Kumkum Bhagya 30th July 2016 Written *Maha* Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Pragya telling Abhi that it was very difficult to act infront of him. Abhi says that’s why you put my finger in hot tea. Pragya says then you would have got doubtful about me. Abhi says Dadi tells that love happens while fighting. They reminisces their moments. Abhi says I had planned to propose you, but Champak entered. Pragya says I know as Dadi told me. Abhi says I will talk to Dadi. He says he is very happy to see smile on her face, and asks her to smile always. Pragya says if I smile always, then people will think me mad. Abhi asks her to keep smiling and says he will throw a party for their union and will call everyone. He says I will keep party for my fuggi and will tell the world that I love my fuggi very much. He says we will keep party here as we met here, and plans

everything. Pragya asks do you have any savings. Abhi says I don’t need to worry as mogambo will managed all. He says we have missed Purab, Dadi and your birthday too as Champak ruined it. He says every alternate day we will rock it. He asks her to wear specs in the party. Pragya says we will discuss this later and asks him to call Dadi once, and inform him that they are together. Abhi says yes.

Nikhil comes to the mechanic and asks him to compromise with the car parts. Mechanic is shocked. Nikhil says I will give you address and asks him to fail the car brakes. He says when the car is found then nobody should know that the car brakes was failed. Mechanic refused to work. Nikhil threatens to beat and kill him. Mechanic asks for three times more money. Nikhil says okay and says work should be done today itself. Mechanic says I will fail brakes. Nikhil asks him not to leave any evidence or touch car. He says I will meet you after work is done. He thinks I shall check if Pragya is alone, or someone will come and save her. Abhi tells Pragya to call Dadi. Abhi says Dadi has always supported you and says we shall go home and inform her. He sneezes. Pragya says she will make kada for her. Abhi says wait, and lifts her in his arms. Pragya asks what you are doing. Abhi says when you can suffer so much for me, then can’t I do this. A song plays while he takes her to kitchen…..Pragya asks him to go. Abhi says let me help you. Pragya says I can’t make kada if you are here. Abhi says okay and asks her to call him when kada is made.

Aaliya tells Purab that she is angry at Pragya and she has snatched my love and family from her. She says she is just helping Nikhil and Tanu. Purab asks her to stop it and says Pragya never separated me from you. He says your family went far from you as you have done bad with them. Aaliya asks if good thing happens with good people then why bad had happened with you. She tells him that you did whatever Abhi told you, and says everyone know that you are just his friend. He says I am happy with what I got, but what did you do? He says you have a big family, but everyone hates you. He says I have a brother like Abhi and Dadi also. He says I can do anything for them and says I get love, happiness from them. Aaliya tries to manipulate him and says I will change for you if you want. She asks him to say once that you love me, and says I will not support Nikhil and Tanu. She promised to unite Abhi and Pragya then. She asks what can I do. Purab asks can you bring Bulbul back? He says no, says you can reverse the life, but can’t get her. He says I will forgive you, but you will change Bulbul’s love in my heart. He says I will always hate you and asks her not to do anything as he will unite Abhi and Pragya. Aaliya says you will be responsible for whatever is going to happen. Purab asks her to go. Aaliya asks him to rethink and says nobody can love you like me.

Abhi thinks my Pragya has suffered because of Tanu and recalls her acting. He thinks how can anyone stoop so low, and thinks why could I not see Tanu’s truth. He thinks Tanu has taken advantage of my goodness, I knew that I didn’t go close to her, but believed her and took care of her like a husband. He thinks Tanu and Nikhil were partying and left me to mourn for the baby who was not mine. He thinks I will ruin Nikhil and he will not get even a Peon job. He thinks I will send him back to the dirty lane. He thinks I will not forget Aaliya and will not let Dadi also forgive her. He thinks he will punish Aaliya, Tanu and Nikhil, and won’t let them come near his fuggi. Nikhil comes there and sees car.

