Kumkum Bhagya 30th September 2016 Written Episode Update


Kumkum Bhagya 30th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Aaliya forcing Abhi to marry Tanu. Abhi says his mind is not ready for marriage. Aaliya gets a call. She scolds the person and asks him to wait for Abhi’s announcement tomorrow and not to call her again. She tells Abhi that there is no option, this is only right. She says situation will be difficult for us too. Only you can save all of us. Abhi says I can’t marry. Aaliya says I am not asking you to marry today, just makes an announcement, try to know her and when you think you are ready, you can marry her. Abhi says I want to meet Tanu and have to apologize to her. Aaliya says she is not in a condition and will panic seeing you. Abhi insists. Aaliya says she will talk to Tanu and thinks to take Tanu’s mom help. Pragya wonders what is happening, and thinks

he didn’t come till now. She opens the newspaper, but closes it without seeing the report. Aaliya sees Pragya and thinks to keep her far from Abhi, else Pragya will tell him everything and will stop him from proposing Tanu. She tells Pragya that Abhi is busy today and asks her to collect old newspapers and contacts arranged. Pragya asks what was the need? Aaliya asks her to do as she said. Abhi comes and says he is ready, asks Aaliya to come.

Raj asks Mitali about kids’ result. Mitali tells him that Abhi misbehaved with Tanu. Raj says I know and tells that Abhi told that he didn’t do this. Mitali says no man of this family can do this, and says Aaliya and Tanu have trapped Abhi. Raj says I will go. Mitali asks him to drink tea. Raj takes a sip and says it is very sugary. Mitali tastes it and says it is good.

Aaliya and Abhi come to Tanu’s home. Aaliya tells Abhi that she will meet Tanu first and then will call him. Abhi thinks this matter shouldn’t drag. He sees Tanu’s mum coming there and calling security to keep her stuff. Abhi greets her. Tanu’s mum scolds him for playing with Tanu’s respect and says you have ruined her respect. Abhi says sorry. Tanu’s mum says my daughter cried all night and have lost her respect. She says I don’t want this to happen with any girl. she says you will understand this when such thing happens with your sister. Abhi is shocked. Tanu’s mum goes. Pragya comes to storeroom and thinks she has to arranged the papers else Aaliya will scold her. Aaliya comes back to Abhi and says situation is tensed. She says Tanu is crying badly, and Tanu’s mum is crying too. She says I told Tanu’s mum that you are ready to marry her. Abhi is shocked.

Tanu peeps out and sees Aaliya talking to Abhi. She gets happy hearing her and smiles. Abhi asks why did you say this? Aaliya says I have to tell this seeing the condition. Aaliya says Tanu said yes, her mum was hesitant but will agree. She says they have no option, but Tanu is having a condition. She wants you to propose her nicely. Abhi is trapped and tensed. He says I will propose her now. Aaliya stops him and says you have to propose her nicely. She asks him to plan a special proposal which can make her feel special. She asks her to do some magic and special. Abhi is angry and asks how to do something special.

Tanu is happy and smiles. Aaliya asks him to make arrangements for romantic ambience. She says Tanu should say yes. Aaliya asks him not to discuss this issue even with Dadi until Tanu agrees for marriage. Abhi says okay, and lets go. Aaliya says I will stay here and handle the matter. You go and make the arrangements. Tanu comes there, and hugs Aaliya happily. She says you have handle the situation well and says you are a sweet heart. Aaliya says I won’t let Pragya come in between you both. Tanu asks her to handle Pragya. Aaliya says she will be ruined. Tanu says she is excited to get proposal from Abhi and also to see Pragya’s face. Aaliya asks Tanu to act helpless infront of him. They hug each other.

Abhi comes home. Pragya comes out from storeroom and sneezes. Abhi asks what you were doing there. Pragya says Aaliya gave me some work. Abhi asks are you romantic. He asks her to decorate terrace and set a romantic ambience. Pragya asks you are doing this for whom. Abhi says I am doing this for myself and says I want to see if you can handle my concerts. Pragya says I have never done this. Abhi asks her to do as he is saying and gives her 3 hours time.

