her about his hatredness, so she step back. He asks her to take care of Pragya. Dadi asks him to take care of Bulbul. Sarla comes and tells Purab that he brought nice flowers. Pragya comes out in her usual night gown. Abhi asks what she was worn just now. Pragya refuses to talk to him. Abhi says I do forget that the dead people won’t return. Pragya cries on the bed. Hamari Adhuri plays……..abhi gets teary eyes.

Tanu knocks on Aaliya’s door. Aaliya opens the door. Tanu says she has seen a bad dream that Bulbul got fine. Aaliya says really and asks didn’t you see dream that Abhi kicked you out after knowing about your and Nikhil’s truth. Tanu asks what will happen if Bulbul tells your name or Vijay’s name. Aaliya asks her to read negativity book and says Bulbul can’t speak now as her vocal cords are damaged. Tanu says we have made plans before also, and failed. She says Pragya won. Aaliya sees Mitali standing and asks what she is doing? Mitali asks them to take her also in their plan. Aaliya says she want to tell Raj that Mitali is the one who took his sign and sent him to jail. Mitali gets shocked and says she didn’t hear anything. Tanu and Aaliya smirks. Pragya asks ronnie to take care of Bulbul and be there. Ronnie promises her. Dadi asks Pragya to meet Bulbul. Abhi comes and says she has refused to pay the bill. Abhi asks her to answer him first. Pragya asks him to talk at home. He gets a call.

Tanu tells Aaliya that they shall go to hospital and see Bulbul. Aaliya says she don’t want to go and tells about her appointment in Salon. Tanu says she has a strong feeling that something wrong is going to happen. Dasi comes and asks what they are talking about? Aaliya tells they are sad about Bulbul. Dasi asks if they are going to hospital. Aaliya says no as she can’t see her condition. Mitali comes holding the newspaper and says it is written that dreams are coming true. She reads the news. Tanu gets tensed. Aaliya tells that they are going to hospital. Dasi asks them to take some stuff. Mitali laughs.

Pragya comes to bulbul and says you would have thought about Purab and Sarla before saving me and getting injured instead. She says I got you married to make everything fine in your life and promises not to let anything happen in her life again. She asks her to wake up and says she can’t see her in this condition. Sarla comes to the ward and sees Pragya crying holding her hand. She asks what she is doing here.

Bulbul writes something on the paper. Purab reads it that someone wanted to kill Pragya and she got injured while saving her. He reads that someone who attended their reception planned this. Abhi, Purab, Pragya and Sarla are shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Happy new year 2016 guys.

  2. Hahah true pratiksha☺☺

  3. Do any updates of today episode?

  4. devishivakumar

    Very happy new year to all

  5. Happy new year frnds

  6. Guys we misunderstood. I just saw sbs. They were saying that this week kkb is on number-2 position. Guys kkb is still on no-2. Means one point increased in trp ratings. Becoz last week kkb was on-3rd place but this week it is on no-2. I think it is becoz of Bulbul’s accident track. I think to watch mrunal last time in the show and to watch her exit scene in the show, peoples saw it which brought this show on no-2 position in trp ratings. Guys it means we have to wait more for improvement in track. Becoz until trp will not down till then show will run according to CVS.

    1. Yes….this week trp is 3.8….there is no much decrease in Trp…..This Cvs wont change the track under Trp falls very low
      pratiksha did u see the mahasangam promo??anything special is there??

      1. Soory I saw srimathi comment now…What a promo…..no expectations from that also

    2. If they are in second position means CVS and writers will go out sense and they will drag for this week I think so what do you think for this pratiksha and guys

  7. I read preview for today, after Bulbul revealing truth behind that accident, Abhi gets into action. They both get guest list thru Ronnie n he now recollects thr was a Sardar in the reception who looked like the decorator. Pragya mentions there must be someone family helping him n got him inside MM that day.

    Meanwhile we will also see Tanu getting tensed about being caught in this murder attempt n blame game between her n Aaliya. Somehow these 2 r finally tensed now.