Pragya thinks about Abhi’s words that he loves her. Nikhil peeps through the window and sees her in the kitchen. He thinks perfect murder, she is alone and thinks to give hint to her. He recalls getting call from Aaliya asking him to kill Pragya and not to give hint to her. Pragya thinks somebody is seeing her and comes near the window. Nikhil thinks you shall drink last cup of tea, don’t know if you will get everything in heaven, but if you go to hell then you will get just boiling water. Pragya brings kada to Abhi. Abhi asks why didn’t you call me and asks her to decide on the name. Abhi says Abhipra/prabhi. Abhi says this is our baby’s name. Pragya says name should have meaning. Abhi says you don’t like this idea, but you liked about idea of having baby. Pragya asks him to have kada. Abhi drinks it. Abhi says I was thinking to have honeymoon in this house and then go, as this house is lucky for us. He says we shall have babies now as we are married since long. Pragya says we can’t stay here as we didn’t tell Dadi or Maa. Abhi says we will give them double news naa. Pragya says I will not do anything until I talk to Maa and Dadi. Abhi says you have postponed our honeymoon plans, and says lets go, inform them and return here back. Pragya blushes. Abhi says I can see that you want what I want. They have an eye lock. Bheegi Bheegi Sadakon pe….plays…………………..They hug each other romantically.

Nikhil says are you ready for your last ride Pragya. He gets mechanic stuff near the car and hits the mechanic. Mechanic shouts and says I wouldn’t have worked for you. Nikhil says you are working for money. Mechanic says I have failed the brakes well. Nikhil says he has cut car brakes and says car can run for only 10 mins and then accident will happen. Nikhil thinks Pragya will have to go.

Purab tries calling Abhi and thinks Pragya’s life is in danger. He thinks why he is not picking the call. He is in the car on the way to Lonavala. Abhi tells Pragya that he found a new name. Pragya asks him to let her take bath. Abhi says he got a good name and wants a cute baby girl like you. He says Abhigya. Pragya says it is good. Abhi asks her to come out and says we will have honeymoon. Pragya asks him to wait for another 2 days. Abhi thinks to bring breakfast for Pragya and surprise her. Nikhil gives money to mechanic and asks him not to tell anyone that he did the work for him. Mechanic says I didn’t remember. Nikhil thinks what you will do Pragya now? And says he is waiting for the time when the accident happens, laughs. He thinks he couldn’t wait any longer.

Tanu thinks what does Purab think about himself and asks why these people sacrifices and don’t think about himself. She provokes Aaliya further. Aaliya asks her to shut up and says nothing will happen now. Nikhil calls Aaliya and Tanu, and sings congratulations and celebrations….Aaliya says I am not in a mood to celebrate. Nikhil asks her to make mood and make arrangements for last rites. He says even last rites will be done by the accident. Aaliya says there is a problem here. Nikhil asks what happened? Aaliya says Purab came to know about our plan. Nikhil asks did you tell him. Aaliya says why I will tell him. Nikhil says you loves him. Aaliya says I love him, but I am not blind. She says Purab heard about their planning and left even after I tried. Nikhil says Pragya will die before Purab can reach here. He says arrow is out now and anyone have to die, either Pragya or Purab. Aaliya is shocked.

Pragya comes after bath and asks Abhi to tell what he wants to say. She couldn’t see him anywhere and thinks he is teasing her and hidden somewhere. She asks him to come out and looks for him. She sees his jacket, and wonders where did he go? She gets a letter from him, that he is going to market to buy readymade breakfast, and asks her to come soon after bathing and then they will have breakfast together. Pragya thinks all mornings should be like this and promises to give you happiness all life.

