Kumkum Bhagya 30th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 30th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pragya telling Mitali that she is feeling sorry and can understand. Mitali blames her for telling her truth to Raj and shocking him. Tanu hears her and thinks how did his truth came out. Mitali says I thought to live happily with him, but you have ruined our happiness. Pragya says whatever I told was intentionally. Mitali says I wanted to become like you, but now I hate you. She says Raj is not only her husband, but her love. She can stay without money, but not without Raj. She curses her and says she will ruin her. Tanu hears her and thinks she will instigate Mitali against Pragya. She wonders how did Raj get caught? Purab tells Sarla about Raj. Sarla says how can this happen? How can he betray Abhi? Purab says there is nothing like trust now. We can’t change it. Sarla

says it is clear that Abhi is betrayed by his close relatives, first Pragya, then Aaliya and now Raj. She asks Purab to get Abhi married to Tanu at the earliest. Purab asks what you are saying? Sarla says Abhi should marry Tanu. She says he is very alone and needs a partner. Purab says if Abhi marries Tanu, then won’t you feel bad. Sarla says Abhi took her permission and she agreed. Purab says Abhi loves Pragya. Sarla says Pragya doesn’t love Abhi, but loves only his money. Sarla says if Abhi marries Tanu then she will get a good life partner. She asks him to get Abhi married to Tanu soon for the sake of friendship.

Abhi is in his room. Pragya comes. Abhi asks what you have decided? Pragya says I don’t know what you are saying? Abhi says you said when you will get that man, you will return all my money and will become fuggi. He asks her to return his money. Pragya says if he will accept her back. Mere Pass Tu Rehna plays while they have an eye lock. Abhi asks her not to question him as this is not possible. He says he is going to marry Tanu and his decision can’t change. Pragya asks him to wait some more time and says her last motive is still remaining. Abhi asks what is it? Pragya says my motive is still not fulfilled and says she can’t tell him anything. Later Pragya gives a parcel to Ronnie and asks him to give it to Tanu. She says Tanu shouldn’t know who has given it. Ronnie says okay and goes to Tanu. Tanu asks him not to waste her time. Ronnie says your truth is revealed now and asks with whom you was meeting yesterday? Tanu asks him not to say nonsense. Ronnie gives her parcel. Tanu warns him and says she will get him arrested. Ronnie asks him to open the parcel in her room, and says may be it can contain bomb. Pragya says it will blast on Tanu. Tanu wonders who have sent it.

Mitali comes to her room and tells Raj that she made Aloo Parathas for him. She asks him to have it and tries to make him eat. Raj asks her not to do love act infront of him. Mitali asks him to have food. Raj says I hate you and your face. Mitali asks him not to ask her to go far from him, and says she will die without him. Raj asks her to die. Mitali apologizes and says how to make you understand. She says I love you very much and can’t live without you. She asks him to forgive her. Raj asks him to bring his respect, love and the days which he spent in jail. Mitali cries and asks him not to keep her far from him. Raj says your punishment is that you should never come infront of me. Mitali says I am your wife. Raj says this is my pain now. I can’t leave you or can’t stay with you. He asks her not to come infront of him else he will leave the house. Mitali says you haven’t done right thing Pragya, I will ruin your life and can’t let you happy.

Tanu opens the box and gets Nikhil’s watch. She thinks it is of Nikhil and asks why did he send her parcel. Pragya thinks Tanu must have checked the watch by now and calls her. He calls as watchman. Tanu asks do you have proof? Pragya says I sent a proof in that box. Tanu says so you have sent it. Pragya says I have big proof also to show to Abhi. She asks her to give her money. Tanu says she couldn’t manage to get money. Pragya says I am thinking to give proofs to Abhi’s first wife as she will give money to me and will not take much money. Tanu gets tensed.

Tanu comes to Ronnie shouting at him. She asks who gave you that person. Ronnie asks why I shall tell you. Tanu warns him and says no one can be bad than me. Ronnie says you said right. Pragya comes and asks what is going on? Ronnie says someone sent parcel for Tanu, and he gave it to her. Pragya asks her not to over react and asks what is in that parcel because of which you got angry. Tanu says there was nothing in it. Pragya says you are a popular model and some secret admirer must have sent it. She says she wants to see what is in that parcel? Tanu goes angrily. Pragya thinks just reach the place where I have called you with that man…and everything will be revealed.

