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The Episode starts with Aaliya asking Beeji if she is hiding something from her or scared of her. She says if Pragya is at home then call her. Beeji says she will call Pragya and calls her. Pragya says yes. Aaliya hears her. Beeji says I said that she is at home. Sarla stops her and says I want to change the guest hospitality. She scolds her for trying to ruin Pragya’s life. Aaliya threatens them and says if they interfere in her or Abhi’s life then she will not spare them and will ruin them. She says don’t dare to meet Abhi and threatens to ruin them. She thinks to find out in the office. She comes out and sees Purab. Purab asks what you are doing here? She says I came to meet you as I know you will be here. She says they are living life as she haven’t done anything. She gets closer to Purab

and holds his hand, asks him to come on a date with her. Purab asks her to leave his hand. Aaliya says you have left my hand, and says I didn’t hold your hand to leave you.

Purab asks her to be careful and asks have you gone mad? He says you are near Abhi as I am far from you. He says you might have no respect, but I have respect. He asks her to think about Abhi’s reputation. Neighbors gossip about Aaliya. Aaliya thinks Purab is her stubbornness. Sarla thinks Aaliya might know or have doubt that Abhi came here. Beeji says she must not know else she would shout and insult us. She says we shall not tell Pragya that she came here. Purab comes there and asks what did Aaliya do? Beeji says I taught a good lesson to her. She asks him to call Doctor. Purab asks why? Sarla says Pragya injured her leg. Purab says I would have brought doctor in night only. Sarla says Pragya is inside and asks him not to tell Pragya that Aaliya came. Purab says okay and says goes to talk to Pragya. Aaliya is driving the car and thinks once she settles Abhi, she will settle Purab too. She gets Tanu’s call. Tanu asks did you find out about that pic, and says I couldn’t sleep all night. Aaliya says that was an old pic, and says Pragya was at home. Tanu asks did you go there? Aaliya says yes, and says Sarla didn’t let her meet Pragya. She says they might have understood that they will not interfere in our life and vice versa. Tanu asks why didn’t Abhi come there. Aaliya says Abhi was about to come there, but just then he had headache and his friend brought him home. Tanu says I didn’t know that Abhi’s head was paining. Aaliya says I will make plan to make you meet Abhi. She thinks she has to make plan to safe Abhi.

Aaliya thinks I shall not leave Abhi alone until he is safe. Abhi gets angry at Saira and asks what did you bring. Saira says it is a coffee. Abhi asks her to get his coffee and asks her to get it made by receptionist or anyone. He says until I get my coffee, I can’t work on the song. Aaliya comes. Abhi asks why did you get me work here. Aaliya says I will send your coffee. Abhi goes. Aaliya asks why did you get bad coffee for her. Saira says she got this coffee from a best coffee house. Aaliya tastes it and thinks it is good. Saira says yesterday receptionist made coffee for her, and he really liked it and asks for that coffee. Aaliya is shocked and asks about receptionist name. Saira says Pragya. Aaliya is shocked, and thinks she might be some other Pragya, and thinks to find out.

Doctor checks Pragya and says she is fine and asks her to walk. Pragya gets happy and excited, says she will go to office tomorrow. Sarla says no. Doctor asks her not to walk much. Pragya says it is desk job. Purab says I will drop Doctor out. Beeji goes to drop Doctor. Purab asks Pragya to rest for some more days. Pragya says she will get bored if she takes much rest. He says we will go and have coffee. Pragya says okay and says she will come now, and asks him to take out his car. They come to the restaurant. Pragya says weather is good naa. Purab asks why you are appreciating weather and atmosphere. He says there is something definitely for sure. Pragya gives some reasoning. Purab says I feel that you are happy about something and asks her to be happy always….

Pragya being happy writes something on a paper. Bheegi Bheegi Sadkon pe plays……..Just then paper flies away. Pragya runs to get the paper. Purab comes back and thinks where is Pragya di. He asks waiter if he saw her. Waiter says she went out just now. Purab thanks him. Paper flies and reaches Abhi. It gets stuck on to his shirt. Pragya tries to take the paper. Abhi turns. Pragya is surprised and stunned seeing her.

