Kumkum Bhagya 30th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 30th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhi asking Pragya, what she was doing with the calender, and asks if she was planning to flee with his money as her life is in danger. Pragya says she don’t want to explain anything to him. She applies ointment on her feet, and asks Abhi to turn his face when she was applying ointment on her back. She tries to apply, but her finger can’t reach her back. Abhi offers to apply ointment on her back and asks if she was not ashamed to hug him. They argue. Pragya takes ointment and says she will apply. Abhi thinks what has happened to him, and why he want to help her. Pragya refuses. Abhi gives her idea and asks her to put ointment on the wall and then rubs her back against the wall. Abhi takes an ointment in his hand and asks her to wear his fuggi specs. He makes her wear

specs and applies ointment on her back. Allah Wariyan plays…………………….He asks shall I change your saree. Pragya is shocked. Abhi asks her not to think that and asks her to rest. Pragya smiles.

Pragya comes to the restaurant to meet Dadi, Purab and Bulbul. She tells she asked Ronnie to keep an eye on Abhi. Bulbul asks if she saw the kidnapper’s face. Pragya says she saw, and says he was not important, but the person is important who hired him. Purab asks who was he? Pragya tells he was the same decorator. Purab says Payal’s doubt was right. Pragya says she came for some work, and says she needs a day leave from acting. Bulbul asks her to take 2 days leave. Dadi says we will send Abhi also. Pragya says I don’t want to go out, and says she wants to stay at home like old Pragya. Dadi asks what you are saying? Pragya tells she wants to keep fast for Abhi on Karwachauth day. Dadi agrees. Bulbul says she is wrong and asks how will she break the fast. She says Abhi will get to know that they are acting and their plan will fail. She says we can’t give you leave. Pragya says you are doing wrong and gets up. She says Karwachauth is important for her and asks why they are stopping her. She says he might hate me, but whenever I needed him, he stands by my side. She asks can she be his wife secretly. Bulbul tries to reason with her. Pragya says I am not asking you, but informing you. She says it is my turn to fulfill my duties as a wife, and it is my right to keep the karwachauth fast, even my husband can’t snatch this right from me. She leaves.

Tanu talks to Aaliya on phone and tells that Abhi jumped in fire and saved Pragya like always. She thinks someone coming and disconnects the call. She thinks it is Abhi and turns to look at Nikhil. Nikhil says I went to get the money and says I thought your mood will be good. He gives her money and asks about the gift she wants on Karwachauth fast. He asks her to keep fast for him and says I will break your fast. Tanu says you can’t roam around me on that day. Nikhil says you are everything to me, and I will break your fast being ideal husband. He asks her to wait for the special gift. Tanu curses the night which she spent with him, and calls Aaliya, but her phone is out of reach.

Abhi asks Dasi about Dadi. Dasi tells that Dadi is hiding something from her and says she can’t be wrong about her. Payal tells Abhi that Ronnie is hearing him silently. Abhi asks why he is spying on him. Ronnie acts to cry and says he was finding ring which his dadi gave to him before dying. Abhi gets emotional and says we will find the ring. They try searching for ring. Ronnie puts ring in Payal’s purse, and tells Abhi that he has a doubt on Payal. Dasi asks about his ring. Ronnie says it is golden. Abhi asks Payal to let him check. Payal says he is calling me thief. She puts the stuff on the table and finds the ring. Abhi looks on.

Ronnie tells it is my ring and thanks Abhi. He acts to be emotional and asks his Dadi not to get angry with him. Abhi asks if your Dadi wears gents ring. Ronnie says it is my ring, but given by Dadi. Abhi asks Payal why did she steal ring. Payal says she didn’t steal.

Bulbul tells Purab that it is difficult to hide from everyone’s eye when she is fasting. He asks her to call Pragya. Dadi calls Pragya and asks her not to let anyone know about her keeping the fast. Pragya says how can this happen, and says Abhi will break her fast. Dadi says this is my order. Pragya wonders what to do to make Abhi break her fast without knowing anything.

Abhi wakes up in the night and falls from bed. He calls fuggi.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


      • Nothing is new or exciting in KKB!

        Once again this show continues to DRAG and you guys are again Sucked in. The writers throw you a little bone and you guys are like ” Wow” that was a good (1) episode. If you really look at it NOTHING has changed, Nothing has been exposed. All the bad guys are still winning. Pragya has NOT proved anything nor has she won her EX-husband back. This show continues to DRAG and you guys are wishing and hoping and speculating on what MIGHT happen. You say 2 or 3 days and Tanu will be exposed. and then you ask What do you think. This crap has been going on for MONTHS and as long as they can fool you guys and drag you along they WILL. Someone said middle of November. What year. This is complete Bull. These writers are No talent and would not last a day somewhere other than Zee TV.

    • Priya $

      There is chance for revealing truth about tanu in karvachauth function. It’s seems like tat.. May b Nikil try to break her fast someone r abhi can notice tat. Just an assumption only.. Nikki any Maha episode going to come ah????

