Kumkum Bhagya 30th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 30th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Dadi and Dasi coming to meet Sarla. Dasi asks how are you? Dadi says Indu told that she never saw your Kumkum Bhagya marriage hall. Sarla asks Janki to make Dasi see the marriage hall. Dasi goes with Janki. Dadi says I couldn’t talk to you infront of Indu, and says you was blamed as you are supporting Pragya. Sarla says I took blame on myself, so that Pragya can protect her marriage and Abhi from Tanu. Dadi praises the values which Sarla have given to Pragya and thanks her. She apologizes for the troubles which she has gone through. Sarla asks Dadi never to leave Pragya and protect her from Tanu’s attacks. Dadi asks her not to worry and says God is with us. She says Abhi and Pragya are together even though there are many problems. Dasi comes back and asks Sarla to make her

eat good food. Sarla says okay. Tanu thinks nobody will even know where is the stolen money. She gets call from hospital. Receptionist inform her that her manager came and collected the receipt. Tanu says I didn’t send anyone. Receptionist tells that Rachna and Akash came there. Tanu calls Nikhil and tells that Akash and Rachna went to hospital and got the bills. Nikhil says it was my decision to get discharged from the hospital. Tanu argues with him. Nikhil thinks he is bearing Tanu for his work/money. Tanu thinks she is bearing Nikhil as she is becoming mum to his child.

Doctor checks Dadi and says she is fine. He praises Pragya for taking so well of Dadi. Abhi smiles. Dadi also praises Pragya. Abhi asks Doctor to check Pragya and says she has slipped. Doctor checks Pragya and says she is fine, asks Abhi to take care of Pragya. He says she needs husband love and jokes. They go downstairs. Doctor tells Abhi and Pragya that Dadi’s BP is high and something is bothering her. He asks them to take care of Dadi. Pragya thinks if Dadi is worrying about Sarla and me, thinks to take extra care of Dadi. Mitali tells Tai ji that her stomach is having pain. Tai ji asks if she is pregnant. Mitali asks if she is not happy with two kids. She says she is having bal rok..since childhood. She says whenever I hide something, my tummy gets pain and swollen. Tai ji asks her to tell. Mitali asks her to promise not to tell anyone and tells that Tanu has stolen the money. Tai ji is shocked and says we will tell everyone and Police. Mitali says Tanu has taken my pic with the money and blackmailed me to stay silent. She asks her to forget about telling anyone.

Dadi falls down the stairs. Pragya shouts Dadi. Abhi comes there. Pragya says Dadi has fallen from the stairs. Abhi calls doctor. Doctor checks Dadi and says we shall shift her to hospital. Abhi says I will call ambulance. Doctor says his hospital is far and suggests him to take Dadi to nearby hospital. Mitali says that hospital is 5 star hospital…and very costly. Abhi says it is okay. Tai ji asks Abhi to get money first. He asks Pragya to give money. Pragya says the money which she has was stolen, and asks Akash to bring 15 lakhs. Akash tells that today is a holiday. Abhi gets angry on her for not keeping money at home. Abhi asks money from Tai ji, Taya ji, Akash, Mitali and Raj. They make an excuse. Abhi begs infront of everyone and says someone please give me money. I will give double money. Doctor says ambulance will come. Tanu thinks she will help Abhi and gain his confidence, goes to room. Mitali thinks where is she going?

Tanu thinks abhi might announce their wedding date seeing the money. Mitali comes to Tanu’s room. Tanu says you are after me when everyone is looking after Dadi. Mitali says I came to praise you, and says you are going to help Abhi with the stolen money. Tanu says dadi fell for her and says she will marry Abhi now. Mitali thinks her luck is good. Pragya calls Mr. Seth and asks him to send cash. Mr. Seth says he will send money tomorrow. Pragya says I have called all the clients, but nobody can send money today. She says we will take Dadi to hospital and then think about money. Just then Tanu comes and gives the money. Abhi and Pragya looks on surprisingly.

Precap: Akash tells Abhi and others that Tanu have stolen the money and shows the money loaded suitcase. Tanu is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. plzzzz atleast this time tanu have trap. am already fed up with this show. today only i watched with excitement.

    hi frnds am aastha. some of u know me. i like to make more frnds…..will welcome me to ur fmly?

    1. then add me on facebook

    2. Hi aastha u r most welcome dear☺☺☺

      1. thnq sooo much for ur hearty welcome. i’m happy after seeing ur reply.

