Kumkum Bhagya 30th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 30th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pragya declaring that the marriage can’t happen. Everyone looks on shocked. Pragya smiles victoriously. Tanu asks how dare you to come here. Pragya says I don’t need strength to come here, but needed a reason. Tanu says I want to talk to you. Dadi says this marriage will not happen now, just the way Pragya came here. Tanu looks angrily at Dadi, as she hears it. Tanu asks Pragya to go back and says you have lost the challenge, just back off. Pragya says I will not go alone and will go with Abhi. Tanu says Abhi is mine and is waiting for me in the mandap. Pragya says I would wipe your sindoor and snatched your mangalsutra if you was married. She says you can’t present Abhi to the society as your husband. Aaliya comes and says I won’t let you be around Abhi. Pragya says

I don’t need your permission and asks her to try and stop her. Police and woman organization team reach there. Woman organization team asks who is the other woman who is marrying your husband. Woman says tell us, who should be beaten first. Pragya says whoever comes infront, should be beaten.

The woman asks Aaliya to back off. Pragya says this marriage can’t happen as Abhi and I were never divorced as the papers was not valid. Tanu says what nonsense, you have signed it. Inspector says when she signed the papers, she was not in her senses as her drink was spiked. Tanu says nothing as such have happened. Pragya says if you was there in that restaurant that day. Tanu says we won’t believe you. Pragya says I have CCTV footage of that night. She shows the video to everyone. Tai ji asks who have spike your drink? Pragya says only Tanu can do this. Tanu says she is lying and talking nonsense. She might be acting to lost senses and came here to create problems in our marriage. She says my lawyer checked her signature personally and says she knows that Pragya would create problems and that’s why she called her lawyer here. Her lawyer tells that no court can reject the divorce as Pragya’s signatures are perfect and she couldn’t prove that her drink was spiked. He says Pragya might be acting then or now. Pragya is tensed. Tanu says she has been acting since start, and have snatched Abhi’s everything.

Lawyer tells Inspector that Pragya have taken Abhi’s everything and will not let him go from her hands. Inspector says it is not proved that you are saying truth or lie. He says this is court matter and will be solved in the court. Pragya says this marriage can’t be postponed, as it will be cancelled now. Lawyer says this marriage can’t cancel, as we need some proof to stop the wedding. Pragya calls Santosh (waiter). Santosh tells everything that Tanu have given money to him and asked him to spike her drink. Tanu asks Lawyer to throw papers on Pragya and kick them out. Purab asks Inspector to show papers to him once. Purab checks the papers and says this marriage couldn’t happen. He says I thought Aaliya and Tanu are clever, but you both are so stupid. He says how can you do such a big mistake. Tanu asks what nonsense? Purab asks her to read the papers. Abhi reads the papers. Mitali also checks the papers and says there is Tanu’s signatures on the papers instead of Pragya. Tanu says I haven’t signed on these papers. Purab says you are already divorced so can’t marry Abhi. Tanu asks lawyer about change of papers. Lawyer says I don’t know. Tanu says you will not get any money, and asks him to go.

Abhi tells Purab that he don’t understand where that papers went. Purab says even I am thinking same. Akash says there is a big suspense. Dadi thinks Pragya have won and Tanu have lost. Pragya thanks Inspector and woman organization. Woman praises Pragya for her fight to get her husband and invite her to the NGO. Pragya thanks her. Tanu comes to Pragya and is about to slap her. Pragya stops her hand and asks her not to tire her hands. She says you have to take care of this baby, as you reached here because of baby. She says my husband is only mine, and asks her to use her specs if she can’t see. Abhi hears her. Tanu’s parents looks upset. Tanu goes angrily. Abhi looks at Pragya…..Saiyyara Re plays…………Pragya asks him not to worry and says I will give you divorce with my style. I thought you don’t want divorce and this marriage. Your way is cleared and you can go anywhere. Abhi goes. Dadi blesses Pragya and asks how you managed to do this. Pragya says when I came to know that I signed the papers in a drunkard state. I went to meet manager and came to know that Tanu was there and checked the CCTV. She says she met the waiter and got to know about the truth. She says then I called Police and NGO woman.

Dadi says you have saved Abhi and your suhaag. Tanu and Aaliya are in the car. Aaliya says she is getting on my nerves. Tanu says I will not leave Pragya alive. Aaliya says I hate her and can’t bear her anymore. Tanu says Pragya stopped me from marrying. Aaliya says we have to think something and kick her out of home. Tanu says I will do something so that she can’t plan anything against me.

Abhi tells Pragya that they will play a game, and says if you blink eyes first then it means you love me. Pragya says lets start the game. Abhi stares her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. safa

    oh god superb epi! luvd abhi thinkin dat pragya vll stp de mrge nd abhigya luv is really tru.nd dey r made 4 each odr.abhigya bez cupl evr .i luv dem frm core of mah heart..eagerly waaitin for 2moro’s epi nd eagerly waitin 4 abhigya reunion ,love nd romance luv yew abhigya:)

      • sham

        Agreed, i do not know how dadi can allow abi to marry tanu after knowing the baby is not abi’s baby and also why they cannot tell truth to Abi till now. Purab, Akash, Dadi, Rachana and Pragya they know the truth and Abi will not believe any body of this people is he only believes Tanu. This does not make any sense.

  2. shobana

    What an unexpected twist.
    I think alia might have taken tanu’s signature and purab and Aakash might have changed the papers on that night when they were caught in lawyer office. Since pragya on the other day to tanu that she will defeat her by cheating as tanu did it to her. Because tanu trust alia than all. I had doubt on her from the beginning. And now I am sure that it will alia who must have helped pragya to get tanu’s signature by cheating.
    Now tanu might understood that dadi is also pragya side since she was happy aft the marriage has been stopped.
    And alia’s hand was fractured then how she drives the car ????

