Kumkum Bhagya 31st August 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Mitali asking Robin to throw the left over food or give it to animals. Pragya hears her and says why you are throwing the food. You should have make it according to the need. Mitali says Aaliya and Tanu didn’t have food. Pragya says they have to eat this food in the morning else they have to be hungry. Mitali says ok as you order. She says she is a lady hitler. Aaliya and Tanu come to the dining table and see their food. Mitali tells that it is their breakfast food which they didn’t have. She tells she has been fulfilling Pragya’s order. Tanu says lets go to her and make her have this food. Dadi comes and asks what is in food. Aaliya tells it is stale food. Dasi asks Robin to call Pragya and gets angry. Dadi tells she didn’t want to see her face at breakfast

table, and says we shall eat this food. Abhi comes and asks why everyone is sitting with sad faces. Tanu tells it is morning food and how can eat stale food. She asks what did Pragya want? Dadi coughs. Abhi asks what happened? Aaliya provokes Abhi. Tanu tells do Pragya want to kill my baby?

Pragya is resting in her room. Abhi enters and closes the music. Pragya asks him to switch the music on. Abhi asks her to get up. Pragya says only she can order. He holds her hand and makes her stand. He tells he will teach her a lesson today. He asks her to eat the food which she made his family have it. Pragya says she wanted them to eat it so that they realize the importance of money. Abhi says he has earned money for food, and says you have gone blinded with money. He says you want to make my Dadi have this food. You are keeping them as an animal, and now what you want to do. He tells Dadi started choking as the roti was stuck in her throat. Pragya thinks it is Aaliya and Tanu’s words. Abhi asks her to apologize to his family. Pragya refuses to apologize. Dadi gets worried and tells we shall go and see. Aaliya says let him handle her. She hopes Abhi murders Pragya in anger and then she will enjoy his money. Dasi asks Dadi to let Abhi take out anger on Pragya.

Pragya tells she is not doing anything wrong and is just punishing them for their mistakes. She says this is needed to make them realize importance of money and they should be thankful to her. She asks him to tell them that if they do this mistake again, then they have to eat this food on the street. Abhi is shocked and disgusted. He tells I thought you have been doing drama and will tell me that you are just pretending and acting. He tells you can’t be my fuggi, as she knows to give happiness and not pain. He says you are someone else, and not my fuggi. You have her face, but not her heart. You are money hungry and she is love hungry. He says it will be an insult to his fuggi to compare her with her. Pragya is pain and hurt.

Abhi tells I really regret it. He tells for whom I was waiting, she was waiting for money and not me. He shows her things and tells he used to talk with her things after she left him. He shows poetry and says it is for his fuggi. Pragya reads his letter and message. He says this letter was a hope for him that she will return some day. He tells he read this letter in numerable times. He tells you made me your best friend before going, and I made this diary best friend and wrote my heart talk.

He asks why did you come back? He asks her to understand one thing clearly, and asks him not to think him weak. He says he will start hating her soon, and says our story will end with hatred. He says my hatred will be more than my love. Abhi tells I will never forget my fuggi, and will love her always. If she would have told me then I would have named my everything on her name. He tells I will take revenge from you as you have snatched my fuggi and love. He says I will snatched your world from you and challenges her. He says if I don’t then my name is not Abhishek Mehra. Pragya cries. Hamari Adhuri plays………..

Pragya cries and says everything is going from her hands. She says she is going away from her love instead of her enemies. She cries again. Someone comes and keeps hand on her head.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Aj

    Atleast pragya can tell the truth only to abhi..!Where the hell is nikhil?Anyhow nice episode but i like and want to see the fuggi pragya…..!

    • Faust

      It would serve her right for she could have shared some of her findings with Abhi. What kind of marriage did they have that she does not feel that she cannot confide in her husband or that he would not believe her?

  2. tasnim

    this is totaly unfair….plz do something gd with pragya n abi waiting egarly 4 tmrw’s epi 2 see d hlping hand….

  3. I had tears in my eyes? when I heard abhi’s hateful words for pragya. My heart was wretching after listening it, ?god knows how’s pragya feel. Did abhi really believeor accepted that pragya has changed! I still don’t want to believe on it that abhi accepted pragya as negative. If abhi will really start hating pragya then it will b worst for abhigy’s fans and it means we r back to square one! Nooo…..? plz not again.?

      • chithu

        Nikki..and the room in which Pragya is crying doesn’t seem to be Abhi’s room na?? and also it doesn’t seem to be anyone else’s also… it had some Deepam kind of thing…i think Dadi only has this Pooja items in her room apart from Pragya..

      • chithu

        but onething am not understanding is, why Abhi is not able to see the tears in Pragya’s eyes when he was talking to her so closely…and everytime he is feeling bad, she becomes weak and she is not even able to stand in weakness..so she is finding a place to sit immediately…. if he really watches her so close, it will not be that difficult for him to find her acting…. becoz, it is only him infront of whom Pragya is under her utter weakness…. but whenever they are alone, Abhi’s ego or anger is closing his eyes that he is not able to realize Pragya’s true feelings…..