Abhi sits in Pragya’s car and drives it. Petrol is leaked from the car. Pragya fills kumkum on her forehead.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Sugan

    Abhigya scence thousand time awesome love it and enjoy it….
    But precap is really scard.. What happen next..,

  2. Sabeenia


    |Registered Member

    I just love it….loads n loads of kisses……..,,♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  3. Divya

    no no no no no this cannot happen. they have to be together 🙁 🙁 🙁 please don’t let abhi lose his memory 🙁

  4. Nandu

    I think while saving abhi😞purab may loose his life…as few days back there was a gossip arjit is gng to quit kb…this might b end of his role😏may b dat’s y in montage they showed abhigaya union

    • shwetu

      yes it shld be it coz heard Arjit is quitting the show and his last day of shooting would be aug12th



    |Registered Member


  6. ar

    haha kkb viewers got cheated again….wow m so happy!!!abhigya happy only fr few hrs super!!!
    guys v should gv oscar yo the writer director n whole team

  7. sayisha

    Really like this episode but I am waiting for that movement when Tanu face abhi and she knows that abhi know all truth about her waiting for that movement ….

  8. sayisha

    Who knows what will happen if abhi memory loss then I will say with100%of confidence that Kkb was a **** show

    • Sahithi

      I tried to post about same yday but TU server seems to be down. It’s Pragya in salwar n chashma. Looks like a promo shoot that she is standing in front but he can’t recognize her.

      No comments, I wish I can also forget the show n never come back.

  9. Nupur

    kya bolu man karta hea writer ka khun kardu..akal kaha bigti hea oha se kharid lo par hum logo ka dimag kiu kharahe ho..kai mahine ke badh kuch accha ho rahatha par nehi ye writers serial ka band baja ne pe tula hua hea agar itna shokh hea band baja ne ka toh sadhi me jao..idiots..

  10. Sati nancoo

    So love this episodes but what happened next I will can’t stand it plzzzz don’t make him lose his memory after all they been through ,couldn’t they be happy jus for a few days hmmmmm

  11. pina

    If abhi will loss memory I think we all should stop to watch this serials. After long time we been waiting for their unite n love.now they’re doing this to us.just go to ****.

  12. Jada


    |Registered Member

    Ugh and of course after KKB takes a step forward it takes another 2 steps back. And also I like Abhigya as a couple name but oh god if they have a child please do not name her Abhigya :///

  13. Ramya

    abhi will have an accident and will have memory loss, where he can only remember tanu as his love and not pragya…tanu takes advantafe of this and again after 100 episodes of all this drama, he gets his memory back…

  14. Asmithaa


    |Registered Member

    They are going to make memory loss for abhi… Then the kkb would be a total crap…. The writers are going to drag this show with that memory loss drama… Friends that should not happen.., I hope the writers stop this memory loss drama… Pls writers have sympathy on us…

  15. Sahithi

    Prathiksha, so we won’t see Pragya pregnant in the new track with Abhi’s ML. That’s the only saving point for me. Whether I continue to watch or many others keep watching the show or not it’s a dirty idea to show a lady pregnant and the baby dad doesn’t acknowledge it. Atleast that much sense the writers retained, thankful to them for that.

    • shobana

      Sahithi, which means we are going to watch the show from the beginning 😂😂.
      This is not fair. Abhi said he is going to punish Tanu Nikhil and alia hard but before seeing their punishment I am not ready to see this memory loss.
      I thought that purab will get accident and the writers will put the end to his character but ulta is going to happen.
      They have just given one day happiness to abhigya. Hate you writers 😠😠😠😈😈😈

    • Sahithi

      Same here, though I wish it is his drama to expose evils. Assume it is drama why should every drama keep evils together and have leads separated.
      I dont think it will show from beginning or I am kind of confused. Like Abhi got lot of new ppl in his life in last few yrs. But sametime his attitude and he as a person changed. So with ML will he forget only ppl or he will forget himself as a person.
      If ML is true and not a drama, the new pics show him as angry and disappointed, may be we will see him trying to recollect something and he himself confused.

      Either way, for ppl watching from start of show, or waiting for end of this pregnancy track, its not a complete satisfaction. As we had only 2 epi with leads being happy. NOT AT ALL FAIR.

