Kumkum Bhagya 2nd September 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Dadi telling that she will punish Aaliya for her mistakes. She tells Pragya that you can’t get weak at this moment and reminds of her promise. A flashback is shown, Pragya tells Dadi that she wants to tell the truth to Abhi, and it is upto him to trust her or not. Dadi tells what a good decision? I thought I have done right by getting you married to Abhi, but it turn out to be my foolishness. She says I need a bahu who will be with Abhi, as a protective shield, and you are running away from him being weak. You can’t support your husband. Why did you take the wedding vows and wear kumkum and mangalsutra. She says when Abhi needs you, then you are leaving him. Why I would have got you married to you, as you has good values and clean heart. She says you left Abhi on the

way, you have betrayed me and not Aaliya and Tanu. Pragya asks why you are saying this? I want to take him out of Aaliya and Tanu’s clutches. I left home, and I can’t return. I want to save him, but can’t do anything alone.

Dadi reminds her about Savitri saving her husband from Yamraj and tells she has strength of trust, love, mangalsutra, sindoor which Yamraj couldn’t break. She asks don’t you have strength of kumkum or doubts your love. Pragya says I love my husband very much and trusts my Kumkum. Dadi asks her to become Savitra and protect her husband from the troubles. She asks her to show her win, and says I will show you the path. She asks her to promise to bring out Tanu and Aaliya’s truth infront of Abhi. Pragya asks what shall I do? Dadi says you have to take new birth and have to become modern. You have to take everything in your hands, and become new owner of the house. Pragya is shocked and says everything will think she is greedy after money. Dadi says they will be in shock and will do some mistake, giving them chance to expose them. Pragya says we will tell the truth to Abhi. Dadi says we shall not tell him, but instead show him the truth. Pragya says then he will hate me. Dadi says once Aaliya and Tanu are exposed, Abhi will love you even more. Dadi asks her to promise not to feel weak and try to back off from her motive. Pragya promises infront of God. FB ends.

Dadi asks where is this fire which I saw in your eyes. You got weaken hearing husband’s words. Pragya apologizes. Dadi says I will forgive on one condition and asks her to have strength. She says I want to see Aaliya on your footsteps and see Tanu out of house. She asks her not to see Abhi’s hatred, and says he is broken now. He will come to me, and I will take care of him. You just think about your motive. I can’t come infront to fight, but will support you from back. Pragya says reverse countdown will begin for Aaliya and Tanu. Dadi says good.

Raj asks the employee about Pragya’s day at office. Raj scolds him and asks to make 10 fake employees list. He is about to enter password, but is stopped by the employee. He tells Pragya has changed her computer password. Raj thinks he has to do something to Pragya.

Pragya thinks about Abhi’s hate words and recalls Dadi’s words asking her not to get weak. Abhi comes home being drunk. Pragya is about to touch his diary, but Abhi asks her not to touch his diary. Abhi says you might be worrying thinking from where did I get money to drink. He says he has a great fan following, and asks her not to forget that he is priceless rockstar. He tells he went to Pub to drink wine, and the owner turns out to be his fan. He asks for my autograph and I gave my bracelet. He gets happy and declares for free wine to everyone. He says this is love. How you will understand? Just keep your money with you. He stumbles while she tries to hold him. Abhi says whenever you touch me, I feel like a murderer is touching me. He says you have murdered my fuggi and asks her not to touch his diary again. He searches for something and Pragya asks what you are searching. Abhi says nothing. He finally gets it and asks Pragya to sleep as he needs to talk to someone. He gets Pragya’s specs and starts talking to it. He asks it not to look at the woman who is standing far, and praises his fuggi. He tells I missed your eyes, your smile and your anger. He asks her to come back to him, and asks how he will stay without her. Pragya gets teary eyes.

Abhi makes Pragya wear specs. Saiyyara re plays……………Abhi tells my fuggi is back and smiles. He falls on bed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Where the hell is nikhil?

