Kumkum Bhagya 30th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 30th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Tanu looking for Pragya’s phone and thinks it is connected to TV. She asks Pragya can I use your phone to call someone. Pragya says okay. She then realizes that it is connected to TV and asks her to use her phone. Tanu says my phone is in my room and says I will make only 1 call. Abhi comes and asks Pragya to give her phone. Pragya says it is my phone and I don’t give my phone to anyone. Tanu says what will happen if she gives me her phone. They start fighting verbally. Abhi asks them to stop their fighting and says I will return after 1 month. Pragya thinks she can’t show the video to Abhi until she comes back. Tanu thinks to talk to Nikhil about Ronnie and thinks to find out about the video. She checks her camera and finds it battery low. She charges it. She sees Rachna

and Pragya’s video in which Pragya said that Ronnie must be waiting for Tanu. She thinks Pragya have just acted and is same old Pragya. Pragya tells Dadi that Tanu tried to get her phone, but she didn’t let her touch it. Dadi asks Pragya to lock the room before showing video to Abhi. Pragya says I feel that Tanu knew that I have some proofs against her which I want to show it to Abhi. She says Tanu can do anything to save her. Dadi says I will message you, and you reach there. She says till then I will be with Abhi. She asks her to show the video infront of Abhi and shares her plan. Pragya likes her plan and says it is upto him now to believe it or not. Dadi asks her not to go anywhere and wait for her in the room.

Tanu comes to Nikhil’s house and tells that Aaliya have a proof against Rachna, Pragya and Ronnie. She says they have acted to make me speak about the secret. Nikhil doesn’t believe her. Tanu tells him that Pragya is having proof in which she told Ronnie about her truth. Nikhil says don’t know why Pragya is doing this? She shows the video in which Rachna and Pragya come to her room and tell that Ronnie must have called Tanu and she will bring Abhi there. Tanu tells him that she have recorded Pragya’s conversation with Rachna. Nikhil says now I understand her plan. Tanu says Pragya have returned to expose Raj, Aaliya and me. She says Pragya have no interest in Abhi’s money and property, but she wants him. Nikhil says Pragya won’t let you marry Abhi. Tanu says Abhi will not let me stand infront of him. Nikhil says what will Abhi do knowing the truth? He says Abhi might kill you. Tanu says I will not let Pragya show that video to Abhi. She asks him to find Ronnie and says we will make Ronnie tell everyone that Pragya gave money to him to scare her and lie. She asks him to wait and watch to know her plan.

Abhi thinks he is still travelling since 2 hours and thinks he don’t want to see Pragya and Tanu’s face. He then thinks if he goes somewhere then Tanu might deliver the child. Dadi calls Abhi and asks him to meet her. Pragya is in her room and thinks what will Abhi do? If he will hug her to confront Tanu. She gets a call from someone who claims to be Bulbul, and says she got well after falling down from the cliff. Pragya says I will call Purab. That woman says I am in Durga temple and asks her to meet first. Pragya gets emotional and says I will met you. Dadi comes to meet Abhi and wonders where did he go? She gets Abhi’s call. Abhi calls her and asks if she came alone. Dadi says yes. Abhi comes out from the hideout and tells Dadi that he wants to take her for an outing. Dadi says okay and tells about places names. Abhi says no. He tells her that he is troubled by Pragya and Tanu and is grinded by the women. Dadi asks him to come with her to Gurudwara. Abhi agrees.

Pragya comes to the temple and sees Bulbul standing. She hugs her and talks emotionally without seeing her face. The woman turns out to be Tanu. Pragya asks what is this joke? Tanu says I didn’t call you, but your love for your sister have brought you here. Pragya says what nonsense? Tanu says I just want to make you know that even I can speak like dead body. She says I thought you are behenji type, but you have intelligence. Pragya asks what do you mean? Tanu tells her that Abhi is going far from her because of her.

