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The Episode starts with Pragya telling Abhi that she came to know about his enemies after she went far from him. She says she has to take wrong way to bring out the truth. She says I was all alone, but never lost my strength. I was about to reach destination, but saw you losing strength and was in pain. She says I don’t know if you will believe me or not, and says everything will be fine. Abhi looks at her emotionally and hugs her. Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai……………Abhi asks why you have chosen this way who took you far from me. I would have believed you, you would have told me. He says you have enmity with your mum and have done a big sacrifice. He says you know that I love my fuggi very much. He says I wanted to request you to end the drama. Pragya says I can bear anything to keep you far from

enemies and to protect you. Abhi says if you continue this drama then I will tell you to stop it, and says I love my fuggi very much. Allah wariyan plays ( it might be Pragya’s imagination)………..Later in the morning, Pragya looks at Abhi while he is sleeping and goes.

Sarla cries. Purab consoles her and asks her to have strength and not to fall weak. Sarla cries seeing Bulbul with bandages on her face. Sarla tells him that she is hopeful that Bulbul will recover from this accident also.

Pragya gets ready as fuggi, and thinks she will tell truth to Abhi. A fb is shown, Pragya sees Abhi wearing her specs. She picks the specs and wears it. Abhi wakes up and thinks to leave before Pragya comes. Pragya looks in the mirror. Abhi thinks he shall not see her face and spoil his mood. Pragya comes out and asks him to hear her. Abhi says he don’t want to see her. Pragya asks him to turn and look at her once. Abhi says if I see you, then what will happen? If it will do magic, and says his day will be bad if he sees her face. Pragya thinks he didn’t see her. Aaliya brings fruits and tells Purab that she brought it for them. Sarla refuses to eat it. Aaliya asks her to eat it for Bulbul and talk nicely. Purab says I will cut these fruits. Aaliya smiles. Purab makes Sarla eat the fruits. Abhi comes and asks how are you? He says I told you not to take any tension. Sarla says she is not tensed at all, and says her damads are more than sons to her. She looks at the door. Abhi says she will not come and spend money. Pragya comes back to the dressing room and thinks Bulbul is paying for her fight. She gets Purab’s call. Pragya says Abhi is hating her very much and he can’t bear her. She says I will tell truth to him and says she can’t take risk because of the drama. She says she will tell truth to him. Purab says this is not easy. Pragya says the result will not be bad than this and says Abhi might get angry or stop talking to her. She says it is matter of right and wrong and asks him to inform her once Abhi leaves from the hospital.

Aaliya and Tanu are in car. Tanu asks Aaliya to stop the music as she don’t want to hear. Aaliya asks if she is jealous of her happiness. Tanu says she is angry at herself as her friend is selfish. She asks her to give her an idea to deal with her enemy. Aaliya says you have a very good opportunity infront of you, and says you have already taken Pragya’s sign, and asks her to force abhi to marry him. Tanu smiles. Aaliya plays the music again.

Abhi thinks I don’t want to see her face, and says he can’t bear her. Pragya is still in fuggi’s dress and sees him standin outside door. She thinks I will tell all truth to you. Just then Payal informs Abhi that Tanu fainted in Aaliya’s room. Abhi rushes to her and asks what happened? Tanu says she is feeling weak since few days. Tanu emotionally blackmails him and asks if you got Pragya’s signatures on the papers. Abhi asks her to see Bulbul’s condition. Tanu says she wants to marry him, and says she think about his happiness day and night. She says I am bearing your child and have done many sacrifices for you, but what you have done for me. She asks him to book a ward in the hospital for her. Pragya hears them. Abhi says I will get my everything back from Pragya once Bulbul gets fine. Tanu says when she don’t have any property or anything, then she might come in old avatar and trap you. Abhi says he will not come in her words. Tanu asks him to announce their marriage. Abhi agrees to marry her once Bulbul gets fine.

Dadi asks Pragya what she is doing? Pragya says she can’t bear his hatredness. Dadi gets angry on her. Pragya says she can’t see Bulbul’s condition and now Abhi’s hatredness. She says Abhi thinks that she wants to save money and don’t want to spend on Bulbul’s money. She says I can’t bear his anger, and says you also don’t understand me.

Dadi tells Pragya that she has full faith on her and asks her to have faith on her love. She says Abhi is yours and will always be yours.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. according to that segment abhi see pragya in fuggy getup.plz tell me pratiksha

    1. It’s a dream jisha

  2. I guess pragya’s new happiness might be for bulbul getting new face and vocal through plastic surgery…. and also might be sarla get to know about whole truth and assures pragya that she will support her mission… This two things can be happen…. and still abhi remain as baycuff.. apart from him all gona know about the truth..!!!