      • No Priya I didn’t heard about any maha episode yet. I don’t think so that tanu will expose in this karvachauth, Ya but pragya could know about nikhil’s truth on karvachauth that he is the father of tanu’s baby. Becoz she have still just a doubt on him. It is yet to b clear infront of pragya that nikhil is the father of tanu’s baby. So it could happen that pragya will finally get to know about this truth and then she will take her next step towards tanu’s exposure after getting sured.

  1. Reji

    ya todays episode was nice but next week only karvachauth special na??????
    and do u all guys watch abhi is applying ointment on pragya’s back without any angry face he made her to wear his fuggi’s specs and applied………..

    and guys i am upset with bulbul because one day also she is refusing to leave for pragya ……

  2. Priya $

    Wat ever in case soon some gud things going to happen I think so. Surely aliyah truth won’t get revealed soon I think Tanu’s truth ll b exposed soon..

  3. Reji

    and do u all like real life aliya aka shikha singh ?????????please tell me
    because she is hospitalized and suffering from dengue and i am praying for her because she is such a nice antagonist and please get well soon shikha i want to see u again as aliya in kumkum bhagya
    GUYS AM I RIGHT???????????/

  4. Abhigya

    Super episode. . Waiting for how abhi breaking pragya’s fast on karwachauth .. abhigya scenes nice to watch

  5. Starting was gud of the episode. If this types scenes will b shown in the episodes between abhigya then it will b more convenient for us to tolerate their distances until tanu’s truth exposure. And I think now CVS r moving for this and may b we will see tanu to get exposed soon. Becoz aaliya aka shikha is still on the bed rest. I think she is still not well completely. So CVS will focus on tanu’s matter and tanu’s matter already has been taken a long period in the show so I think they r deciding to end this track now becoz now there is no other way to stretched it and audience is also done with this track very before, so now it’s time to wrap it and moves with another new fresh track. Come to the present track so we r going to see karvachauth in next week. It will very difficult for pragya to complete her fast without any hurdles as we knows and now it is more difficult when dadi have also put a condition infront of her but we know it also that pragya will complete it anyhow. Guys one more thing, in precap when abhi falls from bed in the sleep calling fuggy in his dream, I felt pragya was not there in the room. Did u guys have also noticed it?

    • Roshni

      I feel Abhi might get up for water and won’t see Pragya,he might find her in the kitchen preparing for Karva Chauth.?

    • nivi

      finally nikki abhi wore specks to pragya, b4 nd al he din allow her to touch d specks na
      nw he himself wore so i hope he could cum to an conclusion i suppose
      lets wait nd watch aftr tis karachauth episodes got over smthin gud ll happen

      • Ya nivi I think abhi has seen pragya in his conscious stage, first time,with spects, after makeover. Before it, he has seen her with spects only in unconscious stage. Now they both got an idea to live close to each other.???

  6. Vadhu

    Hai friends! I started to read dis update since last year because i wasn’t allowed 2 watch T.V. due 2 my higher studies. But i will read the updates as well as all ur comments weekly once. I didn’t had time to post comments. But 2day i got time. I don’t know when i’ll get d time again. Friends, i’m tamilnadu. I hope u all accept me 2 join with u in posting comments when i get time. I come 2 know about all news about KKB Only throuh u friends. Thank u.

      • Vadhu

        Thanks 4r ur support, sister aka friend.
        I don’t know u r elder or younger. So i mentioned u as sister aka friend.

      • Vadhu

        thanks for your support sister aka friend.
        i don’t know u r elder or younger . so i mentioned u as sister aka friend.
        and i’m also a die hard fan of Ilayathalapathy vijay.
        Ru from TN ?

      • reji

        me too vadhu i am also a fan of vijay now only i recently saw his new film puli
        and kumkum bhagya is now in first position how with is special called umeed ka chadh will give some good result i think so

  7. Ayesha

    Yes I noticed it … Wait for Monday episode we all get to know ….

    I think pragya will get kidnapped and someone will rape her.. Please tell nikki …

    • No ayesha nothing like this will happen. It is just a fake spoiler, rumour which came before sometimes but Production house has denied from this news and said that they r not going to show such kind of any track, their focus is only on taaliya’s i mean tanu and aaliya’s exposure. That’s it. Ya pragya will have to suffer in this process many times but not this much.

  8. Leana

    The character of Bulbul is very immature. She only sees black or white, oesnt see the grey shades. Pragya will find a way to make abhi break her fast and tanu will get cAught.

  9. ishveer

    Nice epi.I like it ,but so much of dragging…..plz stop this dragging writers…bcoz kkb fans are so fed up with this track….put an a full top this track…plz……

  10. only now

    Tanu not yet showing she is pregnant. Nikhil is a jerk. Abhi is moron. Pragya need to get selfish. AndEkta Kapoor needs news script writers. Stop watching the serial long time. Just read the updates sometimes. Most importantly I enjoy reading the comments.

    • srimathi

      and I’m ready to write the kkb story..with more abhigya’s scenes and some twists and turns..ekta ji hire me in ur cvs team lol?????