Tanu raises her hand to slap Pragya and blames her for snatching Abhi from her. Pragya holds her hand.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Nithi

    Bakwasss dialogue delivery fr pragya.
    even she had a proof against tanu but she is talking like scared if her. There is no boldness in her talk. Butvtanu talking like as she hasnt done any mistakes. Wat a story. Is pragya is main lead????????
    And one more thing, first of all there is no trust or believe between abhi n pragya ( with each other) , then wat is their love…
    I really think thr is no love between them niwadays…if it is thr yhey dhould ttust each other… but here all things r negative only…
    and tanu found out pragya truth within a day.. also regarding raj n aliya exposure too..
    but still these pragya team no one doesnt have brain…useless team…

    better abhi will get marry tat cheater… pragya should leave with sarala ma..

    hiw cum she is not able to recognise her sis iwn voice too…OMG thinking all these thing’s going on MAD only…

    niwadays I m really hate pragya than tanu..becis of her stupid plans n brainless work

  2. So now tanu got to know about most of pragya’s truth but thank god she is still unaware with peoples who were helping pragya from the day one. She only knows about rachna and ronnie. This is relief. Tanu is planning to use ronnie against pragya. Well will ronnie help tanu! We knows it can never happen. He could died but will not help tanu by going against pragya. And as we knows that ronnie’s character has been finished in the show. So may b he will never return back after going on pragya’s order or may b nikhil will find him but kill him becoz he will refuse to help them and threaten to tell their truth to abhi by helping pragya in proving. But they can’t use ronnie for further plannings as CVS have been end his character. So it means tanu still not in that power through which she can stop pragya as she is thinking to use ronnie and that video footage of her room of rachna and pragya, against pragya. Tanu is thinking to threaten her by using these two ways which is only giving her little hope. But pragya have still in full power as she have not only tanu’s confession video with her, in fact she have most if peoples support with her, from which tanu is still unaware. Like purab, dadi, akaash, sarla maa, janki amma, mamaji all these peoples who knows about tanu’s truth but poor tanu she is thinking that only pragya and ronnie knows about her truth and pragya’s come back, makeover and fake attitude drama was pragya’s plan but she doesn’t know still that it is none other than abhi’s dadi’s plan who is everything for abhi. Until when tanu will unaware with these peoples, pragya will b in power but if she will know about any of them then she could use that people to making pragya helpless. So overall pragya still no need to scare from tanu and have a chance to expose her. So she should do something very fast before tanu could spoil everything. Otherwise if tanu got a chance then she could turn the situation in her favour becoz pragya have limits to do anything but tanu can cross any limit to save herself and to get abhi.

    • But whatever will happen, the war has begun face to face between pragya and tanu from now and it will definetly take us for the climax and result of this war. Both peoples r now aware from their truth and now they will put their all powers to win so now war is going to b breath taking which leads to the final decision of this war that who will win, pragya or tanu? And as we knows that it is same old thing that villain reaches till the end of war successfully but at last, positive lead wins. So definetly pragya will win as she is fighting for truth against evil with her true love. But before it she have to suffer a lot and we too.

      • Sahithi

        See the writers wanted to speed up in one epi, so Tanu realized everything in one shot. And it is funny that she wants to expose Pragya, even precap was funny when she says my husband. But why she carrying someone else’s child. She very well knows HER HUSBAND does not love her.

        As much as Pragya is desperate to get Abhi back, Tanu is also sounding more n more foolish n stupid.

  3. Pratibha

    Why is this serial pulling without any reason nonsense issues rounding and rounding with no end

  4. Sahithi

    The end for Tanu’s interference in Abhi’s life is near, that’s for sure. In how many episodes, we got to count. Not only this video, I suspect Pragya will do something more interesting n unexpected as the war is now in open, face to face.

    Nikhil also feels that Pragya won’t lose Abhi now, I think that is instigating Tanu more. She doesn’t want Ronnie to b killed but wants to play reverse game.

  5. Asha

    Past two days why in irumalargal many scenes are missing? Today they showed dilwale special episode promo… Any idea tamil guys?

  6. karan

    again boring episode. in tamil they skip 10 episode and put as short scenes they put 2 weeks episodes in 2 days episode.