    • reji

      shobana aliya’s hand is not fractured……infact she is completely alright………to stay in mm only she is doing these drama….even pragya knows this…….did u notice that while alia driving the car she removed the fracture bandage in hand …..if really a fractured person will not remove the bandage ,,even they can’t move their hand ..so from this we can say alia is alright..

      • Shivanya

        Reji I have a doubt tanu heard dadis words whether tanu comes to know dadi is in pragya’s side??

      • shobana

        We will get to know about it only when tanu gets exposed or pragya herself should open her mouth and speak about it to tanu. I think till exposure it will be a suspense. Still that we can only guess who it will be.
        And nowadays CVs are showing tanu as brilliant so there are chances for her to identify abt dadi

  3. Silent reader

    Hahahaha funny episode…… Finally they thought about the CCTV CAMERA!!! Woah!! Cvs is so dumb that they will use cctv cameras for stupid things and whenever it is necessary they will forget about it! Such a dragging serial!!!! Hating kkb now though it was a positive episode! Ur fans r not fools!

  4. Mittenzz

    Where are the divorce papers. Pragya was sure the lawyer would have produce but instead he gives paper of divorce of Tanu instead. What is going on? Why would there be a paper of divorce for Tanu in the first place? I think this is Nikhil’s trap for Tanu? He was overly friendly yesterday even calling her parents in-laws. Added he did say to Alyia outside the police station that he will do things is way if they won’t help him. Well, either way, things inadvertently works out in Pragya’s favor.
    One thing I wasn’t please with is that Dadi, Purab, Akash all were praying for intervention when they all have the solution in their hands…i mean their mouths. Speak up u bunch of dead weights. If all have the same reason why wouldn’t Abhi listen and investigate himself. Makes the man looks dumb.
    I wonder what these two witches are up to now? Apparently getting publicly humiliated does not put a damper on their mischieves. Let’s wait and see what game their up to next.

  5. di

    Tanu kill baby & put blame to pragya, then also abhi belive 1ly tanu… There is no expose of tanu n reunion of aphipragya

  6. razia

    The much waited episode . . is on Monday .. As per the segment .. It’s only sriti n shabbir can change the entire intimate scene to a funny one .. The way abhi kissing her neck was to the core bt the very next second pragya flirting abhi n their mood changed n even our moods changed 😉

  7. Divya chandru

    Mind blowing episode OMG, I just loved this episode , after long time I think audience have got a perfect game episode …. superb, but who helped pragya in changing those papers, … it remains a great suspense.. , .. though the whole truth of tanu is not out, yet it was really fantastic how pragya broke the marriage.

  8. Naveen

    Pre cap is good today Pragya enter is nice and stop the marriage now wt about tanu truth when it comes now it taken so many years of pergency drama completed please speed up the serial please close the tanu chapter now

  9. They all r playing with abhi’s life…
    Ofcrse its a serial not a real one..
    But who vl bare all this in real life?
    Pragya &dadi are main Villon’s of the show.. They hv to tell all the truth when they hv come to knw abr thabhi’s marriage..
    But still they are not opening their mouth
    Finally marriage has not yet happened
    Pragya’s mind somewhat works now..
    Its time for Dadi n pragya to reveal the truth to Abhi..
    But as v knw they won’t?
    V hv to keep patience for that

    • Surbhi

      I am.totally agreed with u kutty that dadi is main villian i sometimes think of get into tv and kill.her but its a kiddy thought ????? but i really want to kill that budhiya

      • Haha lolzz??
        OK then shall v go Mumbai? Then vl go 2 kkb set then vl kill the dadi???
        Next day news: y’day kkb fans went 2 kkb set n kills dadi and the reason is she is the only reason for dragging of this show?
        Theere is no punishment for them? bcz they hv r already punished from past 1 yr by this dragging???

      • Surbhi

        Yea and we will say that what proof do u have that we have killed her go.amd bring the proof first ??? and in searching proof they will spend their whole life because when they have spent more than one year in proving baby is not of abbi then it is murder case and that also.of dadi so they will definitely spend their whole life ????????????? in searching proofs

    • shobana

      Yes kutty dadi and pragya won’t reveal the truth at any point. One we have to wait to wait patiently

  10. Mittenzz

    Poor Abhi even if he wanted he could say that Pragya did sign papers unknowingly, that would implicate him he could be charge for it.
    He’s hurt by the whole blow up, not about the wedding being stopped because he was praying for that to happen. He’s hurt because of how publicly it was done and Pragya’s action is more suspicious that something is not right between her and Tanu. Also he heard what Pragya said to Tanu about Abhi belong only to her and will not leave him…hmm… More suspicious. This will definetly push him to find out what is really going on. The family is also hiding things. Their reaction today again proves it. Curiouser and curiouser…

  11. Mittenzz

    Oh yes! Remember when Nikhil came to the house with the lawyer? He asked Tanu to sign that she would get Abhi give him shares in company and what not. Could it be Nikhil’s plan to play Tanu after he got those shares and take Tanu out of the equation by having her sign her own divorce documents unknowingly? That would be game well played. So the lawyer instead of taking Pragya’s divorce papers he took Tanu’s.
    The question still is, where is Pragya’s? Does Abhi have anything to do with it’s removal whilst at the lawyers office? He did say he would talk to him and he knows he’s the divorce lawyer. Anything could have happen that was not shown to us. Is Abhi also playing a game and was wondering at his wedding if it will get stopped or if he will fall in his own trap? Well thank God it got stopped by the one person he believes in. His Pragya. What will be his next move know to find out what is going on?

