Kumkum Bhagya 30th July 2015 Written Episode Update


Kumkum Bhagya 30th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Tanu coming to Abhi and asking him to come with her. Abhi asks her to leave him alone. Tanu asks him not to worry about the family who have disowned him. She sits beside him. Some goons come there. Abhi tries to fight with them, but Tanu stops him and takes him in her car. Pragya holds Abhi’s guitar and cries. Khushbo Se Yun Teri …..hamari Adhuri Kahani plays…………….while Pragya reminiscence her moments with Abhi. Dadi thinks she has to see if Pragya is fine. Pragya thinks Abhi asked her to take care of Abhi and starts walking towards her room. Dadi gets up and walks straight to Abhi’s room. Pragya sees her and thinks where she is going at this time? She comes to her room and looks at Dadi’s emotional side.


tells Dadi that I told you clearly that you will cry the most remembering Abhi. She says Abhi is not here to see your love. Dadi says you are seeing my anger, but not my helplessness. You have to become mum from a wife to understand my helplessness. She says a mum gets happy seeing her child’s progress and if her son do anything wrong, then his mum gets scared. She says that fear makes a mum punish her son, so that he don’t repeat his mistake. She asks her to tell from her point of view, if it is right for Abhi to make relation with other woman. She says you can’t see this if this happens to others, but now keeping quiet as it has happened with you. She says I didn’t do any mistake by punishing Abhi.

Tanu takes the advantage of the situation and brings him to her flat. She says she will change the decorations else shift to other flat. She says we will work hard and build a big house. we shall get married and stay away from your family. We will take care of our baby together. Abhi is silent. Tanu asks aren’t you happy? She asks him to talk. Abhi asks her to shut up and says he don’t want to talk to her. Tanu says I was saying all this intentionally to change your mood. She says your Dadi kicked you out of your house in one moment and asks him to forget Dadi. Abhi asks her to stop it and says he can’t hear anything against Dadi. He says he came here because of Pragya as she wants him to take care of his responsibility. He says I shall sleep now. Tanu thinks Pragya has changed him so much, but she will change her Abhi with love.

Doctor comes and checks Dadi. Pragya asks Akash what has happened to Dadi. Akash says Dadi is punishing herself and asks her to return the happiness of the house. He asks her to do something and goes to attend the meeting.

Aaliya meets Raj in jail and says whatever have happened with you is wrong. You are paying for someone’s doings and says she has decided to free him from here. Raj asks him to talk straight. Aaliya says she wants to take revenge from her enemy Abhishek Mehra and says he is your enemy too. He has snatched my happiness and taught me a lesson. She says he has hurt me and needs to be hurt too. She asks if Raj will help her in revenge. Raj says timing is right and says he has decided to change his statement. He says he will take revenge from the person who trapped him. He says you came here to help me. He will agree to help her in taking revenge. He says he will do all the bad things to get money and fame. He says he is disowning every relation and will work for money only. They shake hands and strike a partnership for crime.

Abhi comes to office and asks to send Akash. His employee says he didn’t come till now. Abhi asks about Purab? His employee says Purab is out of station for some project. Akash comes and greets Abhi. Abhi asks why he came late? Akash tells that he brought medicines for Dadi and got her check up done. He says Dadi’s health is deteriorating. Abhi gets concerned.

Pragya takes care of Dadi and make her have food. Mitali thinks Dadi takes their service. Abhi rushes there and scolds them for not been able to take care of Dadi. Dadi asks him to leave. Abhi says he will not leave until she gets fine. He asks robin to bring tray and says Dadi can beat him with scale, but he will not leave the house.

Precap: Raj comes home. Abhi forwards his hand to greet him. Raj excuses himself. Tanu emotionally blackmails Pragya.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Oh raj! Dnt turn so rash!! U r jst gd to luk as a gd person bt nt as a villian!! I likd ur acting as satìsh n pavitra rishtha!!! Hope u find the truth abt the 1 who trapd u!!

  2. Raj!!!!!!!! Please close Tanu pregnant nonsense

  3. No new Abhi-Pragya scenes today??

    1. Chithu I told u na abhi will not going with tanu by his wish, tanu take him forcely by playing emotional game. Again my prediction has proved right. One thing which is really gud and that is when abhi says to tanu that he came to her for pragya’s sake and wish. He has indirectly cleared it to her that he cane with her not becoz he loves her or he cares for her baby but he loves pragya and he is just fulfilling her wish of taking responsibilityy of her and her baby. But this tanu is so much shameless. Still behind of abhi. Most greediest girl in the world who can do anything for fulfilling her greed. No matter with herself or others.