      • asmitha

        Guys I have a doubt if ML is going to happen then how dadi will handle it as we know she would not let pragya to go out of abhi’s life and purab what he will do and how they will end his character he is going to quit the show and his last shoot is on Aug 12

      • shobana

        Ya sahithi it was not a complete satisfaction. I expected more while exposing Tanu but it has happened in different. That’s okay. Lets see how CVs are going to take the story further. If they didn’t stretch his ML like pregnancy track means okay. Can make up mind to an extend to watch. 😒

      • shobana

        asmitha good doubt, I think they will show either by killing purab or by saying he has settled down in foreign countries or instead of arjit they can rope in some other one for purab character .
        And reg how dadi is going to handle situations. I was unable to predict. Lets wait and watch.

        Actually I expect remarriage of abhigya now. But something is going to happen in the show ☹

      • asmitha

        I read a spoiler that pragya and purab r going to save abhi from accident but don’t know that they will save him r not

      • Sahithi

        Shobana I dont think remarriage will happen as last time Aaliya and Tanu let marriage happen as they misunderstood between Bulbul and Pragya. Knowing to what extent Pragya will go to save her marriage, Tanu will definitely not let marriage happen. Last time she had this modelling thing in mind, but now she is only after Abhi. Also, she will continue to have companionship from Nikhil and Aaliya, so these three wont let a marriage happen.

        But I would have liked Abhi applying Kumkum on Pragya’s forehead before he left Lonavala house. And also if that part is discussed between them yday that Pragya was infact wearing kumkum all along and how she hid it from him and how he almost got same doubt during Karwachauth. They could have atleast shown that Pragya only acted as Mogambo but remained Abhi’s wife thru out. Also, Abhi may have ML but is not dead after the accident, so writers could show that the kumkum he put on Pragya before meeting with accident indeed had its power and kept him safe.

      • shobana

        Aw sahithi writers wont give us the happiness of seeing remarriage but lets see whether they are atleast showing abhi applying kumkum on pragya’s forehead. I will be happy if either of this happens.

    • Pratiksha

      Ya sahithi I too saw new pics. Still can’t guess what is exactly going to happen? Last two episodes were the epic for kkb. In these two days, we got what we wants to see since long but sahithi I couldn’t enjoy it much becoz of the thinking of upcoming twist. The accident promo and abhi’s memory loss news has ruined all the happiness and enjoyment of these last two episodes. You were right that consummation shouldn’t happen if memory loss is going to happen. I also felt same that ya it shouldn’t happen and thankfully it didn’t happen. Rest of the part of abhigya’s romance and cute lovely conversation was so cute and nice. I felt that cvs showed us many dreams in just these two episodes along with abhigya but it will b very heart breaking if abhi loses his memory and forgets pragya completely in real then we have to wait again for their love and romance for more long time with back to square one. Which I don’t want. But let’s see.

      • Nandu

        Prathiksha did u ppl observer dat wen pragya z makng kadaa abhi thought to punish taliya n nikhil..may b purab before dying may reveal to abhi dat diz car accident conspiracy was to kill pragya…n he may die……n dat part vl B hidden 4m us like pragya makeover as mugambo…like dadi did…diz tym to punish tanu aliya n nikhil abhi might act as memory loss patient…y dn knw but I had a feeling diz z gonna happen…as purab dies aliya vl B heart broken .

      • Mittenzz

        Purab is out driving trying to reach Pragya. Abhi is out driving going to buy breakfast for Pragya. Nikhil mess with breakline on Pragyas car. So both these men are out driving, if Purab is set on leaving the show, will the accident be between Purab and Abhi s car? Will this be their way of letting Arjit exit the show?

        The whole memory loss track is totally ridiculous. Why can’t they have Abhi and Pragya fight their enemies together as a team? Why the constant need to separate them and giving the evils advantage. Pragya had fought long and hard, been through alot, lost family members for her husband not to remember her just as things are finally about to go the way long awaited by her and we the viewers.

        Niktalyia needs be exposed. Not to be rewarded by Abhi losing the memory of his wife. Please write the show with more moral and virtue and logic that good will conquer evil.

