Kumkum Bhagya 2nd October 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 2nd October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pragya telling that it was Abhi’s music and it would have been profitable for her. She asks Tanu to stay out of the matter. Aaliya says CD is in office and employees must not have come by now. Pragya says we are not going to meet the employees, but to get the CD. Aaliya says ok, I will change my dress. Abhi says we don’t have time for anything and asks Dadi to make sure, nobody makes any call. Dadi asks Ronnie to take phone from everyone. They reach office. Abhi asks Aaliya where is the CD. Aaliya says it might be here only. Abhi says CD is not in this office and asks where is the CD? Aaliya blames Pragya for forgetting the place where she kept CD. Abhi asks her to think with calm mind, and says Pragya will suffer loss if they didn’t get CD. He says he don’t want Pragya

to blame them and asks to get the CD. He says we are siblings and we can’t betray each other. He asks her to find the CD. Pragya thinks Abhi trust her so much, don’t know about her reality. Aaliya says CD might be in the house. Pragya says she will do drama again in the house. Abhi asks her not to raise finger on Aaliya.

Mitali and Tai ji suspect Dadi. Mitali tells Dadi said that something big is going to happen. Ronnie asks them not to talk. Dadi asks everyone to do as Ronnie says. Raj asks Tanu, if she has stolen the CD? Ronnie asks why she is acting like illiterate. Tanu says we are educated. Mitali asks Tanu, why she wanted to go to office. Dadi asks her to tell if she knows about CD. Tanu asks if you are suspecting me. Dadi says no. Dasi sees CD in Tanu’s purse and asks about it. Ronnie plays the CD. Tanu gets worried. It turns out to be song CD. Tanu says it might be someone’s CD. Bulbul sees 5000 likes for the music scratch. She thinks to call Pragya, and then thinks to wait for her. Jhanki tells Bulbul that Sarla is unwell, and thinks how can Pragya do this.

Aaliya says don’t know where did I kept the CD? Pragya asks her to end the drama and asks her to accept that she has sold the scratch to someone. Aaliya asks her to stop it. Pragya says you have stolen that CD. Aaliya asks Abhi not to trust her, and says Abhi is her brother. She says whatever I am today is because of him. How can I play with his music? Pragya says you have lakhs of reasons to steal the CD. She says your purse, bank account and everything is empty. You had stolen his CD to maintain lavish style. Aaliya says it might be in the room. Pragya says okay, and CD might not be in her room also. Aaliya says she won’t let her check her room. Abhi says let her check the room, and says Pragya have to do what I says if she gets the CD. Tanu tells something to Aaliya. Pragya thinks she should get that Demand Draft and finds it. She thinks how to give hint to Abhi.

Tanu eyes Aaliya to take the DD. Dadi asks everyone to look for CD. Aaliya sits down on the bed to hide the DD. Pragya asks her to get up and says she wants to check the matress. Aaliya says she wants to sleep. Pragya says she didn’t check yet and asks her to move. Abhi asks her to get up. Aaliya gets up. Abhi gets the cheque and is shocked to see the amount to be 10 crores. He asks Aaliya, what is this? How did you get this 10 crores DD. Aaliya is speechless. Abhi slaps her.

Abhi tells Aaliya, she would have asked him and he would do something or beg to give her money. He says she sold my music today and betrayed me.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. chithu55

    Great..after so much betrayal on Bulbul’s matter also, this Abhi is believing on Aaliya and he is warning Pragya for pointing on her…but even after such a unbelievable sacrifice by Pragya, a single incident was more than enough for him to doubt Pragya , that too with lot of chances for knowing her real face… toooo baddddddddd…. i think , CVS should not make the lead role as such a worse one…

    • nivi

      chithu 1st impression s d best impression…. wen abhi saw pragya on d 1st time itself he mistook her na…. it s continuing but wats d matter s there s lot differences do mistake an unknown person and his own better half… he s treating pragya as such even she sacrificed her life for tanu’s baby…. if gv any shock treatment h ll recover from the illusion bt who can gv except tanu??? lets wait nd watch…. abhi s a rock star nd came to tis higher position from zero.. bt no understanding capacity nd blind faith r screening him lyk tis…. lets hope 4 d best

    • chithu55

      Now that the CVS had brought the lead male role character to this bottom level ..it is mandatory for them to show some active involvement of Abhi in helping Pragya or by taking the side of Pragya 🙂

      and Nikki..one thing that makes me feel atleast ok incase of Abhi is,… he slapped Aaliya after her betrayal both the times … but incase of Pragya ..he is standing bit composed with much patience..yes..it might be becoz she has all the properties with her..but then when he has guts to behave rudely with her…it will not take much time to slap her …. but still he is shown as hurted and disappointed only..but not angrily ..so that one thing is better 🙂

