Kumkum Bhagya 30th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 30th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhi telling Pragya that he couldn’t figure out what is in his heart for her, as he misses her whenever she is not with him and asks what is our relation tell me…He says If I am restless then I couldn’t focus on work and compose song. Pragya moves her hands and tells him that their relation is different from the world, just like sunlight and moonlight…sea and seashore etc….She says if you are a mountain..I am flowing water, desert waits for water…etc. Abhi says I can’t understand. Pragya says you and me…us…Mitali comes and asks Abhi to come as Aaliya has important work with him. Abhi says okay, I will come. He comes downstairs. Aaliya says I have a surprise for my Bhai. She says I hope everyone here will like the surprise. Abhi goes to Pragya and asks about

her poetry in room. Pragya smiles and signs Abhi to see Tanu who is standing behind him.

Tanu says what you was going to make him understand in easy language. Abhi says she told some poetry and said that she will explain in easy language. Tanu asks what is its name? Pragya says our relation. Abhi also gives example and goes. Tanu asks Pragya why did she come here? Pragya says you wants to marry him, but he was searching me and when I came, he stood up and came to me. Aaliya comes there and asks Tanu not to do any drama and relax. She says we shall forgive enemies also sometimes, as you will marry Abhi. Pragya goes. Aaliya says I need your help to plan a surprise, and asks her to come. Pragya meets Dadi. Dadi asks why did you come late? Pragya says traffic was much. Dasi says Dadi was angry. Dadi asks how did you both come together. Purab tries to say. Dasi says they came and that is what it matters. She asks Pragya about aaliya’s surprise for Abhi. Pragya says I didn’t know. Purab says she has nothing to do. Aaliya tells everyone that she has a surprise for him. She says she made montage of Abhi, Purab and her. She says Purab always stood by him. Abhi asks Purab to come to him. She shows the pics on projector.

Abhi and others see the pics. It shows starting pics of Abhi’s childhood and then shows Purab and Pragya’s pic in the factory, where she hugged Purab. Everyone is shocked. Dadi asks them to stop it. Aaliya says let it run. Purab and Pragya are shocked. Everyone is shocked to see Purab and Pragya hugging each other. Aaliya says you are different from what you appears. She says I used to loved you and thought if you know about my feelings. I loved you seeing your honesty, but now I come to know that Nikita is the reason. She says you are having an affair with her. She says I am with you since childhood and you haven’t chosen me and this girl. She asks how could you? Tanu thinks so this is the surprise?

Dadi says these pics are fake and morphed. Aaliya says it is real and says she will show pics again. Dadi asks Pragya to tell truth, and says if these pics are real then tell me the truth behind it. Pragya says these pics are of us, before coming here….Purab and I….Aaliya says truth is now out…She says Bhai’s secretary is having an affair with his friend. She says they have kept this fact hidden from Bhai. She asks why you have hidden this truth from Bhai, and tells Nikita that she started her affair and didn’t think about her brother at once. She says you have betrayed Abhi and kept affair with Purab. She says both of them have done wrong. Pragya cries and don’t tell anything.

Tanu says Aaliya said right, they have betrayed Abhi. She says what they would have done in reality if they are so close in pics. She says even we didn’t get this much close. Aaliya says I don’t understand why they have hidden fact from Abhi. Tanu says their friendship is just for name sake with Abhi. Aaliya says that’s why they are compatible as they have same thinking. She says Abhi must be feeling so hurt….and both of them have hidden this truth from him.

Pragya tells Purab why you are saying this, when you have no such relation with each other. Purab says when truth is out, we shouldn’t hide anything. Pragya is clueless. Abhi is shattered.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Eish…wishing 2017..sees the.death of alita n tanu.
    how much longer is.this series gona go on???

  2. shanthini

    is pragya not able to speak in right time? She can tell about incident na… worst story. May be coming episode will be enjoyable as we can see abhi’s jelous.