  7. Aishwarya

    Guyzz neenga yatavadu tamil promo nepisodes pathingala hindi la mattum ila tamilayum mad ayitanga 3weeks epi ya 3days la potanga cute scenes between abhigya la cut pannitanga n promo la new avathar kamichitanga aduvum srk kuda dilwale promo adu apdina nxt week kulla avlo story ya cutpanniduvangala eda cut pannalum atleast proposing scene n concert varaikumavadu podanum ipdiye pona tamil audience ku story ye puriyama poidum epdi tanu pregnancypathi patiku therinjudu n pragya ku baby dad pathi therinjadu lam

    • Aishwarya

      Eppo therinjidu abhi b day avana mm vittu dadi anupuradu idellam puriyama ellarum kolamba poranga evlo cute scene lam namma tamil audience miss panranga avangalukulla love epdi valarudu idellam katama straight proposibg katnamattum yarukum puriyadu seri hindi dan kevalama podu tamila pathavadu manasa thethikalamnu patha polimer tv aduku aapu vechittanga plzz guyzz idu en ipdi nadakudunu yarukavadu therinja sollunga i m becoming mad becoz of dis serial plzzz help me n hindi ya pathi na pesa virumbala pesuna na innum mad ayiduven avunga evlo dooram namma patience test panrangalo pannatum aana avanga ipdi panna panna orunal avunga unmayave tanu truth expose pannuvanga ana ada pakka oru audience kuda illama feel panna poranga good byee kkb but na comment pannuven becoz enaku unga kuda en feelings share pannika pudichiruku ena na en mom kitta polambuna avungalum enna mad solranga guyzz adan i feel little hurt

      • Priya

        Hindi lei uyire vangurangua indha storyline ah vechiktu but tamil leyum ha? ? neriya episodes skip panitangua ipo nambalkum onnume puriyadhu, adukule Bulbul oda mariage day vandurchi wer Aliya stroke her head ! Aga motatula nambala rendu pakkamum nalla irritate pannanumnu mudivu panitangua ?? well said ma, idha patu avudu manasa tetiklamnu nenaicha ingeyum ipdiya ! Shabaaaa mudilaaa

      • Priya

        Idhunaley rombo IRRITATE agudhhu !! ? Zee tv n Polimer tv oru contract madri sign panitangua nu nenaikren nambala ipdi kadupu etratuku

      • sheetha

        s ahma most of the scence cut panitanga… tamil audience ku onum puriyama flop agigum pola eruku… cute cute scence ellam cut agiduchu… samanthamae illa ipa sharuk kajol promo pothu 30 episodes ku mela cut agum apo… makeover ku aprom scence cut pana kuda paravala but fuggi cute scence ellam cut panraga… tamil al pakara interest um poiduchu

      • Aishwarya

        Mm idelam kooda vidunga atleast ava new avathar yavadu urupadiya poduvangala therila enna promo srk vararu which appa between bulbul sardar ji get up niraya nokjhoks fuggy doll idellam kata matangala n straight a bulbul marriage pola ivanunga mental ayitanunga nu nenaikuren see namakavadu story theriyum but eduvume theriyama pakaravangaluku innum nikil yaarunu therinjirukadu inbetween abhigya love epdi valardunu theriyadu straight avan propose panna yaaruku enna puriyum guyzz ungala kenji kekromda plzz inimey vavadu cut pannama podunga anda promo va plzz thirumba podadinga plzzzzz i request u polimer tv

    • Chotu

      Guys I jus made a cal to this numb 04443457700 n complaint abt it … Hope it will work if many ppl cal dem n enquire abt skipping the scenes

    • Swetha

      Hi aishwarya and priya am also tamil promo va munadiye potutanganu nenaikuran enna onu pragya accident promo vanurukanum eillaya pragya voda get up change promo vandu irukanum yipadi ellathayum edit panitu motiya pragya va new get up la katuna serial pakravanga mental aiduvanga

      • Priya

        Idhavandhu paruva illa pa! Another SHOCKING NEWS, THEY ARE GONNA END IRU MALARGAL PA ????
        Aiyooo kadupa avudhuu, neriya scenes tamil lei pakkanumnu nenaichen pa elam waste !! Very very very DISAPPOINTED tamil guys ??

    • Chotu

      Guys .. Please al irumalargal viewers/fans pls do cal n ask them .. Sure they’ll not edit it anymore ..

  8. Nancy

    Please soon expose the tanu true.it’s really irritating tanu track.why written not having story so only .they continue the tanu track

  9. K

    Why don’t they reveal the truth and ask her to go for a DNA test. Just dragging. Not even interested to read written updates. I think kkb will finally share the fate of Matsh. Its only surviving because of the time slot. Writers are dragging the story. Fed up with this non sense drama.