      • nivi

        madly abhi respecting his fuggi chithu bt not lady mogamboo…. tats d big prob…if pragya nd grup ll move fastly ly they ll success bcoz aliya s so smart nd she ll use d gap between abhi nd pragya nd again enter with extra power… so hope 4 d best

  2. narendran

    Pls expose aaliya and tanu I am waiting from pragya makeover pls fast don’t drag kkb came to 2nd place in trp with ssk

  3. nivi

    cha semma adi pa… ipdi onnu chinna pilayilaye kuduthu irundha indha alavuku ava maari iruka matta… indha loosu paiya abhi ku ipidi oru arivali thangachi na yosika vendiya visayam tha….. medical miracle na…..bt finally pragya deserve it…. bt dn knw wat step abhi ll tk against aliya… bcoz he s not stable @ al…. bt anyway i wish pragya to get her success soon….. all d very best fuggi……

    • Deepika

      Semma kalaai for abhi.. :-‘) avan thangachi ku ulla smartness konjam kuda ivanuku illaye.. :-‘) hey finally they are coming to some conclusion to full stop this taaliya chapter. This week aaliya kadham hogaya. Next week Tanuuuu… 🙂 Nikil also will be back next week. At least after that abhi and pragya should get together and this abhi should take resolution to trust his fuggi here after 🙂 plsss don’t destroy the sequence and continue that passionate love which was shown in the episodes 243,244, 245 🙂 hoping for the postive things 🙂

  4. finaly feeling relaxed after aliya get xposed..now waiting for tanu to get exposed n abhi should slap her hard acros her face..n kick out

  5. Frankly speaking guys I didn’t feel bad for abhi even not for a second becoz he deserves this betrayal. Not just for he is himself responsible for this becoz of his blind faith and love but also for his all misbehaves, misunderstandings, torchers which he did with pragya. From the day one I did never feel bad for abhi becoz he is himself responsible for all the problems in his life whether it will b taaliya or somone else. His biggest mistake of his life is blind faith in taaliya and misunderstands and untrust on pragya. That’s why he is repenting still. But worst thing is guys that he is still doing same mistakes even after getting so much lessons from the past. Pragya and abhi both r completely opposite from each other in every sense and the most important difference between them is that pragya takes everything of abhi positive whether it will b his action or it will b his words but abhi always takes her actions and words negatively and as a result as we r seeing his untrust and misunderstandings towards pragya.

    • sana

      and nikki how can abhi still trust aaliya who has broken his trust many times before..is he such a big fool to trust aaliya

      • Ya sana he is a fool so he deserves all this. Sometimes I feels that he really deserves tanu who doesn’t have any care of love and relationship and who is only a cheater and wicked becoz I think he understands only evils and he have a heart only for evils. He doesn’t deserves pragya who is such a nicest girl and whose heart is full from only love and care. She deserves a very much better soulmate than him.

    • As much as pragya’s love is increasing for abhi during these days, as much as our hatred and dislikes r increasing for him with the passing of each episodes. What the hell cvs r doing? Why they r ruining our interest and enjoyment along with abhi’s character. During these days we r so much frustrated and irritated from abhi more than these taaliya’s tracks.

      • nivi

        only 1 thing is if abhi s silently helping pragya without knwing her then he ll finally deserves all the fans heart……. bt the writters r not gvg imporatance to his charac… im feeling really bad….. who knws??? if purab tells abhi everythi withoute bulbul and pragya’s knowledge smhz he ll get ready 4 their nxt move…. is nikhil behavin lyk a coward??? y shld he hiding behind the curtain???? is he wanna settle tanu to abhi??? indirectly helping???? in tis show ly v can see all charac suddenly tk revenge nd do sm mysterious things…….. areee babuji save tis people…………….

  6. Sharad

    Finalllyyy…..hope aaliya is caught well n truly….more than her I’m waiting to c tanu being trapped …..