  11. srimathi

    guys did u noticed that Abhi wearing the specs and feel her as his fuggi so I think he might know the truth or he got any clue on pragyas plot he was not at all angry while applying oinment and today kkb tops the trp chart..tanu gonna expose by tiz week but I think after exposing tanu Abhi came to know that pragya is pretending to be rude so he might get anger on pragya for hurting his feelings so he might fight with pragya and so he can’t be normal with her I think they won’t be unite coz of this reason and they ll drag this for a month till Abhi forgives pragya tis ll b the new track according to my prediction

  12. maryan

    this is a blo*dy crap storry……WTF!!!!!!!!!!! dragging too much or the writer’s heard that dragging improves the f**king story trp!!!

  13. aarushi

    Really bad..i don’t think that pragya will reveal the tanu’s truth soon..soo much of dragging in the serial..fed up to watch..

  14. tsk

    Same here who’s gonna waste time watching dis serrial…jst reading updates sumtimes…tanu is pregnant since 8mths n still no signs of pregnancy….pragya need not to do all dis drama she could hv told Abhi n would hv believed as he loved hr….wht logic is dis serial using….yr stop d dragging n bring sum new stuff.

  15. jj

    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz stop this nonsense………i become totally fadeup………………………………itna zbrdast drama ha plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz sari haqeeqat kholain ur abhi pragya ko sth dikhain plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  16. Gargi

    I wonder if the Balaji team has been following viewers comments? If they have they would have noticed how unhappy the viewers are with this track.

    Overall, I feel like they’re introducing so many new shows (Pyar ko.., Yeh kahaan., nagin etc) but the quality of their current shows is decreasing.

    I hope they can fix this soon so we can enjoy good shows consistently.

  17. Nida

    Next episode

    Abhi will find pragya every where but he will not find her … But he will gets to know pragya got kidnapped and someone raped her …. After pragya rape abhi will see real face of tanu Aliya and raj ….

  18. So guys we r going to watch karvachauth’s sequence from this upcoming week, what do u think guys? Will abhi get to know about pragya’s fast and about it, that she is still his old pragya (fuggy) or pragya will get succeed in completing her fast and breaking it by abhi without letting him know her truth? I want to know all of urs predictions.

    • Priya $

      There is high chance nikki… But don’t know sumtimes he may act dumb after seeing tat.. But sumthing gud going to happen abhi ll know abt pragya r Nikil ll b caught… More positive things ll happen. One more thing surely pragya ll.complete her fast abhi ll break her fast too. Last year too lik this only happened.

    • Maggie

      I like Abhi naughty talk to Pragya in today’s episode
      Cvs have shown last year that Abhi break her fast unknowingly but this time I think he will do it willingly n knowingly

  19. srimathi

    Nikki we had that promo ryt that pragya ll b come as fuggi at the end of karva chauth to complete her fasting.. so she may wear specs and she ll come in front of Abhi..tis was my prediction who knows what cvs s gonna do..and I was sure that tanu gonna expose at the end of karva chauth or even she ll b caught by someone like dadi purab bulbul dasi payal Ronnie or pragya who knows the someone may b Abhi too..the one thing we all need is Abhigya hav to be united..

  20. srimathi

    Guys I have an update of karvachauth episode where pragya wearing red saree and open her room’s door where tanu comes there in black outfit and start to argue with pragya and they both argued then tanu was getting dumb and goes out of the room later Abhi comes to his room by wearing black and grey t-shirt and searching for pragya and he noticed that wardrobe door is locked and knows that she was inside and knocks the door and shouts at her to come out and they argue and pragya left the room and after that Abhi comes into room with red white kurta and asking pragya that is u r fasting today pragya refuses that and pretends to him by taking a food plate..Abhi looks on but she is keeping the plate in hand without eating it and waiting for Abhi to go out from the room..

  21. srimathi

    new update tanu asking pragya why u r wearing red saree r u in fast pragya refuses that and tanu informed Abhi about tis and Abhi comes to room with chocolate and plans that if she ate tiz chocolate she was not my fuggi but if she refuse to have this chocolate she is still my fuggi..and he comes to room but pragya was sitting with lots of plate which is filled with laddu bread parathas etc..and Abhi shocked to see her like this..Abhi totally fed up and thinks she is not my fuggi..and meanwhile pragya pretends to eat by holding the plate but not eating anything and she asks Abhi to give those chocolates and she ll eat that too..Abhi becomes anger and says its my fault to have an hope that u r my fuggi but u r not at all worth to even compare with my fuggi.. this was that I saw in new update and dialogue was not clear coz they are playing music in background..and guys it was really teary that when Abhi came to the room happily by having the sure hope that she s still my fuggi but pragya’s reaction hurts alot let it be..we ll wait for this episode..

  22. srimathi

    while sriti and shabir speaking to media sriti says that Abhi still doesn’t know that pragya is the same and her love is the same and I won’t reveal how pragya ll finish her fast but I hope pragya ll surely complete her fast with her pati’s hand and shabir saying that sriti looks so glam on this episode and both shabir and sriti wishes everyone as Happy karvachauth

  23. srimathi

    ya reji poor Abhi he is really disappointed alot I was sure that when we ought to see the episode we surely end up the episode with teary eyes..but sure pragya ll complete her fast by Abhi’s hand OK let us wait for that..