    We have to see if this really means at least one if them will b caught or more dragging.
    Okay so what I get now why Daadi stopped Pragya is writers want truth to reveal slowly before Abhi rather than Pragya narrating it. I hope even middle of all this mutual fighting, they both work for same cause of catching culprits. Aaliya may b first one caught as the killer Vijay is a definite target for Abhi n Pragya now, but how Tanu- Nikhil secret will be out, I m not able to guess now.

    1. Sahithi if they really get into action means the track will go smoothly and there will be some improvement

      1. yae..well said reji..Would it Happn?? f abi starts doubting and get into action..it would be amazing..back to rockstar frm..frm dumb one

      2. If writers want Abhi to finally think, he has to ask Aaliya how she contacted him Vijay n met him the day he went to mall for shopping. As usual, she will tell a lie but if show has to move forward, there shud b a way of catching Vijay.

    2. Sahithi where did u read this gr8 piece of info? Does this mean either alia or tanu gonna be revealed? But I feel guys even if one person say mitali being caught she will bring down the entire group of fraudsters down……but wen is the question…

      1. The preview is for tonight episode. Abhi n Pragya will start thinking about Pragya murder planed during bulbul reception. So this is like day 1 of Abhi n Pragya coming together n starting their analysis.

        And going with the hints from last 2 episodes, Tanu seems tensed about being caught. So hoping at least some truth will come out. Also it’s been so long this track started so to sustain Trps they have to show some progress.

    3. Sahithi CVS r very smart. They r playing tricks to delayed abhigya reunion in complete sense. That’s why they r only showing aaliya’s part and avoiding tanu becoz if they will let reveal tanu’s truth then it means no hurdle between abhigya’s reunion and then they have to show their reunion soon becoz there is no hurdle except tanu between abhigya. If they will end tanu’s track then how they will drag story. That’s why they r again focusing on aaliya so by this, they could convince audience and tied them with their seats and otherwise they could get a chance to more dragging.

      1. Or think like this, without Aaliya’s help n support, Tanu is a bit worried these days. Separating them is making Tanu vulnerable. She doesn’t have modelling career or parents support. If Abhi doesnt have property, marriage cant happen n she is back to square one.
        Whenever he comes, Nikhil annoys her, who is best handled by Aaliya.

        So without Aaliya evil advise n lies n support, in current situation Tanu has more chance of getting caught.

      2. Whatever sahithi this all will make track more dragging and dragging. That’s it.

      3. Like Abhi n Pragya who don’t give up on each other after all the ups n downs, I think I don’t want to give up on this track after bearing it for so many months 🙂

  8. Hyy..Frends Happy New Year..2k16..waiting fa abi to get into action..hop so any good vl happn to abighya..tanu’s tensn is makn mi happy??ahaha.

  9. Guys spoiler for today’s episode- Pragya was talking with bulbul just then sarla maa comes and says her to leave the room. Then purab comes with flowers in room, he makes sure that pragya remain in the room. Bulbul comes in consciousness. Everybody sarla maa, purab, abhi and pragya all stands around bulbul.She writes on a writing pad that chandelier was about to fall on pragya but it falled on her in saving pragya and someone wants to kill pragya in reception. All gets shocked. Bulbul again gets unconscious. Tanu says to aaliya that if she gets catch then do not take her name becoz she is pregnant and going to marry with abhi. Aaliya calls her selfish. Abhi pragya comes home. They discusses in about what bulbul wrote in paper, in their room. Abhi says it has to b someone from guest who did this. Pragya calls Ronnie and asks him to bring all the guest lists and their phone numbers. Ronnie brings the list. He says to pragya there were only one person which was not invited in party and that was a sardarji. Ronnie tries to remember and says that sardarji was looking like that decorator. Abhi gets angry and says now I will not leave him. Pragya holds him back and says that think how can decorator come so easily in the house, it could happen by only the help of some family member. They both looks on and starts think. So as a whole, nothing so much in today’s episode, just another dragging with some little hope and movement.