  12. Ramya

    Guys did anyone watched Dasi’s reaction when divorce paper changed , Is the know the truth.She was smiling at that time.And Pragya is too gd today.I enjoyed whenever Pragya insulted Tanu , Tanu is a witch.

  13. sana

    Mannakati ethukelam Pragya mula Vela seyum.tanu child abhi thu illa nu proof panna mattum mudiyathu.abhi oru dummy hero serial elarkum theriyum tanu child father yaaru nu but abhiku mattum theriyatha.abhi love puppy love,without proof unmaya sonna abhi namba mattana,avalo weakana love ah abhi and Pragya love.illogical story.

    • gowtham

      its a routine question that all of us are putting infront of cvs??? its been a year whn we started asking this question…. till mow no answer…. so useless to ask now…. they ll not listen…

  14. Manitha

    Guys ….remember ….we should not be this much happy as the pregnancy truth is not yetout

    I think pragya has spoken something to Nikhil and Nikhil is helping her out

  15. shabana.

    awesome episode when pragya insulted and gave nose cut to tanu her face was like a bludy b*t*h monkey..pls ekta you stops the marriage but when tanus pragnancy drama will get over pls end that soon..precap is mind blowing but that romance is not enough we want better than that..waiting for an romantic episode….

  16. Reji

    Good episode but I didn’t expect this twist that tanu signed divorce papers before marriage ha ha….???? and abhi use this papers and pls leave and live happily with pragya!!! And tanu’s face was shivering when she saw pragya….and akash purab mitali comedy on divorce papers was so funny???.. and Monday abhigya romance scenes ….happy to see them together. .pls pragya expose tanu’s truth soon …and love happily with abhi …

    And guys the wait is gone. ..today is my birthday…my birthday is on May 1st …my birthday is on thala ajith’s birthday only!!so only i said it is surprise. .and gowtham i saw ur Twitter page…u photo is superb … and sheetha ur profile is also nice…actually i was using my dad and mom’s Twitter page. ..that is their account but i am using Twitter page … facebook mostly my mom and dad r using…

    My Twitter account is [email protected]

    My account name is syedali rkmohideen…
    That’s my mom and dad’s name and read the biodata u can find me …and I kept a purple butterfly as my profile. …

  17. gowtham

    i thnk u all are very happy except me…. i didnt see the episode tday also… juz read the written update… it was good…. but i dnt knw hw visually its appealing??? monday onwards i will be watching continuously and thank goodness abhigyas romance is on Monday only.. fr that m happy and i am eagerly waiting fr that epiosde….
    and now next move ll corporaters entry????? so that tanus drama will be extended more….?? instead of discussing about tdays episode, juz thnk wat ll be the next step….. will abhi try to find?? or it ll be prgya?? my mind still wd abhi only…. i thnk this is unnecessary timing… coz now i thnk exposure noy gonna happen…. i thnk they ll put corporater into action and forward the serial into another 50 epiosdes…. this ia my guesss

    since i didnt c the episode, i have a certain doubt regarding tanus signature…. who done that?? is it alliya?? or like we discussed its thay lawyer himself?? how was the scene whn tanus signature got out…. is there any clue from the scene to find who is behind this?? i thnk and lik shobana said it ia aaliya coz most of the timea ahe was only wd her… and we cant doubt purab and aakash in this i guess. bcoz tanus signed documents hw could these two ll get to put in lawyers room…. or aaliya joins purab and aakash….?? thats why she didnt enter the lawyers cabin….. i cnt fix with one point…. do i confuse all by my comment?? since i didnt see the episode i couldn’t get clear view from the written update???

    pratiksha shoanan sahithi reji sheetha brintha fowziya. and others… u guys have to clear the mystery mind of me….

    • reji

      Gowtham some twist or suspense in that tanus sign I think so…I don’t think it’s aliya becoz she also wanted tanu to marry abhi…I guess may be raj did this..or I think taaliya will always drink wine to enjoy their victory …may be that time tanu signed the papers in unconscious state like pragya or some twist is there??

    • shobana

      Today episode was good. Don’t worry on Monday u can see retelecast so that u wont miss tanu in her wedding outfit.
      Now l don’t think it will be because what’s the need for lawyer to do al this ???
      The possibility are Nikhil and alia.
      Why I choose alia is, tanu depends on alia completely and tanu thins that alia is trustworthy . So if she has done this it will be the biggest betrayal for tanu and according to pragya’s conversation she said that she will defeat tanu by cheating. So alia might be with tanu to gain tanu’s trust and helping pragya. Alia is the one who can do anything for her profit. Maybe pragya might met alia and done a deal with her. alia might have taken tanu’s signature then purab and Aakash might have changed that paper in night at lawyer office.
      Nikhil, it can be nikil too, because it is his lawyer he might have got signature by tricking her and produced it to lawyer. He also said that he will handle things in his own way.
      But I go with alia. Since I have doubt on her from the beginning.

    • Aishwarya

      Gowtham reji prathiksha anyone plzzz share this epi video link plzzz i am in salem now so plzz guys help me i want to see pragya rock attitude

  18. shobana

    Prathiksha, on the other day u said that for abhi and pragya won’t get divorce since they went to durga ma mandir and then to restaurant. It is cent percent true now. Though pragya signed on that day, the villain group was not able to process it.

  19. gowtham

    reji dear….. treat tharenu solu apo than wiah panuven??

    juz kidding….. many many many many many many many many many many many many more happy returns of the day…… and sry to say onethng….. rather than saying thala bday, we can say its workers day…. sry thapa soliruntha…. may1 should be special fr workers not fr ajith alone…. he is also a working as an actor.. so workers day includes him also… but o dnt thnk we shuld specially mention him…… i am a die heart thala fan….. but may 1 is for workers not fr thala fan…..

    i amm very happy that u born on qprkers day??
    again happy birthday and enjoy the day with your family.
    …i wish al the goals that u aim now will be a great success in upcoming years….. happy bday….