      • Iswarya_santhosh


        |Registered Member

        Hi prathiksha! And all! I have a doubt. Some other girl was committed for bulbuls character! Then what happened now? Why purab is going to quit now? I think purab is not going to meet with an accident. Abhi is going to meet an accident and he really gonna getin to ml. Everybody is saying he might act. But my hearting saying. Once he gone in to ml pragya again started to fight with evils to getback her hubby. Guys be ready to watch the eyelock, nokjhok again and again. I think he might remember onlytheir marriage and his hatred for pragya. Rest he migt forget. They again start to live in a same room. Same eyelock. Then slowly he will fall for her! The worst thing is tanu will be on the show forever. Again aaliya comes in to mm. Purab i cant predict about him. Is this true purab is going to quit the show? And about replacement of bulbul? Anyone tell me.

  16. Frustrated

    I will definitely stop watching the show if anything happens to either Abhi, purab or pragya,. This show must end. Enough drama already! Can’t they be happy now. Punish Nikhil, Tanu and Aliya. That’s it

  17. asmitha

    This is not fair how can they separate them how cute they r looking yesterday what is the need to keep memory loss if it happens who will watch it stupid CVS they don’t have any story

  18. MP

    Kya bakvash he ye . Ketne mahino baad tanu ki asliyat abhi k sam ne aayi aur ab ye naya drama …and ye hame kya dikha rahe tanu k sachchay pargya ne kahi aur abi ne maan bhi liya bekkar me pargya oproof proof kar rahi thi……….PRAGYA ko ABHI KO BOHAT PEHLE BATA DENA CHAHEYE THAA……BINA KOI PROOF K………

  19. Gowtham

    ha ha tanu truth comes out…. but wats the point in that… i heard memory loss track is about to start…. ha ha.. i cant do anything but laugh… but fr compromising wd this pregnancy track, memory loss will be food…. abhi believed her wdout any proof…. nice concept actually…..

    by the way hope everyone is good…. shobana sis.. by the how are you??? i am commenting here aftr a long time….

    • Brintha

      hi shobana, gowtham hw r u… gowtham hw is ur job?…
      new concept? they copies frm here.. even abhigya name too..
      all the viewers are writing here for last 400 episodes that if the true love is there he shud listen without any proof..
      that also they copied frm here
      so there is nothing new idea came out frm their empty brain..
      now next is memory loss.. it cud hv happen after satisfying viewers wish.. after takhilia has been punished.. sarla lost her voise and got back after 50 episodes… now abhi memory loss.. will take for 500 episodes…
      and see hw they are writing.. pragya came by car.. so nikhil is cutting t break.. then abhi hw he came to lonawala house? by walk?…the hw house which they r showing is kept neat and clean.. which means some care taker and security must b thr generally.. he cud hc asked them to get breakfast.. so he wud hv got a chance for romance.. but what abhi a famous celebrity goes to buy breakfast.. know one will recognize him?… writer has the memory loss….they hv guts to show 400 bakwass episodes.. not capable of showing 4 episodes of gud ones.. their thinking like only ppl watch criminal and culprit ppl planning life style… they are not capable of showing any gud thoughts and gud ethics to show viewers by interestingly…

      • shobana

        Hi gowtham bro, Brinda. I hope u r all doing good. Its been long time since we comments here. Happy to see you all back.
        Truth has been out. But the end of this track doesn’t give satisfaction to me since I expect exposure in front of Tanu with her punishment then abhigya reunion and then there remarriage etc etc but nothing happened as such.

        And brindha abhi came to lonowala bangalo in his car but he send his car and driver back by telling him not to say anyone that he is in lonowala bangalo .

      • Sahithi

        Hey Brintha, good to see u back. Yeah its very disappointing how they are changing the story again in one day. I will wait to see the further twists but I didnt find anything new or creative in what has been shown as climax of this long running track. It was unlike the drama generally shown in MM, they showed only the 2 ppl who have to resolve their issues doing it without unnecessary interventions. That was the only satisfaction.

        If we observe story line for past few months, the writers first think of what should be next twist and reach there by taking the most silly path.