    3. Aastha,She will get trapped and abhi will throw her out of house but then she will do drama and fakely fall from stairs to harm baby n herself and abhi will rush to save her n ask her to stay back.. I don’t know how true this is but I saw in insta..

      1. sooo sad i’m crying.

  2. Superb precap i just hope tanu is exposed soon

  3. God..it shouldn’t be a dream again plsssss:-(

  4. Today’s episode is okay.
    Precap is interesting…
    Waiting for the theft exposure and abhi’s reaction towards tanu…
    How are you all guys?

    1. Hai…vadhu ☺☺☺.I am fine and u dear. U know I too started watching handing serials by moondru mudichu…but I too stopped watching it..it’s totally irritating right.now I am only watching kkb☺.

  5. Awesome precap……lets hope tanu is actually thrown out of MM as per the latest instagram updates??

  6. Hi guys, how r u all? I heard madam tanu’s one crime has exposed! First time ever in kkb’s history! Well that’s a gud news. Reji, aishwarya, sahithi everybody, i have read ur updates. Gud job guys and thank u so much for this. After finishing my today’s work, when i read ur updates, my all tiredness had gone and it had turned into happiness. Gud that tanu has caught in theft but this is not enough. Her biggest truth is yet to b revealed after only which we can see that punishment for her which we want to see. Reorter, leena, sriti all r right. Tanu will not go easily until her big secret is unrevealed. She will again convince abhi to let her stay in the house and in his life for baby’s sake and abhi also will not let suffer that innocent baby for tanu’s crime. And he too think that baby as his responsibilty becoz according to him, he is tanu’s baby’s father so abhi will get ready to let her stay only for baby’s sake. And guys i too don’t want that tanu leave like this with so easy punishment. She deserves worst punishment for all her worst crimes, which she can get only after her big truths revealations. So we have to tolerate her more and have to wait for that time.

    1. Today they have wasted a lots of time in unnecessary things. After watching today’s episode and precap, now it doesn’t look like that it is abhi’s plan, it looks like tanu got exposed eventually, in her effort to being great in abhi’s eyes and in thinking of taking advantage of the situation, akaash , pragya got hint and then got a chance to catch her theft. Actually, it is still bit confusing to say how they will end up catching tanu’s theft. In tomorrow’s episode’s only, we will get a clear picture of all the things.

    2. Tanu wont be out of MM till baby truth is out, as shown in segment and Leena was telling, Tanu cant do any manipulation if she is thrown out of MM. So she will try all means to continue staying here. When Sarla was being blamed by Tanu, Abhi didnt shut her up immediately. Because of this money theft exposure now Tanu lost that chance to blame anyone again in front of Abhi.

      Even if for baby’s sake Abhi will finally agree to let Tanu stay in MM, she has now completely lost the plot by this money theft. The writers slowly changed Nikhil’s character graph the way I hoped it to be. From being in love with Tanu, then wanting to have their baby, marry Tanu, changing mind to letting Tanu marry Abhi for money sake, now Nikhil is being shown as least interested in the baby or Tanu. He only wants the company CEO post thru Tanu.

      Change in Nikhil will be Tanu’s loss as she was carrying the baby with hope to marrying Abhi, which will ultimately be spoiled by Pragya. But Nikhil also may not be interested in her, so they might show us that Tanu will be left alone with her baby, after her truth comes out.

  7. Is Dadi’s fall a part of the plan? Where did Purab disappear? So stupid, Aakash and Rachna told thier real names at the hospital and even more stupid why does the nurse have to call Tanu and tell her. doesn’t she have anything better to do. Anyways the good thing is Tanu will be exposed for stealing at least… maybe in 2-3 épisodes or rather 2-3 weeks…lol

  8. Atlast! Tanu will be caught for her theft! But idk how these writers will reveal her so easily!? well i still have hope coz alia was exposed in the sme way!! ?

    1. You guys are WAY to excited…you don’t think that Tanu is going to LIE her way out of this too?????

  9. From tomorrow I will stop seeing this rubbish serial

  10. Tami make some story and esp from there

  11. How are you all guys?
    Hope you are all doing well….
    Today’s episode is somewhat o.k.
    Eagerly waiting for tomorrow’s episode..