    • Reji

      Thank u gowtham ya I agree …mainly it’s for workers…and even u r a worker na??MAY DHINA NALVAZHUTHUKKAL. .!!!

      • gowtham

        everyone in this world are working…. childhood days we are working to get to know new things… and in teen age we are working which means studying to settle in lif…. and aftr finishing studies, we are working to run the family.. so from child to old man all are working….. so this workers day wishes i am saying to u also…. INIYA UZHAIPALARGAL THINA NALVALTHUKAL….. and wishing everyone happy workers day…

      • Reji

        Superb definition bro ….anyways evryne INIYA UZHAIPALARGAL THINA NALVAZHUTHUKKAL. …..HAPPY WORKERS DAY…

  20. gowtham

    shobana money is tge route cause fr all know….. wat if prgay bought the lawyer with her money….. she made him change the papers.. aftr all it makes sense right…. and obviously prgaya saod she would also cheat… so maybe there is a chance to buy him….. but i dnt think jhunjhunwala woll share that much screen space…. its my broad guesa thats all…. and i too have the doubt on aaliya from beginning….. once she react badly whn tanu says she is not yet got the divorce papers signed….. that time onwards i have this doubt on aaliya…. but how will join hands woth aakash and purab?? obviously they wont trust her…. or maybe aaliya alone did all this papers interchange….. it wil be cleared in further epiosdes…

  21. Fan

    You all are crazy. This was not a good episode. It was predictable and not excited ing and at this point I’m TIRED of seeing those cute little comedic scenes of Abhigya because that is all filler and we never see any PLOT DEVELOPMENT. Pragya had the perfect opportunity to reveal the TRUTH, which seems like it will NEVER come out. This was a trash episode just to make the audience THINK that Pragya will be able to save her relationship. I BEG you all to stop praising this episode and making the writers think they are doing a good job with the DRAGGING. Point made.

  22. kavya

    Kya iss serial ka season 2 aane wala hai? Wid sheena and murtuza? N da episode was superb?..

  23. Guys I hope all of u enjoyed yesterday’s episode. It was a roller coaster ride. Everything happened just in a fast flow with some mystery. Prague nailed it yesterday. Although her plan was not so much strong if divorce papers matter doesn’t come in her favout. It was all surprising for pragmatic, parable and always and for everybody with us too. Divorce papers mystery started from that day when paranoid and akaash went to steal it. After which lots of mysterious thing happened. Like who informed abhi, who changed divorce papers with nikhil’ s deal’s papers and who changed divorce papers with tank’s signed divorce papers? So guys it is none other than raaj and I can say it with 100% surety. He is the secret helper of a high. He is very well familiar with taaliya’s evils mind and very well knows how to handle them. Pragya and her team is totally unaware from this and they r taking this only as coincidence. It was all crystal clear after watching their expressions after getting tank’s signed divorce paper. They were all surprised and was wondering how this has happened when they didn’t got divorce papers of abhigya’s on that day from lawyers office. On that day also, papers were vanished from lawyers office and abhi git nikhil’s deal’s papers instead of divorce papers. And parable and akaash was wondering how this happened suddenly when they found nothing. So from where nikhil’s deal’s papers came? From that day, it was mystery for us who informed abhi and who put nikhil’s deal’s papers on lawyer’s desk instead of divorce papers. Now get it why parable and akaash didn’t found abhigya’s divorce papers become it was already vanished from there and now yesterday when lawyer showed that papers so it turned out ad tank’s signed divorce papers. It’s all become of raaj. Becoz things became mysterious after raaj getting info about abhigya’s divorce and tabhi’s wedding according to taaliya’s plan by mitali. So it is only raaj. No one else could. Now let’s talk about abhigya’s. So it us gud that tabhi’s marriage got cancelled as well as abhigya’s divorce so it means both topic has finished now for sometimes and taaliya have left only one choice to get their wlsim, which is, the killing of pragya. Only this could provide them their aim. So most of possibility is there that corporator is going to come back as taaliya’s weapon against pragya. It could b dangerous for abhigya but I’m indirect way it will send abhi more close to pragya and more close to taaliya,s truth and tanu’s exposure. May b pragya gets harm in taaliya’s plotting but nothing could happen becoz abhi will b there for her not nly save her but to remove the masks from taaliya’s face and to punish them and now she have raaj’s support also indirectly, when her every supporter got exposed infringement of taaliya. Then it is a one more plus point for pragya. We could determine on this fact that abhi will finish taaliya’s game if pragya will b in helpless condition. But After getting the end of divorce and tabhi’s marriage track, it seems that we will come again back to square one where we will see taaliya’s plotting, pragya’s planning and abhi’s confusion regarding pragya’s love for him. Means it is going to b more dragging. Abhi’s confusion is not needed here after spending and sharing lots of emotional time and talks with pragya. He shouldn’t have any doubt earning pragya’s love that he love him or not, whatever excuses pragya give. But again cvs will show same confused abhi and same mogambo pragya. Now tanu’s pregnancy track has become totally unpredictable that when it will b finished.

    • gowtham

      i couldn’t see yesterday also prtiskha… monday only i have to see all the missing episodes…

      • Oh! No problem gowtham, when u will watch it’s retelecast on Monday then u will get clear picture of ur views about the episode. I will wait for ur views. May b till then u get more clear view if any new segment comes.

