Kumkum Bhagya 30th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Kumkum Bhagya 30th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Tanu looking for Pragya’s phone and thinks it is connected to TV. She asks Pragya can I use your phone to call someone. Pragya says okay. She then realizes that it is connected to TV and asks her to use her phone. Tanu says my phone is in my room and says I will make only 1 call. Abhi comes and asks Pragya to give her phone. Pragya says it is my phone and I don’t give my phone to anyone. Tanu says what will happen if she gives me her phone. They start fighting verbally. Abhi asks them to stop their fighting and says I will return after 1 month. Pragya thinks she can’t show the video to Abhi until she comes back. Tanu thinks to talk to Nikhil about Ronnie and thinks to find out about the video. She checks her camera and finds it battery low. She charges it. She sees Rachna

and Pragya’s video in which Pragya said that Ronnie must be waiting for Tanu. She thinks Pragya have just acted and is same old Pragya. Pragya tells Dadi that Tanu tried to get her phone, but she didn’t let her touch it. Dadi asks Pragya to lock the room before showing video to Abhi. Pragya says I feel that Tanu knew that I have some proofs against her which I want to show it to Abhi. She says Tanu can do anything to save her. Dadi says I will message you, and you reach there. She says till then I will be with Abhi. She asks her to show the video infront of Abhi and shares her plan. Pragya likes her plan and says it is upto him now to believe it or not. Dadi asks her not to go anywhere and wait for her in the room.

Tanu comes to Nikhil’s house and tells that Aaliya have a proof against Rachna, Pragya and Ronnie. She says they have acted to make me speak about the secret. Nikhil doesn’t believe her. Tanu tells him that Pragya is having proof in which she told Ronnie about her truth. Nikhil says don’t know why Pragya is doing this? She shows the video in which Rachna and Pragya come to her room and tell that Ronnie must have called Tanu and she will bring Abhi there. Tanu tells him that she have recorded Pragya’s conversation with Rachna. Nikhil says now I understand her plan. Tanu says Pragya have returned to expose Raj, Aaliya and me. She says Pragya have no interest in Abhi’s money and property, but she wants him. Nikhil says Pragya won’t let you marry Abhi. Tanu says Abhi will not let me stand infront of him. Nikhil says what will Abhi do knowing the truth? He says Abhi might kill you. Tanu says I will not let Pragya show that video to Abhi. She asks him to find Ronnie and says we will make Ronnie tell everyone that Pragya gave money to him to scare her and lie. She asks him to wait and watch to know her plan.

Abhi thinks he is still travelling since 2 hours and thinks he don’t want to see Pragya and Tanu’s face. He then thinks if he goes somewhere then Tanu might deliver the child. Dadi calls Abhi and asks him to meet her. Pragya is in her room and thinks what will Abhi do? If he will hug her to confront Tanu. She gets a call from someone who claims to be Bulbul, and says she got well after falling down from the cliff. Pragya says I will call Purab. That woman says I am in Durga temple and asks her to meet first. Pragya gets emotional and says I will met you. Dadi comes to meet Abhi and wonders where did he go? She gets Abhi’s call. Abhi calls her and asks if she came alone. Dadi says yes. Abhi comes out from the hideout and tells Dadi that he wants to take her for an outing. Dadi says okay and tells about places names. Abhi says no. He tells her that he is troubled by Pragya and Tanu and is grinded by the women. Dadi asks him to come with her to Gurudwara. Abhi agrees.

Pragya comes to the temple and sees Bulbul standing. She hugs her and talks emotionally without seeing her face. The woman turns out to be Tanu. Pragya asks what is this joke? Tanu says I didn’t call you, but your love for your sister have brought you here. Pragya says what nonsense? Tanu says I just want to make you know that even I can speak like dead body. She says I thought you are behenji type, but you have intelligence. Pragya asks what do you mean? Tanu tells her that Abhi is going far from her because of her.

Tanu raises her hand to slap Pragya and blames her for snatching Abhi from her. Pragya holds her hand.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Abhi marry tanu nd go somewhere! Pragya u become a cid! U will surely get into it!