    1. yae..little improvmnt in kkb?

    2. Abhi gearing up to think is in itself a gr8 improvement n an extremely but much awaited forward step in the story….hopefully rock star follows this up. I feel he will catch alia himself even before pragya reveals her story coz he saw alia wid decorator jus days before the accident…..hopefully he adds 1 plus 1 ?

  10. Dragging

  11. This time pragya is teamed up with Abhi to find the culprit. Team AbhiGya ?? and its better to see them together than tears!!

    1. Ya srimathi I am happy that abhi teamed up with pragya to find the member helping vijay but I will be so happy if pragya revealed the truth to abhi and abhi knows the truth and helps pragya it will be more interesting to watch what do you think about this

      1. Guys this is CVS another trick to get back it’s audience. They r very smart. They knows that what people want most and that is abhigya together. Everybody wants to see abhigya together not separate. It doesn’t matter for audience that for which purpose they come together but somehow audience wants to see them together. So CVS r using this trick to bring abhigya together for planning to catch culprit, by which audience remain happy and satisfied and by bringing aaliya and vijay’s track, they could ignore tanu’s matter, by which they could delayed abhigya’s reunion by this types of dragging in the story. So guys CVS have played very smart trick. Now we could not see tanu’s matter or track end soon and as well as abhigya’s reunion too. Becoz through this trick, they will get success in maintaining their trp so if it will maintain then no sooner end of tanu’s track or this whole track, we will see. May b aaliya will get catch becoz of abhi’s support and help with pragya but as usual this matter will also not put any effect becoz we knows aaliya will b escaped somehow or if not then also she will remain in the show and in the house like always. Moreover family and abhi will break their connections with her but this also doesn’t matter for her. So for me, this is just another trick of dragging by CVS to delay abhigya’s reunion.

    2. Yes…better than tears everytime is their teamwork to catch the culprit 😀

  12. Pls say 51 week 2015 top 10 serial

  13. Guys I saw some videos of today’s episode in IG that pragya and Abhi arguing for planning to find the person who helping vijay.their conversation was
    Pragya: Someone in home helping vijay
    Abhi:How u r that much sure they may be some outsiders who could help him
    pragya: No ppl in this house has reason to kill me
    Abhi:This question is only answered by Vijay
    Pragya: How could we find him we doesn’t have phone number or address
    Abhi:U r a fool think seriously
    Pragya: U asking me to think and what about u
    Abhi:Calling Pragya as devil
    pragya:OK I’m devil then u r innocent ppl would say God ll help innocent ppl so ask God to help him to catch vijay
    Abhi:I don’t believe God!U ask devil to help u
    Pragya :OK let us do one thing we ca n change our party u follow the devil and I ll follow the god
    Abhi:Why should I follow devil
    Pragya:then why should I follow the devil
    Abhi:Ur actions are resembles as devil
    Pragya:Ur face is looks like devil and like that vijay
    Abhi:Come with me I got an idea to find vijay
    this was today’s episode

    1. srimathi where did u see it?

    2. then srimathi do u think as pratiksha said audience want to together so they are using this trick by abhi teamed up with pragya but by using this trick do u think trp will increase

      1. CVS is very clear their plottings are just perfect if they had shown some painfully scenes of Abhigya then they are showing some nok jhokes in next episode!! Seriously kkb cvs is much more clever than any other show’s CVS that’s y they got best story award in ZRA2015!!By the next week I think Abhi could get hint against aaliya..even in twitter ppl are using hashtags like #UniteAbhiGya so I think atleast there could be minor twists in Upcoming episode

  14. In Instagram

  15. Thank you srimathi and pratiksha

  16. super boring

  17. Happy new year to all kkb fans! I doubt alliya or tannu b exposed , it’s gona drag and why is it that pragya’s plan always flop and alliyas wins

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