      • Shivanya

        Gowtham anna neenga entha Clg ,reji ne enna pandra? ,shobana Ni enna pandra ??tell me about you and also tell me all your birthday

    • Silent reader

      Maybe aalia is also helping raj… Shes not planning anything strongly against abhigya and shes the one who forced tanu for marriage… Its all the plan of raj and aalia i guess… But pragya is unaware of those divorce papers as u said… Without the help of aalia raj cud not get the sign from tanu.. Maybe they r in the mission of saving their dearest brother abhi….aalia might have changed to good or maybe she has made a deal with raj..

      • Impossible. Aaliya couldn’t. Becoz she is biggest enemy of pragya like tanu. If she wants to help pragya so then she helps pragya directly not like this. Aaliya can never changed becoz her mind and heart is full if evilness, pride and feeling of revenge and it was she who suggested and helped tanu in divorce matter and for early marriage. She is eagerly waiting for pragya’s exit from the house. That’s why she is helping tanu. And taking tanu’s signatures is not a big deal for raaj. Becoz he was involved with them before. So he knows them very well that how to spoil their evil games and how to handle their moves cleverly. Tanu’s signature could b fake or copy of her signature. Raaj have big reason for helping abhigya for their gud as he is feeling guilty for going against them in misunderstanding. By helping pragya indirectly and secretly, raaj is regretting for his guilt. Aaliya could behave fakely as changed but for now she is not doing anything fake. She is in her original attitude which is full of evilness and everybody knows about it. It is only raaj who is behind all this secret help of pragya.

  24. aruna

    I hope lawyer and Nikhil helped pragya as they were caught redhanded by police and abhi making papers of getting 30% share on all abhi’s concerts and projects.

  25. gowtham

    sheetha sis… my profile is good ah… apo why leena didnt reply ????? bridal dress pathi comment lam panen theriuma??? neenga kuda lik potinga…

  26. Nithi

    Hi Reji dear…Many more happy returns of d day :).
    Iniya pirantha naal vazhthukkal:).

    • reji

      Thank u so much nithi…I am having a widely ..pirantha naal vazhthukkalukku nandri ..

  27. stranger

    you are very special and thats why
    you need to float with lots of smiles
    on your lovely face

    wishing u a very happy birthday reji

    • reji

      Thank u so much…I don’t know ur name… but anyways thank u so much for ur wishes…

  28. Nithi

    Guys I hav one dbt…if tanu signed d divorce paper then y should she stay in MM. let her get out of MM rite..

    Can anyone clear me

      • shobana

        Exactly kutty writers love tanu’s character that’s why her pregnancy track is never ending

  29. JR

    In our country , we are yet in the very starting of the drama. As i love Abhi & Pragya a lot i started to find about it & got knew that the orgin is KUM KUM BAGYA but as i don’t know hindi i had to enjoy the episode in the written mode for now.
    hey, i really love seeing all u guys who are commenting here are now bound with a relationship & i really love to read the comments too……This so awesome did all u became friends through commenting..wow…
    I just wanted to comment not only t tell that I LOVE THIS DRAMA A LOT but also to tell that i am so happy about the friendship among u guys………HAPPY COMMENTING………………..HAVE A NICE DAY—————-

  30. JR


  31. JR

    & of course even i don’t know u , i just wish to say ————wish u a very very wonderful BIRTHDAY REJI….

  32. reji

    Guys thank u so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so much for ur wishes….really I am very very happy ….that u all wished me…sahithi where r u ?? I am waiting for ur wish…and guys today evening my birthday party … so evening I can’t comment properly guys…but I will try my best to comment. ..and double happy with ur comments. ..I am really surprised. ..I will not forget this birthday forever. ..

    • reji

      Thanks narendran bro for ur wishes …I saw rettai vaal kuruvi but pratiksha is from north…she is not tamil. ..anyways I will read ur ff…and once again happy birthday…

  33. iswarya

    as per next track tanu kills pragya with hlp of corparotr and she is gaining all th propert

    ies of abhi no truth is releases till th ensd

    • Abhigya

      Iswarya this can’t happen..evils can’t win nd if this will happen I am sure then there will be zero viewers nd no trp..so this can’t happen…

  34. iswarya

    if anyone wants to contact them and ask abt their tract
    no is 022 40698000
    kkb unit

    Pragya and dadi, in sarla maa’s room, helps sarla to stand on her foot. They holds sarla maa from both the sides and helps her to stand. Sarla maa stands just little for few seconds but again falls on sofa becoz of pain and weakness in her legs. Pragya consoles sarla maa and encourages her to get speedy recovery as improvement is going on in her. Reporter says pragya is worried and upset for sarla maa.

    • Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

      Wow if sarla walks then she will expose tanu and pragya will eat lolly pop…ssss sorry just kidding

    • reji

      Wow pratiksha now cvs r using their brain and now they r trying sarla maa to recover soon…but one thing is making me to lose my cool pratiksha…to stop tabhi’s wedding she is recalling hotel CCTV camera and all but to expose tanu she is not getting a single proof…proofs r there but y cvs r not making pragya to realize that …but I need sarla maa to recover soon and exposw tanu ….and where r the physiotherapists. …ha ha I mean nikhil tanu and aliya? ?

      • Well reji they just showed sarla maa’s improvement but this they have been showed many times in before too. But when she will fully recover with her voice, it only CVS knows and reji like this also, it is also depends on CVS wish to how to reveal tanu’s truth so every logical aspects r failed in front of us. It is CVS who will decide that what thing they should use where. So no use of complaining.