  3. P.N. Bhargava

    ?Grand show master Aaliya is looking like a hizra. and Tanu as usual a chudail. They may do any gimmicks but will not sucseed

  4. Raj

    What d hell is there to betray abhi..he is going to get married to Tanu…y shudnt pragya HV an affair with Purab….y shud anyone bother about her…..boring n irritating logic!! Wrap this serial tooo irritating…..hvnt seen such a dumb male lead

  5. Raj

    Most of d time abhi doesn’t know what he shud think how he shud react…I don’t understand how will anyone not know that they actually love someone n at how many instances he hasn’t realised….oh God unimaginable

  6. kumkum-bhagya Abhigya

    I think bhargava and shanthini both are right ABHI will be feeling jealous of seeing purab and PRAGYA together and Aliya and Tanu ‘s planning should fail it should don’t make the actors suffer please my lovely ABHI and PRAGYA are suffering soooooooooooooooooo much please plssssss stop their sufferings please reunite them both please.

  7. Arun Gujju

    This is reason I only read the updates; believe me PAkistani dramas are much better and finite shows. They don’t have Ekta and Shobha Kapoor.

  8. Mannu

    OMG!! Seriously every time this kind of rubbish clues come up this scene is totally copied form the old movie Ishq.


      This serial should not see 2017. It is disgusting that the writers are sick in their heads for abusing a brother-sister relationship and all the idiots are standing like wallflowers while that b..ch Aliya is ranting and raving while bringing in Tanu as chorus. Absolutely idiotic.

  9. janu

    oh same repeating!!! but only want abhigya marriage without hated.
    want to see jealous abhi…nothing else like tanu,aliya drama…
    why writers always showing pragya as characterless when tanu and aliya are there….
    what kind of story is female lead getting insulted always,abhi always watching geting insulted….
    i want tanu to get married to nikil,and abhi to swap the purab and marry pragya,…but writers never give as any good thing in this serial…

  10. Hiranmaychellapat

    Purab please safe the fuggi and abhi from the two witches . what a character that two witches . it very annoying . abhi please believe fuggi .

  11. Ria

    OMG .. I just believe these writers ,only Aliya and Tanu doing all the talking. Just end this series plz , its only crap.

  12. Naz

    I don’t see anything wrong if pragya and purab have a sizzling affair, sounds too good. In this way Abbi and pragya will be on common ground. I also wish aliyah and Tanu can open a whore house, aliyah can get the men and Tanu can sleep with them.,she is such a sl*t..was pregnant for one man, hope to marry another. India should ban these serials because they are the cause of stress, high blood pressure levels, they destroy homes, other ppl lives, break marriages and promote promiscuity, glorify unwanted pregnancies and immorality. Maybe this is the circle that Ekta Kapoor revolves in. Woman….. You and your mother need to just end the effing serial, very soon.

  13. kkb-fan

    Abhi yeh bhi sochta hai ki tanu kaisi beti hai joh uski maa ke aakhiri dinon mein, unke sath na rahkar, MM mein aram se rahti hai….

  14. kkb-fan

    Abhi yeh bhi nahin sochta hai ki tanu kaisi beti hai, joh uski maa ke aakhiri dinon mein, unke sath na rahkar, MM mein aram se rahti hai. ….

  15. Daisy

    actually iloved it…so will pragya have to prove her self again to abhi like the previous pics with suresh??¿sinc we’re rewatching an old version with a different lead… crap crap crap crap….ooh well iguess I lied I hate it..

  16. saloni

    it nut bad as it is we get to watch jealous Abbi face and see if he can recollect tins from his life with niku

  17. Kalpesh

    Cool down guys… Purab has something in his mind, the script writer has clearly decided that every week Friday there must be a big twist and Monday it all gets over like nothing happened, and again there will another twist on friday, just look back all Fridays. purab is saying this there might be two reasons, 1. Someone’s life is in danger or 2. He will give some surprise to Tanu & aaliya, because what we saw is just a promo. There has been some rumours that bulbul is coming back, maybe aaliya knows it and she may have threatened purab to do the drama or else she might not tell him anything about bulbul. I bet that this serial will last 1 more year.

