Kumkum Bhagya 31st August 2016 Written Episode Update


Kumkum Bhagya 31st August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pragya’s poetry paper falls on Abhi. Allah Wariyan plays…….Abhi gets the paper. He looks at Pragya. Pragya looks on surprised seeing him. Abhi reads the poetry written by Pragya for him, oblivious to the fact that she has actually written poetry for him. Pragya is happy and thinks she can’t believe that he is standing infront of her and reading poetry which she wrote for him. Abhi asks for whom you have written this, and asks boyfriend? Pragya says no, it is for me. Abhi says it is your personal matter, but it is good. HE says I am thinking to hire you as lyricist, but your poetry is old types and very much meaningful. He says nobody reads heavy dialogues now. Pragya says I have written it for myself. Abhi says if you are my fan, then what did you like in my songs.

Pragya says I like people’s nature and says when we like someone then we do like unmeaningful song also. Abhi says what do you mean? I am praising your poetry and you are making fun of my songs. Pragya says I didn’t mean that. They have an eye lock….Sanam Re plays……………..He asks what you was saying?

Pragya asks him to return the paper. Abhi says it is my paper as it is in my hand. Aaliya comes and collides with someone, while trying to see Pragya’s face. Pragya asks Abhi to return her paper….Abhi asks her to get it and moves his hand. Pragya jumps to get the paper and falls in his embrace. Allah Wariyan plays…….They have an eye lock. The people gather there and clap seeing them romantic. Abhi smiles.

He asks Pragya if you have fallen down so that I hold you. Pragya says no. She asks him to return his paper. Abhi says it is in my pocket…He says when I am taking your paper, I will gift you something. He takes out cap from his car and says you can keep it. Pragya says I don’t want it, and says cap suits you. Aaliya wonders who is she? Abhi and Pragya argue…Pragya says she will come about him to Mr. Sethi, and Abhi says I will complain about you too. Purab comes and takes Pragya, without seeing Abhi. Pragya asks him to come.

Beeji gets happy after clearing the stage in the game. She shares her happiness with Sarla. Sarla is teary eyes and tells that she is feeling bad for Pragya as Abhi thinks of her as just his fan, as he is unaware that she is his wife. She says don’t know what destiny has in store for her. Beeji explains to her that Pragya doesn’t want to meet Abhi, but God made them meet again and will soon unite. Sarla says yes, but we have to handle few things. She tells that Aaliya threatened to harm Pragya and says she can’t lose her. Beeji asks her to think about Pragya’s happiness and says she got happy only after meeting Abhi. She says we should encourage them to meet. She asks Sarla to go and make food, and then she starts playing game again.

Aaliya and Abhi are in the car…..Aaliya asks Abhi about the girl with whom he was talking to. Purab and Pragya are in the car. Purab asks Pragya about the guy with whom she was talking to. Pragya says he was a nice guy and helped her. Abhi says she was a fan. Aaliya says okay. Abhi sees Purab’s car coming. He sees Purab with Pragya, but couldn’t see her face. Purab sees Abhi and drives car fast.

Abhi thinks why did I see in her eyes, I am unable to get her out of my mind…Pragya talks to rockstar you and says Abhi got the poetry which she has written for him. She thinks she would have asked him from God. Abhi reads her poetry again and thinks it is a strong poetry and thinks she wrote so nicely when she is not in love, and thinks how well she would write when being in love. Pragya thinks if Abhi understands her feelings, then he would meet her surely. Abhi thinks to use her poetry in his song and thinks it is wrong. He then thinks to gives her money for the lyrics, and decides to hire her as lyricist if the song becomes hit. Tere Sang Yaara plays…………..while Pragya recalls their happy moments after his memory loss.

Precap: Abhi and Pragya have an eye lock while the song Sanam Re plays…………..

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I feel like watching initial episodes.
    I think, CVs are going to create doubt in abhi’s mind with purab and Pragya.
    If so then our cvs are really expert in recycling… And in Pragya’s Mogambo avathar, abhi will be taking with fuggi doll and now in abhi’s ML avatar, Pragya is talking with rock star doll..what to say…
    But on the whole episode was awesome. Abhi is slowly falling for Pragya… Its so cute..
    I have a doubt…now how Tanu will enter abhi’s life????

    1. Tanu can enter after getting a better hair stylist. On a side note, she should drop her obsession and desperation for Abhi first.

    2. Hai shobuu??
      I don’t want such scenes like Abhi doubts on pragya& purab?

  2. nice episode

  3. Nice episode i like it……

  4. nice..I love to see Abhigya nokjok..I want ki urbhi nokjok dekhne ki lie mile….

