Kumkum Bhagya 30th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Munni meets with an accident

Kumkum Bhagya 30th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Tanu coming to meet Chutka and Chutki and tells that she will unite them with Munni maasi. They get happy and hugs her. Tanu thinks she shall be happy when she defeats the rani standing with the raja then only she will get her raja. All the ladies are seated for their karvachauth. Pragya prays for Abhi. Warden asks why Aaliya haven’t come. Tanu says she was busy and that’s why sent me. Warden gets doubtful. Tanu thinks now she will prove Munni’s truth. Pragya thinks where did Tanu go angrily and gets worried. Abhi comes to her and asks what happened. She says she got acidity. Abhi says you can’t have anything or can do some hard work. Pragya says what? Abhi says yoga asanas and asks her to sit so that he can teach her. He asks her to take breath in and out. Pragya

smiles. Abhi asks her to lie down on bed, chill and says he will do the rest. She lie down on the bed. Abhi rotates pillow to give her some air. Pragya thinks she is not afraid of Tanu.

Chutka and Chutki are excited to meet Munni. Tanu thinks once kids meet her, Abhi will kick her and will never see her face again. She thinks shall I surprise her or call her. She then thinks to surprise and shock them. Aaliya thinks to check Disha’s room. Warden calls Aaliya from hostel and tells that Tanu came and took kids from there. Aaliya is shocked and says I told you clearly that nobody can take kids except me. She asks how dare you ? Warden says Tanu used to come here with you and that’s why we let the kids go with her. Aaliya says fine and gets worried, thinks she will not spare Tanu if she brings kids here.

Abhi tells dadi that he will take care of pragya all life. Dadi blesses them. Tanu continues to make plans. Chutka and Chutki asks for water. Tanu buys water and asks shop keeper to keep the change as he don’t have it. Munni is there and sees Chutka and Chutki in car. Shop keeper returns the money to Tanu when she is about to start the car. Munni sees Tanu and runs behind the car.

Abhi tries to get romantic with Pragya. Pragya says she is feeling thirsty. Abhi asks her to drink water. Pragya says until moon comes, she will not have anything. Mitali tells that moon appeared. Abhi asks Pragya to come. Tai ji tells Taya ji that she is hungry. Taya ji teases her for having popcorn. Mitali informs them that moon came. Tayi ji gets happy. Munni is running behind Tanu’s car and thinks once she gets her kids, Pragya and she will take revenge from them.

Chutka and Chutki are happy to meet Munni. Tanu asks them to sit quietly else she will drop them back to hostel. Tanu is about to see Munni when she stops car at the signal, but couldn’t and thinks it seems she is going to get Abhi. Meanwhile Munni meets with an accident as she is coming near Tanu’s car.

Abhi is about to break Pragya’s fast, when kids come and call her Munni Maasi and hugs her. Pragya, Abhi and others are surprised and shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. leisa s morris

    and im sure as stupid as pragya is she wont b able to prove shes pragya….even though she knows tings dat only she and abhi does like meetin her father plus other intimate moments. plus theres d other lil ting as a gunshot wound dat shes supposed to have unless dey say dey did plastic surgery and remove d mark.. aarrgh… i wont b surprise by anyting

  2. No character in tv serials can cross the roads safely….

  3. My dear writers we understood the concept of kkb.why to drag again .such type of thing never happens in Indian culture at least.u forgot there are laws for this to have blo*dy sautan.very frankly it happens only in tellywood n Bollywood eg.pratyusha baneerji,Katrina,sriti jha.why ur spoiling Indian culture.very frankly I don’t like sriti at all sorry to say bcoz she changed so many boyfriends. I stopped watching kkb Facebook. Instagram.hashtag bcoz of her boyfriend. Everywhere he is there.I don’t mind also if she with him it is her choice.but I don’t like shabir romancing with this dirty lady its not enjoyable.she is not genuine. Feel sorry for shabir.she looks very ugly offscreenoffscreen.the plot and sriti r unbearable.atlest let her be loyal to this kkk guy.

  4. Dumb Pragya will again drag the serial! Or This will be a dream sequence and Aaliya will come and take kids away. Stupid director of this serial always does these. Common ur ur creativity and make a good story

  5. Yesterday sriti was with her bf in one program she did they both did some non human activity. Cheap actress.

  6. Something very strange with the person who is commenting on sriti’s personal life. It’s become a weird obsession to dislike this fantastic tv actress who happens to be multi talented. I strongly believe that these comments should not be posted. We all have the right to say what we need to say about the show, but when someone is being attacked for personal reasons it becomes very unprofessional to even print this nonsense. Thank you for posting comments they are mostly enjoyable to read with this one exception.

    1. I agree

  7. I think chutki will tell the real pragya from munni n she should call pragya n tell her

  8. guys if u want to comment on series ok u can but dont comment on personel life of actors and we dont have any right to comment on ones personel life so please dont do this and one more thing according to me and my knowledge I dont think sriti has a bad character she is gd in all aspects did she announced any time that she is in relationship no naa so that is her life her like so pls dont make her character bad without knowing anything about her pls its my humble request and one more thing without sriti and shabbir there is no kkb and their pair is enough to make us stick to the show so if any actress would replace sriti in kkb then there is no value fr kkb and it losts its charm too all r loving to watch their chemistry so without sriti no one will see shabbir and without shabbir no one will see sriti so they r made fr those characters see them and enjoy it y always pointing about her character its not gd

  9. Correct chitti. We don’t have any rights to talk or write about other peoples personal affairs.

    1. tq fr supporting mee

      1. You are absolutely right, personal life has a boundary not to cross, and no one is that perfect so he can judge others… it’s about the show and the characters and no need to be so hateful against that either, liking it or not it’s everybody right, smart criticism is good, respect is even better. For me it’s fun show to watch so I do that. Once again thanks Chitti

  10. Don’t insult sriti . It’s only a show Written by someone Else .we love her. Ride on pra.

  11. Good characters. Very bad writing

  12. Hello sister Leena
    Looks like you feel jealous of sriri ? Because she is doing her best with Shabbir and you probably in love with shabbir and do not want to see any one with him -:)
    Aapke comments to yahi lagta hai behanji

    Plz maaf karna but never ever say any bad thing about any one always say good about others and see changes in your life people who do not like you they will also start to love you

    Give love
    Spread love
    Never hate
    And never say bad about any one

    You written so much bad about some one ki aap unko kabhi mili bhi nai hogi so no rights to say any thing bad about her ….

    Please hope you do not do this again …..

    Its just serial just write in limit do not comment on some one professional life please …..

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