  3. Reji I think in today’s episode Abhi ll see her in fuggi getup but he won’t believe bcoz tanu manipulated him in yesterday’s episode so its no use whether Abhi see her fuggi getup or not!! And one more is as per promo bulbul wrote to sarla maa that someone planned to kill pragya di on the day of reception from this I’m guessing that sarla maa ll convey this info to purab so there may be less chance that purab ll reveal the truth to sarla maa.But purab ll convey about bulbul words to Pragya and dadi so again they going to continue their stupid dedective drama to find the culprit and if they find aaliya and vijay involved in this plan sure they won’t prove it at ryt time so the promo and the segment updates are only for TRP and not to move the track they are just dragging dragging and dragging. Coming to Tanu she is doing his part very well manipulating Abhi and as always Abhi gets manipulated this time he won’t trust his fuggi too.This is out of logic I don’t know what kind of love that Abhi had for his fuggi he is longing to get his fuggi back but when she came infront of her he won’t mind her bcoz of stupid Tanu’s words how dumb he is and he is cheating himself in the name of loving fuggi.And dadi ufff she is the most irritating person than tanu. Pragya saying about new year happiness no one doesn’t know what was her happiness.Nothing is happened in whole week but I don’t know still we are hoping for today’s episode. pratiksha u r absolutely ryt if the show continue this stupid track even shabir and sriti can’t do anything against the fall of kumkumbhagya

    1. ya srimathi but the actors are doing their job well but with the writers i am not satisfired if i should say many of them are watching this show only for abhi and pragya dadi can’t do anything know then why she is stopping pragya that she is going to do something still we can’t guess wat happiness i think they are fooling us what do u think pratiksha and guys did u guess about it please tell to me

  4. Come on Guys come out of this dragging thing…..Its really killing now.

  5. Naan serial pakuradhey ila because of dragging dragging dragging…..

  6. Pragya, Purab, bulbul, abhi, dadi all duffer in this serial what plan they are making ek dhum waste

  7. What the hell dadi is doing. At last pragya realised to tell the truth to abhi. but again dadi stopping her. is dadi really helping abhigya or not. very irritating. I don’t think abhi believe in pragya words. In that promo pragya talks about happiness. what happiness is she talking. I think she will talk about her pregnancy

    1. Her pregnancy ?

    2. i don’t think it will happen naren

      1. I know reji it’s my assumption only

  8. The happiness may b sarla cones to knoe the whole truth .. Dunno oh god .. I’m sick of this .. Ivlo irritation la yum y m not quitting is jus cuz of abhigya .. Don cheat us CVS ..

  9. Bulbul character is going to change. so only this much dramas r gng. Kajol Srivastava will replace her as Bulbul.

  10. This is the first time I’m commenting over a serial b’coz I’m fed up of this idiotic stupid useless serial.I had a resolution for this that I’ll never ever watch kkb. Few months before kkb was on the top of heart.but now a days its becoming more worse than I ever met.Does abhi gonna mad?why can’t he realise a true love and a fakelove?pragya she was the most beautiful actress. I think she doesn’t have faith on abhi .then what a true love it is?why daadi is doing like this?why can’t a grandma can crct her own granddaughter instead this stupid daadi needs her bahu ‘s help?what rubbish ?I think the director does know how to catch up with the story so what he is just blabbering with the story.is it so I kindly advise the director to take the help of kkb fans.b’ coz those guys areThangamagan_ACD-Rip_320kbps_Crystal_Clear_StarMusiQ.Com.zip doing fantastic job.I think u have to take their help.or else u can’t finish this is idiotic stupid story. Its ur wish to expose tanu and aliya but we guyz only want abhi and pragya to be united.I imagined that the director will narrate upto abhi living with kids.after seeing this dragging episodes I’m damn sure that aliya and tanu will be exposed only at the end of the show or after two years.it’s a better advice for the producer to give pressure on the director for abhi and pragya reunion or else quit the show. Its humble request plzzzzz unite abhi and pragya in new year.plzzzzzzzzzz we guyz r eagerly waiting.

