Kumkum Bhagya 2nd September 2016 Written Episode Update


Kumkum Bhagya 2nd September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhi telling Pragya that you have attached the strings like an expert, and asks who taught you. Pragya says you, and tells that her friend. Aaliya says since when she is meeting Abhi, and thinks she can’t do anything to Pragya now infront of people. Abhi says this is the second time, you have impressed me, firstly you made my favorite coffee, and secondly this guitar. Pragya is about to go. Abhi calls her Nikita, and then Chasmish. He stares her adorably….Allah Wariyan plays…………..Pragya says what. Abhi thanks her. Aaliya fumes and goes. Saira tries to speak, and sees her gone. Aaliya thinks Pragya and Sarla are playing game with her, and thinks she shall drag Pragya home to Sarla. She then thinks she has to think of an idea to get rid of Pragya and sits in car

and goes. Pragya thinks she is feeling hungry today, but haven’t brought tiffin today. Saira brings pizza and asks her to eat it, says I know you are hungry. Pragya thanks her. Saira says I am leaving now and asks her to go after work.

Abhi comes and looks at Pizza. He asks Pragya if she got it made at home, says it is with extra cheese, just like he wants. Pragya says it is for you. Abhi says can I eat it? Pragya says you can eat. Abhi eats pizza, and thinks he shall ask her to have it too. He asks her to eat it. Pragya says no, and asks him to eat. He asks for cold drink. Pragya says I will give you better thing and gives orange juice. Abhi gets happy and says you gave good party to me, sometimes I feel that you comes to office for me, as you works for me only. He says I will go before I explode…and thanks her for party. Pragya thinks he behaves like before only. She thinks what to tell to Sarla. Just then she finds his car keys on table, and runs to give him. Abhi also comes just then and collides with her. She falls in his arms. Allah wariyan plays……

They have an eye lock. Abhi asks did you get hurt? Pragya says no. Abhi says I forgot that I came to get something. Pragya says keys. Abhi says I shouldn’t tell, but you are more like a wife than a fan. You makes me remember my things. He says I can give you lift. Pragya says no, I will go by myself.

Aaliya thinks about seeing Pragya and thinks if Abhi remembers her. She thinks Abhi might not recognize her, but Pragya came closer to him knowing about his likes and dislikes. She thinks I have to end her second innings for forever. She says I won’t let her come closer, things are in my control, and have to know what he is thinking about her. Pragya sees Abhi’s car on road and gets down. Abhi is talking on phone. Pragya comes and asks what happened? Abhi says why you are following me? Pragya says this is the only way to come from office. Abhi says his car is punctured. Pragya asks him to get his other car. Abhi says I can’t wait till car comes. Abhi says fan shall be like you, and sits in car. Pragya says it is wrong and I have stopped this auto. Abhi asks auto driver to decide and shows 500 rs note. Driver says I will go with sir. Abhi says bribe is wrong, and says he will pay money meter wise. He asks driver to start auto. Pragya stops it and sits in auto. Abhi asks her to share meter charges.

Auto driver drives fast. Pragya falls on him. Abhi asks him to drive properly. Driver says that he tried to save auto from car. Abhi says cars’ licence should cancel. Pragya says your licence will be cancelled too as you drives like this only. Abhi asks how do you know this, and calls her hawai. Pragya asks why? Abhi says just because you are my fan…..Purab comes to Aaliya and warns her not to hurt Sarla again. Aaliya gets angry. Driver stops auto and asks them to get down as his auto is punctured. Abhi says it is good and says I will drink tea. He asks Pragya to come. Pragya asks will you drink road side tea. Abhi asks why not? Pragya identifies the tea seller and thinks he might identify us. Tea seller identifies him. Abhi says he is my fan too. He tells tea seller that I forgot when I came here lastly. Pragya scolds the tea seller and asks him to go and bring tea.

Abhi comes to his room, and switches on light. He asks Aaliya what you are doing here? Aaliya says I was waiting for you. She asks why did you get late? Abhi says he had to take auto to get back home as his car stopped. Aaliya asks about his recording. Abhi says it was good. Aaliya asks about Saira, others etc…..Abhi says everyone is good. Aaliya then asks about receptionist. Abhi looks on.

Aaliya says good night and is about to leave. Abhi sings oh my fuggi…oh cookie etc. Aaliya is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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