  24. Abhi gets hurt and upset after getting know it that pragya didn’t keep fast for him. First time I felt really bad for abhi. This is not fair. Abhi should know that pragya is really keeping fast for him. I hope and I wish at the end of the karvachauth he gets to know whole truth about pragya that she kept fast for him and she is still his old pragya fuggy who loves him more than anything. It will b best gift of karvachauth for both abhi and pragya. But chances r less becoz now abhi will believe that pragya is not keeping fast becoz of pragya’s pretendance. Sriti was saying that her fast will definetly break but in interesting way so let’s see what will this interesting way. I wish what I m expecting comes true but who knows may b CVS have planned something different.

    • Maggie

      Hope Abhi doesn’t drink as he is upset
      I want him to meet His fuggie n break fast in full conscious state

      • Maggie

        What if Abhi goes to dadi n express his feelings that he is very hurt that Pragya has changed n not his fuggie all that
        Dadi gets emotional n tell him everything as she can’t c Abhi hateing Pragya

    • srimathi

      ya Nikki really feeling bad for Abhi he just disappointed like a kid okay I think tanu ll be exposed on the day or Abhi comes to know the truth

      • Srimathi if CVS planned will b bring out tanu and nikhil’s relationship’s truth infront of pragya in this karvachauth then I think they will not show abhi get to know about pragya’s truth becoz there is less posibilty that CVS will give double happiness for us in just a sequence. But if both things gets happen that tanu and nikhil’s truth comes infront of pragya and at the same time abhi also gets to know about pragya’s truth so then it will b treat for all of us and this will also fair for abhigya and all the fans which r waiting for these things since long.

      • reji

        first of all srimathi and nikki and all guys do u like nikhil how can he leave his baby with someone and this is the last chance for the team to reunite abhigya and shikha please get well soon and do some villain actions to reunite abhigya

    • After watching today’s segment, it means pragya will not come infront of abhi in his old pragya’s getup becoz of dadi’s condition!!!? And she will break her fast by using some excuse or any other way? If pragya will not come infront of abhi in his old getup then abhi will not get to know that pragya has kept fast for him becoz after being assured that she didn’t keep fast becoz of pragya’s fake eating drama, it is last hope and only way, through which abhi gets to know about it and about pragya’s truth. So now what u think guys will pragya come in his old getup infront of abhi to breaking her fast by his hands or she will get succeed in breaking her fast and completing dadi’s condition? Becoz as pragya r doing all this and the way she is hiding her fast from abhi, it doesn’t seems like she could come in his old getup infront of abhi. So what u think guys?

      • Maggie

        Pragya will come as his fuggie
        Dadi will tell truth to Abhi herself or give permission to Pragya to share truth
        May b dadi will tell everything to Abhi but take promise from him not to tell Pragya about it and Abhi will act as he is drunk ask Pragya to wear chasma n break her fast
        N in future also he will not trouble Pragya let her help to expose Tanu
        Without Pragya knowledge

      • nivi

        maggie wil they drag tis karvachauth episode til diwali?????
        1 more thing is nt yet cleared wat had happened aftr abhi rescued pragya from fire?????
        was she tel anythin to abhi in unconscious state???
        lyk suniye as was she cald him???? tis CVS hided tat……
        they can clear al tis aftr karvachauth track got over ly i suppose………
        i really miss suniye word 4m her ya

      • reji

        i think it will not happen so because pragya will go in front of abhi as his old fuggi means the villains will be alerted so they can understand that pragya is planning something and doing a fake drama too ……………… this is my point it may happen toooooo

  25. srimathi

    Nikki I go with Maggie’s point may Abhi pretends to be drunken and pragya may wear the specs and complete her fast but this is not that much exciting but sriti reported that pragya ll complete the fast in interesting way so don’t know what cvs gonna do..If Abhi came to know the truth it ll b gud coz he won’t disturb pragya and he won’t hurt her with his words and one more thing is that pragya had fixed the date to expose tanu as soon as possible and hence she has a doubt on nikkil and nikkil told tanu that he ll give a gift after she complete her fasting I think the gift for tanu is that nikkil ll reveal the truth to pragya or Abhi hope so it won’t happen but honestly I can’t guess that interesting way cvs only knows that..do anyone have any guesses apart from this..

  26. srimathi

    And Nikki no doubt she ll fast for Abhi without knowing to dadi..Abhi may share his feelings to purab so purab may say the truth to Abhi and ask him to promise that he won’t share this to anyone.. and Abhi may go volunteerly and may complete her fast..

  27. Don’t know why but I have a feeling that at the end of karvachauth abhi will get to know about pragya’s truth becoz if CVS r planning to wrap tanu’s matter soon like spoilers says before diwali then it is also needed that abhi gets to know pragya’s truth first by his own. If not on this karvachauth so at least before tanu’s exposure, then it will b the story of true love and audience will also b able to forget abhi’s bad behavior with pragya which he is doing before it since pragya’s comeback with makeover. Whatever will happen but abhigya’s karvachauth should not b spoiled and if abhi will not get to know completely that pragya has kept fast for him then at least at the end he gets some suspicion about it so he get some satisfaction from it so his hatred towards pragya becomes stop again. Dadi will tell the truth to abhi! I don’t think so becoz if she wants then she never puts a condition infront of pragya that she have to hide her fast from abhi. So less chances has seen. Purab will tell the truth this is also not possible becoz it was his plan with dadi and bulbul that they should find a way, by which pragya will keep fast and her truth will also not get revealed infront of anybody. That’s why dadi puts this condition infront of pragya. U guys r saying that abhi could b drunk but what if he has kept fast also for his fuggy. It’s just my assumtion. But it will b bad if he will b drunk then total karvachauth of abhigya will b waste becoz by this, pragya will get succeed in completing her fast by abhi, in old pragya’s getup without letting him know her truth but abhi will remain in his misunderstanding. And after wakeup in the morning he will start his rudeness with pragya and his hatred could also increase for her.