  36. Guys today Aaliya aka shikha Singh’s wedding. She is going to do court marriage with her fiance karan shah. Wedding Reception Party will b held only for close friends and family. All cast and crew of kkb will attend her wedding reception party.n

    • reji

      Ya pratiksha today shikha singh is getting married ….I am so happy for her….shikha singh wishing u a very happy married life. ..live happy forever with ur betterhalf …and pratiksha when is shikha’s reception…

  37. ahana gupta

    Tanu ke pet mai,hathi ka bacha hai,woh kabse pregnant hai,serial ko chewing gum ki jaise ghich rahe hai,kab tanu expose hogi,hum to paresan ho gaye hai

  38. m

    hi pratiksha
    were r u frm dt mind i am askng u that coz of ur comment
    ur cmmnt r so gud and fab so i am askng u dt mind dr

  39. Brintha

    Happy birthday Reji.. u born on Thala birthday…. My heartt wishes.. ur kutty thala fir this grp.. ??

    • Actually let me introduce myself as many of u wants to know I think that who I m. So guys My actual name is Richa and Nick name is pratiksha and Nikki. In my dadi’s place, Everybody calls me as pratiksha but in my nani’s place, they calls me as nikki. I belongs to the city of nawab lucknow . It is located in U.P., north. I was a literature student. I just love reading novels, specially romantic ones. I m a huge fan of Shakespeare. I have completed my post graduation last year and after that I did post graduate advanced diploma in cosmetology from vlccc India. So I m writer as well as an editor and a beautician too. I writes for my society’s magazine. I just love to write Hindi poetries. With this, I love to listen soft music but my passion is dance. I love to do drawings as well as paintings. Try different kind of dishes and foods is my hobbies. I just love to travel. This is me guys. I tried to introduced myself in these few lines. Hope it’s enough. Gud to see that here, many peoples not just like my comment even they r my fans. It is such a big achievement in itself for me. Thanks guys, thank u so much for this much appreciation and liking.??

      • shobana

        Now I understood why ur comments are so impressive.
        Really prathiksha ur comments are so good to study and I like ur comments very much.

      • Surbhi

        hey pratiksha dii I am also from Lucknow from where are u I mean exact place I am from rajajipuram and you ??? ??????

      • reji

        i like ur name pratiksha ….richa …nice name……and ur comments really good……metoo i love painting….especially antic paintings and oil paintings…even in my school days i did oil painting and got best artist………and cooking i don’t know how to cook…..even one time also enter into the kitchen…..so i am little bit weak….in cooking…..anyways u r too good richa/pratiksha/nikki…

      • Fowziya

        Wooaw nice to hear this Pratiksha.. such a lovely person you are ! And now i could understand why your comments are just terrific ??
        Keep commenting always

      • gowtham

        lik shobana said… now i understood why your comments are this much beautiful…. its really wonderful to talk to u pratiksha….awesome… as always

  40. Reji

    Guys…I want to share this with u all…actually I am half Hindi half Tamil…becoz I am a Muslim… My dad is tamil only but his work in mumbai so he often speaks hindi and my mom is Tamil…so I born in Mumbai …and after 3 or 4 years my dad left that job as he got transfer and returned to Tamil nadu ….so now I am in Tamil nadu… Mujhe those Hindi jaanthi hoon…zyaada nahi …Tamil …chennaila irundhu pazhagiduchu…so I want to share this with you all the fate dragged me to TN with some twist in it…so my fate born with Tamil and hindi….

    • gowtham

      hey super…. diversified.. so able to knw about both the tradition right?? you are lucky…..

  41. Fowziya

    Well sorry for the late comment!
    The episode was juz amazing, lots of unexpected twists were shown, but still some stuffs should be cleared, i think as said already it will be cleared the day when Tanu will b exposed ? Who took Tanu’s signature ? Shobana as u said i have a huge doubt on Aliya.. or Raj i donno!
    I’am eagerly waiting for tommorow’s episode ☺
    Then how are u all Shobana Gowtham Karthika Pratiksha n all ? ☺

    • gowtham

      hi fowziya… epdi irukinga?? two days ah naan kkb pakala…. home town la irukn.. so couldn’t see…

    • I m fine fowzia and just enjoying weekend with my friends. And about kkb’s yesterday’s episode, so my doubt is on 100% on raaj that only he could b the secret helper of pragya, but without pragya’s and anyone’s knowedge.

    • I m fine fowzia. Just enjoying weekend with my friends. And about kkb’s yesterday’s episode, so my doubt is on 100% raaj. He could b the only one who is helping pragya by indirectly and without pragya’s or anyone’s knowledge.

      • Fowziya

        Ohh great Prati ?
        ahahaa its okay yaar no problem.. am fine ☺
        I too have a doubt on Raj

  42. Shana

    Friends can u plz tell the kkb’s telecasting times in z tv . I know that usually telecasting at 9 pm. But 3 or 4 times going on every day.so tell me the times plz..

  43. Sahithi

    Happy Birthday Reji!! I know I am a little late in the day.. was in back to back travel from last few days, couldnt catch up on all the comments but hope to soon..

    • reji

      thank u very much sahithi…don’t say sorry and all it’s ok !!..i was waiting for ur comment….anyways thank u so much…

      • Sahithi

        Shobana thats so sweet of u.. I might be busy for next few days, and may not be able to comment here regularly 🙁

  44. Shana

    And also friends I don’t know who u r. I m a new one from srilanka. Hpy birthday and my kind wishes 2 u reji sis.

  45. gowtham

    i am very happy… this telly updates usually used to share our views on epiosdes only… but nowadays i have come to knw many things about the people here… today also we have seen the information about pratiksha and reji… so good to see u people sharing your details… and also alredy iknow about sheetha and brintha are wrking… some kuttiea like shivanya Aishwarya also here doing their schooling…. and shobana wat u do now????tell us about you?? and rest of frds if u say some interesting details about you it will good…

    and juz want to add this information… i am a die heart fan of harry potter…. thats why i put harry in my every social network sites… do anyone here has a same intrest like me???? i am really a die heart fan… waiting fr cursed child… next release frim the franchise….

