Kumkum Bhagya 30th June 2015 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Bulbul telling Pragya that she seems to be upset, as she can’t dance in her marriage. She says she will ask Abhi to postpone her wedding. Pragya says she is not upset, and asks her not to worry. She says she can help everyone with the arrangements, and be happy with her happiness. Bulbul says that is my Di, and hugs her. Tanu eyes them and takes Pragya from there. She says I have a plan. She says tomorrow is Bulbul’s sangeet, asks her to disobey Dadi and dance during the sangeet to make Dadi feel bad. Pragya says this might be a good idea, so I will dance sure in Bulbul’s sangeet. Later on, Pragya throws clothes and Abhi catches them. He says do you think I am a cricketer. Pragya says I didn’t ask you to catch it. Abhi says this is my house and I won’t let the house

look dirty. He thinks Pragya is not fighting with him, and asks what happened? He says you can share with me as a stranger. Pragya says she has to pretend that she is pregnant and has been become fake. She says I forgot my happiness in other’s happiness. She says I can’t enjoy as everything think I am pregnant. I am fed up of doing all this.

Abhi holds her hand and says I can understand, but believe me I don’t want you to do all this. I know how you are, and I am feeling bad to put you in this situation. I couldn’t do anything because of Dadi. I am also playing with my family’s emotions. He says he didn’t think what to do? He says whenever I see myself in the mirror, I say I am worst. I am useless, good for nothing. Pragya keeps her hand on his mouth. Saiyyara song plays…………………….while they have an eye lock. He gets up, gets sindoor bottle and take out sindoor. Pragya asks what you are doing? Abhi says your forehead sindoor is wiped off. I will fill your maang. Pragya says she will apply and says someone else has right on it after some days. Abhi says I know that you are my wife right now and have the right on this sindoor. He fills her maang while she closes her eyes. She gets emotional and teary eyed. Abhi goes.

Pragya comes out of room and sees decorations done by the servants. She wonders where is the family members? She asks the servant? She thinks to ask Dadi, and knocks on her door. Dasi opens the door and says says she can sleep for some more time. Pragya asks what happened to you? Dasi says she is fine. Pragya asks why no one have come downstairs. Dasi says all the servants are expert in doing decorations, and says even Dadi is sleeping. She asks Pragya to sleep as well, and closes the door. Pragya wonders what has happened to them. Once Pragya leaves, Dadi and Dasi dance in their room on punjabi song, as they prepare to perform during Bulbul’s sangeet.

Pragya thinks she has to sleep and will not wake up if anyone wake her up. She thinks no one bothers about her sister’s sangeet. She hears music coming from Aaliya’s room and knocks on her room. Aaliya comes out and says she is doing exercise. She says you can’t exercise as you are pregnant. Once she goes, Aaliya shuts the door, and asks Purab and Bulbul to learn fast. Purab says our performance will be best. Aaliya is teaching them dance. They couldn’t dance right. Aaliya asks Bulbul to watch her moves. She shows the dance steps with Purab. Pragya is irked as everyone is in their rooms. Tanu asks where is Abhi? Akash says Abhi………..Mitali says I will tell the person who wants to meet him eagerly. Pragya asks Mitali to tell her. Tanu says she is more desperate to meet him. Mitali whispers something in her ears. Pragya asks are you saying truth and goes. Tanu asks what did you tell her?

Tanu asks Pragya, what did Mitali told you. Pragya comes to the room and sees Abhi dancing with the girls. Tanu asks the girls to leave from there and asks Abhi, what he is doing with them. Abhi says he was practicing dance with the girls.

Abhi and Pragya argue. He holds Pragya’s hand in the party.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. reallly very fast update hasan
    but very very very very very very very slow in revealing tanu’s truthu i think these guyzz will drag this upto 1 year frnds ?

  2. Atleast tdy thy bring some abhigya scenes. See writers telling only one thing make story fast else ur trp will go low and u wil lose ur fans and ur show will be out so make fast already dragged more than 50 episodes. V are fed up

    • Priya $

      Right priya if they dragg like this soon I ll stop watching this serial and updates also.

