Kumkum Bhagya 30th November 2015 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Abhi talking to Pragya on phone and does someone’s accident by mistake. He informs Pragya that he hit someone and cuts the call. He asks the people to help him take the man to hospital. Pragya tells Dadi that she is following the decorator. Dadi gets scared. Dadi asks Pragya to come back and says she can’t see her in trouble. Pragya says it is a good chance to catch him. Dadi asks her to return now itself else she will come with all the family members. Pragya says I will come there. She tells Purab that Dadi is scared and asks us to come back. Purab says we shall catch him. Pragya says it is rather diffcult to catch him as it is late now. She says we shall go home.

Abhi comes home. Dadi asks how are you? If you are hurt? Abhi says nothing can happen to him

and says he is a rockstar. He blames Pragya and says accident happened because of her. He says Pragya is a boss by name, but she is like peon. He says she is a big liar and went out without informing me. Abhi comes and sees her standing. He asks when did you come? Pragya says when a responsible citizen was talking about an irresponsible citizen. Abhi says she called me again and again and I have disconnected the call. Pragya says he is lying. Dadi asks him to tell truth. They argue. Pragya says if I give money then how you will learn a lesson. Abhi says she wants to say that I shall go jail rather than paying money.

Pragya talks to the doctor about the injured man. Doctor tells her about his condition. Pragya happens to see his face and is shocked. Bulbul says we lost a good chance to catch the decorator. Pragya thinks he is the same man, and thinks he came to our house. She thinks God wants me to expose the person who tried to kill me. She thinks to inform Purab and Bulbul. Pragya calls Bulbul and she asks her to come there. She says they got the decorator and tells Abhi brought him home as he is injured by his car. Bulbul says really and asks her to keep an eye on him and be alert. Pragya says okay and says she will tell Dadi once they reach there. Bulbul informs Purab and says lets go.

Dasi asks Abhi if the fish is caught in the net. Abhi says fish is not yet caught in the net. He says she do feel for me, but don’t accept. Abhi sees Dadi spying on them. Dasi tells Abhi that there is a big rat under the curtains. Dadi shouts. Abhi asks her if she didn’t think about him or his kids…….Dasi asks what you were doing here? Dadi makes an excuse. Dasi says I won’t let you sleep today. Pragya calls Ronnie and asks him to return home. He says ok.

Abhi comes to room and thinks Pragya will get angry seeing him. He calls her girlfriend and says he brought gift for her. Pragya says when did I become your girlfriend. Abhi says since the day you danced with you.

Abhi tells her that he is agressively in love with her and says he wants to show 4-5 dance steps. Pragya asks how can a person fall in love twice. Abhi asks her to think and says she is very lucky. He says he has never wooed anyone till now and asks her to hug him. He says what shall I do to convince you. Pragya gets Bulbul and Purab’s message and goes after making an excuse that she is hungry. Abhi thinks she is curved like jalebi and calls her jalebi bai. Dadi, Pragya, Purab and Bulbul come to the room where Vijay is brought. Purab says why he will tell us about the person who has conspired to kill you.

Pragya says he will tell us and then the truth will be out. She sasy we have to wait for him to gain conscious. Abhi enters the room and sees Pragya and Dadi standing together. He wonders about their connection. They change standing position and asks if it is right. Dadi emotionally blackmails him and says her grand son is doubting her. Purab asks how can you doubt Dadi. Abhi says I thought Pragya has taken Dadi in her words.

Purab says we are taking about your betterment and says media came to know about him doing an accident. He says they were discussing the same thing with Pragya. Abhi says he did accident because of Pragya, and now she will help him get out of this mess. Abhi tells Dadi that he is the decorator. Pragya says I remember and that’s why I am taking care of her.

Pragya asks Abhi to express his love within two min in a musical way.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Precap fine today

  2. Gosh…if Pragya is jalebi bai…wat are Ekta kapoor & the CV team. Double jalebi bais. Is there no end to this track. The anticipation has created major constipation.

  3. ah fed of this track seriously too much of dragging abi tou ab seriously pragya ko hate karta hai :\

  4. Nice epi. Precape so cute.today epi is better than the before maha epi.

  5. Harae yaaar… abi u r fabulous smart in melting towards ur goal… crazzzzy in ur acting

  6. plss finish this topic

  7. I will just say that guys just enjoy abhigya’s scenes and keep guessing what he is really up to, until CVS will show these types of scenes of abhigya and will solve whole mystery of this track. Becoz it doesn’t matter for CVS that how much we have been fed up from this track. They will end it only then, when they will want. So I have decided to watch the show only for abhigya’s scenes from now. And I have no expectation with this killer’s re-entry also, like every track.