Pragya thinks Abhi gave her work to make a romantic set up on terrace. She thinks once Abhi proposed to her on terrace. She recalls and a fb is shown….Sanam Re plays……….

Pragya brings the decoration stuff, and asks Aaliya to pass newspaper. Aaliya asks her to take it by herself and says I am not your servant. She sees Abhi and Tanu’s pic in the newspaper and looks at Pragya.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Kkb team must either end tis serial or bring sme new unseen stuffs.!! Damn!!! Irritating to c those wicked ppl.. Even dadi s the most selfish person in tat serial.. End tis crap! No comments on tis stupid episode.. Ppl frm small kids to old ppl ll watch tis episode.. It s nt rit to show these kind of bad examples.. CVS b sure no1 should b irritated by watching ur serial.!! If they do the same thn fr sure trp ll go down..


    1. Sapphir I think they r thinking that what they will show audience will accept it so showing what they want really I have no words to describe them



  3. I think pragya shuld either move on or rape abi shit serial ?

  4. This serial will soon loose the TRP, there is no realistic..total bull shit. Is Rockstar so dumb he can’t make what is wrong or right.

  5. kumkum bhagya

    abhi tanu se shadi karega and pragya yun hi abhi ka ehesaas se jiyegi iss serial ka the end kardo we hate this currunt trak

  6. Before it, abhi propose tanu, we would like to break our screens as well as like to die. But we will never accept this anyhow. Guys enough of tanu and her crap track. This tabhi matter ends soon or not, we should protest against it by doing boycott from the show from watching it. It’s right time to tell the cvs that we will not accept tanu and her crap anymore in the show. That’s it. Else they bring some other ways or character instead of tanu otherwise keep this story with themselves, where tanu will always stay upper from pragya, between abhigya forever. We want totally fresh and fair story if they wants to keep continue this show more long, but they can’t run the show with same crap. We don’t want any excuses now. Cvs have to finish tabhi’s relationship interference between abhigya’s relationship like always and show something new otherwise they have to face the consequences this time. Guys whatever happens further, I just wants to say and requests with everyone that plz don’t watch kkb in this upcoming whole week. If u wants to know it’s progress, better to read updates but do not watch kkb until they doesn’t finish tanu and tabhi’s crap. So cvs gets to know that we will not accept same crap anymore, specially tanu or tabhi’s crap won’t work here now anymore to run the show successfully. Once their trps will fall very low then hopefully they will understand their mistake and them they will change the track or story otherwise guys they will keep it continue if by mistakenly also they gets gud trp. So if we wants to tell the cvs that we hate tabhi’s crap so it’s better to yell them in starting otherwise we have to wait for end of this crap long like always. Guys we sees kkb just for seeing abhigya together and fir watching their love story, we don’t watch kkb for watching tabhi’s story. So guys if we wants to stop this crap just in it’s starting so we have to stop watching kkb, from this upcoming week. Guys till then just read the updates if cvs ends this crap in the mean time then we will watch kkb from further but if they doesn’t finish crap on the mean time and if they takes it for long then we will not accept kkb and it’s story like this. I hope guys all of wants thus what I m saying so I hope all if u will support me and will agree with me. Guys let’s start mission “tanu hatao”( remove tanu or tabhi).?✊

    1. The way tabhi’s re- relationship’s situations r developing, it seems it won’t go long and it should finish on the mean time by hitting taaliya hard. But then also guys it is necessary to tell the cvs on the mean time that we can’t accept tanu or tabhi anymore so guys they could not use this same crap further in the show anymore.

    2. I agree with you pratiksha… I’m not going to watch kkb nxt week… N I’m big fan of ur comments… I’m a silent reader of all your comments pratisksha Sahiti shobana etc..