    • shobana

      I have completed my degree in engineering and even got selected in campus interview (HCL) after a lot of fortunately I got offer letter from the company after an yr. Then I joined the company just worked there for a week then transferred to Bangalore. My parents didn’t allow so I left the job. Then now l am studying for bank exams side by side I used to help my parents in their business. I wrote 2 exams but im missing it in points.
      Actually when i completed my 10th std i thought of taking commerce group because I want to become a chartered accountant but my parents didn’t allow to take that group fortunately or unfortunately took computer science group and aft completing 12th thought to join law college because I like to be a judge but my parents didn’t allow me for that too. On seeing my marks in physics (181/200) maths (197/200) i hate chemistry so i got only (140/200) my parents put me in engineering. I really don’t have any idea in doing my pg.
      I like drawing very much.
      And im not in any social networking sites . I just used to comment here only. I didn’t expect that I will get this much friends. I am really happy about it.

      • gowtham

        so parents are the main factor in your lif of decision making…. same goes on me too…. wat to do?? we are in the position to satisfy our parents wish also… all the very best fr your bank exams…. u will go places… and 12th maths la 197 ah u r gr8….. i thnk all people here are excellent in studies… especially u and reji…. 197 lam awesome… its not that easy… so if that much hard wrk u can put in maths, surely in bank exams also u will achieve fr sure.. dnt wry…. my elder sis… dnt take it as advise juz a bro m saying…. very happy fr u

      • shobana

        Thank you gowtham
        Actually I love maths from my childhood days. And its true that because of hard work only I got that much mark.

      • gowtham

        shobana u knw wat… i hate medical related subjects…. but got 200/200 in biology ??? but had interest in maths related.. but couldn’t even cross 190… athan periya comedy… thats why all forced me to join medicals… i strongly refused… i ll always laugh whn i thnk this..

      • shobana

        Yes bro
        I too should have opposed but I left it in their hands. My parents play most important role in my life. There are lots of ups and downs in my life. Rather than ups there are downs only high in my life. Whatever happened my parents always support me. I know the reason y they were against my goal. Always my parents would like for my betterment so I left it in there hands. I have no interest in bank exams so only Im missing in points. Don’t know what god has decided for me

      • Fowziya

        Well Shob am very pleased to discover about you.. You are such a gifted person ma.. i wish u a bright futur ahead ?
        And by the way what is your age? And your’s also Pratiksha ? ☺

    • Shivanya

      Gowtham anna I am also a big fan of Harry Potter but I don’t watch movie I used to read Harry Potter books. I have finished my 12 th exam waiting for my results may 24. Is my birthday

      • gowtham

        ha super pa…. u knw each part have seen more than 20 times…. and except order of phoenix and half blood Prince i read all other parts…. i ll loose my sense if harry potter discussion or movie is going….. that much fan i am…..

  46. That’s so sweet of u guys. I m feeling very special becoz all of urs appreciations. U guys r so lovely and nice. I must say all of u have such a big heart to appreciate anyone’s efforts. It can do only few peoples and those r u guys. U guys r fabulous in encouraging others by urs appreciations. Thank u so much guys to make me feel so special by all of urs appreciations.?

  47. dhana

    please end tanu pregnancy track soon.how long abhi have guilty feeling?i can’t tolerate this.pragya,dadi,purab,akash is the reason for this.stupid writers.they don’t have creativity.

  48. reji

    hello guys ……i am sharing about me….my real name is Ragela….Ragela Mohideen…(Pronounciation :Rejila)…my nick name is Reji…usually most of them will not pronounce my name correctly…so only i put pronounciation….and i am half hindi half tamil….born in Mumbai…living in Chennai…..dad is tamil origin…but speaking style is hindi..mom is tamil…by staying in mumbai she started to speak in hindi ……and i am a muslim …. completed Young Learners English (YLE) communicative english course (CEC) ….in Glass Glow Academy and going to complete Cambridge English..and doing karate …Shuko Kai International Karate (green belt) …these r my side by side…classes…and singing and dancing is my passion too …school’s choir singer head and cultural incharge ….and drawing and painting r my hobbies..first i am average at drawing but now better…achieved best artist award in school……i like sketch drawings…….and antic and ancient paintings i love it……weekly i will visit art gallery ….my fav is Monolisa painting,,,i will always see that painting ..whenever i visit art gallery …..and i don’t know to cook…..infact i didn’t enter into the kitchen in my life ha ha ……but that’s the truth ……and i am a general proficiency student..and my ambition is to become a doctor and construct a hospital and giving free service to poor people…..so abt me short and sweet is …naughty but sweety , better in studies and little bit talkative …but i am quite different character …so this is abt me …..share abt u too guys….actually i want to achieve evrythng in my life ..this is my real ambition….will it come true guys??

    • shobana

      U r really very talented girl
      And u will surely achieve your goal if you work hard towards it.

      • Reji

        Thanks gowtham..and gowtham i changed my Twitter account…it is
        @Ragela_rk…Ragela Mohideen…

    • Great going reji.?U r correct. We should always try to b all rounder and best. Only It doesn’t matter that u achieved something, it does much matter that u tried to do something. To learn anything is more important than winning and lose. Becoz it makes us experienced and increases our knowledge. Through which we can achieved that thing one day, which we wants. So keep it up.?Stay emotional for family and friends for their gud but be practical for ur carrier and future. All the best.??