        Tanu was Abhi’s gf, then supposedly carrying his baby. First they wanted to continue to show her presence after his marriage, they did that. He wanted to finally propose to his wife, they got her pregnant. Now when all things sorted between the leads, it means her character has run its course. She doesnt have any significance in Abhi’s life or the show. Its time they are done with her character. I mean other than for keeping Tanu character around why do they need a ML now. Mogambo track was more than enough to bring the leads together and help them forge a bond beyond their marriage. Looking at all this, story seems to be going on how to retain Tanu in the show and justify her presence, rather than what next to do in the leads life.

      • Sahithi

        I dont understand why they are so stubborn to retain Tanu character and make the show go in circles. Instead they could have made Aaliya back in MM if she changed side in last minute and acted as reformed. At sametime they can bring Bulbul back with a ML instead, who forgets Purab and their marriage. Now the triangle can continue between Aaliya, Purab, Bulbul. Bulbul can be made to rejoin Purab’s office to bring them close.

        Pragya can bring back Purvi realizing her mistake and can get a new lead for her as well. When everyone is busy with Bulbul comeback n ML n Abhi-Pragya enjoying their married life, Aaliya can continue to plot in background. Just when Bulbul is fine, they can show Aaliya bringing down Abhi’s career completely and implicating Purab for this.

        That means both the sisters are hit by Aaliya’s plan and left with no money or property. Abhi has to build his career from scratch, Bulbul will have to prove Purab’s innocence. Pragya can help both of them. Abhi will finally reach stardom, Purab is out and both work together to bring Aaliya down.

        Then they can show both the sisters expecting their kids, and since we saw Tanu’s pregnancy for 15 months, it wont hurt to see them for atleast 3-4 months. After that they can take a leap.

        All this storyline can be shown for atleast next 2 yrs. Just an idea I got on fly, writers can think much more n better. But instead a ML…

      • shobana

        Nice idea sahithi, but our CVs wont follow it for sure. CVs always want to separate the lead and make the viewers irritate. That’s why they are going to start a new track without ending the pregnancy track.

    • Brintha

      shobana as i was not watching regularly i missed abhi car and sent wit driver.. hi sahithi.. thq deae.. though we r not regular u ppl remember us making us feel happy..
      dear all..
      please what we wanted they hv given.. nw its time to take a decision to continue wit the show or not..
      ppl don’t want to see annoying, storyless, nologic, no ethic episodes can continue with patience.. otherwise consider with this maha episide serial got happy ending antha stop watching..
      i hv decided not to be emotional..
      not to b sentiment wit this serial
      so i am going to decide to watch with precap..
      if i feel precap episode is gud thn i watch..
      otherwise no
      i read the comments..
      which all episodes i watch i try comment on it..

      who all watched kabali…
      i watched 3 times in theater..
      still not satisfied.. feeling to watch again again
      only for thalaivar
      afeter so many years i saw rajini as an actor.. i luved th movie lije anything.. freinds plz share about ur experience wit kabali..

  20. Megha

    Kkb is famous in all part of India. Don’t ruin the story. Don’t make the fans not to see it.

  21. shriti

    once again fresh photo came.
    Joined: 21 December 2009Posts: 13969Posted: 30 July 2016 at5:17pm | IP LoggedReportQuoteFresh Pics of Abhi s concert… Pragya in Chatris on stage infront of abhiPics Credit : Abhigya_rabul IG

  22. shriti

    love today epi cute converation between AbhiGya Especially the naming part it was awesome Icouldn’t believe myself I’m watching all this coz we hadseen happy AbhiGya a couple AbhiGyain fictions but when seeing it on screen it was just over the moon.Abhi’s suggestions wow AbhiPra PraBhi and our AbhiGya it was Lovely they are living as a Normal couple.I loved to the bits every shot was awesome as always Shabir amd Sriti rocked the show.Honeymoon plans..Baby planning.. everydialogue was awesome and much More I know all are in the same state we are on cloud nine aftera long wait these scenes are worth and we deserve much more.Today’s episode we could see happy misunderstanding free AbhiGya.And the villains are doing their part let’s see what’s gonna happen next.And some new on location pictures creating buzz and suspense.And some spoilers lets see whose spolier gonna win this time.Purab is alwaysCherry on the cake.. Let’s seewhat’s he gonna do..I don’t know y I’m feeling that Abhi won’t suffer of ML but who knows CVs may have some other twisted ideas.Lets see but for now Let’s relish the moment