    1. ya nikki -1 i am too fed up of this serial now ekta is keep on dragging last month it had some improvement that pragya doubted nikhil now she is in the starting point and bulbul too is dumb and many rumours on bulbul saying that she is quitting kumkum bhagya so she is going to be killed and mohit dagga (killer vijay) is returning to the set i think he will reveal that aliya tanu and raj only made me to do this and sarla maa is a strange mother she can’t find that her daughters are hiding something every mother will easily find their child is hiding something by their face itself


    2. Well said Nikki 1 I’ve started doing tat 2 weeks before itself .. Even the cvz wan us to do so .. I’ve startd enjoyn .. N book ng forward to abhigya alone .. N I’ve stopped expecting .. Whether they re united or not .. BT ii loving dis cuz abhi is behind pragya only fa her luv nt fa the sake ofproperties .. It is proved by himself getting pragya sign in a paper which has the condition f to kiss him daily at least five a times ..so no problem whether thy ve misunderstandings or not. .cuz they stil love each other more than anytng …

  8. Very entertaining episode; after Abhi opens the door and sees them inside the room, it was literally a ROFL moment. And the way they change their positions trying to convince him.

    Aaliya always has a ready answer for any situation but all 4 of them were looking around for an excuse. Now I think next Aaliya, Tanu, Raj will go to that room. Except Abhi who brought him home, everyone else in the house will play hide and seek now.

    Also, I see how much people bash the script writers of this show. But after yesterday episode, wanted to appreciate the dialogue writers. They have been doing a great job off late, especially Abhi’s one-liners.

    1. I’m loving yua comments .. N you re a true observer ..

  9. U r rite nikki2.. v must tolerate ourselves with abigaya… no more expectations

  10. Changing their standing positions is extremely funny and the way Abhi was watching them while jumbling and finally Dadi asks him ‘ab teek hey?’..hehe..I repeatedly watched that scene..these wroters

  11. Changing their standing positions is extremely funny and the way Abhi was watching them while jumbling and finally Dadi asks him ‘ab teek hey?’..hehe..I repeatedly watched that scene..I wanted to see the making of that scene as well they would have had a great fun..

  12. I too really appreciate the dialogue writer specially for abhi.though they drag.finally the has some glue that ppl get attracted to it.overall it is best entertaining serial.it should have five seasons with abhigya.

  13. Yes nikki -1 you are right .What the hell they wanted to show us ?? December started and no news of bulbul is she leaving or not ?? No confirmed news camed from bulbul or production till now ..
    What is abhi trying to do ?? Why he took sign on love contract ?? What’s going in abhi mind … Or he is in doubt that pragya is his old fuggy and she is hiding something from him ..

    If abhi succeed in taking pragya sign on property papers and if he throws her out .. Nothing will happen because dadi knowns pragya truth and whatever she is doing Dadi asked her to do .. But it all depends on producer and writers what they wanted to show its viewers ..

    But I think he is on his mission to find pragya truth .. If he really wants to take property back from pragya .. First chance when pragya was drunk he Can take pragya sign and second

  14. Continued nikki – 1

    When tanu camed with property papers he refused to take pragya sign ..
    And after watching yesterday episode I think abhi will get doubt on Dadi , bulbul and purab.. I guess pragya truth will come out in front of abhi in upcoming episodes .. But we have to see abhi thinks it or not . but all depends on producer and writers ..

    1. Nida abhi has seen pragya with purbul and dadi, together many times. But he ignored it becoz they had miguided him by some other excuse. Now this time also, purab gave another excuse to misguiding him. So it is not sure that this time he will ignore it again or he will give attention on this? It will b clear at the end only. And ya off course abhi will eventually find pragya’s truth and infact he is near of her truth that she has not changed and still like old becoz of his love efforts towards pragya. I have been said it before that his love will bring pragya’s truth out in front of him. Although, his efforts r still not very clear that for which purpose he is doing all this with pragya? For property sake or for get to know her truth, her reality but as I said yesterday that his efforts more looks like he is doing all this to bring out pragya’s reality from pragya’s own mouth in front of him. But whatever his purpose, one thing is for sure if he will continue doing all this with pragya then his efforts will bring both of them very close to each other and becoz of his these efforts, pragya’s truth will come out infrint of abhi, eventually. But no misunderstanding should not come between of them now.

  15. Okay thanks nikki -1 ..

    Let’s see what happen next ..

  16. yar I just hate this kkb . kab take sehana padega in idiots ko(aaliyaand tanu) ko?

  17. Abhigya scenes are adorable……….

  18. Especially nowadays abhigya,s part s too gud .. N abhigya fans let’s enjoy this n don expect anytng .. If the truth is out also abhigya vl b lyk dis .. So loving abhis love efforts towards pragya .. Loving u abhigya

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