  7. Sharad

    I hope the script writers r not going to say that this is another daydream of tanu…..keeping my fingers crossed to c the next episode…..can’t wait till Monday. …can’t they come up wid another maha episode ;))

  8. Shania

    when oeir nvjh jkf huyty tgefop kjvchgh vncytr tanu kol. mfj gjh dhhg ijdhh geyu fhjdh dhh gdg dfup dhhjvm, vhjgd jvhjj fhd jhgyt dsfuy. ro abhi and pragya gfjjf hkdsjj. weitiut ybvjh gjhgf fj jgfjhjf huyuu ehkjdjj nvcb gfd fmdl kjfo gfjhf djd eriyvtd sdhgh jad hhgfi wu jgjh . vmjhgie po ghy yhwefj hvjg vdjbm njrejrh ytreio teri ifttydgh ovfk abhi kgfjjg hfjh urtyhb ufyert fbdiy ew gv dadi.

  9. reji

    yes…….. I AM SO HAPPY ………………..
    Finally aliya caught red-handed by pragya’s team



  10. jeeva

    always this aaliya only getting punishment y
    there is soft corner for this tanu she is also doing half of the mistakes done by aaliya but right from begining this tanu is escaping from all the one ,paavam this aalya always getting nice slap from abhi. and this abhi when he is going to change believeing his sister and tanu. this serial is creating such a irrik.

  11. Now majority of people whom abhi trusts know the truth about aliya and tanu… Then why cant they all talk to abhi about all this…so that pragya need not do more drama … What say guys ???

    • reji

      nice idea simi but they have one more work to expose tanu’s pregnancy na so then only they can reveal nfor wat the drama is…….

  12. srija

    Hey sharad I ttly agree wid u I was gng to post d same comment… Hope dis isn’t a dream…
    If it is so , dis seriel shud b named as dream bhagya… ?

  13. sandhya

    Dis serial is still goin crap.. Im not satisfied wit dis slap that alia gets.. She needs a lot morw dan dis.. May b she has to b snt to jail for hr misdoings… & i hope that dey wil nt tel its smone’s dream of dat slapping seqnce.. Andguys i want d future story of abhigya to b lik dis.. That is abhi shud knw pragyas truth.. He shud repent a lot & lot since he has done much to pragya.. And he shud really transfr his property in hr name?and they shud live happily.. And taaliya shud b imprisoned atleast 4 10 years… ?? and dey can shw lik raj being back as a gud prson becoz frst he was a gud man in d beginning…& nikhil.. Let him marry a nice girl.. Tanu doesnt desrve him.. Rabul shud get married.. Aliya aftr her imprisonmnt shud get married to a local thug??…and gud shud win over evil
    But no hope of all dis happening in dis serial..since dey show d lead hero as a dumbesssssssst person one cud not even imagine… And always pragya suffering.. Enough is enough..cnt see pragya suffering anymore.. V had a lot of patience still dey cnt test our patience.. Either they shud make abhi realise abt pragya or they shud close dwn dis serial… Sry if my opinion was wrng guys.. I hav had a lot & lot of patience waitng for abhi to transform& get to knw d truth of pragya frm day 1.. But even aftr all dese epi he hasnt a bit transformed… He is still behaving as if he doesnt knw d real gud nature of pragya.. Oh gosh..enough.. Im not at all satisfied with alia getting slap track.. I knw aftr all dis also he wud again mistrust pragya in another track.. Wat say guys.. If dis cntinues dia serial will lose d fans cmpletely

    • xavier

      No no.. they should get life sentence in solitery confinement .. beasts like them dont deserve to be in public..

      • sandhya

        Ha ha ya it wil b gud if dey get life imprisonmnt… But abhi wil feel bad fr his sis na?? After all shae is his sis.. But any way she desrves dat kind of punishmnt only.. But i dont thnk cvs wud punish them severly as for nw

  14. Nikil is just not in the scene now. Plus tanu’s parents don’t even question their daughter about her life and marriage. Writters should make the plot a little bit sensible.

  15. Abhigya

    I m alil happy abt the happenings…..the truth abt the evil one tanu must come out sooner…pls dont drag tt tooo much……..

  16. amanda

    The writers really don’t care about your comments……..if they can kill off arushi then they cqn do anything. ….

  17. geeta

    I’m completely agreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee with you Nikki,totallyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.bad character of abhi,very worst.I think he deserve tanu and not pragya.