    • Maggie

      I agree but do u remember in previous episode dadi said she will not let happen Abhi hateing Pragya
      That’s y I felt dadi may melt seeing abhigya love n decide to tell everything or atlest about Tanu n ask to promise him not to show Pragya as that will affect her plans
      Its secret between them only

  28. Guys I read a spoiler which says that nikhil will break tanu’s fast which pragya will see. Another news is this guys that shikha Singh aka aaliya is fine now. She went to Malaysia trip today along with shabbir aka abhi for festival programme of channel. I have seen some latest pics of shikha and shabbir with their fans from his Malaysia trip. It means guys now shika will b back on shoot too and we will see aaliya back after this karvachauth sequence. Now prpblems r going to b increase for pragya becoz of aaliy’s coming. I hope spoiler comes true and pragya will get to know about tanu and nikhil’s relationship’s truth finally. If she will get to know then it will b very difficult for pragya to expose tanu and nikhil becoz of aaliya’s interruption.

    • Maggie

      Nikki really im going nuts
      Still 2days to next episode just can’t stop thinking what will happen next
      There r so many possibilities
      If they change storyline for aaliya because she was not feeling well
      Than they hope again change it as she is fine now
      All good things will turn in favour of Tanu n aaliya n raj

  29. srimathi

    ya Maggie Nikki was ryt did u guys noted that abhi’s behavior has been changed after pragya’s kidnap in dusheera.. coz he is helping pragya by applying oinment and also he wored fuggi’s specs to her and while he saw pragya with specs he can’t hold his feelings towards her..and in the upcoming episode he was coming with chocolate to know about his fuggi so we can saw still there is a hope is that she is his fuggi and we can see change over abhi’s attitude so he won’t be much rude with pragya but he has hurted alot so however he might blame pragya to purab in front of dadi so there may be a chance that in anger purab can reveal the truth..coz when pragya was missing in dusheera’s episode purab told that if she is no more then u ll face lots of problem so on that thought I told that purab may reveal..

    • Maggie

      I think he must have thought that Pragya is her fuggie as she hug him tightly n was smiling n may said something in unconscious state which they will show later like in mms tract

  30. kowsy

    But guys do u think that tanu wll fast for nikil … Last karvachauth itself she was not able to keep fast … Now she is pregnant how will she keep fast that too for nikil

  31. Guys new promo is out. It is a very hurtful promo. Abhi and pragya in same karvachauth function’s outfit. Both r in their room. Abhi was very angry with pragya and says that loving u was a big mistake if my life. U doesn’t deserve to being a wife. Throw this kumkum. In next scene, pragya stands with dadi in downstairs near stairs. She says to dadi in angry and very confident mode that she will give all the answers which is raised on her kumkum.

    • Maggie

      Told u nikki they will do it in November n big in 3 week of November
      I think it’s good sign now Abhi has provoked Pragya n she will definitely prove her herself n expose Tanu
      Because from promo it looks like Pragya knows Nikhil is father of baby
      What do u think nikki

      • She should Maggie becoz after karvachauth sequence, aaliya will b back then it will difficult to pragya to find out takhil’s truth so she must know about it before aaliya’s come back. And I think on this karvachauth, she will finally and definetly find out this.

    • Guys abhigya’s relationship is in danger and it is going lower. Abhi is angry with pragyafor not keeping fast for him. He was angry with her already. But now it seems pragya has also get angry with abhi that he is questioning on her kumkum and not believing her. Dadi is responsible for all this. Can’t she see that she is spoiling abhigya’s relationship in the process of saving abhi from the evils. Why she don’t understand that if this much differences will get increased between abhigya before everything fine then it will b very difficult to reunite them. And what right have abhi to raised question on pragya’s kumkum and wife’s duty when he himself fulfilled it never. First time when pragya was keeping fast for him then he had not any care for it becoz he had no feelings for pragya and he had no believe on any rituals. Now he wants that pragya keep fast for him. It is gud that he didn’t make any physical relationship with tanu but he had affair with tanu in past which was not gud. Pragya ahas fulfilled all her responsibilities of a wife and every relationship and still she is fulfilling it. So how could abhi raised question on her kumkum. If pragya is angry with abhi then her anger is justifying becoz she always believed on her kumkum in worst to worst situation but abhi never did, he is not even trying. He is just trying to see her negative sides not positive. Pragya always proved herself right at the end and she always believed on her kumkum so if she is expecting to abhi that he should believe on their love so he should. But instead of doing it, he is just concentrating in finding her mistakes. Now I m with pragya if she is angry with abhi after these types of harsh words. Becoz as we knows from the day one that pragya can tolerate everything but not the questions on her kumkum and not any harm on her kumkum. For this she has been confront abhi many times, in past. Now anhi has crossed the limit of pragya’s tolerance becoz of his these words. Now it will b interesting to watch pragya proving her loyalty for her kumkum and I think for raising question on her kumkum, she will not forgive abhi. This is the spirit of a strong woman. Pragya should keep in this mode and I thinkbecoz of this mode she will soon exposed tanu and prove her loyalty.