Abhi holds Pragya’s face and strikes his head against hers slowly and romantically. Pragya is surprised.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. precap is surely dream of pragzzzz………..

  2. Precap is Dream i think

  3. Guys Kindly requesting you not to hold on the amnesia scenes Please it is a kind request for a producer of kumkum bhagya

  4. Abhigya’s love story is starting like, sun is looking up behind the dark clouds. Abhigya r sun and taaliya r dark clouds. One side abhigya r getting close with each other and other side evil taaliya’s bad eyes on them. Too much tension between a lots of lovely moments between abhigya. Pragya is getting trap in her own hidden truth’s trap. Aliya found pragya’s job in music company’s office, although she is not sure yet but she will leave no stone to find out it’s complete truth and otherside, pragya is known as Nikita to abhi. Don’t know but I have feeling that pragya’s false name Nikita could create problem for her as aliya could use it to manipulate abhi against pragya by making her own story against pragya by taking advantage of abhi’s lost memory. So before it, it is very necessary that abhi should know that about pragya by her real name as pragya. Otherwise it could create rift between them. Aliya’s obsession for purab again got started so she might use abhigya for getting purab. Becoz purab can do anything for uniting abhigya. Atleast at that point bulbul’s re-entry should b happen. I want tanu nowhere in abhigya’s life now. She is looking nice as living silently aside. So she stay there, where she is, alone. Otherthings r OK until it will not irritate or annoy us. So let’s see. Scenes and sequences r looking very cute, sweet and lovely of abhigya’s but an unknown fear is also walking behind it, which is none other than taaliya and specially aliya. So let’s see.

    1. You are right Pratiksha. I completely agree with you. Abhigya are like sun and Taaliya like dark clouds. Taaliya always having evil eye on them. Pratiksha I have a doubt. Now aliya started her obsession for Purab. so now will again aliya use abhi as a puppet to get purab?.. Last time this happened but this I think pragya should do something or some miracle should happen

      1. Ya reji aliya have jackpot of abhi’s memory loss in her hands. Until abhi’s memory will not come back till then she can do anything and can use anybody according to her. Only abhi can stop aliya and her nasty evilness, no oneelse can stop her.

    2. Its been almost 2.5 years but Aaliya n Tanu are such losers that they dont have anything else in life. Tanu is still obsessed with Abhi and Aaliya is back to Purab. It was so irritating to watch Aaliya in yday episode, she is back to living in MM, has a celebrity brother and so much property, but behaves so nastily and as if she doesnt have anything better to do in life.

  5. As expected saira, informed about Pragya to alia…
    Pragya’s hair style doesn’t looks like fuggi’s.
    Fuggi’s hairstyle will be awesome..I didn’t like this style…
    Last scene of the episode abhi turning back and seeing Pragya was fabulous. I really enjoyed that. Abhi is looking awesome ????

  6. I think abhi will remember who she is on his own after meeting so many times

  7. exciting episode too good …..waiting for more exciting plots

  8. Cool………. Ekta kapoor Ruined YHM with Shagun and adding focus on KB……… Abhi drama/actng like a patient.. and Pragya Love Feel… Worth Watching 🙂

  9. Nice epusode…

  10. Guys we have a new segment today on India tv. It’s headlines says Abhigya are meeting secretly sometimes in recording studio and sometimes in coffee shop. They are meeting because of one or the other reason and coming closer.
    but now slowly Abhi started getting his memory back.

    1. If is to be believed, I would want Abhi to remember the last thing that happened first, instead of the first time he met and marry Pragya. Why? If he remembers that part of missing two years first, he might/ will question Aalyia and she will manipulate his memory. If he remembers the last event before his ML then its easier for him to control the situation by beginning to fake his ML while it is returning.
      And if he and Pragya are secretly meeting each other it looks then that that’s the way his memory is returning. Also this can never happen at a better time. I hope it is before he meets Tanu. Or will meeting Tanu be the major trigger for Hus memory returning?
      Before the accident hearing all the evil, bad and manipulative things she’d done, that could be reason for his blocked memory. So while everyone has it that having Pragya around could cause him to relapse it’s actually seeing Tanu that will trigger his memory to return. If that happens, all the more reason for Abhi to hide the return of his memory and secretly meet his wife.
      Let’s see how CVS will bring about his memory returning.