  23. Ashitha

    Awesome episode.love to see abhigya together.hope the writers cancel memory loss track.I want to see tanu nikhil and aliya punished. Writers please keep abhigya together.hope that everything gets well.

  24. Itsme_reji


    |Registered Member

    Hi guys !!..itsme reji !!…how r u all ?? After a long time coming to this site ..yesterday i tried to comment but the website was in offline..and atlast tanu is exposed !!…so happy by that time feeling so sad too !!!…so abhi’s memory loss is gonna happen !!..but guys i have a doubt …abhi is going to
    have memory loss means he will forget evrythng or ??..he will forget only pragya ???…

    And today gold awards is gonna be telecasted …I am very eager to watch it as Abhi got Popular actor male and Pragya for face of the year..and guys tomorrow i
    having tests …so pls wish best of luck to write the tests..and from now definitely will try to comment regularly ..becoz i missed u all very much !!..😊😊

  25. asmitha

    Guys I saw a pic of abhi pragya purab I think it is not related to show but it was so cute and one more pic with total kkb cast I think they r celebrating anything

    • Sahithi

      Yeah they had a party/house warming last night for Sriti’s new house. Pictures are being posted by all cast from that only. I think Ankit(Akash) is out on vacation so he was missing. I didnt find Leena(Tanu) also in these pics. May be she didnt recover fully from her injuries. Except them, everyone else was spotted.

      • asmitha

        One more news guys abhi is not only forgetting pragya but also dadi he will reminds only his rock star carrier so according to this it will be different but what I want they shouldn’t bring tanu bwn them they should show a another love story by this so let’s see what is going to happen I think we can get promo within two days they shooted it last night so may it will be a gd love story of a rock star and a middle class girl

      • Reji

        Ya that’s nice asmitha !!..but i read in a news that Abhi will forget evrything that happened in these 2 years !!..so he will forget that he got married to pragya …so first he was in love with tanu and he was sticked with aliya i think in first how he was like that only the track is going to be i think …but dadi is there na ..Abhi can’t cross dadi’s words …so i think Dadi will do something !!…but i have strong hope that ..How many lives enemies also our abhigya can’t be separated !!..😊👍👍👍👍

      • Reji

        Ya u r ryt sahithi !!..😂😂😂😂..selective memory loss!!..writers are doing this with a criminal mind only !!..how to make abhi memory loss ..till which his memory will be lost??..haha ..so hope this track will be better than that tanu’s pregnancy track !!..😊😀

      • asmitha

        I read a news in fb that kkb story based on a article I don’t know name they started the show to show in that storyline but it went as a family drama so now they r trying to show a pure love story of a rock star and a middle class girl so let’s see how it will be so this will be true then it will be nice to watch abhigya in this way
        Sriti looks so pretty in pink gown and shabir was awesome as always at gold awards

  26. Reji

    Hi guys !!..I think all r watching gold awards !!…going nice !!..waiting for Shabir and Sriti’s category !!..but happy the kumkum bhagya got best fiction !!..😊😊😊

  27. abhishek

    No i thinl abhi will act ashe got memory loss because guys remeber what abhi said that he will punish tanu ,nikhil and aliya by his own hands for making his fuggi suffer so i think abhi will act has to hate pragya and give torture to pragya like before and will act like supporting tanu and aliya and in abhi and tanu marriage he will expose tanu, nikhil and aliya it should be like this then it will be bang for kb fans

  28. Radha

    OMG! Its going to enter into another dragging track. Abhi going to meet accident and gonna lose his memory. Poor pragya is going to suffer again. Always evil wins…