Sarla blames Pragya and says she will call Police for ruining innocent Abhi. Purab and Pragya are shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Ranaji

    Next epi purab will tell the truth to sarla it will be nice and abhi you are fool pls believe pragya she is your fuggi only

  2. Guys I guess tanu’s matter will be exposed by abhi himself ……….cvs will give us an unexpected twist ……which abhi will prove it with mithali around its hard for pragya to expose tanu

  3. today’s episode was little interesting pratiksha now mitali turned as an enemy to pragya i think to ruin pragya’s life only she has become witness to tanu and abhi’s court then pragya’s will be ruined this her plan am i right ???????? now tanu first she aimed raj and now mitali to turn against to pragya will she use mitali for this ???? and coming to sarla maa point i don’t know for what reason she is saying that she will call police !! but soon she should get to know about pragya’s truth pratiksha when will sarla get to know about pragya’s truth any segment update for that ??????

  4. today’s episode was little interesting pratiksha now mitali turned as an enemy to pragya i think to ruin pragya’s life only she has become witness to tanu and abhi’s marriage court then pragya’s life will be ruined this her plan am i right ???????? now tanu first she aimed raj and now mitali to turn against to pragya will she use mitali for this ???? and coming to sarla maa point i don’t know for what reason she is saying that she will call police !! but soon she should get to know about pragya’s truth pratiksha when will sarla get to know about pragya’s truth any segment update for that ??????

    • Reji on monday sarla will get to know pragya’s truth. Pragya was going to solve kumkumbhagya marriage hall’s legal matter in that area’s office. Sarla maa too reaches that office regarding that matter where she misunderstands pragya that she came to takeover kumkumbhagya marriage hall too. That’s why she calls police but at that moment purab tells whole truth to sarla maa regarding pragya and her all sudden change behavior and reasons behind it, after getting to know which, sarla maa feels guilty and hugs pragya whole heartedly and gives her promise to be with her by giving her blessings of own.

    • hani

      Reji sarla comes to know the truth by purab I think except abhi everybody will come to know the truth and they keep on draaagggggiiinnnnggggg they should reunite them before Valentine’s day or atleast on Valentine’s day

  5. Poor pragya?after so much struggle she has finished her two enemies, still third and last one is left to finish but before it and between it, her another new enemy has born which is mitali. Raaj was just hiding truth but this mitali can turn truth into another thing to take revenge from pragya which could fully against of her. As we knows that how mitali worked against pragya and helped taaliya during mms track so we knows that taaliya can use mitali against pragya by manipulated her easily as tanu was saying to herself. And as we have been seen that mitali have already started working against pragya by helping in tabhi’s marriage as witness. So if we will see in future that mitali will start her spying on pragya as she was spying on tanu in past days and she will started to help tanu then it will not a surprise for us. So I think we should ready for it becoz mitali’s support with tanu can create lots of hurdles in pragya’s way. Pragya should b alert from mitali and should not take her lightly as she was cursing her today. Pragya should remember mitali’s last evil deeds which she did during MMS track but as usual if pragya will get alert then how it will b difficult for pragya so definetly CVS will show pragya as careless in mitali’s matter so they can show difficulties on pragya’s way of tanu’s exposure. Well I just want to say for pragya all the best. But if somehow pragya will manage successfully to expose tanu then also she will have two permanent enemy of her own which is mitali and aaliya. So I think after tanu, we will see aaliya and mitali’s equation. Poor abhigya their love life is so complicated and so as their future also until they will live in mehra mad house between it’s mad peoples. One thing I don’t understand that why pragya is expecting that tanu will come to give money with her baby daddy? I mean it’s just a possibility that she could bring him with her. Pragya should chase tanu when she will go to take money from her baby daddy so she can see him beciz only his identity will not enough to expose their truth, pragya will have to prove their truth with strong proof so she should find that person first then through DNA test she should present strong proof in front of abhi and everyone that what relationship tanu shares with that person and he is the biological father of tanu’s baby or else pragya should make some other plan which should b very strong which will hit on it’s point. She should not depend on possible plans becoz as abhi is hell bent to marry with tanu, pragya has no time. One last thing I want to share with u all. It’s just my personal thought regarding abhi. As I said once before too and today also that abhi has become and he is behaving like a poor heroine of the daily soap.?