    4. I am with you.God!!Atleast by doing this tabhi crap will end.Kkb hasdropped from 1st position to 3rd position still the cvc don’t understand that we are not interested in tabhi’s crap?If we wait like this watching the serial and expecting the CVC to. React we have to. bear this crap for more and more days.It would be better if kkb ratings fall and CBC would understand and atleast not unite abhigya they won’t unite tabhi.Lets see what happens.

    5. Yes u r 100% %correct pratiksha..I m with you..I hav already stopped watching the current crap frm monday

    6. We have a website where we can complain this scrap and also we can upload scenes for proof.. We have to use the #tanu hatayo in all the zee tv social network sites

  7. Silent reader

    Feeling sorry for the actors! Abhi nd pragya plz quit this serial nd find a better place for ur acting talent! The directors r spoiling this show! Learn something from english series! They dont have serials just for trp sake! They have got some meaningful nd logical story! Please stop this serial! Bus!!!!!!

  8. Hi All – The best way for the show owners and the ignorant writers to change and make some sense instead of dragging it like Tanu’s 18 month pregnancy and not redoing the same thing all over again ti drag it another 18 months is STOP watching this show and also not comment on this or any of the KKB sites. if we comment means we are watching. I have seen other shows and have not dragged it in such a senseless way. Lets give this a try

  9. P.N. Bhargava

    What a serial? the writer does not know where to go. Pragya should be more offensive towards her behaviour tpwards Tanu and Aaliya rather then be a mute expectator.

  10. Hey guys, Navrathri celebrations starting today. Best wishes for everyone here.

    I am still keeping my hope that they won’t show Abhi proposing Tanu. Story won’t go till there. There definitely will be some twist.

    1. Hi sahithi wish u the same. May Maa Durga bless u with lots of happiness, success and strength to face every challenges and situations of ur life. Sahithi I m too hoping for something gud instead of same crap but with this I wants that we should tell to cvs about our dislike about tabhi track so they will think thousand times to use tabhi track for further anymore again. I know it’s not that much easy to stop cvs but atleast we should try once together.

    2. I think there is far too much speculation on upcoming sequence. We dont know how far this proposal thing will proceed. In this season the writers didnt do anything in favor of evils so far. So why not wait this week as well and see if Abhi really proposes Tanu or not.

      From what I have seen from start of show, such a sequence will never be shown. The writers will take the sequence till the end and there they will spoil it for Tanu.
      They may not be showing the leads together as of now, but even when everyone believed Tanu was pregnant with Abhi’s baby, she couldnt succeed ultimately.

      Abhi proposing Tanu is what everyone expects by default to happen next based on what happened in last 2 episodes. But that is where they will generally bring in a twist. So if you want to stop watching the show for the writers to change track, its your choice, but I would suggest to watch 2-3 episodes more and then decide.

      1. yea even i feel ur explanation is much sensible malab he wont propose i guess lets see and happy navratri to u 🙂

      2. Truly said .. I guess the same .. I guess abhi vl not propose tanu there vl b some twist .. let us wait n watch .. v even tolerated tabhis marriage sequence bt some how pragya collected proofs n stipped it .. likewise this too vk not happen ..

  11. Its getting boring KKB now .. *(

  12. We shuld f**k off watching dis serial

  13. Hi , prathiksha im a silent reader of this site. Im a very big fan of abhigya and ur comments also. Im agree with u I won’t
    watch kkb upcoming weeks

  14. ImRagela

    Hi guys !..First of all my hearty Navarathiri wishes to all the sweet frnds . May u guys get all the blessings from Durga maa and live happily . ?????..And guys pls pray for me too ..Monday 3rd October my results r coming ..pls guys..I think pratiksha sahithi will be celebrating pls all pray for me ..??..And Oct 2nd Gandhi Jayanthi ..Advance wishes for it …??..