  18. safia meera

    Flip this mahn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Argh they are dragging wat the hell mAn!!!!!!!!!!!!WE WILL STOP watching this SOAP if your drAg soooo much

  19. Dais

    Now don’t tell us its a dream this show is killing me koi itna dragging serial kaise bana sakta hai
    First kidnapping case 3-4 months chala
    Ab Yeh pregnancy case
    Kuch naya dikhao yr writers koi kaam nahi karte saal me only 3 matters dikhate hai
    I don’t understand why this show is in top three

    • xavier

      They deserve to be on the lowest bottom… such a dragging show. The worst dragging show… my goodness.. this shit has been going on for almost like an year . It may continue till next year or even 2017 !! Haha! I wouldnt be surprised

  20. K.E.B.

    What the hell this show is so slow it reminds me of why I stop watching yeh rishta kya kehlata hai

  21. xavier

    Is any Trinidadian here experiencing bad lag issues on zee tv today like me ??? The channel is lagging so bad.. video is slow and sound is off sync . Please let me know i am not the only one ?

  22. xavier

    When I saw the promo. I didn’t even react . Because who knows it may be a stupid dream sequence. Aliya or Tanu might wake up and say oh.. it was just a dream ,.. phew !! .. they always show the opposite of promo.. Such beautiful characters with great talent being wasted on this dragging
    shit.. my goodness.. please ban Ekta Kapoor shit shows.. She seems like a very negative sadistic bitter person who enjoys giving the world pain… its becoming too much

  23. Priya $

    It’s so irritating how abhi behaving as nikki said really he don’t deserve pragya. Y these writers doing like this. Before new avatar they showed how much love abhi having but now. I think writers want to make lead role as dumb often 1st pragya next abhi. And one more thing how abhi will pragya for Tanu’s accident. I hate it everybody losing their patience I don’t like to c tat episode also if this continues everybody stop watching this serial.

      • Priya $

        Want trp to come down then only they ll change the track. Or else they won’t. Hope soon trp ll down Becoz of abhi as u said nikki. Too much dragging. One more thing nikki they didn’t c Nikil rit.

      • Priya in upcoming episode they r going to bring nikhil back in the show. As I have posted that new hospital sequence have shooted, where pragya have take tanu after getting injured from fall from the stairs. Nikhil will come to meet tanu there in hospital as a result of Bulbul’s planning of spreading tanu’s accident news on social network site. Now it is left to see that will pragya, bulbul or purab get succeed in seeing him and gets to know that he is the father of tanu’s unborn baby or not?

  24. misha

    Guys I think that the biggest punishment for the foolish Abhi is to marry Tanu and then discovers afterwards that the child she is bearing is not his and that the true reasons for marrying him is his money! Then he would realise the extent of Pragya’s sacrifice and her love and would start to woo her like a real lover should!! Then Pragya should hate him and make him pay for the pain he inflicted on her!!! But it would be a love-hate relationship just enough to punish this dumb Abhi!!!

  25. If writters cant come up with interesting plot for these boring shows then they should set up a contest for viewers to write interesting narration. Best script can be selected and the show can be made interesting to watch. What say guys ????

  26. Now I m seeing that most peoples r irritated and angry from abhi’s behavior towards pragya during these days. If CVS will not improve abhi’s character soon, as he should b, like we want, than they will definetly loose their audience and as well as trp.

    • nivi

      already many audience disappointed nd askin bring sm other hero in pragya’s lyf nikki…. tis s ryt time they shld clear wit his charac… bt 1 thinkin in my mind s gng on…. wats tat s is abhi acting to bring pragya’s truth to cum out??? tats y he s dng tis stupid attitude???? anyway if they wnt clear abt him he ll lose audience nd @ d same time pragya too shld go away 4m him…. bcoz if he s nt understand then there is no use to be wit him til her end….. really fed up…..

  27. First “get the monkey off the back” . Means we are still haunted by the rumours about kidnap after alliya/Tanu exposure and hope the same turn out to be false and such incident will not appear in the show at all. It is like throwing a dead snake at a monkey and the monkey will never let go and will hold on to it for ever. You know why ? The monkey could not differentiate between dead snake and the alive one and it only knows the snakes are dangerous.Some times We do act like that .We die hard fans of the serial could see/feel the same by comments of many viewers .