    1. Hi sara I am fine dear and u…I think tomorrow schools r reopening right. ..

      1. no hency .
        i am already going to school as i am studying 12th ..
        they won’t give like thes…
        we have to go to schools for these ten months even on sundays…
        how r u?

      2. *they won’t give leave like other other schools..*
        i’ve written wrongly above..

  12. Abhi finds out tanu stole the money and almost her and wants to kick her out of mm

  13. Hi…… all… prathiksha, gowtham,reji……… see the episodes does not cross the situation and when will be tanu trapped…… boring episodes….

  14. Fed up with the show

  15. No..???.. tomo precap shows money only exposed .. not tanu..abhi as usual to forgive her.. and getting feelings … and get ????? .. this s only going to happen tomo
    Ha ha..

  16. Realy such an boring serial..

  17. Today dadi is praising pragya infront of dasi and abhi. But both of them didn’t get doubt y she is praising pragya when she is our enemy.
    Its gud that tanu is going to caught for stealing money but im sure she will manipulate abhi in the name of baby and will easily escape from punishment. For the first time tanu going to be caught for her mistake. According to abhi its her first mistake so he will leave her. But I feel hereafter he wont believe tanu’s words like before he did. And I also think that tanu’s count has started

  18. Please don’t make precap as someone imagination pls pls pls

  19. Hi guys do you really think tanu is trapped? I don’t know as she probly will get away again or make up some sordid stories up and off course abhi will believe her . I really hope I get proved wrong becoz just as I think she gets trap something always happen, this time she might fake that she’s having baby right now or she’s in pain to gain sympathy.

    1. No I don’t ….It is really stupid of Tanu to go and get money for Dadi when “everyone” knows that she does not have any money. Let’s see what backward ass story line the writers come up with to clear Tanu from this one and Mitali should just go tell the TRUTH! KKB is a SORRY tv show.

  20. Why didn’t Pragya’s team get Dasi on board yet. she would be the strongest character among this team of lallos’s (dumbos). Imagine when she finds out that everyone (almost) knows expcept her – poor thing -she will feel so bad

  21. I bet she will cast the blame on Mittalie and say she catch her and say she have proof. Abhi will believe tanu and she will get away again

  22. Omer Sher (OSS07)

    Tanu will blame Mitali and shift the stealing episode on Mitali using the photograph she took. Abhi will believe Tanu. I hope I am wrong.

  23. Again a bullshit waste of time watching I thought n started reading written updates but now I feel it’s too waste of time….there r other shows which r moving on for years on different different topics but I guess the director doesn’t have anything to prolong. ……he must be evil dats y always evils win in this serial….really m saying a disgusting serial ….even serials which lasts for year were so good ….but here they will drag only one thing to many years …..kidnap scene lasts for 2 months pragya marriage scene took 1 and half month n now it’s been 1 year data pragya came in new avatar still no effect. ..how ever I think everyone stopped watching this stupipits .guys jus stop reading also. …save ur time

  24. The CVs luv Tanu. No way she will get out of MM. The seeds of doubt must at least be planted in Abhis mind on Tanu now. I hope the CVs dont make him dumb & stupid.
    The bond btwin Abhigya shld strengthen now. Hopefully the story develops with Sense & Sensibility & logic here. CVs pls dont go astray with the script here.
    Pratiksha is right. This punishment is too light for Mdm Tanushree. Her exposure must be HUMUNGEOUS & EXPLOSIVE!!

    So the CVs hav taken this fresh direction to expose Mdm Tanushree. Very interesting..

    N i like this new doctor that has been introduced. Very natural & realistic.

    Really miss Bulbul esp when Sarla ma’s home was featured. Hope they bring her back soon…

    1. I was happy to see Sarla because most of the ppl here thot she may not be seen in coming episodes as she is busy in her other show. Off late we are seeing only few characters everyday, which makes the show boring at times. Like missing Purab from past few episodes. I just wish, writers think something for Purab also, anyhow they are dragging Tanu’s track. Why cant they get another girl, if not Bulbul, before we see Bulbul’s re-entry. I always thot he is like parallel lead but he is not at all getting screen space these days. There are some many more dimensions to be explored but the writers are struck on Abhi-Pragya-Tanu-Nikhil.

  25. Really superb guys

  26. Boring serial

  27. Vanshika crazy for skr

    Ooooooh… This won’t happen.. Tanu is fixed in the house with fevikwik lol ? but she wont v exposed..n watts d crime of stealing… Mitali will get it..