    And pratiksha and aishwarya me too Hi5 ???..I also didn’t watch yesterday’s episode . Just read the update . Thank God for it !.And as we guessed whole day pragya didn’t read that news may be Monday only we will see it . And as Aishu said all the bad rumours r coming true . and the good spoilers r coming false . So i cant say anything abt that . First of we all hoped that Abhi is faking his ml actually he didn’t . Then tabhi r going to dance . It came true . I think bhagya (luck) is more for tanu than pragya . But lets see …And Lets hope for the bets

    1. Hi reji?how r u? Happy Navratri to u too and may Maa bless u with all the happiness, peace, power and success. Yes reji I m celebrating Navratri and today is my fast too. I will pray for u that u will get ur hard work’s and effort’s result and I know u will definetly get. Gudluck for ur results??

      1. ImRagela

        Wow Pratiksha !..You r too good . May i get ur blessings .?.And hope u have completed your fast successfully …?..Even i also pray that u guys should have good navratri ..And i think after navratri dusshera will come ..Waiting for it too ..And Pratiksha i will be very happy if i meet u and convey my wishes .Hope it will happen one day !!..??..

  15. Hey guys I read the news that abhi refuse to marry tanu and I hope this news must be true

  16. Very nice comment Sapphire

  17. If abhi is such a media limelight person he can simply google his past!! No logic & concept totally stupid track & serial!!

  18. Guys I have a very gud news for all those frustrated fans of kkb who wants to get rid of the irritation by it’s same irritating crap.
    Soon a new show ” Beyhad”is going to come. Beyhad is an upcoming Indian Hindi thriller television series, which will start from 11 October 2016 on Sony Entertainment Television at 9pm slot. The series will be produced by Cinevistaas Limited of Prem Krishen Malhotra and Sunil Mehta.

    Kushal Tandon, Jennifer Winget and Aneri Vajani will be playing the lead roles. Tandon will be seen playing dual role.

    Beyhadh is a romantic thriller showcasing two different shades of love – one driven by obsession & the other by selflessness and purity. It is the story of Maya, Arjun and Saanjh where Maya ( Jennifer Winget) is an insomniac sociopath, Arjun ( Kushal Tandon) is her boyfriend and Saanjh ( Aneri Vajani)is a lawyer. It’s promos r very exciting and I think the show will b too. Jennifer Winget is a great actress and I liked her so much after sriti and Jennifer has a huge fan following and she is giving her come back after a long time. Show’s concept and it’s story and promos seems so much exciting and kushal and jenni as a couple also r looking gud. I m very excited ???to watch it and thank god that I got a gud chance to get rid of kkb and it’s irritating and annoying story and same crap. I will not leave kkb if cvs shows it’s story as gud and in interesting way but if they will irritate us by same crap then I m happy that I have another option too. Guys I will watch this show and those u guys will watch it too, can join me on it’s telly update’s site too. I will b there too.?

    1. Pratiksha did u watch Namkaran? I thought u wanted to try that for a break.

      1. Sahithi I saw namkaran but I couldn’t get that much potential in it’s story which could glued us with the show. Namkaran is a biopic of mahesh bhatt so it is so much realistic more than fiction. They will only show whatever happened in mahesh bhatt’s life and leads also r not that much effective. I saw it’s some of episodes but it seems uninteresting. That’s why I left it. But this new show of Jennifer seems really exiting and becoz she is my one of favourite actress too, plus I saw her pair with kushal, it is looking gud. A lead couple of a show and their chemistry makes a show and it’s story more interesting, which i feels that kushal and jenni have that impact. They can compete with sriti and shabbir as onscreen couple or not, it will we get to know only after watching it. But then also as I said that it’s my one of favourite actress Jennifer’s show so I will definetly watch it and will like it for sure as she will b there in the show and this makes it’s story interesting for me becoz of jenni more than anything. I have been given so much time to kkb but didn’t found any completion of any of my expectations yet . I was waiting to watch abhigya’s love story and their union since long and it seems it will still go long and in these days kkb has become boring again so i would like to give my time of 9pm’s slot to jennifer’s “beyhad” for now for sometimes. I will watch kkb too but by repeat episodes or online, if it will b worth watching and when kkb will become intresting again in overall or more than it then I will again continue with it but for now I will watch beyhad and will enjoy it. Sahithi now I have reason to avoid kkb from watching it, if i want to watch it then also i can’t. I m not saying that i m leaving kkb forever. I love sriti and shabbir as abhigya and i like watching them and their chemistry. So offcourse i will keep my eyes on updates and share for u all but for now i will give my time of 9pm’s slot to only beyhad but I will remain part as audience of kkb and member of this site too with beyhad.