  11. juz kil pragya sarla ma,purab,bulbul n let abi marry tanu!! thn throw tis crap cvs n ekta to mars !! Tats d happie ending of kkb >:( n

    1. Gia don’t get angry i know we all are fed up then what value for pragya’s efforts for this only she kept quiet when everybody taunted her easily letting tanu to marry abhi pragya have to do something when pragya change her costume from episode 353 now 453 had gone till this 100 episodes still tanu and aliya didn’t get exposed

  12. Y kkb no ff r updated .. Wats wrong ? At least tat makes us feel gud instead the original track

  13. Since Abi is always believe Dadi why just dadi cannot just inform him about Alia and Tanu

  14. razia due to holidays telly updates not accepting any ff till January 4

    1. Till Jan 4 ,? Oh no .. It vl b boring na

  15. Guys this week kkb has slipped on 5th position in trps ratings.?????Congrats to cvs . I wish they slip more in this new year so atkeast then they could start use their mind in senseful things not in irritating us.

    1. they shld get out from d top trp ratings
      CVS shld face tis bcoz of their world record dragging
      if i c any CVS of tis show ill shout to d core, wat r they thinkin???????
      writer doesnt have anythin plz stop it nd put it end card
      v ourselves wilmanipulate nd dream smthin nicely

      1. exactly nivi

    2. i thought trp would slip pratiksha atleast now they could use their sense after 1 position it would be slipped away from top 5 do u have any idea to keep the trp in 1st position

      1. What idea I can give reji when CVS will opt only those ideas which they wants. If u asking to me then I would say that if show needs to reach on top -1 position then it could happen if they will let abhi know the truth after which differences and misunderstandings will b finished between abhigya and then they will work together to expose taaliya with mogambo drama. Through this not only audience will b happy even they will enjoy it like new year celebrations and this will make show on no-1 position for many weeks. Otherwise if they will try to satisfied us with some little things then it will also not work becoz nobody is interesting in tolerating this track more with little satisfactions which we will know will b fail later. They r talking about happiness in the show then if they wants to bring happiness from the show through Bulbul’s recovery or new face of bulbul or by letting Darla maa know the truth as most of peoples r guessing then it will make them only pragya happy not us. So better they will do like I m saying and we all fans wants. Otherwise u can understand what will haapen with the show?

    3. Feel sorry for the actors, they are holding up this messy story line. Their hardwork is going in vain because of these silly twists. But after 100 episodes of this make over track, I started losing patience to bear it any more.

      Aaliya will be thrown out by Abhi, if he survives, on the day she will try killing him directly. Then Tanu also can go back to Nikhil, she has a good option. For this Pragya should disappear for few days and only then this track will see something positive.

  16. Any new update prathiksha ?

  17. It was known that tanu was pregnant is episode 273 , now episode is 450 , there is no improvement in track of tanu so far, where
    Is this nikil character , why this cvs are not using there brain , at least little logic behind the script, wasting and irritating audience to great extent .

  18. I am also damn irritated ?with the story. Initially i used to watch this serial with so much of interest. But now day by day my interest is draining out and most probably my new yr resolution is not to watch kkb anymore

  19. And this time I was sure that due to the last segment update i.e., pragya’s dream made this trp to fall..I expected this just stop dragging and do some good story

    1. Ya srimathi

  20. I have watched this serial with my mom in Tamil & got inspired by abhi & pragya love. & watching now daily. my fav serial is getting ruined by stupid writers & that producer ekta I’m getting irked day by day due to this much dragging. im afraid that pragya & abhi might not reunite forever

  21. i watch this program once in 3 days & i will know what would have happened so far, as for the past 3 months the story remained the same alayia trying to kill them & pragya & dadi not ready to reveal the truth……now i think u see this program every sat, u will know what would have happened the whole week..

  22. guys sure we gonna quit kkb from today.Today’s episode Abhi sees pragya as fuggi he just wanna talk to her but she acts like mogambo so Abhi gets desperated and cries and even Pragya too cries that’s what today’s biggest new year treat!!

    1. Ya srimathi. They have spoiled our all enjoyments. This was their happiness!!! God they should keep it with them only, we don’t need. Anyways why we spoil our new year celebration. Now when we knows that we will not see anything gud so don’t watch it guys so our mood get not spoil and just enjoy last day of this year to the welcome of new year. And let CVS decide the future of kkb. Becoz lose is their’s only. We r only the audience who sees shows only for entertainment and time pass so if this show not then other show could b. So do not spoil ur mood guys by watching rubbishness. Just enjoy today’s night. After all new year is going to come so it’s party time guys.????