      • Reji

        Thank you so much pratiksha for ur motivation…I want to achieve evrythng in my life…so i am practicing more for it…thank u pratiksha now I am feeling positive

  49. o

    hi reji that was impressive to knw abt u realy and u can acheive wat u want bt nt in al field ha bt u cn try ur best in all field if ur confidient abt ur aim and dedcation towrd it then lye u can dr and dr sme tme enter in kitchen also it wil be nice to do kitchen wrk
    i am sry if ur hurted by me sry

    • Reji

      Oh thank u so much. …now only i am little bit entering into kitchen and trying my best to cook nicely….but still I have to try more….but i will try alone only…I don’t want any other to be affected with my food…..ha ha

  50. naren

    Good to hear about u all. It’s like interesting. We didn’t know each other but there was something which connected us. I like reji and pratiksha comments especially. I really a big fan of yours. so keep always rocking

    • Reji

      Thank u so so much naren …I am happy to hear this…in fact u all gave me wishes that’s the biggest happiness to.me…I am feeling happy that u liked our comments and keep commenting. ..

  51. Sri

    This is getting annoying… Pragya did a DNA test when rachana was pregnant with Akash’s child.. Why isn’t she initiating this with Tanu’s baby.. At least the part will be solved that it’s not Abhi’s kid.. So irritating

  52. Tweety pankaj

    Babre how many years will this show takes pragya to reveal the truth about tanu.

  53. JJ

    For all those who are behind doing DNA test for the child is not possible, because tanu has crossed the period for doing the test. the test should be done inside 14th week of pregnancy. Kkb should not mislead audience by taking dna test now.

  54. Elda

    Hi guys,

    This is Freethi Eldwin from Madurai. I have completed my BE degree in the stream ECE. I am a classical dancer and yes, i do love painting. I am an orator too. I have spoken in various youth conferences help in different churches and have hosted many social programs. I love writing and have won state level essay competion. I am a silent reader here and enjoys reading your comments. Prathiksha, Gowtham, Reji, Shobana, Brindha your comments are awesome.

    • Hi! Elda, thank u so much for for reading our comments and liking it. U too r a gud achiever as u described ur achievements. I must say elda that u r going very gud. U r a great achiever. Keep it up with ur efforts. May you achieve more and more in ur life. All the best.?

    • welcome elda….i am glad that u r an orator too….superb …….and thank u so much for reading our comments

    • gowtham

      wow.. elda madurai is my native place…. i miss madurai…. welcome here…. keep commenting

  55. navi

    js nw read al ur comments n evry1.. tis site had created a spl bond btwn us.. n pratiksha u r js osm.! I usually wonder hw tis young charm s commentin tis way wich really impress us.. n nw oly I gt to knw..! my best wishes to u.. n reji multi talented gal.. u r amazing.. keep it up..! n shobana ka al the best fr ur bank xams.. god has shaped our destiny already..! u ll b the best in wt u desire.. gowtham gr8 man.! 200/200 s such an achievement.. al the best.. shivanya al the best fr ur nxt phase of ur lyf.. n my advance bday wishes buddy.! so happy to knw abt each othr..

  56. Today we have no KKB related news but we have a coverage of Alia aka Shikha Singh’s wedding.

    From the Kumkum Bhagya team we had Sriti, Leena, Arjit, Supriya Shukla, Mrunal, Shivani Sopori, Suwati Anand gracing the wedding with their presence.Shabir was missing from last night’s wedding reception.
    Link for shikha’s wedding reception segment:-
    VIDEO: https://youtu.be/Ajg4aHZ89c0

    • ya saw it pratiksha……..feeling happy for shikha………wish u a very happy married life to u shikha…..congrats ……….but shabbir was missing ………don’t know y he didn’t attend…..and shikha’s outfit was beautiful…..anyways thanks for the update pratiksha………

  57. guys shikha singh reception part was showed in today’s sbs segment ………..






    VIDEO- https://youtu.be/GP0hzMjpAjc

    these r the segments today

    apart from this here is an SBS exclusive autograph session with shabbir and sriti

    VIDEO- https://youtu.be/iTkaTD0rYUc

  58. oops guys !!.nowadays tellyupdates r not posting the comment properly ..so they r posting it two times…. sorry guys

  59. Hai to alll my all dear frnds hw r u aftr long days m msging srry I waa bysy nd belated birthday wishes to reji m happy fr u dear nd guys vil u all involve me in ur drnd grup coz m feeling lonely so many new frnds came I too want to introduce my self nd pratiksha ur vry sweet dear coz u hav ao mich knowledge wonderful m happy fr u md dr alll thanks fr all ur introduction m happy ki through tis kkb coment m ur frnds guys really gowtham being a boy ur so muvh free typ md ofcrse shobna fouzia reji nd alll no partiality noo religious nothing u guys shwing among frnds…….I need all of my frnds to reply me last episode was gud wow aweaom I saw 3 times guys..today’s episode vill b gud I think I dont noooo nd pratiksha I think u nd me in same age seems reply guys

    • thank u so much fathima……..and u r absolutely ryt….here all r frnds……..and here we did’t see age religion caste and all….. all r frnds……and fathima introduce abt urself too…..i am waiting….and my mother’s name also fathima……hoping to see this tanu to get exposed……and u r so sweet……..u shuld not ask permission and all to be friends ….ofcourse …….we r frnds…..whenever u get time to comment…..keep commenting…..tanu’s exposure is nearing!!..

    • Oh wow!!? Fatima. That’s great that we belong to same age! Actually I believe that age doesn’t matter in friendship and love, only gud understanding and simple, soft, gud maturity in thinking is needed . That’s why here everybody shares a gud bond with each other without any hesitation, which is must for any relationship. Thank u so much for ur appreciations.?

  60. manojkumar

    I don’t understand these stupid people abhi loves pragya &here tanu why not believing in pragya means he can’t love also pregya. Because of this two people can be dies bulbul & Vijay .
    Aisa pyarr Kia Jan ka.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.