      2. Good, hope u enjoy watching Beyhad..my loyalties are with Sriti and Shabir, love them way too much to miss the show, so till they are in the show or till it ends, the only time I watch tv i.e. 9 to 9:30 is for them. Or rather I would say, I will watch tv only for them n this show.

        Probably some day when this ends, I will be back to my no-TV days till either of them take up a new show. But for now I want new Purab, Bulbul and if possible other vanished characters to come back.
        There would be more dates, concerts, n outings of RS n his Secretary, before Abhi’s memory is back, so that’s what I am looking forward to.

      3. Sahithi we match same in which u said even I like sriti and shabbir really at first I was not interested in any love stories but after watching kkb I liked love stories mainly their acting was really natural that it feels like watching two pure love birds who have so much love bwn them mainly where I attracted is at the start of tanus pregnancy where pragya knows it and she tries to prove wrong herself in front of abhi and family and when he knows tanu is pregnant his emotions and then he starts understanding pragya y she rejected him at that time their feelings for each other and their love it was awesome and mostly where I fell is abhi’s proposal episode I think I would have watched it so many times for me abhi and pragya love story is best and no one can beat them but what to do now he is ready to propose tanu which I can’t bear

      4. As ur wish sahithi. I also loves sriti and shabbir but as I have been said it manytimes that I love changes too and there r some other actors too who r potential and deserves for same love so I believe I should give chance to them too. Ya but offcousre I will keep loving sriti and shabbir as abhigya as for me, they r best onscreen couple as of now. So I too will never say gudbye to kkb until it’s end and will keep in it’s touch always. May b my comments will get less but my interest in abhigya will never b less as well as my updates will also not decreased regarding it. I loves them and I will always love them and I will like to watch their love story until it’s end. Overall I mean to say I will b part of both shows.

      5. 😀 Sahithi u …… 😉 😉 xoxo

    2. Hi sweetheart (Pratiksha) hw r u thanx for the update of the new series n abt kkb i think i cannot c until i c positive updates frm u na bcause i am too soft hearted when the accident track i was very sick bcause cried alot i just want to ask the comments given by fans does it reach to the writers cvs directors bcause whatever fans can comment they dont take it serious like Aliya n Tanu they r very thick skin sometimes fans use words to describe them still the can act oh my i just don’t know what to say. anyway hve a nice day sweetheart

      1. Hello Anne mam??how r u? Ya kkb has become boring these days becoz of same crap of aliya, tanu and abhi but we r hoping that tanu and abhi’s this matter won’t go long and it will get finish on mean time. Well let’s see. Anyways Anne mam if u wants to change ur mood from kkb so u can watch the new upcoming show “Beyhad” which is coming from 11 October on Sony channel at 9pm. I m sure u will enjoy it, if not then also ur mood will get change and fresh atleast . So u should try this. I have given it’s detail above and I will watch it for sure. U should also try this if u like to watch. Rest is as ur wish. Take care.?

    3. Yes pratiksha m too eagrly waitng for dat serial n jennifer winget in my fav frm the time wen she was in dill mil gaye

  19. Abhi doesn’t have brain to think.in pragya character less matter he said Mr.sethi was divorcee I googled it.just like can’t he Google himself for his 2 years life history!???same trap again.bullshit.

  20. hai pratiksha, reji, shobana and other frds how are you? and i dnt knw wat to say about kkb…. nyways how are you all?