    There are many scenes which you see most of them are having contrast/tame/weak ending to the beginning of serious issues. for example the fake MMS issue. Pragya was left to suffer to the core and even was forced for a remarriage to another. But though abhi found the truth what happened .Allia was let off and also others who supported that. The reunion should have been more romantic and bond should have become more stronger But it ended like just having another cup of coffee. Many kidnaping and attempt on life Abhigya made are unnecessary and some unrealistic.Though they have best role like Dadi,pragya Abhi to act more efficiently to counter the evils, they are depicted as directionless and clueless. It High time that Dadi explains every thing and put an end to the unnecessary drama which seems not ending in near future. KKB Please make sure we have an happy ending that is what both Abhigya wished for after Ganeshutsav. Hope Lord Ganesh saves all

  28. Ek bar drama suru huwa ki kam se kam 3 months stop hi nahi hota. Aur wo tanu ka bf 2 mahino se gaya hain aaya hi nahi use wahaki sacchayi malum hi nahi hui

    • nivi

      no cant accept if abhi apologize aliya….. i fed up of it…. bt they hav video proof na purbul hv tkn video na aliya got cheque 4m them, they shld produce tat, bt paart 4m tat abhi ll nt ready to believe means 1st pragya shld kick him out of d house, bcoz no use to explain any more thing there aftr, bt chithu ly 1 thing wil u explain me??? hz pragya bought tis house????? hz can she c things example DD nd all without her specks???? bcoz no queries raise against tiss nd alll? makin fool to us frankly……… ooooooooooooopppssssss……… interst went off aftr she came to modern avatar…. better both ll separate…. im sry if i hv wrong bt cant c a woman suffering tis much nd al without trust nd luv she cant liv happily wit him so long?????

      • chithu55

        Nivi…how she bought the house , they haven’t shown it..May be they ll show everything when Abhi knows the truth…but as of now per Pragya, she got sign from Abhi as she gave the properties paper instead of consent paper during their separation for Abhi’s marriage with Tanu.. and seeing the papers without specs is becoz, she might be wearing lens 🙂 as she has turned modern.. 🙂

        but onething am thinking is… if they show the video to Abhi..then Abhi will be easily able to recognize Bulbul or atleast relate it to Pragya..becoz in the hotel , he was doubting that lady with that Sardar ji is Pragya or not..and also..who has signed the cheque…so not sure, how they are going to show..we will see…

      • Chithu I don’t think so they got a time to show abhi that hotel video becoz as we saw that new hospital sequence has shooted. Now it means track has turned on tanu’s matter from aaliya, in this upcoming week. And chithu I think aaliya is still there in the house becoz bulbul was saying in hospital segment to pragya that if abhi and aaliya will come, u inform us. So that’s mean problem has sought out between aaliya and abhi, CD’s matter has finished and we r again back to square one. They didn’t show aaliya with abhi in segment but bulbul was talking about posibility of aaliya’s coming with abhi to the hospital to see tanu. That’s why I guessed it.

      • chithu55

        yes Nikki…this Aaliya is that clever that she can easily can convince Abhi even if Pragya’s side has no minus 🙂 but in this case, there r lot of minus on Pragya’s side..the major minus point is, Abhi’s faith on Pragya has reduced much…so if Aaliya convinces him with some valid point …he will not definitely ask for further proofs 🙂 this matter will be closed…

        and Nikkkii..one thing am thinking is..why Abhi was scolding Pragya on Tanu’s accident..i mean, might be because Aaliya might have pointed something on Pragya regarding CD matter..becoz of which he thinks Pragya on Tanu’s matter also…. just a thought …anyway i dont like to see that episode where Abhi scolds Pragya for Tanu 🙂

      • Chithu I don’t think so he is this much fool as he will understand pragya as guilty for tanu’s condition when she herself has taken tanu to the hospital. I m sure dadi will have told him that pragya saved tanu becoz in segment when bulbul was asking to pragya that have she informed about tanu’s accident from anybody in the house? Then pragya was replying that yes I have informed and told everything to dadi. So dadi will have already told abhi that pragya saved tanu and she has taken her to the hospital. So I think he was behaving rudely with pragya becoz of some other reason, as he is behaving during these days with mixed actions (sometimes as lover of pragya or sometimes as enemy)and what is this reason, it could only abhi knows becoz as we know that he is a confusing guy, about which it is difficult to say anything surely.

    • Usually I don’t believe on most spoilers. So I will not take it’s favour. But it will obvious that aaliya will put all the blame on pragya for scratch CD’s exchanging, for escaping from the matter,But not by trapping her becoz she have no clue or proof through which she could trap pragya in this matter. But As I said previously that She will put the blame on pragya by giving this excuse that she was forced to do it becoz pragya has snatched everything from them. She can’t tolerate her torchers with her and family anymore so for taking everything back from her, money was needed. So pragya is totally responsible for her this step. By this she could b easily manipulate abhi emotionally and easily gets escaped from the matter.Through this she will save herself by any punishment at least and matter will end here. That’s it. This was expected from the day one of this plan’s execution so nothing is surprising, whether it will b aaliya’s ides to escape from this matter somehow, mostly by putting all the blame on pragya or it will b abhi’s reaction.