  28. aftr a long time i kind of liked the episode… and its clear its a plan of dadi and prgya… but poor abhi is getting hurt and sad by thnkng about dadi… why he has to suffer this much.. prgya wants him to be happy but they are making him sad by this kind of drama… precap is good but wat is happened in between, fr that we have to wait fr tdays episode… but on the whole it was good.. and i am waiting fr tdays episode.. and hope all are fine and well… feel like gone so much away frm all of u… again a happy good morning to all of u???

    1. yes gowtham.. after so many months of tortured we hv got gud episode.. and this time its a brilliant screenplay… not like alia and raj exposure.. we hv to appreciate the cvs.. ???.. whn it was illogical, and idiotic screen play we cursed them… now it’s time to appreciate them.. gud job..???

  29. Abhi is rocking in today’s episode

  30. hency ni monru mudichi pakuriya…tamilla may be ok but hindila biggest aruvai. nanum pakurada vituten.

  31. Guys if tanu’s exposure is a dream, then
    Our reactions – ??????
    The writer’s reaction – ??

  32. I hope tanu ll expose

  33. Hi guys from tomorrow i wont comment regularly becoz skl were reopened so i ve to concentrate on my studies i ve to put full effort on this coz i m gng to std12th so i ve to be carefull n my parents will not allow me to use mobile but i will read updates coz i cant see kkb from tomorrow so miss u guyss prathiksha sis,shobana sis,gowtham anna,sahithi,reji,hency,ashmitha and all my frns miss u all guyzz

    1. Oh aishu ..miss u ya. .my school is reopening on June 3 rd…so i will also will be busy with school …and for me 8th std but for u 12th std …so i have to be very carefull …all the best…study well …and guys actually in science my fav is biology and chemistry I don’t like physics …and social also I don’t like geography …anybody can give suggestion that how to easily learn physics and geography !..

      1. Hi reji…first b4 learning u have to fix ur mind that u can definetly learn it….and make ur mind clam…its better while u study jyst face the plain walll….becoz thr is no chance of distraction and get all necessary things like water pen paper etc….so u wont get distracted…after all these things r ready….u can start it…1st take a sentence read it twice or thrice till u understand…make sure that u can explain it to another person ( becoz when v explain it to others 1y v will come to know how much v understand ) after u understand it…start learning…dun worry abt time ….time doesn’t matter becoz if hasn’t understand means eqch and every time while u study it takes a lot of time…but at 1st time even u have learnt well by taking much time means it doesn’t matter becoz at the next time it will be easier for us….morever if understand and study means v can remember it life long….and reji i am also ur age…even i am too from tamilnadu…..

    2. Aishu
      Studies are most important for you at this stage than kkb. So concentrate more on ur studies and if u find some time in weekend means comment. My best wishes for you.

    3. Tq so much reji n shobana sis yes definetly shobana sis i will concentrate on my studies than kkb reji me too dont like geography n physics but till completing 10th we have to study those subjects do onething try ur best understand that n read it well fir 2,3times but manapadam pannada reji adu danger purinji padi ok va all the best for ur studies

  34. I m gonna stop watching this serial
    Tanu pregnant for two ✌ years but survi and gayethri gave birth within two ✌ episodes wats nonsense is this

    1. Ohh all d best aaradhyastudy well which grp r u studying

      1. Hi aishu all the best for 12th
        Which group did take

      2. Did u take*

    2. I ve took 3rd grp commerce with business maths tq for ur wishes

  35. There is a segment today, Tanu falling off the stairs(rolling on stairs), holding her stomach; Mithali and Tai ji are on the other side of stairs going up, see Tanu falling. Tai ji smiling.

    Looks like Tanu’s last plan to stay back in MM and make Abhi agree for marriage.

  36. tanu se mei pareshan ho chuki hu

  37. New segment update- Tanu falls from stairs. It is all her paln to make abhi and family emotinal and helpless for baby’s sake so they let her stay in the house. Tanu stands on the upstairs and according to her plan consiously falls from stairs. She was very creful during fall so nothing happen with her baby. She holds and covers her stomach from her hands and carefully falls. Taiji and mitali notices tanu’s fall and jokes on it and laughs after seeing it. Tanu starts her drama and starts shouting so it look like she is shouting with pain. Abhi comes and runs towrds tanu panickly by calling her name. Tanu is showing as getting uncosious. Reporter says this is all tanu’s fake drama to get sympathy from abhi and family so they let her stay in the house.