    1. Hi gowtham ? I m gud. How r u? How’s ur job going? Really misses ur comments. But that’s OK becoz as u said that don’t know what to say about kkb for now, same situation is mine too. But gowtham u should b happy as ur favorite Leena ( tanu) is getting more and more screen space back with glamorous look as u like her. ??? Anyways We r hoping for gud but let’s see and if it doesn’t happen gud then also I have no problem becoz there is another new show is going to start of one of my actress Jennifer Winget’s ” Beyhad”, on Sony channel at same time slot so I will b watch that after keeping kkb and it’s crap aside. So I m relaxed. It is now cvs headache that how they will keep maintain kkb’s trp in presence of another new gud show, if they continously shows this same old crap. Jennifer Winget has huge fan following like sriti and her this upcoming show’s story is looking exciting and intresting too so there is a chance that the new show of Jennifer could snatch enough audience of kkb if tabhi crap will continue and drag like before. Jennifer is coming back with her new show after a long time in totally different role. She always played positive roles mostly but first time she is going to play grey shade and that makes her new show more intresting. It can give competition to kkb if kkb will fail in keeping the intresting of audience maintain. Kkb’s cvs and makers should b alert. Sriti and shabbir r so much talented and they have a lot of potential as onscreen couple as they have amazing chemistry onscreen, whom audience loves and likes a lot so I will not want that it get ruin by cvs mistakes. Well let’s leave it. I would suggest u that whenever u get time, try this new show too for a change, if u wants to try something else too. Rest is as ur wish.

      1. pratiksha if people lik you stop watching this show n move onto next show, then kkb trp ll loose ttp more n more…. i too missed commenting here bt kkb stretches the same thng too much so i totally lost my interest in this… i am coming here to see all my sweetest frds like you…. by the way where is shobana reji and others….

      2. Gowtham kkb’s trp will drop only then, whenever they will irritate the audience by craps but if it will do gud in future then it will always stand in competition with other shows as luckily show has sriti and shabbir as abhigya in it’s story who r so much lovable by between the audiences. I have also problem only with it’s useless outdated characters, specially with tanu and same craps. Otherwise I have no problem with it becoz of abhigya. For only abhigya our sriti and shabbir, I will remain in touch with kkb. But ya whenever CVS will irritate us by showing same crap and tanu with abhi, I can’t become blind in abhigya’s love by ignoring all this crap. Already I have been myself always to avoid this crap since long in waiting of it’s betterment but now I can’t ignore it anymore as now it will b excess and now when I have other gud option too except kkb and also it’s one of my favorite actress’s then I would like to take a chance to her too and I will watch kkb only then, when CVS will show it in interesting manner. Hope CVS will keep the interest of viewers maintain in future. Anyways gowtham feels gud to see u that u came here to see us. That’s so nice and sweet of u. Thank u for coming for us.

      3. its always my pleasure to come and see u all… pratiksha….. whn i join here first i was not a salaried person…. but whn i said m gonna join HCL, the kind of atmosphere u all created was very touching… especially u shobana reji and brintha and others…. so i always thnk about that and also my job s also going well… as i said whenever i get time i ll surely come and visit this page….

    2. ImRagela

      Hi gowtham anna !!..??.nan super ah iruken !!?….neenga eppadi irukeenga ?.???…And kkb is going like a monsoon season !…??..Sometimes idi idikudhu sometimes mazhai peiyudhu !!..?..Ippo nalla idi idikudhu !..I mean Taaliya thandavam aadikittu irukaanga ..Aliya is trying to make abhi fall for tanu . So Tanu is getting more screen space .And like pratiksha said ..Day by day tanu is getting more glamorous !!..?..So lets see ..And tomorrow my exam results r coming so pls pray for me !!?

      1. reji al d best… and i dnt knw but somewat i missed u so much though we didn’t meet till now…. sometimes whn i see hindi series i am missing you sis….

      2. ImRagela

        Oh anna !..Happy to hear that u missed me ..??..But the fact is Even i too missed you a lot . Though i didn’t meet u till now . Hope in the future i will definitely meet u !!..??.
        Don’t know but my mind is telling that i am going to meet u one day !!..