  18. xavier

    my gosh ! the height of stupidity in this serial is so unbelievable !! Pragya especially . They make her character to be so DUMB ! I swear ! Why couldn’t she open her damn mouth and say this is not true . That I got kidnapped and Purab traced my location because of my phone and when he rescued me . The goons secretly took pictures in order to frame Purab and I . ???? Gosh her character is irritating as hell !

  19. indera sanichara

    Viewers this serial is going around and around and around and Ekta Kapoor should be banned from making another serial in ten years. This is utter nonsence.

  20. Raya

    Aliya give me a headache with her dam big mouth and ringing voice,. I cannot understand Purab and Praya standing like some dummy, ask Aliya how she got the pic if she was not not involve, pragya say u was kidnap I am sick with what is going on and it look as if it will go to the end Aliya and Tani lies and deceit is much more than Abi & Pragya love story

  21. Pinky

    I dont understand y abhi is upset he is getting married to tanu so whats the big deal is purab and pragya is together. The director and writer run out of story line for this show they should cancle it.

  22. Jagroop

    It is totally stressful to watch this nonsense where the lead characters cannot open their damn mouths.They look like two dummies.I do not know who writes these stories.It is disgusting to look this piece of garbage.Close the show,now.Do not let it go on in 2017.If it does i will cancel my subscription.

    • Naz

      No one in this world will stand quietly while another berates him, not possible unless the person is mute. It’s so irritating to see how characters can just stand there and nod their heads and not defend themselves……no way in earth. I always thought that pragya is a damn stupid character,she is so unconvincing in her lines….. Phew……. We really have to have balls to watch this crap and who cares anyway now, if purab had a plan or not, they all plot plans but only aliyah and Tanu can execute them. I also agree with you that this serial should come to an end.

      • Mia

        I know the track is really annoying..But I don’t want the serial to come to an end..the series is popular only because of shabbir and sriti..I want them to change the writers..blo*dy hell!!it is difficult to believe that kkb stands in 1st position among other daily series!So i just want them to change track
        This is my personal opinion

  23. ExpertCrap


  24. ExpertCrap


  25. Carol

    This is so frustrating God, what is wrong with the makers of this serial, same crap over and over, was this not the same storyline from two and half years ago when Aliya say that Pragya was having an affair with Purab!!! PLEASE SOMEONE talk some sense into these writers, also in which world or culture it is a crime for a secretary and a best friend to get together and why was it necessary to show it at a function,,, I was getting so annoyed watching Aliya manipulate Abhi talking to him like if he is 2 yes old, I know he loss his memory but come on to be so stupid also I know we have said time and time again is the whole frigging world lost their memory too, how come non of the reporters are saying anything they are acting like this is all new I know we keep watching to see if Abhi and Pragya will get together but these stupid twist are trying my patience. Yes Arun you are correct the Pakistani serials are so much better I just finished watching one call Humsafar on Netflix. Stupid storyline is one of the reasons I stop watching American Soaps, there are only 3 soaps on TV now and I can see that maybe KKB will sooner or later go the way of most Americans soaps go which is off the air which will be a shame because they have two of the best actors Sriti and Shabir.

  26. Mima

    Abhi has gone beyond limits of human stupidity and honestly the writers are disgracing the male character by making him shed tears.utter nonsense.

  27. Rams

    New year resolution…..lets stop watching this crap
    Does the director think we are fools???there is no logic in the serial…

  28. Monisha

    new year is coming please come with new episodes in which abhi will recollect all his memoies and abhigya will happen and pragya will became preganent and they both should fight aganist aliya,tanu and nikil and bulbul should give re-entry.