    • sana

      nikki and chithu till now aaliyas truth is not completely exposed….it is just shown dt abhi got to know aaliya sold the CD…but what about other things dt aaliya did like she wanted to destroy her brothers carrier and money…what about all dt…how will pragya expose her like dt???

      • chithu55

        yes sana..Pragya’s these plans are completely unacceptable…if she really wants Abhi to know about Aaliya and Tanu..then she should try exposing the earlier truths of Aaliya and Tanu rather than making them doing new mistakes and exposing it..becoz at this point watever they are doing can be easily diverted towards Pragya… becoz in Abhi’s point of view, now Pragya herself has done a big cheat by breaking his faith…so these plans will not work…

      • We don’t know sana? Ask from pragya or CVS.? Anyways just joking.? I think pragya wants to prove this to abhi by this CD’s matter that aaliya could ruined him also for her benefit and she is unfaithful person. I think she wants to break abhi’s blind trust on aaliya. So abhi could never believe on her and keep her far from his every thing which is related to him and very important for him, specially his carrier and business.

      • Becoz sana it us not enough to expose aaliya infront of abhi. Becoz aaliya could harm him even after that bdcoz pragya doesn’t know yet about that person who is helping aaliya in ruining abhi and who is taking advantage of aaliya to ruining abhi. So if aaliya will b get out from abhi’s business and his matters and if abhi will give attention from now, than it will b difficult for her and that person to ruin abhi.

      • sana

        when will this raj dumbo get to know d real reason behing his arrest..his great wife mitali 😀
        She is d one responsible for rajs this change
        and abhi keep hating pragya…when u get to know d truth u will understand ur mistake(noo may be still he cant accept his defeat)…..abhis character is of no use now 😛

    • nivi

      chithu i hv a doubt.. y cant aliya s plannin to divert everybody to tanu side??? she may b d reason for tanu falling down na….. actually she can do anythi 4 saving herself…. bt i knw she s his best frnd bt aliya hv no feelings na….. bcoz she doesnt hav true luv on anybody including purab…..

      • chithu55

        ha ha Nivi..i think both Aaliya and Tanu can not point to each of them alternatively…becoz , both know all the mistakes done by them..so if they started pointing at each other..then all their truth will come out..becoz, the pointed person (either Aaliya or Tanu) will tell the remaining truth about the other person..so that will not happen :)…

        but what i feel is..this Tanu is always escaping… as she always work from the back, when the main person is caught..Tanu was not been exposed….so..am expecting a big reaction from Abhi when Nikhil’s matter is out..which will compensate all the mistakes done by Tanu….

        and onemore thing is..i think CVS will have a major plan for Abhi..they will definitely know that they can not bring the main lead role this much down..so something should be thr..which will make Abhi’s character to the old position in our heart ..we need to wait and watch..though Pragya is the one who started the game, it is going to be Abhi who will end this 🙂 🙂

      • nivi

        y may ryt chithu, tis s ly they hv shown in ganesh mahotsav ryt, wat they hv shwn is finally abhi ly found out d theft nd saved d money…. tis might b a precap 4 coming episodes i suppose….. bt til tat hz could v bare al tiz stupidity of abhi???

  29. navi

    oh god.! height of stupidity..!! expose thm soon n mov on to nxt track CVS.. so boring…!!! dnt make abhi character a fool one.. he s the hero bt still u show him as foolish..! thn those evil gals r so intelligent to gt out of traps.. its nt fair..! xpose their truth soon n strt new track or end tis show.!!

  30. navi

    dnt show any rape scenes of pragya..! its so stupid..! if such thngs happen then many ll stop watching tis show..

  31. The biggest punishment of the foolish abhy is to marry tanu.he deserve her and not pragya.I hate him nowadays .miss ekta I think you need God in your life to wash your brain clean.I’m very very very disappointed in you miss ekta.you are a woman why you are acting like the devil. Show us some drama/twist about aaliya and tanu.let some goon rape aaliya and tanu. The deserve it.I hate them and also abhy

    • nivi

      omg… geeta stop tis plz…. if they r bad means let them gv proper punishment bt hz could u say tat goon rape aliya nd tanu…. my goodness…. even they r enemies v shldn’t think so…… wil it b fair????? watever it s dn show tis kind of things nd all in a family drama…… get out nd keep it in prison r throw them smwer bt dn think lyk tis cruel kind ya…. v r typical indians v cant imagine such things nd al even if they r bad…… bt abhi shld pay d cost for wat he hav done 4 pragya….