  21. Hi Pratiksha I will join you with the new serial. Hi gowtham how are you doing. Long time no hear from you

    1. i am good geetha and how do u do?

  22. I’ve never seen such a dumb show before….i use to watch it but now it’s just stupid that i can’t even watch it anymore.

  23. ok Pratiksha if u say its good no objections i wil do na thanx for your updates

  24. ImRagela

    Hi guys !..Happy Gandhi Jayanthi to u all !..Very happy today as tomorrow my school starts !.?..Holidays r over .And my results r also coming ..And Pratiksha i also saw the promo of beyhad !!..Even i also thought to say .But u itself what i thought ..!..???..Sure i also will try to watch it and kkb when the episode is nice i will watch or i will see in my ozee app . ?..Sure pratiksha i will also join in beyhad’s forum too .

  25. Hey..It’s really not fair to promote or recommend other shows here..this is kkb teleupdates comment section..here lot of fans are there for shabir n sriti..we r still watching the serial only because of them though the story line is going worst..
    and if you guys suggest something else to watch in kkb comments, it’s really unprofessional (plz don’t take me wrong)..and it may divert some people to turn out to other show and loose interest on kkb..example me..I don’t even know any other serial name other than kkb, so I watch this only even though it was worst in mogambo track, now because of your comments I came to know about other show, so I might get interest to watch it and one day I might leave kkb because I got alternate, many viewers are there like me.. so it’s really unfair to kkb especially for shabir and sriti..
    So girls..please don’t take me wrong..it’s better we talk only about kkb in kkb’s comments..
    Sahiti.. I agree with u..

    1. I am with you and pratiksha sorry to say if you like Beyhadh pls go and watch but why are you promoting the serial in Kkb forum.Please talk only about kkb.I know kkb is not good but ultimately we know one thing that the end will be abhigya.Just chill why are you getting overexcited.Please guys stop talking about beyhadh if in todays episode abhi will be proposing Pragya then everyone would see kkb or else some other show?

    2. Awww…so sorry dear, if u got hurt but sweetheart I m just informing and suggesting, not promoting the show and forcing, or manipulating others. It’s just completely their wish. And I suggest for this new show only for those who wants to change their mood and wants to try something else. It’s not for sweet, innocent and loyal fans like u. I don’t mind of urs comment, in fact I feels innocency and sweetness in ur comment. Infact when I read last part of ur comment, I had huge smile on my face. It’s OK dear. I wish that hopes never ruin of fans like u. For u fans only I tries to give every possible updates about ur favourite show and I will keep continue giving updates forever until it’s end whether I watch it or any other show too dear. Obviously we will talk here about kkb only. I was just shared info about that new show. It’s discussions too will b only on it’s site not here. So don’t worry dear. I just wish CVS keep respect of such types of fans and do not disappoint them. I m also a big fan of abhigya ( sriti and shabbir) so I will also never want that they lose their audience becoz of any mistakes of CVS. So hope all will b well and interesting in further.

    3. ImRagela

      Ya divya and nandhini !..Even i had a proud smile in my face by seeing u guys comments . Pratiksha was just informing the show which is taking the same slot . So may be viewers will freshen their mood by watching that show . Even i also don’t know other serial than kkb . So hope CVS will not spoil our guesses and hopes . Evrythng is for good . ??

  26. Guys I don’t know how much this is true or how it will happen or it will happen or not but I saw a spoiler of Entertainment tadka which says that ” Abhi rejects tanu, Pragya gets happy.”
    Link for the spoiler-

    1. Telly buzz spoiler-
      Abhi rejects Tanu’s proposal in Kumkum Bhagya!

      The ongoing track of Kumkum Bhagya revolves around Aliya and Tanu trying everything possible to get Abhi married to Tanu. However, Abhi has decided not to get married anytime soon and definitely not to Tanu. Tanu and Aliya will soon begin their emotional drama and will try to blackmail Abhi and convince him to get married to Tanu.