    1. (Leena’s)Tanu’s dupe did shoot for stairs fall scene, instead of leena.

      1. Ya pratiksha tanu’s dupe did the scene …and i have a doubt ??..if pregnant ladies fall from the stage means sure they will have some pain and may be the child will get aborted ..but the logic u said i can’t catch it …can u pls explain it!!..

      2. Reji in kkb’s sense u can’t expect logic. In reality if any pregnant woman falls from stairs like this then surely her miscarriage could happen but in tanu’s case, she knows that her baby is only reason and medium for her to getting abhi. If she loses it then she will lost this chance also forever becoz abhi is forced to accept tanu becoz according to him, she is carrying his baby so he have responsibilty towards her and her baby. Otherwise he only loves pragya and wants to live his life only with her forever but tanu’s baby is making him helpless for rejecting tanu and accepting pragya in his life in complete sense. Tanu is doing this drama becoz she knows that abhi is very angry with her and now her emotinal drama also can’t help her to stay in abhi’s life and house. But her baby can do. She knows that abhi is so emotinal. He will not hear tanu but he will definetly melt if baby will onstake. He will never want that an innocent baby suffer for anything which is his according to him. That’s why she is just scaring abhi by using this fall drama. So he feel guilty and get sympathize for baby’s well in emotions and in this concern, he forget his anger and keep tanu at home. Reji tanu’s baby is not just tanu’s life, infact show’s,cvs, pragya’s all life’s also depends on only tanu’s baby. So how could anything happen with her baby?;):D This kind of big drama was needed for tanu to stay as she knows that small mello drama couldn’t work in present situation. We all already guessed it that she will use her baby to stay so she did, only difference is she used fake drama of harming baby to stay. Such a disgusting and cheap girl she is who got ready to put her innocent baby’s life onstake just for getting a high class rockstar husband. She doesn’t deserves that baby. I think at the end of tanu’s pregnancy and after her exposure, if something will happen with baby or tanu herself leave her baby for saving her life and future and then abhigya will end up by adopt her baby as it’s parents.

      3. i think that stairs are not as per vastu.. all are falling..

      4. Ya brintha so what? Should abhi now arranged lift in his house instead of stairs.;):D

  38. I think guys becoz of fall from the stairs tanu could have some pain in her stomach but i have noticed that she was very carefull for her stomach during fall. So nothing will happen with her baby but ya she could have some pain becoz of it as reji said that the way she falls from stairs in this pregnancy condition but as i said that her baby is not only her life infact show’s, cvs and pragya’s life depends on her baby becoz of which cvs r successfully running this show since long time so i don’t think so that baby will b harmed or it will get lost. Tanu’s baby is most important thing for everyone. It has become soul of kkb since long.:D

    1. Tanu’s desparation is now causung her to do some rash things. These things are what is going let Abhi see her truth.
      I don’t know much about pregnancy, but despite the fact that she shields the babe on her roll down the stairs, this does not prevent danger to herself. Tanu does this to get Abhi’s pity and to stay in the house but there’s also going to be a repocussion on her action. She could develop some problems that may later affect the pregnancy that may lead to them taking the baby from her early…if CVs think along this line.
      Having to take the baby early might lead to some problems with the child that might call for blood or something, which can prove to Abhi that he’s not the child.
      This could also call for Nikhil and Tanu to once again try to cover… So the drama will continue or the truth will definitely come out.
      This serial is like a rotating tyre. Let’s see when it will stop spin.

    2. Tanu’s desparation is now causung her to do some rash things. These things are what is going let Abhi see her truth.
      I don’t know much about pregnancy, but despite the fact that she shields the babe on her roll down the stairs, this does not prevent danger to herself. Tanu does this to get Abhi’s pity and to stay in the house but there’s also going to be a repocussion on her action. She could develop some problems that may later affect the pregnancy that may lead to them taking the baby from her early…if CVs think along this line.
      Having to take the baby early might lead to some problems with the child that might call for blood or something, which can prove to Abhi that he’s not the child’s father
      This could also call for Nikhil and Tanu to once again try to cover… So the drama will continue or the truth will definitely come out.
      This serial is like a rotating tyre. Let’s see when it will stop spinning.

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