      • sandhya

        Ya i agree with u nivi.. Abhi shud pay d cost for wat he has done to pragya… And nwadays i hv strted to thnk along wit taaliya dis stupid abhi also shud get wrst punishment.. Aftr all he has done a big mistake of nt trustng pragya

  32. Nafisa

    I dont like to see abhi like this.I think the writers had become mad.I just want to see abhi knowing that its not his baby.Waiting to watch abhi and pragya joining and tanu getting slap from abhi

  33. Nafisa

    I dont like to see abhi like this.Waiting to watch abhi and pragya joining and tanu getting slap from abhi

  34. Chaithu

    In starting episodes when Pragya’s mother is hospitalized because of Tanu Pragya slaps her. In episodes 108 and 109 Pragya warns Tanu. Watch the episodes.. How strong Pragya is characterized. But now she is troubling to expose Aliya and Tanu. Still Raj is not in the scene. Pragya makeover started from Episode 354 on August 18th still today they are exposed completely. Why the writers are playing with our emotions yaar. Is there any process to question such stupid serial writers. They are putting total efforts how to break the relations and how to cheat our dear ones. WHAT MESSAGE/INFORMATION THEY ARE GIVING TO THE VIWERS.

  35. Chaithu

    Abhi as per the story he is a rock star and now is the most stupidiest character in the whole serial. Abhi why you are not bother about you role yaar.

  36. srithika

    Frnds if any body know our sritijha show dil se di dua shaubhagyavathi bhava serial was telecast in hindi only or they telecast that in some other language…

    • Chaithu

      No it is telecasted only in Hindi. We can watch the missed episodes full in desi tashan select videoweed option..

  37. Chaithu

    Finally i request the so called writers of KKB,please once again to see all the episodes of KKB. You have missed so many things that to be cleared. don’t try to make the viewers fool. Not sure about yourself but we have our brains.

  38. Guys I just read serialgossip spoiler, it says bulbul gets surprised to see nikhil and tanu together in hospital. This spoiler says nikhil comes to meet tanu in hospital. He was talking with tanu then suddenly abhi comes with doctor and unfortunately abhi doesn’t notice him becoz he moves from there behind the curtains to hide himself. But later bulbul notices him going out from tanu’s room. Then bulbul gets suspicious why a producer came to meet tanu. So she decides to investigate nikhil’s connection with tanu. I hope guys this comes true and at least bulbul use her mind, she tell about it to pragya and then atleast now pragya use her brain with bulbul at this time, she remember past meetings of nikhil with tanu so they could joint it’s connection and catch tanu’s truth soon.

    • nivi

      if bulbul sees tat then definitely it ll be gud, bcoz she s so smart nd bold than pragya…… i hope purab nd bulbul ll bring d truth abt nikhil??? bt 1 thing is purab s stable @ bulbul alwayz… he never leaves her @ any situ, aftr d marg stopped also he din leave bulbul, hz much he s affectionated towards bulbul but y cant b abhi lyk tat??? he accepted all d oath’s of bulbul nd b wit her, im very much impressed…. tat s luv….. anyway if they reveal abt d abhi’s dumbness ly v can cum 2 conclusion…..

  39. Guys I was reading an arrival which says why peoples have stopped watching kkb with same interest like before. Their have given five reasons for it and guys they correctly pointed out those things from which I also agree. Firstly they r saying that in the show, from the day one culprits always gets escape and leads suffers. Which is very true. Secondly they says that aaliya did so many crimes but she always gets succeed in escaping cleverly from every matter and become poor in abhi’s eyes. Which is again true. Then they talks about abhi’s ignorant behavior. They says that from day one abhi always believes on those things which peoples shows him. That’s why he is still misunderstand pragya instead of trying to find out the reason behind her sudden change behavior, even when he knows very well that pragya cannot hurt anyone without any reason. Peoples can fool him anytime. Which is really very true. Then they talks about pragya’s struggle to get abhi’s love from day one. But still she is far from him even after getting his love. This is what we r watching from the day one. Then they talks about dadi’s attempts to bring abhi- pragya together which always gets fail becoz of some reasons. Then lastly they talks about nonstop unnecessary dragging issue which is very important and a big reason of peoples losing interest in the show. I totally agree with their points and I hope cvs or ekta read it and give attention on these points by improvements. But one point they have missed and that is tanu. Her character was much annoying than aaliya ever becoz she had never get caught after doing so much wrong things. She always being successfull in maintaing her clear image in abhi’s eyes yet. Atkeast aaliya’s crimes comes out infront of everybody but tanu always keep safe from every blame. In starting her presence in abhi’s life we can understand, even in this pregnancy track we tolerated her but now there is no use of her presence in the show or at least in abhi’s life. But cvs r just using her only to delay abhigy’s reunion. That’s why they stretched this pregnancy track from April and still it is going on. But now in this pregnancy track nothing interesting is left becoz tanu’s truth has been already come out infront of audience very before and now even infront of almost every infront of every important person of the show except abhi. So now cvs should end this track soon becoz now there is no use of it’s dragging. Cvs should move with another new track ya but now after abhigy’s reunion. Becoz our both lead couples r in love with each other but still separated so at least cvs should finish with abhigya’s reunion and move with purbul’s story line. Becoz they couldn’t maintain their show’s popularity by delaying their leads union. Becoz after sometimes when audience will lose their interest in the couple and if they will become bore then this formula will also not work.