      1. Nikki.. do you think Abhi will stay back again in his home as Dadi is ill?? if so then good yaarr…not back to Tanu’s home again…

      2. Nikki… i was thinking… that Pragya might have convinced everyone in the family including Abhi and Dadi for Abhi-Tanu’s marriage after this suicide drama…and Abhi-Pragya’s confession might be in the last night before this marriage??? like Abhi would have finally decided to confess his love for Pragya as after marriage with Tanu he will not be able to open up his feelings forever???

        Just a guess…what do you think πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

      3. Chithu how can it possible becoz they have given the date of promo’s scene’s telecast on 4thaugust so we have only today’s and Monday’s episode becoz on Tuesday promo scene will b telecast so how could it happen in two days that oragya will convince abhi and dadi for marriage and marriage date will also get finalized! I don’t think so it can happen. Ya one thing may b possible if CVS gives us a surprise visit of nikhil who tells the truth to everybody or to pragya and abhi. But I feel most chances of my previous prediction about promo. Well let’s see what will happen in these two days through which the magical promo scene will happen? or it will b a dream!

      4. Off course chithu. He was telling tomorrow that he will not leave until dadi gets fine. So he will not. And for story, abhi needs to stay back in mehra mension otherwise it will b more annoying for audience to tolerate this track.

      5. yeah.. till now we have many predictions…it will go on if we keep on thinking…so will stop predicting πŸ™‚ lets wait to see what CVS has for us πŸ™‚

    2. From tomorrow episode, tanu’s suicide drama will start.I just hope my promo scene’s prediction also comes true. Fingers crossed.

      1. wat’s ur prediction nikki

      2. yeah Nikki πŸ™‚ it really needs lot of guts for any girl to play with pregnancy thing like this infront of her own family and others (having Nikhil also )…and that too blackmailing and forcing everyone with that πŸ™‚

        Celin, Nikki’s prediction was Pragya would try to convince Abhi for marriage with Tanu after Tanu’s suicide drama and at that point of time Abhi may confess his love for Pragya herself instead πŸ™‚ if it happens..it is good πŸ™‚ or it happens on same day along with truth revelation is also too good :):)


      3. nikki because ur and ur frends smart comment and prediction to read this chat is very interesting
        not like i hate that i love this
        please go ahead

      4. thnks chitu………nadandha kandipa rmbavae nalla irukum.seri unga prediction enna chitu and u and nikki r from?????

      5. Celin… my prediction was Nikhil may come and expose the truth to everyone in angry of being cheated by Tanu… because thought writers may not be ready to link all the storyline like Abhi’s defame and Aaliya’s revenge and everything with this Tanu’s drama which is already vvvvveryy long…also after Abhi-Pragya’s union they will need some storyline to go with πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ but one more doubt is will they close this huge track of pregnance (almost 70 Episodes now) in such a short manner πŸ™‚

        so lets see.. whatz going to happen πŸ™‚ in anyway..if this confession happens for real than dream ..then good πŸ™‚

  4. Why Ekta kapoor always make fun of marraige in her every serial,rediculous;->

    1. in Russia people say all happy family happy equally but every unhappy family unhappy unique
      hapiness not interesting
      dificulties gives food for our mind which takes us in to the world of dreams (how can be that or this and what to do when)
      far far away from real life and hapiness around us in our lifes

  5. Raj ?? Who’s Raj ? Mitali’s husband ??? i really don’t remember him…. πŸ™

  6. Tanu u go to hell :@

  7. Omg.. In which this serial is going?? Its too boring..

  8. thanks for writen update H Hasan you our angel of undestanding hindi serial

  9. Guys hr s a comparisn bw kkb nd pavitra rishtha…

    Pr hs two main leads who r silent nd md fr each othr.. Kkb hs two main leads who r voilent nd md fr each othr…
    Pr hd shravani as pregnant f sum othrs child bt wantd male lead to marry hr nd acpt d child… In kkb ts tanu (similar case)..
    Pr-archana who sacrifices fr evry smal thngs nd becum mahan.. In kkb ts pragya…
    Sathish in pr suresh in kkb…
    Bt nw got to c whtr abhi loses hs wealth nd power nd s ruind bt wid pragyas constant support he nce again regains al d fame nd name back… Lyk manav n pr wher he lst hs first child nd dn owe to b a sucsful man wid d suprt f archana…
    Ne mre similarty s the draggggggggging…

    This s wat ektha kapΓΈorji ke serials… Sme stry sme cncpts no uniqueness…

  10. Nikki i really want ur prediction to come true, afterall something interesting should happen after, all these dragging…

  11. Balaji producation house jitna famous he us k serial utne hi bakwas hote he seriously ye log bohat se character le kar ate he pher pata hi nhi chalta k un ka kia hoa h or agar wapas ate he to villan ban k and secondly ye log truth b nhi dekhate ab pragiya wala show is me phele pragiya ki sadi ki haqiqat pher porvi pr alzam or ab tanu ki prgnancy in me se kuch b nhi explain kia i think ye log apne serial k comment read nhi karte pher in ko feedback nhi magni chahiye jb ye us ko accpet hi nhi karte and ekta ne to jese socha hoa h k apne her serial me sadi or rishton ko mazak banana h producation hit h but show flap h agar ye vote le to mybe zero vote ho

  12. Shame on u raj

  13. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Ecactly which serial have any sucess or had frm Ektakapoor?? Wen is kkb.gona.end?going round n round lies manupilations revenge sickys elephant long pregancy loose morals n wat wat….either clear n end happily Prgn Abhi.