  5. kumkum bhagya

    pragya ko chehre se nahi dill se pehchano abhi

  6. why isnt she telling purab that she met abhi?any idea guys?

    1. Not impressed

      because she is STUPID

  7. Oh My God !!..Today’s episode they gave almost abhigya scenes . It was superb . I think Precap is the same one but they BGM from allah waariyaan to sanam re ..I think the track is going to revolve around Abhi , Pragya , Purab , Aliya . As we saw in today’s episode Abhi saw Purab sitting in car with a girl but it is our pragya but he didn’t see pragya. And in a episode while Abhi was dropping pragya to her home pragya in car was speaking with purab but abhi thought it is her boy friend . May be abhi would misunderstand pragya with purab like that the track may happen i think so . As the scenes r been shown like that . And today also Aliya saw pragya with abhi and but didn’t see pragya’s face . And guys do u all noticed one thing today abhi lied to aliya that he was speaking to his fan . Why he didn’t say it is Nikitha (Pragya) . Ofcourse she is also Fan no 1 . But he didn’t say like that to her !!..Why he want to lie to aliya ??..Any guesses guys ?..Pratiksha sahithi shobana asmitha and guys what do u say abt this ?

    1. Hai reji… Hw r u?
      & wat happened yaar? Y u HV deleted ur account??

    2. Hi manu !!..????..Ela unavu ??..hope u r fine ..i deleted my account be coz exam time ..Notification got full and phone got hanged ..and my email had a problem also so i deleted my account !!..How is sanii and api ??

  8. Actually story has become so puzzled. We can’t guess or predict anything exactly. Reji you asked from me that what I thinks about abhi’s memory loss so according to the recent episodes, it doesn’t seems that abhi is doing drama as he is trying to keep pragya near him. His monologues of yesterday’s and today’s episode’s r clearly saying that he has lost his half memory actually. But still it is hard to guess exact thing that what happened next or what will b further story. When i watched today’s episode, i found things puzzled. Everybody is hiding things from each other. Pragya is hiding her meetings with abhi from his family, purab and aliya. Sarla maa and beeji r hiding aliya’s visit from pragya, they r hiding from purab about pragya’s meeting as nikita, by working in that music company, with whom abhi is working. Aliya is hiding stuffs about abhigya from tanu. Abhi is strangely hiding about nikita from aliya, he told to aliya that nikita as his fan but he didn’t told to aliya that nikita works in that music company, with whom he is working, even today when aliya asked from him that who was that girl with whom he was talking then he didn’t told to aliya that he met with nikita today, he told that she was his fan. Aliya don’t know about pragya as nikita yet. Everything is puzzled and getting massy. Abhigya’s cute, lovely and sweet moments r so impressive but their love story’s start doesn’t seems fair and clear with these types of massy things. Like always, cvs r again making the story massy by keeping abhi in dark who is unaware from truth and by putting pragya in troubles like always. I don’t think so that story has changed completely, it has still lots of common stuffs like before. For a change, they r only keeping tanu out from abhi’s life yet and letting abhigya meet with each other and involve with each other through their feelings as single persons who r not committed with anyone, according to abhi. But still abhigya’s love story is complicated. In starting of the show, CVS made abhigya’s love story and relationship complicated by making the things massy. Now again they r doing same thing but with little different. I was wishing that atleast this time abhigya’s love story should b fair, without any mess and misunderstandings but the way cvs r making the things massy again, they r making it again complicated. Only hope is abhi’s memory, only it can solve all the things and can make everything justify and fine, if abhi will regain it. That’s it.

    1. And reji abhi is trying to keep pragya near him as he has started feelings for her and he is attracted towards her but he is unaware of his feelings that he is falling in love with her. He is ignoring his feelings becoz he has been reached in that time back where he was conscious for his status but ya he can’t avoid pragya too becoz of his heart and it’s feelings. So whenever pragya comes infrint of him, he can’t stop himself to attracting towards her and wants to spend time with her as he has started liking her and her company. It doesn’t seems yet that he is doing drama of memory loss. But what happens further, let’s see.

      1. Ya u r ryt pratiksha ..I agree this ..Abhi is just started to attract towards pragya and wants to be her near him ..But some r thinking that abhi is just doing a drama to keep pragya near him . So as you said After seeing abhi’s monologue and all cant surely say neither he is faking his memory loss nor he is not ???