    • Chaithu

      I truly agree with you Nikki.. I don’t think that Cvs would even see our increasing hate ness of KKB..

    • nivi

      atleast if d writters r brilliant then they shld hide who s d father of tanu’s baby 4m d audience too… atleast 4 tat v ll keep to watch tis show little bit interestingly na…… y d making us irriitate nd fools????? if abhi forgv aliya tis time then damn sure tis show wil completely lose its trp nd nobody ll think positively abt tis show……. waiting 4 tmrw episode……

      • I think nivi if aaliya gets escape by any excuse but then also abhi won’t allow her to join his business again. Becoz if aaliya will remain guilty for stealing abhi’s scratch music and selling it to other person then after giving excuse also. Becoz she has been lost abhi’s trust by this attempt. So abhi will not give her another chance to use his music and it’s business for anything. And if this will happen then it will b best result of pragya’s plan, even after escaping of aaliya. As I said before that only exposing aaliya’s truth will not enough becoz she could harm abhi later also with someone’s help or somehow. It’s permanent solution is to keep aaliya away from abhi’s business and all matters.

  40. chithu55

    Guys… i just now saw last SBS segment..in that while explaining the current scene… they told Abhi is showing love towards Tanu as he feels, that Bichari is been trapped among all these problems…so he is pitty on her , which makes him show some love towards her ..and becoz of that he is angry over Pragya….

    tis reason makes me feel more disappointed … even after knowing that Pragya is innocent in the earlier episodes..he didn’t feel pitty for her..when Aaliya and Tanu were playing in her life..even Abhi himself played a lot …he didn’t feel pitty on Pragya …. even when she was going out after this Tanu’s pregnancy….he was just missing his love..he didn’t actually think about Pragya’s life then…. now this one incident is making him feel pitty on Tanu and he started showing love towards her…i just hate this CVS portrayal of Abhi’s character…

    • That’s why chithu, peoples have started raising questions on abhi’s love for pragya. It is pointing out only two posibilties for abhi’s this behavior towards pragya- Before pragya’s accident, His love was only a dram or he is doing drama now.

      • Maggie

        He is surely doing drama
        As he was not interested in Tanu even before he started loving Pragya
        He always thought he loves Tanu but he actually never did
        From day one he is going close to Tanu just to irritate pragya
        You can see from old episodes

  41. Guys I just saw a video posted by mrunal on her instagram account. It was a fun video but in this video she was in function’s outfit. It seems like she is dressed up for a function. But she is dressed up for kkb’s function or for any other personal reason, I don’t know.

  42. Nights

    Another one or two months to investigate and find the truth about Tanu and revealing it takes another one month totally 3 months.so Tanu will deliver a baby.dragging dragging .then another year to reveal raj and altogether to know everything abhi has to wait for 2 years and till then he will hate and torture pragya.she has to sacrifice everything.better to stop this shit and telecast something new yar .better pragya go out of this Abhis life u will be happy.marry someone else end the show by evil winning anyway ekta shows will always end like that irritating viewers.GTH.

  43. Sponsors are the ones to be blamed for the drag. May be it is there influence to prolong the serial as long as possible. Even the story lines may even be changed in the last moment. Even if they pick idhihas like ramayan they would try to influence some changes with a quote as if it is based on some fiction and not to hurt any one . It is already started to come down to that level and it is high time that sponsors/kkb realisze and do the needful

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.