Kumkum Bhagya 30th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 30th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Pragya walking to her house’s pool side sadly, thinking why is she loving Abhi when she knows she cannot get him. She thinks a child is more important than her love. Abhi comes and asks where was she and says he is very happy. He says just in 1 day, his life changed. She thinks he his happy as Tanu must have told about her pregnancy. He asks her to ask why is he happy and asks if she is still angry on him. She says she is not. He asks what happened to her, she is his wife and has all the rights which a wife should have. She asks when did he give he wife’s rights and says he knows how their marriage happened. He says he knows. She says he is a rockstar and she is just Pragya, nothing can change now. He gets angry and asks her to stop it and asks if she

wants him to tell why is he happy and says he loves her. She says he must be mistaken thinking about her lake side proposal, she does not love him. He is shocked to hear that.

Rain in summer (claiming monsoon rain) starts. Tey both get drenched. She asks him to come in, else they will get drench and walks from there. He reminisces her telling I love you, runs and stops her and says she is joking and she is not the type who would play with someone’s emotions. She says she is not playing with his emotions and in fact she proposed him on April 1st and says she did not find anyone that day, so she fooled him. If Bulbul would have with her, she would be proud of her. She asks how can she love him when he loves Tanu and on their wedding night, he was with Tanu instead. She can never love him. He angrily slaps her. She walks away, leaving him sad.

Aaliya looks at monsoon rain outside and thinks it would have been good if Purab would have been with her. She calls Purab and asks why did not he call since morning. He says he wanted to surprise her and says now Abhi realized his love for Pragya and they both will reunite. She says it is time for celebration, so they should go out and drench in rain. He says he is tired now and has to take Bulbul to hospital in the morning. She thinks how can bhai and behenji unite.

Abhi corners Pragya and asks if she was making him fool everyday. She says she did not. He says he believed only her after daadi, but she broke his trust. He asks if Purab and Bulbul are involved in her drama. She says no, they are not. He says she played with even their feelings. He says she even played with Purab and Bulbul’s feelings. He says she told she is ashamed of her marriage with him and says he hates her a lot and she is his life’s biggest mistake. He continues she made a joke of their relationship, now they will only have hate relationship. Pragya starts crying.

Precap: Tanu and Aaliya see Abhi inebriated and unconscious on floor and sprinkle water on his face. He murmurs she is a traitor.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I HATE TANU!!!

  2. Definition of idiot

    Idiot- (noun)- Tanu

  3. I am lost at this point.What to comment on I do not know where to start because this is crazy.

  4. What the hell! This is so ridiculous well prag could of gotten mad and speech him of, and her husband just committed adultery, and Tanu is caring on like a high class b*t*h. If my hand could of reach in the tv I would of totally slap her, prag should of done that when Tanu told her she was pregnant. Please writer do something quick and stop prolonging the show. Do you she what this show is doing to me, it is just a soap and am getting all act up .

    1. LOL

  5. It’s all pragya’s failt tho if she loved abhi she could’ve said that Tanu is pregnant to abhi and both of them could’ve found a solution to it but no she wants to be all great and sacrifice her love for the chudail and now abhi even loves her so what’s the problem

  6. Stupid. Such a boating. I read after 2 weeks
    It’s still same stuff. Waste of time. ZEE should stop this show.

  7. Stop the show.. Pragya is so stupid

  8. This episode made me cry and made me crazy. I agree with others – Abhi was out in the jungle when Tanu did the deed. Pragya is sacrificing her love for an unborn child. But this situation would be no blessing for a child. The child would have this angry, bitter, violent Abhi for a father and the heartless tart Tanu for a mother. If Pragya wins back Abhi, could they get custody of the baby in an Indian court of law?

  9. Wat d helll…. kaha achaa dikha rahe the ab vaps.. kuch to acccha dikhao yaar.. itsss toooo boaring….. tannu n aliya ke sarree raaaj bhr nikalo.. plzz show something intresting… serial boaring hote jaa rahi hai

  10. She is thinking right but.. again abhi n pragya will seprtd.. plZzzzzzzyarrrr itsss request Show somthing intresting..

  11. come on pragya, stop being xooo stupid!!!!!! and wake up!

  12. rakesh kashyap

    Abhi,s thinking is wrong

  13. At first the sereal was very intrestng but nw I have no words xcpt WHAT A BAKWAS…..

  14. This was my fav show bt d story is going towards stupidity. I will stop watchng ds and suggest all my frnds 2 do so … ds is full tym waste watchng story of similar kind watchd be4………….

  15. I had watched lots of epic in this drama but this epic was effected me alot especially mentally.. I can’t sleep well.please change this story or end this show.
    OR show some thing positive.. At least let abhi know y pragya doing this..!!

  16. He met her on valentine day while she kidnaped
    She proposed april 1 fools day
    Tanu is pregnent for one and half month
    Feb 14 to april 1 abi with pragya in jungle
    How tanu become pregnent
    After that arrangement of wedding
    Bulbul accident her recovery not less than 15 days work out

  17. Oh God..Writter please stop dragging the story..we can t see pragya crying anymore..Let she know her rights and make her brave to fight with aliya and tanu..We are loosing our patience seeing everyday crying story..please please return back to normal………………

  18. So noble idiocracy is the name of the show how annoying

  19. A total LOL , what nonsense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pragya the SAINT!!!!!!!!! Tanu the b*t*h is put on a pedestal ,,,,,,,,,, pls this is absolute crap!!!!!!!!!! Why !!!!!!!?????????? After it took Abhi soooooo lonnnnng to reveal his feeling and now so happens Pragya have to say she lied !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BAGWAAZzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  20. ds is de worst epsode ever in kkb y couldn’t pragya tel abhi abt tanu’s pregnancy ds ol couldn’t hapen

  21. Its not fare…why dont pragya tell the truth..? Plz dont sacrifice ur life for stupid tanu…

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