    2. Everyone in the show known to hide important facts but this time, even Abhi is hiding things especially about Pragya/Nikitha. He didnt mention to Daadi n other family members details of the family or Pragya’s name where he had food. Yday he didnt mention explicitly to Aaliya that he met Nikitha. And dont understand why he is forgetting her name when he is like meeting her every day continuously and getting attracted to her.

      May be he didnt want Daadi n Aaliya to think that he is meeting a fan girl again n again or let them doubt his intentions.

      But I again didnt like Pragya hiding things from her family and Purab. Her family came to know and they understood that it is not harming Abhi even if Pragya goes in front of him. But hiding from Purab, I dont see any reason. He will be equally happy to know about their meetings. And he will definitely keep this a secret if Pragya fears Daadi or Aaliya knowing this truth.
      From the start of show, he was the only one who stood by Pragya even in the worst of situations, even those moments when Abhi or Sarla or Bulbul were not with Pragya. I thought by now Pragya should be thinking of her bond with Purab in a different way, but looks like Pragya never learns from her past mistakes, like how she hid facts from Abhi thru Mogambo track.

      Hopefully in coming episodes, Purab will learn this either himself or from the Arora ladies.

      1. Sahithi I think CVS wants to show their love story in Secret but it really gd and one more is how abhi will react when he sees tanu I think upto her entry may Abhi will realize his feelings fr pragya
        After seeing tanu he should remember everything then it will be so fun and nice

      2. Secrecy is fine as long as it wont mess things later, but I think its more for creating curiosity among audience.

  9. I hope aaliya see them together

  10. Nice

  11. hi guys… I am from Tamil nadu…Will you all accept me as your friend??waiting for your reply…and coming to the current track,I think pragya will become lyricist of abhorrent when the song which has pragya’s lyrics is hit…. in that way, they can get more close to each other… but cvs will not do like that.. the ultimate aim of them is to drag this show…

    1. Hi vinodini am also from tamilnadu…epdi irukinga

      1. Naan nalla iruken… thanks for accepting me as your friend salma??

    2. Hi vinothini. . I’m from tamil nadu as well.. eppadi irrukinga? Enga irrukinga

      1. I am fine.. how are you?? I am from Chennai…thanks samee??

    3. Hi vinodhini ..wow me too TN ..I am Hindi mixed Tamil ..Born in Mumbai but settled and living in chennai ..Tamil pesa theriyum ..Eppadi irukkeenga ??..Welcome to c
      The comment section

      1. Wow… that’s great… I am fine.. neega epidi irukeenga??.. little bit weak in writing Tamil in English…

  12. Over all its a lovely episode???
    With full of abhigya moments?
    I think Abhi vl get his memory back soon.. But pretends to don’t knw anything???(just my guess)

    Hai guys?
    Hw r u all?

    1. Hi Kutty, I m gud but how r u? Nice to see u after such a long time. Where were u since long?

      1. Hai pratiksha..???
        I’m good yaar
        I’m little busy with studies?
        I’m not getting time to comment yaar
        & thank god.. u & sahiti remembered me?

    2. Hey Kutty how are u? After long time..

      1. Hai Sahiti… I’m fine yaar?
        Hw abt u?
        Yup.. College started so no time to comment?

      2. I am also doing good Kutty, thanks.

  13. Guess d cv’s r suffering frm severe ml!!. N we viewers vl end up in any mental asylum watching d hide n seek dat every character is playing!

  14. Jerry Justice

    Abhi might suffer a memory loss but not a heart loss….the memory about pragya might be gone but the heart still beats for her.

    1. Yeah jerry I completely agree with your comments

  15. Jerry Justice

    am just mad about kkb world where no one knows pragya to be Abhi’s wife not even a single fun of his. what a life of a rockstar.!!! things are going off the hook.

  16. NEW ONLOCATION UPDATE- Abhigya’s moments in rickshaw ride- Abhi’s angry due to a flat tire when leaving the studio. Pragya is taking the rickshaw to go home but sees Abhi’s car and then Abhi looking at his tires. She stops the rickshaw and asks Abhi what happened. Abhi’s surprised to see her and asks if she’s following him. They’re discussing about how he should just take another car (she accidentally spills how he has lots of cars, then changes it to “he probably has lots of cars). He sees her rickshaw waiting across the street and walks over to get in.