    • Reji

      Pratiksha I agree with your all points but the last point u said na it is definitely true and my thought I think half of the family knows about pragya’s truth except then what’s the need to hide reveal the truth everyone na ???? Now I am also saying pragya all the best !!!

      • Reji pragya can’t reveal her complete truth to everyone becoz if tanu will get to know her real intentions then she will get it easily that pragya knows about her also as she was doubting on pragya that like aaliya, pragya is making plan against her also as she knows her truth, that’s why she is not letting abhi marry with her. So if tanu will get to know about pragya’s truth then tanu will get alert and then it will impossible for pragya to expose her before marriage and if pragya will tell abhi truth at this moment then he will not believe on her becoz then he will think that pragya is doing all this to stop his marriage with tanu that’s why pragya is forced to hide her and tanu’s truth from abhi until she gets strong proffs against tanu.

    • shobana

      Hi prathiksha I ve seen in an website that dadi ll tell Pragya that abhi is going marry Tannu in 2 days for that Pragya ll tell I ll expose Tanu in 48 hrs bt she cant expose her
      abhi and tanu in court going to sign the paper for their marriage at that time one girl along with Nikil comes and tell that Tanu is pregnant with nikil’s baby and not urs
      A strong argument goes on between Tanu and that girl aft strong proof shown by that girl abhi slap Tanu hardly
      Then abhi ll ask that girl who r u how u know abt our family matters .for that the girl ll reply that I knw u all v well as I am bulbul I ve undergone plastic surgery and how she gathered proof
      Is this true ??????? Is bulbul character going to enter the show?????

      • Sahithi

        If this is true, will be really really awesome, as we all wanted Bulbul to be back n at an appropriate time, with a bang.

      • Sahithi

        Pratiksha who do u think was in the bandage when Bulbul jumped off. I felt it was definitely not Mrunal, could be Kajol or some dupe may be. If it was Kajol, then she didn’t post or mention anywhere that she started shooting. We saw Bulbul in bandage for atleast 3-4 episodes.
        If Bulbul is really going to give entry during Abhi Tanu court marriage, then I feel we may not have prior info on Kajol shooting those sequences. They may want to keep it under wraps.
        We may have a promo this week if there is something imp thats going to happen at the court, but thr r chances that Bulbul being part of it may not be revealed in the promo also. They may just show will Tanu get married something like that if they want to keep Bulbul part as suspense.
        Bulbul jumping off was an imp part of the show, but we didn’t have any promo for that right.
        I still feel Bulbul exposing Tanu n coming back is a good way for her re-entry.

  6. rose

    Now mitali thinks pragya as her enemy ..if one enemy fine tn new one arrived in next episode .. wt an idea to drag… at the same time there s also some good thing like sarla ma going to know pragya truth.. we Hav to tolerate this tanu’s idiotic things for some more days for ur abigya reunion lets c how cvs s going to end this track

  7. Ashu

    Again dragging… Now Mitali going to ruin Pragya, that’s y she is helping abhi for court wedding… N Ronnie doesn’t know about mitali now so she ll use him also to betray Pragya… Can’t this show move without villain??? When abhi n pragya ll reunite?

  8. rose

    Prathiksha nd reji did u know anything about kajol (bulbul ) shooting or wn she start with kkb.. waiting for bulbul reentry

    • Reji

      No rose still now no information about kajol entry I think still now CVS r thinking to drag this show we have to wait some more time for bulbul I think so

  9. Ashu

    And the devil tanu heard mitali n Pragya’s conversation also:@:@:@Now abhi needs back only his money not his fuggi… Poor Pragya:-(u)

  10. Abhigya fan

    Really stupid……. If these many complications will be there in someone’s life, he/she will commit suicide

  11. hey reji i read one headline on facebook that sarla come goverment office for removing pragya name form there family . she scold too much pragya coz for innocent abhi & purab feel bad for pragya & reveal pragya trust behavior rude with everybody & sarla hug pragya

  12. sona

    Pragya has done nothing wrong with mitali, if she doesn’t tell the truth to raj then he always hate abhi n always wanted to ruin his life. Mitali is selfish women who want life to go to his tune,she can’t respect love when she want money,now she want love but doesn’t have strength to tell truth to his love one.she said pragya that she want to become like her, now she hate her why ?If mitali really want to become like pragya she beard the haterness of her husband just like pragya now and never hide the truth from raj year ago .Mitali has no right to blame the pragya for their own mistake.why the director always want villian for pragya n abhi from their own house rather than from the outsider.