      However, all their efforts will go in vain as Abhi will not fall into their traps and reject their proposal. Pragya will be on a cloud nine to witness them being rejected and falling flat on their faces. She will be so overjoyed and thrilled to watch them fail that she would even tease Aliya for the same. She will also claim that Abhi is not going to leave her now and that he will stay with her forever.

      Aliya will be super furious on her defeat and embarrassment. What will she plan next?
      Same thing is saying Entertainment tanka too. Let’s see it will b true or not but if it will b true then abhigya’s lover will b on cloud nine. I want if abhi rejects tanu then he reject her after getting prove innocent in tanu’s scam. Well let’s see what happens? Hope for the gud. Fingers crossed. I m bit nervous to watch the upcoming episodes as I can’t see nasty evil tanu with abhi but I will read it’s update surely.

      1. Iswarya_santhosh

        Prathiksha thank u for the update…. After reading this news only im breathing easily…. For past two days my bp was really high and i was frustrated…. Thanks to u….. abhigaya rocks and taaliya shocks…

      2. ya Pratiksha !!..Thank u so so so much for the update . This one is confirmed by India forums true . But to confirm it officially we need a SBS segment . Ishwarya now only my breath came to my body !..Feeling happily . But always the bad spoilers comes true and good spoilers r not coming true . So i am praying to God !..But please God this good spoiler should be true !!..

    2. Might be true as leena retweeted this on twitter.

  27. What a hell!!it is it called a serial .pls let abhiś memory loss end or will be pretending i cant see abhigya scatter like this

  28. I hope tanu doesnt end up in pregnancy again to trap abhi n d whole drama strts once again … LOL?

  29. ImRagela

    hi guys ! today’s episode written update ;-
    Tanu sees all the decoration. Aaliya tells her that Pragya has done all this. She gets over excited that Pragya has done all this. Aaliya gets a feeling that some one heard them talking. Mitali starts dusting seeing them. Tanu asks Mitali Bhabhi what is she doing. Aaliya warns her not to hear their conversations again. She asks what was she doing at the terrace. Tanu asks her to tell them the truth. Mitali agrees she heard them and tells them she will tell everything. They ask what will she tell. She says that Abhi is proposing Tanu. Aaliya and Tanu laugh on her and tell her that he is anyway going to announce this in the media. Mitali says she will tell this to Pragya. Aaliya asks her not to tell anyone and threatens her. Mitali promises not to tell anyone.

    Pragya thinks of Abhi and hopes that he likes the decoration. He dreams of Abhi coming and holding her in his arms. Abhi actually comes. She asks how did he come. He says he is the owner of the house, he can come and go anywhere. She says leave it. He says he can’t. He praises the decoration. She asks if he liked it. He asks if she has done all this. She says yes. He says he didn’t know she is so romantic.

    He takes her hand in his hands and makes her sit on the chair. She gets confused. She starts arranging things. He asks her to see in his eyes. She says. He interrupts her and says a poem. She gets up. He says he not done yet. He goes closer to her and asks if he can take her in his arms like his guitar. He asks whether she liked it. She asks what is he talking about. He says he was just rehearsing. He says he will tell her why he was rehearsing. She says she doesn’t want to hear it and leaves angrily.
    The family meets on the dinner table. Dasi asks Mitali why is she smiling. Mitali says she is happy because someone is going to cry today. Aaliya comes and signals her to stay quiet. Aaliya goes to Abhi and asks him to go have dinner with Tanu. She asks him to propose to her in the grandest way possible. He hesitantly leaves. Aaliya thinks of Pragya and decides to send her on the terrace.

    Precap – Aliya tells Pragya that if you doesn’t go upstairs Bhai will get angry and will remove you from her job and you will be out of his life and after all that’s what I want.
    Abhi asks Tanu- Will you marry me? Pragya gets shocked .

    guys still the update is not posted so thought to post it . If the update is posted we will comment there !

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