  2. Does Abhi has a cellphone?? if yes, why she is not sending him that clip to his cellphone? total stupidity and big time dragging…

    1. They have said that the video is too lengthy so it can’t be sent to his mobile

  3. My mind voice when I think of KKB related things

    Director: Kadupethrar my lord;
    Producer: Ennama neenga ipdi pandreengalea ma;
    Script writer: Ella kottayum alinga naan mudhala irundhu sapidren( Suri’s parotta) ;
    Promos: innamuma intha ooru nammala nambuthu;
    Tanu’s pregnancy track: Gurunatha thaanga mudiyala gurunatha;
    Abhigya: ore oru pair vachichukitu naanga padra avastha irukae aiyoyoooo;
    Viewrs: venem… venem… valikuthu…aluthuruven;
    Last but not least Irumalargal: Naduvulla neraya episoda kannom.
    Just for fun friends.

    1. Super…kalaikitingah..

    2. Ha ha super…

  4. Hello what’s up guys iru malargal kkb eppadi poguthu ?? ….today easy exam for me …so I got time to comment….guys what’s going on in the track??…anythng positive to pragya??..or tanu won???…and tamil guys wat is now going on iru malargal? ??…because i didn’t watch tv these days ???….what complaint we have to post to polimer network???…naanum help pannuren???…because today I am free…

    1. reji they are cutting many scence… 3 days oda episode ah avanga one day la podranga…many abigya scence cut panitanga.. and now dilwale cast oda promo promo potutu erukanga.. s

  5. M very sorry to say this guy’s .. Gowtham reji shobana karthika al other Tamil frenz .. I jus spoke to them a person told me from polimer office tat they gonna end the show .. Bt I questioned how come u finish it cu stil in Hindi tanu is nt been exposed bt how can u end it abruptly .. He said sorry due to some problems we wer supposed to finish it off sorry for the inconvenience .. I feel very bad fa this .. I dint even think tat they vl end it .. I feel like crying dunno wat to say .. I wanna scream .. Shit u blo*dy polimer TV .. I vk neva ever tune in to yua channel once irumalargal stops .. Yua channel is no2 in trp .. Bt im sure it’ll fall to the worst afta u shut down irumalargal abruptly .. Dunno wat to say bt I’m feeling like killing them

    1. ena razia solringa… how can they do like this

    2. Razia wat u r saying???????…?I don’t even think that iru malargal will end…but how it will be possible ???…razia pls give me the no. …eppadi thideernu stop panna mudiyum ?? …guys ithuku ellarume complaint panni thaan aaganum…r u vry sure abt it??

      1. Ph : +91 – 44- 4345 7700
        email id : [email protected]

      2. Thanks sheetha for the contact address…naa avanga websiteku poittu complaint post panniten…but i didn’t get the reply waiting for it…illa yen evanga ippadi pannuranga theriyala…but one thing iru malargal mattum eduthutaangana…antha channeley mokka channelah aaydum! !!..

      3. exactly…. iru malargal ilana polimer is for nothing…. reji…. best in polimer na athan….

    3. ipdi pana kudathu ho god… why are they doing this … show nala trp la tha eruku then wats is the problem

    4. For real????oru masamake parke villai, ellam serthu pakka ponan. what’s happening? evala niraiya nadakangal niraiya varudangal poi kondu irukku and polimer want to stop iru malargal? 🙁 I just can watch tamil. athum poiddal???? :'(

    5. I’m sure guys if u wanna confirm jus cal to tat numb .. He told .. I asked iss this sure news he said yes v gonna end it .. Now I understood y thy shown dilwale promo .. Wit dilwale promo they vl finish the show .. I got the order of scenes even I’ll tel u how they’ll end .. I even cud understand sumtng regardn y thy gonna stop

      1. Ho may be ammu marriage ah kamichutu they will end

    6. Mail panradhu waste .. Jus cal dem n ask .. Bt m truly fed up ..

    7. Oh my god how can they end the show which is going good

    8. wat??? how is this even possible razia?? i think yaro april fool panirukanga razia… tomorrow is april 1…..