  14. this show is now weird ,there is a point were dadi says That Abhi cheating Is worse than Aaliya trying to commit murder?Then Old Aaliya wants to destroy her brother but wouldn’t she ultimately be destroying herself cos her brother is the breadwinner.Aaliya Shd be in Jail for attempted murder.A lot of things don’t make sense!!

  15. actually friends when rabul’s marriage was cancelled bullbull gave aaliya’s name to the police that aaliya attempted to kill her that purab stopped the police and said the to come after two days …. where are the police ??? what are they doing???? …… we all have waited for so long … πŸ™ I dont know still how many more days we all have to wait . tired of waiting!!!!! really kkb has becomeso boring now-a-days!!!

  16. Guys..link for full promo video πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  17. Toooooooooooooo Fantus aba Raj jaise admiko be tum log negative character ke role de ke Aliya, Raj, nikhil milke Abhi ko tooooo badnam karoge Pragnya jaisi Stong role lead karne wali ko Tanu ke isharo pe nacharaheho Bakwas ka bi had hotahe…

  18. One thing in every episode which annoys me mostly and that is when abhi says to tanu’s baby my baby, my baby….. On that time I feel like I shout and say that this is not ur baby.? Go and make ur baby with pragya, with ur wife.??

  19. I think, before starting of raaj and aaliya’s revenge track from abhi in fullest, CVS should have to end this pregnancy track. Otherwise everything will become clumsy and more annoying. And this pregnancy track already has been taken 3 months 4 days. Now it’s enough and CVS should have to move with another track.

    1. Yes Nikki…tatz wat I was also thinking…
      But I was seeing some old episodes….after seeing that i felt like Abhi should suffer more to get Pragya… I mean not thro this pregnancy track…but Pragya should show some kind of thing to make Abhi understand how much she has suffered due to him…
      This I thought especially after seeing these 121 and 200 episodes…

      1. what is CVS ?????

      2. Ya chithu abhi has been suffered a lot and still is suffering. CVS have done their job gud in showing and creating every possible situation and pain through which pragya had also gone and now abhi is also going through all this. So in this processure, one thing is left still which will make abhi realizes about pragya is his partner of every weather, every situation and his name and fame doesn’t matter for her. Through this situation, he will completely realize of everyone’s true face in his family and specially of tanu. Becoz he still doesn’t know about tanu’s greediness for her name and fame and wealth. He just knows that tanu is behind him becoz he was love with her and she is pregnant with his baby. So for this, abhi’s fall down from name, fane and money is needed and And all this should b happen before revealing tanu’s truth. I think that’s why cvs r bringing this aaliya and raaj’s revenge track to defame abhi.

      3. Hmmm…they can break this pregnancy track and then anyway Abhi will come to know her greediness as though it is Nikhil’s baby she is behind Abhi only becoz of his fame and money πŸ™‚ I feel Nikhil could reveal that reason as well in front of everyone… πŸ™‚

    2. Ya rit nikki I too think like tat only. If ur prediction comes true it ll b superb. πŸ˜‰

  20. I hope pragya nd abhi untie soon…

  21. Wat the hell is this… Plz break the suspense of Tanu’s pregnancy secret to Abhi.. We wanna c him proposing pragya directly.. Some cute romantic scenes plz..

  22. I think story will go like this
    Tanu parents get concern about her after suicide drama n during that time her parents over hear Tanu n Nikhil talks. They come to know Nikhil is father for her unborn baby n as they r not greedy for name n fame like Tanu
    They tell abhi about truth n then abhi confess his love for fuggy

    1. This way abhi also have clean heart from her parents also n go ahead to prepose pragya. Even she wil not have problem to accept him as Tanu parents them selfs agree n Tanu will get marry to Nikhil

  23. After today’s episode…we will come to know what will happen.. Thro Monday preview…so waiting for today’s one.

  24. nΓ ineesha

    What’s all this nonsense!

  25. What the hell now r u goin to door. End Tanu’s drama for God sake. T has become sooooo irritating. And don’t turn raj so rash. He was a nice person.

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