      • I completely agree with u chithu. This is what I want to share that I can understand abhi’s pain but I think his ego is more than his pain. That’s why he is unable to see the truth in pragya’s eyes and unable to feel it. U r right chithu, it was very clear in pragya’s eyes that she is feeling abhi’s pain and his words r affecting her, even we could see it on the television, then why abhi couldn’t see it even after getting so close to pragya? I didn’t understand his love ever. Every time his love turns into hatred so easily. Every time he lost his trust on pragya and at the end repented for it. How could a person said such harsh words to his love? From the day one, when pragya has fallen in love with abhi, she never brought hatred for abhi in her heart even after his tprchers and betrayals. But abhi hurted pragya every time, becoz of his ego. He repeats his mistakes again and again and repented for it but never learnt lessons from it. Abhi’s biggest problem and weakness is that his ego is biggest than any thing, by which he becomes blind.

  4. karthu

    Oh!emotional episode. Abhi math karo aisa. That is your fuggi.I am exited for next episode. I am egar to know who is that touch pragya.will somebody identify the secret of pragya? Pls aisa much karona………

  5. [email protected]

    Today episode make everyone cry. Pragya so pitful character always left alone to cry. The script writer ended up precap with light of hope. Yes friends it’s so sure that Dadi is helping. The master-mind behind pragya is revealed. But abi’s tears and pragya’s are heart tearing. Today episode is fair.

  6. chithu

    i saw some scenes in SBS today, where Pragya and Abhi wearing the same costume (Pragya with blue saree and Abhi with that black T-shirt) ..in that Abhi was giving some jovial expressions..but in the update it seems today all scenes seems to be serious…so, guys didn’t we see the any funny scenes today which v had in SBS???

    • No chithu, in yesterday’s episode, they haven’t showed SBS segment scenes. I think it will b show today. And it’s gud that u missed yesterday’s episode. It was very sad and bad.?

      • chithu

        oh ok Nikki…i think Abhi got some clue (might be Pragya’s specs) about Pragya’s behavior… they were telling some positive twist in their relation… so hoping for good … we will see…

    • kowsi

      im also watchd sbs segment …ss chithu abhi taken pragya specs look at her..she was tension and scared ..abhi give some whistle sounds to pragya..aftr tat abhi in bed while pragya read news paper tat time she give instruct to abhi …sorry guys i did not hear voice clearly bcoz of my network…

  7. lakshi

    Oh god. How long will u hurt this kind of good people in their life even it may be a story. We can’t change god’s decision wherever some one’s can. Writers pl think about it. Don’t hurt good one for a long while and change this

  8. Y is pragya so dumb? Y cnt she say the truth 2 abhi. Then they can both destroy tanu and aaliyah together. And why on earth she can’t share it with bulbul and purab. The makers have just changed her looks but not her stupidity. This serial is getting dumb. And where is Nikhil? Is he dead? Or the stupid writers forgot about him….

  9. razia

    Atleast some thing happens … Al these days ena nadakudhunae theriyama irundhuchu … Atleast today some one is involved in this … This s a great relief

  10. Sabiha

    Wat rubbish…..hate-hate,hate-love,love-love nd again hate-love…y pragya not to tells the truth atleast to abhi yrr..:-> koi logic hi nhi story me aur na hi reallity..bkwasss

  11. mirza

    I thnk it z DADI who kept hand on pragya In d precap.so I guess if cvs won’t change d track Dadi z d 1 who vl b support pragya here on aftr listening 2 pragya s cry… thz z just a guessing..vry sad 4 abhigya…

  12. misha

    WRITERS PACK AND GO HOME!!! Your rotten script is damaging viewers’ health! Don’t you realise that Abhi and Pragya live in viewers’ heart and you are causing great sorrow by writing these horrible scenes!!!!

  13. navi

    finally its gonna b interesting..! dadi came to knw the truth abt pragya.. she s gng to help hr.. gud Pre cap.. she ll help to sustain abhi’s love indirectly.. tanu should get out frst n soon.. writers pls make it soon..

  14. Writers v want only abhigya’s cute romantic scenes not their fightng scenes and abhi y u r not have the hope dats ur fuggi and n all tracks pragya only cries lot than others is it frndzz??

  15. sonia

    Y had makers created this serial ..agar pragya ya abhi ko milana hi nhee thaa ..we r getting headache everyday instead of entertainment..itna drama toh real life main b nhee hota ..y dont u end up this serial ..if u writers dont have any good story???

  16. sonia

    Y had makers created this serial ..agar pragya ya abhi ko milana hi nhee thaa ..we r getting headache everyday instead of entertainment..itna drama toh real life main b nhee hota ..y dont u end up this serial ..if u writers dont have any good story??? When will u reveal truth about abigya’s kidnapp planned by alia n tanu or will they never b punished for their shameful deeds??

  17. Kirthy

    The scene Abhi shows Pragya how much he missed her was super. But I hate the misunderstandig. Why is Pragya the one who suffers the most????? I also think, it’s dadi’s hand in the trailer.
    Please let abhi know pragyas acting, I can’t wait anymore. Abhi don’t hate your pragya!!!!