    • Phyllis

      You are 100% Correct. Matali is blaming Pragya for the deceitful mess that she created. What a FOOL. If Raj finds out …He will really HATE his Wife. Stupid.

    • sneha

      Seriously mitali’s character is like……. she told that she will take revenge & bla bla bla as a wife can do anything to protect her husband & pragya did the same, she revealed mitali’s truth in front of raj just to protect her husband abhi

  13. dahiya

    Sarla call police to arrest praghya bcoz he she get misunderstand that pragya is snatching kum kum bhagya hall but she is trying to save hall then purab tell all the truth to sarla

  14. freinds any of u think that bulbul actually not dead but playing a prank since police didnt get her body too amd i think she will come at the end

  15. Surir

    How many enemies dah will Prgaya have to face. Looks like this series will never end!! Please please do not drag until the next generation like the other soap operas …. Esp. Pavitra Rishta until you have lost the plot and became boring with too many characters. If its Ekta’s drama – predictable and dragging so as to make money …..Should end with current generation only..

  16. Shwetu

    I don’t think mithali as a new enemy guys…..coz this not the the first time she is getting instigated she used to help Tanu and aaliya before also. And I even don’t take mithali on serious note it would be loads better for her and her relation if she start seeing some sense in what happened with her than taking vows of ruining Pragya ….and Tanu we already know she will be egging mithali on Pragya…but what ever step she takes now leads to her downfall well it will be worth watching abhi’s reaction when he knows about Tanu….i just cant wait to see it now….but if Pragya had said him before this modern avatar drama directly even without proofs I bet he would have happily hugged Tanu for this and would hv congratulated her on her pregnancy as he was head over heels in love with pragya and could have given anything for something that kind to happen..

  17. Guys now when pragya is doing chowkidar drama reminds me of bulbul sardar drama which actually partially exposed her anyway just notice the coincidence both aaliya and tanu are villians for each of the sisters love …..remember when bulbul tried to expose aaliya’s truth she herself got exposed infront of purab similarly I hope just to keep the spoilers true dadi with pragya and purab will tell abhi the truth instead of tanu ka kulasa we will have pragya ki kulassa. ……..anyways I give a damn about tanu and her bachha I just want abhigya reunion which will happen if pragya got exposed

  18. shobana

    When will Tanu get expose??????????
    Cant bear this ill logically story
    Creating enemy with own family members
    Mitali how can she blame Pragya
    She has done a mistake but y she has no courage to accept it
    Cuz of her raj went to jail so definitely he ll angry on her
    Wen Pragya says still her motive is nt fullfilled y this abhi nt helping Pragya
    On the whole director has made abhi’s character as useless just for namesake hero

    Soooooooooooo draggggggggggggggggging pls put a fullstop to this

  19. Hai Munna kadali munnal kadali un kadal entriyum valven parate.this song detecate abigaya.abi character important kodunga.only pragya pragya pragya pongada..,

  20. stepphyrao

    Wow!!! THIS IS REALLY ABSOLUTELY TIRING… Really cant understand the OBSESSION of the CVs of Tanus pregnancy track. And the OBSESSION of ENJOYMENT of the CVs to make Pragya suffer & struggle to achieve her triumph against Tanu.
    Now back to Mitali as a villain.
    And Abhis brain still frozen in Ekta Kapoor’s & the cvs freezer
    Are the CVs afraid that if Abhi n Pragya unite, viewership will drop. Their romance or relationship will lose the spark?? Is there no way of uniting these 2 lovers in order to
    fght their battles together
    Truly unbelievable!!!

  21. mona

    Mitali abhi raj par itna pyar barsa rahi hai, tab kaha gayi thi jab vo jail me tha aur tab Kyu nahi boli ki maine sign karwaya tab usko bachakar khup jail jana tha

  22. I request all the fans of kkb to put pressure on ahbigya’s reunion before. Valentine day.plzzzz it’s a humble request.plzzz unite them. Expose tanu before that

    • Surbhi

      Yes Ramya I am totally agreed with u now its too irritating to handle this tanu and pragyas cat mouse fight. They should reunite Abhigya before valentine and recreate the Abhigya proposal scene yr… We are missing that .