    Abhi climbs into the rickshaw, with Pragya running after him exclaiming “Arre, thats my rickshaw!” He amusingly asks whether she’s a rickshaw driver on the side too (cute TiSha moment) Pragya says he cheated, since he sat in her rickshaw before her. He asks the Rickshaw driver where he’s going (shows him money) and the driver happily says “Sir, we’re going to your house,” much to Abhi’s satisfaction. But then puts the money back into his wallet and when the driver questions about the money, Abhi says “That was just for show. Bribery? *gasps and does tauba tauba* I dont do in bribery” He suggests to Pragya that they share the rickshaw and pay for the ride 50/50. She doesn’t say anything, so he tells the driver “I think Madam wants to walk home today. Lets go.” Pragya reluctantly agrees and the ride is nothing short of BUMPY! Lots of Abhigya bumping into each other and trying to stay balanced in their seats. Abhigya are fighting along the way and Pragya says something about how Abhi’s license should be revoked. She adds something else (can’t hear) and Abhi pauses and asks how does she know about that. Pragya looks on, scared she let that slip of tongue .

    Abhi’s calling her “Hava (wind)” and she asks why. He says he never remembers her name, so thats why he calls her whatever comes to mind when he sees her face, like Chashmish, and now “Hawa-hawaii.” He then goes on to ask who she is for him, which leaves Pragya speechless as to what she should say. He answers “FAN. Aur fan ko english mein kya kehte hain? PANKHAS. And i love my PANKHAS” Somehwere along their trip, the rickshaw breaks down!! While Pragya is anxious about it, Abhi suggests they drink coffee at the nearby stall. Video ends here.

  17. shobana i dnt thnk abhi will doubt purab wd pragya… bcoz tthe stryline goes lik abhi slowly falls in love wd pragya so i dnt thnk it ll happen…. and wherr is tanu?? since i cant follow the stry often, i dnt understand where she is…. and what ll happen if abhi and tanu meets??

  18. Everything is gd but the latest rumor is so funny y abhi will plan fr aaliya accident if he is faking his ml then also he won’t do it really so funny

    1. So many rumors and spoilers around, but actual scenes are so nice and cute. Abhi’s dialogues and the way even now Pragya fights with him for everything, I think I havent seen any other couple whose fight is also cute and fight more than any other way of talking.

      The way he was threatening u r writing poems bunking office and she immediately retorts that he is doing timepass without recording song. I was like LOL who is threatening whom for what.

    2. Hai asmita?
      Ela unnav?

      1. nice kutty and h r u after so many days u r commenting and h r ur studies

    3. Manu Asmitha Ku Telugu telusa ??..Great yaar ..thank god i didn’t forget Telugu …???

      1. reji nenu telugammayini I am from Hyderabad

      2. Wow really ?? nenu ascharyapoyanu !!.. great .. kani nenu telugu ledu !..I am hindi mixed tamil girl ..Learnt telugu with a interest ..if i speak wrong means pls correct me !!

  19. The show continues at top slot for last week also, and interestingly the number of viewers increased by almost 1K from the previous week.

    Looks like the latest cute scenes between the leads without Tanu around is bringing better numbers 🙂

      1. No aradhna i think it’s not true !!..

    1. Ya sahithi kkb is taking top slot in every week’s trp chart ..Glad that the number of viewers also increased !..??. You are right Tanu’s absence in abhigya’s life is just increasing the numbers !!..???..True yaar

  20. yesterday abhi was looking too handsome. I read his interview was very impressive. highly intelligent person he is he should go for production of serial as well as acting with sriti.his charm will never end.abhi is back.yahoooooooo.

  21. Today we had some segments like SBS SBB AND SBAS ..segment update is same as our pratiksha is given .if u want to see it links r given below …

    SBAS link – https://youtu.be/fGLS2z7LksU

    SBB link – https://youtu.be/Ot2-MrLQTaw

    SBS link – https://youtu.be/n_IVQA-AQCk

    These r the segment link ..What do u say abt this segments guys ??..Pratiksha sahithi shobana asmitha manu ??

  22. after a long gap i’m reading updates of kkb rather kkb2.. well hello guys i hav not commented here nor replied to any of ur comments still i lik to read those 4 get the spoilers and updates especially
    regela and all..
    good evening to all.. and lastly i’m totally enjoying the current track of kkb.. their nok jokes r back..

    1. Wow Vidhya that’s how nice of u !!..Thank u so much for liking our comments ..Really it means a very lot !!..Even i too enjoying the track of kkb . Once again thank u for reading our comments my friend !!..And if u don’t mind can i ask u onething ??..How do u know my full name ??..

  23. wow regi thanks yaar for the link.. tat was hilarious..

    1. My pleasure Vidhya !!.Even i loved the segment !!..

  24. adamu alhaji adamu

    What is the superb here. To me this is the most stupid story I have ever comes across in my entire life. This is a childish story and I hate it

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