  10. Sweety

    Wat a waste serial always tanu will escape from all her pblms.. This means bad will win in this serial stop this bad …

  11. Shwetu

    I feel abhi and dadi will come to the same temple and witness the on going scuffle……what do you guys think about it….

    • shilpa

      Good job shwethu…nice idea .but that won’t happen..if it really happens then that will b a dream seen by pragya…usually serial writers shows our willing stories only in dreams. Most of the serials follows this stupid track.in case of kumkum bhagya even the good hope is lost….quit kkb

  12. ananthalakshmi sarma

    It seemd tanu is very bad n how many boy friends she wants n who knows whose child is there in her womb n she is blaming abhi n all means everybody is (100 percent) people are feed up of the tanu nikils nakara so please close the chapter of tanus darma n reunite abhi n praghya forever.

  13. shobana

    Wow now a days tanu has become very intelligent without anyone’s help she herself found all truth
    And tanu’s camera is far good than tanu which can even clearly record what has happened in drak
    Pragya is little bit intelligent only because she too found out what tanu is upto and fool too because she cant even able to find the difference between tanu and bulbul oh god where it is going to end
    Since Ronnie’s character is over tanu can’t make him to tell that pragya has given money to scare her

  14. shabana.

    no more irritation please bring the truth about tanu in front of abhi please please…..1000times please

  15. appu

    bakwas serial Evn nxt year Tanu Will be carrying her child.and d story won’t move inch forward…. Pragya will become daddi Vry soon she is almost done now??

  16. Priya

    Just to show the video to abhi they are planning? Omg! I think the story writer have no story after this track so just dragging this same one.

  17. reha

    hey guys ! am srilankan here also ths drama is vry famous now, it’s dubbed in sinhala they just started here am a great fan of ths fiction but after seeing all ths cmnts i just hate it nw anyway in here abhigya will called shanaya and gagan

  18. razia

    This clearly shows tanu is going to b exposed .. Soon her lie vl b out .. Thank God atleas the CVS had decided to expose her now .. Let’s wait for a 15 more episodes ..

  19. Ammu

    Uhhhhhhhh I hate kkb now before that I love to watch but oh I hate guys stop watching this until tanu truth comes out
    What they think about audience m we r foool idoits or something else they r just dragging the story wrosen story it should end now I think ekta has gone mad she is not having any ideas to proceed that wat she is playing wid emotions ??

  20. razia

    Dunno how to do wit the polimer TV .. Y they re doing this .. Wt they re up to ? I jus don understand

  21. bakwash ke v had hote hr din kuch nya milega soch kor TV ke samne jati hu har dn yehi sab …aaj se dekhungi hi nhi ye serial faltu kahike

  22. Ishani

    Hi reha im also sri lankan. Im a regular reader & im watching this on dialog tv. Im a die heart fan of abhigya. But im not wathing sinhala dubbed one.
    Nice to meet u reha.
    Welcom to kkb fan club

  23. sam

    hey guys i am a silent reader but dis stupid pragya made me comment how much time she is taking to show that video to abhi ………………….disgusting

  24. Omg!!! How long they will push the story? 1st saw in tamil… i was impressed, so shifted to see it in hindi… but nothing special in it nowadays… disgusting yar

  25. Haritha

    Frst abhi slaps tanu in dream sequence
    He also slaps pragya
    Y not writers make another 250 episodes so tht pragya n tanu together cud slap abhi

    Is show ko dekhkar sirf time waste hi hote hai
    Such a complete crap

  26. Sucharita Chakraborty

    This show has become JUST UNBEARABLE..watching this show Is nothing but wastage of time. Plz STOP THE SHOW.

  27. gowtham

    hi tamil guys…. as u people said i too watch thr new promo of diwlae…. already they cut so many scens… now diwale promo is coming…. i thnk tamil wont tolerate this much of dragging and long lasting storyline…. somewat crispness they ll need… so polimer tv cut the unwanted scenes i thnk…. but it could have veen better if abhigyas romance were not cut…. but anyways its good… tamil and hindi both in same track….

    or initially polimer doesnt knw about iru malargal… that it ll drag this much… now they also got irritated with the storyline i thnk. . so they thut of dodging….. but its not fare rabuls marriage function wll be good.. bt they cut many thngs…. and in this week itself prgaya is in new avatar….. which means in today itself how come ahe knew about tanus truth…. and hw aaliya ll get exposed in front of abhi . …. how all this happen in this one episode…. very confusing???