  23. sham

    if they go to show another valentine day this time that will be flop, because tanu was pregnant since last valentine date because when Abi rejected to celebrate valentine day with her and she went and slept with Nikil and according to that this year valentine day she will be 11 months pregnant

  24. Sahithi

    Mithali suddenly turning against Pragya is such lame writing; she knew Raaj had to be in jail like forever n now it is turn of Aaliya. Knowing that Pragya now had the power n property n to some extent still the support of most of the ppl in family, she still vouches to go against her. So will Mithali be next to go to jail in near future. And what sort of realization was she speaking to Raaj about when she could change her thoughts n mind in a minute.

    No one listens to what Tanu speaks to Nikhil though he had been going around the house with her for so many days, but Tanu always listens to what Pragya is upto, like yday listening to Mithali n Pragya.
    And will Pragya n Ronnie fall prey to Mithali’s plans especially Ronnie, has to be seen. And will their plans be leaked to Tanu.

    So now I think it is little clear on why Tanu is kept to end, as even if Pragya wants to return property n be back as Fuggy, Abhi is bent on marrying Tanu for baby’s sake. So Pragya doesnt have an option but to know her truth.

    • Sahiti just imagine mithali does the same as aaliya then abhi hears this and he does the same what pragya did this …..
      Tanu is the one who needs to be exposed very fast …..like wat I said before she will partially expose tanu. …..but will tanu escape from this is yet to watch as she is a queen of manipulation. …

      • Sahithi

        Interesting thing to watch out is, after Tanu truth is exposed will it be end of her character in this show or will she return back. Because Tanu character significance should have ended the moment Abhi also started loving Pragya. But they introduced this pregnancy track n dragged Tanu presence for so many months already.
        Its like a character’s lifetime is prolonged beyond what they r needed in the flow of events.
        Already this show is getting boring with time, if Mithali again starts things from scratch I think I will lose interest.
        After Tanu exposure, I want the show to go on with more creative n interesting things.

    • stepphyrao

      Love what you said Sahithi. Absolutely spot on. Abhi falling in love with Pragya & Tanus pregnancy exposure. In fact in the beginning it was Abhi thinking that he loved Tanu that probably wld be the 1st track of Tanus track.
      And yes once after her exposure . ..how would cvs keep her in KKB. But that is left to the cvs creativity. Its a tedt on the creativity of the cvs n the script. I rather the cvs come up with something fresh with
      Tanu than continue with the pregnancy exposure.
      And yes to wat u said….its already becoming really boring. ..Tanus pregnancy track. I too will stop watching. So much so…that i really dont care if Abhi marries Tanu or not. (WELL IF ABHI MARRIES TANU I WILL DEFINITELY STOP WATCHING KKB) .
      Cvs hav made Abhis character so emotional clueless n brainless. Its so painful n frustrating.

  25. Ranaji

    Guys pls watch matsh it is going to end pls watch to increase trp yaar ???????i beg you guys pls yaar ekta mam will end only best shows

  26. Brintha

    If aalia character shud be justified means she shud die in this story..after bulbul comes back…it wont be nice to drag her character by dragging revenge on pragya and bulbul life..they can continue with only tanu as enemy abhigya happy family life…and poor purvi shud come back..let her come back with revenge mind after some sequences they can change her character as gud…awaiting for abhigya happy family life…

    • Surbhi

      Yes Sheetha Raj knows the truth as before Pragya’s accident it was shown that when Pragya came to know about Aliyas intention she was talking to Raj on phone and was talking about Tanu. So Raj knows everything according to that episode.

  27. Highlights of today’s episode’s-
    Raaj apologizes to abhi and hugs him.
    Abhi wants to spend time with tanu but tanu doesn’t becoz she have to meet nikhil to talk about blackmailer.
    Purab informs pragya about kkb hall issue. Pragya goes to area’s office and signs as owner of kkb hall. Sarla comes and misunderstands pragya. She about to calls police but purab interrupts between and stop her and tells her about whole truth behind pragya’s change, including tanu’s baby’s truth also.
    Raaj in washroom, doesn’t come outside for long. Mitali tells about it to abhi. Abhi comes and talks to raaj from outside. Raaj comes outside and hugs abhi.