  11. Hey kumkum bhagya fans I hav a offer for u all people . I am from starplus serials forum page . I need some help from u ppl,plz don’t ignore my comment. Plz reply guys

  12. Great news pratiksha.

  13. New segments update of trio shows SBS, SBB and SBAS- They showed abhi and pragya in recording room, abhi is recording his song in recording room, pragya comes with coffee. She about to move towards abhi but suddenly realizes that they r doing recording. Pragya says sorry and about to go out but abhi stops her. He stops his directors also and says to them to wait. He calls pragya near him. Pragya gives him coffee. Pragya about to leave but abhi stops her again. He calls her chashmish and says her to b with him while recording. Abhi starts recording his song but just then his guitar’s one string gets break while playing. Abhi tries to fix it then pragya offers help to him for fixing the string. Abhi gives her his guitar. Pragya starts fixing the string. Abhi watches her during this and drinks coffee. He smiles seeing her. Pragya too happily fixes the string. Abhi helps her in fixing the string while pragya watches him lovingly with smile. Pragya finally gets successful in fixing the string. She gives the guitar back to abhi and leaves from there with smile. Abhi too smiles seeing her. Aaliya watches all this from outside the recording room, from directors glass window where they were recording abhi’s song. SBS and SBAS reporter says that aliya has seen abhi and pragya and she is fuming and getting angry. Shikha told to SBS reporter that aliya got to know about abhigya’s meeting and now she is so much angry. She will definetly do something and she have planned it too, whatever she will do, it will b interesting too. But SBB reporter says that aliya couldn’t watch pragya becoz guitar was in front of pragya’s face. They shows pragya turns towards aliya but she hold guitar in front of her face so aliya couldn’t watch her. Sriti and shabbir’s interview- SBS reporter says that abhi is doing drama of memory loss. They says that abhi’s actions r claiming that he is doing drama as he is searching excuses for keeping pragya near him all the time. They tells about it to shabbir and sriti and asks about it from them. Shabbir and sriti laughs on it and denies from it. Shabbir laughs and asks from where this story is coming? They starts joking on it. Shabbir says that his drama or acting gets start after entering on the set. He gets forget everything after entering the set. Sriti jokes and says he forgets his dialogues,script everything. Shabbir says that I forgets my vanity too. They both laughs. On SBB and SBAS- Sriti says that pragya is just trying to spend a quality time with abhi but he haven’t remember anything. And when he will remember everything only then something can happen. But till then these types of sweet moments between abhigya will keep coming. Shabbir says that he haven’t remember anything and just watching her normally in sequence. Sbb reporters claims that abhi is doing drama of memory loss and today by this sequence it has exposed. They says that the way abhi is trying to keep pragya near him all the time, the way he stops pragya, the way his guitar’s strings gets break just before pragya’s going out, it says that he is trying to keep pragya near him and he is just doing drama of memory loss. SBS peoples gave the tiltle of their segment’s of kkb’s this sequence as “Abhi k drame ka pardafash” means abhi’s drama got exposed. SBB and SBAS reporters says that abhi is falling in love with pragya. Soon abhi will get his memory back too and then pragya will get his kumkumbhagya back.

    1. Guys little bit correction in SBS’s shikha’s interview and little bit addition in sriti and shabbir’s intreview- shikha saya to reporters that until when abhigya will b saved. Despite what she planned, abhigya’s meetings has started and now aliya is so much angry and to make this anger justify, she will definetly do something or planned simething and whatever she will do, it will b also intresting. Guys they didn’t tell that of aliya saw pragya with abhi or not but by the reporters talk and shikha’s interview it is clear that she will find out about abhigya’s meetings definetly. Reporter asks from sriti about fixing the strings of abhi’s guitar. Sriti says she knows how to fix it.