  29. Pratiksha

    Hi guys 🙋how r u all? Today is the last day of this year and it’s time to welcome new year. Surely many of u would have some plans for it. I have a new year party at night so I will b busy in that preparations. Talking about the show, so I read hasn’t update and it’s seems like kkb last episode of this year finished with such a disappointment and mood spoiling episode. The last year was horrible with kkb. Let’s see how they will begin with new year? But whatever will happen, guys I will just say that don’t spoil ur mood in this celebration time as the people who r spoiling our mood with disgusting elements, they r holidaying out of country and enjoying their vacations for the welcome of the new year so why we spoil our mood. I will say that leave and forget kkb for two days completely and excitement enjoy the time which comes after a year. May all of u will have a very happy new year and a great time with lots of enjoyment. With Lots of love and wishes from my side. 😊😘 See u guys in the new year.

    • Brintha

      hi prathiksha.. hw r u.. soms what i felt to see tbe comments today.. i found yours.. felt such s loyal fan of kkb.. ur always thr with kkb in its ups and downs… gr8 dear.. i can’t see any of old freinds here.. shobana, reji, gowtham Aishwarya,..
      Happy New Yead to All…
      Hope the new year will b challenging and fulfill all your wishes.. will make a milestone…

      • shona

        Hi brindha, happy to see you after along time..
        How are you???
        I am not commenting on these days as I am really fed up with the show.. last year by this time, kkb killed bulbul and this year ending they are linking purab and Pragya… Oh my god.. no words to say about the show.
        Wishing you a happy new year😍😍

    • Aishwarya

      Hiii prathiksha sis n all my frns wish u all a advance happy new year hiii brintha i m not interested in this story specially this week episodes so thats why i dont want to comment n wish u also a happy new year brintha sis

    • Shobana

      Hi guys…
      It’s me Shobana.. after a long time I am commenting here..
      How are you guys????
      Prathiksha, sahithi, asmitha, brindha karthika, aishu, ani, sarah vadhu shaz gowtham fowzi and all guys here Wishing you a happy and prosperous new year…

      • B_Ani


        |Registered Member

        amma…akka you are back…it took u this long to cm back ha??? i missed u so much…and i am happy 🙂 🙂 that u still remember me…
        SO HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!! HAVE FUN!!!

      • Shobana

        Thank you ani
        Yup, I remember everyone…
        And sorry dear…I was unable to comment here, these many days…
        I hope you will forgive me… Herethen I will try to be regular😁😀😁…..
        Happy new year ani… Enjoy the day….

    • B_Ani


      |Registered Member

      hi sis…hw r u?? u r also missing a lot nowadays…but its k as u r for a change…
      and i even feel its better to stay away from this crap…
      anyways, HAPPY NEW YEAR SISSY!!!!! let this be another great start….
      love u…

  30. Aishwarya

    Hiiii prathiksha sis shbana sis sahithi gowtham anna brintha all of u guysss wish u all a happy new year guys have a great year.i wish that all ur wishes should come true this year n stay blessed friends

  31. Pratiksha

    Hi🙋all my dear friends Aishu, shobhna, brintha, anne mam, ani, nikita, Savita, asmitha, sahithi and many more. I can’t address everybody by their name here but from my side to all of u my dear friends may all of u have 12 Months happiness, 52 weeks fun,365 Days laughter, 8760 hrs good luck,525600 Minutes joy, 31536000 seconds success. With this wishing u all a very Happy and Prosperous New Year. Love u guys😙 Have fun and enjoy. 🙌😊

    • Shobana

      Thank you prathiksha…
      Wishing you too a happy and prosperous new year… Enjoy the day and the upcoming days… Love you too😍😍😍😘😘😘

  32. Sahithi

    Hi All .. Wish You a Very Happy New Year.. It was to nice see a lot of frens come back to the page. And if the show goes the way it is right now, we all might come back again for next new year only..

  33. Angel

    I just hate this serial
    tanu and aliya drama is never going to end…
    They are showing shit show since ine year…
    This is all bullshit..

  34. sharon

    hey guys as per updates abhi will propose pragya bcus of purab n dadi..so stay calm n watch..tho ryt now this purab pragya n aliya drama is a crap…

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