  28. karthika

    yes aishwarya nanu parthen.idhuvaraiku tamila iruka cute scenes parthu enjoy pannalanu nenachen ana avange cut panne poduranga.i m fed up with that also.now a days kkb is going very worst.i don’t no what to say .now a days we can’t able to see even a dot of love scenes in kkb.it’s just disgusting.even tanu become smarter than pragya.she confronted pragya also and now pragya will witness the truth and face to face war then tanu will prove pragya wrong to abhi.this is only going to happen according to my prediction.this story is mainly based f love and destiny but now a days it had lost it’s ideology.i really feel tired in watching kkb.everytime they r creating the anticipation and making the fan dissapointed.if kkb lose trp then it will one and only the fault of writers and their dragging story.if they drag story then they surely deserve low trp.

  29. reha

    thank you ishani am also seeing ths drama in diolog tv the sinhala version is better thn tamil version tht y i used to watch in sinhala and they r dilg also vry funny and hi naduni am frm dehiwela u both?

  30. karthika

    hi tamil guys i’m also tamil.i don’t know wjy they r cutting more scenes in irumalargal.there r more prominent scenes and cute scenes which takes tge story forward but they cut more scenes.in bulbul’s sangeet funstion abhugya will meet tanu ‘s parents they will tell abhi to engage tanu they hav cut that scene and in abhigya room they both will ly in bed and after a moment pragya will go from tbere that also swallowed that scene.i don’t know what’s happening.but chotu’s idea of complaining is good if all complained then we can ale to get some change.

  31. fuggy

    Pragya ka sach subku pata chalra abhi ke alava iss serial mein bohot bada fool abhi ka character hai
    End this tannu pregnancy drama soon

  32. SN

    yes karthika. tamil abigya all cut i think end of tamil kkb. y promo scene la sharukan visited show this scence 7 th after telecast.

  33. Sugan

    i agree tamil guys atleast tankil scence cut pannittu abhigya mattumathu potallamala i miss all of comedy and feeling scence…

  34. minna

    Tanu tanu and some more tanu is she the heroine she is a superwoman alright has been pregnant for more than a year hasn’t delivered sister is still trying to steal music dadi not getting older still trying to help Pragya who is the most stupid person in the whole show. God help them to end this misery

  35. karthika

    hi tamil guys.how r u ?upto to now we r irritated only because of kkb, now irumalargal also getting bored.i request CVs to expose tanu.if they want to expose tanu there r many ways.please don’t eat our patience.if any other serial drags like this ,then surely no audiencs will stick to the serial.writers should be grateful to us.we r commenting and still following kkb.i watch kkb only for abhigya.because of abhigya only we still stuck to kkb.please unveil tanu.writers r really making fans dissapointed.if u hav soul than analyse this situation in the place of fans.we r really getting annoyed.i don’t know even writers r reading our comments or not.if u read then take some steps in favour of fans.

  36. Walli

    Today was my last day watching this show,feed up with tunus crap story is not moving at all.
    Advice to all stop watching this show start watching KALA TEEKA story is moving really fast

  37. karthika

    sam we can’t able to accuse pragya.it’s all mistake of writers.abhigya r those who make kkb still alive.

  38. Asha

    Called to polimer tv,they r just forwarding call to their head finally they said he is not avail in office now… Tamil friends keep on call n register ur complaints…

  39. Now the war is started btwn good n evil..finally Protagonist will win.. Before that antagonist are more Clever than protagonist so protagonist will suffer lot.. Hope tanu vl caught soon..
    But this episode was annoying.. Disgusting.. Worst

  40. karthika

    in irumalargal if they started cutting scenes,then the story will be directionless.the tamil audience will be confused.they also telecasted the promo of irumalargal with diwale cast.if they cut scenes then irumalargal will not be interesting.there r are scenes like abhi’s concert in which he will be beaten by stones and pragya will save him.then abhigya’s love confession.abhigya desperation there r many scenes but they suddenly leaped to the dilwale promo.i don’t know what’s happening in irumalargal.

    • Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Then only it will be nice becoz Hindi people itself hate dragging then how Tamil?? So that they have cutted many scenes

  41. Sahithi

    Ronnie posted on IG he is back on the show. I was sure his character cant end so abruptly. Chances are Tanu will try to play reverse game by kidnapping Ronnie and blackmailing Pragya or forcing Ronnie to speak against Pragya and tell Abhi that Tanu confession video was forced.

    Least chances for second option to work out as Ronnie would never go against Pragya, unless it is another plan by team Pragya like putting property papers in front of Aaliya to trap her, may make Ronnie act till Tanu believes and then go against Tanu at the last minute.

    • Ya sahithi I too saw her pic from kkb’s set. But whatever she wore in that pic means t- shirt. It’s like his off screen getup. He never came like that in the show. Whenever he was in mehra mansion, he always showed in formal dress. So I still confused by his presence in the show. Well let’s see.

      • Sahithi

        Yes Pratiksha even I was surprised why he first said his character ended and within one day said he is back in show.

  42. razia

    Guys I request u to pls cal n register our complaints .. Thy can’t jus skip .. They re jus trying to skip almost 3 months episode .. Make over.Ku apram evlo romance iruku la adhellam cut paniduven ipdiyae pona ..also yarukumae puriyadhu apram yarumae paka matanga ..

  43. di

    ya polimer making bad, as we r irred by kkb iin hindi now they making cut abhi pragya sec , that sec are very nice pls make it nice

    we r wating for abhi n pragya………..

  44. karthika

    yes razia u r right .by the way how r u ?i will surely complain.they r more cute scenes of abhigya.

    • razia

      I’m gud karthika .. How RU .. I’m feeling like after this tanu vl b exposed soon .. Within this month .. Cuz they wer fighting openly now so chances r thr na

  45. Swetha

    Hi all my tamil friends karthika razia gowtham reji and all h r u after long time to comment here am also see that new promo what to do ya we just complaint to them but avanga complaint accept panuvangalanu theriyala accept panitu scenes cut pannama irundha nalla irukum pakalam enna agudhunu

  46. sheetha

    Hi tamil frndz i already sent a complain… Plz u people also complain.. We want our abigya scence in tamil

  47. SURBHI

    Guys doesnt it looks little bit confusing i mean to say that firstly tanu is confirmed that she will backfire pragya’s plan on her then what about dadis plan guys she took Abhi with her so what about that?????? can anyone reply please

    • Dadi’s plan is going to flop surbhi..?
      Bcz always evil only wins in this show..?
      But finally after dragging protagonists vl gng to win?

  48. karthika

    hi swetha i ‘m fine.kkb is really dragging like anything.now a days i’m fed up with kkb and irumalargal also.writers just expoooooooose tanu.she is really a witch.

    • sheetha

      HiMiss. Sheetha,

      Thanks for your feedback on Iru Malargal.We shall get back to you soon.

      thats it i got..

  49. gowtham

    guys… i feel different in this… coz 3 months there are gonna cut in tamil…. but if u see that in that 3 months episode only very very few good episodes only like abhigyas extreme proposal and dadi sent abhi out like that…. very less important episodes are there… so oly they are making this decision i thnk…. and also in hindi version itself v feel like dragging…. so normally tamil people wont lik this much of dragging… as u all knw here in tamil nadu people want very crisp and clear episodes rather than romancing type… so oly polimer is making this decision… and also if u skip 3 month episode also there wont be so much change in stryline….
    i thnk next week itself tanu truth reveled to pragya… so she comes in new avatar…. two or three episodes are more than enough to potray this . so there wont be so much confusion in this storyline… only considering abhi tanu and pragya there wont be that much changes in storyline….

    people like us watching in both version… so we can able to understand what is happening what is gonna happen…. bt there are people who are watching oly tamil version so fr them if all episodea are telecasted thn… juz thnk hw they ll react….. as a tamilian this much dragging never br accepted in any other serials in tamil so considering that polimer may decide something like this…

    and onemore thing…. there us no chance of ending kkb in tamil… no need too bcoz in tamil also it has many viewers so no need to shut it down…. and in hindi version it still runs so no way tp close in tamil…. but as u guys told i have registered my complaint lik all i said… but i have different opinion in this… thats why wanted to tell this to u all…

    • sheetha

      s i completly agree with u gowtham.. wat i feel is they can skip the episodes after pragyas make over becos after make over only we having many irritating and unimportant episode.. they can skip that… thats wat i feel.