  29. Ketki

    hey asmitha abhi is forgetting dadi means?? how can he firget her? woh to bachpan se uske saath hain

    • asmitha

      No ketki after reading news what I understood is here abhi reminds only he is rock star may he will forget that he has a family and others so by this he will forget dadi too if this will be true then he don’t remember anyone so there is no problem of tanu and may pragya and others will try to bring abhi memory back r it may leads to other love story and in fb there is a news that kkb story is taken from a novel which is based on love of a rock star and a middle class girl so now they r trying to show it so let’s see how much it will be true if it will be true then it will be gd to see abhigya in this way

    • Sahithi

      But Asmitha if that is indeed true, then could have shown like what we saw till now as Season 1 where 3 evils are punished and with leads having happy ending, and then start Season2 after a month or so and show a new love story between same characters. What if it was not a arranged marriage between the leads where they were forced to marry for their own obligation to their families, but instead fall for each other even when they are completely different individuals.

      But current scenario is not like that right, they never lead even one complete day happily. They just showed us some glimpses as in they spent only few hours together as a couple. And before they themselves can digest their happiness, tragedy is gonna strike again which is so painful to think. I mean how many times Abhi lifted Pragya and carried her, but her expression and happiness in last episode speaks about how it is different from all other times.

      And I am not sure how it can be a fresh love story when only Abhi will be unaware of what is happening around, same like in pregnancy track, where majority knew the truth but he was the one made to live in illusion about that baby. Now he will be having a similar medical condition and he will only be fooled by ppl around him and I am scared to think how he will be manipulated by Aaliya n Tanu.

      They are not letting any segments or OLVs out and keeping so much suspense, not able to guess what is such twist to maintain secrecy.

  30. kkB-fanornot

    Story moved forward an inch…and now it will go back 2-3 months! Accident hoga and memory will go and the story will drag again. Chalo, writers kachuwe ki chaal tou chale.
    Now we will have to wait at least 2-3 weeks if not months for the story to move an inch more!

  31. nirvana

    Plzzzz …… why does abhi has to have a memory loss😕can pragiya an abhi just reunite and have a happy ending.Gosh this is dragging way to long😑

  32. kk

    I am from Jamaica and I love this show so much if abhi got memory loss u guys will see the worst of me. Please don’t do this I there viewer’s we waited so long for this.

    • Sahithi

      Yeah saw them, I like Abhi/Shabir most in their combination pics, his attitude as rockstar too good.. Shabir literally rocks it!!

      And it was a bit funny they made Pragya stand on an elevation to come face to face with Abhi and match his height. I had same feeling for Friday and Saturday epi also, since Pragya had a bandage and was not wearing any chappals. In scenes where they were far, there was a considerable height difference but when they were close and hugging they were at same height .. LOL..

  33. Sandarsha

    Ha ketki I saw ,seems like some thing different is gng to happen and abhigya in concert seems like promo shoot.memory loss is going to happen or not is still a question mark ??

  34. Billu

    Guys today we have a segment looks like car met with an accident ……..Krystle dsouza is promoting her show in between so looks like I don’t know

    • Sahithi

      Yup there are OLVs out, looks like we will see the accident scenes in tonight episode but there seems to be some last minute shooting happening. I didnt watch completely those videos, but Pragya is reaching accident spot by taking lift in Krystle’s car because Krystle is promoting her new show Brahmarakshas which will come at 9PM Sat-Sun on zee from this week.

      I think car will fall off some cliff sort of thing.. Anyways the next track is confirmed and they started shooting with Pragya in old Fuggy getup also, so looks like only this accident related stunt scenes will be shown in segment.

      Better they dont show all this accident and later crying things much and proceed to the ML thing, saying after a short leap. Anyways when there is tragedy why prolong or again show Pragya crying. There will be more episodes already allotted for Pragya tears.

      • asmitha

        So sahithi better I think we can quit the show right I thought it will be in a different way but again it is going to a same crap

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.