  3. Priya $

    But really getting irritating yaar this week they ll dragg it with this Sangeet function… Nothing going to happen new.

  4. Priya $

    Tanu devil go to hell…. Stupid woman
    ..aliyah devil also keeping silence don’t know wat s there behind it.

  5. kowsi

    Ponga nengalum unga twistum….i really fed up….abhi s the male lead of the show..but they r shown…he was never thing about him pblm..He always enjoying asusual njok jok ,fight with pragya ..i really hate u writters…

  6. abhigya scenes really nice xcept eyelock nothing more than that fr long tym wat writers kkb strts boring if u ll cntnue lyk dis ?

  7. Tanu wants pragya dance to upset dadi but I think before it pragya will get to know vamp tanu’s truth and then pragya will make tanu dance on her fingers and she will give a nice dose to tanu of tanu’s own medicine. What do u think guys?

      • It will definetly happen priya because if any dance performances have given by pragya in sangeet function then they shows it on SBS or SBB segments. But there I’d no performance or no news about pragya and during sangeet function tanu will trap herself by coming of her parents and abhi and pragya will be busy to sought out this problem. Before any thing bad happen,Pragya will get to know about tanu’s truth.

  8. Kavin bro eppudi irukkinga? Whn returning? How was clg? I saw on paper nearly 514 candidates have joined medicine that too old students they mentioned.

    • kavin

      tomorrow returning home i joined sivagangai medical college pa college is in too dry area and full of village pa

  9. kavin

    innimael ellarum new updates pakatheenga friends , yeppa otunathu podhunda pa reel andhirichu intha updates pathu and this is for who releasing new updates to the websites like the writers (not in this website friends) goundamani dialogue – innimael update paathi pesuna orae adi la magaj paneerva, this is not for who is updating in this website there will be source for updates i am saying him pa don’t mistake

  10. Go to hell with tanu.why does abhy act like a wimp.I like to see him act like a man.he act like a studip dumb.writer change his character in kkb

    • kowsi

      Sathyama ipa mudiyathu ka…i think pragya stop the engagmnt na b4 she should know abt tanu truth or she will say smething ah….semmmaya kadupu ethuranga nama pakkurathe one or two serial tan …ithuku ivlo twist vachu ipdiya panuvanga….

    • Zeeha

      May b 1day or 1 week or 1 mnth or 1 yr… Ipidiye avanga list pokumnu nenakiran priya.

  11. kavin

    nalla vela naa intha episode eh pakula aana intha updates kooda ennala padikamudiya that much dragging , yeppadi friends neengala episode eh pakureenga? orey kashtam appa

  12. Guys in precap abhi challenges pragya and took a promise from her to do what he will say if she will loose. Then what u think guys what would be this challenge and what abhi will be demanding from pragya if she will loose? Any guesses?

      • Absolutely right priya. CVS always makes our expectations high by these scenes and then takes it down by foolish or irritating things. Well let’s see what’s this scene up to ?

  13. SORRY friends yesterday i slept so early i. naan nethu episode pakavae illa . aiyo enna oru illuvai theivamae happa mudiyala… nowadays i am losing all my interest in this serial . itha serial ah naan pakurathey abhiyum pragyavukum kaga than . end this tanu’s chapter soon . plz… dont drag the show too much or else you will repent for it . dont lose your fans unite abhigya soon,,,,,, thaiyavaana vendukol…

  14. i guess the truth will come out in max 3 weeks.minimum it will take 6 more days.
    oh please writers stop dragging the serial. i
    and guys did u notice if the trps are coming down then they r putting some knok jhok or some romance between pragya and abhi.

  15. they r putting some knok jhok is just to cover the dragging part of the serial.inda pregenancy drama ivlo drag pannranga.edoko puriyamatikada and i guess abhi and pragya will come together in the 365th episode.maybe they r dragging for that cause.

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