      • kowsi

        nikki i think abhi doing it was purposely..he knows her very well.she will never allow anyone playing with her kumkum.so he doing it purposely..

      • reji

        nikki is this not good at all????????? dadi please i can’t say reveal the truth or not but nikki they have leaked this news in any website if itis means please share the link

      • Priya $

        But really abhi don’t deserve pragya yaar.. How much she doing for his happiness.. He can’t understand her. He can’t feel her love too.. Just he want to hurt her…

    • I forgot to tell u guys that this promo is mahasngam promo for 4th November, along with two more shows and that is tashan-e ishq and Jamaica raja.

    • Priya $

      Acho this is too much yaar… But for all these things dadi only responsible.. Already abhi was angry on pragya till they r making more complicated. After this if Pragya tell about tanu also he won’t believe… But nikki u r rit he can’t question abt her kumkum he don’t have tat rits… If he was not a gud husband. He saved her many times but he didn’t gave any happiness to her. How much he tortured her.. I think u remember about last karvachauth he don’t want to break her fast… He want to break Tanu’s fast… But she didn’t fast tat time. This is tooooooooooo much how dadi keep quiet lik this..

  32. srimathi

    Nikki I read in spoliers that pragya ll see nikkil and tanu on karvachauth virdh end and there also such news there after Abhi’s hatred behavior dadi reveals the truth to Abhi and at the same time tanu’s truth gonna b revealed and pragya is back as fuggi and she fails to expose aaliya and raaj coz of abhi’s anger on pragya and questioning her kumkum so pragya is going to expose tanu and she is forced to be back as fuggi without revealing aaliya

    • Srimathi as I have been said before that I doesn’t believe on spoilers. Even sometimes segments also doesn’t give right information. So just wait for actual episode, it will b clear after watching it only. Pragya will finally get to know takhil’s truth, it’s chances r much but anybody from dadi and purbul will tell pragya’s truth to abhi! It doesn’t seems possible. It will b better if he finds out by ownself becoz he has been spoiled his image by not trusting on pragya and behaving with her rudely and badly, already infront of audience. Audience is very disappointed with his character since pragya’s come back. So it is necessary that he cirrect his mistakes and bring improvement in his character by finding pragya’s truth by his own and help her as a true lover and a gud husband.

    • reji

      ya srimathi it is happy news because we can see our old fuggi back but it is not good at all ………………. because raaliya will be escaped………….

  33. Maggie

    Ya nikki I’m also sure she will as evrytime when she challenge herself, she does complete it
    I really want Abhi to Hate himself when he actually comes to know truth n feel like hell for not trusting Pragya n say I took my words back u r only who deserve my name kumkum n at that time Pragya should ask first win her heart back as its broken with ur harsh words

    • kowsi

      yeah i agree with u maggie..but we know our pragya always easily forgive abhi..but this time wat will pragya do ..we wait and watch…im dying to see abhi reaction aftr knowing the truth about pragya and tanu…

    • U know what Maggie. I want that pragya do not forgive him easily for not trusting on her and for raising questions on her love, loyalty and her kumkum. Becoz every woman have a self respect and so pragya should also have. There is a limit of tolerance, no matter who is the person and how much that is loving. I want abhi repent for all his bad behavior towards pragya and do struggle for bring pragya back in his life. Dadi teach pragya how to fulfill her kumkum’s responsibilities but now she should teach abhi how to being a gud husband and loyal for own wife and how a husband should fulfilled his duties.

      • reji

        u r absolutely right nikki becoz tolerance is one limit only but abhi is taking this as an advantage and easily dropping his harsh words ,angryness tension everything towards as u said nikki not pragya abhi only should fulfill the responsibilities of a husband ………

        GUYS DO U ALL AGREE WITH ME ??????????????

  34. This dadi is become real villian in abhigyas life.one more thing if all the couple would be like abhigya then our India will be tenth no. In population. Just a joke.

  35. Yes Nikki I agree with you.is payback time for abhi because of the hurtfull things he has done to pragya. Abhi has cross all his limited. That’s why I don’t care that pragya is mad at him.that’s why he earns the thinks that happing with him.now it’s his time to experience the thinks he has done with pragya.

  36. Ya guys this is not the first time when abhi raised questions on pragya’s loyalty and said that fall in love with pragya is biggest mistake of his life. He said it many times in past. It’s very sad that he didn’t learn anything from his previous mistakes and incidences. As we knows that from the day one, pragya can tolerate everything but when it comes on her kumkum and somebody raises questions on it and tries to harm it then pragya can never tolerate it. She respects her kumkum very much and trust on it so it is very hurtful for her that his own husband raises question on it and it’s loyalty.