      1. Ya gowtham may be irukkalam…but they r saying it for sure…..avanga clearah solranga…April foolah irundha. ..avanga eppadi mudikka poraanga ithaiyellam reveal panna maataanga…so I have a little doubt

    9. Yen gowtham ne vera .. Ne better andha numb Ku cal pani kelen .. Mudinja nalla kevlama thittu appavachum avangalukulam puriyum

      1. Ithuvarikum yentha serial um ipdi mudichathu illa.. Kkb nariya language la nalla poitu eruku.. Polimer ku mattum enna problem.. Better insted of ending tis serial they should close the channel

      2. ok unma nu vachupom…. next ena plan panirukanga?? new dubbed serial…..??? apadina athu ena serial????

      3. Nejamava…. very bad…my mom used to watch this in polimer. ..I am waiting fr abhi proposal in tamil…but it is not going to happen..oopps:(

      4. Razia do you know y they r stopping this serial

      5. Heeey tamils guys! New dubbed serial poda porangua pa, surely its gonna end ??? very disappointed

      6. Adhoda promo vum inniki potutangua

  6. so thwy stop IM then we hating the polimer tv a lot………….

    afterany ekat show i will not see show any more , they show kasam then pplimer will be kasam n kadam………….

  7. razia what r u saying?no problem razia we can’t do anything.we can rather do something that also we hav done.tamil frndz don’t worry we r watching it in hindi right.but i feel bad whatever we can’t do anything.reji in hindi kkb is dragging like anything.nothing changed.razia perhaps u r right.i will not anticipate anything becoz everytime it goes in vain.

  8. Still no promo for any new serial in polimer channel. So dont worry friends. After seeing the response of their’s this stupid decision hope they make a good decision. Else they gonna lose a lot of viewers and regret for this step.

  9. Guyzz bad news i m feel like crying irumalargal mudikka poran aduku badila en vaazhkai en payam. Edo nadagam podran inime na polimer tv ye pakka poradu illa plzzz guyzz yaravadu mudinja direct a avangala contact pannunga plzzx guys i beg u guyzz en alugaya varudu

    1. polimer pakrathe iru malargal kaga than eneme antha channel i will remove from a la carte list in my stp….

  10. Hello guys i have seen in fb that from april 4th .. New serial en vazhkai en payanam going to telecast at 7.30 pm.. This is not fair.. I feeling like crying

    1. Tis is not fair how can they do like tis.. Oru nala show ah ipdi stop panraga.. Atleast evanga rights vanga erunthurntha vera yethachum channel la achum telecast panirpanga.. Avoid polimer tv dont watch that channel .. Avanga channel ah close panatum.. I hate u polimer

    2. Ya sheetha official promo has been released for the new prog en vazhai en payanam

  11. Ya guys. In Tamil they are decided to stop,irumalargal. Just now saw advertisement for new serial from April 4th onwards 7.30pm

  12. Guys we all should call ther them and ask..

  13. no guys not accepted.

  14. I think mounaragam going to end

  15. guys en vaazhkai en payanam entha serial dub guys.???….and april 4th na tomorrow is the last episode….guys i have a doubt…..in polimer tv moondru mudichu i mean sasural simar ka they r going more than 1000 episodes …. y not they end that one ….because eppadi irundhalum athu konjam naallula pei seriala aagidum….y can’t they replace that serial and telecast this serial ithu gnaayame illai…..what’s ur opinion..guys??…..

    1. S ithu nyayamae illa… Even ullam kollai poguthada they are retelecasting athu stop panala.. But iru malargal ah ea stop panraga nu therila.. Ena reason nu therila… Very bad

  16. Hi friends. Happy news irumalargal serial ll be telecast in zee Tamil from April 11th 7.30pm

  17. me to ishani

  18. it’s realy great news riddhi

  19. Tanu is more intelligent than Pragya…she plays more important role…Pragya’s role is just waste of time…Abhi even being a RockStar but not intelligent at all…..nice serial….

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