    • shobana

      Raj getting released frm jail
      Abhi leaving home and then returns back
      Abhi concert
      Candlelight dinner with pragya
      Pragya leaves home by getting signed in divorce paper
      Pragya gets to knw abt tanu and aliya
      Pragya’s accident
      And then makeover
      Totally this much will be skipped in polimer tv

      • gowtham

        exactly shobana…. but juz see the points that you given….. none of the points are coming under twisting the storyline….. for people like us we alredy watched this things…. so we dont wanna a miss these….. bt from other people point of view even if they cut these scenes, prople actually wont able to differentiate it… bcoz after skipping also it will be coming under same storyline e only…
        i am really not interested in skipping things.. i too want all the episodes to be telecasted… but at the same time, thnking about other people, they seriously like deagging… now for iru malargal trp is very good… so maybe polimer dont want to loose it by playing all the episodes,

        abhi goes out from house and coming back.. will it affect the storyline??? i dnt thnk so
        candle light dinner will it affect..?? . hell no…
        raj is not even seen in iru malargal for ages… so his part is not at all necessary… will it affect? again no…
        only important thing is, prgaya has to knw about tanus pregnancy that is wat the matter and this is the main reasn fr her avator…. maybe exposing aaliya also they may cut…. coz iru malargal will have a thut of focusing only on tanus pregnancy track… other things they are just skipping it…
        but i also want all the episodes like u guys are telling….
        i am juz telling things which may be the reasons for the polimer channel to decide like this….
        if they telecast all episodes also i am ready to see that….

      • shobana

        But if those episodeswhere not there the story wont look good because people want to knw when raj got released from jail and who released him and why he is with alia
        Similarly how pragya got yo knw abt the truth…y she changed her avathar and who is responsible for this makeover
        If they skipped aft makeover I won’t even bother because there will be only dragging but in fuggi avathar especially towards the end of that avathar there will lot of abigya scenes only that’s why I saying

    • razia

      Gowtham ne solradhulam correct Dan ma .. Bt stil pudhusa pakravamgaluku .. Actually enga amma paati chithi atha even daddy sometimes paparu avangalukulam onnumey puriyama poidum la pa adhan .. Also enaku therinju al my frenz n their moms watch irumalargal comparing other serial .. I think in Tamil too irumalargal has highest trp so y they do this .. Dragging Dan illa nu sollala bt clarity venum la .. Tat is wt I’m feeln .. Meanwhile abhigya scenes I want ma no matter it is dragging or whatever

  50. Kirthy

    I didn’t read kkb updates for a month. What happened? Pragya finally knows Nikil is the father. (She needs several month to know this thruth or other thruths of Aliya and Tanu.)
    But Tanu knows within a few weeks, that Ronni becomes a ghost to threaten her. And additionally she knows Pragya isn’t after abhis property, Pragya is the old pragya.
    Dear friends, please could you answer me the question, how is that possible??? Why does pragya need to suffer and a lot of time to know the thruth or evidence but Tanu just a little time??? Everytime when Pragya, Ronni, Prabha needs their mobile to take a video, their battery is low. BUT in MMS track Aliya can take a video of pragya&suresh even in the darkness. She also can record the conversation of Pragya&Rachna.

  51. Paul

    Does Abhi has a cellphone?? if yes, why she is not sending him that clip to his cellphone? total stupidity and big time dragging…

  52. NJoy

    My mind voice when I think of KKB related things

    Director: Kadupethrar my lord;
    Producer: Ennama neenga ipdi pandreengalea ma;
    Script writer: Ella kottayum alinga naan mudhala irundhu sapidren( Suri’s parotta) ;
    Promos: innamuma intha ooru nammala nambuthu;
    Tanu’s pregnancy track: Gurunatha thaanga mudiyala gurunatha;
    Abhigya: ore oru pair vachichukitu naanga padra avastha irukae aiyoyoooo;
    Viewrs: venem… venem… valikuthu…aluthuruven;
    Last but not least Irumalargal: Naduvulla neraya episoda kannom.
    Just for fun friends.