    2. Oh no… thanks for updating early.. yesterday itself my mood spoiled by watching such a stupid show.. 2day sure I l not watch.. only written update. . Lets celebrate our new year happily. . Happy new year to all…

  23. Guys nothing gud in today’s episode too. Pragya’s dressing up as fuggy has wasted and she is again facing everyone’s taunts, hatred and insult. Spoiler for today’s episode- Pragya tells dadi that she can’t see her own peoples hurt becoz of her and now in this situation,sarla maa will also not allow her to meet with bulbul. As usual dadi gives her lectures on love and somehow she convinces her to keep continue with this drama. Pragya walks towards her room. Abhi was sitting their and looking fuggy’s glasses. Pragya hides seeing him. But then she enters in the room, abhi sees her in fuggy’s getup. He becomes speechless and lots of questions starts roaming in his mind. Pragya goes in changing room and cones out after wearing night gown. Abhi asks her about dressing up as fuggy. Pragya says who cares what I m, I will wear whatever I wants so don’t disturb me. Abhi says it’s my fault that I was seeing fuggy in u. Pragya how’s to sleep and cries silently. Abhi starts thinking. Dadi brings pragya to see bulbul and says to her that she has send sarla out for a work. Abhi comes and stops pragya from meeting with bulbul. Dadi stops him and says we should let her meet for humanity. Pragya goes to meet bulbul and cries sitting near her. Darla maa comes and gets start taunting her. That’s it.

    1. Wat is this pratiksha today’s episode also I don’t like I don’t wat to say as you said I don’t want to spoil my mood Iam in new year mood then wats their new year gift dadi let pragya in know did abhi get any doubt on dadi I think he will not because he is so dumb

    2. this week Trp is 3.5…..and Its in 3rd position 😮
      Why is the Trp not falling down? 🙁

      1. Sana kkb is on number-5th in this week and it’s declared by baarc itself, who decides ratings of the shows.

    3. Any idea about tomorrow’s precap? Bulbul writes n shows to her mom?

  24. sure we gonna quit…. i wont watch today also…

  25. pratiksha I’m gonna take a new year resolution that won’t watch kkb till Tanu’s track ends and I’m gonna read this updates alone

  26. Guys don’t get angry for today’s episode and don’t spoil your mood I want to make all of you happy so I am wishing all of you a A VERY VERY HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR 2016 may this year will be a memorable one for you and hope this aliya and tanu to get exposed do I think it will happen guys ok leave that topic now I am sharing a link to you

    Click this link crackers will be bursting there if you touch or click the screen there also crackers will burst hope you will like it I tried my best to keep you happy please tell me if you all like it

    1. tankq….wish u d same reji…

  27. This serial is a crappppp

  28. omg better let pragya to tell abhi the truth and let him watched tanu and aliya attitude and still he never believe her…thats call abhi is blind and he dont want to find the truth for his happiness…..because as pragya told him the truth she has two people in her sights….purab and also dadi….and her secretary…and also bulbul who will recover from the pain…..

  29. Guys dont spoil ur new year celebration watching this crap story….anyway we knows tat pragya will know only crying..nothing she will do..she is just making her life more complicated without telling the truth to abhi

  30. I won’t watch it.what happen with this writer.I think that all of us are going to stop watching kkb.happy new year all of you friends

  31. Anyway in kkb there wont be any positive things going to happen..I think this is the happiest thing which pragya was telling in promo…:(

  32. Happy new year to you all:)

  33. i now watch the show once every 2 weeks, nothing changes, they are still trying to kill Pragya, Abhi is still acting like a fool, the father of tanu’s baby keeps popping in and out of the show! very confusing and Tanu still has a very flat tummy , 3 months down the line it will still be the same drama…..

  34. Yeah there is a mahasangam on January 4 I guess its going to me another waste mahasangam

  35. Kkb… Lol… Seriously…. I enjy cmntng rathr watchng n readng…. Bullshit…. Please RIP…. Damn u

  36. Guys any updates. Didn’t watch it.

  37. Today’s episode was not that bad. May b because of no expectations or I knew Pragya won’t tell truth.

    That moment when Abhi sees his Fuggy again, after 100 episodes was priceless. No dialogues just Hamaari adhuri kahaani playing, but expressions from both the leads were too too good. May b that’s the reason we all connect so well with the characters.

    In fact this song felt like written for Abhigya only. Best part was precap, if not for all those around, Bulbul finally revealed one truth though late. She shud, after what happened with her, what could have happened with her sis. But what diff wud this truth make, I m keeping hopes low.

    If only she told something more to her mom n jiju, no one will ask her proofs also in current situation. Let us see what happens tomorrow.

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