  2. Very nice episode…

  3. While dragging the episode we r telling that not to end……. But while they r not dragging the epi we r telling that it should not end

  4. Best episode with good track.awesome acting by sNs.

  5. i think this period is for Pragya to know how madly and deeply Abhi is in love with her 🙂

  6. but onething Abhi should understand is, if Pragya has really changed… she will not let him near only 🙂 but she is giving all right to him even now also…

    1. Ya same feeling
      I think abhi is just acting to b drunk
      As in older episode he told that he wil make pragya say that she still love him n she is his fuggi
      So like earlier he did same drunk acting but at that time he went too close to her so pragya came to know he was acting but this time he is keeping distance ?

    2. Even what I was thinking chithu and Maggie that abhi is saying his feelings of pain in front of pragya intentionally. Becoz he knows very well that pragya can’t see him in this much pain so she will b weak and will confess in front of him that she is his fuggy and she is just pretending as bad. And in yesterday’s segment also, dadi was telling to pragya that don’t go on his tears becoz it will make u weak. So I think abhi is using this trick of make her emotionally weak to know pragya’s truth.

  7. can anyone tell me how to watch precap on zee tv website?

    1. you can watch it in you tube only Divya..it will be available from next day morning…

  8. Two things I didn’t get guys. Dadi has stopped pragya to telling the truth to abhi. Why dadi has stopped pragya? They have not believe on abhi? Ya I know she was saying that she have not believe on abhi’s decisions but now abhi has totally changed after falling in love with pragya. He clearly said that he loves pragya and wants to spend his whole life only with her, not with tanu. Even after knowing this fact that he is the father of tanu’s child, he was not ready to accept tanu as his life partner. So in this case if pragya and dadi tells the truth to abhi then abhi definetly believes on them becoz pragya and dadi both r the most loveliest and faithful persons for abhi. So if they tells him tanu’s truth and make him agree for expose tanu with proof then he definetly helps them. And second thing is dadi was saying to pragya that they have to unmasked taaliya. She says to pragya that if u torches them continuously like this then they will definetly do mistake in their nervousness and then they will get exposed. Is that mean dadi and pragya wants that taaliya expose by own self! Dadi and pragya will not find proof against them! If this is dadi’s plan then dadi is taking a biggest risk becoz taaliya r so much wicked and clever they will not catch easily. And raaj’s truth is still hidden so he is hidden supporter of taaliya who will alert taaliya from pragya’s move on time to time and in back, he will create problems also in the way of pragya. Dadi and pragya has been done a mistake of not telling truth to abhi so abhigya’s relationship is already on stake. It will b better if they find out solid proofs against taaliya or it will b better if they tell the truth to abhi or involve other member too in their plan like purab or dasi or akaash or bulbul, who could helped them secretly behind the curtains and without coming in anyone’s eyes.

    1. Nikki..i feel like soon Aaliya/Raj/Tanu ,either one of them will come to know Pragya-Dadi’s truth… thatz y they have unrevealed it to us so fastly… but i think Dadi might already have thought about this and will have some one to back Pragya in the absence of her… definitely Raj /Aaliya will do something that makes Dadi going unwell or unconscious and put the blame on Pragya…tat point of time, definitely Abhi will not believe Pragya…becoz , there should be some reason to the writers for showing Dadi’s real face so fastly and they also started showing Pragya and Dadi discussing in home only which is a great mistake… so there should be some more twists for this track… i think in the absence of Dadi..either Aakash or Purabh should also be there behind this plan..Dadi should have predicted Aaliya’s evil mind by now..so definitely someone else should also be there in support of Dadi which Dadi is hiding to Pragya as well… or Abhi himself will act angrily to Pragya once Dadi is unwell or unconscious due to Aaliya/Raj..but in the back, he will believe on Pragya and do something…

      but anyways..i feel Dadi’s real face will soon be revealed to Aaliya/Raj…because they are way to clever on these kind of criminal things … 😉