  18. sonia

    Why r u writers so slow when its turn to reveal real faces of culpits like alia or tanu?? When its turn of abigya u take quick jumps to destroy their relations…why is it so????

  19. I think, that hand s dadi’s surely becaus when abhi went to scold pragya at tht time dadis expresns were like she was worying for pragya.bt i hav a dout tht did pragya meet dadi aftr accidnt and tel hr evrytng?is this al dadis plan?

  20. Ria

    so emotional episode ?.abhi demands tht he luvs pragya the most..thn hw couldn’t he see tears in pragya’s eyes n jer sad face whn he was scolding her.. n yes it is dadi who is helping pragya.. it is with dadi’s support pragya doing all this..bt plz pragya..end ur rudeness soon..or else u may lose ur luv abhi..may b permanently ?

  21. Sara

    This Show is very dragging because of pragya reentry she will cum back but nothing change same dragging we hope pragya will reveal aliya and tanu truth soon but she will irritating our hope so much pls writers change your dragging script and soon reveal the evils truth and abhi pragya reunion.

  22. heidi

    Why is pragya crying? She just is too hard on daddi Eat old food common !!! Abhi told her the right things. She has to telll Abhi at least about Tanu. Omg really stupid storyline.

  23. sharmi

    Pragya change of attire doesn’t seem to make a difference. It’s like it was back at the original story of when Abhi Aliya and Tanu use to conspired against her. Now both those witches are keeping secrets from Abhi but yet he is so gullible that he is falling for their tricks all over again.

  24. I think dadi gets to know about pragya and to be honest Pragya is overdoing it now
    She wants to expose aaliya and tanu then expose them do not make the rest suffer
    She is getting annoying and heartless in this avatar
    Plz bring back abhis fuggi/old pragya we miss chashmish

  25. vins

    I told you guys I think Dadi is the one who was helping her all along!! The night they showed the epi where everyone came together to show support for each other, Dadi had a strange look on her face.

  26. kowsi

    waitng for tmrw episode…really abhi stupid..easily tanu and aaliya provokes abhi against pragya.all the time he made a same type mistake .easily trust tanu and aaliya..im also seen sbs segment…

  27. Reanne

    If they show abhi n prag fighting again then i think it will br stupidity to watch this serial. As they would be back to square one. Come on guys this does not happen in real life. Make nice serials with an end dont keep on going around d bush.

  28. TINA

    Atleast dadi will understand pragya or dadi is only the helper of pragya …
    Pragta didn’t know about nikil … purab bulbul no one should not help… so dadi is the helper for my guess… or now pragya can told everything to dadi..

    Abhi don’t hate pragya… she is ur fuggi always… if u hate pragya later u will get more guilt feeling and lot of pain… always pragya be in ur side….

  29. In precap I m sure, she is dadi who kept her hand on pragya’s head and the way pragya was looking at dadi, it seems like dadi knows everything and she is also with pragya in her plan and pragya is sharing her pain with dadi and dadi is consoling her.

  30. It was very nice episode. But I think is all Dadi’s plan Bcus wen they all speak together down she says” everything wil get over”. I hope so they reveal the truth soon n tht tanu n alia r out of their life.

  31. New segment update- tanu is washing utensils in kitchen and aliyaa was also there but she was not doing any work. I think pragya send them to do the work in kitchen. Then next they showed aaliya is blackmailing a man by putting knife on his neck, in kitchen I don’t know who was he? Then pragya comes and rescues that man and giving warning to aliyaa by showing that same knife to her, pragya says to aliyaa u want to ruin my face, come and ruined it. Aliyaa gets tensed and scared. Pragya holds that knife with a kitchen cloth becoz aliyaa’s finger prints was on that knife. Pragya was giving warning to tanu that she will ruined her face by this knife and put it’s blame on her friend aliyaa.

    • Guys I found it. That man was ronnie , manager of abhi, whom aliyaa was threatening. Becoz pragya send him for giving them her orders. Aliyaa gets angry and threats him by knife to giving her orders. Ronnie complains to pragya. That’s why she comes and threats aliyaa and tanu to follow her orders and do the work.

  32. Riya

    Pragya’s powerful avatar will bring lots of problem for Tanu and Aaliya in the upcoming episode of Kumkum Bhagya.

    Pragya orders Tanu and Aaliya to wash utensil but Aaliya threatens servant to do it otherwise she will stab him.

    Servant is ready to do the work but on time Pragya comes in the kitchen.

    Tanu and Aaliya is irritated by Pragya’s strict avatar

    Pragya takes the same knife and covers knife to keep finger print safe on it.

    Pragya threatens Aaliya by knife that if she refuses do the housework then she (Pragya) will make her life problematic.

    Tanu and Aaliya are irritated by Pragya’s tantrums but helpless to do anything.

    However, Pragya has made up mind to teach a good lesson to both Tanu and Alalya then they will stop to trouble Abhi anymore.

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