    • Now question is how pragya will break her fast after this much tension between her and abhi? In conscious stage, it doesn’t seems possible. So now it means we will see another scene of drunk abhi behaving and romancing with pragya by calling her fuggy!! Now it will b interesting to watch that how pragya will break her fast through abhi. Becoz now it seems that pragya is also angry and disappointed with abhi.

    • Priya $

      Nikki if big twist going to happen whether it ll b TaTanu’s truth exposure??? Wat do think nikki r else they ll just show abhi’s anger???

      • I think priya it is related to pragya’s mission becoz there last focus of promo is pragya’s promise with dadi and own self to give answers of every questions which is raised on her kumkum and it could only happen when pragya will expose tanu and proves herself right. So I think in this episode we will see that pragya will finally gets to know about takhil’s truth and expose tanu soon.

  37. Nida

    Nikki can you tell me one more thing what is raj planning against pragya ??? And what is the gift for tanu from nikhil ???

    • reji

      nida this question raised in the minds of all guys ……………….

      our guess is nikhi will reveal the truth or he will break her fast and the websites didn’t update aboyt raj’s planning

    • Nida raaj is planning something against pragya through which he gets rid of her and his way of using abhi’s money in his business settlement gets clear. May b he will plan to harm pragya again or may b he will find another way. And nikhil’s gift for tanu we will get to know only in episode. Ya this is the possibility and it is heard that pragya will catch nikhil and tanu during karvachauth.

  38. Ayesha

    Thanks Nikki for your reply ….

    But I read it some where that pragya has kept fast for abhi secretly … And abhi gets doubtful and asks pragya if she kept fast for for him and he tells her that he saw her eating kheer in early morning… Pragya makes an excuse … Reporter says abhi will eventually find out the truth …

    • Ayesha u heard right. It has shown in news segments. But whole segment was this that abhi gets doubtful that pragya has kept fast for him so he tries many tricks to find out this but at last when he brings a chocolate to pragya to find about that she has kept or not, he sees pragya with lots of food items on table in his room and some food in her hand, she was pretending as she is eating but abhi understands that she is eating food and she hasn’t kept fast for him so he gets upset and disappoint with pragya and says he brings this chocolate for her becoz he was thinking that she has kept fast for him since morning so she will b hungry but she is already eating food becoz she doesn’t believe in these rituals like him so there is no use of this chocolate. He throws chocolate on the sofa and says that I forgot that u r not my fuggy then he walks out from the room. And in promo abhi is saying to pragya in same getup that loving her is his biggest mistake of his life and she is not worthy for being a wife. He says to pragya that throw this kumkum. Pragya angrily and confidently says to dadi that now she will give answer of every question which is raised on her kumkum. Now it is left to see how pragya will break her fast in old pragya’s getup through abhi, after this much tension between him and abhi.

  39. dave @ Devi

    Nikki did you see mrunal’s instagram… she and sarla ma are dressed up as if they are in some celebration… is this for karvachauth or Diwali?

  40. Ayesha

    Yes you are right I have seen promo. please can you tell me one more thing again I read it some where that abhi develops soft corner for pragya again after dushera incident …. Pragya will also manage to break her fast by abhi and also develops a doubt in his mind against tanu and nikhil ….
    One more place I read pragya to succeed in exposing Tanu in karwa chauth and tanu exit from abhi – pragya life post diwali ….

    • Ayesha this whole update and news came from segments and spoilers, some r true and some could b possible but how much they r, it will b clear only in actual episodes.

  41. Maggie

    What if Pragya in old avatar thinking n waiting for Abhi in balcony then faints
    Just then Abhi comes n sees her n break her fast
    In this way it will b interesting
    What do u all think????

    • Maggie

      What I mean is she is fasting n in tension she may b stressed so she will get in her old avatar n talk to herself that I’m ur fuggie after that she will faint
      Like last year cvs r repeating everything nowadays so thought she faints n Abhi when sees her n make her drink water
      In this way it will b interesting n Pragya will have to answer him why she was wearing old avatar at that time she will reveal truth

  42. Ayesha

    Yes Maggie you are right … But can you tell me one thing when will tanu truth reveal infront of abhi and other family members ??
    Well I read it somewhere that pragya will ask aliya to marry nikhil .. If she doesn’t agree she will throw her out ..
    But in the end tanu and Aliya will blurt out the truth ..

  43. Nida

    Yes nikkii abhi asked pragya to throw her kumkum and etc .. But we havnt listened whole conversation between abhi and pragya ….

    Its a promo where abhi saying pragya to throw her kumkum and pragya gone to dadi and saying she will answer the question raised on her kumkum ..
    Will tanu truth reveal in karvachauth ??

  44. Nida

    What is raj planning against pragya ??? And what will be special gift of nikhil for tanu ??

    Will nikhil reveal truth to abhi ??