    • Pratiksha actually raj can tell the entire truth to abhi right…..ok but still if he is repenting over his mistake he must tell abhi and protect abhi from the foul tanu ……why is he staying quite. ……atleast I wish after coming to know abhi’s intention to get married to tanu he should tell everything to abhi…….he is the only one who has proves for everything including fake dna reports. ……atleast he should help pragya for good now……the scenes nowadays are very painful to watch from episode 345 we don’t have a good scene of abhigya reunion. ……

      • Billu I m waiting for more episodes to watch raaj’s responses and actions. I doesn’t want to reach any conclusion soon becoz raaj is still in pain and guilt. May b in upcoming episode’s, he will tell abhi tanu’s truth or may b he will offer help to pragya to expose tanu’s truth but if he will not do anything for long, then it means he is still in revenge mode and just doing drama in front of abhi and everyone to gain sympathy and trust of them. Although he could angry with mitali for her wrong step becoz of which he spent his past days in jail but may b he doesn’t want to forgive abhi also beciz he didn’t trust on him and didn’t try to bring him out from jail even a once and now becoz of pragya he got caught so may b he is just doing drama to get everyone’s trust back so later he could backstab on abhi. But i can’t say it surely and as I m saying that to reach any conclusion about raaj, I have to go through more episodes to observe his behavior and actions. But abhi’s wish to spend time with tanu is really unfair decision. It’s OK that he doesn’t know baby’s truth Thar’s why he have to marry with tanu for baby but why he is giving so much importance to tanu, is it also necessary? Well i don’t think so. Abhi’s behavior is getting too much irritating and disappointing in these days. May b cvs will end tjis track with tanu’s exposure finally but they have ruined abhi’s character totally in this track. I m disappointed with it too that what I was thinking is proving wrong, becoz of which I m feeling bad. I was thinking that abhi’s court scene of marriage with tanu will come after last conversation of abhigya and then we will see tanu’s flower bringing scene for abhi with pragya in their room to make his mood fine that she was not came to the court but this scene will come before court scene. And in this court scene we will see pragya in watchman getup, doing efforts for stopping tanu to go to the court and to stop tabhi’s marriage. Lets see how she will succeed.

      • Sahithi

        Pratiksha u r also thinking like writers that Raaj will still be a negative character 🙂

        I atleast dont want him to continue be a negative person. He was a good person, n let him be back to being good. He trusted his wife till 2 days back n went to extent of trying to kill Pragya, help Vijay n all the plotting, fake signs, cheating Abhi at office. Similarly, Abhi trusted what he has seen n believed Raaj is at fault. Thats what Pragya tried to justify if Abhi was at fault for not trusting his elder brother, Raaj was at fault for unwantedly developing enmity for Abhi without trying to know facts. So Pragya tried to reason that Raaj’s hatred for Abhi should end now, as he was talking of coming back n taking revenge. So let us also hope it will be like that – the hatred n misunderstanding is cleared off now. And everything is fine between the brothers.

        There had been only negativity off late on this show, no happy moments or laughs. Only plotting n revenge n chases. Its getting tedious to watch.

        Also, I dont agree with the flow of events that u mentioned.
        I think – today Abhi wants to spend time with Tanu, Tanu goes to meet Nikhil, Abhi disappointed Tanu didnt spare time for him.
        Pragya, Purab n Sarla sort out things on other side.
        Next episode/day Tanu will get flowers for Abhi n ask for dinner date.

        Mostly after all these sequences, Tanu n Abhi court marriage, Pragya in watchman getup, Abhi waiting for Tanu.

        This is my guess.

  28. farida

    With all the twists and turns the person I hate most is SARLA who never appreciated Pragya and always through only about BULBUL. Pragya please leave that crazy house and and let the writers kill the story once and for all. All your efforts are going in vain anyway.
    LET ABHI/TANU be happy with each other.

  29. shavi

    all of a sudden alia and raj truth are out.. bt y they are dragging this much time for tanu.. its really irritating ya.. day by day seeing tanu’s face is really annoying that too her plan against pragya.. cant d writers put a fullstop to this..

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