      1. one more thing, i feel illogical in this is…why the hell , Pragya is always keeping the room open…i mean when she is crying or praying or even when talking to Abhi also the room is open..which could make her easily caught…

      2. Chithu taaliya could caught dadi or not? It’s chances r less but ya raaj’s chances is more then taaliya in catching dadi and pragya. Becoz dadi and pragya is aware from taaliya’s intentions and their cleverness so they will not let them know their truth but raaj, he is totally innocent for them and they can never imagined raaj turn as negative so they could b careless towards him. And chithu it is normal that abhigya’s room always opens for everyone from the day one either they do romance or they do fight. So nothing is surprising here.? I hope they will close their room’s door at least on the time of their consummation.?

      3. And I m saying same thing chithu that dadi and pragya should involve any faithful person in their plan who could help them from behind the curtains so if something happen to dadi or pragya then he or she could save them from that problem and could bring the truth in front of abhi and everyone. Most important thing is, abhigya’s relationship should not affected becoz of it gets affected then pragya and dadi will never succeed in their plan. And other thing is, if CVS wants to not expose both truths together then at least they should exposed tanu and her pregnancy truth becoz it has been taken a long time already so it’s time to end this pregnancy track.

    2. Ya nikki true I think 1st they may reveal the truth about tanu. There ll b more chances for it
      If this continues surely abhi ll make him ready to marry tanu to irritate pragya. Even Dasi too don’t know abt their plan.after exposing tanu only aliyah and Raj ll cane know about dadi and pragya. But I m having doubt where tat Nikil went. Y they bring him without any use.

  9. I can’t see abhi hurt like that, i could not watch all of it, too much emotion linked to it which had me tears in my eyes. I can’t cope with emotion like that as I start to cry.

  10. New segment update- Pragya slips on the floor on upstairs. Abhi comes and pick her up in his arms. Full update- Abhi and pragya was talking on the phone in the home, standing opposite sides of upstairs corridor. Abhi was asking for something from pragya but pragya shows him attitude and taunts him. Then pragya cuts the call and comes forward towards abhi in attitude and style. Then suddenly she slips on the floor by trapping in a cloth type thing on the floor. She have sprain in her legs. Abhi comes towards pragya and pick her up in his arms then he moves towards their room but suddenly he disbalanced but gets successful in maintaining balance again. Pragya gets scared and shouts when he was disbalanced with her. Pragya scarcely hugs him tightly on that time. But when she sees that abhi is noticing her then she breaks the hug. Abhi again moves towards their rooms with pragya in his arms. Reporter says Abhi taunts pragya when she falls but he helps her also. Abhi is angry and disappointed with pragya’s behavior but even after this he is unable to hide his love and care for pragya.

    1. i just now saw the videos in instagram Nikki 🙂 it is good 🙂 Abhi’s angry expressions were nice…and more than that Sriti’s interview was so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 🙂

      1. Chithu but becoz of misunderstanding between them we r not enjoying their scenes fully, like always and a fear remain always that what if abhi will break all the ties with pragya becoz of this misunderstanding and he will start hating her again.

      2. I think pragya have no need to show her changed behavior in front if abhi anymore. She should avoid abhi instead of pretending as bad in front of him, if she wants to hide her truth from him and also don’t want to turn his love in hatred for her. She has changed ownself for exposing taaliya so it’s better she show her changed behavior in front of them. She can pretend as bad in front of abhi when taaliya r around them. Otherwise no need to show her baddy behavior in front of abhi. It could fall her in abhi’s eyes day by day and it’s obvious he will start hating her. So it’s better she keep distance from abhi and try to avoid him facing every time as much as she can.

    2. U r correct nikki…..if pragya avoids him it would far better than showing attitude towards abhi.

  11. nikki please send the link which u saw ds update

  12. Today’s segment’s link-https:/www.YouTube.com/watch? v = Zwrovyjd220

  13. Really too romantic luv u abhigya

  14. Guys..this week also KKB holds the first position in TRP… 🙂

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