  45. In this whole discussion we forgot it guys that why abhi wants to pragya keep fast for him of karvachauth and why he tells to pragya in promo that throw this kumkum when there is no kumkum on pragya’s forhead since their seperation and there is no official relationship of wife and husband between them according to abhi. We knows that they r not divorced becoz pragya has given only permission to abhi to marry tanu through mutual consent papers, not divorce. But abhi knows that they have been divorced becoz pragya came back as pragya arora and he himself said to bulbul in hospital that don’t call me jiju, I have no relationship with ur sister. So according to him, if he have no relationship with her so why he is expecting from pragya to keep fast for him and when once for all, he considers pragya not his fuggy and changed so why he again and again expects from pragya to being his fuggy? This time abhi is on fault completely and wrong to blaming pragya. Becoz this is his problem that he is not making up his mind that pragya is still old pragya or changed. Pragya is not misguiding him by being partial. She has her aim, for which she is hiding her actual feelings to abhi and tries not to hurt by confusing him but this is abhi who is constantly hurt himself and pragya both becoz of his confusion and disbelief on pragya.

    • Priya $

      Ya nikki actually he loves her a lot.. And he can’t believe her attitude.. And he accept her new avatar.. Still he was in oscillation.. So only he behaving lik this. Now too he accept y pragya not keeping fast for him. He expecting her to do fast…

      • Priya it is not a mahaepisode but a mahasangam episode. Usually mahasngam means two or three shows will telecast together and their star cast works together by participating in each other’s shows in their track’s sequence in a particular special episode but they have shown trio show’s promo with their own show’s sequence, in which they didn’t showed and mentioned it that trio’s show’s characters will b show in each other’s show as they usually shows when they shows mahasangam promo. So here is a doubt and confusion that will they show trio shows together by participating in each other’s shows or they r just meant from it that in this particular day, there will b some twist and turn in trio shows? Mahasangam episod3’s promo date is 4th November and time they have mentioned is- 8to 9:30 pm. So it’s better to watch it from 8pm if u won’t miss it. If trio show’s character’s will b participate in their shows then we will get it know just in a first half hour of episode’s telecast of 8 pm.

  46. Nida

    So Nikki tell me how will pragya break her fast ??

    Tell me one more thing will it come as maha episode or all programs will come on their specified time …

  47. Priya $

    I think Nikil ll break Tanu’s fast.. Pragya may use this situation to expose her in karvachauth .. I think so.. My assumption..

  48. frndz..i am asna and do all remember me…?i am also a very big fan of kkb…i used to cmnt here 5 months back…and i remember my all frndzzz whom i used to chat …nikki.. kavin bro..zanha..ayesha.. priya…priya s….so on….and do all rmbr me .???and kumkum bhagya rockzsss♡♥♡♡♥….i luv abhigya…actually i didnt disliked any episode of kkb..bcoz i just lyk it that much…even if its trp is very low i was i am and i will be there to watch kkb…plszzzz make all confusions clear b/w abhi nd praghya….i just luv their nhok jhok vry much….

  49. frndz..i am asna and do all rmember me??i am also a huge fan of kkb…and i used to comment here five months before…nd i remember all my frnds whom i used to chat here…kavin bro..nikki..priya..zanha..priya$…nd so on…i dnt wheather u all remeber me or not…but i still remember u all…and i missed all alot…i am not able to cmnt due to some prblmz…
    i luv kkb nd abhigya vry much…i didnt dislike any episode of kkb..i just lyk it that much..even if its trp is low…kumkum bhagya ROCKZZZ…

  50. really…? abhi came to know praghyas truth?omg..wow ..its so nyc…w8ng for that day…srimati can u give me the link of that..plz..?

  51. kowsy

    Srimathi can u please explain it … That is about what abhi came to know tanu s truth or pragya s fast … Which one

  52. srimathi

    Nida I read in kkb Facebook site that Abhi eventually knows the truth of pragya..but not sure whether it is true r not..

  53. nivi

    wow aftr a long got more than 160 comments it shows our interest in kkb nd really wanna to c karvachauth episodes bt b4 diwali plz end up tis tanu’s track bcoz it is highly disgusting……….

    1 more thing abhi u r saying pragya to throw her kumkum bt y r u wearing d wedding ring stil?
    if u wanna her fasting ly u gets angry then y r u expecting her fasting?????
    hz could u heard her voice 4m d bottom of ur heart?????
    abhi u urself 1st analyze nd cum to conclusion 1st then ly abhigya lyf wnt b in trouble
    in case of pragya alwayz b strong in her relation with u na
    so b in a stable manner abhi plz dn make her hurt tats al i can say

  54. Nida

    Yes srimathi its true

    Abhi gets doubtful and asks pragya if she kept fast for him … He tells her that he saw her eating kheer early morning like other ladies of the house
    … Pragya makes an excuse… Abhi will eventually find out the truth ….

    But my question is who will tell truth to abhi …. Dadi or purab or will he find it himself ??

    What do u guyzz think ???

  55. Nida

    Okay … Well I read it somewhere

    According to dadis promise she will help pragya to break her fast by abhi… But we have to watch what will be her plan …

  56. can anyone pls explain me the promo ….???????????????
    plzzzzzzzzzz,explain me the promo in a detailed way ….
    im not able to nderstand wat promo was that ..’
    but from ur comments its like abhi scolded pragya for not keeping a fast
    pls explain this as soon as possible

  57. srimathi

    ya nida I too read that..its sounds like good one and dadi also supporting for pragya’s fast its really Gud..excited about today’s episode..

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.