      1. Guys I m giving update of some if abhi and pragya’s dialogues while this sequence. Abhi stops pragya for leaving when she about to leave after giving him coffee. Abhi says to pragya that stay with him and listen full version of his song, which she listened half yesterday. Pragya gets stop. Abhi’s guitar’s strings gets break while playing. Pragya says that give it to her, she will fix it. Abhi says that r u sure that u can fix it? Pragya says yes. When pragya gets successful in fixing it and handover it to abhi, abhi says that she impressed him two times, once when she made coffee for him and now when she fixed his guitar’s string. Pragya smiles.

      2. Pratiksha first u tell me what do u think about this segment . I think SBB SBS and SBAS are just confusing this track by their updates and thinking. SBS r still saying Abhi is doing drama ? Their r very strong in their guess Even their guess also has a point . Abhi is doing all these to keep pragya near him . But my thinking this Abhi is again falling in love with pragya and making pragya to be with him !Why we have to think this is Abhi’s drama? May be it’s a coincidence or the reason what I said !And aliya she saw pragya or not ?..Whether she saw or not but when she saw a girl standing close to Abhi she was fuming in anger and i am damn sure she will try to find the girl and it is pragya . As Shobana said Saira revealed pragya’s name to aliya so definitely she will find out pragya . And abhigya ..No words to say ..They r always rocking..So nothing to say about scenes as their scenes cute and lovely . So is Abhi is doing drama or not ? And Pratiksha y nowdays no BTDD (Bhabhi Tera Devar Deewana) segment is not coming ? Do u know y ?..My final question to all is Abhi is doing ml drama or not ???? all watch the segment again and clear my doubt ..

        SBAS link – https://youtu.be/rK9laxdIwHo

        SBS link – https://youtu.be/Ngp5hd4wMAs

        SBB link – https://youtu.be/fXQOnsE_mOU

  14. pratikshaa thankuu soo much for the updates.but why sbs people are so sure that abhi is faking his memory loss.. i am really confused..

    1. Trupti SBS people said that they have doubt on abhi’s actions that why he always tries to keep pragya near him by some excuses and reasons if he has forgotten her and don’t know much about her. Why he is ayyracting and bending towards her just in few day’s identity. That’s why they r claiming that abhi is doing drama of memory loss.

      1. Sorry, typing mistake it’s attracting not ayyracting.

  15. Guys I just read telly expresses which says that in Kumkum Bhagya: Abhi’s guitar string get broken and Pragya fixes it and then Pragya little bit feel that Abhi remembers something of her past.

    Apart from this, Aaliya is angry with ABhi and Pragya’s closeness because she does not want to lose chance getting Abhi’s property but Pragya’s presence will create problem for her.

    Furthermore, Aaliya will soon meet with an accident which will be planned by Abhi.

    1. Don’t know and I m not sure that how much this is true but guys I m laughing on these spoilers. I didn’t post this spoiler for sharing but i post it to sjare it that how much these spoilers r funny. Half they gets from segments and half don’t know from where. One more spoiler is saying that tanu and aliya r going to b tarnish pragya’s image in front of abhi. I read some last spoilers in which one of says that dadi is going to fix tabhi’s marriage, purab and pragya will join hands, abhi and pragya will join hands after getting to know about abhi’s fake memory loss by pragya. So much spoilers r coming these days but hardly proved right from anyone of these. Whenever I reads them, I laughs a lot on each. Guys how much u guys have believe on these spoilers?

      1. Hi Pratiksha 🙂 1st of all thank yu so much fr yur updates n comments here 🙂 Im a silent follower of teleupdates. From the starting of kkb seeing ur comments which i found very interesting. The way u express everythg s sweet yaar. I may miss the kkb episode bt nt the wriitten updates as well as ur cmts 🙂 I had no interest in kkb in btw bt nw the charm n sweetness ok kkb s back !!! im happy 🙂

  16. kumkum bhagya

    abi pragya ko chehere se nahi dill se pehchano

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