  53. Reji

    Hello what’s up guys iru malargal kkb eppadi poguthu ?? ….today easy exam for me …so I got time to comment….guys what’s going on in the track??…anythng positive to pragya??..or tanu won???…and tamil guys wat is now going on iru malargal? ??…because i didn’t watch tv these days ???….what complaint we have to post to polimer network???…naanum help pannuren???…because today I am free…

    • sheetha

      reji they are cutting many scence… 3 days oda episode ah avanga one day la podranga…many abigya scence cut panitanga.. and now dilwale cast oda promo promo potutu erukanga.. s

  54. razia

    M very sorry to say this guy’s .. Gowtham reji shobana karthika al other Tamil frenz .. I jus spoke to them a person told me from polimer office tat they gonna end the show .. Bt I questioned how come u finish it cu stil in Hindi tanu is nt been exposed bt how can u end it abruptly .. He said sorry due to some problems we wer supposed to finish it off sorry for the inconvenience .. I feel very bad fa this .. I dint even think tat they vl end it .. I feel like crying dunno wat to say .. I wanna scream .. Shit u blo*dy polimer TV .. I vk neva ever tune in to yua channel once irumalargal stops .. Yua channel is no2 in trp .. Bt im sure it’ll fall to the worst afta u shut down irumalargal abruptly .. Dunno wat to say bt I’m feeling like killing them

  55. di

    so thwy stop IM then we hating the polimer tv a lot………….

    afterany ekat show i will not see show any more , they show kasam then pplimer will be kasam n kadam………….

  56. karthika

    razia what r u saying?no problem razia we can’t do anything.we can rather do something that also we hav done.tamil frndz don’t worry we r watching it in hindi right.but i feel bad whatever we can’t do anything.reji in hindi kkb is dragging like anything.nothing changed.razia perhaps u r right.i will not anticipate anything becoz everytime it goes in vain.

  57. NJoy

    Still no promo for any new serial in polimer channel. So dont worry friends. After seeing the response of their’s this stupid decision hope they make a good decision. Else they gonna lose a lot of viewers and regret for this step.

  58. Aishwarya

    Guyzz bad news i m feel like crying irumalargal mudikka poran aduku badila en vaazhkai en payam. Edo nadagam podran inime na polimer tv ye pakka poradu illa plzzz guyzz yaravadu mudinja direct a avangala contact pannunga plzzx guys i beg u guyzz en alugaya varudu

    • gowtham

      polimer pakrathe iru malargal kaga than eneme antha channel i will remove from a la carte list in my stp….

  59. sheetha

    Hello guys i have seen in fb that from april 4th .. New serial en vazhkai en payanam going to telecast at 7.30 pm.. This is not fair.. I feeling like crying

    • sheetha

      Tis is not fair how can they do like tis.. Oru nala show ah ipdi stop panraga.. Atleast evanga rights vanga erunthurntha vera yethachum channel la achum telecast panirpanga.. Avoid polimer tv dont watch that channel .. Avanga channel ah close panatum.. I hate u polimer

  60. riddhi

    Ya guys. In Tamil they are decided to stop,irumalargal. Just now saw advertisement for new serial from April 4th onwards 7.30pm

  61. Sandhya

    guys en vaazhkai en payanam entha serial dub guys.???….and april 4th na tomorrow is the last episode….guys i have a doubt…..in polimer tv moondru mudichu i mean sasural simar ka they r going more than 1000 episodes …. y not they end that one ….because eppadi irundhalum athu konjam naallula pei seriala aagidum….y can’t they replace that serial and telecast this serial ithu gnaayame illai…..what’s ur opinion..guys??…..

    • sheetha

      S ithu nyayamae illa… Even ullam kollai poguthada they are retelecasting athu stop panala.. But iru malargal ah ea stop panraga nu therila.. Ena reason nu therila… Very bad

  62. Mkc

    Tanu is more intelligent than Pragya…she plays more important role…Pragya’s role is just waste of time…Abhi even being a RockStar but not intelligent at all…..nice serial….

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.